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I have been trying to get a meeting with the CEO of Medofact to talk about a partnership between our company and theirs. But I've had a hard time trying to get through on the phone. First, there was the phone tree. I had to go through three s bee I got the option to speak to an operator. Even after I got through, I got the run around from the receptionist.Receptionist: Medofact Limited. How may I direct your call?Thomas: I would like to speak to Maureen Kennedy.Receptionist: Please hold while I connect you with Ms. Kennedy's office. (Pause)Secretary: Maureen Kennedy's office. How may I help you? Thomas: Good afternoon. I am Thomas Guarini calling from Livatect. I would like to set up a meeting with Ms. Kennedy.Secretary: Will Ms Kennedy know the subject of the meeting? Thomas: Well, I would like to speak to her about a possible partnership.Secretary: May I put you on hold lt; bgt; one moment?Thomas: Yes, certainly. (I was on hold a long time.) Secretary: Mr. Guarini, I'm afraid Ms. Kennedy is traveling on business the next two weeks. Would you like to call back?Thomas: Sure, I'll check back in a couple of weeks. Thanks your help.Secretary: It's my pleasure. Have a nice day.Thomas: Thanks. You, too.I guess I'll keep trying. 背景链接: 1Lession36Robert Gordon is phoning to book a hotel room in Paris. Receptionist: 5-1-6. Allo? Robert: Is that the Saint-Martine Hotel? Receptionist: Oui. Yes, it is. Can I help you? Robert: Have you got a double room the night of 3rd July? Receptionist: One moment please. I'll just have a look. Yes, we have got a double room on that date. Robert: Has it got a double bed or two singles? Receptionist: Two singles, monsieur. Robert: And is that with or without bath? Receptionist: It's a room with shower and toilet, monsieur. Robert: That sounds fine. Is there a TV? Receptionist: Could you repeat that, please? Robert: Is there a color television in the room? Receptionist: Yes, but of course. And a , if you choose. Robert: How much will it be one night? Receptionist: About four hundred francs. Robert: And what does that include? Receptionist: It includes morning newspaper, continental breakfast and service. Robert: Where is the nearest metro? Receptionist: Opera, monsieur. It's only five minutes from here. Robert: And is there an extra charge children? Receptionist: If the child is under sixteen and we put an extra bed in your room, the charge is seventy-five francs. Do you want the room? Robert: Yes, one night—3rd July. Receptionist: Oui, monsieur. May I have your name, please? Robert: Actually, it's my wife and two daughters—Mrs. Jean Gordon, Linda and Maggie. Receptionist: Yes, monsieur. So you need an extra bed. And what time will they be arriving on July 3rd ... Interviewer: Now you've been a veterinary doctor some thirty years, what was it that made you become a vet in the first place? Vet: Well, I studied as an ordinary doctor in the beginning, but I slowly realized that I liked animals very much. I almost prefer animals to people. So I took an extra course in animal medicine. It's as simple as that really. Interviewer: And you still enjoy working with animals? Vet: Oh, yes, very much so. In fact, more than ever now. I've got to know animals much better, you see, and I get on better with them in every way. Their owners sometimes get on my nerves, though. Interviewer: Oh ... why is that? Vet: Well, some people know very little about animals and