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Barack Obama and the Republicans奥巴马与共和党A beatable president能被击败的总统But only if a Republican candidate starts laying out a sensible plan for the American economy条件是共和党候选人开始为美国经济开出良方Jun 9th 2011 | from the print edition NEXT week a collection of largely unknown Republicans will hold the first proper TV debate of the 2012 presidential campaign. Whoever eventually wins their party’s nomination then has to take on Barack Obama, the giant of American politics. The president has a huge war-chest, his own party firmly behind him and a rare capacity to inspire. Yet he is vulnerable. This week a poll showed him in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner. America’s sluggish recovery will give any challenger a chance. The question is whether any Republican has the personality and especially the ideas to take him on. For the best way to make this race competitive—and the best thing for America—is to force voters to confront the hard choices their country has to make.下周,一群大都不知名的共和党人将举行2012年总统选举的第一次电视辩论。 无论谁获胜取得本党的题目都将面对奥巴马——这位美国政坛的巨人。总统有巨额的竞选经费,以及他的政党作为坚实的后盾,还有罕见的号召力。然而他仍然是脆弱的。本周的民调显示他与前美国麻州州长罗姆尼的持率持平,后者现在可谓是共和党的领军式人物。美国经济迟缓恢复将为任何挑战者提供机会。问题在于是否任何共和党人都具有向奥巴马挑战所需的个人魅力特别是政纲。使这场竞赛更具竞争性的最好方式——以及对美国最有益的——是迫使选民直面这个国家的艰难抉择。201106/140428。

It just knocks yourself out, never see an animated movie like this computer generated movie. The story was incredibly moving.这就好像使你如梦方醒般,从未看过由计算机制作而成的这样一部动画电影。这个故事也是非常地感人。The world is the very first release from a small unconventional flim studio called Pixar with Steve Jobs at the hell.就如同打开了潘多拉的宝盒一样,这部该由被称为皮克斯公司的非传统的小电影工作室和史蒂夫;乔布斯打造的电影,让全世界为之惊叹。We just get stuck in to the beauty and sort of explodes.我们只是情不自禁流连往返于那个美丽的世界中。For the first time, computer characters are warm, cuddly, reliable.有史以来第一次,电脑角色是温暖的,可爱又可靠的。These were animated characters, but they seemed like they belong in our family or that we have them in our house.这些都是动画角色,但是他们好像正置身于我们的家庭或者我们能在房间中发现他们的踪影。Its the big comeback Steve Jobs has been waiting for. But it has taken Jobs and Pixar nearly ten years to get this bar, and it almost didnt happen at all. After he got the boot in 1985, he sold all his apple shares but one, he had millions of dollars buring a pocket. Any one but Jobs might have retired.这是史蒂夫;乔布斯一直等待的一次大翻盘。但是它已经花费皮克斯公司和乔布斯将近10年的心血,它差点就胎死腹中。当他在1985年拿到芯片的时候,他卖掉几乎所有的苹果股票,但只有一个他没有变卖,这使他的口袋里数百万美元在燃烧一样。除了乔布斯任何人都可能已经因此退休。词语解释:1. generate v. 产生,生成2. incredibly a. 难以置信的3. cuddly a. 令人想拥抱的201111/161797。

Administration officials are reiterating their call for a fair and non-violent resolution of the Iranian election conflict, while stressing their determination not to allow Tehran to make the ed States a "foil" for the country's political conflict. 美国政府官员再次呼吁以公正和非暴力的方法解决伊朗选举导致的冲突,并强调说,绝不允许德黑兰把美国作为这场政治冲突的替罪羊。The administration has taken a measured approach to the crisis, although President Obama stepped up the level of U.S. rhetoric on Saturday amid televised scenes of chaos on Tehran's streets. He called on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its people and to respect universal rights of assembly and free speech.美国政府对伊朗的选举危机采取了审慎反应。不过随着电视画面展现德黑兰街头的骚乱,奥巴马总统星期六使用了更强烈的言辞。他呼吁伊朗政府停止一切针对伊朗人民的暴力手段和不公正行为,应该尊重集会自由和言论自由等普世权利。On Monday, the White House said it is clear from subsequent events that "justice has not been achieved."白宫星期一说,从发生的一系列事件中可以看出,没有实现公正。