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江西省南昌/做激光脱毛多少钱南昌/做整形去哪家医院好Asian markets showing strength For some investors, Asian market reaction to Wall Street's tumble is worth watching. CNN's Hugh Riminton reports.Asian markets opened with a predictable plunge and blunt predictions on the streets. I think we are gonna have big financial problems for at least two years.Banks took the early pressure, Australia’s Prime Minister going public to address investors. Australia’s major banks which represent 85% of the Australian banking system, uh, that these are in good order, that they are weathering the financial crisis well. If I will regulate it, and I will capitalize it, that remains its situation.With a late hit to commodity stocks, Australia finished down more than 4%, as did Japan. We investors in Japan think the financial trouble in the US links so strongly to us, we won’t get in a positive mindset until an emergency bailout planned is forth through. But so found some resilience through bank on short selling, and Hong Kong bounced back. In Hong Kong, one seasoned trader says the market is still rating it a 50-50 chance that Congress will still salvage a bailout bill, implication of that is that if they don’t, these markets still have further to fall. But after the Hang Seng index tumbled 5% in the first 5 minutes, Hong Kong’s oldest working trader was seeing up some. Do you think this is a buying opportunity?Very good, the opportunity to buy …The market agreed, recouping all of those lost early losses to close the day ahead, the only market in Asia to do so. So has Asia now shown a fundamental strength? Some believe it has.Asian banking system in the last 12 months have not needed to be supported, nationalized, injected, or privatized or otherwise interfered with either by the central banks or the Asian governments. The Asian banking systems are absolutely sound, alive and kicking. Maybe, but would you put your house …Hugh Riminton, CNN, Hong Kong.200810/54020南昌中心医院激光除皱手术多少钱 Are You Poisoning Your Pet? The top "people foods" you should never feed your pet. Everyone knows is chocolate is bad to your pets, but you may be surprised some of the other people foods that not only bad for your animals could also kill them. GMA now, the veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker joins us again for some of the worst human foods you can feed you pet rather. But first stop, we want to meet two friends of human society of New York. This is Mea. What ‘s this little guys name? A Tellay.Tellay, both are production.They are friends. They are, so cute. Never seen too a little dog get, you know, get along so well. This guy understands fall 13 pennies?Well, a lot of dogs have pike up /, strange things and again that, they tell not the pass pennies, anything like that. So that’s a medical emergency, the owner, you know, had abandoned this dog because of throw the penny through, they did a life surgery there and thus for adoption. Make no sense to me. Dr. Becker.You want to see your Mama?Better pints. If you like to adopt these cuties, human society of New York. Thank you so much. OK. Let’s get to it. So chocolate, first thing first, it’s the first thing we think of foods that can potentially, you know, kill our pets.Not all chocolates are created equal. First of all, the chocolates are bad. Why chocolates so mussles and //. // is like café, if you think like that. But for dogs if eat chocolate, it causes increased increase heart rate , increased respiration, seizures, even death. (really). Now for dog chocolate only takes one ounce for a ten pounds dogs to cause problems, milk chocolates 10 ounces for a 10-pound dog, white