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一位被授予权力的女人该是怎么样的?她可以是戴布卡,希贾布或穿莎丽吗?Kavita Ramdas将会探讨关于三位不同凡响的女性,三位致力改革压制她们的文化,同时拥抱她们文化传统的女性。 Article/201409/331697

Heavy downpours continue to batter south China#39;s Guangdong province, causing severe flooding and mud flows in multiple areas.倾盆大雨继续肆虐广东省,造成多个地区严重洪灾和泥石流灾害。According to the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, Typhoon Utor has killed 20 people and left 7 missing. More than 4.1 million people have been affected and 500,000 residents have been relocated.据广东省民政厅表示,台风尤特已经造成20人死亡,7人失踪。超过410万人民遭受影响,500000名居民已经进行转移。Water levels in several rivers and 61 reservoirs throughout the province have exceeded the warning level. Rescue work is still ongoing.广东省多条河流与61个水库水位已经超过警戒水位。营救工作正在进行。The rail section in Guangdong province of the Guangzhou-Beijing railway has been partially affected due to the landslides triggered by Typhoon Utor.因台风尤特引起的山体滑坡已经导致广东——北京广东路段部分受到影响。 Article/201308/252972

The community is so harmonious that it#39;s hard to believe that this place这个社群非常和谐 很难相信这个地方is also the setting for mass murder.也会发生集体屠杀事件Tempers do flare一只掘穴蜂昏了头 钻进另一只蜂的洞穴when a bee gets confused and goes down another#39;s burrow.确实闹得不可开交But these are minor disagreements.但这不过是闹闹意见The colony is peaceful at the moment蜂群现在很平静because every bee here is a female.因为这里全是雌蜂It#39;s the males that are the killers and they are all dead.嗜杀的是雄蜂 现在全都死光了Their story began two monthsearlier, before theappearance of the females.它们的故事要从两个月前说起 那时雌蜂还没露脸Male Dawson#39;s bees.这是雄的道森氏掘穴蜂The females are only just emerging,雌蜂才刚冒出来burrowing their way, one by one,一只只钻出它们孵化out of the tunnels where they hatched and grew up and their scent enflames the males.和成长的地道 身上的气味让雄蜂欲火夔身They arehuge and built for fighting.雄蜂身材壮硕,骁勇善战And each one wants to be in the best position to mate with a female.每只都想占据 最有利的地位和雌蜂交配 Article/201309/256407



  It rains here for up to 250 days a year, and standing water is everywhere.这里一年之中有250天在降雨,到处都是积水。In the floodplain of the Yangtze River, black-tailed godwits probe the mud in search of worms.在扬子江的涝原,黑尾鹬在泥泞中寻索着虫子。But isn#39;t just wildlife that thrives in this environment. The swampy ground provides ideal conditions for a remarkable member of the grass family.并非只有野生动物在这样的环境下茁壮成长,沼泽般湿润肥沃的土地为作物家族最显著的成员提供了最理想的环境。Rice. The Chinese have been cultivating rice for at least 8,000 years. It has transformed the landscape.这就是稻米。中国有着至少8000年的稻米种植史,它们改变了这块土地。Late winter in southern Yunnan is a busy time for local farmers as they prepare the age-old paddy fields y for the coming spring.对云南南部的农民而言,冬末是个繁忙的季节,因为他们要为即将来临的春天整顿这片古老的稻田。 /201405/302479