Officials at the State Department have expressed concern that a more vigorous response would fuel aly frequent Iranian charges that the ed States is meddling in the crisis.美国国务院的官员曾表示担心,更强烈的反应会对伊朗政府说美国干预危机的指称火上浇油。U.S. critics, among them former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have said the White House has been too timid, with McCain saying the response is a "betrayal" of America's founding principles.包括总统大选的共和党候选人麦凯恩参议员在内的批评人士说,白宫过于拘谨。麦凯恩说,白宫做出的反应是对美国建国原则的背叛。However, at a press event with Georgia's Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg rejected the notion that the administration is "pulling its punches" on Iran. He said the president's cautious stance has bipartisan support.不过,美国副国务卿斯坦伯格在与格鲁吉亚外交部长瓦沙泽举行的记者会上反驳了据称奥巴马政府在处理伊朗问题时缩手缩脚的说法。他说,奥巴马总统的谨慎立场得到美国两大政党的持。"I think there have been a number of very influential voices -- both Republican and Democrat -- who've recognized, as the president has said, that this is an issue that's about the Iranians and for the Iranians to decide. The president made very clear over the weekend that we're concerned about the violence. We think it is very important that if this is going to be an issue for the Iranians to decide, then all the voices should be heard -- that the process should be fair and that the people should be allowed to express their opinions. And I think this is not a partisan issue," he said.斯坦伯格说:“我想,共和党和民主党的若干有影响人士都发出了声音。他们认识到,正如奥巴马总统所说,这是一个有关伊朗人民的问题,应该由伊朗人民来决定。总统在周末明确表示,我们对暴力感到担忧。我们认为,至关重要的是,既然这是由伊朗人民决定的问题,那么就应该让所有人表达意见、应该有公正的程序、应该允许人民表达他们的意见。我认为这不是一个党派之争的问题。”Steinberg was standing in at the Georgia event for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had surgery last Friday on her broken right elbow. 斯坦伯格代替克林顿国务卿与格鲁吉亚外交部长举行新闻发布会。克林顿国务卿摔伤右臂,上星期五做了手术。He confirmed that the injury has forced Clinton to cancel plans to attend two multi-lateral meetings this week at which the Iran crisis is likely to be a major issue -- a G-8 foreign ministers meeting in Trieste, Italy and an informal conference of OSCE foreign ministers on the Greek island of Corfu.斯坦伯格实,由于摔伤,克林顿国务卿不得不取消参加本星期两个多边会议的计划。一个是在意大利的里雅斯特举行的八国集团外长会议,另一个是在希腊科孚岛举行的欧洲安全与合作组织的非正式外长会议。伊朗危机很可能是这两个会议的主要议题之一。But Clinton has been active in telephone diplomacy on Iran, calling, among others, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, whose government, like the ed States, has been accused by Iranian authorities of meddling in the crisis.克林顿国务卿针对伊朗问题开展了积极的电话外交活动,包括给英国外交大臣米利班德通电话。与美国一样,英国政府也被伊朗当局指称干预选举危机。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said the Iranian government is looking for scapegoats in a situation it has created. "What you've seen in Iran is what you've been seeing all along, and that's using us as a kind of foil -- using the 'Great Satan,' using the U. S. as a way to justify a policy or gain public support. We don't want to get into a polemic on this. I think what you saw over the weekend was a very strong statement by the president, setting out these fundamental principles that our country was founded on. And these are the kind principles that we are going to stand up for," he said.Kelly declined under questioning to say whether the administration might be reconsidering its policy of seeking dialogue with Tehran on Iran's nuclear program and other issues. But he stressed that the U.S. focus now is not on the bilateral relationship, but on what is happening on Tehran's streets.06/75535。

