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When you say that passion is the ingredient that most matters in success,你认为是成功最重要的要素,I agree but heres how I think about it.我同意这个观点,但我是这么想的。Without passion, nobody.如果没有,没有人能成功。if Tony Hawk wasnt passionate about skateboarding,如果托尼·霍克不热爱滑板运动,if I wasnt passionate about becoming one of the great entrepreneurs of a generation,如果我对成为一代伟大的企业家不热衷,If LeBron wasnt passionate about basketball,如果勒布朗对篮球没兴趣,they wouldnt have put in, I wouldnt have put in the hours, the work.他们和我都不会投入大量的时间去工作。When your...when it all makes no sense.一切都没有意义。When its 10:30 at night tonight and Ive got to go to one more meeting现在是晚上十点半,我还有个会,but I got to wake up at 5:30 and you know,但我明天要五点半起床,if I didnt have the passion for the game, I wouldnt do it.如果我对比赛没兴趣,我就不会去做。I would cancel it. I wouldnt have booked it in the first place.我会取消它。我本来就不会预订。And so, it becomes the gateway drug religion that allows you to do the tactical things.所以,就像诱导性毒品宗教,会促使你去思考战术。I have a vision to where were going in the future.我对我们的未来发展有一个愿景。I come up with stuff every day that very few people are thinking about我每天都会思考人们想不到的东西,and then in parallel, this is one of the biggest reasons I still have a personal brand,它是我仍有个人品牌的最大原因之一。I use Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook and Twitter every single day.我每天都会使用Instagram,色拉布、脸书和推特,Im a practitioner. I get my hands dirty.我是个实践者,我满手是灰。Im the architect and the mason.我是建筑师和石匠。201706/515410As the doors were being closed,one MP, Sir John Eliot, stood up and roared当议会的大门关闭时 一位议员 约翰·艾略特爵士站出来 怒吼道that anyone imposing a tax without parliaments consent如果有人未经议会同意强行征税would be a capital enemy to this kingdom and commonwealth.那么他将是这个国家和整个英帝国的敌人Charles disagreed, Eliot was the traitor,查理否决了他 艾略特被定为叛国者so off to the Tower of London he went,where he died in 1632.所以在1632年 他在伦敦塔的监狱中结束了生命But for Charles, the rainstorm of words had now mercifully stopped.但对于查理 满城的风雨 终于慢慢平息下来In their place beamed sunlight from the heavens.在他们的世界 终于有点阳光了Triumphantly too, the war with Spain was now over.很愉悦 与西班牙的战争也结束了So no more begging for money, no more of that aggravation.再也不用到处要钱 恶语相向了So in 1630, as far as Charles was concerned,peace had broken out in Britannia.在1630年 就查尔斯所关心的来说 英国上下一片和谐His father James had always preached peace,and James was much on Charless mind.他的父亲詹姆斯一直看重和平 而现在查理也在为此努力Charles decided his fathers memory deserved something special,查理认为对他父亲应有些特殊的纪念and courtesy of the Flemish Catholic painter,Peter Paul Rubens, he would get it.而承蒙来自弗兰德斯的天主教画家 彼得·保罗·鲁宾斯 他如愿以偿Not one, but three huge painted tributes.不是一幅 而是三件油画巨作A go-for-broke manifesto for the Stuart dynasty.斯图亚特王朝挥金如土的典范They would be placed way up high on the ceiling of the building he had inherited from James,它们将高高地安放在天花板上 在詹姆斯传给他的Inigo Joness masterpiece, the Banqueting House in Whitehall.依理高·琼斯的杰作 白厅国宴厅里 /201703/495061TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479271Four:Cairns.第四名凯恩斯。For its tropical climate, easy-going ambiance and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef,凯恩斯为热带气候,环境怡然自得,且紧邻大堡礁,Cairns is one of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations.它也是澳大利亚最受欢迎的度假胜地。