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南昌/市青山湖区新建区纹眼线手术多少钱上饶信州区广丰区上饶县玉山县铅山县妙桃隆胸假体多少钱This post is adapted from GetYourGuide,a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data?Become a Priceonomics customer.本邮报改编于GetYourGuide——一家Priceonomics 消费者数据工作室。你所在的公司有有趣的数据吗?加入Priceonomics消费者吧。Are tourists from some countries meaner,ruder, and more negative than others?某些国家有比其他国家更刻薄,更粗俗,更消极的游客吗?It#39;s a difficult question to answer, but wedecided to use online data to try to figure out the answer. We analyzed datafrom GetYourGuide, a Priceonomics customer that offers 26,000 internationalactivities and tours that receive reviews from people all over the world.这个问题很难回答,但我们试图通过网上数据找出。我们分析了由GetYourGuide, Priceonomics消费者数据工作室提供的26,000项关于国际活动和旅游的数据,以便回顾世界各地游客的评价。 /201606/448741新余光子脱毛多少钱 The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizens’ meat consumption by 50% in a move that climate campaigners hope will provide major heft in the effort to avoid runaway global warming.中国政府颁布了一项减少其公民50%肉类消费的计划,气候研究专家们希望这将成为避免气候变暖失控的主要手段。New dietary guidelines drawn up by Chinar s health ministry recommend that the nation#39; s 1.3 billion population should consume between 40g to 75g of meat per person each day. The measures released are designed to improve public health but could also provide a significant cut to greenhouse gas emissions.由中国卫生部颁布的新的饮食指南建议全国13亿人每人每天应该吃40~75克的肉类食物。这公布一次的指南旨 在改善公共卫生,但同时也可以显著减少温室气体排放。 The Chinese Communist party has found unusual allies among Hollywood celebrities with actor Arnold Schrzenegger and director James Cameron involved in a series of new public information adverts encouraging Chinese people to consume less animal flesh to help the environment.中国共产党已经发现了不同寻常的持者.—些好莱坞名流,有演员阿诺施瓦辛格和导演窟姆斯卡梅隆,他们参与了 —系列新的公共信息广告,鼓励中国人消费更少的动物肉有助于保护环境。Should the new guidelines be followed carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from China’s livestock industry would be reduced by 1bn tonnes by 2030 from a projected 1.8bn tonnes in that year.如果这个方针得到人们的遵守,那么到2030年中国畜牧业的二氧化碳排放量将从那年的18亿吨预计当量减少到8亿吨。 /201606/450653More than 90 people are missing after a landslide inundated an industrial zone in the prosperous southern city of Shenzhen on Sunday, the latest incident to raise questions about safety standards in China.周日,在繁荣的华南城市深圳,一起山体滑坡引发的泥石流淹没了一个工业园区,导致逾90人失踪。这是引发人们对中国安全标准质疑的最新一起事故。Factories, offices, dormitories and other low-rise buildings were buried or damaged by the mudflow, according to Xinhua, China’s state news agency. Hundreds of rescuers were scouring the site on Monday to clear the debris and look for survivors, although no deaths have yet been reported.根据中国官方新闻机构新华社(Xinhua)的报道,泥石流埋葬或毁坏了多家工厂、办公室、宿舍及其他低矮建筑。周一,数以百计的营救人员正在仔细搜寻现场,以清理废墟并寻找幸存者——尽管目前还未报出有人死亡。Although formal investigations have only just begun, the ministry for land and resources said that the debris originated from “a steep, man-made mountain of dirt, cement chunks and other construction waste”. 虽然正式调查才刚刚开始,中国国土资源部已在其官方微(Weibo)账户上表示,“人工堆土垮塌的地点属于余泥渣土受纳场,主要堆放渣土和建筑垃圾,由于堆积量大、堆积坡度过陡,导致失稳垮塌,造成多栋楼房倒塌”。Just a fishing village until China started to open up in the late 1970s, Shenzhen has grown to become one of the country’s wealthiest cities, with a population of more than 10m and thriving manufacturing and technology industries.在上世纪70年代末中国启动改革开放以前,深圳还只是一个小渔村。如今,深圳市已成为中国最富有的城市之一,不仅拥有逾1000万人口,还拥有繁荣的制造业和高科技产业。But, just as elsewhere in China, there are concerns that breakneck expansion has come at the cost of lax regulation and low-quality development.然而,和中国其他地方一样,有人担心过快的扩张是以管理上的松懈和低质量的发展为代价。Human error and lack of oversight have been blamed for contributing to other deadly disasters in China this year including a chemical explosion that devastated the port city of Tianjin in August, a ferry that sank on the Yangtze river in June and a stampede at New Year’s celebrations in Shanghai.人为失误和缺乏监管,一直被归结为导致今年其他几起致死灾难的原因。这些灾难包括今年8月摧毁港口城市天津的化学爆炸事故、今年6月的长江沉船事故以及上海新年庆典时的踩踏事故。On Monday, Chinese state media published photographs of the Shenzhen incident site that showed multi-story buildings knocked over by an expansive sea of mud, as well as vehicles that had been swept away.周一,中国官方媒体公布了深圳事故现场的照片,照片中显示大面积的泥石流之海冲垮了多个多层建筑,还有多个车辆也被泥石流冲走。 /201512/418315南昌同济医院减肥瘦身多少钱