  Coffee is one of the world's most widely-enjoyed beverages. Flavor aside, scientists have recognized it as a complex blend of chemical compounds with potential health effects, both good and bad. Now, new research suggests that if you drink enough coffee, it might help you avoid certain kinds of cancer.Dr. Mia Hashibe of the University of Utah School of Medicine was interested in the link between coffee drinking and certain cancers of the head and neck. Researchers have looked into this before, but without reaching any firm conclusions."There were a few studies, but the findings were not consistent across the studies," she said, "so this finding from our current study was quite a surprise. We didn't really have any expectation of which direction it could go into."To sort out the confusion, Hashibe and her colleagues used statistical techniques to, in effect, make one big study out of the previous smaller studies.So we combined data across nine individual studies, so we have a lot more power than previous studies that looked at this. And we included 4,000 cancer patients who have cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx [throat]. And then 9,000 controls, so controls are people who do not have cancer."Those studies – in Europe and the ed States – found that people who drank a lot of coffee were less likely to develop cancers of the mouth and throat."We saw a protective effect for drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day," Hashibe said. "This was the 40 percent decrease in risk. We did not observe an association for drinking three cups or less per day."In an interview via Skype, Mia Hashibe said there was a weak link between cancer risk and drinking decaffeinated coffee, but it wasn't statistically significant. And she and her colleagues found no evidence that drinking tea provided the same protection as drinking coffee. Their research is published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers amp; Prevention.Hashibe says it is not clear how coffee might protect drinkers from certain cancers."There are a few chemicals that are known to be antioxidants in coffee. So we are thinking perhaps those compounds are playing some sort of protective role against several cancers."If those compounds can be isolated, maybe someday you'll be able to take an anti-cancer pill, but for us coffee lovers, the answer may just be another refill. 咖啡是世界上最受人喜爱的饮料之一。姑且不论它的味道,科学家们已经知道咖啡里含有多种对健康具有潜在影响的化学成分,其中有好的、也有坏的影响。一项新的研究指出,如果你饮用足够量的咖啡,可能有助于避免某些癌症。 犹他大学医学院的米亚·哈希贝医生对咖啡以及某些头部和颈部癌症之间的关连非常感兴趣。研究人员过去也曾经对此进行过探讨,可是没有提出任何肯定的结论。 她说:“有过一些研究,但并没有得出一致的结论。所以,我们目前研究中的发现,确实令人感到惊喜。我们事先并没有指望这项研究会朝哪个方向发展。” 为了解决这些困惑,哈希贝医生和她的同事们利用统计学,综合过去各种小范围的研究结果,完成了一项大型研究。 她说:“我们将过去9个不同研究的资料结合在一起,有了比过去更大的能力来进行探讨。我们募集了4千名患有口腔和喉头癌的病人,还有一个9千人的控制组,也就是没有癌症的人。” 分别在欧洲和美国进行的研究发现,饮用大量咖啡的人罹患口腔和喉头癌的风险较低。 哈希贝医生说:“我们发现每天喝4杯以上的咖啡,会产生预防效果,将风险降低百分之40。我们没有在每天喝3杯或不到3杯咖啡的人身上看到这种效果。” 哈希贝医生指出,喝无咖啡因咖啡的效果比较小,不过差别不大。另外,他们并没有发现任何据,明喝茶也有同样效果。 哈希贝说,至于咖啡如何能够保护饮用的人不患某些癌症,还不清楚。 “我们已经知道,咖啡里有一些抗氧化的化学成分。因此我们想,也许是这些物质对预防某些癌症发挥了作用。”如果这些物质能够被分离出来,也许有一天,我们就能有治疗癌症的药可用了。但是对咖啡爱好者来说,是再来一杯咖啡。201007/108435。

