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蚌埠狐臭手术那种好蚌医一附院冰点脱毛多少钱China’s construction equipment makers are ramping up the competition against global leaders such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Deere and appear set to discount products to build market share, a new study has found.一份新的研究报告显示,中国建筑设备制造商正在加大与卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)、小松(Komatsu)和迪尔(Deere)等全球领军者的竞争,而且似乎打算通过低价来抢占市场份额。The Chinese companies — which include Sany, Zoomlion and XCMG — are likely to boost their market share outside China to around 15 per cent by 2025, up from an estimated 7 per cent currently (see chart), according to research by UBS Evidence Lab, which surveyed about 15,000 construction equipment dealerships around the world.UBS Evidence Lab的研究显示,到2025年,包括三一重工(Sany Heavy)、中联重科(Zoomlion)和徐工机械(XCMG)在内的中国公司在海外占有的市场份额可能将提高至15%左右,超过当前估计的7%(见图表)。UBS Evidence Lab对世界各地的约1.5万家建筑设备经销商进行了调查。“We think the Chinese are making moves to expand further into the west and we think they have a very good chance to take market share, if they are fully committed to doing so,” said Steven Fisher, UBS analyst.瑞银(UBS)分析师史蒂文#8226;费希尔(Steven Fisher)表示:“我们认为中国人正在采取行动,向西方市场进一步扩张,我们认为如果它们全力以赴的话,它们很可能可以抢占市场份额。”He said that the biggest competitive advantage of the Chinese companies was a relatively low cost base that allowed them to offer discounts in the region of 15 to 40 per cent to equivalent premium brand equipment.他说,中国公司最大的竞争优势在于相对较低的成本,这让它们能够在西方市场上提供比高端品牌相同配置产品低15%至40%的价格。This will allow them to take market share in Europe and the US, where the presence of Chinese brands in dealerships remains fairly scarce. The biggest operational challenge for the Chinese, Mr Fisher said, lies in providing aftersales support to dealerships, especially by ensuring that spare parts are supplied quickly and in sufficient quantity.这将让它们能够在欧洲和美国抢占市场份额——目前在欧美,中国品牌在经销商处仍然比较少见。费舍尔表示,中国人面临的最大的运营挑战在于为经销商提供售后持,尤其是确保能够迅速地供应足够多配件。“We don’t generally assume that Chinese products are going head to head with Caterpillar and Deere,” Mr Fisher added. “But our point is that a discount on a base level product can end up applying pressure further up the chain.”费舍尔补充称:“总体而言,我们不认为中国产品会与卡特彼勒和迪尔正面竞争,但我们认为,基础级产品的较低价格可能最终对更高端产品构成压力。”The UBS Evidence Lab found in its survey of the 15,000 dealerships that Chinese manufacturers “have increased interest in expanding more aggressively” and — if they maintain this — may be able to scoop up about 1 per cent in market share outside China per year over the next decade.UBS Evidence Lab在对1.5万家经销商调查后发现,中国制造商“对实施更激进的扩张产生了更浓厚的兴趣”,如果它们保持这种兴趣的话,今后十年就可能每年在海外抢占大约1%的市场份额。The effect of this would be a reduction in the available profit pool for western giants such as Caterpillar, Metso, Komatsu, Sandvik, Volvo, Deere, Terex and others, the UBS research report said.瑞银的研究报告显示,随之而来的影响将是卡特彼勒、美卓公司(Metso)、小松、山特维克(Sandvik)、沃尔沃(Volvo)、迪尔、特雷克斯(Terex)等西方巨头的利润被分走一杯羹。However, the challenges before the Chinese companies in terms of market dynamics appear considerable. In the US, for instance, Chinese brands had only a 3.7 per cent presence in the dealerships surveyed (see map), defining a struggle for brand recognition. “Presence” in the survey was measured by the proportion of points of sale for Chinese brands versus other brands sold in dealerships.然而,就市场情况来看,中国公司面临的挑战似乎非常大。例如,在美国,中国品牌在受访经销商中只有3.7%的“存在感”,表明品牌认知度非常低。调查中的“存在感”是通过中国品牌销售点所占比例来衡量的,与其形成对照的是经销商处销售的其他品牌销售点所占比例。In emerging markets, though, the Chinese firms have made greater inroads, buoyed by infrastructure projects financed through Chinese financial institutions. In Kazakhstan, Chinese construction equipment brands had a presence in 42 per cent of dealerships, an 11 per cent footprint in Brazil, a 24 per cent presence in Russia, and in Iran — where business by European and US corporations has been limited by sanctions — Chinese equipment was on sale in 92 per cent of dealerships.然而,在新兴市场,得益于中国金融机构提供融资的基础设施项目,中国公司取得了更大的进展。在哈萨克斯坦,中国建筑设备品牌在42%的经销商中有售,这个数字在巴西是11%,在俄罗斯是24%,在欧美企业因制裁而业务受限的伊朗,这个数字达到92%。The lending firepower of China’s two policy banks — the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China — is likely to enhance the prospect of contracts for Chinese construction equipment makers in coming years. The two banks aly lend almost as much as the six western-backed multilateral development institutions put together.中国两家政策——国家开发(China Development Bank)和中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)充足的放贷能力,可能改善了中国建筑设备制造商今后数年签署合同的前景。这两家发放的贷款已经几乎相当于6家西方持的多边发展机构发放的贷款总和。