南昌/市青山湖区新建区丰额头多少钱China has banned profit-led private schools from the nine-year compulsory education system, which covers primary to junior high school years, according to a revised law.根据《民办教育促进法》修正案,我国已禁止营利性民办学校涉足涵盖小学和初中阶段的九年制义务教育。The revised law on private education was adopted last Monday at the close of the National People#39;s Congress Standing Committee#39;s bi-monthly session after a third ing and will take effect on Sept 1, 2017.全国人大常委会每两月举行一次会议,本次会议于上周一闭幕,当天,会议通过了该修正案三审稿,修正案将于2017年9月1日生效。China#39;s compulsory education is a nationwide free system, supported by funding from the central government.我国在全国范围内实行免费义务教育,由中央政府提供资金持。The system is a public service that must be provided by the government, said Zhu Zhiwen, vice-minister of education, at a press conference after the law#39;s revision was finalized.在修正案通过后的一场新闻发布会上,教育部副部长朱之文表示,义务教育是政府必须提供的一项公共务。;Profit-led private schools are unsuitable for the free education program,; Zhu said.朱之文说:“营利性民办学校不适合实施免费义务教育。”He stressed that private schools are still allowed to offer diversified, market-oriented paid educational services, as long as they comply with the law.此外他还强调,只要符合法律要求,民办学校仍可以按照市场需求,提供多样化的收费教育务。China has about 162,700 private schools nationwide with more than 45.7 million students, according to figures from the Ministry of Education.根据教育部的数据显示,我国全国共有大约16万2千7百所民办学校,这些学校拥有4570万名学生。 /201611/478876南昌省人民医院治疗青春痘多少钱 Hong Kong’s fortunes are believed to rise and fall with those of China. Yet the link between “Asia’s World City” and its northern engine of growth is becoming tenuous.香港的命运被认为与中国内地休戚相关。然而,“亚洲国际都会”(Asia’s World City)和其北方的增长引擎之间的联系正变得薄弱。On Thursday, Burberry and Richemont said sales in China were better than expected. The glow did not extend to Hong Kong. Burberry’s sales there and in Macau were down a fifth; Richemont’s revenues in the southern city fell “significantly”. Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook had bad numbers, too. Worse, the bad news extends beyond luxury — a victim of China’s war against corruption. Also on Thursday Bossini, an apparel retailer, said second-half profits fell between 80 and 90 per cent. It blamed fewer mainland visitors to Hong Kong and weak local sentiment. November tourist arrivals from China fell 16 per cent on the year, the fastest pace in 12 months; retail sales were down 8 per cent for the month.上周四,柏利(Burberry)和历峰(Richemont)报告中国内地销售好于预期。这一好景象没有延伸至香港。柏利在香港和的销售下降五分之一;历峰的香港营收“显著”下降。香港珠宝商周大福(Chow Tai Fook)的业绩也不好。更糟的是,坏消息还不只限于奢侈品——中国反腐败斗争的受害者。同样在上周四,装零售商堡狮龙(Bossini)表示,去年下半年利润下降80%至90%。该公司将糟糕业绩归咎于内地来港游客减少和本地情绪低迷。去年11月,内地来港游客人数同比下降16%,这是12个月以来的最大降幅;该月零售销售下降了8%。Negative sentiment is likely to persist. This month’s disappearance of a seller of books about China’s Communist Party has resurrected antipathy towards the mainland. With that constituency accounting for more than three-quarters of all visitors, its alienation is significant.负面情绪可能会持续。本月,某书店(该书店销售关于中国共产党的图书)的一名员工失踪,重燃了港人对内地的反感。鉴于内地游客占香港游客总数的四分之三以上,这种反感举足轻重。Of course, Hong Kong’s economy is more than tourism and shopping. It has also benefited as the conduit for international services to China. Yet, even in these traditional strongholds, China may be pulling ahead. UBS said it would double its staff in China. Much of that headcount will be north of the border. Hong Kong’s economy has more dark days ahead.当然,香港经济不只限于旅游和购物。这个特别行政区还是境外机构向中国提供务的管道,它也得益于此。然而,即使是在这些传统的香港强项上,内地也可能正在赶超。瑞银(UBS)表示,将把在华员工增加一倍。新增人员将有很大一部分在内地。香港经济将迎来更多黯淡日子。 /201601/423730鹰潭市月湖区余江县贵溪市去斑多少钱

