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China’s working age population will fall by more than 10 per cent, a loss of 90m people, by 2040, as much of east Asia “gets old before it gets rich”, the World Bank said last week.世界(World Bank)上周表示,到2040年中国的适龄劳动人口将减少逾10%,相当于减少9000万劳动力,而东亚大部分地区都面临“未富先老”的风险。The findings conjure up a scenario of a shrinking workforce, sluggish economic growth, rising labour costs as workers become more scarce and increased government spending on pensions, sapping the vitality of one of the world’s key growth engines.世行的报告让人们脑海中浮现出一幅劳动力萎缩、经济增长乏力、劳动力成本不断攀升的画面,因为劳动力变得越来越稀缺而且政府不得不增加养老金出,这将削弱中国作为全球主要增长引擎的活力。This scenario is widely accepted by economic and financial commentators. It is supposedly one of the great truisms of our time.此种前景已经被经济、财经员广泛接受,并被视为我们时代的一条大道理。Except it is not true. None of these things need happen. The truth is that China and the rest of emerging Asia could actually see their workforces expand over the next 25 years if they fell in line with norms in much of the western world.但这个画面并不是真实的。所有这些都可以避免。事实是,未来25年,中国及其他亚洲新兴市场国家有可能看到本国劳动力壮大,如果他们实行与西方大部分国家相似的标准的话。To be clear, the decline in the working-age population in China and several of its neighbours is, barring some highly unlikely turn of events, certain to happen.需要澄清的是,中国与其多个邻国肯定会出现适龄劳动人口减少的情况(除非发生一些极不可能的事件)。As the first chart shows, the World Bank foresees a 10 per cent decline in those aged between 15 and 64 in China by 2040, with larger falls still expected in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong, although most of Southeast Asia is likely to see an increase.如下面的图一所示,世行预计,到2040年中国年龄介于15岁至64岁之间的人口将减少10%,而日本、泰国、新加坡、韩国及香港地区的适龄劳动人口预计将出现更大降幅,但多数东南亚国家的适龄劳动人口可能出现增长。But the size of the working-age population should not be mistaken for the size of the labour force — many of the former are neither working nor looking for a job.但“适龄劳动人口”的规模不应被误认为是“劳动力”规模——前者中的许多人既不工作也不找工作。Take reasonable measures to address this, and the data show that the resultant increase in the participation rate should be larger than the decline in the working-age population, meaning more workers, not fewer.如果采取合理措施应对,数据显示,由此带来的劳动参与率的提高幅度应会大于适龄劳动人口的降幅,这意味着劳动力增多,而非减少。China’s low retirement age, for urban workers at least, is a case in point. Official pension ages in urban areas are 50 for blue-collar women, 55 for white-collar women and 60 for men, significantly lower than in most western countries.中国较低的退休年龄(至少对城镇职工而言)就是一个恰当的例子。在城市地区,蓝领女性开始领取退休金的法定年龄为50岁,白领女性为55岁,男性为60岁,显著低于大多数西方国家。One might assume this is a natural result of China having a lower life expectancy than the west. There is a grain of truth to this: China’s life expectancy of 76 (74.8 for men, 77.3 for women) is about three years lower than the western average.人们可能会认为这是中国预期寿命低于西方的自然结果。有一点道理:中国人的预期寿命为76岁(男性74.8岁、女性77.3岁),约比西方平均水平低三岁。But, firstly, the typical Chinese urban worker will almost certainly live longer than 76, with the average being dragged down by poorer rural dwellers.但是,首先,典型的中国城市劳动者的寿命几乎肯定会超过76岁,因为较贫困的农村居民拉低了平均值。Secondly, and more importantly, China’s pension age looks unsustainably low even when correcting for the life expectancy gap. Data collated by the World Bank in its document Live Long and Prosper: Ageing in East Asia and Pacific illustrate this clearly.其次(更重要的是),即使就预期寿命差做了调整,中国的退休年龄看起来也是低得不可持续。