keep them in the wrong conditions. Interviewer: What sort of conditions? Vet: Oh, you know, some people buy a large dog and then try to keep it in a small flat; they don't take it out enough to give it proper exercise. Other people have a cat and try to keep it in the house all day, but a cat needs to get out and be free to come and go as it pleases. A lot of people don't feed their animals properly. It's very common to give pets too much food which is very bad them, especially if they're not getting enough exercise. Or not to feed them regularly, which is equally bad. An animal is a responsibility which is something many people don't seem to realize. Interviewer: You mean people keep pets the wrong reasons? Vet: Yes, some people want a pet because they're lonely, or simply decoration, or just to show how rich they are. Interviewer: And just how do you deal with these people? Vet: Well, I try to tell them what the animal needs, what is the right sort of food, the proper exercise. I try to teach them that animals are not toys and if they're to be healthy, they have to be happy. Interviewer: Yes, I suppose you're right. In your thirty years as a vet you must have come across some interesting cases? Vet: Oh yes, there are lots of interesting cases. I was once called to a lioness who was giving birth and having difficulty. Now that was really interesting. Well, now, ladies and gentlemen, that was our last item, and all that remains me to do is to thank our permers sincerely on behalf of us all the pleasure they have given us this evening. And of course I must express thanks to those who've worked behind the scenes. And especially our producer. But most of all I want to say thank you to all of you coming here this evening and supporting this event, especially in such weather. I think perhaps I should take this opporty to renew my sincere apologies to those sitting in the back rows. We've made temporary repairs to the roof, but untunately the rain tonight was unexpectedly heavy, and we're grateful to you your understanding and cheerful good humor. I may say that we had hoped that temporary repairs would suffice. But we were recently inmed by our surveyor that the whole roof will have to be replaced: which is of course a severe blow when you think it's only five years since we replaced the roof of the church itself. And so we shall be having another concert soon, I hope. Manager: Good morning, madam. And what can we do you? Woman: What can you do me? Manager: Yes, madam, what can we do you? Woman: You've aly done it, thank you very much. And I want something done about what you've done me. Manager: Is something the matter, madam? Woman: I'll say there is, I want to see the manager. Manager: I'm the manager, madam. Now ... now what seems to be the trouble? Woman: Look at my face! Manager: Your face? Ah yes. Oh dear. Well, never mind. What's wrong with your face? What exactly am I supposed to be looking at? Woman: My lines, my Wrinkles. Manager: Well, we can soon put that right, Madam. You need a bottle of our New Generation Wrinkle Cream. With this wonderful new cream your lines and wrinkles just ... Woman: Shut up! Manager: ... just disap ... I beg your pardon? Woman: I said shut up! I was silly enough to listen to you bee. I'll listen to no more of it. Manager: You say you've been here bee, madam. I'm afraid I don't recognize you. Woman: Of course you don't recognize me! Last time I came in here I was a very attractive middle-aged