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南昌/同济整形美容医院日晒斑怎么样南昌二院吸脂手术多少钱吉安万安县安福县永新县峡江县点痣多少钱 Its winter where I live…and a lot of trees have lost their leaves!我居住的地方现在是冬天,许多树的叶子已经脱落了!The leaves turned brown, or yellow, red, and even purple and then they fell off the trees.叶子先变成棕色、黄色、红色甚至变成紫色,然后从树上掉下来。But some trees are still green!但是有些树仍是绿色的!In fact, it seems like these trees dont ever turn brown—they stay green all of the time!事实上,这些树叶似乎从未变成过棕色,它们的颜色一直都是绿色!Thats why we have a special name for these kinds of trees...evergreens!因此这些树有个特殊的名称——常青树!Depending on where you live, you might have some well-known evergreens in your neighborhood.你可能会在住所附近发现一些著名的常青树。These include pine, fir, and spruce.这些树木包括松树、冷杉和云杉。These trees are easiest to recognize by their leaves. And yes!根据叶子识别这些树木很容易。是这样的!Those thin, pointy, things on these trees are actually their leaves!树上那些薄薄的、尖尖的东西确实是它们的叶子!We usually call them needles, because thats what these leaves look like!我们通常把它们称作针叶,因为那些叶子长的就像针一样!Some needles are long and soft, and others are short and sharp.有些针叶长而柔软,有些针叶短而尖锐。When needles get old, they do fall from the tree, but usually just a few at a time,当针叶变老后,它们会从树上落下来,但通常一次只会落下一些,and the tree grows new ones very quickly.并且新的叶子很快就能长出来。So the trees stay green all year round.所以这些树全年都是绿绿的。Now, even though needles dont look like the leaves on other trees,虽然这些针叶看起来与其他叶子不一样,they have the same job — to catch sunlight.但是它们的功能是一样的——都能捕捉阳光。The tree then uses the sunlight to make energy. And energy helps the tree grow!树木利用阳光来产生能量,并且利用这些能量帮助它们生长!Of course, evergreen trees also need lots of water, just like most other plants.当然,和大多数植物一样,常青树也需要大量的水分。But in many places, rain doesnt fall very often during the winter.但在许多地方,冬天下雨的次数很少。And trees cant use the water thats frozen into ice and snow.并且树木不能吸收冰或雪状的水。So a tree needs to hold on to the water inside it, for as long as it can.所以树木必须得尽可能长时间的自己储水。And the thin needles you find on evergreens help keep the water inside those trees,常青树上的针叶能够帮助那些树木储水,because theyre covered with a thin layer of stuff thats kind of like wax.因为它们外面覆盖了一层薄薄的,像蜡一样的东西。This waxy layer helps trap water inside the needles, so the tree doesnt dry out.这种蜡状层有助于锁住针叶里面的水分,所以树木不会干枯。Another thing you might know about pine, spruce, and fir trees is that they make these neat little things called cones.你可能了解到的关于松树、云杉和冷杉的另外一件事是,它们产生的平滑小果实叫做球果。Cones can be big...or very small...and even colorful!球果可大可小,甚至是五缤纷的!A cones job is to make the seeds that will someday grow into new trees!球果的作用就是生产种子,这些种子有一天可能会成为一棵新的树木!In fact, if you look deep inside a pine cone, youll see the seeds inside.事实上,如果你看到松果的深处,你会看见里面的种子。These seeds are a tasty snack for animals like squirrels, chipmunks, and birds.这些种子是松鼠,花栗鼠和鸟类等动物的美味小吃。And evergreens that have cones also have a special name.能产生球果的常青树也有一个特殊的名字。This group of plants is called conifers.这类植物叫做针叶树。The name has the word ;cone; right in it!这个名字里面正好有个;cone;!And pine, spruce, and fir arent the only conifers out there!松树,云杉和冷杉不是唯一的针叶树。Some of the biggest conifers in the world are known as giant sequoia trees.世界上最大的针叶树中数巨红杉最为著名。