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5 装运方式3句英文任你选You had better ship the goods entirely.你最好将货物一次全部装运。To make it easier for us to get the goods y for shipment, we hope that partial shipment is allowed.为便于准备货物装运,我们希望允许分批装运。Im afraid we cant ship the whole lot at one time.恐怕我们不能一次装运整批货。半个句型要记牢partial shipment (分批装运)Tip:常见的装运方式有 prompt shipment即期装运 timely shipment及时装运 express shipment快速装运 direct shipment直接装运 delivery in installments/ partial shipment分批装运。 /201604/434129

Israel Pursues Ceasefire With Hamas中东停火前景改善以政局继续动荡  Prospects appear to have improved for a Middle East ceasefire. Truce efforts come amid political turmoil in Israel.  中东停火前景看来有所改善。不过,在各方争取实现停火的同时,以色列政局继续动荡。An Israeli delegation is in Cairo to try to finalize an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Israel sent the delegation after the Security Cabinet backed down from a threat to launch a major military offensive in Gaza in response to daily Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks.  一个以色列代表团正在开罗,争取在埃及的调停下最后完成与伊斯兰武装组织哈马斯的停火协议。哈马斯目前控制着加沙地带。在以色列派出代表团之前,以色列安全内阁做出让步,不再威胁要发动重大军事攻势来回应加沙地带每天发生的巴勒斯坦火箭和迫击炮的攻击。Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he hopes truce efforts will succeed.  以色列国防部长巴拉克说,他希望停火努力能获得成功。Barak, a former army chief, said he has fought in many wars, so before sending soldiers to battle it is a sacred duty to exhaust every effort for peace. 曾经担任以色列陆军参谋长的巴拉克说,他已经打了许多战争,所以在派遣军人前去作战之前,尽一切努力争取和平是他神圣的职责。Israel is reluctant to invade Gaza fearing high casualties among Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians, and international condemnation.  以色列不太愿意入侵加沙是因为担心会造成以色列军人和巴勒斯坦平民的大量伤亡、以及遭到国际谴责。Hamas says a ceasefire is not a done deal.  哈马斯说,停火协议并非十拿九稳。Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said the group could not agree to Israel's demand that it release captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as part of the truce agreement unless Israel frees hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Shalit has been held for two years in Gaza, since he was kidnapped in a cross-border raid.  哈马斯领导人马沙尔说,哈马斯不能同意以色列把释放被俘的以色列军人夏利特作为停火协议一部分的要求,除非以色列释放数以百计被关押的巴勒斯坦人。夏利特已经在加沙地带被关押了两年,他在一次越境袭击中被绑架。The truce efforts come amid growing pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who could be toppled by a corruption scandal.  在争取实现停火的同时,以色列总理奥尔默特正受到越来越大的压力,腐败丑闻有可能把他赶下台。Defense Minister Barak said the Labor Party, Mr. Olmert's senior coalition partner, would support an upcoming bill for early elections if the prime minister does not step down.  以色列国防部长巴拉克说,如果奥尔默特总理不下台,奥尔默特的主要执政联盟夥伴工党将持提前举行大选的提案。It was the second blow to Mr. Olmert in as many days. On Wednesday, his Kadima party began the process for primaries to replace him. Mr. Olmert's political survival is in doubt after an American businessman testified that he gave him envelopes stuffed with cash to support a lavish lifestyle.  这是两天以来奥尔默特遭受的第二次打击。星期三,奥尔默特所在的前进党开始了党内初选程序,推选接替他的人选。奥尔默特的政治生涯能否延续引起怀疑,因为在此之前一名美国商人作说,他给了奥尔默特一些装满现金的信封,以维持他奢侈的生活方式。Opinion polls show that a majority of Israelis believe that the Olmert government is too unstable to make any major decisions about war or peace. 民意调查显示,大多数以色列人认为,奥尔默特政府太不稳定,无法对战争或者和平等重大问题作出决策。200806/41939

