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1.Have you had any experience in food and beverage service?你有过餐饮务的经验吗?.Why do you want to work in a restaurant instead of a hotel?你为什么不想在宾馆,而要在餐厅工作呢?3.Working in the restaurant is more stimulating.在餐厅工作更令人兴奋.What would you do if a guest complains that the food you recommended is not fresh?如果客人抱怨你推荐的饭菜不新鲜,你会怎么办?.5.I would first apologize to the guest and take away the food to check it.首先向客人道歉,撤走那盘菜6.Food and beverage service includes accepting food reservation, giving inmation about restaurant hours, taking orders, recommending food to customers, as well as presenting bills.餐饮务包括接受订餐、告知餐厅营业时间、接受点菜、给顾客 推荐食物以及出示账单7.You would be responsible bringing in the dishes from the kitchen, serving the drinks, and if necessary, looking after the bills.你负责从厨房端菜上菜、送饮料,如有必要,还要收账8.If it was the waiter who made the mistake, we will change it immediately.如果是务员弄错了,那马上换菜9.The development of a restaurant depends on factors.饭店的发展离不开两个重要因素.Restaurant is a special kind of commodity which provides tangible facilities and intangible services.饭店是一种特殊的商品,提供有形的商品和无形的务 Dialogue 1对话 1A:Have you had any experience in food and beverage service?A:你有过餐饮务的经验吗?B:Yes, I used to be a part-time delivery worker KFC.B:是的,我以前兼职在肯德基送外卖A:Could you tell me about restaurant service?A:你能说说释饮务包括什么吗?B:Yes. Food and beverage service includes accepting food reservation, giving inmation about restaurant hours, taking orders, recommending food to customers, as well as presenting bills.B:可以餐饮务包括接受订餐、 告知餐厅营业时间、接受点菜、 给顾客推荐食物以及出示账单Dialogue 对话 A:Why do you want to work in a restaurant instead of a hotel?A:你为什么不想在宾馆,而要在 餐厅工作呢?B:Working in the restaurant is more stimulating. Besides, I also hope to shoulder more responsibilities.B:在餐厅工作更令人兴奋,此外, 我愿意承担更多的责任A:What am I expected to do here?A:我的工作范围是什么?B:You are the head waiter. You would be responsible bringing in the dishes from the kitchen, serving the drinks, and if necessary, looking after the bills. So youd be kept busy.B:你是餐厅的领班,你负责从厨 房端菜上菜、送饮料,如有必 要,还要收账,所以你会一直 很忙 365。

Nicolas Sarkozy was declared the most unpopular president in French history in a damning poll on Sunday ahead of the first round of the presidential elections next week, as the two leading candidates vied to rally voters in mass, open-air speeches in Paris.法国将于下周举行首轮总统大选,而就在上周日的一项民意调查中,现任总统尼古萨科奇被评为法国历史上最不受欢迎的总统。两位持率领先的总统候选人正在巴黎举行大规模竞选集会,发表露天演讲,竞争选民。The capitals Place de la Concorde was transformed into a sea of red, white and blue, as Mr Sarkozy implored Frances ;silent majority; to confound forecasts that he will be trounced by Socialist rival Franccedil;ois Hollande in the presidential run-off on May 6.法国巴黎协和广场变成红色、白色和蓝色的海洋。萨科奇请求法国“沉默的大多数”挫败有关他将在5日的总统大选决战中被社会党竞争对手弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德打败的预测;They said you wouldnt come,; Mr Sarkozy told a crowd his camp put at 150,000 but which appeared to be less than half that size.萨科奇对人群说:“他们说你们不会来。”萨科奇的阵营估计有15万人到场,但看上去连一半都不到;Silent France has responded through your presence,; he said, in a speech aimed at Right-wing traditionalists that attacked multiculturalism, teaching unions, affirmative action and Europes open borders while defending families and hard work.他说:“沉默的法国民众已经通过你们的到场给出了回应。”他的此次演讲主要针对右翼传统主义者,右翼传统主义者攻击多元文化、教育工会、平权法案、欧洲的开放边境政策,同时捍卫家庭权力和辛苦劳动所得。Five miles to the East, the ambience was markedly festive as Mr Hollande told his troops before the Chacirc;teau de Vincennes that the first Socialist presidential victory in 24 years was now within their grasp.而就在东面五英里远,气氛却犹如节日一般,奥朗德在温森城堡前告诉自己的集会队伍4年来的首次社会党总统选举胜利已经稳操胜券;Nothing is going to stop us,; the front-runner told a diverse crowd his camp put at 100,000, and which included several French singers and artists.这位领先候选人对面前形形色色的人群说:“没有什么能阻止我们。”他的竞选阵营称0万人到场,其中包括法国歌星和艺术家;I will be a president of justice. Before taking any decision, I will ask myself: Is this fair?;他说:“我将成为公平正义的总统,在采取任何行动之前,我都会问自己,‘这样公平吗?’;We have waited too long 10 years in opposition. We have a duty to win.;“我们已经等了太久,已经当了10年反对党,我们有责任胜出。”After a brief surge, the latest polls suggest Mr Sarkozy is heading for the electoral guillotine tipped to trail Mr Hollande narrowly in the first round of the election next Sunday, only to lose the second round two weeks later by up to 14 percentage points.在短期上升后,最新民调结果显示,萨科奇胜选机会渺茫,下周日首轮选举的持率稍落后于奥朗德,而在两周后的第二轮选举中持率则低4个百分点。来 /201204/178054。