chocolate which is basically sugar and butter surely no problem at all. Now lets move on. You mentioned on coffee. Coffee and caffeine are products, I don’t know if it cause the same harmony pets. Even two or three coffee beans can cause problem to a pet, and again, we can light the coffee jell, you know in starbuck. Get old days and star heart raise stuff, but it’s not good for pets, and again you just got do never leave something like that down, do never leave they can get that because they like that kind of aroma speice flavor of coffee. So don’t have them down.This is short mean, macadamia nut. I have no idea. We have, you know, I go to Hawaii, bring them home, and certain recipes you have, here is the thing they do, they can cause dime and rear or weakness and seizures, but they cause a immix a rear like paralysis, just like the dogs can put its has found put injury. Really? It happens 12 hours after they eat the macadamia nuts, within 40 hours they’re walking stiff 72 hours they recovered. There’s acid been pets has been used people found them no longer walk, when they find, they can just, just macadamia nuts. So, don’t let them run around cords or something, just keep some place quiet if they happen to enjesosed. Ok, we’ll keep it all quiet or bring it to Mom. OK, shocking, gumOh, guts.Gum’s no good.This is a big problem. Its polotica xylitol, and xylitol is something that’s a // lot of sugar with gums, other candies stuffs as well. Main gums. Just two little tiny pieces of this gum can cause a problem for every size of a dog. What it does cause a mass of lise seimi low blood sugar. So the pets can become weak, they becoming people may think that kind of drunk within several days the accident goes to livery failures. So this stuff don’t leave it in your purse and set down there, it will, you know, get the dog in the car, it can seek your purse. (all right.) don’t leave it in table. Keep that stuff just like it’s a poison. I’ve heard about this before. I’ve never give my dog frozen grapes. Apparently, it’s a bad idea. So I’ve never got never did it. You know. Well, a lot of people like it, because they like the texture of it. For one thing, you like to cool the stuff. We even don’t know what it causes the problem with this. We don’t know how many it takes to cause the problem, but what it does grapes and raisins cause kidney failure. Use it two to three days after turn gestion. And it is what common causes for annual poison petrol. What get it, you know, though some go grocery shopping, the grapes settle grape two to three days later their kidney failure. So again no foods are contain raisins either. Avocados can harm your pet.Avocados are big problem for birds and small animals rotons. What avocados cause accumulates the fluid around on the lungs, accumulation the fluid on the heart. And it’s actually, you know, inside is not just, it’s just leaves, it’s in the skin, it’s in the fruit self. And so that’s just tables of you have birds or small animals.Birds and small animals, yeah, dogs, you’re saying OK?It’s actually ok for dogs.And cats, OK. 200810/53538High-Level Negotiations on WTO Global Trade Pact to ResumeWTO全球贸易谈判将重新启动Trade ministers from over 35 countries have agreed to resume high level negotiations later this month to break a deadlock that has jeopardized efforts to clinch a global trade pact. The U.S. trade representative says the global economic crisis has made it imperative to move ahead with a new trade deal.来自35个国家的贸易部长们星期五决定在本月重新启动高层谈判,打破僵局,争取签署一份全球性贸易协议。美国贸易代表柯克说,全球经济危机是促使新的贸易谈判重新开始的主要因素。The chief negotiators of World Trade Organization members will meet in Geneva starting September 14 to grapple with issues that brought about the collapse of global trade talks last year.