世行在《长寿与繁荣:东亚与太平洋地区的老龄化》(Live Long and Prosper: Ageing in East Asia and Pacific)报告中收集的数据清楚地阐明了这一点。Chinese women can typically expect to live for virtually 30 years in retirement, with women in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia also enjoying long retirements, on average.中国女性通常可以预期退休后再活差不多30年,平均而言,越南、泰国以及马来西亚的女性也可以享受较长的退休时间。In contrast, women in richer countries such as Sweden, Germany and the US can realistically expect 20 years or less of retirement, as the second chart shows.相比之下,如下面的图二所示,瑞典、德国以及美国等较富裕国家的女性实际上只能盼得20年或者更短的退休时间。For men, the gap is not so extreme but the average retirement span in China, at 18 years, is still longer than in Sweden, Germany or the US. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia would appear to have more scope still to raise retirement ages.对男性而言,差距不是那么大,但中国男性的平均退休期为18年,仍然比瑞典、德国及美国的男性要长。泰国、马来西亚以及印度尼西亚似乎有更大的空间来延长退休年龄。Not everyone, of course, retires at the official retirement age, particularly if their pension is inadequate, but a closer look at the ages Chinese people actually do retire at vividly illustrates the scope for change.当然,并非所有人都在法定退休年龄退休,尤其是如果他们的养老金不充裕的话,但仔细观察中国人的实际退休年龄能够很清晰地展现出改革空间。As the third chart shows, by the age of 60, just one in three urban women and 55 per cent of urban men are still in the labour force. In contrast, two-thirds of rural women and 80 per cent of rural men are still in the labour force at this age.如图三所示,到60岁时,只有三分之一的城市女性与55%的城市男性仍坚持工作。相比之下,三分之二的农村女性以及80%的农村男性60岁时仍在劳动。This divergence is likely to be driven by the financial pressure on the poorer, rural population to continue working for longer.这种差异很可能是经济压力造成的,迫使较贫困的农村人口继续劳动更长时间。But given that most rural labourers are engaged in physically tough, back-breaking agricultural work, it certainly suggests most urban workers should be perfectly capable of continuing in their generally less physically demanding jobs for longer, although there will clearly be some exceptions to this, such as the construction industry.但是,鉴于大多数农村劳动力从事的都是繁重劳累的农活,这恰恰反衬出,大多数城市劳动者应该完全有能力继续再干一段时间他们通常不需太多体力的工作,虽然有一些明显的例外,比如建筑业。Overall, though, the World Bank says that average retirement ages in China (as well as Vietnam) among urban workers in formal jobs are three to four years below the aly low official retirement ages.不过,总体而言,世行表示,中国(以及越南)拥有正式工作的城市劳动力的平均退休年龄比本已较低的官方退休年龄还要低3至4年。Across east and Southeast Asia as a whole, the Bank argues this trend is driven by government policy.世行认为,在整个东亚以及东南亚地区,这种趋势是由政府政策造成的。Indonesians and Vietnamese are not allowed to continue working beyond the normal retirement age (55 in the formal sector in Indonesia, 60 for men and 55 for women in Vietnam).印度尼西亚和越南不允许超过退休年龄者继续工作(印尼正规部门退休年龄为55岁,越南男性为60、女性55岁)。In China, meanwhile, late retirement is “effectively penalised”, with the additional year of pension contributions not increasing the individual’s pension.而在中国,晚退休“实际上是不利的”,养老金缴费年头延长了,但个人养老金数额并未增加。Early retirement is incentivised in many countries. In Vietnam, early retirement “actually increases pension wealth because the penalty is too low to offset the extra benefits received”, the World Bank says, adding that “the Philippines rewards early retirement with a large increase in pension wealth and penalises late retirement at a rate of 17 per cent a year”.许多国家都采取激励措施鼓励提前退休。世行表示,在越南提前退休“实际上增加了养老金财富,因为惩罚太少,不会抵消额外收益。菲律宾对提前退休者的奖励是大幅增加养老金财富,对延迟退休者则课以一年17%的处罚”。Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the reforms the World Bank is calling for in east and Southeast Asia is for governments to provide actuarially fair incentives for both early and late retirement.这或许可以解释为什么世行会呼吁东亚及东南亚国家的政府进行改革,为提前退休和延迟退休者提供真正公平的激励。The Bank is also recommending that countries equalise retirement ages for men and women, correcting a glaring anomaly whereby women can often retire at a younger age despite enjoying greater life expectancy in every country in the region, as well as linking retirement ages to changes in life expectancy.世行还建议各国把男性及女性退休年龄拉平,以纠正一个明显的反常现象,即该地区所有国家的女性预期寿命都要更长些,却往往更早退休。世行还建议各国将退休年龄与预期寿命变化挂钩。Its concern is not just that de facto retirement ages may fail to rise in line with life expectancy, but that they may fall still further.世行担心的不仅是实际退休年龄可能无法与预期寿命保持同步增长,而且还可能会进一步下降。“As East Asia and Pacific continues its rapid urbanisation, coverage of pension systems grows, and rising incomes provide new opportunities for people to retire before they are no longer physically capable of work, thereby creating a significant risk that average lengths of working lives will fall,” it says.世行表示:“随着东亚与太平洋地区继续快速城市化,养老金制度覆盖范围也随之扩大。收入的增加为人们提供了新的机会,他们可以不用等到体力无法负荷工作时再退休,这便产生了一个显著的风险,即人们的平均劳动寿命将缩短。”Moreover, bringing retirement systems more into line with western norms is not the only measure that would increase the workforce in ageing Asian nations.此外,让退休制度更加符合西方标准并不是亚洲老龄化国家增加劳动力的唯一措施。The World Bank also argues that many Asian countries have scope to significantly increase female labour force participation, which typically lags behind that of men, for instance by improving public childcare provision. They could also expand their labour force via immigration, although this is obviously a zero-sum game.世行还指出,许多亚洲国家具备空间大幅提高女性劳动力参与率,这一指标通常落后于男性,可采取措施包括改善公共幼儿托管务的提供。它们还可以通过增加移民来扩充自己的劳动力,不过这显然是一个零和游戏。The Bank provides a vivid demonstration of how these effects could play out in China.世行生动地展示了这些措施将会在中国产生什么样的影响。As widely reported, the baseline, business-as-usual scenario, does indeed show the labour force declining 10 per cent or so between now and 2040.就像媒体广泛报道的一样,如果一切照旧,正如基准线所示,从现在起到2040年中国的劳动力会下降10%左右。But, as the final chart shows, if China adopted measures to retain older workers in the labour force, its working population would barely fall at all until at least the mid-2030s.但正如最后一张图所示,如果中国采取措施延长退休年龄,至少到2030年代中期,其劳动人口基本不会下降。Alternatively, if China succeeded in achieving a degree of convergence between male and female employment rates, the labour force would be just as large in 2040 as it is today. (This calculation is based on female labour force participation rising at an annual rate of 1/40th of the 2010 gap between men and women, thereby eliminating three-quarters of the gap by 2040.)另外,如果中国能成功地缩小男女就业率的差距,至2040年其劳动力将与现在一样多。(该计算是基于女性劳动力参与率将以2010年男女就业率差距四十分之一的年增长率持续上升,这样至2040年中国就能消除四分之三的男女就业率差距)。It is important to note that the “elderly” and “female” lines in the chart are mutually exclusive. If both of these issues were addressed, China’s labour force would actually rise by about 10 per cent by 2040, rather than falling by this amount.需要注意的是在该图中,“老年人”和“女性”两条曲线是相互独立的。如果这两个问题都能得到解决,2040年中国的劳动人口不但不会下降10%,反而能增长10%左右。“In the most optimistic scenario, you can actually increase the labour force from the current levels,” says Nithin Umaphathi, co-author of the report. “There is underutilised potential out there.”