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Brian Williams P’13, anchor and managing editor of N Nightly News, delivered the Commencement Address Under the Oaks at Elon University on May 25, 2013.201412/348055

He was a massive figure in my life. He started me in football, he guided me through my career. My granddad was certainly proud of me as I was of him. Now I want to to something that will make my grandchildren proud.他是我生命中的重要导师。关于足球他给予我启蒙,在我的职业生涯中一直指引着我。我为我的祖父感到自豪,就如同当初他以我为傲一般。现在,我要为我的孙辈做出一些能够令他们自豪的事情。Through FIFA and President Blatters good work, Ive seen the good that football can do. Ive seen how it can change lives in all sorts of ways. Ive seen this, in South Africa, in Thailand, in Sierra Leone and all over the world. Now I want to do more and thats why Im here today, in fact, its why everyone from the England bid, from Prime Minister to Prince William, to Eddie is here today. Because working together, working with you, the FIFA World Cup can achieve so much for so many people bring benefits that we will be felt over generations. You all can make this happen. Each of you has the chance to create opportunities for young people in ecah of your countries in every confederation, in every corner of the world. To create a better future for our grandchildren and many millions more.通过国际足联和布拉特主席的辛勤工作,我很欣喜地发现足球可以为世界带来的益处。我已经了解足球如何通过各种方式改变人们的生活。在南非,在泰国,在塞拉利昂以及全世界,我都有感受到这种改变。现在我想做更多的事情,这就是我今天站在这儿的原因,坦白地说,也是为什么英格兰来到这里参加2018世界杯申办的理由,从我们的卡梅隆首相到威廉王子,以及埃迪。我们在一起工作,通过几代人的努力,国际足联世界杯能为世世代代的人们带来如此多的好处。大家可以实现这个目的。你们每一个人都有机会,在每一个国家,每一个联盟中,在世界的每一个角落,为年轻人创造机会。为孩子和数百万人创造一个更好的未来。Thank you for listening to our presentation.谢谢各位聆听我的演讲。Our dream is to stage a World Cup that is a spectacular tournament. Our dream is to stage a World Cup that benefits billions. Our dream is to stage a World Cup that makes you, your grandchildren and everyone in football truly proud.我们的梦想是要把世界杯举办成一场全世界参加的盛大的赛事。我们的梦想是要把世界杯举办成能够惠及数十亿人的成功赛事。我们的梦想,更是要通过举办世界杯,让我们的子孙后代,让这地球上的每一个人都感受到——足球,这项运动,真的是让人感到自豪的。Thank you very much.谢谢大家,谢谢。201401/272191

St Davids Day is a moment to celebrate a wonderful country and a great part of our ed Kingdom. When I think of Wales, I think of its incredible beauty. From the beaches of the Gower to the peaks of Snowdonia, it is absolutely right that Wales has been named in the top ten countries to visit in the entire world. I think of Welsh industry. Wales was the worlds first industrial nation. And today, it is Wales that builds the wings for more than half of the worlds commercial aircraft. Wales, that makes cells supporting half of the worlds mobile phones, and Wales, where only last week, Aston Martin announced its second manufacturing facility, as part of a #163;200 million investment. I think of Welsh creativity. From the founder of our most treasured public service, our free NHS, to our continued funding for S4C, which is so important to the Welsh language and the rapidly-growing creative industries sector. And when I think of Wales, of course, I think of its magnificent culture and sport. From the land of song and the home of the Eisteddfod, to the Welsh rugby team whose visit to Twickenham later this month will be the highlight of the Six Nations and yet another great advert for British sport. So, wherever you are today, take a moment to treasure everything that is so special about Wales. And I wish you all a very happy St Davids Day.201603/429927

Back in Iowa早在爱荷华州时my mother used to to me the writings of Martin Luther King我的母亲曾经读马丁?路德?金的著作给我听In Dr. Kings ;Letter from a Birmingham Jail;金牧师在;寄自伯明翰监狱的信;中he writes about the need to understand the urgency of the present写了他对现实紧迫性的理解的需要He writes about an experience with a white moderate --他写道与一位白人温和派人士an ally of the civil rights movement --民权运动盟友的交流who wrote to him saying that he, Dr. King was in too great a hurry此人写信给他 说他金牧师过于性急and that ;the lessons of Christ take time to come to earth;而且;基督的教义传播人世 总要花费时日;African Americans, the white moderate said这位温和派人士认为 非裔美国人would eventually -- eventually -- be granted their civil rights最终 最终会获得民权Dr. King responded, and I e金牧师回应说 我在此引用他的话;Such an attitude stems from a tragic misconception of time;这样的态度乃源自对时间的可悲误解;and a strangely irrational notion that there is something in the flow of time;源自一种不合理的奇特观念 认为在时间之流当中;that will inevitably cure all ills;会有什么东西必将疗治所有的邪恶;Actually, time itself is neutral;实际上 时间是中立的东西;It can be used destructively or constructively;它可以用于建设 也可以用于破坏;More and more I feel that the people of ill will have used time;我越发觉得 邪恶的人之利用时间;much more effectively than the people of goodwill;将会比善良的人更其有效;We will have to repent in this generation not merely;我们得在这一代进行忏悔 不仅因;for the hateful words and actions of the bad people;坏人们充满仇恨的言辞与行为;but for the appalling silence of the good people;;也因好人们骇人听闻的沉默;201502/360800

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