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3个小孩不听话 被狠心妈丢弃在沙漠 -- :51:59 来源: 美国一个家庭3个5至7岁的孩子,只是因为不听话,被狠心的妈妈丢弃在沙漠中,所幸后来被经过沙漠的好心人搭救,妈妈则因涉嫌虐待儿童被拘禁 A Calinia mom and her boyfriend are both facing felony child abuse charges after police say they left her three young children alone in the Mojave Desert Wednesday, seemingly as a punishment.加州的一位妈妈和她的男朋友正面临虐待儿童的指控——星期三,警方发现他们将3个小孩丢弃在莫哈维沙漠中,看样子是为了惩罚孩子Outside temperatures were in the mid-90s when suspects Mary Bell, , and Gary Cassle, 9, allegedly left the kids, ages 7, 6 and 5, alone without water or shoes in the blazing sun near the city of Twentynine Palms.据称,当天的室外气温达到华氏90多度,犯罪嫌疑人岁的玛丽.贝尔和9岁的盖理加索将他们三个分别 7岁、6岁和5岁的孩子留在了二十九棕榈村附近的烈日下,他们赤着脚,也没有水喝The news was first reported by Desert Sun on Thursday.《沙漠太阳报最先报道了这则新闻The kids were found by a good Samaritan after being outside in the desert roughly 5 minutes.孩子们在沙漠中暴晒了约5分钟后,被路过的好心人发现They were subsequently placed into the custody of San Bernardino County’s Children and Family Services. It does not appear that they suffered any injuries as a result of the ordeal.他们随后被迅速安置到了圣贝纳迪诺县的儿童家庭务中心所幸的是,虽经过痛苦的折磨,他们倒没怎么受伤"Obviously this is a very serious incident,” Cindy Bachman, a public inmation officer at San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, told InsideEdition.com. “It’s a good thing that the citizen saw them. They were obviously disturbed by what they saw."辛迪.巴赫曼,圣贝纳迪诺县治安部门公共信息官告诉InsideEdition.com ,“很明显,这是一个非常严重的事件”“幸亏有好心人发现了他们显然,他们对此非常吃惊”Bell and Cassle, who were apprehended in their vehicle not far down the road, are due in court Friday afternoon. The pair are currently being held at the Morongo Basin Jail on 双语:英国女王年近90 清晨遛马休闲惬意 -- :56: 来源: Video footage of the Queen enjoying one of her early morning horse rides has surfaced in which she cuts a relaxed figure as she trots out the gates of her Balmoral estate.  清晨骑马是英女王的一项日常活动日前,游客拍摄到了女王从巴尔莫勒尔庄园出来骑马散步的一段视频  Despite approaching 90 years of age she proves old habits die hard, as she is filmed exiting the property bee a saluting police officer and the surprised tourist who filmed it.  尽管已近90岁高龄,女王对于骑马这项运动的热爱却是丝毫未减她日前骑马出门,走过敬礼的警卫时被目击游客给拍了下来  The Queen's daily horse rides started at the age of four and much of her private life is still spent indulging in her passion all things equine.  女王四岁时就开始每天骑马,她私下里的大多数时间仍然花在与马相关的各种事情上  The was taken by a tourist visiting the area with his wife and children about two weeks ago.  两周前,一名游客与妻子和孩子到此处游览时拍下了这则视频  Although guards told him he was unlikely to spot the Queen, he got a big surprise to see her emerge from the estate only seconds later.  虽然门卫说他也许见不到女王,但仅在几秒后,他就惊喜地发现女王从庄园门口出来了  As well as daily rides, she has been a racehorse owner more than 60 years, breeds Highland ponies and hosts the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show at Windsor every year.  除了每日骑马以外,60年来女王还养了许多赛马她养了很多高地马,并且每年在温莎举办皇家温莎马展  In the she can be seen exiting the gates of her 50,000 acre estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, alongside a groom.  视频中,女王从庄园大门里骑马出来,身边跟着一个随从她所在的巴尔莫勒尔庄园位于苏格兰阿伯丁郡,占地5万英亩  She is wearing her usual riding get-up of a green silk scarf over her head, a light brown jacket and jodhpurs - an outfit now synonymous with her royal rides.  女王依然是她骑马时的寻常打扮,头上扎着一条绿色的丝巾,身穿一件淡棕色的外套,配上骑马裤这身打扮现已成为她骑马的标志装扮  As the two turn right to continue their ride, she waves on a passing motorist who has stopped to let them pass.  