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江西冰点脱毛多少钱鹰潭市月湖区余江县贵溪市脸部激光美白多少钱Japanese train commuters who don't want to reach conspicuously into their bags or pockets to start their iPods will soon be able to do it more subtly -- by simply clenching their teeth.Japanese researchers have developed head gear that uses infrared sensors and a microcomputer to let people operate music players by clenching their teeth.The computer receives a command when the user clenches his or her teeth for about one second -- which differentiates the action from other activities such as chewing gum and talking.The research team at state-run Osaka University hopes to put the device to commercial use for music players and believes it can eventually be adapted to run cellphones, wheelchairs and other products."You are able to operate the devices without using your hands," said Fumio Miyazaki, an engineering science professor who heads the laboratory working on the project."You would be able to listen to music hands-free or operate your cellphone in a crowded train. Handicapped people would also be able to move wheelchairs," he told reporters.Kazuhiro Taniguchi, who is playing a leading role in the research, said the system can be used by anybody who can chew food with their teeth -- real or artificial."I just thought it's inconvenient" to have to use your hands to switch on iPods or phones, especially on packed trains, Taniguchi said.In the laboratory, grinding right teeth can play and halt music on an iPod while clenching left teeth makes it skip to the next track, he said.The system could also allow users to flip through pages of a PowerPoint demonstration, allowing the presenter to gesture freely by clenching teeth instead of pressing buttons.(AP) 乘火车通勤的日本人如果觉得把手伸进包里或口袋里开iPod太费劲,那么这一问题很快就能解决了——你只需咬咬牙就能启动iPod。日本研究人员近日开发出一种内置红外线传感器和微型计算机的头套,通过这种装置,人们只需咬紧牙就能启动音乐播放器。当人们咬紧牙约一秒钟时,微型计算机就能接收到一个指令。而这里所说的咬紧牙与嚼口香糖和说话等活动是不同的。大阪国立大学的研究小组希望能将这一装置投入商用,用于音乐播放器,并相信这一装置经“改造”后,最终还能用于手机、轮椅和其它产品。工程学教授、该项目的实验室工作负责人宫崎文雄说:“你不用手就能启动播放器。”“以后在拥挤的火车上听音乐、摆弄手机,就不用手了。残疾人也能自己移动轮椅了。”该研究的主要负责人谷口一浩说,只要能用牙(真牙假牙都可以)咀嚼食物的人就可以使用这一系统。他说:“我只是觉得用手操作iPod或手机不方便,尤其是在拥挤的火车上。”据他介绍,在实验室所做的实验中,咬紧右边的牙齿能够启动和停止iPod,咬左边的牙则能使播放器跳至下一个节目。人们还能通过这一系统翻动PowerPoint演示页,这样演示者就可以腾出双手自由地做手势了,因为他们只需要咬咬牙,不用再按键了。 /200804/33393江西省中医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 Putting feelings into words makes sadness and anger less intense, U.S. brain researchers said on Wednesday, in a finding that explains why talking to a therapist(1) -- or even a sympathetic(2) bartender -- often makes people feel better.They said talking about negative feelings activates a part of the brain responsible for impulse control."This region of the brain seems to be involved in putting on the brakes(3)," said University of California, Los Angeles researcher Matthew Lieberman.He and colleagues scanned the brains of 30 people -- 18 women and 12 men between 18 and 36 -- who were shown pictures of faces expressing strong emotions.They were asked to categorize(4) the feelings in words like sad or angry, or to choose between two gender-specific names like "Sally or Harry" that matched the face.What they found is that when people attached a word like angry to an angry-looking face, the response in the amygdale(5) portion of the brain that handles fear, panic and other strong emotions decreased."This seems to dampen(6) down the response in these basic emotional circuits in the brain -- in this case the amygdala," Lieberman said in a telephone interview.What lights up instead is the right ventrolateral(7) prefrontal(8) cortex(9), part of the brain that controls impulses."This is the only region of the entire brain that is more active when you choose an emotion word for the picture than when you choose a name for the picture," he said.He said the same region of the brain has been found in prior studies to play a role in motor control."If you are driving along and you see a yellow light, you have to inhibit one response in order to step on the brake," he said. "This same region helps to inhibit emotional responses as well."The researchers did not find significant differences along gender lines, but Lieberman said prior studies have hinted at some differences in the benefits men and women derive from talking about their feelings."Women may do more of this spontaneously(10), but when men are instructed to do it, they may get more benefit from it," he said. 