woman. Now I look old enough to be even your grandmother. Manager: Well, yes ... er ... some of us do age quicker than others. Woman: It's not a question of age, my man, it's a question of your cream. I used it two small lines under my eyes and I woke up next morning looking like Lady Frankenstein. Your advertisement says 'Lose ten years overnight. only five pounds you can look young and attractive again. Tried by thousands. Money back guarantee.' Well, I want more than my money back. I want you to pay me to have plastic surgery. Manager: But, madam, there must be some mistake. Woman: I'll say there's been a mistake. My mistake was believing your advert and buying your silly cream. 'It can do the same you, too,' it said. Well, it's certainly done something me, but now what it did the lady in the picture. Manager: But our product is tested and approved by doctors. It was thoroughly tested on thousands of volunteers by experts bee it was allowed to be sold on the market. This is the first complaint we've had. Woman: I told you, I want you to pay a face lift or I'm taking you to court! So there! Manager: Er, do you happen to have a ... a recent photograph, madam? Woman: What ... whatever do you want with a photograph? You can see the way I look. Manager: I mean a photograph of you just bee you used the cream. Woman: Do you think I go to the photographers everyday? (Pause) Look, Just give me the five pounds, will you? Manager: Do you have your receipt with you, madam? Woman: Er ... just a minute ... let me have a look. (Rummages in bag) Er ... no. No, I seem to have lost it? Manager: Then there's nothing I can do, madam. Sorry. Woman: (furious) I'll take you to court. I'll take you to court. Manager: You can do as you please, madam. Good morning. 3


Tour guide: Welcome to Hollywood Tours, everybody. Im your tour guide today, and Ill be showing you some of the most memorable locations in Hollywood history. Every seat in this double-decker bus is a good one, and youll be able to see every landmark we drive by. Uh, do you have a question?导游:欢迎大家来好莱坞参观我是你们今天的导游,我会带领你们去参观好莱坞历史上最令人难忘的景点这辆双层巴士上的每个位置都很好,能让你们一路上看到每一个标志呃,你们有什么问题吗?Elvira: Yes, I do. When do we see the celebrities? I want to get my picture taken with a real Hollywood star!埃尔韦拉:是的,我有我们什么时候能见到明星?我想与一位真正的好莱坞明星合影!Tour guide: Well, well be stopping at some celebrity homes and it possible that well catch a glimpse of a celebrity. Ill also be taking you to some filming locations where classic and well-known movies were filmed on location.导游:好吧,我们会在某些名人的豪宅前停车,幸运的话或许能看上某位明星一眼我还会带你们去一些外景拍摄场地,有些知名的经典电影曾在那里取景Elvira: Yes, but can we go to some celebrity hangouts? I really want to meet Johnny Depp.埃尔韦拉:好的,我们能去名人们经常聚集的地方吗?我真的很想见到约翰尼·德普Tour guide: Im not sure...导游:我不确定...Elvira: If I saw a Johnny Depp or any celebrity walking down the street, I would just go crazy! sure Id chase them down!埃尔韦拉:如果让我看见约翰尼·德普或任何名人在街上走,我会发疯的!我肯定会去追星Tour guide: This isnt a hop-on, hop-off bus and it would be really dangerous to run out into L.A. traffic.导游:这可不是随上随下的公交车,跑到洛杉矶的车流里是很危险的Elvira: Oh, what a little danger if I can come face to face with a real life movie star?埃尔韦拉:欧,如果能让我与现实生活中的明星面对面,这点危险又算什么呢?原文译文属! 5799