UK Plans Migration CrackdownIt's time to get tough on people trying to get into the country - that's according to the new immigration minister. Phil Woolas is calling for a cut in the number of migrants allowed into the UK, as Sky's David Bowden reports. In the reshuffle, the Prime Minister has put me in change of the immigration policy? Phil Woolas’ appointment as Immigration Minister ruffled a few feathers amongst pro-immigration campaigners, and his latest comments would have done nothing to ease their worries. Out and about in his Oldham constituency, the minister laid out his argument/ for curbing the number of people who are allowed to settle in this country. Mindful of the race riots which scarred Oldham in 2001. I think we have to, as a country, talk about immigration, not talking about it is what led to the problems in my constituency 7 years ago. The lesson of that was that we have to talk about it. We have to do so, in a mature way and a non-discriminatory way, informed by facts, but we have to talk about it. Among the voters of Oldham, Mr. Woolas' views seem to chime.We need to know how many people are coming, and how many people are living in this country, I think he is doing the right thing.we can't get jobs and there is too many people, so I think, definitely, this is something required about that.If you come in and made the effort to come here, then you should be working, not just to live off and feed off the benefit and everything we've got. We have worked for that. So I don't think it's fair that people should be coming in the end, just living off benefits, they should be working, there should be a limit and restriction.But immigration-support groups are concerned. The government's stance is the thin end of an unworkable wedge.There are large number of skills in this country, which we cannot fill from, within the indigenous population, or the European Economic Area. And those people, they are gonna have to come in from outside. We are a trading nation.The Home Office says it's points-based system, similar to that used in Australia, will allow flexible migration. And if it had been up and running last year, 12% fewer migrant workers would have been allowed in. The system is complex and covers a number of skills. For example, a highly skilled migrant who wants to settle permanently in the UK needs to score a total of 75 points or more from a series of categories.Education is important. If you've got a PhD, you will score 50 points. But a bachelor's degree is only worth 30. Age plays a big part, too. The younger, the better. Those who are under 28 get 20 points. If you are over 31, you get nothing. High earners, too, are valued. Those earning the equivalent of 40,000 pounds or more a year get 45 points. But less pay means fewer points, just 5 is the lowest category.With recession around the corner and unemployment rising, the government is acutely aware that doing nothing to curb immigration would leave it open to the accusation that British jobs were being snapped up by foreign workers.David Bowden, Sky News.参考中文翻译:根据新的移民部长所说——是时候严加管理试图来英国的人口的时候了。Phil Woolas呼吁减少来英国的移民数量。Sky新闻的David Bowden报道。在重组过程中,首相任命我来修改移民政策。任命Phil Woolas为移民部长惹怒了一些持移民活动者,他最近的言论也不能缓解他们的忧虑。在他的Oldham选区,部长发表了言论,要求控制被允许来英国定居的移民数量。竞选的闹事者2001年震惊了Oldham。我认为,作为一个国家,我们必须探讨移民的问题,并不是探讨7年前他们在我的选区导致了一系列问题。我们吸取的教训是,我们必须开诚布公的谈论这个问题。我们必须以一种成熟的,非歧视的,实事求是的方式来谈论这个问题。在Oldham的众多持者中,Woolas先生的观点似乎能引起共鸣。我们需要知道有多少人要来,现在在这个国家居住的有多少人。我认为他做的是对的。我们找不到工作,人太多了,所以,我认为,绝对需要这样做。如果你来了或者正在努力移民到这里,你必须工作,而不是享受既得利益。我们为那些付出了努力。所以我认为不公平,在我们付出努力之后,他们来享受好处,他们也应该工作,应该有一个限制。但是持移民的人也有他们的担忧。他们认为政府的决策是不可行的。我们的国家有大量的技能,而这些职位不能由本国土著居民或者欧洲地区的居民填满。所以需要从外面引入人才。我们是一个贸易型的国家。英国内政部表示,英国采取分数体系,类似于澳大利亚,允许弹性的移民。如果去年就加以限制的话,被允许进入英国的人就会减少12%。该体系很复杂,包含了很多技能。例如,如果一个高技能的移民想在英国永久定居,按照一系列标准来考核他的总分必须达到75分。教育程度也是很重要的。如果你有哲学士学位,你可以获得50分,但是学士学位仅值30分。年龄也起到很重要的作用,越年轻越好。28岁以下可以得20分,如果你超过31岁,一分也没有。赚钱多的人也比较有价值。年收入40,000英镑以上的人可以得45分。但是赚的越少意味着分数越少,5分是最低值。由于世界各地经济衰退,失业率上升,政府担心,如果不采取措施控制移民数量,会受到指控,英国的工作被外国工人抢走。200812/57872。

