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Today in History:Sunday, June9, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月9日,星期天June 9th 1954 On Capitol Hill, US Army counsel Joseph Welch confronts Senator Joseph McCarthy over his tactics in fighting Communist version during the Cold War.;Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?;Its the beginning of the end of McCarthys political influence. Months later, the senator takes the rare step of condemning him over his methods.1870 Charles Dickens, author of novels such as Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities dies in Gads Hill, England at age 58.1980 ;Please, this is emergency, can I talk to God? Ill have to put you on hold.;Comedian Richard Pryor suffers almost fatal burns when a mixture of free-base cocaine explodes at his home in San Fernando Valley, California.1973 Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes in New York, becoming the first to clinch horse racings Triple Crown in 25 years.And 1915 Les Paul, the electric guitar pioneer is born in Waukesha, Wisconsin.Today in History, June 9th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press. /201306/243555A perfume can be a delicious whisper that reminds people ;Im here;—or a booming shout that hollers ;Look! Its me!; Make sure your signature scent is saying what you want it to.一款香水可以是美妙的低语“我在这里”,或者是兴奋的大喊“看!是我!”确保你的个性化香味能够准确地表达自己。You Will Need你需要Toiletries that are unscented or the same scent as your perfume无味或与香水味道相同的化妆品Your favorite perfume你最喜欢的香水Steps步骤STEP 1 Use unscented toiletries1.使用无味化妆品Use toiletries that are unscented or in the same scent as your perfume. You dont want your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant to clash with each other--or your perfume.使用无味或与香水味道相同的化妆品。你肯定不想洗发水,护发素,香皂或除臭剂的味道相互冲突,或者与香水冲突。STEP 2 Moisturize2.保湿Moisturize, ideally with a lotion or body oil that has the same scent as your perfume. Not only does this layer the fragrance, which helps it last throughout the day, but scent adheres to moisturized skin better than it does to dry.保湿,最理想的是使用与香水味道相同的保湿霜或润肤露。不仅可以给香味提供一个保护层,使香味持续一整天,而且相对于干燥的皮肤,香味更容易附着在湿润的皮肤上。The best time to apply moisturizer is when you step out of the shower or bath and your skin is still damp.使用保湿产品的最佳时间是淋浴或沐浴过后,这时你的皮肤仍然是湿润的。STEP 3 Spray amp; walk through3.喷香水If you have a perfume bottle with a spritzer, then just before getting dressed, spray the perfume into the air in front of you at chest level, pause, and then walk through it. This will give you an even, all-over scent.如果你的香水瓶有喷头,穿衣之前,把香水喷在胸前部位的空气中,暂停一下,然后走进去。这样可以让你有全身香味均匀。STEP 4 Apply to pulse points4.脉冲点喷洒香水Apply the fragrance to any of your pulse points, where the warmth of your body helps project the scent more: behind your knees, the inside of your wrists and elbows, at the base of your throat, and behind your ears.向每一个脉冲点喷洒香水,体温可以让香味更浓郁,比如膝盖后,手腕和手肘内侧,喉咙底部和耳朵后面。Perfume your hair, which will trap the scent and release it slowly all day, and your ankles, where it can rise.在头发上喷洒香水,头发可以锁住香味,一整天都缓慢释放。也可以喷洒在脚踝处,香味会上升。STEP 5 Reapply scent5.再喷一次Plan to reapply your scent after around 4 hours, but ask someone else to confirm that you need to. Because the nose becomes accustomed to smells over time, youll probably think the scent has worn off before it really has.大约四小时后再喷一次,但是要请其他人来确认一下是否需要。因为久而久之,你的鼻子适应了这种香味,在香味仍然存在的时候你可能以为香味已经飘散了。STEP 6 Use lighter version in summer6.夏季使用味道较淡的版本Since heat and humidity intensify smells, use a lighter version of your perfume--like just a lotion, the cologne, or the toilette--in summer. Save perfume and parfum, which have higher concentrations of the scent, for winter.由于炎热和潮湿会增强香味,夏季使用气味较淡的版本——比如润肤露,古龙水或者化妆品。芳香气味较浓的香水留到冬天使用。Dont apply perfume that isnt alcohol-free before going to the beach--it can irritate your skin.去沙滩之前不要使用含有酒精的香水,否则会刺激皮肤。STEP 7 Pick a new scent7.选择新的香味Pick a new scent for a very special occasion or for a vacation, and wear it only during that time. Later, when you smell the perfume, your brain will associate it with the event, and youll be flooded with memories.特别的场合或度假时选择新的香味,只在这段期间使用。以后,当你闻到这种香水的时候,大脑就会联想起相应的事件,让你沉浸于当时的回忆。The medieval town of Grasse, France, is the perfume capital of the world.位于法国的中世纪小城格拉斯被誉为世界香水之都。视频听力译文由。201409/329710