使用保险柜东西适合摆进这种大小的柜子吗?A: Yes. rd like to use a safely deposit box.我想使用保险柜B: Will the object fit into this size of box? 东西适合摆进这种大小的柜子码?同类问句:This way, please. Your box number is 5.请跟我来,您的柜子是5号Thank you.激谢If you would like to use the contents during the period of use, please come here in person. After confirming your signature, we will open the box. 使用本柜期间,您若想取用里面的东西,请亲自前来确认您的签名之后,我们就会开拒 35。

The Ukrainian capital des#173;cended into violence last night as riot police stormed Independence Square in Kiev after the deadliest clashes seen during three months of anti-government #173;protests.乌克兰首都昨晚陷入暴力冲突。在持续三个月的反政府抗议活动发生最血腥的对抗之后,防暴警察冲击了基辅独立广场。At least nine people were confirmed to have been killed, including two police officers. Tens of thousands of protesters remained on the streets surrounding the square as the police moved in amid fires and explosions.至少4人经实已被杀死,包括至少名警察。警方在火光和爆炸声中冲击独立广场时,数以万计的抗议者留在广场周边的街道。Riot police battled with thousands of protesters in the square as they sought to clear a camp using water cannon and armoured vehicles following hours of street fighting around the parliament building. Hardline protesters fought back with Molotov cocktails.防暴警察与数千名示威者在广场上打斗。在议会大厦周围发生持续数小时的街头对抗之后,警方试图用高压水和装甲车对一个抗议者营地进行清场。态度强硬的示威者则投掷燃烧瓶还击。The government said it would seal off the central district and that access to Kiev would be restricted from midnight after reports that protesters from western Ukraine were mobilising to join the protests.政府表示,将封锁中央区,而基辅的进出道路从午夜起将受到限制。此前有报道称,乌克兰西部的抗议者正在动员起来,准备加入示威行列。The renewed violence, which comes after several weeks of relative calm, is the latest twist in a battle that began in late November after Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s president, backed away from signing far-reaching EU integration agreements.经过几个星期的相对平静之后,此次暴力再度升级是始1月下旬的一场斗争的最新发展。事情的起因是乌克兰总统维克#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)退出了签署影响深远的欧盟一体化协议。Mr Yanukovich instead tilted Ukraine towards Moscow, which granted a bn bailout for the country’s ailing economy, prompting protesters to take to the streets of Kiev and other leading cities. They are demanding that a caretaker government be formed to sign the EU agreements.相反,亚努科维奇让乌克兰向俄罗斯倾斜,后者向经济陷于困境的乌克兰提供150亿美元纾困,这促使抗议者走上基辅和其他主要城市的街头。他们要求组成一个看守政府,签署欧盟协议。Fighting had raged throughout the day in the blocks around Ukraine’s parliament and presidential buildings. Television footage showed police snipers shooting what looked to be stun grenades and rubber bullets from the roofs of nearby buildings, forcing protesters to use makeshift shields to protect themselves.在乌克兰议会和总统大厦周围街区,激战持续了一整天。电视画面显示,警方狙击手似乎在从附近建筑物的屋顶发射眩晕榴弹和橡皮子弹,迫使示威者用自制的盾牌来保护自己。Some protesters wearing camouflage, military helmets and bulletproof vests responded with what appeared to be handguns, although it was not clear whether they were firing rubber or live bullets.一些身穿迷和防弹背心、戴着军用头盔的抗议者似乎在用手回击,但不清楚他们在发射橡皮子弹还是实弹。“We see that this regime again has begun shooting people; they want to sink Ukraine in blood. We will not give in to a single provocation,’opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the protesters.“我们正看到这个政权再次开始对人民开,他们要血洗乌克兰。我们不会对任何挑衅让步,”反对党领袖阿尔谢尼#8226;雅采纽克(Arseniy Yatsenyuk)对抗议者表示。“We will not take one step back from this square. We have nowhere to retreat to,he added“我们不会从这个广场后退一步。我们也没有地方可以退守,”他补充说。There was no immediate comment from Mr Yanukovich. Leonid Kozhara, foreign minister, urged the international community to condemn “radical forcesthat have orchestrated “armed attacks on government organs亚努科维奇没有立即发表。乌克兰外交部长列昂尼德#8226;科扎Leonid Kozhara)敦促国际社会谴责“激进势力”,称其策划了“对政府机关的武装袭击”。Lady Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, condemned the violence and urged Ukraine’s leadership to “address the root causes of the crisis欧盟外交政策负责人阿什顿夫Lady Ashton)谴责暴力行为,并敦促乌克兰领导层“应对危机的根源”。“Political leaders must now assume their shared responsibility to rebuild trust and create the conditions for an effective solution,she said.“政治领导人现在必须承担起共同的责任,重建信任,为达成有效的解决方案创造条件,”她表示。来 /201402/276421。