周三,美国大脑科学家称:将悲伤和愤怒转化成语言人就会感觉好很多。此发现能解释为什么当人们和心理医生、甚至是有共鸣的酒吧招待诉说心里话后心情会舒畅些。科学家说谈心能够刺激大脑中负责控制冲动的部分。加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶研究员Matthew Lieberman说:“大脑的这一部分似乎能够停止某些脑部活动。”他和同事们让18到36岁间的18名女子和12名男子分别观看面部照片,并用语言描述出这些面部情绪,同时对他们进行脑部扫描。受测者要用“难过”或者“生气”这两个词来描述不同照片,或者用性别特点分明的“Sally”或“Harry”来描述。科学家发现,当人们看着愤怒表情说“生气”一词时,他们脑中负责恐惧、惊慌和其他强烈情绪的扁桃体状物质的反应便会降低。Lieberman在电话采访中说:“语言似乎能压制大脑的这些基本情绪通路的反应—在这里是指扁桃体状物质”。相对的,大脑中负责冲动的右外腹前额皮层会变得活跃。当人们为图片选择一个情绪词汇时,右外腹前额皮层是唯一一个比选择人名时活跃的脑部区域。他说在此前的研究中发现,此区域还负责动作控制。他说:“如果开车时看到黄灯,你必须作出反应踩刹车。此区域同样可以反应阻止某些情绪”。研究人员称并为发现男女在此有区别,但是Lieberman说之前的研究曾显示谈心对于男女来说是不一样的。“女人本能地谈心,男人则往往是被提示才会谈心,但是一旦男人开始谈,他们能比女人得到更多的释放感”。 /200805/37921南昌同济整形激光去斑手术多少钱

萍乡安源区湘东区莲花县治疗疤痕多少钱宜春市袁州区高安市丰城市做隆胸多少钱 A deadly new strain of bird flu claimed its sixth life in eastern China on Friday as agricultural authorities in Shanghai began slaughtering birds in a local market in an effort to stem the sp of the disease.周五,中国东部地区出现第六例H7N9禽流感死亡病例。与此同时,上海农业部门开始扑杀当地一个市场中的禽鸟,以遏制禽流感的扩散。A 64-year-old farmer died in Hangzhou, capital of eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province. The man, from the nearby city of Huzhou, was later confirmed to have been infected with the H7N9 virus, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday, citing the local health bureau.浙江杭州一名64岁农民死亡。新华社周五援引当地卫生部门的话报道说,此人来自杭州附近的湖州,后被确认感染了H7N9病毒。His death brings the number of identified H7N9 infections in Hangzhou to three. China has confirmed a total 14 H7N9 cases nationwide, with patients ranging in age from 4 to 87. So far the virus has appeared only in parts of eastern China surrounding Shanghai, where the first human infection was publicly identified on Sunday.至此,杭州H7N9确诊病例上升至三例。中国全国各地已确诊14例H7N9禽流感病例,患者年龄从4到87岁不等。目前为止,H7N9病毒似乎仅限于中国东部的上海和周边部分地区。在上海,首例人感染H7N9禽流感病例于周日公布。With fears mounting around the country, Shanghai issued a temporary ban on all wholesale live poultry trading and ordered markets closed. The ban came a day after the city#39;s agricultural authorities cordoned off the live poultry trading zone in the city#39;s Huhuai market and ordered a cull following the discovery of the H7N9 virus in samples taken from pigeons being sold there.随着中国各地担忧情绪加剧,上海发布了临时禁令,禁止一切活禽批发活动,并下令关闭市场。这一禁令发布之前一天,上海沪淮农副产品批发市场销售的鸽子样本检测出H7N9病毒,随后上海农业部门封锁了该市场的活禽交易区,并下令扑杀交易区内所有禽鸟。Shanghai TV broadcast footage of sanitation workers in yellow boots, white hazardous-material suits and face masks dragging bags of dead pigeons out of the market. A local official told the station that the sanitation team expected to cull between 8,000 and 10,000 birds.上海的电视台报道的画面显示穿着黄色靴子、白色防护、戴着口罩的防疫人员将一袋袋的死禽拖出市场。当地一位官员对电视台说,防疫队预计将扑杀8,000至10,000只禽鸟。At a large market in the city#39;s former French Concession area, the live poultry business was quiet on Friday afternoon. Two of the salesmen were snoozing behind full cages of yellow chickens. A third seller said authorities were still allowing sales of chickens. #39;We can#39;t sell pigeons or ducks,#39; he said.在上海前法国租借地的一个大型市场,周五下午活禽交易很安静。两个商贩在装满黄色活鸡的笼子后打盹。另有一个商贩说,有关部门仍允许卖活鸡。他说,不允许卖鸽子或鸭子。While the number of infected people remains small, the appearance of the new virus has shaken China, where memories of the crippling 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic remain fresh. Unlike with SARS, the government has vowed to be transparent and promised to release information about H7N9 as quickly as possible, though many in China remain skeptical.虽然感染人数仍然不多,但新出现的这种病毒还是令中国感到恐慌。中国人仍然清晰地记得2003年爆发的严重影响人类健康的SARS病毒。和上次处理SARS疫情不同的是,中国政府誓言做到透明,并承诺尽快公布有关H7N9禽流感的信息。但许多中国人仍持怀疑态度。Adding to the fear on Thursday, Shanghai#39;s Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission said that it had placed under quarantine a resident who had developed a fever and itchy throat after coming into close contact with one of the patients who had died.上海市卫生和计划生育委员会周四表示,该机构此前已经将一位居民隔离。