  Picnics are a wonderful way to share yummy food in the great outdoors. Ants think so too! You can keep pesky ants away with just a few simple actions.野餐是在户外分享美味食物不错的方法。蚂蚁也是这样认为的!不用担心,只要几个简单的方法,就可以让讨厌的蚂蚁远离你的食物!You Will Need你需要An outdoor insect fogger户外昆虫雾警Soap and water肥皂和水A sponge海绵Garbage cans垃圾罐Detergent or ammonia清洁剂或氨水An outdoor ant and flying insect repellant户外蚂蚁或飞虫驱虫剂Food containers with lids有盖的食品罐Steps步骤Step 1 Use outdoor insect fogger1.使用户外昆虫雾警Set off an outdoor insect fogger in the picnic area. The fogger sps a preventative into the air and onto the surrounding trees, shrubs, and plants.在野餐范围喷洒户外昆虫雾警。雾警可以向空气中和周围的树木,灌木和植物中喷洒预防性的气雾。Carefully and follow the instructions on the fogger#39;s label. A fogger should only be used a few times a year in seasons of high use.认真阅读并遵守雾警包装上的标签。在使用频率较高的季节,一个雾警器只能使用几次。Step 2 Keep area clean2.保持环境清洁Keep the area clean by wiping the table with a soapy sponge and by keeping the area clear of food debris and litter.保持整个范围的干净整洁,用沾有肥皂水的海绵擦桌子,不要在野餐范围丢弃垃圾和食物残渣。Step 3 Empty and wash garbage cans3.清空并清洗垃圾罐Empty garbage cans often and occasionally wash them with detergent or ammonia to deter ants and insects.经常清空垃圾箱,时常用洗涤剂或氨水洗一下,防止蚂蚁和昆虫。Locate your garbage cans at least 50 feet from your picnic table to reduce the chance of an ant attack.将垃圾箱放在距离野餐桌至少50英尺的地方,减少蚂蚁袭击的风险。Step 4 Spray around picnic table4.喷洒驱虫剂Spray the area around the picnic table with an ant and flying insect repellent at least 15 minutes before the planned activity.野餐计划至少15分钟前在野餐桌周围喷洒蚂蚁和飞虫驱虫剂。Step 5 Store food in closed containers5.用密封容器储存食物Store all picnic foods in containers with lids. Keep the food covered when it#39;s not being served. This discourages food smells from attracting pests.将所有野餐食物储存在有盖子的容器中。没有分发享用的时候一定要把食物密封好。这样,食物的味道就不会把昆虫吸引过来。Step 6 Clean up spills immediately6.立即清理Clean up food spills as soon as possible – on the table and on the ground.如果有食物撒出来,尽快清理——无论是餐桌上的还是地面上的。Step 7 Clean area thoroughly after picnic7.野餐后彻底打扫Clean the area thoroughly after your picnic. Wash and rinse the table and dispose of trash appropriately.野餐后彻底清扫整个范围。清洗餐桌,妥善处置垃圾。Did you know? If not sufficiently controlled, Argentine ants threaten to wipe out native species in California.你知道吗?如果没有充分控制,阿根廷蚂蚁将摧毁加利福尼亚所有本土物种。注:音频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/230962Enter the Dragon was Hollywood#39;s first dipping its toe into the water of the martial art genre.《龙争虎斗》是好莱坞首次涉足功夫题材的电影Bruce Lee is explosive in a way that no one had seen before.李小龙展现了前所未有的爆发力The opening scene, Bruce Lee basically put the mixed martial arts in his film.在电影的第一个场景中,李小龙在电影中加入了综合格斗的元素。Fighting in the kenpo gloves.The mixed martial arts gloves with the open fingers.带着拳击手套在打,露指混合武术手套。And he used arm bars.There#39;s not a lot of charisma in a straight arm bar.He was the man.他采用伸直手臂固定法,伸直手臂固定本身并没有多大的魅力,魅力是他这个人带来的。When he stomps out Bob Wall and kills him...You see a lot of complex emotions all going on at once.当他跺了鲍勃·沃尔并结果了他,各种复杂的情绪瞬间涌上心头。I haven#39;t seen any actor in an action film match all those levels and nuances in the middle of a fight scene.我从来没在动作片中见过一个演员可以精确把握各个水平和之间的细微差异The mirror scene was just, you know, when he#39;s walking around and he#39;s cut up and all of a sudden he hears his master in his head saying if you destroy the image...在镜子那场戏中,当他在踱步,身上还带着伤,突然他听见了脑中的一个声音说,如果你毁掉眼前的画面...Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.you defeat the enemy he was just... had a tension that to me resonates because it#39;s cutting through all illusions.毁掉眼前的画面,你就能粉碎敌人,你就能打败敌人,他很有张力,我对此产生了共鸣,因为这除去了所有的幻觉。This is the moment that he was waiting for.This was Bruce Lee#39;s film in Hollywood.这一刻他等了很久,这是李小龙在好莱坞的电影。 Article/201312/270015In two seasons, Mourinho turned Porto into not simply the best in Portugal,在两个赛季里,穆里尼奥把波尔图打造成不仅是葡萄牙最好的球队,but Europe#39;s dominated force.也是欧洲的统治力量。重点词汇:force 力量例句:The force of the explosion shattered the windows of several buildings.爆炸的冲力震碎了几栋楼房的玻璃窗。 Article/201406/306740