两人右转时,女王还向停车让他们先过的一名汽车驾驶员挥手致意  Balmoral Estate has been in the hands of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria fell in love with the property and bought it in 185.  自从维多利亚女王在185年买下了自己钟情的巴尔莫勒尔庄园,这座庄园一直属于英国皇室  While it is open to the public and tourists parts of the year, it is closed off at the end of July to accommodate the Queen and the Royal Family's annual summer holiday. It is at Balmoral where the Queen indulges in her love of horse riding while the princes are able to hunt.  每年,庄园都会面向公众和游客开放一段时间但到了七月末,庄园就会闭门谢客,专门招待每年来这里避暑的女王和其他皇室成员女王正是在巴尔莫勒尔庄园爱上了骑马,而王子们也是在此处学会了打猎  Although the Queen no longer rides as regularly as she once did, due in part to a niggling knee injury, she still likes to ride smaller fell ponies, a versatile working breed renowned their steady temperament.  虽然因为膝盖旧伤,女王不再像以前那样经常骑马,她仍然喜欢骑一些小型马小型马性格温和,是常见的工作马种  Her love horses was born when she was given her first horse, a Shetland pony named Peggy, at age four.  女王四岁时拥有了自己的第一匹马,是一匹名叫佩琪的设得兰矮种马,从此以后她便对马爱不释手,000 bail each, the Associated Press reported.贝尔和加索的车停在这条路的不远处,他们之后被逮捕,并于星期五下午被告上法庭两人目前被拘留在洛根盆地监狱,每人需交万美元的保释金,据美联社报道It is unclear why the children were being punished. According to Bachman, the group appeared to be homeless and living out of their car.孩子们被处罚的原因尚不清楚据巴赫曼表示,看起来,这一家人应该是以车为家,到处流浪It’s not the first time parents have faced legal action allegedly deliberately leaving their children unattended.父母因为故意丢弃孩子而面临诉讼,这已经不是第一次了A mom in Connecticut, was booked in April leaving her kids on their own so she could go shopping. Similar cases have also occurred in Texas and Maryland.月,在美国康涅狄克州,一位妈妈丢下孩子们自己去购物在德克萨斯州和马里兰州也发生过类似的案例In Japan, a 7-year-old was found alive after a week alone in bear-infested woods where his parents left him as punishment throwing rocks at cars.在日本,一位7岁的男孩被丢在了熊出没的森林里独自生活了一周,而父母这样做,是为了惩罚他总是往汽车上扔石头微软以6亿美元收购LinkedIn -- 19:7:38 来源: 有史以来最大的高科技企业并购之一—微软于星期一宣布以6亿美元收购LinkedIn In one of the biggest tech mergers of all time, Microsoft said Monday that it’s buying LinkedIn in a deal valued at . billion.有史以来最大的高科技企业并购之一—微软于星期一宣布以6亿美元收购LinkedInIt’s Microsoft’s largest acquisition ever and is not coming cheap.这是微软最大的收购,而这绝不便宜Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) is paying 6 per share in an all-cash deal. That’s 50% more than LinkedIn stock’s closing price at the end of the day on Friday.微软(MSFT,Tech30)以每股196美元现金进行收购,这比LinkedIn上周五的收盘价高出50%The deal combines Microsoft, which dominates the global market computer systems, with LinkedIn, known as the main social network professionals.此次收购,将微软这个主导计算机系统全球市场的企业与主导专业人士社交网络的LinkedIn连接起来Microsoft wants to use LinkedIn as a database of professional inmation and distribution channel its software systems. LinkedIn gains additional financing and access to millions of people who could potentially join its network.微软想用LinkedIn专业人士信息数据库,作为销售软件的渠道LinkedIn除了财务增长,也将增加百万个潜在用户Together, the two companies could build new types of services that would be particularly useful workers in sales and HR roles, according to Rodney Nelson, lead Microsoft analyst at Morningstar.这两个企业将一起创造尤其适合销售和招聘人员的新务,根据Morningstar的微软总分析师Rodney Nelson的说法A sales rep could look up someone he’s pitching to through Outlook and see their LinkedIn inmation while writing an email pitch. In the future, Microsoft might even deploy Cortana as a virtual assistant to write the email too, based on that LinkedIn data.