南昌市同济整形医院去除狐臭多少钱China’s proposed investments in long-distance, ultra-high voltage (UHV) power transmission lines will pave the way for power exports as far as Germany, the head of the country’s national power grid said on Tuesday as he launched an initiative for cross-border power connections. 中国国家电网负责人周二在启动跨境电力连接计划时称,中国在远程、超高压电力输送线方面的投资计划将为中国电力出口到远至德国的地区铺平道路。 Exporting power to central Asia and beyond falls into China’s “one belt, one road” ambitions to export industrial overcapacity and engineering expertise as it faces slowing growth at home. The plan would allow enormous hydropower dams, coal-fired power plants and wind farms in frontier regions such as Xinjiang to sell into higher-priced markets overseas. The ‘belt’ refers to the land route from Asia to Europe, while the ‘road’, curiously, refers to the sea route via the Indian Ocean. 向中亚、甚至更远的地区出口电力,与中国“一带一路”的抱负(在面临国内增长放缓的情况下,对外出口工业过剩产能和工程技术)一致。该计划将允许中国在新疆等边疆地区的巨大水电站大坝、燃煤电厂和风力发电场向海外高价市场出售电力。“一带”是指从亚洲通往欧洲的陆上路线,而“一路”怪异地指的是途径印度洋的海上路线。 Talk of exporting power is a reversal for China, which as recently as 2004 suffered rolling blackouts across its manufacturing heartland. But huge investments in power in the decade since, and the construction of a number of dams, nuclear reactors and coal-fired plants due to begin operating in the next 10 years, means the country faces a growing surplus. 有关出口电力的讨论对中国来说可谓局面大逆转,直到2004年中国的制造业腹地还遭遇轮流停电的境况。但是,10年来中国在电力上的巨大投资、以及预计将在未来10年投入运行的很多大坝、核反应堆以及燃煤电厂的建设,意味着中国面临电力日益过剩的情况。 Liu Zhenya, chairman of State Grid, told reporters that wind and thermal power produced in Xinjiang could reach Germany at half the current cost of electricity there. “There are so many resources, but no market. We need to find it externally.” 国家电网公司(State Grid)董事长刘振亚向记者表示,新疆能够以德国目前电力成本的一半向该国输送风力和热力所生产的电力。“那里有太多资源,但是没有市场。我们需要向外寻找市场。” The distance from Kashgar, an oasis city in Xinjiang near China’s central Asian frontier, to Berlin is only about 400 miles farther as the crow flies than the distance from Kashgar to Shanghai, China’s financial centre. 从中国与中亚的边境附近的新疆绿洲城市喀什到柏林的直线距离,只比从喀什到中国金融中心上海的距离多400英里。 Other potential markets include Pakistan, India and Myanmar, Mr Liu said. Less than five years ago, Myanmar cancelled a dam that was designed to export power to China. Now, with an excess of dams in China’s south-west, it is the Chinese-produced power that is seeking an outlet. 刘振亚称,其他潜在市场包括巴基斯坦、印度和缅甸。不到5年前,缅甸取消了一项原用于向中国输送电力的大坝建设计划。如今,中国西南部大坝过多,中国成了寻求电力出口的一方。 Mr Liu has forged his career on his support for UHV transmission, which has enabled China to build huge energy projects far from its power-demand centres on the eastern and southern coasts. That has made him a controversial figure among environmentalists opposed to large-scale coal mining and mega-dams. Some power industry executives believe State Grid’s emphasis on UHV has sidelined smaller, more efficient projects nearer to population centres. 刘振亚全力持超高压输电,这种技术使中国可以建设与东部和南部沿海地区的电力需求中心相距遥远的大型能源项目。这使得刘振亚在反对大型煤炭开采及建设大坝的环保人士眼中成为了一个有争议的人物。一些电力行业高管认为,国家电网对超高压的注重,使一些距离人口中心较近的较小但效率更高的项目成为牺牲品。 Also on Tuesday, State Grid signed an MOU with Korea’s power utility and SoftBank of Japan to promote an interconnected grid in north-east Asia. 同样是在周二,国家电网与韩国电力公司和日本软银(SoftBank)签署了推动东北亚互联电网发展的合作备忘录。 /201604/434764 南昌/同济整形激光去斑多少钱南昌/著名整形医院



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