  For a pet who#39;s been around so long,对于一个围绕在人们身边的宠物dog research is an astonishing new area of science.类的研究是令人惊奇的科技新领域It#39;s a very basic human need to have social relationships.而对于人类来说 社交关系是基本需求One of these wonderful things about dogs, of course,当然 关于最奇妙的事之一is they offer you a way of giving unconditional love是它们能给你无条件的爱and receiving unconditional love in the other end.而且另一方面也无条件的接受你的爱Dogs are the ones that live with us in the same enviornment和我们生活在相同的环境and they#39;re selected to live in this new enviornment它们被挑选出来在新的环境中生活and they#39;re specially tunned into human.它们特别适应人类So human are their natural social partner.自然而然的 它们就成了人类的伙伴But we are only beginning to recognize their full potential.然而我们才发掘出它们身上潜能一小部分Understanding dogs has the capacity通过对的进一步研究让我们有能力to give us insights into disease,更加深刻的了解人类的疾病the human mind and our varier existence.人类的内心世界以及我们丰富多的生活I think one reason that there#39;re almost 7 billion people on earth我想地球上有几乎70亿的人口的原因is in large part due to the roles the dogs have played很大程度上也是基于in our evolutionary existence.在我们进化过程中所扮演的角色While we can have good relationship with wide variety of animals人类历史上和很多种类的动物historically our relationship with dogs有很好的关系 而我们和的关系seems to be the longest one among any domestic animal.似乎比任何家畜都长远Personally I don#39;t think it#39;s any coincidence以我个人之见 我认为能成为the dogs is refered to man#39;s best friend.人类最好的朋友 并不仅是一种偶然的巧合 Article/201303/228857

  The magnitude-7 quake that jolted southwest China has badly affected the Giant Panda population in Ya#39;an.中国庐山发生的7级地震使雅安大熊猫数量受到重创。Ya#39;an is home to the Giant Panda. French natural historian, Armand David, was the first European to write his observations on the rare species found at Baoxing County, 144 years ago.雅安是中国大熊猫的主要生长地之一。法国物学家Armand David在144年前就记录下了他在宝兴县发现的这一稀有物种——大熊猫,他是第一位记录下熊猫生活的欧洲人。Although no deaths or injuries have been reported among the Baoxing panda population so far, they#39;ve been badly frightened by the earthquake. There are 61 Giant Pandas at the Panda Base at Ya#39;an, many were moved from here to another nature reserve when a magnitude-8 earthquake struck near the reserve in 2008.尽管,至今并未发现宝兴大熊猫有伤亡情况,但是它们受到了巨大的惊吓。在2008年发生8级地震期间,雅安熊猫基地的61只大熊猫,其中多数被转移到了另一自然保护区。 Article/201304/236613

  This is the final countdown for Newcastle Utd.纽卡斯尔队的比赛进入倒计时。Only three games left this season,and to qualify for Europe in the Champions League,and all the riches that go with that,本赛季只剩下最后三场比赛,要想拿到每一强队都在虎视眈眈的欧洲冠军杯入场券,they#39;ll have to win them all starting today.从现在开始,他们必须取得全胜。重点词汇: qualify 取得...的资格例句:Will our team qualify for the second round of the competition?我们队有资格进入第二轮比赛吗 Article/201405/295476。


  这百威啤酒广告引用《破产》主题曲为背景音乐。 以下是双语文本:The loud... The savvy...The famous...喧嚣……领悟……盛名……It took all of us to taste and choose the new Budweiser Black Crown.这一切都促使我们去品味、选择新百威黑冠。Our kind of beer.我们的啤酒。A golden amber lager to match our night.足以匹配我们良宵的金琥珀色藏酒。The new, smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.这就是全新的、顺滑且与众不同的百威黑冠啤酒。 Article/201405/301093

  值此妇女佳节来临之际,美国能否迎来第一个女总统又称为热门话题,希拉里克林顿非常遗憾地身患重病——变老。有人表示:如果美国迎来首位女总统,中国会dingdingdingding敲打不停~ Article/201403/279949

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