销售代表可以查询到某个人,并在Outlook撰写邮件的过程中查看他们的LinkedIn信息将来,微软可能还要使用虚拟助手Cortana,让它根据人们在LinkedIn上的数据来撰写邮件 HR professionals, Microsoft could integrate LinkedIn work history of interested candidates to determine compensation offers and job placement.对于人力资源专家,微软可以整合LinkedIn上人们的工作历史,来决定应聘者的补偿金和就业安置LinkedIn had a long, multi-year run as the best-perming social network in the stock market. But over the past six months, despite still being a sizable business, shares have started to sink asFacebook (FB, Tech30) has soared.LinkedIn在股市的表现多年来都是极佳的,但过去六个月,尽管业务很大,股价已经下沉,与此同时的Facebook(FB,Tech30)股价却一直上升LinkedIn (LNKD, Tech30) had billion in revenue last year, up 35% from the year bee. It has 33 million members worldwide, but its growth has been slowing.LinkedIn(LNKD,Tech30)去年有3亿收入,相比前年增加35%在全球有.33亿用户,但增长速度缓慢Shares had plunged % this year, bee the deal was announced. The big spark came in February when the company warned of disappointing revenue and profits ahead.在这项交易公布之前,股价已下跌%这与二月企业预估今年的收入和利益可能令人失望有关The stock had previously traded at a very high price, relative to how much it was expected to earn. Why? Investors assumed that growth would continue at a break-neck pace, and the more dour growth ecast sent shares plunging.由于市场期望的关系,股价曾有很高的交易价格,所以为什么?投资者预估增长将继续留在瓶颈阶段,而严峻的增长预估使股价缩水Scott Kessler, an analyst at SP Global Capital, says he’s skeptical of the transaction because it’s a "large deal at a premium with a lot of work to be done."标普全球资本的分析师Scott Kessler说,他对这比交易十分怀疑,因为“这是一个溢价的大笔交易,有许多工作要做”The LinkedIn brand will continue after the deal is closed later this year, the companies said. Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn, reporting to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.LinkedIn的品牌在今年晚些时候交易完成后将继续保留,公司说Jeff Weiner将继续担任LinkedIn的CEO,并向微软的CEO Satya Nadella汇报工作"The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals," Nadella said. "Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365."“LinkedIn团队在集中全球专业人士的领域做了了不起的工作,”Nadella说“从今往后我们将一起加快增长速度,”This is set to be the 5th largest tech deal ever. It is dwarfed by the billion purchase of EMC(EMC) by Dell announced last year, which has yet to close.这将是有史以来第五大的科技领域交易相比于还没有完成的一项交易——去年戴尔以670亿美元收购EMC——这似乎相形见绌At the same time, the Microsoft deal values LinkedIn at significantly more than Yahoo (YHOO,Tech30), which is weighing bids believed to priced the company’s core business at less than $ billion.同时,微软对LinkedIn给出了一个远高于雅虎(YHOO,Tech30)的估值,雅虎核心商业的估值被认为少于0亿美元Reid Hoffman, the cofounder and chairman of LinkedIn who is also the company’s controlling shareholder, will get $.9 billion the sale of his shares. The jump in LinkedIn shares early Monday lifted his net worth by more than 0 million.Reid Hoffman,LinkedIn的创始人、董事长和主要持股人,将在出售他的股票后获益9亿美元LinkedIn股票在周一的暴涨使他的身价增长了9亿Though there had been some speculation that Microsoft would make a large scale acquisition within the next months, LinkedIn was not on investors’ short list of guesses.即便也曾有微软在个月内将有大笔收购的猜测,但大家绝没有猜到会是LinkedIn"I don’t think anyone was expecting this particular news," said Nelson of Morningstar.