该报告的合著者尼辛乌玛哈蒂(Nithin Umaphathi)表示:“在最乐观的情况下,中国的劳动力规模甚至会高于当前水平。中国还未充分利用其劳动力潜力。” /201512/416240The lives of children from rich and poor American families look more different than ever before.美国贫富家庭子女的生活差异,看起来比以往任何时候都大。Well-off families are ruled by calendars, with children enrolled in ballet, soccer and after-school programs, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. There are usually two parents, who spend a lot of time ing to children and worrying about their anxiety levels and hectic schedules.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的一项新调查发现,富裕家庭完全按日程安排行事,子女跳芭蕾、踢足球、参加课外项目。这些家庭通常是双亲家庭,家长会花大量时间给子女读书,并且担心他们的焦虑程度和紧张的日程安排。In poor families, meanwhile, children tend to spend their time at home or with extended family, the survey found. They are more likely to grow up in neighborhoods that their parents say aren’t great for raising children, and their parents worry about them getting shot, beaten up or in trouble with the law.调查也发现,贫困家庭的孩子往往待在家中,或在大家庭中消磨时光。他们成长的社区,更可能被其父母形容为不适合养育孩子,而父母会担心他们遭击、挨打或参与违法活动。The class differences in child rearing are growing, researchers say — a symptom of widening inequality with far-reaching consequences. Different upbringings set children on different paths and can deepen socioeconomic divisions, especially because education is strongly linked to earnings. Children grow up learning the skills to succeed in their socioeconomic stratum, but not necessarily others.研究者认为,子女抚养方面的阶级差异正在扩大,这是不平等现象加剧的一个征兆,将会有深远的影响。不同的养育方式会将孩子置于不同的发展路径,并加深社会经济的差距,尤其是考虑到教育与收入有很强的关联。孩子成长过程中,会学到在其所处的社会经济阶层内取得成功的技能,但不一定会学到其他技能。“Early childhood experiences can be very consequential for children’s long-term social, emotional and cognitive development,” said Sean F. Reardon, professor of poverty and inequality in education at Stanford University. “And because those influence educational success and later earnings, early childhood experiences cast a lifelong shadow.”斯坦福大学从事贫穷和教育不平等研究的教授肖恩·F·里尔登(Sean F. Reardon)指出:“早期童年经历会对儿童在社会、情感和认知方面的长期发展产生很大影响。由于这些因素会影响教育的成功,进而影响以后的收入,因此早期童年经历会影响人的一生。”The cycle continues: Poorer parents have less time and fewer resources to invest in their children, which can leave children less prepared for school and work, which leads to lower earnings.这个循环还不止于此:较穷的父母可以投入到子女身上的时间和资源较少,可能会使子女的入学和工作准备不足,进而导致收入降低。American parents want similar things for their children, the Pew report and past research have found: for them to be healthy and happy, honest and ethical, caring and compassionate. There is no best parenting style or philosophy, researchers say, and across income groups, 92 percent of parents say they are doing a good job at raising their children.皮尤的报告和过去的研究发现,美国父母对子女的期望都差不多:希望他们健康快乐、诚实有道德、有爱心和同情心。研究者认为,世上不存在最好的养育方式或理念;在所有收入阶层中,92%的父母认为他们在养育子女上做得不错。Yet they are doing it quite differently.但是,他们的养育方式却有相当大的差异。Middle-class and higher-income parents see their children as projects in need of careful cultivation, says Annette Lareau, whose groundbreaking research on the topic was published in her book “Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race and Family Life.” They try to develop their skills through close supervision and organized activities, and teach children to question authority figures and navigate elite institutions.安妮特·拉罗(Annette Lareau)认为,中产阶级和较高收入的父母将子女看成需要精心培育的工程。他们努力通过密切的监督和有组织的活动来培育孩子的技能,教导孩子质疑权威,出入于精英机构。