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the bottom part of an unknown pyramid in the Sakkara area about 18 miles south of Cairo. NationalGeographic explorer-in-residence Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities, says he believes the pyramid belonged to the Fifth Dynasty King Menkauhor who ruled from 2444 B.C. to 2436 B.C. Hawass says no one had ever excavated the pyramid and no one knew which king it contained in its tomb. The excavation revealed the substructure of a now headless pyramid. "We've found the burial chamber, and we found also the lid ofa sarcophagus, and we did not discover yet the entrance to the pyramid because it's located underneath this village. That we're planning to move this village soon to another area in the valley, the study of the stones and the sarcophagus (are) can showthat this pyramid should be a pyramid belonged to Dynasty Five. And the only missing pyramid of a king of Dynasty Five is a king called Menkauhor." Menkauhor was a relatively obscure king and was the last pharaoh to build a sun temple called Akhet-Re. Hawass added that the pyramid had been recorded in the last century by Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius, Lepsius was a German Egyptologist and a founder of modern scientific Egyptology. Vocabulary Mix:sarcophagus: n stone coffin, esp one with carvings, etc, used in ancient times200811/56171。

Health and longevity健康与寿命Long live the fat American长命百岁 美国胖子!Obesity may threaten life expectancy. Or maybe not 肥胖症不知是否会威胁人们的预期寿命Jun 30th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionAMERICA’S obesity epidemic is so called for a reason. Roughly one in three adults is obese. In 2008 close to 25m Americans were diabetic, according to a study published on June 25th. Nevertheless, Americans are living longer than ever. In 2007 the average life expectancy at birth was 78 years. This follows decades of progress. The question is whether obesity might change that. 在美国,说肥胖症流行有理有据:大约每三个成年人中就有一个是胖子。6月25日出版的一项研究结果表明,2008年,美国有近2500万糖尿病患者。然而,美国人正生活在史上最长寿的时期。2007年,初生婴儿平均预期寿命为78岁,这种进步已经持续数十年。如今的问题是肥胖症也许会改变这种进步的趋势。National progress in life expectancy masks wide local disparities, according to a study published on June 15th and written by researchers at the University of Washington and Imperial College London. Men in Holmes County, Mississippi, for example, have a life expectancy of 65.9 years, the same as men in Pakistan and 15.2 years behind men in Fairfax, Virginia. Gaps between America’s counties have widened since the early 1980s. Most alarming, 702 counties, or 30% of those studied, saw a statistically significant decline in life expectancy for women from 2000 to 2007; 251 counties saw a statistically significant decline for men.一项由华盛顿大学和伦敦皇家学院的研究人员共同执笔,并于6月15日出版的一项研究结果显示,预期寿命所取得的全国性进步掩盖了广泛的地方性差异。例如,密西西比州Holmes县男性预期寿命为65.9岁,与巴基斯坦男性相同,但要比佛吉尼亚州Fairfax 县男性少15.2岁。美国各县之间的差距从1980年代早期开始扩大。最令人担忧的是,有702个县(占研究总数的30%)的女性预期寿命在2000年至2007年间出现了大幅下降,有251个县的男性预期寿命出现大幅下降。201107/143225。