世界贸易组织成员国的首席谈判代表将于9月14日起聚首日内瓦就导致去年全球贸易谈判失败的相关议题进行讨论。The agreement to resume high level talks on what is called the "Doha Round" came in New Delhi Friday following a two-day "informal meeting" of trade ministers from over 35 key countries.来自35个重要国家的贸易部长们在印度出席为期两天的非正式会议,并于星期五达成共识,决定重新启动世贸组织高层谈判,也就是所谓的“多哈回合”。Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma called it a "breakthrough," and said there was a unanimous affirmation of the need to clinch a new trade deal. 印度商业和工业部长阿南德.夏尔马(Anand Sharma)称这个决定是一个“突破”,他说,各国一致认为有必要达成新的全球贸易协议。"There has been a breakthrough in this meeting. If I can use this expression, the impasse in resuming the negotiations has been broken," he said.“这次会议有一个突破性的发展。加入我能这么说的话,那就意味着先前妨碍恢复谈判的僵局已经被打破。”India hosted the meet in a bid to revive the stalled trade talks.印度主办这次会议就是希望重新启动停摆的多哈回合贸易谈判。The main issues holding up the trade pact are worries by developing countries that liberalized trade could adversely impact the livelihood of millions of poor farmers, who may not be able to compete with cheap food imports from developed countries. Proposals to eliminate tariffs entirely on some industrial goods are also a contentious issue.多哈谈判暂停的主因是一些发展中国家担心贸易自由化会给他们国内数百万贫穷农户的生计带来负面影响,由于发达国家粮食价格低廉,这些贫穷的农户生产的粮食可能无法和从发达国家进口的粮食竞争。有关完全取消部分工业产品关税的计划也是一项有争议性的议题。The Indian trade minister expressed optimism that a deal will be struck by next year.印度商业和工业部长对谈判前景表示乐观,认为协议会在明年达成。U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, who attended the New Delhi meeting, however warned that "hard work" remains to be done because WTO members have not yet found common ground. He says "substance and content" will drive the process - not setting a deadline.不过,参加新德里会议的美国贸易代表罗恩.柯克(Ron Kirk)警告,“艰难的任务”仍有待完成,世界贸易组织成员国之间尚未取得共识。他说,具体讨论的“重点”和“内容”才是过程中的关键,而不是设定一个最后期限。Kirk called on big developing countries like India and China, whose economies are growing rapidly, to do more to open their markets to free trade.柯克呼吁像印度和中国这样的大型发展中国家,其经济增长快速,应该更加开放他们的市场,实行贸易自由化。"All of us, but particularly those countries, that have the ability to make a contribution to the world's economy, including the advanced developing economies of India, Brazil, China and South Africa have I think an added responsibility to make the tough decisions in order to bring Doha to a successful conclusion," he said.“我们大家都有责任,但特别是那些有能力为世界经济作出大贡献的国家,包括先进的发展中国家印度、巴西、中国和南非,我认为他们更有责任为成功完成多哈回合谈判作出一些艰难的决定。”The U.S. trade representative says the global economic crisis should push countries to conclude a new trade deal, which could help to pull the world out of a recession.美国贸易代表说,全球经济危机应该会促使各国达成一个新的贸易协议,这个协议将有助于带动世界走出衰退。But a huge rally by thousands of farmers in New Delhi on Thursday calling on the government to "ditch Doha" symbolized the political problems that may lie ahead for developing countries in striking a deal.不过,数千名农民在会议期间走上新德里街头要求政府放弃多哈回合,这显示发展中国家在跟发达国家达成贸易协议的过程中可能不得不面对很多政治问题。The Doha talks began in 2001 with the aim of liberalizing trade, and lifting millions of people out of poverty by giving a boost to global commerce.多哈回合谈判始于2001年,目的是通过贸易自由化和刺激全球商贸来帮助数以百万计的穷人摆脱贫困。09/83398南昌华夏医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