NATO Forces in Afghanistan Return Fire Towards Pakistani Tribal Region巴阿边境暴力升级两国关系紧张 NATO forces in Afghanistan say they have fired on militant positions inside Pakistan after coming under rocket attack. The border region has experienced a surge in violence in recent months, raising tensions among Afghan, U.S. and Pakistani officials over who is to blame. Pakistan's Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas says he would welcome more NATO forces patrolling the Afghan side of the border. 在阿富汗的北约部队说,他们向巴基斯坦境内激进分子的阵地开火,在此之前,北约部队受到了来自那里的火箭攻击。最近几个月以来,巴基斯坦和阿富汗边境地区的暴力活动有所升级,导致阿富汗,美国和巴基斯坦官员之间关系紧张,互相追究责任。巴基斯坦军队发言人阿巴斯说,他欢迎更多的北约部队在阿富汗一侧的边界巡逻。A NATO statement says troops in Afghanistan's Paktika province received multiple rocket attacks from militants inside Pakistan, and responded with artillery and attack helicopters.  北约部队的声明说,北约部队在阿富汗的帕克提卡省受到武装分子从巴基斯坦境内发动的多次火箭袭击,北约部队用大炮和歼击直升机进行了回击。The incident took place near Pakistan's Waziristan region, a Taliban stronghold where locals have reported seeing more NATO troops along the border in recent days.  事件发生在巴基斯坦的瓦济里斯坦地区附近的一个塔利班据点,据当地人说,他们最近几天在边界沿线看到了很多北约部队。The troop movements have raised alarm within Pakistan and caused politicians to issue stern warnings against NATO incursions across the border. But Pakistan Army Spokesman Athar Abbas tells VOA that the troop movements are not what he called an "ominous buildup." 部队的调动在巴基斯坦国内引起恐慌,并导致某些巴基斯坦政客发出严厉警告,反对北约越过边界的入侵行动。但巴基斯坦军方发言人阿巴斯告诉记者说,调兵并非他所谓“具有不祥征兆的增兵” 。"The information from the other side was that this is a routine relief and rotation of the troops," said Athar Abbas. "They are replacing the units on the border and they are reinforcing some parts where they have received attacks from militants." 他说:“从对方获悉的信息表明这是一次例行的救援行动和部队的换防,他们正在取代边界附近的军队,并且对一些他们受到来自极端分子袭击的地区加强防卫。”A NATO spokesman told VOA there is no abnormal buildup of troops in the region, but acknowledged increased activity because of the time of year and recent developments in the area.  北约发言人告诉美国之音记者说,在这个地区没有不正常的增兵,不过他承认,由于每年这个月份以及最近该地区事态的发展,这个地区的活动有所增加。Pakistan's army says it has around 60,000 security forces manning 1,000 posts along the 2,600-kilometer Afghan border. It says in Afghanistan, there are about 100 such security posts.  巴基斯坦军方说,巴基斯坦方面有大约6万人的安全部队部署在沿阿富汗2千6百公里的边境沿线的一千个哨卡。巴基斯坦方面声称,阿富汗只部署了大约100个类似的安全哨卡。General Abbas says NATO forces have indicated they want to create more security posts along the border - a move he said the Pakistani military would welcome. But he insisted that NATO forces will not be allowed to operate in Pakistani territory.  阿巴斯少将说,北约部队表示希望在边境地区建立更多的安全哨卡,他说,巴基斯坦方面对这个建议表示欢迎。不过,他坚持认为,北约部队将不会获准在巴基斯坦领土内开展行动。 Military analyst Talat Masood says that despite the growing power of pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan and the continuing inability of the civilian government to address the problem, the presence of foreign troops would make the situation more dangerous. 军事分析家马苏德说,尽管亲塔利班的激进分子在巴基斯坦的力量有所增加,但是巴基斯坦文官政府在解决有关问题方面却仍显得束手无策。外国部队的介入将会使局势更加危险。 "The worst thing that would happen is that Pakistanis will start disowning this war and will start sympathizing more with the militants than the Americans or NATO," said Talat Masood. 他说:“可能发生的最坏情况就是:巴基斯坦人开始不再认同这场战争,并且更多地同情激进分子,而不是美国人或北约 。” Retired General Masood says the militancy problem must ultimately be addressed by Pakistan's own military and government. But he says the government has been unable to come up with a policy that is supported by the people. 退休将军马苏德说,激进分子的问题最终必须通过巴基斯坦自己的军事力量和政府来解决,但他说,巴基斯坦政府一直没能制定出能够得到巴基斯坦人民持的政策。200807/44197

Hello. Were back at Tip Top Trading.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading。Anna is very busy dealing with Mr Limes big order for Imperial Lemons.安娜正忙于处理Lime先生的皇家柠檬大额订单。Yes?...Who?...I cant hear you.什么事?谁?我听不见。Mr what? What? Mr Who? I dont know, you tell me.什么先生?什么?哪位先生?我不知道,你告诉我好了。Oh, you are Mr Hu...H U: Hu.你是胡先生……HU:胡。No, Toms busy. Call back later. Bye.不,汤姆很忙。过会儿再打来。再见。Tom, Mr Hu called you.汤姆,胡先生打过电话找你。Mr Hu... Mr Hu: H U胡先生…… 胡先生,HU。Anna, Mr Hu is a very important安娜,胡先生是很重要的……Oh! What now? ! Yes?现在又怎么了?!什么事?Im going to have to talk to the boss about this.我得跟老板谈谈这个了。No. Im busy, give me your number, Ill call you later.不行,我很忙,给我你的号码,我一会儿打给你。Yep, yep, 6...8...thanks. Bye!是的,是的,68……谢谢,再见!Right, now where was I?好的,现在我做到哪了?Anna, could I have a word?安娜,能给你聊聊吗?Yes. Ohhh, he must want to tell me how pleased he is with the Citrus Ventures deal.当然。他肯定想告诉我他对Citrus Ventures的订单有多满意。Now, Anna...biscuit? Thank you.安娜……吃饼干吗? 谢谢。 /201701/483835

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