In May, President Obama told visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the ed States and Russia have an excellent opportunity to reset the bilateral relationship on many issues. 今年5月,奥巴马总统对来访的俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫表示,美国和俄罗斯现在有绝佳的机会可以在许多议题上重新设定双边关系。"…from nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation; the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; how we approach Iran; how we approach the Middle East; commercial ties between the two countries; and, how we address the financial crisis that has put such a strain on the economies of all countries around the world," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“从核武器和核扩散,阿富汗和巴基斯坦局势,如何对待伊朗,如何对待中东问题,两国间的商业关系,以及我们如何解决这使得全世界所有国家都压力沉重的金融危机,等等。”Foreign Minister Lavrov responded favorably. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫对此热切回应说:"I think we work in a very pragmatic, businesslike way, on the basis of common interests whenever our positions coincide; and, on the basis of respect to each other whenever we have disagreements, trying to narrow those disagreements for the benefit of our countries and international stability," Lavrov said.“我想,我们以一种非常实际的方式,像谈生意的方式进行合作;以我们共同利益为基础的合作。而且,当我们的意见相左时,我们彼此尊重,尝试为两国的利益和国际的稳定来缩小我们的鸿沟。”One major common interest is reducing nuclear arsenals. The U.S. and Russian presidents are to receive a progress report on a new agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Progress on START could lead to closer cooperation on other issues -- says Viktor Kremenyuk, of Moscow's USA-Canada Institute. 一个主要的共同利益是减少核武器。美国和俄罗斯总统将收到一份有关取代战略武器裁减条约的新协议进展报告。莫斯科的“美国加拿大研究所”研究员克雷门约克说,战略武器裁减条约的进展将可以导致在其他议题上进一步合作。Kremenyuk says he thinks Mr. Obama is doing the right thing in making offensive strategic weapons and a new START treaty his priority. The analyst says, if this issue can be resolved, it can open the possibility of addressing other problems -- problems such as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons -- a top U.S. foreign policy priority. Also up for grabs is the proposed missile-defense system, which Moscow strongly opposed when the Bush Administration proposed deployment in Central Europe. 他说,他认为,将攻击性战略武器和制定新的战略武器裁减条约列为优先,奥巴马总统做对了。这位分析家表示,如果这项问题能够得到解决,就有可能解决其他问题,像是防止伊朗获得核武器这类问题。伊朗获得核武器的问题是美国外交上的头号优先。其他的问题还包括拟议中的导弹防御系统。布什政府建议在中欧部署的时候,莫斯科强烈反对。Police in Russia often use force to break up opposition demonstrations, raising the question of how the Kremlin deals with dissent and human rights. Russian civic activists say the issue should be at the top of Mr. Obama's agenda, but fear it will not. 俄罗斯警察经常用武力驱散反对派示威,使得人们关切克里姆林宫究竟是怎样处理反对派和人权。俄罗斯公民活动人士表示,这项议题应该是奥巴马总统议程的优先,但是他们担心可能不是。In March, President Medvedev met in the Kremlin with former U.S. Senators Chuck Hagel and Gary Hart -- members of the bipartisan Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia. Although the commission urges Mr. Obama to raise human rights, it also recommends he respect Russia's sovereignty, history and traditions. 今年3月,俄罗斯总统在克里姆林宫会见前美国参议员哈格尔和哈特,他们俩都是美国对俄罗斯政策的两党委员会成员。虽然这个委员会敦促奥巴马总统对俄罗斯提出人权问题,但是也强调,俄罗斯的主权、历史和传统应该受到尊重。Igor Klyamkin, of the Liberal Mission Foundation in Moscow, told VOA the commission may be parroting the rhetoric of Kremlin officials, without regard for the hidden meaning of their words.莫斯科“自由任务基金会”的克雷金说,这个委员会也许在言辞上讨好克里姆林宫官员,没有提及他们言辞背后所隐藏的意思。