Located on the northwest corner of Australia,凯恩斯位于澳洲西北角,Cairns is a provincial but stylish city with a population of around 150,000 people.约15万人口的首府独具一格。Few coastal destinations feature more wildlife diversity沿海景观的生物多样性一览无遗,and more opportunities for travel adventures than pretty Cairns.该处也是旅行探险的好地方。Three: Alice Springs.第三名艾丽斯泉。Located in the heart of Australia about 1500km (900 miles) from the nearest major city,艾丽斯泉位于澳洲内陆,距离主要城市约1500公里,Alice Springs is comprised of cavernous gorges, boundless desert landscapes,该地拥有大量洞穴岩洞,一望无际的沙漠景观,remote aboriginal communities and a charming pioneering history.远古的土著居民社区,以及极具开拓性的历史。It embodies the hardy outback of the Red Centre,and is a travel hub for sights and hikes in the region,它是红石中心的首府,同时也是进行登山和游览的交通枢纽,such as Uluru/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta/the Olgas and Kings Canyon.例如乌卢鲁、卡塔丘塔以及国王峡谷。Since the start of the tourist boom in the early eighties,1980年初,该城旅游业开始蓬勃发展,the population has substantially grown to about 28,000.人口也激增到了约2.8万人。Two: Great Barrier Reef.第二名大堡礁。One of the top destinations for underwater explorers and scuba divers,大堡礁是水下探险者和潜水者的天堂,the Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest barrier reef system.同时拥有全球最大的珊瑚礁群。Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australias state of Queensland,大堡礁位于昆士兰州珊瑚海,the Great Barrier Reef encompasses a huge area of more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islands and cays.拥有超过2900个大小珊瑚礁岛,数百个群岛和珊瑚礁群。One:Sydney.第一名悉尼。Located on Australias southeastern coast, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales.悉尼位于澳洲东南沿海,也是新南威尔士州首府。A modern city with a long history, Sydney is defined by its scenic harbor.这座现代城市育着悠久历史,风景如画的港湾是悉尼的标志。The regions first inhabitants lived along the harbors bank for thousands of years.首批原始居民曾在港湾生活了数千年之久。The harbor was also the landing site for convicts sent to Australia during the 1780s.18世纪80年代,曾有大批囚犯从悉尼港湾来到澳洲。Today, ferries take visitors for cruises under the famed Sydney Harbor Bridge如今,游轮将带领游客穿过著名的悉尼海港大桥,and past the iconic Sydney Opera House.领略悉尼歌剧院的壮观。 201707/516333Have you ever noticed something swimming in your field of vision?你是否会注意到自己的视线中有漂浮物?It may look like a tiny worm or a transparent blob, and whenever you try to get a closer look,它看起来像是小虫或者透明液滴,但当你想要更仔细地看它的时候it disappears, only to reappear as soon as you shift your glance.它又消失了转换视线之后它又会出现。But dont go rinsing out your eyes!但你别去冲洗眼睛!What you are seeing is a common phenomenon known as a floater.你看的其实是一种常见现象,飞蚊症。The scientific name for these objects is Muscae volitantes, Latin for ;flying flies,;科学界称之为Muscae volitantes,是拉丁语中飞蚊的意思and true to their name, they can be somewhat annoying.物如其名,它们有时很讨厌。But theyre not actually bugs or any kind of external objects at all.但它们不是真正的虫或者身外之物。Rather, they exist inside your eyeball.它们就存在于你的眼球中。Floaters may seem to be alive, since they move and change shape, but they are not alive.因为“飞蚊”会不断地变形,所以人们会觉得它们是有生命的其实不是。Floaters are tiny objects that cast shadows on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eye.“飞蚊”是一种极小的物质,投影于视网膜也就是眼球后部的光敏组织。They might be bits of tissue, red blood cells, or clumps of protein.它们可能是小块组织,红细胞或是蛋白质团。