  Kindo: What that?金道:那是什么?Nookie: It my new e-book er. Im just downloading some new books onto it.女郎:它是我的新电子书阅读器我刚才下载了一些电子书Kindo: I havent bought one yet. Im old school. I still prefer a printed book.金道:我没买过这玩意我是守旧的人我宁愿读纸质的图书Nookie: But if you havent tried it yet, how do you know you wouldnt like it better? This e- book er can store over ,000 digital books and it easily portable. Imagine trying to carry an entire library from place to place.女郎:如果你不尝试的话,你怎么知道哪种阅读方式更好?电子书阅读器可以容纳1万本电子书,而且很便捷试想一下你能把整个图书馆从一个地方带到另一个地方Kindo: I dont usually ,000 books all at once and I hear that there are a lot of incompatible mats out there. Each company is trying to edge out the others by establishing their mat as the mat. I think Ill just wait until the dust settles.金道:我从不一次性阅读1万本书,而且我听说有各种不相容的格式每家公司都在研发自己的格式来试图排挤公司我想我还是等到尘埃落定了再说吧Nookie: The different mats arent that big a deal. You can easily convert a book in one mat to another.女郎:格式不同也没什么大不了你可以轻而易举地将一种格式转为另一种格式Kindo: I like the look of text on a printed page.金道:我喜欢纸质书上的文本外观Nookie: You mean that faded text on that yellowed page? On an e-book er, you can adjust the text size, font, and even line spacing.女郎:你是指发黄页面上褪色的文本吗?在电子书阅读器里,你可以调节字体大小,字形甚至是行距Kindo: Can I get all of the out-of- print books on my shelves in digital mat?金道:我能将书架上所有绝版的图书转换成电子格式吗?Nookie: Well, Im not sure.女郎:嗯,我不清楚Kindo: Until I can, Ill stick to my low- tech books.金道:除非可以,否则我还是会忠实于低科技图书原文译文属! 66

  I picked up my luggage off of the baggage carousel and noticed that the handle was broken and some of my clothes were falling out of the open zipper. The bag looked like it had been mishandled, but could someone have tampered with it, too? I went to the baggage claim office to report what I found.我从传送带上捡起我的行李,发现把手坏了,并且拉链也被拉开,几件衣掉了出来行李包看起来像是处理不当,也有可能被人胡乱翻弄过于是我去行李认领办公室反应情况Clerk: Next. How can I help you?办事员:下一个有什么能为您效劳的吗?Jordan: I retrieved my bag and found that it been damaged.乔丹:我取行李包时,发现有物品损坏Clerk: What the problem?办事员:问题出在哪里?Jordan: The handle is broken and I think someone has gone through my bag.乔丹:把手坏了,我认为有人翻过我的行李包Clerk: That was probably security. They may have searched your luggage.办事员:应该是安检人员他们可能检查过你的行李Jordan: Yes, but my camera is missing and everything is in disarray. Im not sure if other things are missing.乔丹:是的,但我的相机丢失了,其他东西也被翻得乱七八糟我不知道是否还丢失了其它物品Clerk: Why dont you make a more thorough inspection over there and then you can file a claim anything that missing or broken.办事员:那你为什么不去那边彻底检查一下,如果有东西丢失或损坏,再来提出索赔Jordan: Will I be compensated the damage to my luggage and my missing camera?乔丹:那你们会为我损坏的行李包和丢失的相机进行赔偿吗?Clerk: I really cant say.办事员:这个说不准Jordan: How long will it take someone to contact me?乔丹:那么过多久你们会再联系我?Clerk: I really cant say. Next!办事员:这个也说不准下一位!原文译文属!.。

  InfluenceI had just pulled over someone driving under the influence when another car pulled up behind us. I stopped what I was doing and walked back to see if the driver needed assistance. “No, I don’t need any help,” he said. Then, pointing to the alarming light on the roof of my police wagon, he continued, “I just stopped the red light.”【注】under the influence 醉酒;police wagon 警车可可在线背单词 — 中考英语单词 10

  Ooops 671Xavier: How your novel coming along?泽维尔:你的小说有什么进展?Sara: It not. I abandoned it now. I think I bit off more than I can chew. Now, Im working on a short story.萨拉:没有进展我已经放弃了我觉得自己有点不自量力现在我在构思短故事Xavier: That sounds interesting. Who are the main characters?泽维尔:听起来很有趣主角是谁?Sara: Im not sure yet. Character development is really important so I need to give the characters themselves some serious thought.萨拉:我还没想好主角在故事中的发展很重要,所以我要赋予角色们深刻的思想Xavier: Okay, tell me about the general plot. Is it an adventure, romance, horror story —what?泽维尔:好的,告诉我故事的主线是不是集冒险,爱情,恐怖这些元素于一体,还是别的什么?Sara: I havent decided that either.萨拉:这我也没有想好Xavier: All right. What about the setting? Is it going to be set in the U.S.?