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Meet The World's Oldest Dog, At 5 Years Old Sky's Lisa Dowd meets the world's oldest dog, who still enjoys a good walk despite being 5 canine years old.Well. Otto is always being told us that he looks half of his age, but yes, he is 5 years young. Here are the owners. He is in human years, twenty years and eight months old. He is actually pretty sprightly but, ah, he's been tired now. He has been running around us a bit earlier on. Lynn and Peter are his owners. So, Lynn, just tell me a little bit about how you found out that he was actually the oldest dog in the world.Oh we found out by a cutting in the newspaper by Chanel who lived in America. She passed away at the age of 1. So I said to Peter Otto can’t be far off that, let's inquire and find out. So Peter did of skimming around in newspapers moreover, and he has been now classed as the world’s oldest dog.And Peter looks like he might like a little play around. Do you want to have a little play with him? Bless him.Yeah popping down us, that’s brilliant. Tell us about Otto and the secret to its longevity, Lynn. Oh, anything I can put it down to is lots, lots of good food, plenty of love and affection, and is regularly checkup with the vets, which keeps him going.I’ve seen him running around. He is very sprightly, isn't it? It’s not too bad his age. But yeah, yes, he likes a good play, but then by half an hour after that, he is out of sight the rest of the day, then bless him. But he is still doing well his age. 98

Body of Knowledge: Puberty CNN's Judy tin takes a look at why puberty is starting at an earlier age. most parents, their little girls grow up way too fast. Well,now they might have the statistics to back up that claim. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, girls are hitting puberty earlier, showing signs as early as 8 years of age, and also getting their periods earlier, down from an age of almost in the late 1800s to today’s average of about . The big question is why?“There are a lot of reasons that people propose that I’m not sure I ever have the exact answer, but part of it may be environmental toxins, it may be that girls and women are heavier now, their actual body weight is actually greater than it was bee, and that can affect hormone production.”While this trend could just be part of our species' natural evolution, it may also raise some health concerns women later in life.“We do know the longer someone has menstrual cycles, it does increase their risk some kinds of cancer, the more estrogen you have exposed to your body, perhaps it increases the risk of breast cancer, possibly uterine cancer.”Understanding what’s happening to their bodies will go a long way to helping girls tackle this fast track and possibly confusing race to becoming a woman. Judy tin, CNN, Atlanta.Now we all know that puberty is a natural phase, but the physical changes can be embarrassing especially young girls. It’s important parents to help kids understand the changes so that they will know exactly what to expect. more inmation about early puberty, talk to your pediatrician or a family physician. WORDS IN THE NEWS1. puberty : n-uncountPuberty is the stage in someone's life when their body starts to become physically mature. . estrogen : n-uncountAlso oestrogen, oestrogen is a hormone produced in the ovaries of female animals. Oestrogen controls the reproductive cycle and prepares the body pregnancy. 097

  Certain foods may cause acne problems, as CNN's Judy tin reports in this Health Minute. Jessica Ravinski has battled acne nearly a decade. She’s found that she is able to control the condition by taking medication, washing her face regularly and watching her diet. Dermatologist Jeffrey Dover says there can sometimes be a link between certain foods and flare-ups. Well, we used to say that diet didn’t play a role in acne, but we always ask our patients and if they say, these two foods, like if I eat greasy foods, and if I eat chocolate, my acne flares. The first thing we do is say why don’t you avoid those? Dover also points to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health that indicates eating a lot of dairy products may aggravate acne. And then we have some young men and women who have diets, which are very rich in milk and milk products, yogurt, cheese, if they are willing, we ask them to go on a milk exclusion diet a while to just see if excluding those will actually help their acne. Dover reports sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. He admits when it comes to treating acne, it often takes a multipronged approach, including medication and laser treatment to find relief. today’s Health Minute, I’m Judy tin. WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. Dermatologist : n-countA dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the study of skin and the treatment of skin diseases.. flare-up : n-countIf there is a flare-up of violence or of an illness, it suddenly starts or gets worse.3. -pronged : comb in adjA two-pronged or three-pronged attack, plan, or approach has two or three parts.eg: a two-pronged attack on the recession 60