And because theyre suspended within the vitreous humor, the gel-like liquid that fills the inside of your eye,由于它们悬浮于玻璃体,也就是眼内的胶状组织“飞蚊”,floaters drift along with your eye movements, and seem to bounce a little when your eye stops.会随眼球而移动,眼球停止转动时它又会少许地弹动。Floaters may be only barely distinguishable most of the time.“飞蚊”大多数时候不易被察觉。They become more visible the closer they are to the retina,当它们靠近视网膜时,它们变得可看见just as holding your hand closer to a table with an overhead light will result in a more sharply defined shadow.这就相当于你把手放在吊灯下更接近桌子时手的阴影会更明显。And floaters are particularly noticeable when you are looking at a uniform bright surface,“飞蚊”也会很明显比如当你盯着发光的表面时,like a blank computer screen, snow, or a clear sky, where the consistency of the background makes them easier to distinguish.像是空白的屏幕雪或是晴空,因为颜色一致的背景会使“飞蚊”更明显。The brighter the light is, the more your pupil contracts.当看到的光越亮瞳孔会收缩的更厉害。This has an effect similar to replacing a large diffuse light fixture with a single overhead light bulb,这就好比把许多散射的光换成一个大的聚光灯which also makes the shadow appear clearer.也会使得阴影更加明显。There is another visual phenomenon that looks similar to floaters but is in fact unrelated.另外也有一种视觉现象与飞蚊症类似但与之无关。If youve seen tiny dots of light darting about when looking at a bright blue sky,当你仰望蓝天时会看到小光点在快速闪动,youve experienced what is known as the blue field entoptic phenomenon.这被称之为谢瑞尔氏现象。In some ways, this is the opposite of seeing floaters.这与看到飞蚊相反。Here, you are not seeing shadows but little moving windows letting light through to your retina.此时,你看到的不是阴影,而是一些移动的小开口让光进入视网膜。The windows are actually caused by white blood cells moving through the capillaries along your retinas surface.这些开口是由白细胞造成的白细胞穿梭在视网膜表面的毛细血管。These leukocytes can be so large that they nearly fill a capillary causing a plasma space to open up in front of them.白细胞可以大到填满整个毛细血管,这导致了白细胞身前的空隙。Because the space and the white blood cells are both more transparent to blue light than the red blood cells normally present in capillaries,由于这些空隙和白细胞本身相比于血管中的红细胞更能让蓝光透过我们,we see a moving dot of light wherever this happens, following the paths of your capillaries and moving in time with your pulse.因此看到小光点沿着毛细血管移动也随着脉搏而移动。Under ideal viewing conditions, you might even see what looks like a dark tail following the dot.在理想状况下甚至会看到光点后有条黑尾巴。This is the red blood cells that have bunched up behind the leukocyte.这是白细胞身后堆积的红细胞造成的。Some science museums have an exhibit which consists of a screen of blue light,有些科技馆中会展览出一整屏幕的蓝光allowing you to see these blue sky sprites much more clearly than you normally would.这会让你跟清楚的看到这一现象。While everybodys eyes experience these sort of effects, the number and type vary greatly.因为虽然每个人都会经历这些现象,每个人看到的程度都不同。In the case of floaters, they often go unnoticed, as our brain learns to ignore them.就飞蚊症而言大多数会被我们的大脑所忽视。However, abnormally numerous or large floaters that interfere with vision但是数目异常多或者大到影响视线的飞蚊,may be a sign of a more serious condition, requiring immediate medical treatment.可能意味着你需要紧急医疗救助。But the majority of the time entoptic phenomena, such as floaters and blue sky sprites, are just a gentle reminder that但是多数的眼内现象,比如飞蚊或者谢瑞尔氏现象,只是委婉地提醒我们what we think we see depends just as much on our biology and minds as it does on the external world.自认为看到的东西取决于我们的生理和大脑,就和取决于外部世界一样。201706/513782

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