Klyamkin says what they mean is that democracy and rule of law are alien to Russia; that its values and traditions are autocratic and authoritarian rule. The activist says, by using the same words [as the Kremlin], Americans indicate agreement with that kind of Russia.克雷金表示,他们真正的意思是,民主和法治对俄罗斯来讲是外来物,俄罗斯的价值和传统是集权和集权统治。这位活动人士说,借着使用和克里姆林宫一样的言辞,美国暗示和那样的俄罗斯意见一致。Viktor Kremenyuk agrees his country must democratize, if it is to modernize its economy. But he says outside pressure could be counterproductive. 克雷门约克同意,俄罗斯如果要将经济现代化,必须民主化。但是他也表示,外来的压力只会产生反效果。Kremenyuk says the idea of democratization has not had much of a response in Russia; it has not gotten through to ordinary people or to those in power. He adds that to demand observance of certain rules under such conditions will look like fundamental interference in the internal affairs of Russia. 克雷门约克说:“民主化这个想法在俄罗斯并没有太多的回应。这个想法并没有在一般人或权力阶层生根。”他并且补充说,在这样的情况下要求对特定的统治进行监督,将会使人看起来像是对俄罗斯内部事务的根本干涉。A report by the U.S. Russia Commission says Moscow's war with Georgia and its pressure on Ukraine have been troubling, but cautions against making the region a political battlefield that could have dangerous unintended consequences. Igor Klyamkin says an authoritarian Russia has an interest in an unstable Ukraine, to demonstrate that democracy does not work. Klyamkin says that approach encourages preservation of an authoritarian regime in Russia, which does not correspond with the country's national interests.During the American presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said the ed States should not shy away from pushing for more democracy and transparency in Russia. How hard he pushes as president should become clear when he visits the country, next month.07/76197。

Despite economy, Nike soars Nike has seen its third-quarter income leap by 32% compared to a year agoIt looks like the weakening US economy is not weighing on Nike whatsoever. The athletic apparel giant out with its earnings late last night after the closing bell and they did shock---profit up 32% from the same period a year ago. That is for its fiscal third quarter.Now the stock got such a pop-off that it did have to suspend trading for just a bit. So what is helping Nike, is it the US? No, not really. The stock is up almost 7% right now. But again, those gains not in the US. It did see a respectable 5% increase in sales here in the US, but those gains were overseas--- in Europe, sales up 23%; in Asia, sales up 27% . Now, of course, the Olympics in Beijing are coming up. Nike is doing a lot to prepare for that. Nike doesn’t always sponsor the Olympics but it of course does work with a number of those top Olympic athletes. So some great news out for Nike, the stock is benefiting from it. Here back up again, close to that 52-week high that we saw back in November, looks like it could top that now after this news.Notes:Weigh on: to exert influence01/60356。

American veterans美国退役士兵A hard homecoming归途漫漫Budget battles and a stagnant economy greet Americarsquo;s soldiers as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan美国士兵从战火纷飞的伊拉克和阿富汗回到家乡后,迎接他们的是对预算案的争吵和停滞不前的经济BRETT QUINZON did two tours in Iraq before leaving active duty in May. Originally from Minnesota, Mr Quinzon now lives in Thomaston, a small town around 65 miles south of Atlanta. A grey December morning found him filling out forms in Atlantarsquo;s large veteransrsquo; hospital, seeking treatment for depression. Since returning from Iraq, he says he has ;more anger