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蚌埠一院治疗青春痘多少钱蚌埠玻尿酸哪家医院效果好I once saw a photo of a man with blue hands. They belonged to an artisan textile dyer, an ethnic Miao who goes by the name Han Shan, or Cold Mountain.我曾经看到过一张照片,是一个双手是蓝色的男人。那双手的主人是一个叫寒山的染布工匠,苗族人。Intrigued, I requested a meeting. Han Shan said to meet him at an ancient Buddhist monastery in western Sichuan Province, on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau.充满好奇的我请求和他见一面。寒山让我去四川西部、青藏高原边缘的一座古庙里找他。“To put it simply, to us dyeing means life,” he said in the courtyard of the monastery, as we sipped tea under a full moon. I asked him to explain.“简单来说,染布对我们意味着生命,”他在那座寺庙的院子里说。当时,我们正对着一轮圆月品茶。我请他解释一下这句话。Speaking in the third person, he told his story.他用第三人称讲述了自己的故事。He described a boy who grew up in a village in the mountains of Guizou Province and the textile dyeing tradition of the Miao people. While other ethnic groups in southern China also use natural dyes, the Miao dye is known for its vibrant blue color, which comes from what Han Shan called the “blue herb,” or baphicacanthus cusia.他说起了自己在贵州山区的苗寨里长大的经历和苗族人的染布传统。尽管中国西南地区的其他少数民族也会使用天然染料,但苗族人的染料因为能染出色泽明亮的蓝色而赫赫有名。这种颜色源自寒山所说的“蓝草”,即青黛。At 18, when it was time to further his education, Han Shan, like many young Chinese, moved to a big city, Chengdu, in Sichuan, with hopes of a better future. But after a year, he had become disillusioned with China’s urban dream.18岁时,寒山去四川成都继续学业。和中国很多年轻人一样,去到大城市的寒山希望能有更好的未来。但一年后,他对中国的进城梦大失所望。One day, he decided to walk away from the city. Literally. He set off on foot, with no specific destination, let alone purpose. It would become a journey of more than 2,000 miles and 15 years.有一天,他决定徒步离开成都。实打实地用脚走。没有明确的目的地,更别说意图。这一走就是15年,行程超过2000英里(约合3200公里)。“I wanted to explore an unknown world,’’ he said. “To put it simply, I started walking because I was bored.”“我想探索未知的世界,”他说。“简单来说,我开始行走是因为我感到厌倦了。”In the years that he walked across Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia and Yunnan, nearly 445 million people moved from China’s countryside to the city. Average incomes jumped to nearly ,000, from less than ,000 a year. For most people, life had rapidly transformed for the better.在他徒步穿越西藏、新疆、甘肃、宁夏和云南的这些年里,中国近4.45亿人从农村搬往城市。人均年收入从不到1000美元,增加到了近8000美元。对大部分人来说,生活迅速向好的方向发展。But not for Han Shan. He remained in China’s past.但对寒山来说不是。他仍活在中国的过去。When asked how he spent his time over those 15 years, he decided it would be best to demonstrate.被问及过去15年是如何度过的时,他觉得最好通过亲自演示来说明。The next day, we set off through tea fields, bamboo forests and mountain paths. Along the way, he picked wildflowers, explaining their properties. “This flower can be used as a red dye,” he said, throwing one into a basket on his back.第二天,我们出发穿过了一片片茶园和竹林,走过一条条山间小道。他把沿途的野花采集起来,解释它们的特性。“这种花可以作为红色染料,”他一边说,一边把一株花扔进背上的背篓里。In Han Shan’s view, China’s modernization has come at a price: Society has lost its connection with nature. “We are developing so fast, we have forgotten where we came from,” he said. “Materialism is one of the core things that keep people away from nature.”在寒山看来,中国为现代化付出了代价:社会失去了与自然的联系。“我们发展得这么快,都忘了自己是从哪里来的了,”他说。“物质主义是导致人们远离自然的根源之一。”For him, this carries dangers: “In Taoism we say: After the moon waxes, it wanes. Prosperity is the prelude to decline. Everything collapses when it reaches such extremes.”在他看来,这很危险:“道家常说:月盈则亏。