“我相信人们都没有想到,”Morningstar的Nelson说The surprise deal helped renew hope that another struggling social network -- Twitter -- might be sold too. Shares of Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) popped as much as 6% after the Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition was announced.这意外的交易使人们重拾对挣扎求生的社交平台的信心——推特——也可能会被出售推特(TWTR,Tech30)的股价在这次Microsoft-LinkedIn并购宣布后也增长了6%里约奥运会谁将成为中国举旗手?(双语) --30 18::9 来源:sohu 里约奥运会开幕式中国旗手公布在即, 谁会成为代表中国的幸运儿,再次成为了社会媒体的热门焦点担任开幕式举旗手对任何运动员来讲,都是一个至高无上的荣誉︰引领中国奥运代表团走进体育场,高举中国国旗接受全世界的见举旗手象征着国家体育方面的旗帜性人物例如曾经的刘长春,姚明,易建联等,都是全国乃至世界上十分有影响力的运动员但在老一批运动健儿们相继退役后,今年的奥运谁将为中国举旗手?不少健儿们都具备举旗的资格 China's flag bearer the opening ceremony at the Rio Summer Olympics is expected to be announced soon, and this has once again become a hot topic on social media. Flag bearing is a huge honor any athlete: leading the parade of China's Olympians into the stadium and carrying the national flag while being witnessed by a huge global audience. 在 年,篮球运动员易建联光荣担任了伦敦夏季奥运会引领中国代表团的举旗手 In , basketball player Yi Jianlian carried China's flag in front of Team China at the London Summer Olympics. No.1 易建联 Yi Jianlian 难道又是他?很有可能! Him again? Very likely! 事实上,中国篮球运动员最容易成为举旗手,因为他们符合担任这份工作的三个标准︰高大,英俊,有影响力,有利于树立亚洲体育强国的积极形象 As a matter of fact, Chinese basketball stars are favored to carry the national flag as they match three standards the job: tall, handsome and influential, so as to provide a positive image of the Asian sporting superpower. 现在里约奥运已经开始倒数计时,只剩最后几天,我们列出了历届举旗手的名单 Now with the Rio Olympic countdown whittled down to justa few days, we have put together a list of deserving candidates. No. 周鹏 Zhou Peng 目前,周鹏担任了中国男子篮球队的队长米零6的身高(6英尺9英寸)的周鹏是队里的前锋,被认为是中国篮球界未来一颗冉冉升起的新星 Currently Zhou Peng is the captain of China's men's national basketball team. At . meters (6 ft 9 in), Zhou plays ward in the team, and is considered to be a pillar in the new era of Chinese basketball where hyped young stars are beginning to m. No. 3 孙杨 Sun Yang 孙杨被认为是亚洲乃至世界和奥运会中国最优秀的游泳运动员他出生于1991 年 月 1 日,身高1米98(6英尺6英寸)——他的父亲是一名排球运动员,孙杨遗传了他的身高这次奥运将是孙杨的第三次奥运征战 Sun Yang is widely known as the most successful Chinese swimmer in history with World, Asian, Olympic,. Sun was born December 1, 1991, and stands 1.98 meters (6 ft 6 in) – he inherited his height from his father, who was a volleyball player. This will be Sun Yang's third Olympic adventure. No. 宁泽涛 Ning Zetao 宁泽涛作为中国竞技游泳运动员,尤其擅长短距离自由泳 Ning Zetao is a Chinese competitive swimmer who specializes in sprint freestyle events. 他曾被评为仁川亚运会最有吸引力男运动员他健壮的身材,帅气的相貌和得体的举止,都吸引了大批网友的追捧 He was voted as the most attractive male athlete at the Incheon Asian Games. With his muscular body, good looks and great manners, he has attracted a huge number of online followers. No. 5 林丹 Lin Dan 周所周知“超级丹”林丹是两届奥运会的羽毛球冠军 Also known as 'Super Dan', Lin Dan is a two-time Olympic champion badminton player. 他也是五次世界冠军、六次全英赛冠军得主岁的林丹被认为是最优秀的羽毛球运动员,完成了;超级大满贯;,成为第一个也是唯一的一个取得这一傲人成绩的运动员 He is also a five-time world champion, and a six-time All England champion. Considered to be the greatest badminton player of all time, by the age of Lin had completed the ;Super Grand Slam;, becoming the first and only player to achieve this feat. Editor's note: 到目前为止,中国还没有女性运动员担任举旗手或者候选人 To date, no female Chinese athlete has ever carried the flag or been in serious contention the role. 还有其它你认为可能成为举旗手的运动员吗?给我们留言吧! Do you think another athlete has flag-bearing potential? Please let us know in the comments!

