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:将相和之渑池会 --7 :9: 来源: setting mind to conquer State of Zhao,King of Qin State invaded the borders of Qin State in succession,and occupied several cities.79,King of Qin State pulled a stunt again,he invited King of Zhao State to meet in Mianchi.At first,King of Zhao State dared not to go,worring about being detained.But both Lin Xiangru and general lian Po thought that they would be looked down by State of Qin if they didn't go,so King of Zhao State decided to keep an appointment,taking Lin along with him.Together with the army,General Lian Po sent them to the border ,Lian and the army set the scene defence of Qin State.秦王一心要使赵国屈,接连入侵赵国边境,攻占了赵国的一些城池公元前79年,秦王又耍了个花招,约赵王在渑池会见赵王开始惧怕被秦国扣留,不敢去蔺相如和大将廉颇都认为不去,反倒叫秦国瞧不起赵王这才决定动身,让蔺相如随行;大将廉颇带着军队送他们到边境上,做好了抵御秦兵的准备(Curtain rises,King of Qin State and King of Zhao State meet in Mianchi,they drink and talk together.)(幕启秦王和赵王在渑池相会,他们一起喝酒谈天)King of Qin State:(raises his glasses,turns to King of Zhao State,feeling tipsy)I hear that King of Zhao State plays the harp well,please play a song to amuse us.(motions the ministerto present a harp.)秦 王:(举杯,面带醉意对赵王)听说赵王弹得一手好瑟,请你弹个曲儿,给大伙凑个热闹(示意大臣把瑟拿上来)King of Zhao State:(hard to refuse)'Obedience is better than politeness,I'll show myself up.(managed to play a piece of music)赵 王:(难以推辞)恭敬不如从命,献丑了(勉强鼓了一段)King of Qin State:( to official historian of Qin State)Take this affair down quickly.秦 王:(面对秦史官)史官,快把这件事记录下来!Official historian of Qin State(Writing down and ing loudly)On a certain day,King of Qin State met with King of Zhao State in Mianchi,King of Zhao State played harp King of Qin State.秦 史:(边记录边高声读到)某年某月某日,秦王和赵王在渑池相会,赵王给秦王鼓瑟King of Zhao State:(turns deathly pale,and is all of a tremble)You,you......赵 王:(脸色铁青,浑身发抖)你,你——Lin Xiangru:(Suddenly kneels toward King of Qin State,with a Fou drum in his hand)King of Zhao State hears that King of Qin State is good at the instruments of Qin State.I prepared a Fou drum you,please do us a favor to play a song.蔺相如:(拿一个缶,突然跪到秦王跟前)赵王听说秦王挺擅长秦国的乐器我给大王准备了一个缶,也请大王赏脸敲个曲儿吧!King of Qin State:(greatly frightened,stammering)I,i'm going to hit,ok,i'm going to! 秦 王:(大惊失色,结结巴巴)我——我敲,好吧,我敲!Lin Xiangru(to official historian of Zhao State)Please take this affair down!蔺相如:(向赵国史官)史官,把这件事情记下来!Official historian of Zhao(Writing down and ing loudly)On a certain day,King of Qin State met with King of Zhao State in Mianchi,King of Qin State hit Fou drums King of Zhao State.赵 史:(边记录边高声读到)某年某月某日,秦王和赵王在渑池相会,秦王为赵王击缶!King of Qin State(stands up angrily)I request cities of Zhao State to celebrate my birthday.秦 王:(大怒,站起)请赵王你割十五座城给我秦王上寿!Lin Xiangru(bold with justice)We Zhao State requests Xianyang city to celebrate King ofZhao State's birthday.蔺相如:(理直气壮)请秦王你把咸阳城割让给赵国,给赵王上寿!Both sides stick to their own view,and refuse to give up双方各持己见,争持不下——(Situation is extremly difficult,King of Qin State knows that Lian Po has prepared well along the boarder,he's afraid that there's also no profit them if fight really begins,so.....)(局势十分紧张,秦王知道廉颇已经在边境上做好了准备,真的动起武来,恐怕也占不到便宜,于是……)King of Qin State:(stopping the ministers)It's a day King of Zhao State State and i gather happily today,just more drinking!秦 王:(喝住大臣)今天是我和赵王欢聚的日子,我们只管喝酒! :将相和之渑池会Our Library 我们 的图书馆 -- :57:7 来源: Our Library 我们 的图书馆  Our school library is a bright and quiet place. We can do some ing there. Look, in the middle of the big ing room stands a long desk. Some students are sitting at it. They are ing or writing something. At the further end is the Service Desk. The middle-aged woman behind the desk is the librarian.  She is serving students. She is a warm-hearted woman. The other young assistant is looking some books the students. To the right side of the desk, there are two bookshelves. Students can choose magazines or newspapers freely. Most of the students like ing and writing here because there are many helpful books here.  我们学校的图书馆是一个明亮而且安静的好地方,我们可以在那里读书请看,在大阅览室的中央放着一张长的桌子,一些学生坐在它的周围,读书或写一些东西在很远的尽头是一张务桌,桌子背后的中年妇女是一位为学生务的图书管理员  她正在为学生务,她是一位很热心的人另一位年轻的管理员正在为学生寻找书籍在这张桌子的右边,有两个书架,在这儿学生们可以随意选择报纸和杂志大部分学生都喜欢在这里读书或写东西,因为这里有许多有用的书A Mouse In My House -- :50:01 来源: A Mouse In My House there is a mouse in my house.Mouse, mouse, I hate you.Don’t run to my bed.Don’t run to my bag.Don’t run to my socks.|Mouse, mouse, go away.I don’t like you.