南昌/武警医院点痣多少钱President Barack Obama is mounting an all-out push for U.S. Senate ratification of the New START nuclear treaty with Russia, calling it crucial for U.S. national security. The president summoned a bipartisan group of former White House officials to help efforts to gain ratification before the end of the year.奥巴马总统正在全力推动参议院批准美国与俄罗斯签署的新的《削减战略武器条约》。奥巴马称这一条约对美国国家安全至关重要。奥巴马总统召集了由前白宫官员组成的一个跨党派小组,努力促成这项条约在今年年底前获得批准。Seated with the president were Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Democratic chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry and Richard Lugar.与奥巴马总统坐在一起的有副总统拜登、国务卿克林顿,以及民主党主席克里和参议院外交关系委员会的资深共和党人卢格。Also there were former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, James Baker and Henry Kissinger, former defense secretaries William Cohen and William Perry, former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft and former Senator Sam Nunn.在场的还有前国务卿奥尔布赖特、贝克和基辛格,前国防部长科恩和佩里,前国家安全顾问斯考克罗夫特以及前参议员纳恩。Calling ratification a national security imperative, the president said failure to do so would endanger the entire U.S.-Russian verification framework.奥巴马称批准美俄核军控条约是美国国家安全的当务之急。他说,如果条约得不到批准的话,将威胁到整个美俄的核查体制。"If we do not, then we do not have a verification regime. No inspectors, no insights into Russia's strategic arsenal, no framework for cooperation between the world's two nuclear superpowers."奥巴马说:“如果我们没有这么做,那么我们就没有了核查体制。没有检查员无法洞察俄罗斯的战略核武库,更无法在世界上两个核超级大国间建立合作框架。”201011/118638南昌/哪个整容医院磨颧骨好 OPEC Output Cuts Roil Stock Markets欧佩克将减产石油 股市再猛跌  OPEC will cut its oil output by 1.5 million barrels a day starting in November, with chances of more cuts to come. But the announcement was met by a further drop by financial markets. 欧佩克将自11月份起每天减少150万桶的石油产量,之后有可能进一步减产。但是金融市场却有更大的跌幅。OPEC hopes that by cutting output it can put a break on diving oil prices that have been dramatic in recent weeks. Crude oil is selling for 50 percent less than earlier in the year.  欧佩克希望借由减少石油产量来控制最近几周急剧下滑的油价。原油价格比今年早些时候下跌了50%。The decision to cut output came during an emergency meeting in Vienna. Speaking to reporters afterwards, OPEC's president, Algerian oil minister Chakib Khelil, blamed the low oil prices on a drop in demand and on the current financial crisis.  这个决定是在维也纳召开的紧急会议中作出的。欧佩克主席、阿尔及利亚石油部长克利勒在会后对记者表示,油价下跌的根源是需求减少以及目前的金融危机。"There are companies that are not able to pay for the oil," he said. "So it's not the effect on the financial market, it's the effect of the financial market on the supply. If your buyers are not going to be able to get credits from the banks, they are not going to be able to even buy the crude." 他说:“有的公司不能付石油开。所以这不是影响金融市场的因素,事实上,金融市场影响了石油供应。如果你的买家不再能够从那里获得信贷,他们根本无法购买原油。”Khelil said OPEC may meet again before the cartel's planned gathering in Algeria in December and it may cut prices yet again before the year is out. At the moment, OPEC is actually producing beyond its a of 29 million barrels a day. If it meets its a and the planned cuts take place it would end up pumping about 1.8 million fewer barrels of oil a day.  克利勒表示,欧佩克成员国12月份按计划在阿尔及利亚集会,但之前可能还会再次会面,而且在今年年底前可能还会减少石油产量。在目前,欧佩克的实际石油产量超过它一天2千9百万桶的配额。如果欧佩克按照配额量产油,再加上减产措施的实施,最终每天石油产量会减少180万桶。Any hopes of an immediate reaction on the world financial markets were dashed. Stock markets plummeted Friday, as fears of recession continue to sp. 这个减产措施会立刻反映在世界金融市场上的希望渺茫。由于唯恐经济衰退会持续扩散,股市在星期五严重下跌。200810/53929南昌/丰胸哪家医院好

南昌全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市鼻翼整形多少钱Back in the nation's capital, the debate over health care reform is ratcheting up. The House of Representatives might vote on its health care bill this weekend. And yesterday, that bill, which has been backed primarily by House Democrats, picked up the support of two big groups: AARP and the AMA. AARP is the country's largest organization of older Americans. The group's head says the house bill meets AARP's goals when it comes to health care reform. The AMA, or American Medical Association, is one of the nation's most influential medical groups. It said the bill doesn't represent its views perfectly, but it's close enough to earn the AMA's support. Many people, including most House Republicans, are opposed to the .1 trillion bill. Yesterday, they held a