在与一位已经死亡的病人有过密切接触之后,这位居民曾出现发烧和喉咙发痒的症状。这一消息加大了民众的恐惧。Up until now, no cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus have been discovered. Among those infected so far, several are believed to have been in close contact with birds, including a 48-year-old who transported poultry, a 45-year-old poultry butcher and a 38-year-old chef.到目前为止尚未发现人际间传播禽流感的病例。迄今为止在所有感染者中,据信有多位曾同禽类有过密切接触,其中包括一个48岁的运送家禽的人、一名45岁的禽类屠宰员以及一名38岁的厨师。Aside from the person placed in quarantine, health authorities have found no symptoms in any of the people known to be in close contact with identified H7N9 patients, according to state media.据官方媒体报道,除了那些已经被隔离的人,卫生部门在那些同已经确诊的H7N9患者有过密切接触的人身上没有发现病症。The U.S. consulate in Shanghai issued a statement Friday urging people to remain calm.美国驻上海总领事馆周五发表声明,呼吁人们保持冷静。#39;At this point the risk for international disease sp is considered low,#39; the consulate said. #39;The latest advisory from the World Health Organization as of April 4 is that no travel or trade restrictions with China should be applied based on the current information.#39;领事馆说,眼下疾病进行跨国传播的可能性被认为很低。截至4月4日世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)给出的最新建议是,从当前信息看,无需限制外国人进入中国,也无需施加对华贸易限制。 /201304/233549南昌同济医疗整形美容医院整形中心

南昌/同济整形医院除黄褐斑价格 The brain might not be as complicated as we think.大脑可能并不像我们想象的那么复杂。;Most people think of the brain as very complex, but I think we#39;re just ignorant. It could be very simple,; Yuste says. ;The idea has permeated that there#39;s something magic inside the brain, but really it#39;s just a firing of neurons.;“大多数人认为大脑很复杂,但我认为我们只是无知。它可能很简单,” Yuste说。“大脑内部存在某种神奇的东西的想法根深蒂固,但实际上它只是一个反射神经元。”Human brains probably aren#39;t that different from other brains.人类的大脑可能与其他的大脑并无什么不同。Think human brains are far more sophisticated than those of the rest of the animal kingdom? Think again. Our brains probably aren#39;t that different from that of a fly or a mouse, he says. Twenty years ago, for instance, we didn#39;t know that much about how the human body developed -- as we#39;ve learned more, we#39;ve discovered that our genes aren#39;t that different from flies. ;Nature, at the end of the day, is using the same tricks across evolution,; he says. ;The brain is robust, it cannot be too complicated.;认为人类的大脑比其他种类动物的大脑更复杂?再想想。我们的大脑可能与一只苍蝇或老鼠的大脑并没有什么不同,他说。二十年前,例如,关于身体如何成长我们并不知道那么多,当我们了解得越多,我们发现我们的基因与苍蝇的并没有太多不同。“在一天结束的时候,自然使用着相同的技巧在进化,”他说。“大脑是健壮的,不可能太复杂。”We don#39;t only use 10 percent of our brains.我们不只用了我们大脑的10%。;Every part of our brain is always active all the time,; Yuste says. The brain is comprised of tens of millions of neurons that are always firing (meaning the oft-repeated ;fact; that we only use 10 percent of our brains isn#39;t true). ;Some people think the brain is like a computer,; he says, where it sits there doing nothing until you stimulate it. In reality, the brain is always going, even when we#39;re sleeping. ;It has a life of its own,; Yuste says.“我们大脑的每一部分在任何时候总是活跃的,”Yuste说。大脑是由数以百万计总是在反射的神经元组成(意味着多次重复的我们大脑只使用了10% 的“事实”不是真的)。“有些人认为大脑就像一台计算机,”他说,在你刺激它之前它就坐在那儿什么也不做。事实上,大脑总是在运转,甚至当我们睡觉时。“它有它自己的生活,”Yuste说。The argument for a brain-mapping initiative isn#39;t that different from the Human Genome Project.大脑成像主动性的争论点与人类基因组计划没有什么不同。We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project. But it wasn#39;t that long ago that people never would have thought such a lofty goal was even possible. Yuste sees a parallel to the brain-mapping initiative: Detractors argue that it#39;s impossible to collect the data, and even if you could collect it, no one could ever understand it. They ask: Will it work? And will it be worth it? Yuste firmly believes the answer is yes. ;Society has so many problems that science cannot afford to dream small dreams,; he said during his TEDMED presentation.我们最近庆祝了完成人类基因组计划的10周年。但不久之前,人们根本没有想过这样一个崇高目标是可能的。Yuste看到脑成像主动性的一个类比:反对者认为不可能收集数据,即使你可以收集到,也没有人能理解。他们问:它会有用吗?它将值得吗?Yuste坚持认为是肯定的。No one understands how the brain works.没有人了解大脑如何运作。;I can guarantee you that we don#39;t have a clue,; Yuste says. At least not yet.“我可以向你保我们毫无所知,”Yuste说。至少目前还没有。 /201304/236463江西中医院附属医院祛痣多少钱南昌/丰下巴一般要多少钱



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