I Have Many Hobbies 我有许多爱好 -- 19:50: 来源: I Have Many Hobbies 我有许多爱好  I'd like to tell you something about my hobbies. I like pop music, because it is exciting and makes me relaxed. I also enjoy watching TV programs which are about primary school students. I'm fond of sports, such as football and basketball. Besides, I am crazy about collecting things such as tickets, stamps and coins. I spend lots of time and money on them.  我想告诉你我的爱好我喜欢流行音乐,因为它使我激动,使我放松我还喜欢看关于小学生的电视节目我喜爱运动,例如:足球和篮球此外,我还热衷于收集,例如:收集票据、邮票和钱币搞这些我花了许多时间和金钱

Our City -- ::33 来源: Our CityOur CityGuangzhou is the capital of Guangzhou. It is the biggest city in south China. And it is one of the most important cities in Guangdong. The population of Guangzhou is more than 700 million. Just like many cities, there are a lot of cars, buses and trucks. So the air in the city is not clean. Guangzhou is a noisy and crowded city. But I like it best. Because Guangzhou is my home.一些关于我的事情(Something about Myself) --01 18:5:37 来源: 一些关于我的事情(Something about Myself)  my name is liu wen. i'm twelve-year-old girl. i have two big bright eyes and short black hair. now i'm studying in grade six of houxiaohe primary school. as i'm the only daughter in my family, my parents love me very much. they don't let me do anything, even tidying up my schoolbag.  i like playing sports, especially basketball. i wish i could play as well as yao ming. i study hard and i think i have made more progress than bee. after graduation, i hope to go to a good middle school to study so as to repay my parents their rearing.    我叫刘雯,是一个十二岁的女孩我有一双明亮的大眼睛,黑色的短发现在我在后小河小学六年级学习因为我是家中的独生女,所以我的父母非常疼我他们不让我做任何事情,甚至整理我的书包  我喜欢运动,特别喜欢打篮球我希望我能像姚明一样打得好我学习努力,我认为我比以前有了更大的进步我想毕业后去一所好的中学学习,来报答父母的养育之恩

给我们每晚9小时的睡眠时间 -- 3:56:1 来源: Let Us Enjoy Nine Hours of Sleep Every Night 给我们每晚9小时的睡眠时间  Most of us sleep fewer than nine hours every night, because we have much homework to do. Some homework is given by our teachers, and some by our parents. We have to stay up late, and get up early in the morning to get to school on time by bus or bike. It can be a long way from home to school.  School and parents should cut down some of homework so that we can enjoy not less than nine hours of sleep every night our health.  我们大部分人每晚睡眠不足9小时,因为我们要做许多作业有些作业是老师留的,有些是家长留的我们不得不熬的很晚,而早晨又得早起,为了乘公共汽车或骑车时赶到学校从家到学校可能是很远的路  学校和家长应该削减一些作业,让我们为了健康能每晚睡不少于9小时的觉法国 France -- :: 来源: France is a country of Europe. It locates in the west of Europe. Paris is the capital of France. There are many tourist attractions, such as Eiffel Tower,Louvre Museum,Triumphal Arch(),Notre-Dame Cathedral and so on. France is an attracting country. It famous its beautiful sceneries. France has long history and it has great influence on Britain, including culture, language and lifestyle. I like France very much, so that I hope I can visit there one day.法国是欧洲的一个国家它位于欧洲西部巴黎是法国的首都那里有很多旅游景点,比如埃菲尔铁塔,卢浮宫,,巴黎圣母院大教堂等等法国是个有魅力的国家,因其美丽的风景而闻名法国历史悠久,对英国的文化,语言和生活方式都产生巨大的影响我很喜欢法国,所以我希望有一天能去那里旅游中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:中国紫檀物馆 -- ::31 来源: 中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:中国紫檀物馆Top 1: China Rosewood Museum中国紫檀物馆Chen Lihua, founder of the Fu Wah Group invested 0 million RMB in the establishment of the China Rosewood Museum, which opened in 1999. It is the largest museum in China focusing on red sandalwood artworks.