拉罗将有关该主题的突破性研究发表在《不平等的童年:阶级、种族和家庭生活》(Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race and Family Life)一书中。Working-class parents, meanwhile, believe their children will naturally thrive, and give them far greater independence and time for free play. They are taught to be compliant and deferential to adults.而工薪阶层的父母则认为子女可以自然而然地成长,给他们更多自主权和自由玩耍的时间。孩子们被教导要顺从成年人,对成年人要尊敬。There are benefits to both approaches. Working-class children are happier, more independent, whine less and are closer with family members, Ms. Lareau found. Higher-income children are more likely to declare boredom and expect their parents to solve their problems.两种方法各有长处。拉罗发现,工薪阶层子女更快乐、更独立、抱怨少,与家庭成员更亲近。在收入较高的家庭,子女更可能觉得无聊,期望父母帮他们解决问题。Yet later on, the more affluent children end up in college and en route to the middle class, while working-class children tend to struggle. Children from higher-income families are likely to have the skills to navigate bureaucracies and succeed in schools and workplaces, Ms. Lareau said.不过之后,富裕家庭的子女上大学和进入中产阶级的道路更顺畅,而工薪阶层子女则往往要奋斗。拉罗说,高收入家庭的子女更擅于应付官僚程序,在学校和工作中取得成功。“Do all parents want the most success for their children? Absolutely,” she said. “Do some strategies give children more advantages than others in institutions? Probably they do. Will parents be damaging children if they have one fewer organized activity? No, I really doubt it.”“是否所有父母都希望子女获得最大的成功?绝对是,”她说。“某些策略是不是可以让孩子在学校里取得更多优势?这有可能。如果父母少安排一项活动,是否就会给孩子带来损害?我对此真的很怀疑。”Social scientists say the differences arise in part because low-income parents have less money to spend on music class or preschool, and less flexible schedules to take children to museums or attend school events.社会科学家认为,出现差异的部分原因在于,低收入的父母可以花在音乐课或学前班上的资金较少,日程灵活性也较差,没时间带孩子去物馆或参加学校活动。Extracurricular activities epitomize the differences in child rearing in the Pew survey, which was of a nationally representative sample of 1,807 parents. Of families earning more than ,000 a year, 84 percent say their children have participated in organized sports over the past year, 64 percent have done volunteer work and 62 percent have taken lessons in music, dance or art. Of families earning less than ,000, 59 percent of children have done sports, 37 percent have volunteered and 41 percent have taken arts classes.课外活动集中地体现了皮尤的调查中发现的养育方式的差异,该调查的样本包括1807位父母,具有全国代表性。调查发现,年收入超过7.5万美元的家庭中,84%称其子女在过去的一年中参加过有组织的体育活动,64%做过志愿者工作,62%参加过音乐、舞蹈或艺术类学习班。在年收入低于3万美元的家庭中,59%家庭的子女参加过体育活动,37%做过志愿者,41%参加过艺术学习班。Especially in affluent families, children start young. Nearly half of high-earning, college-graduate parents enrolled their children in arts classes before they were 5, compared with one-fifth of low-income, less-educated parents.尤其是在富裕家庭中,孩子们很小就开始(参加各种活动)了。在大学毕业的高收入父母中,有近一半的人在子女5岁之前就为其报了艺术学习班,相比之下,教育程度较低的低收入家长这么做的比例为五分之一。Nonetheless, 20 percent of well-off parents say their children’s schedules are too hectic, compared with 8 percent of poorer parents.尽管如此,富裕家庭的父母当中,还是有20%认为,其子女的日程安排太紧张。而相比之下,贫穷父母的这个比例是8%。Another example is ing aloud, which studies have shown gives children bigger vocabularies and better ing comprehension in school. Seventy-one percent of parents with a college degree say they do it every day, compared with 33 percent of those with a high school diploma or less, Pew found. White parents are more likely than others to to their children daily, as are married parents.另一个例子是朗读。研究显示,朗读能让孩子在上学后拥有更大的词汇量和更好的阅读理解能力。