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For almost three weeks, the high-pressure Chinese teaching...近三周以来,高压的中式教学I don#39;t get it...has caused nothing but chaos and rebellion in the British classroom.我不懂。在英国教室里只引起了混乱和反抗Luca, put down your ball.卢卡,把球收起来This is why you guys learn less than the Chinese students learn.这就是为什么你们学的东西比中国学生学的少Who the hell does she think she is saying that I#39;m dumb?她以为自己是谁啊?还说我傻But with the help of the Bohunt teachers...但在航特老师们的帮助下We wouldn#39;t tolerate that in any normal lesson at Bohunt and there will have to be consequences.在航特,这种行为在任何课堂上都是不容许的,这样做是要付出代价的Things are beginning to improve.情况开始有所改变Now, even restless kids like Sophie are warming to the regime.现在,即使像苏菲那样好动的孩子也开始接受中式的管理方法I think I didn#39;t really respect the teachers,我觉得我对老师们,尤其是科学老师or the science teacher personally, as much as I should have - but I#39;m starting to now.没有表示出足够的尊重,但我会从现在开始做起And I do my work, kind of thing, and I am actually learning some stuff.我会写作业之类的,而且我真的学到了一些东西What is needed for photosynthesis to take place? Sophie.光合作用的反应物是什么?苏菲Carbon dioxide...Carbon dioxide...二氧化碳。二氧化碳Water... Water...水。水And then, the sunlight.还有阳光OK. You got three right. That#39;s very good.好的,你三个都说对了,非常好Good morning, everyone. Morning, miss.早上好,各位同学。早上好,老师Li Aiyun teaches in an elite school in Nanjing.李爱云在南京的一所精英学校教书You are late. Look at the clock.你们迟到了。看看几点了She#39;s used to quiet, obedient pupils她习惯了安静又听话的学生and has struggled to keep control of the rowdier British teenagers.如今正努力控制那些吵闹的英国学生But Miss Li finally seems to have taken control of her class.不过李老师似乎终于掌控了班级You cannot always come back late and say sorry.你们不能总是迟到,然后说声抱歉From now on, if you are late...从现在开始,如果你们迟到了Everybody will be here during lunch break for ten minutes.午休的时候班上所有人都留堂十分钟So, you#39;re punishing everyone? Guys, shush.所以你要惩罚所有人。大伙,安静If she#39;s like this all day, we are stuffed.如果她整天都这样,我们就完蛋了The teachers, they#39;re not as much as pushovers as they were originally,那些老师,他们不像原来那样好说话了so I think people are now starting to listen所以我觉得大家开始认真听讲and actually are starting to take notes and stuff in class, and are starting to learn.在课堂上真正开始记笔记之类的,大家开始学习了Because they#39;re realising that it#39;s not...因为他们开始意识到这不是...It#39;s not just for fun - it#39;s like... It#39;s a school, isn#39;t it?这不只是为了好玩,这可是所学校啊,不是吗We are now in a very competitive world.当今世界的竞争十分激烈I don#39;t want you to feel regretful when you look back at now in the future.我不想让你们将来回忆现在的时候感到后悔I#39;m a teacher but sometimes I have to put on a face like, you know, a stricter teacher.我是名老师,但有时我必须板起脸露出更严厉的一面Please, take out...the grammar book.请拿出你们的语法书Third week has gone and you have only one more week.第三周已经过去了,你只剩下一周时间It#39;s like our time is so limited.感觉我们的时间太有限了The most important thing in doing passive voice is to find the subject and the object.被动语态中,最重要的就是找对主语和宾语In just one week, the students of the Chinese school, and the rest of Bohunt year nine,一周之后,中式学校的学生们和航特其他初三同学will sit exams set by an independent research body to compare the two teaching systems.将参加由独立调研机构举行的考试,以此来对比两种教学体制 Article/201605/443048Something turned the primitive dinosaurs of the early Jurassic因为某些原因,早侏罗世的原始恐龙into the amazing creatures of the late Jurassic, but what was it?最终变成了晚侏罗世那些令人称奇的生物,那么,究竟是什么原因呢Finding the roots of these giants is actually quite a complicated thing to do.寻找这些巨兽的根源是一件很复杂的事In fact, finding their roots has been sort of something事实上,寻找它们根源这种事which palaeontologists have been trying to do for the last 200 years. It#39;s a big problem.过去200年来一直都有古生物学家在尝试。这是很困难的事All scientists knew was that whatever had transformed the dinosaurs所有科学家都知道使恐龙发生改变的事件it happened in the 40 million years of the mid-Jurassic, but mid-Jurassic fossils are very rare.发生在4亿年前的中侏罗世,可是中侏罗世的化石非常匮乏The frustrating thing is with the middle Jurassic the curtains have been drawn让人感到沮丧的是,中侏罗世好像不肯揭开它的神秘面纱so whatever happened there has been almost hidden from view.所以那时发生了什么几乎无从得知For decades, scientists hoped to find a site that would unlock the secrets of this palaeontological black hole.几十年来,科学家们一直希望找到一处地点,能解开这个古生物学黑洞的秘密It would have to be something very special.那里必须有一些很特别的东西What would be ideal is for us to find a site in the middle Jurassic最理想的情况是我们能找到中侏罗世的化石场that not only had dinosaur fossils, but had a wealth of dinosaur fossils.不仅有恐龙化石,而且要有大量的恐龙化石Enough of, of an animal to not only reconstruct it要有足够多的动物,不仅能推想当时的场景but have maybe several of that animal so you know you#39;re right in your interpretation.而且可能有些动物会使你觉得你的解释是对的 Article/201704/503386栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464441栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464431We#39;d never seen anything like this in our lives.我们以前从没见过这样的场景。But Editta would turn off all the lights, and on the night of a full moon...the moon would come through those skylights...Editta would come out and do the dying swan.Editta会关掉灯,在月光下开始跳舞随着月光洒下来Editta就跳着天鹅湖的舞蹈走了出来。We were all mesmerized by that.那场景我至今印象深刻。Someone like Editta Sherman...She#39;s married to the studio and her craft, and that#39;s her life.像Editta Sherman这样的人…她几乎嫁给了她的工作室和她的作品这是她生活的全部。And to extract her out of this environment is...That feels criminal to me because she#39;s an artist who works in this environment, and it#39;s because of this environment she does what she does true of a lot of the other tenants. So...把她赶出这栋楼…我们很有负罪感…因为这就是她这样的艺术家工作和生活的地方,正是在这样的环境里,她才做出了那些作品,对于这栋楼里的很多艺术家租客他们都是这样的。To sort of displace them at this stage in their lives, into some sort of anonymous apartment is just, you know, I think, would be the beginning of the end for a lot of these tenants.让他们离开这里,就好像剥夺走了他们生活中的一部分如果让他们搬去那些普通的公寓,那大概也会毁掉他们的艺术创作。Is it sad for you? -They#39;re going to relocate us in the neighborhood.你会对搬走的事情感到难过么?-他们要给我们安置新的住所…So you#39;re not worried...It#39;ll be an apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom.你就一点都不担心么…-那会是带浴室和厨房的新公寓。Who the hell wants a kitchen and a bathroom?谁需要浴室和厨房呢?Just more rooms to clean.那只是让我多了一些需要打扫的房间。Can you see one of these fancy apartment houses...where all they move in are filing cabinets?你能不能帮我看一下…那些新的公寓里有没有地方摆下我的这些文件柜? Article/201608/460719