issues;, and finds himself ;more watchful and on-guard in public situations; than he was before he deployed. That is not unusual: many soldiers return from the battlefield with psychological scars. Between January and May, as he prepared to leave active duty, Mr Quinzon applied for hundreds of jobs. The search proved difficult: like many veterans, he enlisted right after high-school, and lacks a college degree. But persistence paid off. He is now an apprentice at a heating and air-conditioning company, and is being trained as a heavy-equipment operator.布雷特.昆士昂在今年5月退役前,曾先后两次赴伊作战。现在,他从老家明尼苏达搬到了离亚特兰大南部65公里的小镇托马斯顿居住。本月中的一天早晨,天空阴沉灰暗,有人在亚特兰大一家大型退伍士兵医院中看到了昆士昂的身影。当时他正在填写表格,因心理抑郁前来寻求治疗。从硝烟弥漫的伊拉克回到美国后,他觉得自己变得;容易暴躁;,并发现在公共场合中,变得警惕,拘谨得多。出现这样的问题并不意外,许多从战场上归来的退役士兵心理上都有阴影。今年1月到5月,在昆士昂准备退役期间,曾寄出了数百封求职信。像许多退伍老兵一样,他高中一毕业就参军入伍,没有大学文凭。所以对他而言,求职的过程显得艰难异常,但不懈的坚持终于换来了回报。现在,他正在一家冷热设备制造公司实习,岗位是重型机械操作员。Not all recent veterans are so lucky. Around 800,000 veterans are jobless, 1.4m live below the poverty line, and one in every three homeless adult men in America is a veteran. Though the overall unemployment rate among Americarsquo;s 21m veterans in November (7.4%) was lower than the national rate (8.6%), for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan it was 11.1%. And for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24, it was a staggering 37.9%, up from 30.4% just a month earlier.不是所有最近退役的士兵都像昆士昂那样幸运,能找到份工作。目前在美国,大约八十万退伍兵处于失业状态;生活在贫困线以下的退役士兵有一百四十万人;每三个成年无家可归者中就有一个是退伍兵。在十一月的调查中发现,在美国两千一百万退伍兵里,总失业率为7.4%。这一比例确实要比全国失业率的8.6%要低。但从伊拉克和阿富汗战场上回到国内的退役士兵,失业率却为11.1%。而年龄在18到24岁的退役士兵,失业率已从10月的30.4%激增到11月的37.9%。If demography is indeed destiny, perhaps this figure should not be surprising. More soldiers are male than female, and the male jobless rate exceeds womenrsquo;s. Since so many soldiers lack a college degree, the fact that the recession has been particularly hard on the less educated hits veterans disproportionately. Large numbers of young veterans work;or worked;in stricken industries such as manufacturing and construction. Whatever the cause, this bleak trend is occurring as the last American troops leave Iraq at the end of this year, and as more than 1m new veterans are expected to join the civilian labour force over the next four years.如果说年龄结构决定失业率高低的话,大概下面的数字应该不会让人惊奇。男性士兵的人数要大于女性士兵的人数。理所当然,男性退伍士兵的失业率也要比女性退伍士兵高。因为许多士兵并未获得过大学文凭,事实上,经济衰退对受教育程度较差的士兵打击非常大。很大一部分年轻的退伍士兵,现在或曾经在受到了严重的冲击的领域,如制造业和建筑业中工作。无论原因为何,受教育越少,在经济衰退中受打击越大,这一形势将伴随着最后一批美国参战士兵在今年年底离开伊拉克,回到美国。未来四年间,将有超过一百万的新退伍士兵将涌入民政劳动力市场。And of course it is also occurring in fiscally straitened times, though it looks as though this will affect veteransrsquo; services less than other parts of the federal government. Though there have been some small fee increases for veterans covered by Tricare, the military health-insurance programme, significant cuts to veteransrsquo; benefits are unlikely, and for good reason. Military pay is far from generous, and the benefits are comprehensive but hardly gold-plated or easy to navigate. Not for nothing is a popular online forum for veterans wending their way through the bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) called HadIt.com.尽管看上去预算紧缺对联邦政府其它项目的影响要大于对退役士兵所享务的影响,但随着大量劳动力的涌入,伴随而来的还有预算紧张。虽然对于加入军队健康保险计划Tricare的退役士兵来,付费用有小幅上调,但大幅削减退伍士兵的待遇是不可能的。说起来军队待遇远说不上慷慨,各种津贴林林总总,但数额都不大,得到也绝非易事。为津贴是一个热门在线论坛,帮助退役士兵如何在退伍士兵事务部(简称VA)办理各项事宜。该网站叫HadIt.com(受够了.com)不是没有原因的。166309。