Giant Sequoias live in the Western ed States, and they live up to their name—巨红杉生长在美国的西部地区,并且它们名至实归――because they can grow to be enormous.因为它们可以长成参天大树。Many of these trees are wide enough to drive a car through.许多这类树木足够宽,一辆汽车都能穿过。One of these trees is almost eighty four meters tall, and about eleven meters wide.有一颗树高达近84米,宽达约11米。It even has a name: General Sherman.它甚至有个名字,叫做雪曼将军树。And scientists say that, while its not the tallest tree in the world,科学家说,尽管它不是世界上最高的树木,its the biggest, heaviest tree overall.但它却是全世界最大,最重的树木。Trees like General Sherman grow to be so big, because they live for a really long time.像雪曼将军树这样的树之所以能长的如此高大,是因为它们活地很久。Some sequoias can live for over three thousand years,有些红杉可以存活三千年,making them some of the oldest living things on the planet.这使得它们成为地球上最古老的生物之一。Now, you might see lots of pictures or drawings of conifers in cold and snowy places.现在,你可能在寒冷有雪的地方看到过许多针叶树的照片或者绘画。But they dont only grow where its cold!但是针叶树不止生长在寒冷的地方!Some of the most common plants in hot, dry places are conifers, too—like the cedar and the cypress.在炎热干燥的地方,一些最常见的植物就是针叶树,如雪松和柏树。And many evergreens in these places have a different kind of leaf.生长在这些地方的常青树它们的叶子也不一样。Instead of being thin and pointy like a needle, cedar leaves are thin and flat.雪松的叶子是薄而平滑的,并非像针叶树的叶子一样薄而尖。This kind of leaf is called a scale, and they do seem a little like the thin and flat scales of a fish.这种叶子被称为鳞片,它们看起来确实有点像鱼的扁平鳞片。Just like needles, scales help the evergreen save water, so it can stay green even when its very dry.就像针叶一样,鳞片有助于常青树储存水分,所以即使天气干燥,树木也能保持常青。Okay, lets talk about one more evergreen.好了,让我们再谈谈另一种常青树。This one is known for its broad, flat leaves and brightly colored berries.这种树因它宽大扁平的叶子和五颜六色的浆果而著称。Right you are, Squeaks! Its holly!没错,Squeaks!它就是冬青树!Holly is an evergreen with leaves that are often dark green and prickly around the edges.冬青树是一种常青树,它的叶子通常是暗绿色的,叶子边缘布满了刺。And just like needles, holly leaves have a shiny coating on them that helps them save water when its dry.并且就像针叶一样,冬青树的叶子上面有一层有光亮的涂层,当天气干燥时,这些涂层有助于储水。Holly is not a conifer, so it doesnt make cones.冬青树不是针叶树,所以它不会结球果。Instead, the seeds of holly plants are found inside the berries.相反的是,冬青植物的种子在浆果里面。Although the most famous kinds of holly have red berries,尽管最著名的冬青树结出的浆果是红色的,some holly plants make berries that are white, orange, or even black.但有一些冬青植物结出的浆果是白色的,橘色的,甚至是黑色的。So even when its wintertime, many kinds of trees keep their green!所以即使冬天来了,有些植物还是绿色的!Heres hoping you get outside and have a chance to see some of these excellent evergreens this winter!这个冬天,我希望你能出去走走,看看那些出色的常青树!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids!感谢您收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a question about something in the world around you?你对周边的世界存有什么疑问吗?If so, ask a grownup to help you leave a comment down below, or send us an e-mail to kids@scishow.com!如果有,让大人帮你在下面留言,或者发邮件到kids@scishow.com!Thanks! See ya next time.谢谢观看!我们下次再见。201707/516158南昌/哪里有祛痣的