First, the bomb needs to be armed.首先要进行原子弹的组装Captain William Parsons.One of its designers, bomb commander.威廉·帕森斯上尉 是原子弹的设计者之一 也是投弹指挥官He removed the detonator before take-off To make it safe to fly.在起飞前他取出了雷管 以保飞行的安全Unscrewing bridge-plate.Now, he must re-fit it.Loading charges.旋开桥板 现在 他要重新装上雷管 装上炸药The core of the bomb: Uranium.炸弹的核心是铀Born in a cosmic explosion 6 billion years ago,铀产生于六十亿年前的宇宙大爆炸Before the birth of our planet.比地球的诞生还要早Dormant, until scientists split its atoms,一直处于蛰伏状态 直到科学家分裂了其原子Unleashing an apocalyptic power释放出一种世界末日般的力量To annihilate our species or fuel our future.毁灭全人类或是推动我们的未来Dawn, 850 miles from Japan.黎明时分 距离日本还有八百五十英里An American b-29 bomber, the Enola Gay,一架名为埃诺拉·盖伊的美国b-29轰炸机 Carries the most destructive weapon In the history of mankind.携带着人类历史上 最具破坏力的武器I had been entrusted With the most frightful weapon ever devised.我受委托 携带着有史以来人类发明出的最可怕的武器I thought, yes, we#39;re going to kill a lot of people,虽然我知道我们会杀害很多人But by God we#39;re going to save a lot of lives.凭借上帝的力量 我们也将拯救许多生命We have the power that we have always reserved only for God.我们拥有一种力量 一种我们一直只为上帝 而保留的力量We now have it to end everything.我们如今用它终结一切It#39;s in human power.这是人类的力量That pervades every single part of our lives today.如今它渗透到我们生活的方方面面 Article/201605/446282

栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201605/443898

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