皮尤的研究发现,在有大学学历的父母中,有71%的父母称他们每天这样做,而相比之下,只有高中或以下文凭的父母这么做的比例是33%。在婚内双亲家庭中,相对于其他家长,白人父母每天为子女朗读的比例更高。Most affluent parents enroll their children in preschool or day care, while low-income parents are more likely to depend on family members.大多数富裕的父母为其子女报了学前班或日托班,而低收入父母则更可能将子女托付给家人。Discipline techniques vary by education level: 8 percent of those with a postgraduate degree say they often spank their children, compared with 22 percent of those with a high school degree or less.处罚子女的方式因教育程度不同而存在差异。在有研究生学历的父母中,有8%的父母称他们经常打孩子屁股,而相比之下,教育程度在高中或以下的父母这么做的比例是22%。The survey also probed attitudes and anxieties. Interestingly, parents’ attitudes toward education do not seem to reflect their own educational background as much as a belief in the importance of education for upward mobility.调查还探究了家长的态度和焦虑情况。有意思的是,家长对教育的态度似乎与家长的教育背景关系不太大,而与是否持有教育对向上流动具有重要意义这个信念的关系更大。Most American parents say they are not concerned about their children’s grades as long as they work hard. But 50 percent of poor parents say it is extremely important to them that their children earn a college degree, compared with 39 percent of wealthier parents.多数美国家长表示,只要孩子努力学习,就不关心孩子的分数。但贫困家长中,有半数称,他们认为孩子取得大学学历很重要,相比之下,较为富裕的家长中这个比例仅为39%。Less-educated parents, and poorer and black and Latino parents are more likely to believe that there is no such thing as too much involvement in a child’s education. Parents who are white, wealthy or college-educated say too much involvement can be bad.教育程度较低的家长,较为贫困的家长,以及黑人和拉丁裔家长,更倾向于认为过多干预孩子的教育不是一个问题。而白人家长、富有的家长或受过大学教育的家长则表示,过多干预孩子的学习可能产生坏作用。Parental anxieties reflect their circumstances. High-earning parents are much more likely to say they live in a good neighborhood for raising children. While bullying is parents’ greatest concern over all, nearly half of low-income parents worry their child will get shot, compared with one-fifth of high-income parents. They are more worried about their children being depressed or anxious.父母的焦虑反映了他们的家庭条件。高收入的家长更倾向于表示,他们生活的社区适合抚养孩子。尽管总体而言,孩子受到欺负是父母最大的担忧,但低收入的家长中有近半数担心孩子遭到击,高收入父母中则只有五分之一。他们更担忧的是孩子出现抑郁或焦虑。In the Pew survey, middle-class families earning between ,000 and ,000 a year fell right between working-class and high-earning parents on issues like the quality of their neighborhood for raising children, participation in extracurricular activities and involvement in their children’s education.在皮尤的调查中,年收入在3万至7.5万美元的中产家庭,在居住的社区是否适合养育孩子、参与课外活动、干涉孩子的教育等问题上,正好处在工薪阶层和高收入阶层家长之间。Children were not always raised so differently. The achievement gap between children from high- and low-income families is 30 percent to 40 percent larger among children born in 2001 than those born 25 years earlier, according to Mr. Reardon’s research.养育孩子的方式并不是一直都有这么大的区别。里尔登的研究发现,在高收入家庭和低收入家庭之间,出生于2001年的孩子当中的成绩差距,与25年前出生的孩子相比扩大了30%到40%。People used to live near people of different income levels; neighborhoods are now more segregated by income. More than a quarter of children live in single-parent households — a historic high, according to Pew – and these children are three times as likely to live in poverty as those who live with married parents. Meanwhile, growing income inequality has coincided with the increasing importance of a college degree for earning a middle-class wage.过去我们周围都住着不同收入水平的邻居,但现在社区之间按照收入有了更大的隔阂。超过四分之一的孩子生活在单亲家庭,根据皮尤数据,这是有记录以来的最高水平,而这些孩子生活在贫困当中的可能性,是婚内双亲家庭的三倍。与此同时,收入不平等加剧之际,要想赚到中产阶级的收入,大学学历的重要性越来越大了。