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2018年03月22日 04:09:57 | 作者:华北健客 | 来源:新华社
It#39;s no secret that sticking to your healthy diet is tougher when you eat out. There are the massive restaurant portion sizes, and sneaky calorie bombs (buffalo chicken salad, we#39;re looking at you!) — and now new research suggests ambient lighting can trick you into eating more too.众所周知,在外面吃饭的时候还想保持健康饮食是比较困难的。饭店的食物分量很大,卡路里也极高(布法罗鸡肉沙拉,我们说的就是你!)。如今,新的研究表明,室内的灯光也许会令你不知不觉吃更多的东西。For the study, published in The Journal of Marketing Research, the researchers began by looking at the orders of 160 diners at four chain restaurants. Half the diners were seated in dimly-lit rooms, and half were seated in well-lit areas. The diners who were sitting in low light ordered 39% more calories. Meanwhile the people in brighter surroundings were 16% to 24% more likely to choose healthy items (think grilled fish or white meat and veggies). In follow-up experiments, the researchers replicated these results with hundreds of colleged-aged students.在发布于《行销研究期刊》的这项研究中,调查人员研究了来自4家连锁饭店的160名用餐者的点菜单。有一半的用餐者坐在灯光昏暗的房间,另一半坐在灯光明亮的房间。前者点餐的卡路里总量要比后者高出39%。而且,在明亮环境里的人有16%-24%的几率会倾向于选择健康食品(例如烤鱼、烤白肉和素菜)。在后续实验中,调查员又研究了数百名大学生,得到了同样的结果。What is it about brightness that leads us to eat smarter? ;We feel more alert in brighter rooms and therefore tend to make more healthful, forward-thinking decisions,; lead author Biswas, PhD, explained in a press release.灯光的昏暗程度究竟是不是我们更明智地选择食物的原因呢?首席作者比斯瓦斯士在一场媒体发布会上解释道:;在明亮的房间里,人们警惕度会更高,会做出更有前瞻性的决定。;In fact, the researchers found that when diners in dimly-lit rooms were given a coffee placebo (or simply asked to be more alert) they were just as likely as their peers in the well-lit rooms to make healthy food choices.事实上,调查员发现,当向坐在灯光昏暗房间里的用餐者提供咖啡安慰剂(或者仅仅告诫他们学会谨慎)时,他们也会像那些坐在灯光明亮的房间里的人一样,选择健康食品。It seems making healthy choices has more to do with the brightness of your mental state than the brightness of the room. So don#39;t swear off candle-lit dinners yet.这样看来,是否能做出健康的选择更大程度上取决于自己的心理状态而不是室内灯光的昏暗程度。所以,不要再抵触烛光晚餐啦。The best way to avoid overindulging is to make yourself feel more alert, said co-author Wansink, PhD, the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. That could mean going for a brisk walk before dinner, or splashing some water on your face for an instant energy boost.康奈尔食物与品牌实验室的负责人、合著者万辛克士表示,预防大吃大喝最好的方式是让自己时时刻刻处于警觉状态。也就是说,我们可以在晚餐前快步走一会儿,或者在脸上洒点水,瞬间清醒一下。 /201606/448985

A school sent home multiple young girls due to the length of their skirts. Why? Administrators were concerned that the short hemlines would encourage ;boys to peer up them.;近日,一所学校把很多年轻女孩儿送回了家里,原因是她们的裙子长度问题。为什么呢?管理人员表示,他们担心短裙子会鼓励男孩子们;偷窥她们;。Reportedly 70 female students were sent home from Lord Grey secondary school in England after being informed that their skirt lengths didn#39;t pass the uniform test on the first day of term.据报道,在英国的格雷爵士高级中学,有70名女学生在开学的第一天被告知她们没能通过校检查,随后便被遣送回家。Chloe Hirst, a junior, spoke out against the decision, taking particular offense to the comments that her outfit was ;inappropriate; and calling out officials for the discriminatory decision. She explained, ;The boys never get any hassle; administrators are so sexist about it. I feel like it is disgusting how they ask women to dress modestly. They never used to be strict on skirts, but now it is ridiculous. They are always moaning that we are not doing enough work, yet they send us home for our uniform.;一名名叫克洛伊·克赫斯特的高二学生反对这项决定,特别是对于她的着装不合适的言论表示反对,并且称学校官员的决定带有歧视性。她解释称:“男孩儿从来没有这么多麻烦事情,管理人员有性别歧视。我觉着他们让女生穿得保守这件事情让人觉着恶心。他们以前从来没有管过裙子长短,现在这么做很荒唐。他们总是抱怨我们学习不努力,现在却因为我们的衣着而把我们送回家。”Her father, Jay Hirst, added, ;I can#39;t see what the problem is. She#39;s been wearing the same skirt for months, and they pull her up now. I can understand if a girl goes with a short, short skirt, then maybe, but this was ridiculous.;她的父亲杰·克赫斯特补充说道:“我不明白问题出在什么地方。她穿这件裙子有好几个月了,现在他们才开始训斥她。我能理解,如果一个女孩儿穿很短,很短的裙子,可能会...但是现在确实很荒唐。”However, head teacher Tracey Jones stands by her decision, insisting that the pupils were given ample notice to prepare for the uniform check.不过,学校的校长特雷西·琼斯依然坚持她的决定,并表示已经通知学生为校检查做好准备。;We are protecting our female students,; Jones said. ;They should look demure and modest and not appear oversexualized in figure-hugging trousers or very short skirts.; She noted that the school has a tower with six flights of stairs that the students climb on a daily basis. ;The last thing we want is boys peering up girls#39; skirts while they are climbing the stairs.;琼斯表示:“我们是在保护女学生,她们应该更端庄娴静,不应该穿得过于女性化,像穿着短裙以及紧身裤”。她指出,学校有一个六层高的塔楼,学生们每天都需要爬。琼斯说:“我们最不愿意看到的事情就是,当女孩儿们在上楼时,男孩儿在偷偷看她们的裙底。” /201604/439919

The Development of Chinese Paper-Cut中国剪纸艺术的发展Today,great strides have been made in the art of paper-cut in terms of the themes, patterns, cutting or engraving skills, mounting, and artisans or craftsmen,and many styles of paper-cut have been developed with the passage of time. Everything can become the theme of paper-cut , from people to the things that can be found in everyday life such as birds and flowers,animals and insects. In many parts of China, paper-cutting skill has become a must for women,old and young,and the symbol of a clever mind and nimble fingers for Chinese ladies as a whole.今天,剪纸艺术中的题材,模式,剪法或雕刻的技巧,安装,和工匠都已经取得了很大的进步,和随着时间的流逝,许多风格的剪纸运用而生。一切都可以成为剪纸的主题,在人们日常生活中可以找到,例如花鸟,动物和昆虫。在中国的许多地方,剪纸技术已成为女人的必备技术,是中国女性头脑聪明和手指灵活的整体象征。 /201608/463020

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