泽维尔:好吧故事的场景怎么样?是发生在美国吗?Sara: Hmm, that still up in the air, too. Im thinking of writing a period story, but Im not sure what time period to choose. Thatll help decide the actual setting.萨拉:嗯,这个也尚待决定我计划写一个时代故事,但我不知道选哪个时代这个解决了,场景也就不难选了Xavier: Im guessing you havent decided the point of view of the story either, whether itll be told in the first person or third person, am I right?泽维尔:我猜你也没决定以什么角度叙事,不是以第一人称就是以第三人称叙述吧,我说对了吗?Sara: You are. I know. I have a lot to think about.萨拉:对,我知道要思考的东西太多了Xavier: Youve definitely got your work cut out you.泽维尔:你肯定得开始准备了吧Sara: I know. Im just waiting some inspiration.萨拉:我懂我在等待灵感的出现Xavier: Good luck with that.泽维尔:希望你好运吧 185991

  节目寄语:每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高特别声明:该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料啃嚼语段:;I should like to ask you something,sir. “先生,我想请教您一件事情My baby was very ill, and I wanted you to baptize him, but my father refused to allow it.我的孩子病得很重,我想让您给他施洗,但是我的父亲不让我这么做So I baptized him myself.于是我自己给他施了洗Now sir, can you tell me this,;and she looked him straight in the eyes,;现在,先生,您是否能告诉我,”她两眼直直地看着他,will it be just the same him as if you had baptized him?;“对他来说,这么做跟您给他施洗是一样的吗?”The parson wanted to say no.牧师想说不一样She had done what should have been his job.她做了他份内的事But the girl strong feeling impressed him.但是这姑娘炽烈的感情让他感动The man and the parson fought inside him, and the man won.在他内心,作为人和作为牧师的两种角色在斗争着,最后,人取得了胜利语段精讲:第一、词汇学习impress【语法用法】~ sb (with sth)【双语释义】have a favourable effect on sb; make sb feel admiration and respectvt. 给予某人深刻印象; 使某人钦佩而起敬【典型范例】The sights of the city never fail to impress eign tourists.外国游客无一不对该市留有深刻印象The girl impressed her fiance family with her liveliness and sense of humour.姑娘又活泼又富幽默感,未婚夫家人十分喜欢她We were most impressed withby your efficiency.你的工作效率很高, 我们极为钦佩第二、加分短语1. should like to:很想,特别想I should like to add that we are pleased with the result. 我想补充一句,我们对这个结果感到高兴 I should like to die miserable, poor, and starving, without a friend. 我真希望死的时候贫困潦倒,饥寒交迫,一个亲人也不在身边 . say no:不同意,拒绝If I say no, the boss will only make trouble me. 我要是说个“不”字,老板准跟我过不去 I tried with all my might to will him to say no. 我竭尽全力想使他说不 第三、写作佳句1. She looked him straight in the eyes.赏析:这句话采用的是肖像描写手法揭示出苔丝希望自己为夭折的孩子的洗礼和牧师为之洗礼是一样的强烈的感情翻译:她两眼直直地看着他运用语汇:表示某人的眼睛直直地看着某人的眼睛可以用这句话来描绘:Sb looks someone straight in the eyes. 例句:The student hunger knowledge looked her teacher straight in the eyes. 这位渴望知识的学生眼睛一直注视着老师. The man and the parson fought inside him, and the man won.赏析:这句话采用理论性言语揭示出人间还是有真爱的,揭示出人的本性是善良的释义:在他内心,作为人和作为牧师的两种角色在斗争着,最后人取得了胜利运用语汇:inside somebody是指“在某人的内心中”第四、文法学习She had done what should have been his job.详解:这个含有宾语从句的复合句使用了虚拟语气,谓语是should have been这个结构,should的过去完成式是表示过去了的事情本应去做的,但是没有去做Should had been his job是指为苔丝死去的儿子洗礼应该是叫牧师来做,但是牧师没有做,而是苔丝自己做了 373

  Im Stupid!我真笨!Stupid people should have to wear signs that just say, ;Im Stupid.; That way you wouldnt have to rely on them, would you? You wouldnt ask them anything. It would be like, ;Excuse me...oops... never mind, didnt see your sign.;It like bee my wife and I moved. Our house was full of boxes and there was a big truck in our driveway. My neighbor comes over and says, ;Hey, you moving?; ;No. We just pack our stuff up once or twice a week to see how many boxes it takes.; Here your sign.笨人本应该可以自我标签,对所有的人都说“我很笨”听到这样的话,你就不会想依靠他们了,对吗?你不也会问他们一些事情,就好像你会说:“抱歉,哦……没事了”心里会想我忘记他是个笨人了”这就好比我和妻子之前搬东西一样我们的房间里有很多盒子,车道上有辆大卡车隔壁邻居常过来问:“嘿,你要搬家吗?”