南昌妇幼保健医院去疤多少钱This would have been the hold for the ship,but today with the sea washing in and out,这应该就是船舱 但随着海水的冲刷its effectively created a giant aquarium,a haven for sea life.这里变成了巨大的水族馆 一个海洋生物的避难所Quite an eerie feel to it, this place.Thats a crab.Try to get him out.好诡异啊 小螃蟹 抓住了There will be loads of these living down here,but you know, I dont want to eat this raw.这儿会有很多他的同伴 但它这样 我可不敢生吃I have done it before. Ended up sick.Its gonna be full of parasites.我以前试过 结果病了一场 这家伙身上肯定长满了寄生虫Finding something alive in the engine room is a good indicator that the water is not polluted.在发动机舱找到生物是个好兆头 说明这里的水没有被污染Theres an octopus clinging onto the hull.See if we can get him out of here.There you go.这里有只章鱼吸附在船身上 看看能不能把它揪下来 行了See, hes clinging on with all his tentacles.看 它是用触角来吸附在物体上的Thats how he grips but hes got a beak in the center of it There. You want to watch out for him.You can get a nasty nasty bite, that.也靠触角来抓住东西 但它身体中间有一个喙 就是这里 碰上它你可得小心了 被它咬上一口可不是好玩的But hes gonna be good to eat.You see the eyes there.但它可以生吃 看到这里的眼睛了吗Quick way of killing this,bite straight between them sever the nerves.Okay.快速弄死它的方法 就是在两眼中间咬一口 切断它的神经 好了You know, you can just munch on the tentacles of this,just like that. Its gonna be tough as hell.可以直接吃这些触角 就像这根 但是会非常难嚼Better on a platter at a seaside resort with family around and a bit of mayo.最好放在一个大盘子里 蘸着蛋黄酱 跟家人在海滨度假胜地享用than like this.when needs must, thats gonna keep you alive.比这样吃好多了 但极端情况下 这个可以让你活命201611/479590吉安万安县安福县永新县峡江县祛痘多少钱 原味人文风情:You can change the world. Someone out there is counting on you. Imagine a life without books, a life without an education. Fifty-seven million children woke up this morning and didnt go to school. Seven hundred and seventy-five million adults lack basic literacy skills, two-thirds of which are women. More than 50 percent of girls who are lucky enough to go to school will never graduate.你可以改变世界。这世界上有人正期望你伸出援手。想象一个没有书的生活、一个不能上学的生活。有五千七百万个孩子今天一早起床却没有去学校。七亿七千五百万名成人缺乏基本识字能力,其中有三分之二是女性。够幸运能去上学的女孩们有超过一半永远毕不了业。In the developing world, girls arent expected to receive an education. They face barriers to their schooling, which boys do not: domestic slavery, gender discrimination and violence, early and forced marriage. Instead of learning to and write, they learn to work, fetch water, and care for their siblings.在开发中国家,女孩们不被期望要接受教育。她们面临上学的阻碍,男孩们不会遇到的阻碍:家庭奴役、性别歧视与暴力、被迫早婚。她们没有学习读和写,她们反而学习劳动、挑水,还有照顾家中弟。Why is this such a big issue? A child born to a literate mother is 50 percent more likely to survive past the age of five. Every extra year of education will allow girls to earn 20 percent more as an adult. Females with eight years of education are four times less likely to be married as children. And education improves their health, enhances their status in the community, and makes them safer. Education empowers and inspires young minds. Education can change the world. So whats being done about it?这个问题为什么这么严重?识字的母亲生下的孩子活过五岁的机率多出百分之五十。每多受一年教育将会让女孩在成年时收入多出百分之二十。读过八年书的女性在还是孩子时就结婚的可能性低四倍。教育改善她们的健康、提升她们的社会地位,而且让她们过得更安全。教育赋予人自主权并启发年轻心灵。教育可以改变世界。所以我们就这做了什么呢?10 x 10 partnered with a collection of non-profit organizations to create the groundbreaking film, Girl Rising, which tells the story of nine extraordinary girls from nine different countries. Its purpose? To showcase strength and human spirit, the power of education to transform societies. Girl Rising is change, and so are you!