However, the Chinese companies tend to be more heavily mired in debt. Zoomlion is the most egregious, with a total debt to ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) multiple of 21, while XCMG and Sany have multiples of 15.3 and 8.1 respectively. Caterpillar and Komatsu are considerably lower, while Deere has a multiple of 10.9.然而,中国公司背负的债务往往更重。中联重科是最突出的,其债务总额为息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)的21倍,徐工和三一的这个数字则分别为15.3倍和8.1倍。卡特彼勒和小松的这个数字要低得多,迪尔的这个数字则为10.9倍。But in spite of the heavy debt loads carried by Chinese companies, their appetite for overseas acquisitions appears to have remained undiminished. Zoomlion made a cash bid for Terex, the US company, earlier this year, though the result of that overture is still uncertain.尽管中国公司背负巨额债务,但它们对海外收购的兴趣依然不减。中联重科今年年初对美国公司特雷克斯(Terex)发出现金收购要约,尽管现在结果仍不确定。LiuGong, a Chinese machinery maker with a debt multiple of 16, has made no secret of its intent to boost overseas revenues to 50 per cent by 2020, up from 35 per cent of total revenues now, UBS said. Sany, for its part, announced this year that it had acquired another US-based dealer for earth movers, calling it part of an “aggressive” expansion of the company’s earth moving dealer network.瑞银表示,中国机械制造商柳工(LiuGong)毫不掩饰其这一打算,即在2020年年底前,将海外收入占公司总收入的比例从目前的35%提高至50%(该公司的债务为EBITDA的16倍)。三一今年则宣布,它收购了另一家总部位于美国的推土机经销商。该公司称,此举为“大胆”扩张其推土机经销商网络的一部分。 /201605/446399蚌埠附属医院去痘多少钱 蚌埠双眼皮医院哪个好

蚌埠医学院附属医院激光脱毛多少钱It can be one of the most frustrating things in life – waiting in line at the supermarket在超市排队结账真是一件非常让人懊恼崩溃的事。But new research shows that a few simple #39;life hacks#39; can make the process much quicker and pain-free than you may think.但最新调查研究表明,几个简单的生活小技巧可帮助我们加快结账排队速度,并且没有我们想象中那么复杂麻烦。Choosing to be served by female cashiers, standing in queues that feed into several tills and spying on other shoppers#39; grocery shop are just some of the ways to avoid the ded queues.选女收银员结账,排有若干个收款台的队伍,“偷瞄”其他顾客所买的杂货都能让我们避免那令人抓狂的长队。And opting for checkouts on the left or queuing behind shoppers with a trolley could also help cut down the amount of time waiting in line.此外,选择左手边结账口或排在推着购物车的顾客后面也能减少队伍等待时间。The #39;life hacks#39; have emerged after researchers found that the average Briton spends between one and six months of their life standing in line at the shops.生活小妙招的出现源于研究人员发现英国人一生平均要花费一到六个月时间在商店排队等候。Desmos, a US organisation that promotes maths, technology and data, has spent months analysing supermarket data and has revealed the best ways to beat the queues.一家专业研究数字、技术和数据的美国机构Desmos花费了数个月时间对超市数据进行了分析,并提出了不用长时间排队等候的最佳方式。Dan Meyer, a former maths teacher turned chief academic officer at Desmos, said it takes a baseline of 41 seconds for each customer to pass through a till, with an additional three seconds added on per item they are purchasing.曾是一名数学老师、后成为Desmos首席学术官的达恩·迈尔表示,每名顾客通过收银台平均要用41秒,购买的物品每件再额外增加3秒。#39;Every person requires a fixed amount of time to say hello, pay, say goodbye and clear out of the lane,#39; he told the New York Times.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“每个人说你好、付多少钱、再见以及结完账腾出空位的时间都是固定不变的。”He said the data showed that standing in line with numerous customers who are buying fewer items – such as basket shoppers at the #39;10 items or less#39; checkout – can be a bad choice.他说道,数据显示,排在很多购物少的顾客后面——比如在“10件或少于10件”结账口使用购物篮的顾客,会是个很糟糕的决定。Instead, he says it actually works out quicker to stand behind one person with a trolley full of items, as the face-to-face interaction time is quicker than having to wait for the cashier to greet numerous shoppers.相反,站在一个购物车满满当当的顾客后面速度会更快,因为和等待收银员一个个问候顾客相比,面对面交流时间减少能够加快排队速度。Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder of the New York-based Same Ole Line Dudes – a service that stands in line on behalf of customers - said most people are right-handed and therefore tend to queue on the right-hand side.同时,纽约Same Ole Line Dudes公司(一家专门代客排队的务机构)的创始人罗伯特·塞缪尔表示,由于大多数人是右撇子,所以多倾向于站在右边队伍排队。He advises customers to queue on the left, and said he opts for female cashiers.他建议顾客站在左边,并表示他会选择女性收银员。#39;This may seem sexist, but I prefer female cashiers. In my experience they seem to be the most expedient at register transactions and processing,#39; he told the newspaper.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“虽然这似乎有点性别歧视,但我确实更倾向于选女收银员。根据我的亲身体验,女收银员在结账交易处理上更快捷利索。”His other advice includes always facing bar codes toward the cashier, removing the hangers of clothes before they are scanned and splitting the items between yourself and a friend to get through the tills quicker.他还提出了一些其它建议,比如将商品条形码正对收银员、在收银员扫码前把衣上的衣架摘去、将自己和朋友买的东西分开来等等,这些都能加快结账速度。 /201609/468525蚌埠激光去痘印 蚌埠美莱坞整形去除狐臭多少钱

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