rally at the U.S. Capitol to speak out against it. One of their main criticisms is that the public option that's included in the bill is basically a government takeover of the country's health care system. Republicans have offered their own proposals, but they've been rejected by Democrats, who are in the majority in the House. Yesterday, leaders from both parties spoke out against each other's plans. REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R) HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: This weekend, the House of Representatives is likely to vote on Pelosi-care. This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I have seen in the 19 years I have been here in Washington. Taking away your freedom to choose your doctor. REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE SPEAKER: Anything you need to know about the difference between the Democratic bill and the Republican bill is that the Republicans do not end health insurance companies' discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. Let that stand. That's scandalous, the fact that it exists. I don't understand why we have not heard the American people who have said that pre-existing conditions should not be a source of discrimination.11/88621 At the White House, President Obama also introduced reporters to his nominee for budget director, Jacob Lew.The Deputy Secretary of State had been budget director under former President Bill Clinton. "If there was a hall of fame for budget directors, then Jack Lew surely would have earned a place for his service in that role under President Clinton, when he helped balance the federal budget after years of deficits," said the president.If he is confirmed by the Senate to the Cabinet-level post, Lew would inherit a deficit of more than trillion for the first three-quarters of this fiscal year, with more deficits to come.Mr. Obama said shrinking that shortfall would be the top priority for his new budget director. "Jack's challenge over the next few years is to use his extraordinary skill and experience to cut down that deficit and put our nation back on a fiscally responsible path. And I have the utmost faith in his ability to achieve this goal as a central member of our economic team," he said.Lew would replace Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag, who is stepping down this month.The president made the announcements as a new opinion poll shows public confidence in him has sunk to a new low. The survey, conducted by The Washington Post newspaper and A News, shows that almost 60 percent of U.S. voters say they lack faith in Mr. Obama's ability to lead the nation. It also says that only 43 percent of voters approve of the president's handling of the nation's economy.美国总统奥巴马星期二说,他已经在参议院获得足够多的持通过金融改革法案。奥巴马说,几位反对派共和党议员和保守派民主党议员已同意持该法案。 奥巴马总统说,参议院民主党现在已有他们所需的60票,足以通过金融改革法案,以迫使美国大型金融公司改变他们的经营方式。 他说:“三位共和党参议员已抛开政治和党派分歧,来持金融改革。我感谢他们的决定以及所有为实现金融改革而努力的民主党人。” 奥巴马说,这项法案将通过加强对华尔街的监管来防止另一场金融危机。人们普遍将导致目前全球经济衰退的2008年金融危机归咎于对金融业的监管不力。 共和党参议员奥林匹亚·斯诺、苏珊·柯林斯和斯科特·布朗宣布持该法案。另外,之前对该法案表示担忧的保守派民主党议员本·尼尔森也宣布持法案。 奥巴马总统在白宫还向记者介绍了他提名担任预算局局长的雅各布·卢。 现任国务院副国务卿的雅各布·卢曾担任前总统克林顿的预算局局长。奥巴马总统说:“如果有一个预算局局长名人堂的话,雅各布·卢肯定名列其中,他在担任克林顿总统的预算局局长时帮助联邦政府在经过多年赤字后平衡了预算。” 如果卢的提名获得参议院确认,他将接手本财政年度头三个季度超过1万亿美元的赤字,以及今后进一步增加的财政赤字。 奥巴马说,削减赤字将是新任预算局局长的首要任务。他说:“雅各布在接下来几年面临的挑战是利用他卓越的才能和经验来削减赤字,使国家回到财政上负责的道路上来。雅各布作为我们经济团队的中心成员,我对他完成此目标的能力充满信心。” 雅各布·卢将接替本月将辞职的白宫行政管理和预算局局长彼得·欧尔萨格。 奥巴马宣布新的预算局局长人选之际,一项新的民意调查显示,公众对总统的信心降至新低。这项由《华盛顿邮报》和美国广播公司联合进行的民意调查显示,有近60%的美国选民说,他们对奥巴马领导国家的能力缺乏信心。民调还说,只有43%的选民持奥巴马处理经济问题的做法。201007/109166南昌市第九医院割双眼皮多少钱南昌/同济整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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