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  • The Thought Fox—Ted Hughes思想之狐——特德休斯I imagine this midnight moment est我设想这午夜时分的森林:Something else is alive别的什么尚在活动Beside the clock loneliness在这孤寂的钟声和这张And this blank page where my fingers move.我以手指挲的空白纸页之外Through the window I see no star透过窗户我看不见星星:Something more near更近的什么Though deeper within darkness但在黑暗里更为幽深Is entering the loneliness正进入这孤寂中:Cold, delicately as the dark snow清冷,优雅,似那黑暗中的雪A fox nose touches twig, leaf;一只狐狸的鼻子碰触着细枝,叶瓣;Two eyes serve a movement, that now两只眼睛转动了,一下And again now, and now, and now又一下,又一下,又一下Sets neat prints into the snow匀称的足印踏进雪里Between trees, and warily a lame在树林间,机警地,一个瘸行的Shadow lags by stump and in hollow影子缓缓移动,倚着树桩,投进地洞里Of a body that is bold to come它属于一个呼之欲出的身体Across clearings, an eye,穿行于空地,一只眼睛,A widening deepening greenness,渐宽渐深的绿,Brilliantly, concentratedly,闪亮地,全神贯注地,Coming about its own business兀自游荡Till, with a sudden sharp hot stink of fox直至,带着一股骤然而至的浓烈狐臭It enters the dark hole of the head.它进入脑中的暗洞里The window is starless still; the clock ticks,窗外依然无星;钟声嘀嗒,The page is printed.纸页上写好了文字 7395。
  • The Ant and the Dove 375。
  • twowrite his word or twoeach of us may write his word or twoon there each of us may write his word or two.Life is a leaf of paper white, on there each of us may write his word or two.两写上自己的一两句话每个人都写上自己的一两句话每个人都在上面写上自己的一两句话生活是一张白纸,每个人都在上面写上自己的一两句话leaf:叶;实用短语:a rose leaf 玫瑰花瓣;实用例句:This tree has green leaves throughout the year.这树终年常青。
  • Michael: I have some qualms about how wersquo;re handling these s.如何处理这些帐户我有一些疑虑Leona: What do you mean?你是什么意思?Michael: There are strict regulations governing what we can and cannot do, and I think wersquo;re violating those regulations.有严格的规章制度监管我们可以做什么和不能做什么,我认为我们违反了这些规定Leona: Listen, itrsquo;s a matter of interpretation. Wersquo;re not flouting any regulations. Wersquo;re just not following the letter of the law.听着,这是问题的解释我们不能无视任何法规我们只是没有依法行事Michael: I, one, think that wersquo;ve crossed the line. Irsquo;m not against some creative ing, but what wersquo;re doing is bordering on criminal.一放卖弄,我认为我们已经越线了我并不反对做一些有创意的账单,但我们正在做的是在犯罪Leona: Arenrsquo;t you blowing things out of proportion? The government makes laws knowing that people are going to try to get around them. There are always loopholes and thatrsquo;s why they turn a blind eye to most of these types of activities. As long as we comply with most of the regulations, wersquo;re not going to get into any hot water.难道你不是在歪曲事实吗?制定法律的政府知道人们会回避法律总有一些漏洞这就是为什么政府对大多数这些类型的活动视而不见只要我们遵守大多数法规,我们不会搅进浑水的Michael: I appreciate your confidence, but I donrsquo;t share it. I think wersquo;re in some major problems if we donrsquo;t change the way we do business.我很欣赏你的自信,但我不同意我认为如果我们不改变我们做生意的方式,我们免不了会遭受严重的问题Leona: Come on, letrsquo;s go get some coffee and see what we can do about that overactive conscience of yours.得了,我们去买一些咖啡,对你过度活跃的良心,看看我们能做些什么follow the letter of the law 依法行事cross the line 越线了,违反规定或章程blow things out of proportion 歪曲事实get around 回避turn a blind eye 对...视而不见in 免不了遭受 633。
  • 更多美文请关注微信公众号良声英语To the Oak Tree致橡树If I love you --我如果爱你——I will never be a clinging trumpet creeper绝不像攀援的凌霄花Using your high boughs to show off my height借你的高枝炫耀自己If I love you --我如果爱你——I will never be a spoony bird绝不学痴情的鸟儿Repeating a monotonous song green shade为绿荫重复单调的歌曲Or be a spring也不止像泉源Bringing cool solace all year long常年送来清凉的慰藉Or be a steep peak也不止像险峰Increasing your stature, reflecting your eminence增加你的高度,衬托你的威仪Even the sunlight甚至日光Even the spring rain甚至春雨No, all these are not enough不,这些都还不够I must be a ceiba tree beside you我必须是你近旁的一株木棉Be the image of a tree standing together with you作为树的形象和你站在一起Our roots, entwined underground根,紧握在地下Our leaves, touching in the clouds叶,相触在云里With each gust of wind每一阵风过We greet each other我们都互相致意But nobody但没有人Can understand our words听懂我们的言语Youll have your copper branches and iron trunk你有你的铜枝铁干Like knives, like swords, like halberds, too像刀、像剑,也像戟Ill have my crimson flowers我有我的红硕花朵Like heavy sighs像沉重的叹息And valiant torches又像英勇的火炬Well share cold spells, storms and thunder我们分担寒潮、风雷、霹雳Well share mists, hazes and rainbows我们共享雾霭、流岚、虹霓Seemingly always apart仿佛永远分离But also ever interdependent却又终身相依Only this can be great love这才是伟大的爱情The loyalty is here坚贞就在这里Love --爱——I love not only your strapping stature不仅爱你伟岸的身躯But also your firm stand, the earth beneath you也爱你坚持的位置,足下的土地更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 9856。
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