Steve opened it up, pulled out what was他打开箱子,拿出One of those first macintoshes off the assembly line,刚刚从生产线上下来的第一台麦金塔电脑Set it up on the floor.在地板上组装好.Sean was down on the floor with him, steve turned it on,Sean和他一起坐在地上,史蒂夫打开电脑Put macpaint in there.启动MacpaintIt took him about two seconds to show sean how to deal with it,他一共只花了两秒钟向Sean展示怎样使用这个东西And sean pretty soon was drawing pictures.然后Sean很快就开始了画一些图案Later steve told me it was one of the first times后来史蒂夫告诉我那是他第一次Hed watched a child with a mac.看见一个小孩子使用麦金塔电脑Eventually I sort of became aware that there were some people whod最后我注意到,有些人Come in to the room, and I looked over my shoulder,走进了房间,于是我看过去And there was andy warhol.那是 Andy Warhol.So there was this great moment that ill never forget.这是我永远难忘的瞬间Andy warhol gets down on his hands and knees With sean on one sideAndy warhol 伏下身子,和Sean趴在一起,and steve on the other side.史蒂夫在另外一侧I remember that warhol would pick up the mouse,我记得Warhol拿起鼠标And instead of gliding it along the floor,换成用鼠标在Sean的卧室The tiled floor in seans bedroom,地板上滚动的动作He would sort of pick it up他不断的尝试然后拿起来,and was trying to figure out How to make it work,试图弄明白这玩意是如何运行的and steve very patiently Would sort of lower his hand down and say,史蒂夫耐心地把他的手放低然后说;no. You kind of push it along.;;不,你应该这样推动它;So andy sort of fooled around with it, And he was completely mesmerized.Andy完全被这东西整迷糊了I mean, when he zoned in on something,我的意思是,当他正在画这边的时候,The rest of the world disappeared,其他的地方就消失了And that was what it was like watching warhol这就是Warhol第一次In front of a macintosh for the first time.在麦金塔电脑面前发生的事情And then he got this big smile on his face, and he looked up.过了一会儿他脸上有了大大笑容,向上看着并且说He said, ;I drew a circle.;;看,我终于画了一个圈;,And it was great.这真的很棒.life had been good for steve jobs.生活对史蒂夫乔布斯非常眷顾He was worth a million dollars when he was 21.当他在21岁的时候就拥有了百万美元的身家He was worth million when he was 22.在他22岁的时候他已经有了千万美元的资产He was worth 0 million when he was 23 years old.在他23岁的时候他已经身家过亿So he knew nothing but success,他有的是钱和名誉,and when youre 23 years old, Youre worth 0 million,当你23岁的时候已经拥有一个亿,You are pretty damn full of yourself,浑身上下都是赞誉。And thats what steve became, and so he had huge ambition.这就是史蒂夫伟大抱负的根源,Narrator: but in 1985 at the age of 30,但是在1985年,史蒂夫30岁的时候His charmed run of luck was about to come to an abrupt halt.他的运气戛然而止.Seeking someone to help run his rapidly expanding business,为了寻找能够在他高速发展的事业帮助他的人He hired in pepsI executive john sculley.他聘请了百事的CEO 约翰斯考利 /201309/256420


  This one. Thats right.这个 答对了When I ask him to point to pictures of particular scenes,当我要求他指出特定情景的图片时he could pick out which scene matched the sentence他能够挑选出附合描述的图片and thats quite a difficult thing to do if you cant speak对于没法说话的人 这件事相当困难because you cant hear the words go round in your head.因为你听不到自己大脑中的句子you cant repeat it to yourself.更没法对自己复述它们So he did very well on that task.而他完成得很好The butcher shoots the nurse.屠夫击护士Its a bit violent. Yes.这有点血腥 是的 This ones a nicer one.这个好一点了One crucial area of Steves brain is still functioning.史蒂夫大脑中的一个关键区域仍在工作The anterior superior temporal sulcus is involved前颞上沟控制人们in understanding the meaning of words,语言理解的能力an ability that Steve has not lost.史蒂夫并未丧失这一能力But when we asked him to describe the picture,但当我们让他看图说话时Then he had a lot more difficulty there.他就遇到困难了Can you describe to me what you can see there?可以把你在这幅图中看到的描述出来吗201412/345380。