“不是的,我们只是每周打包一两次东西,然后看看能有多少个包裹”这只是个习惯了”A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine. We pulled his boat into the dock, I lifted up this big old bass and this idiot on the dock goes, ;Hey, you all catch all those fish?; ;No. Talked them into giving up.; Here your sign.两个月前,我和我的一个哥们出门钓鱼我把他的船拖到码头,举起那条大而老的鲈鱼在码头上走着“嘿,这些鱼都是你钓到的吗?”“不是,是它们自愿上钩的”这样调侃的说话也是一种习惯I was watching one of those animal shows on the Discovery Channel. There was a guy inventing a shark bite suit. And there only one way to test it. ;Alright, Jimmy, you got that shark suit on, it looks good... They want you to jump into this pool of sharks, and you tell us if it hurts when they bite you.; ;Well, all right, but hold my sign. I dont wanna lose it.;曾看过探索频道的这样一个动物表演秀有个人发明了能经受住鲨鱼咬的套装有唯一一种可以测试套装是否结实的方法“吉米,你穿鲨鱼泳衣,看起来真不错……他们想让你跳进鲨鱼池,当鲨鱼咬你的时候告诉我们是否觉得疼痛“嗯,好吧,但是记住我勇敢的品质我不想失去它”Last time I had a flat tire, I pulled my truck into one of those side-of-the road gas stations. The attendant walks out, looks at my truck, looks at me, and I SWEAR he said, ;Tire goes flat?; I couldnt resist. I said, ;No. I was driving around and those other three just swelled right up on me. Here your sign.;上次我的轮胎瘪了,我把我的卡车推进马路边的加油站务员走出来,看着我的卡车,又看着我我发誓当他说轮胎变平了的时候,我忍不住反驳:“没有其他三只轮胎的气都是足的”这是爱争辩的标志 37

  Phil: Did you hear that Melissa has finally left Eric? It about time!菲尔:你听说了吗?梅丽莎最后还是离开了埃里克是时候了!Cameron: Oh, that sad. It always sad when two people cant make it work.卡梅隆:啊,那很令人伤感当两个人无法再在一起时,总是很令人伤感Phil: Well, it wasnt a lack of trying, on Melissa part. She bent over backwards trying to please Eric and he always took her granted. If you ask me, Melissa was always too good him.菲尔:然而,就梅丽莎而言,并非尽力不够她竭尽全力讨埃里克欢心,而埃里克总觉得是理所当然的依我看,梅丽莎一直以来对埃里克太好了Cameron: Really? I dont know Eric too well, but he seemed nice.卡梅隆:真的吗?我不太了解埃里克,但他似乎不错Phil: Yeah, he nice on the surface, but he really a slimeball. Trust me, I know.菲尔:是呀,表面看来是不错,但他其实就是一个混球相信我,我了解他Cameron: I believe you, but what Melissa going to do now?卡梅隆:我相信你,但是梅丽莎现在打算怎么做?Phil: I think she should find a nice guy wholl appreciate her.菲尔:我想她应该会找到一个真正爱她的人Cameron: Someone like you?卡梅隆:比如说你?Phil: She could do worse. Id treat her right and make her happy.菲尔:选择我也比现在强我会好好对她,让她幸福Cameron: You sound like a man with a plan.卡梅隆:听起来,你仿佛一直这么计划着Phil: “Be prepared.” Isnt that what the Boy Scouts say?菲尔:“时刻准备着”这不就是男童子军们的口头禅吗?原文译文属! 1960。

  About a month ago, my friend Richard called me and asked if he could come stay with me a couple of weeks. I usually don’t like having house guests, but Richard was a good friend. He’s an artist and he was thinking about moving to L.A. He wanted to see if he could get a job in the area. I told him, yes, of course, and he came down right away. As I said, that was a month ago. He’s been living in my guestroom ever since. I like Richard and we get along, but I just don’t like having a roommate. Sometimes, he gets in the way when I want to invite someone over, and he’s always hogging the couch. One of my pet peeves is a dirty bathroom and Richard is a slob. I finally decided to let him know that he had overstayed his welcome. But, how do you throw out one of your best friends? On the day I was going to talk to Richard, he came home with some big news. He had met some guy at the employment agency and he planned to move in with him. I was bowled over! He had just met him. I tried to talk him out of it, but he’d made up his mind. Richard has always been a free spirit so who am I to tell him what to do? I just hope he’ll be happy. 7



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