1.How much money do you expect in this position?对于这个职位,你的期望月薪是多少?.How about your present pay?你现在的薪水是多少?3.What are your salary expectations?你的期望薪水是多少呢?.What starting salary can Iexpect?我的起薪是多少呢?5.With my experience,Id like to start at3,000 RMB per month.由于我有经验,所以我希望起薪是每月3000元6.I think you will find I am worth the money.我认为你会发现我值得拿那么多钱7.Basically I get 5,000RMB every month.基本每月拿5000元8.I require 6,500 RMB per month as a start.我希望起薪是每月6500元9.We will start you off at 6,000RMB per month.我们给你的起薪是每月6000元.This remuneration is in my ballpark.这个报酬在我能接受的范围内Dialogue 1对话一A: How much money do you expect in this position?A: 对于这个职位,你的期望月薪是多少?B: With my experience, Id like to start at 3,000 RMB per month.B: 凭我的经验,我希望是三千块A: Well, it is a little more than we had planned.A: 恩,这个数字比我们计划的多了一些B: I think you will find I am worth It.B: 我认为你会发现我值得拿那么多钱Dialogue 对话二A: How about your present pay?A: 你现在的薪水是多少?B: Basically I get 5,000 RMB every month. It is a well-paid job with satisfying working hours.B: 基本工资每月5000块待遇和工作时间都很不错A: What are your salary expectations?A: 那你的期望薪水是多少?B: I require 6,500 RMB per month as a start. This is my bottom line, the minimum salary I can accept.B: 我希望起薪是每月6500,这是我的底薪,是我能接受的最低工资 30。

1.惯用口语句子:Let try the market.我们去市场看看吧Let me show you around the market.我带你到市场上转转Can you show me this pair of jade earrings?我能看看这对玉耳环吗?jade n.碧玉,Could you pack and ship these souvenirs me?你们可以帮我把这些纪念品打包并运走吗?Can you gift-wrap it?能礼品包装吗?Would you please wrap it( up) me?你能给我包装一下吗?pack v. 打包,捆,扎,包ship v.运输,运送(通过轮船、飞机、卡车等交通工具)wrap v. 包装souvenir n. 纪念品Could this come down a bit?这个能降点价吗?Can you give me a discount?能给我打个折吗?How about a discount?打个折怎么样?How about a % discount?打八折怎么样?Do you have anything less expensive?有没有便宜一点的?Got anything cheaper?有没有便宜一点的?discount n. 折扣come down“(价格等)降低,下降”I like it. How much is it?我很喜欢多少钱?How much?多少钱?How much do you charge?你要价多少?It looks exquisite.看上去很精致exquisite a. 精巧的,精致的,极好的These handicrafts are so cute.这些手工艺品真可爱The workmanship is finepoor.工艺不错/太差handicraft n. 手工艺品cute a. 可爱的,好看的workmanship n. 手艺,作工We cant take it home.我们带不回去Weve bought too manymuch.我们买得太多了 3597。