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九江县共青城市彭泽县武宁县修水县做颧骨整型多少钱九江市第一人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱南昌/注射隆下巴多少钱 Conversation A: We have a new line of toy telephones that have just arrived. Would you like to get one the children at home?A:刚到一种最新型的玩具电话,您想为家里的孩子们买一个吗?B: I do have to buy some toys my nieces and nephews. Well, let me have a look at them.B:我的确要为我的侄女和侄子买些玩具好,我来看看那些玩具吧A: Yes. We have a discount on these items. Ten percent off the newly arrived toys and twenty percent off the older ones.A:好的这些物品正在打折新到的玩具打9折,原来的打8折B: OK. Ill take two of these and another two of those.B:好的我要买两个这种的和两个那种的A: Wait here a moment, sir. Ill have them wrapped you.A:先生,请在此等候我去把它们包起来B: I think this will be enough now. I;ll just come back if I need some more.B: 我想现在这些就够了如果还需要的话,我会再回来的A: Very well, sir. Thank dropping by.A:很好,先生多谢光临Great responsibilities will rest on his shoulders one day. But in the meantime, Prince William is going back to being a student.综合外国媒体120日报道,英国剑桥公爵威廉王子将从下周开始在剑桥大学就读农业管理课程。The future king starts a ten-week course in agricultural management at Cambridge University next week. The ‘bespokecourse has been organised for the 31-year-old Duke of Cambridge to give him an understanding of issues affecting farms and rural communities. It will also, no doubt, come in handy when he inherits the Duchy of Cornwall, one of the biggest private estates in the country, from his father.该课程属于剑桥大学可持续发展领导力项目,以讲座、研讨会等形式授课,每周20小时左右,主要目的是让威廉了解当代农业经营和农村社区。威廉将自行承担大量研究,撰写论文,可能还会去农村实地考察。该课程将持0周,月初开始,月中旬结束,结业后不会授予书。The second in line to the throne, who has a geography degree from St Andrew’s University, will have around 20 hours a week of timetabled lectures, seminars and meetings. He will also be expected to undertake extensive study in his own time and may be sent on field trips. Although he will still be based at Kensington Palace with the Duchess of Cambridge and son George, staff have organised private accommodation for the prince when he needs to stay in Cambridge. He is likely to be away from home two or three nights a week. The course is run by Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, an institution within the university’s School of Technology and has Prince Charles as its patron.However, Prince William will be based in the Department of Land Economy, teasingly referred to by other students as the ‘Department of Grass Management毫无疑问,此次学习会在威廉从父亲手中继承康沃尔公爵领地时派上用场,该领地横跨23个郡,占地面3万英亩(.26公顷)。一位助手说:“和他的父亲一样,(剑桥)公爵在很大程度上是个乡下人,他喜欢农村和农民,对他们充满热情。”The Duke will not be awarded any qualification at the end of the course, which he is set to finish in mid-March shortly before he sets off on an official tour of New Zealand and Australia with his family. An aide said: ‘Like his father, the Duke is very much a countryman, he enjoys and is passionate about the countryside and its people. ‘He will continue to take an interest in and champion rural communities but this course will also, of course, be useful to him in future years.The cost of the study and accommodation is being met privately, a Kensington Palace spokesman said yesterday.肯辛顿宫发言人日前表示,学费和住宿费还在私下商讨中,将由王室自付。助手们强调,该课程是为威廉专门设置的,不会影响其他学生。另据报道,威廉仍然和凯特王妃、乔治小王子一起住在肯辛顿宫,但是工作人员也为他在剑桥安排了私人住宿,一周中他可能有两三晚不能住在家中。Aides were also quick to stress that as it was being organised specially for the prince, there was no question of any other student places being affected. Prince William quit operational service with the Armed Forces in September after more than seven years. His most recent posting was as a search and rescue pilot with the RAF based in Anglesey, North Wales.威廉今年9月从英国皇家空军退役,他将在未来几个月里承担大量的王室工作,替女王和爱丁堡公爵分忧。不过肯辛顿宫此前曾宣布,威廉并不打算马上承担全职的皇家工作,他更倾向于有一个“过渡期”,在这个期间里他想从事从政府部门到慈善机构的一些公共务。In the autumn, Kensington Palace announced that the Duke did not plan to become a full-time working royal immediately, preferring a ‘transitional period’in which he would undertake public service and work experience-style placements ranging from government departments to charity offices. Critics, however, have accused the prince of being ‘workshyand derided that plan as little more than an extended gap year. Prince Charles graduated with a 2:2 degree in history at Trinity College Cambridge after studying there from 1967 to 1970. His father, the Duke of Edinburgh, served as chancellor of the university from 1976 to 2011.早在2005年,威廉就获得了圣安德鲁斯大学二等一级地理学学位,并在这里遇到了现在的妻子凯特。此后他在桑赫斯特英国皇家陆军军官学院接受了44周的军事训练,并008年进入英国皇家空军役,在近期退役前担任皇家空军搜救直升机的驾驶员。来 /201401/271383吉安吉州区青原区吉安县井冈山市注射丰下巴费用

萍乡安源区湘东区莲花县双眼皮多少钱Under the Weather身体不适Evan complains of not feeling well.艾凡说他不舒K:Evan, are you OK? Youve hardly eaten anything lunch.凯西:艾凡,你还好吧?你午餐几乎没吃什么E:I guess Im not very hungry.艾凡:我想我不大饿K:What? You!? Youve been eating like a bear the whole trip. Is something the matter?凯西:什么?你!?这整趟旅行你都吃很多有什么问题吗?E:I dont know. I feel kind of slow. I mean, I dont feel well. Something wrong.艾凡:我不知道我觉得不怎么有精神我的意思是我不大舒有点不对劲K:Is it your stomach? Do you have a headache? A fever?凯西:是你的胃吗?头会痛吗?有没有发烧?E:I dont think so. I just feel kind of tired.艾凡:我想没有我只是觉得有点累罢了K:Do you want to see a doctor?凯西:你想去看医生吗?E:Maybe I just need some more rest. 艾凡:也许我只需要多休息Weve been traveling and moving about a month straight now.到目前为止,我们已经连续旅行奔波一个月了K:Well, yes, that true, but I dont feel sick. Come on. 凯西:嗯,是的,这倒是实话,但是我没有觉得不舒啊走吧,I think we should see a doctor. Ill ask the lady in the hostel to recommend one us.我想我们应该去看医生我会请旅社的那位女士为我们推荐一个医师E:No, it not that bad. Ill tell you what. Let go home, and Ill go right to bed. 艾凡:不用啦,没那么严重我告诉你吧咱们回家,然后我直接上床睡觉If I still dont feel well in the morning, I promise you Ill go see a doctor.如果明天早上我还是觉得不舒的话,我答应你我会去看医生的K:That a deal. In the meantime, while youre sleeping, Ill go to a neighborhood drugstore and pick up a few things.凯西:就这么说定了在你睡觉的同时,我会到附近的一家药房买些东西E:Gee, thanks.艾凡:嗯,谢谢你K:Thanks? You dont have to thank me. Come on. Get your coat on. Ill take care of the bill. Waiter!凯西:谢谢?你不用谢我来,把外套穿上我来付帐务生! 58601南昌同济整形医院割双眼皮手术多少钱 南昌市中医院治疗疤痕多少钱

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