  American Presidents: Thomas Jefferson; celebrity roasts; to splash versus to spray versus to sprinkle; hearing; to be ofWords:swivel chairmansioncolonistdelegatealienseditionelectiveepitaphcelebrityroastsense of humorinsult comicto splashto sprayto sprinklehearing 357667。

  Malcolm:Do we really need to start doing spring cleaning today?马尔科姆:我们真的需要今天开始大扫除吗?Lorna:We really should. The drapes need to be washed, the walls need to be wiped down, and the attic needs cleaning out.洛尔娜:肯定要干啊帘子要洗,墙壁要清洁,阁楼也该收拾收拾了And we really should clean the upholstery on the sofa and dining chairs.而且我们还要打扫沙发和餐桌椅子上的装饰Malcolm:That a lot of work two people.马尔科姆:俩人可干不了这么多活Lorna:And I havent even mentioned what needs to be done in the kitchen.洛尔娜:我还没提厨房呢We need to defrost the freezer, clean the oven, clean out the cabinets, and scrub the floors.我们需要为冰箱除霜、清洁烤箱,清理橱柜,还有擦洗地板Malcolm:Im not sure I have the energy all that.马尔科姆:我自己可没这么多精力干这些Lorna:We also need to wash the windows, window screens, and windowsills, steam clean the carpets, and sweep out the garage.洛尔娜:我们还需要清洁窗户, 纱窗和窗台,清洁地毯,打扫车库Malcolm:If we hope to do all of that this weekend, then I think we need reincements.马尔科姆:如果我们要在周末干这么多活,我们觉得需要帮手Lorna:What do you have in mind?洛尔娜:你有什么想法?Malcolm:Im not the high school football coach nothing.马尔科姆:但我可不是高中足球教练Lorna:You mean...?洛尔娜:你什么意思?Malcolm:I think the guys need an extra hard workout this weekend.马尔科姆:我认为那些足球队的家伙周末才能应付这额外的高强度训练 935

  听笑话学英语:Your horse called 马打电话A guy is ing his paper when his wife walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head with a frying pan. He asks, "What was that ?" She says, "I found a piece of paper in your pocket with 'Betty Sue' written on it." He says, "Jeez, honey, 'Betty Sue' was the name of the horse I bet on." She shrugs and walks away.Three days later he's ing his paper when she walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head again with the frying pan. He asks, "What was that ?" She answers, "Your horse called."一个家伙正在看报纸,他的妻子走到他身后,用一只煎锅敲他的后脑勺他问道:“这是为什么?”她说:“我在你口袋里发现了一张写有‘Betty Sue’的纸条”他说:“哎呀,亲爱的,‘Betty Sue’是我赌的那匹马的名字”她耸了耸肩,走了 三天后他正在看报纸,妻子走到他身后,又用一只煎锅敲他的后脑勺他问:“这又是为什么?”她答道:“你的马打电话来了”Brad:Is this your first visit to this area?