中国紫檀物馆于1999年由富华国际集团主席陈丽华女士投资两亿元人民币兴建,是中国规模最大的紫檀艺术物馆The museum has nearly 1,000 precious pieces, including furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. In addition, it has on display a gorgeous replica of the Palace Museum, as well as the traditional quadrangle dwellings of Beijing and memorial archway of Longquan Temple.中国紫檀物馆收集了包括明清时代家具在内的近00件珍贵紫檀,另外,还公开展出故宫物馆、北京四合院的华丽副本,龙泉寺的牌坊All of the exhibits are made of high quality imported rosewood. Visitors can also take the opporty to watch the production process of traditional Chinese furniture and marvel at the exquisite skills on display.所以展览都由进口的高质量紫檀制成,游客同时还可以趁机观看传统中国家具的制作过程 私人物馆英文介绍 中国紫檀物馆

Animals --19 :: 来源:   I like animals very much. I have a dog, It’s my favourite animal. It’s white, It looks like a snow ball. It has two big eyes and ears. But its nose and mouth are very small. It’s very naughty.  It often stares at my food when I have a meal. When I’m home it follows me all the time.  When I do my homework, it often sits beside quietly, but sometimes runs around me and shouts: wom wom.  I like my dog very much.新奥尔良英文介绍 -- :19:5 来源: 新奥尔良英文介绍Visiting New Orleans Mardi Gras season? You'll find pizza, hot dog stands and rolling carts of cotton candy galore along the parade routes, but some of the city's finest fare can also be consumed along St. Charles Avenue - the main drag the biggest and glitziest star-studded processions of Carnival.Some restaurants even have grandstands that put viewers at eye level with floats and just above the throngs of street revelers jockeying beads with outstretched arms.Herbsaint, a French bistro-style restaurant on St. Charles near the middle of the parade route, offers viewing spots diners from its grandstands to , depending on the night, but also has dining-room windows fronting the route."I can't think of too many spaces where you can actually sit in a restaurant and have that nice bottle of burgundy, that nice meal, and then just sit there and just watch the parades go by," says chef and owner Donald Link."It's a neat experience."Members of the Krewe of Zulu travel down St. Charles Avenue, the main drag the star-studded processions on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans. Sean Gardner ReutersLink says this will be the restaurant's th Mardi Gras, and after experimenting with buffets, special s and scaled-back s, what works best is the regular dinner service inside with the option of stand-viewing outside. That means the opporty to indulge in Herbsaint standards such as duck confit and dirty rice, beef short ribs with potato cakes and gumbo - all while taking in the Carnival revelry."We serve our wine in the right glasses, and nothing changes," Link says."It's the experience you want to come here any night of the year."Like several restaurants, Herbsaint is closed on Mardi Gras (March this year), but most downtown parades happen in the days and weeks bee the holiday.Zulu, Rex and two other clubs, known as krewes, parade on Carnival day. More than 30 others are scheduled from Feb 1 through Lundi Gras, the Monday bee Mardi Gras, including the star-studded Bacchus, Endymion, Muses and Orpheus parades."It's a busy time us, but it's a fun time," says Anthony Scanio, chef de cuisine at Emeril's Delmonico, which is owned by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse and is also located along the St. Charles route.There, patrons can watch parades from the main dining area while enjoying a fine meal with some Carnival-inspired touches, such as a Mardi Gras "king's cup" cocktail and king cake doughnuts sprinkled with Carnival colors of purple, green and gold.The also includes Louisiana delicacies like spicy cream cheese boudin (sausage) balls, chicken and andouille gumbo and veal braciolone with spaghetti and New