Yet there are recent signs that the gap could be starting to shrink. In the past decade, even as income inequality has grown, some of the socioeconomic differences in parenting, like ing to children and going to libraries, have narrowed, Mr. Reardon and others have found.不过最近有迹象显示,鸿沟可能开始缩小了。里尔登和其他学者发现,在过去十年里,虽然收入不平等加剧了,但在读书给孩子听、去图书馆等一些养育方式上,社会经济差异却缩小了。Public policies aimed at young children have helped, he said, including public preschool programs and ing initiatives. Addressing disparities in the earliest years, it seems, could reduce inequality in the next generation.他说,针对儿童的公共政策起到了帮助,包括公立学前教育项目和读书活动。从童年初期开始应对差距,似乎能够减少下一代的不平等。 /201512/418058

The blog ;The Truth About Cars; says an announcement from Volkswagen is expected in the coming days.一家专门讨论汽车话题的部落格, 汽车真相, 表示,德国大众汽车公司将在今后几天里宣布将给予购买了该公司汽车的一些美国客户、或者说是汽车买主,予以现金补偿。The report also said the car maker will begin making fixes in February to the first of the 482,000 diesel cars sold in the ed States with the suspect software on its turbo-diesel engine.这家部落格的报告还透露说,大众牌汽车公司还将于明年二月份开始,对在美国销售的48万2千辆由柴油发动的汽车当中的第一批进行修理。VW is facing lawsuits from irate owners seeking compensation for the decreased resale value of the Volkswagen.大众牌汽车公司同时还要面对之前购买了这家公司的汽车的用户,就汽车转手销售价值降低而进行的法律诉讼。 /201511/408554

In 2015, the number of migrant residents living in Shanghai dropped for the first time in the past 15 years, Shanghai Television reported Monday.根据周一上海电视台的报道,2015年,上海市外来常住人口出现15年来的首次负增长。It was also the first time Shanghai witnessed a decrease in its permanent population since China adopted the policy of reform and opening-up in 1978, Guo Feng, a research fellow at Shanghai Finance Institute, was ed by news site wallstreetcn.com as saying on Tuesday.上海金融学院的研究人员郭峰引用了周二华尔街见闻上的信息并表示,这也是自1978年中国改革开放以来,上海第一次见了常住人口的减少 。By the end of 2015, Shanghai#39;s population of migrant residents had decreased to 9.8 million, comprising 40.6 percent of the city#39;s roughly 24 million permanent residents, according to statistics released by the Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau on Monday.根据上海市统计局发布的数据显示,截止2015年年底,上海市外来常住人口数量减少至980万人,占该市大约2400万常住人口总量的40.6%。Upgrades to the country#39;s industrial structure in which labor-intensive industries are being moved out of metropolitan areas contributed greatly to the demographic change, Peng Xizhe, dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Shanghai-based Fudan University, told the Global Times on Tuesday.上海复旦大学社会发展与公共政策学院院长彭希哲周二告诉环球时报,在产业结构升级的过程中,劳动密集型产业搬离都市圈,是导致这一人口变迁的最主要原因之一。The promotion of urbanization in central and western China has also attracted many members of the labor force from coastal cities in East China to inland regions, where the cost of living is much lower, Peng explained.彭希哲解释称,中部和西部城市化的推进,也吸引了东部沿海城市向内陆地区的大量劳动力前往花销更低的内陆地区。Experts also noted that the population control policies adopted in recent years have started to pay off.专家还指出,最近几年的人口控制政策的效果已经开始显现出来。;Shanghai has taken a series of tough measures to curb population growth since 2014, including renovating urban villages and regulating group renting,; Zhou Haiwang, an expert with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.上海社会科学院的专家周海旺告诉环球时报:“上海自2014以来就采取了一系列强硬措施,包括改造城中村和规范群租来控制人口增长。” /201603/430004