布拉德:你是第一次踏上这片土地?Irene:It is and Im surprised to see so many farms.艾琳:是的,看到这么多农场让我非常惊讶I thought farming was a dying industry.我还以为农业已经落没Brad:Family farms and small-scale farming are disappearing, but agribusiness is alive and well,布莱德:家庭农场和小规模农业正在消亡,但农业综合企业仍然发展良好,thanks to government subsidies.这都要归功于政府资助Irene:Are they lucrative?艾琳:他们这样做有利可图对吗?Brad:They can be, but the subsidies were originally given to protect the livelihood of farmers.布莱德:肯定的,但补贴最初是用于保护农民的生计Irene:And that not what happening?艾琳:并不是出了什么事?Brad:Well, agribusiness has edged out small-scale farms because output is the name of the game.布莱德:嗯,因为至关重要的产量问题农业已经被挤压变成了小规模农场A lot of small-scale farmers have thrown in the towel.而且很多小规模耕作的农民早已经弃械投降Irene:That a shame, but the subsidies are still used to protect domestic food production, right?艾琳:这真的很可惜,但补贴仍用于保护国内粮食生产?Brad:That may be, but were losing a way of life. I come from a long line of farmers.布莱德:可能吧,但我们正在失去一种生活方式我就是出身于农民世家Irene:And youre not farming?艾琳:但你没有过着日出而作,日落而息的生活?Brad:Nope.布莱德:从未有过Irene:What do you do?艾琳:那你做什么工作?Brad:I work the government agency that gives out subsidies to the very farms that put us out of business.布莱德:我为政府机构效力,就是我工作的机构为农场出资补贴抢走我们的饭碗Irene:That quite a twist of fate.艾琳:命运真是弄人Brad:You said it.布莱德:你算说对了 398Rodney:Ha-ha! Did you hear what I said? Funny, right?罗德尼:哈哈!你有听到我说的吗?太逗了,有没有?Samantha:Behave yourself! This is a serious and solemn occasion, not a time levity.萨曼莎:规矩一点!这可是一个认真严肃的场合,不是举止轻浮时候Rodney:Loosen up. We have to endure two hours of this ceremony.罗德尼:放松我们得在这个仪式上忍受个小时Samantha:It indecent the way youre behaving.萨曼莎:你的行为非常不雅Dont you have any sense of decorum?你就不能有点礼仪吗?Rodney:Lighten up. Youre such a stick-in-the-mud.罗德尼:听着你真是墨守成规There nothing unseemly about cracking a few jokes when everybody here is taking themselves too seriously.在这种每个人都把自己太当回事的场合开几个玩笑没什么不体面的Samantha:Your problem is that you have no sense of dignity.萨曼莎:你的问题在于你没有尊严Dont you realize that your stupid jokes cheapen the occasion?你不知道你的愚蠢笑话是在贬低这个地方吗?Youre a disgrace.你真是个耻辱Rodney:Dont get all huffy. All right, if you wont join in, Ill try to be serious.罗德尼:别动气好吧,如果你不加入,我就认真些Samantha:That better.萨曼莎:这才对嘛Rodney:I would seriously like a drink. Bartender!罗德尼:我真的想喝一杯酒保! 956