不少百万富翁出生穷苦,成功之道是什么? -- ::9 来源: 这些百万富翁将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育 Most high net worth Americans say they worked their way up from a lower class.大多美国高净值人士表示,他们是从低层阶级一步步奋斗起来的That’s according to a report released by U.S. Trust on Monday, based on a survey that asked 68 adults in the U.S. with million or more of "investible assets" hundreds of questions.这个结论来自于美国信托星期一发布的一份报告,它基于对美国68名拥有300万美元或更多的“可投资资产”的成年人所提出的数百个问题的调查About 77% of those surveyed said they grew up in the middle class or lower, including 19% who say they were poor. And they credit their success to three somewhat surprising factors: Hard work, ambition and family upbringing. Respondents even went so far as to say that these influences were much more important than "connections" or "innate talent."大约有77%的受访者表示,自己出生在中产阶级或更低阶层的家庭,其中有19%甚至表示出生于穷人家不过,他们将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育受访者还表示,相对而言,这些因素比“关系”或“天赋”更为重要"The points seem to be so traditional in nature," said Chris Heilmann, the chief fiduciary executive at U.S. Trust, Bank of America’s private wealth management firm. "It’s [about] deeply held family values rather than an inheritance or existing wealth,"美国私人财富管理公司美国信托的高管Chris Heilmann指出,“这些观点看起来是传统的调查显示家庭价值要比继承或现有财富更具影响力”The survey was also a shout-out to strict parents. About 80% of respondents said their parents were firm disciplinarians. They also named "academic achievement," "financial discipline" and "work participation" as the family values that were most emphasized in their homes.调查还显示,严格的父母也是绝大多数美国百万富翁成功的功臣约有80%的受访者表示,父母对自己要求很严格此外,受访者声称,“学术成就、“财务约束”和“工作参与”也是他们的家庭教育中最为看重的几点"It indicates the American Dream seems to be alive and well," Heilmann said.Heilmann说,“这表明美国梦仍然颇具生机,深入人心”Considering that some people might doubt that, Heilmann said that the results were "refreshing, encouraging and a bit surprising."考虑到可能有部分人对此怀疑,Heilmann解释说这个结果“很振奋、鼓舞人心,也有点出乎意料”

新西兰男子集资买“全球最美”海滩 捐国家当公园 -- 3::33 来源: 一名新西兰男子雄心勃勃发起集资运动,筹得数百万美元,如愿买下该国南岛最原始的海滩之后,日前正式捐给国家,划为国家公园他在星期一表示,看到愿望成真,真有点像“做梦”的感觉 Wellington (AFP) - A New Zealand man whose ambitious crowdfunding campaign raised millions of dollars to buy a pristine South Island beach and make it public parkland said Monday it was "surreal" to see his dream realised.惠灵顿(法新社电)——一名新西兰男子雄心勃勃发起集资运动,筹得数百万美元,如愿买下该国南岛最原始的海滩之后,日前正式捐给国家,划为国家公园他在星期一表示,看到愿望成真,真有点像“做梦”的感觉Duane Major’s push earlier this year to take Awaroa beach out of private hands and make it a national park quickly went viral, attracting 0,000 donations to raise a total of NZ$.3 million (US.7 million).梅杰在今年早些时候发起集资运动,希望买下原属私人所有的阿瓦罗瓦海滩,再捐给新西兰当国家公园这项活动传播迅速,很快就吸引了万笔捐款,共募得30万新西兰元(约合0万美元)Major, a pastor who describes himself as "an ordinary bloke", was present when the beach was officially incorporated into the Abel Tasman National Park at a Maori ceremony on Sunday.作为牧师的梅杰,形容自己只是个“普通小伙子”上个周日,他出席了阿瓦洛亚海滩正式划入亚伯塔斯曼国家公园的毛利人的仪式"I must say, it might have been the wind, but I might have squeezed out a wee tear or two," Major told TV3 on Monday.他告诉TV3电视台:“我不得不承认,大概是因为风吧,我好像掉了一两滴眼泪”Awaroa inlet is an 800-metre (,600-foot) stretch of golden sand at the top of South Island.据悉,阿瓦罗瓦海滩位于南岛顶端,黄金般的沙滩绵延800米(600英尺)Accessible only by boat or helicopter, it came on the market late last year, with real estate agents marketing it as "the best beach on the planet".只有搭船或直升机才能到达阿瓦罗瓦海滩,这里去年底打着“全球最美海滩”名号待价而沽Major decided after discussions with relatives over the Christmas period to set up the crowdfunding page.年圣诞节期间,梅杰和亲人讨论后,决定设立集资网页"We just gave it a shot," he said.他说,“我们只是想试试”"We didn’t know how it would pan out and the magical experience it’s been, it was kind of surreal."“我们不知道这计划会如何发展,也没预料到会是这么神奇的体验,真有点像在作梦”It was the largest crowdfunding eft ever facilitated by website "Givealittle", with donations ranging from children pledging a dollar to corporations giving tens of thousands.这是通过“Givealittle”网站完成的、有史以来数目最大的一笔集资既有捐了1元的小孩,也有捐出上万元的企业The government chipped in NZ0,000 and associate conservation minister Nicky Wagner said future generations of New Zealanders would now enjoy it.新西兰政府也出资了35万美元,环保部副部长尼基瓦格纳说,现在新西兰的子孙后代们都可以享受这个胜地了"It’s a victory positive people power and preserving our environment," she said.她说,“这是正能量的胜利,是环境保护的胜利”"All those who contributed have given a wonderful gift to our nation."“所有贡献了自己力量的人,都献给了我们国家一份极好的礼物”


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