An advertising about Hangzhou, the host city of the upcoming G20 summit, was released last Monday and will be seen in Europe in the coming months.二十国集团(G20)峰会即将召开,一则关于主办城市杭州的宣传视频于上周一发布,未来数月将在欧洲播放。The one-minute-long English made by B World News features iconic attractions in Hangzhou such as Alibaba Group, West Lake, LongJing tea garden and Leifeng Pagoda accompanied by light music and catchy lyrics.这则时长1分钟的英文视频由英国广播公司(B)国际新闻台制作,伴随着欢快的音乐和朗朗上口的歌词,视频展现了阿里巴巴集团、西湖、龙井茶园、雷峰塔等杭州地标性观光地。It will be broadcast on B World News from Aug 8 to late October to an estimated audience of 20 million in 44 European countries.该视频于本月8日至10月底在B国际新闻台播出,预计将覆盖44个欧洲国家的2000万名观众。Hangzhou received 423,000 European tourists last year, according to Xinhua reports. The 2016 G20 summit which will be held from Sept 4 to 5 is expected to bring more visitors around the world to the city in East China#39;s Zhejiang province.据报道,杭州去年接待了42.3万名欧洲游客。将于9月4日至5日举办的2016年G20峰会预计将吸引更多来自世界各地的游客来到这座位于中国东部浙江省的城市。According to its official website, G20 was initiated in 1999 and consists of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the ed Kingdom, the ed States and the European Union (EU).根据官网显示,二十国集团是于1999年成立的,成员国包括阿根廷、澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、法国、德国、印度、印度尼西亚、意大利、日本、墨西哥、韩国、俄罗斯、沙特阿拉伯、南非、土耳其、英国、美国以及欧盟。The first G20 summit was held in 2008.第一届G20峰会于2008年召开。 /201608/461192PBS Admits Using Old Fireworks Footage in Fourth of July Broadcast美国电视台播独立日烟火秀“造假”It was not exactly a perfect night in Washington for Fourth of July fireworks this year, when fog and rain blanketed the sky and made the Independence Day show from the National Mall less impressive than usual to those who had staked out a spot nearby.在华盛顿,今年7月4日的夜晚并不特别适于燃放烟火,天空中飘着雨,雾气缭绕。如此一来,国家广场上的独立日烟火秀,对早早守在附近等着观赏的人而言,便不似以往那般精。But if you had tuned in on Monday to watch the fireworks on PBS or watched it on your cellphone, you might have figured the sky was cloudless and the fireworks were crystal clear. You might also have wondered if someone had removed the scaffolding that has been on the Capitol dome for two years.但如果在周一把电视调到美国公共广播公司(PBS)的频道上,或者通过手机观看烟火,你或会有天空万里无云、烟火分外耀眼之感。你或许还会琢磨,已在国会大厦穹顶上伫立了两年的脚手架是不是被拆除了。But many eagle-eyed viewers suspected something was not quite right, and PBS later admitted as much: It had spliced in firework footage from previous years with live shots.不过,许多眼尖的观众都觉得事情不太对头,PBS随后也承认:它播放的烟火秀场景,是用往年的直播画面拼接而成。“Because this year’s fireworks were difficult to see due to the weather, we made the decision to intercut fireworks footage from previous A Capitol Fourth concerts for the best possible television viewing experience,” the show’s organizers said Tuesday in a statement. “We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”“由于天气不好,今年的烟火很难看到,所以我们决定切入往年的国会大厦7/4音乐会的烟火秀画面,尽可能为观众奉上最好的观看体验。”节目组在一份声明中表示。“如果给您带来了任何困惑,我们深表歉意。”The show did not inform viewers that they were watching a highlight reel of past colorful explosions. But “Seinfeld” reruns are one thing; fireworks reruns are quite another. And angry viewers vented.该节目并未告知观众,他们正在观看往年多多姿的烟火秀的集锦。但《宋飞传》(Seinfeld)的重播是一回事;烟火秀的重播又是一回事。愤怒的观众们纷纷吐槽。One user Twitter user said it “could have been announced at the time,” while another called it “a deceptive thing to do.”一位Twitter用户称,节目组“当时本可以告知”这一情况,另一位则表示,这是“欺骗之举”。A PBS Twitter account cast the decision as “the patriotic thing to do,” but viewers were not convinced.PBS的一个Twitter账号把该决定描绘为“爱国之举”,但观众们并不买账。 /201607/453107

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