  Oliver Cromwell奥利弗#86;克伦威尔Born in Huntingdon in 99 to a relatively poor squirearchal family, Cromwell found religious zeal as a Puritan while studying at Cambridge. His faith influenced his appearance: he was conservative in his clothing and austere in composure; his commanding voice and fervour proved a trademark in parliament. But it was in the conduct of war that he excelled.99年,克伦威尔出生于亨延顿一个比较穷困的地主家庭在剑桥学习的时候,克伦威尔感受到了清教徒们的宗教他的宗教信仰影响了他的外表:他衣着保守,简朴沉静;他那颇具权威性的声音和热情成为他在 议会的标志但是战争的爆发才使他脱颖而出Following Charles’ failed attempt to arrest five MPs —among them Cromwell’s relative John Pym — civil war ensued. Cromwell acted after losing the battle at Edge Hill to a superior Royalist cavalry. By adding 60 horses to the Roundhead cause, the Battle of Marston Moor became a Roundhead victory. The final Cavalier defeat came at Naseby in 5 and Cromwell had a major part to play in the negotiations that followed. He was, however, accused by all sides of conspiracy.在查理一世试图逮捕5名下院议员的行动失敗之 后,战争接着就发生了,这5个人当中有一个就是克伦威尔的亲戚John Pym在与高傲自大的保皇党派骑士们 在艾吉希尔的战役失利后,克伦威尔开始了他的行动通过给圆颅党议会派分子多送的60匹战马,圆颅党分子获得了年马斯顿荒原战役的胜利保皇党5 年最终在纳斯比彻底失败,克伦威尔在其后的谈判中扮 演了主要的角色,起到重要作用但是,他却受到协议 各方的指责Cromwell’s stature was confirmed at Preston when the New Model Army triumphed under his command. Thus his controversial career began. After the execution of Charles in 9,he ordered the subjugation of Ireland, massacring civilians, and the remaining population was constrained by the Act of Settlement in 53. Scotland was invaded and the nobility ced to submit. Cromwell muzzled the press and defeated the rebels.克伦威尔的声望在普瑞斯顿战役中得到确立,当时在他的指挥下,新模范军队取得了胜利他从而开始了自己颇具争议的政治生涯9年处决查理以后,他下 令征爱尔兰,大肆屠杀平民,并在53年通过颁发 《安置令对当地剩余的人口进行管制入侵苏格兰, 贵族阶级被迫顺从克伦威尔还钳制新闻言论,并打了叛乱In response Cromwell further asserted his power and established the Instrument of Government, awarding himself the office of Lord Protector supported by a single-chamber parliament. At the same time, his expensive army and failed trade wars with the Dutch proved expensive. Despite himself Cromwell had re-established the monarchy in all but name and returned England to the unhappy days of Charles I,s reign. Even so, his benevolent despotism was acceptable to a weary nation and went uncontested.作为回应,克伦威尔进一步维护自己的权力和力量,并颁布了政府文书,自封护国主同时,他的军队 和与荷兰人之间的失败的贸易战也花费甚巨克伦威尔还重新建立独裁统治,又使英国回到了查理一世统治时 期的不幸时光尽管如此,他这种仁慈的专制仍然被疲乏的民众所接受,并淡有进行任何反抗Cromwell’s death in September 58 was the only close to this particular chapter.直到克伦威尔58年9月去世,这一特殊的篇章才得以结束 3589  I Wont Let Our Boy Go to University  Ive refused to allow my stepson Jim to go to university because it will be too expensive and a waste of time. People think Im selfish or uncaring. But I think more parents will come to accept my way of thinking. Britain university system is failing to serve either society or our children.  I cant remember when I began to change my mind on education. Like many middle-class parents, I had assumed that going to university was what children should do. It one of the reasons we sent im to an expensive private boarding school with a good academic reputation, rather than a weak but free local one. Education was more important than nice cars, new kitchens, or skiing holidays.  Jim is a teenager of whom any parent would be proud. He charming, considerate and helpful; he a genius at things like hanging pictures and mending door handles; he good with children; he handsome. But he shown little interest in study.  It not Jim intellect that the problem, but an inbuilt reluctance to do any more work than necessary to get by. Weve tried every method to make him work harder: blackmail, bribery, threats. None of it has worked. his final exams, Jim got a D and two Es. Even allowing our low expectations, this came as a shock to his mother and me.  ;Surely;, I suggested to Jim teacher, ;the course Jim got on with such low marks would be the sort of course that wouldnt be worth doing anyway.; ;Not at all,; the teacher insisted, and then named a string of universities Id barely heard of, claiming theyd be perfect Jim.  It was at this point I realized how completely out of touch I was with the current educational thought. In the early 1980s when I was at school, a student with such poor grades as Jim would never be considered university material. Since then the percentage of eligible population in Britain has risen from % to an astonishing %. The educational system is cramming even the most mediocre students into a degree curse.  It affects the sort of the courses that universities offer: undemanding ones such as film studies and surfing; it affects the way universities advertise themselves -- with student bar sizes and local clubs given priority over the quality of the courses.  Another fact is that when I went to university, a degree still counted something. These days, the degree is so devalued that you are far better off going straight into the job market than spending three years ting water, running up big debts.  Maybe it would be worth it if, as a result of his or her degree, your child would have a well-paid career. But there are now too many graduates running after too few graduate obs, and employers are becoming suspicious of the value of degrees. 1831





  MoJkx-NU%L,pW^Z[eHhat(1l@]n%Germany Surrenders To Allied cesAfter six years of war, Germany surrenders and Europe is at peace once again.In 195, Germany signed an unconditional surrender to the Allied ces led by the USSR, Great Britain and the USA.Adolph Hitler, the leader of Germany under Nazi rule, is believed to have committed suicide one week earlier when it became clear that his ces could not win the war.In Asia, fighting between the Allied ces and Japan continued another four months until Japan also surrendered and the Second World War was finally over.-*XTd%^JK-f7ev%(@5-imW3y_-Vqz(CH7t0xj0ecPNhRMOVoPqoyTn-m[o 39619

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