  Despite the mountains of footage,尽管影像记录堆积如山Deb Roy is aly uncovering the intricate effect戴布·罗伊已经发现了日常生活daily life has on language development.对语言发展的复杂作用It seems cooing to your baby is not just instinct,对自己的宝宝轻声低语不仅是种本能 its essential.也是必要的事In the months leading up to their sons first words,在引导儿子说出第一个词的日子里he and his wife unconsciously simplified their speech.他和妻子不知不觉中简化了自己的言语Then as their sons own speech develops,当他们的儿子开始自己讲话时they began to use longer sentences again,他们又重新开始使用较长的句子mirroring the childs own development.这反映出孩子自身的成长Whats that over there? Over there, that ball?那边那个是什么 那边的 那个球Green ball.绿球For the very first time, the analysis has also enabled Deb分析结果也破天荒地让戴布to piece together the precise emergence of individual words,拼凑出了单个词语出现的详细过程charting how a new word is born.描绘出新词诞生的图景OK, water, water.好了 水 水So my son, around his first birthday,我的儿子在一岁生日前后started using the sound ;gaga; to indicate water,开始使用;嘎嘎;的发音来指代水and then over the next several months在接下来的几个月里learned to slowly approximate the proper speech form.经过学习逐渐向正确的表达方式靠拢 201411/343814

  New development in Chinas anti-corruption campaign. A branch of the countrys official newspaper the ;Peoples Daily; has released an online web game called ;Striking corrupt officials;.中国防腐运动的新发明。人民日报已经发布了一个名为“疯狂贪官”的在线游戏。It’s pretty much like the popular game ;Hit a mouse; when a corrupt official shows up, players can use an electric billy to knock him down. The reward is 100 points for each successful attack, but players should be careful not to hit the policemen.该游戏和现下非常流行的一款游戏“打老鼠”非常相像,即当一个贪官现身时,玩家可以使用一个电警棍来击打他。每成功击打到一个贪官,将会获得100分的奖励,但是玩家应该谨防击打到警察哦。The website says they have chosen four types of corruption charges to be used in the game, namely, ;abuse of power, taking bribes, embezzlement, and keeping mistresses.;网站表示他们在游戏中选取了4项腐败指控,即滥用职权,收受贿赂,挪用公款以及包养情妇。201401/272948Iran will do its best to support Iraqi govt伊朗将尽全力持伊拉克政府Iranian media says the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has said Iran will support the Iraqi government to fight against the Islamist extremist group ISIL.伊朗媒体称伊朗武装部队副参谋长表示这个国家将持伊拉克政府对抗伊斯兰极端组织ISIL。Brigadier General Masoud Jazeyeri said if Iraq asks for help from Iran, Iran will do its best to aid its neighbor.准将玛萨德·扎耶里表示如果伊拉克寻求伊朗的帮助,后者将尽力援助邻国。The support will include providing military advisors and equipment, such as drones.对伊拉克的持将包括提供军事顾问及如无人机等的军备。But the Deputy Chief of Staff also said Iran will not directly send troops to Iraq.但副参谋长也称伊朗不会直接派兵援助伊拉克。201406/308588