Orleans red gravy.The Brennan family-owned Palace Cafe, which is toward the end of the route where St. Charles turns onto Canal Street, offers fine dining with three levels of parade views."We're known our crabmeat cheesecake, our andouille-crusted fish and, of course, the white chocolate b pudding," says Wesley Janssen, spokeswoman the restaurant."That's what people come here . The views are a bonus."Near the start of the route is Superior Seafood, which opened two years ago serving Louisiana seafood favorites like raw and charbroiled oysters, oysters wrapped in bacon, seafood gumbo and shrimp and oyster po'boys. It's on the corner where floats and marching bands turn from Napoleon Avenue onto St. Charles, fronting the parade route on two sides. It was designed with Mardi Gras in mind, said Aimee Rowland, the restaurant's event planner."It's a crazy corner, so we tried to set things up to accommodate as many people as possible," she says.The restaurant boasts an oyster bar and two patios with seating at ground level as well as a large balcony that can accommodate up to 0 patrons upstairs.A bit farther down the St. Charles route is Superior Seafood's sister-restaurant Superior Grill, a Mexican-style restaurant. To accommodate more patrons on Mardi Gras, stools are removed to make room at the long bar inside, and a walk-up bar is set up outside. The restaurant hires a disc jockey to entertain between parades, and grandstands are available rent outside.But the big draw is the food. The includes full meals of enchiladas and fajitas or easy-go options like burgers and nachos. A favorite is brisket, marinated in a seasoned dry-rub hours bee being cooked and served in quesadillas, flautas and nachos. On busy parade days, they tend to run out, said McKinley Eastman, managing partner at the restaurant since its opening in 1997."We can't make our brisket as fast as we sell it," Eastman says."But we'd rather run out than cut corners and make a less quality product, even Mardi Gras." 新奥尔良英文介绍地震-- :6:6 A:Hello.  你好  B:Hey,Marco.It's Drew.Are you watching TV now?  嘿,是我Drew.你看电视呢吗?  A:No why?  没有,怎么了?  B:Just turn it on and switch to CCTV channel 9.There's a striking news  赶快打开电视,拨到中央九台,出大事儿了  A:What is it?  什么事儿啊?  B:Earthquake  地震  A:In china?  在中国吗?  B:No ,in Africa,It's such a serious quake,measured 8. on the richter scale.Lots of people died and that includs 8 Chinese  不,在非洲非常严重的地震里士8.级死了很多人还包括8个中国人  A:I aly knew it.And there're still lots of aftershocks  我已经知道这事儿了还有很多余震呢  B:Yes,that's horrible,You know you may survive the quake.But die in the aftershocks  是的,真可怕你知道你可能躲过地震,但可能死于余震  A:No worries.Drew.That's in Africa,which is really far from China.  别担心,Drew.那是非洲离中国很远呢  B:Are you sure there're no earthquakes in Beijing?  你肯定北京没有地震吗?  A:So far as I know,there're no so-called earthquakes in the eseeable future in Beijing  就我目前所知北京在可预见未来没有地震  B:Are you sure?  你肯定?  A:Absolutely.In my 9 years of living in China.I have only experienced one earthquake and that's like years ago,when I was only 1 year old.  完全肯定我在中国9年来只经过一次地震还是年以前的事儿我当时才一岁大  B:Did anyone die?  死人了吗?  A:I don't know.I was like a 1-year-old baby,Drew..don't try to make a mountain out of a molehill.  不知道我才一岁而已Drew.别大惊小怪的  B:I do?  我是吗?  A:You do.China ,esp Beijing is the safest place.There's no such thing as terrorism or earthquakes in here.  是啊中国是最安全的地方这儿没有恐怖主义或是地震之类的事儿  B:I guess I'm overworried  我可能是有点儿杞人忧天了  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1] It's such a serious quake,measured 8. on the richter scale地震总是难以避免发生地震时,只有寄希望于自己不是在震中了[epicenter]  [] Don't try to make a mountain out of a molehill.别小题大做Molehill在这里是小土敦儿的意思  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  originate victim flatten crash withstand open-ended

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