慈善组织 10 x 10 和一些非营利组织合作,打造出具开创性的影片《女孩崛起》,叙述一个来自九个不同国家的九位不平凡女孩的故事。它的目的?展现力量以及人类精神、展现教育翻转社会的力量。《女孩崛起》是改变,你也是!Information is power, so raising awareness is crucial. We are the generation who changed the world through social media. So Im asking you to do just that. Start by sharing this across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking platforms. Make sure everyone knows about this global issue. You can change the lives of millions of people. You can make a difference. Transform the lives of children in Africa and Asia by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Believe that you can change the unknown and impossible. There is greatness within you. Dream big. Live free. Change the world.信息即力量,所以引起自觉是很重要的。我们是透过社群媒体改变世界的世代。因此我在此请你那样做。从在 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram 以及其他社群网络平台上分享这部影片开始。确保每个人都知道这个全球议题。你可以改变数百万人的生命。你可以产生影响。注重识字能力和教育的性别平等来改善非洲和亚洲孩童的生活。相信你可以改变未知和扭转不可能。你有伟大的潜能。勇于作梦。不受限地活着。改变这世界。October 11 is International Day of the Girl. This is the day we fight for change, the day we let the world know that it is not okay for girls to be neglected and uneducated. Nothing should deny the right to an education.十月十一日是国际女童日。这是我们争取改变的一天,我们让全世界明白女孩被忽视且缺乏教育是不可以的一天。不该有任何事物剥夺受教权。In lead up to and on this day, get loud on social media—share this and the Girl Rising trailer, organize screenings or watch the film, fundraise, and raise awareness, or donate. Just one dollar places a new book into a childs hands, so every dollar counts. What do you intend to do now?在国际女童日前和当天,在社群媒体上大声发声--分享这部影片和《女孩崛起》的预告片、安排放映或观看影片、募款,还有唤起大众意识,或者捐款。只要一块钱就能将一本新书交到孩子手上,每个一块钱都有意义。你现在想做什么呢?We Are World Change.我们是改变世界的力量。201701/487567南昌/哪里做祛颊脂垫好

九江玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱In just a day, a series of bombs hit Thailand. Now, at least four are dead, and dozens more are injured.就在同一天,泰国遭到系列炸弹袭击,目前至少造成四人死亡,数十人受伤。In total, five provinces were targeted, all south of Bangkok.总共五个省份被袭击,都在曼谷以南。But officials arent pointing fingers at international terrorism groups. The countrys deputy police spokesman said these bombings dont reflect tactics terrorist organizations often use.但官员们并没有将矛头指向国际恐怖主义组织。泰国副警方发言人表示,这些爆炸案并没有显现恐怖组织经常使用的战术。Thats because the areas hit are less populated and mainly used by tourists. Terrorists typically target cities with large numbers. 因为袭击的地区人口较少,主要是旅游点。恐怖分子通常袭击有大量人口的城市。Another reason? The timing of the detonations. Most happened before people were on the streets.另一个原因?爆炸的时间点。大多数发生在人们走上街头前。Officials havent connected this attack to last years bombing at a shrine that killed 20 people. That attacks anniversary is Aug. 17.官员们还没有将这一袭击与去年造成20人死亡的神庙爆炸联系起来。那次袭击的纪念日是8月17日。As the countrys military government has gained more power since 2014, attacks have been pretty uncommon.自2014年以来,随着泰国军事政府获得更多权利,袭击事件已经相当罕见。As of Friday morning, no terrorism organization had claimed the attack.截至周五上午,没有任何恐怖组织声称发起袭击。译文属。201608/460351 南昌/同济整形美容医院去眼袋好吗吉安吉水县新干县永丰县泰和县遂川县激光脱腋毛多少钱



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