  We will get to the very beginning of human history, but Im not going to start there because I want to begin with the mummies -which is where I began when I first came through these doors into the British Museum in 1954 at the age of eight, and I think thats where most people begin when they first visit a museum.我们以后会回到初民时期,但是我的故事并不始于彼时,因为我打算先讲述木乃伊——1954年八岁的我第一次穿越大英物馆的重门,首先映入眼帘的便是那些木乃伊,它们是我探索世界史的开端。我猜测多数访客的物馆之行也始于此处。Its a pretty safe bet that most of the children you can hear round about me are also headed for the Egyptian mummies. What fascinated me then was the mummies themselves, the thrilling gruesome thought of the dead bodies, but Im now much more interested in the mummy cases - and Ive chosen one particular mummy case for this opening programme, because it carries all the different kinds of messages across the millennia, signals from the past if you like, that things can communicate to us, and that Im going to be looking for in all the objects in this series.我敢说你现在听到的我身边这些孩子也是冲着木乃伊去的。当时我着迷的是那些木乃伊本身,它们激起了我对死尸既兴奋又恐惧的想象,但现在我对这些木乃伊的案例更感兴趣。我特别为首期节目选择了这一典型的木乃伊案例,因为它携带了“人造物”所能传递的穿越千载的远古音信。在这一系列节目中,我将在这些物品中探求这些音信。Telling history through things, whether its a mummys coffin or a credit card, is what museums are for and, because the British Museum has collected things from all over the globe, its not a bad place to try to tell a world history. Of course it can only be a history of the world, not the history.通过如木乃伊棺材或信用卡这样的物品讲述历史,是所有物馆的目标和功能。大英物馆是用来复述世界简史的一个不错的选择,因为它搜集了世界各地的物品。当然,它所能讲述的只是世界“简史”,而非世界“历史”。When people come to the museum, they choose their own objects and make their own journey round the world and through time, but I think what they will find, is that their own histories quickly intersect with everybody elses -and when that happens, you no longer have a history of a particular people or nation, but a story of endless connections. Nobody has thought more deeply about this than the Indian economist and Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen:人们造访物馆时,会依据个人喜好浏览展品,制定自己的时空之旅。但我想,人们会发现,其本族历史旋即与外族史纵横交错,此时,历史已经不再局限于某个民族或国家,而是一个无限延伸、环环相扣的故事。关于这点,印度经济学家、诺贝尔奖得主阿玛蒂亚·森(Amartya Sen)的认识最为深刻:I think what is really very important to recognise is that, when we look at the history of the world, were not looking at the history of different civilisations truncated and separated from each other. Theyve a huge amount of contact with each other, there is a kind of inter-connectedness.“我认为认识到这点非常重要,即纵观世界历史,我们看到的并非各大文化彼此隔绝分离的历史。各种文化之间交流丰富,存在着某种内在联系。So Ive always felt, not to think of the history of the world as a history of civilisations, but as a history of world civilisations evolving in often similar, often diverse ways, always interacting with each other. And this is a very different view from the clash of civilisations to which we were exposed some years ago, as a way to understand enmity in the world. Enmity has not been the general condition of the relationship between people across the world in history.所以我始终认为,不应把世界历史视为各种文化的简单结合体,而应是其相互作用,遵循相似又相异的轨道不断进化的历史。我的观点很大程度上背离了几年前提出的文化冲突论。文化冲突是我们理解世界敌对状态的一种方法,但纵观世界历史,这种状态并非人类关系的主流。”Most of us I think, if we come back to a museum that we visited as a child, have the sense that weve changed enormously, while the things have remained serenely the same, but of course they havent. Thanks to constant research and to new scientific techniques, what we can know about them is constantly growing. Im standing now in front of one of the most impressive mummy cases in the British Museum. It was made around 240 for a high-ranking Egyptian priest called Hornedjitef.回到童年时代参观过的物馆,我们大多会感慨物是人非。然而,这些物品却一直静止不动,但是当然,它们不可能变化的。随着持续的研究和科技的进步,我们对它们的了解不断增长。我现在就站在大英物馆木乃伊展品中最令人印象深刻的木乃伊身前。它大约制作于公元前240年,主人是一位名为霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)的埃及高级牧师。Theres a massive black outer case in the shape of a human body, theres an elaborately decorated inner case, and then the mummy itself. Everything we know about Hornedjitef, we know from this group of things. He is his own document if you like, and its a document that continues to give up its secrets. My colleague, John Taylor, has been researching the mummies in the British Museum for over 20 years - I asked him what we have learnt about Hornedjitef since he came to the British Museum:它包括一个巨大的黑色人形棺套,一个精心装饰的内棺,以及木乃伊本身。我们对霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)的了解均来自这套物品。你可以说霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)就是他自己的一部历史文献,不断地泄露着自己的秘密。我的同事约翰·泰勒(John Taylor)从事物馆的木乃伊研究已逾20年,我询问他自霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)被移驾到物馆以来,我们了解到了哪些知识:201402/275980


  So why did the Suns spots disappear for 50-odd years?那太阳黑子为什么会消失五十几年呢To answer that question,为了回答这个问题Mike had to go back even further in time,迈克还得回到更早的时间back before the beginning of civilisation.回到文明诞生之前One of the best places to若想了解get that long view of the history of the Sun太阳的漫长历史 最好的一个地方is in ice.就是在冰里He and his fellow scientists analysed ice cores他和其他科学家分析冰芯because they contain a signature因为其上记录了of whats been happening to the Sun over thousands of years.太阳数千年来的活动We can core into that effectively look back in time.我们可以取出冰芯有效地追溯到过去Roughly speaking, there are 20 to 30 grand maxima大致上 我们可以看到在九千年间and grand minima in the 9,000 years that we can look at.有二三十个太阳活动极大和极小期So what the ice showed冰芯显示的结果was something nobody could have predicted.出乎人们意料The Sun had a secret rhythm.太阳有一个秘密的周期201410/337967

  Middle East denuclearization conducive to world peace中东地区无核化有利于世界和平China is willing to coordinate and cooperate with Iran on key issues in the Middle East region.中国愿意在中东地区关键问题上协调及配合伊朗。This is according to Chinas Middle East Special Envoy Wu Sike, whos on a visit to Iran.正在访问伊朗的中方中东问题特使吴思科这样说道。In a press conference in Tehran, Wu said China is playing an active and constructive role in pushing forward a proper settlement to Irans nuclear issue, which is conducive to Irans development and China-Iran cooperation.在德黑兰的一次新闻发布会上,吴表示在推动伊朗核问题的妥善解决问题上,中国正发挥着积极和建设性作用,这有利于伊朗的发展和中伊间的合作。He also said the denuclearization of the Middle East is in accordance with the interest of all countries in the region, and conducive to world peace and development.他还表示中东地区无核化符合所有国家的利益,也有利于世界的和平与发展。201407/311736


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