繁荣是衰落的前奏。所有事物都会在到达极致时坍塌。”His answer to China’s materialistic society has been to retreat to this village, Mingyue, on the outskirts of Chengdu, where he cultivates a simple life. Ironically, perhaps, he survives by selling the clothing he dyes to the same people he considers too materialistic.对于中国的物质社会,他的解决办法是回到成都郊区的明月村。在这里,他过着简单的生活。或许有些讽刺的是,他要把自己染的布卖给那些被他认为太过物质的人,并以此为生。The dyeing tradition was passed to him from his mother and to her, from many generations of Miao before. Now Han Shan has carried the tradition from Guizhou to Mingyue, where artists and free spirits like himself are creating a new space for themselves. Now, even some local villagers have taken up the dyeing trade.染布的传统是母亲传给他的,而他母亲则是从之前的无数代苗人那里继承下来的。如今,寒山把这项传统从贵州带到了明月村。在这里,艺术家和像他这种崇尚精神自由的人正在为自己创造一个新的空间。现在,就连当地的一些村民也做起了染布的生意。Urbanites armed with selfie poles and shiny new cars seeking a weekend getaway drop by to buy the naturally made clothes. Their purchases are putting food in Han Shan’s stomach, a roof over his head and a smartphone in his pocket.带着自拍杆、开着闪闪发亮的新车、希望利用周末度假放松的城里人会顺便来村里买手工做的衣。和他们之间的买卖让寒山有东西吃,有地方住,兜里还装上了智能手机。The natural dyes may have represented life to the Miao people, a connection to the natural world, but now those same dyes are Han Shan’s actual lifeline — his livelihood. Even those willing to walk thousands of miles cannot entirely avoid materialism’s reach.对苗族人来说,天然染料可能象征着生命,是他们与自然界之间的纽带。但现在,这些染料真的成了寒山赖以生存的依靠,是他的生计。即便是愿意徒步几千英里的人,也无法完全避开物质主义的影响。 /201605/441990蚌埠韩式隆鼻多少钱 Folk Arts in Making Moon Cakes制作月饼的民间工艺Eating moon cake is a palatable custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon cake relief patterns colorful,both in terms of art and cultural implication. Fairy tales told through moon cake relief patterns include ;pairing fish;;;Baby with coiled hair;;;Sal tree of life;;and story of the jade hare from the moon palace.吃月饼是中秋节的美味定制。月饼浮雕图案丰富多,无论是在艺术和文化内涵方面。童话故事告诉过我们,月饼浮雕图案包括“配对鱼”、“卷曲头发的宝贝”、生命“生命树”,和广寒宫的玉兔的故事。 /201607/454247蚌埠激光美白

蚌埠祛痘The long holiday weekend that will be full of barbecues, parties, red, white and blue treats and drinks, as well as breathtaking fireworks, is almost here. Yes, girls, you did it, it is aly Friday! If you are not one of those girls who prepare their holiday outfits in advance, then this article is for you. Actually, you still have time to come up with a unique Fourth of July outfit idea that will wow even you. Have no ideas? No panic. Check out what I found on Pinterest today:小长假将会有很多烧烤,聚会,红白蓝色的点心和饮料以及令人赞叹的烟火表演活动。是的,姑娘们,你们都准备好了,已经星期五了!如果你没有像其他女孩那样提前准备好了假期饰的话,那么这篇文章很适合你。实际上,你仍然有时间想出一个独特的独立纪念日饰搭配方案,它将让你非常出众。还没有想法吗?不用着急。看看今天我在Pinterest上面提供的方案吧:1. Red striped shirt, white shorts, brimmed hat1. 红色条纹衬衫,白色短裤,大沿帽I am sure you aly have those pieces in your closet, so why not wear them to the Fourth of July parade, party, picnic or barbecue? No need to rack your brains. Complete your look with some fashionable accessories and you are y to go.我很确定你的衣柜里有那些衣,那么为什么不穿上它们去参加独立纪念日大游行,聚会,野餐或者烧烤呢?没必要费脑子了。佩戴一些时尚的配饰搭配你的装,然后你就准备出发吧。2. Denim shorts and patriotic T-shirt2. 牛仔短裤和印有爱国图案的T恤In case you do not have white shorts, denim shorts are a perfect alternative. Wear some patriotic T-shirt or crop top will certainly make you look terrific with little effort and without spending money on a Fourth of July outfit.如果你没有白色的短裤,牛仔短裤是一个不错的选择。穿一些印有爱国图案的T恤或者露脐上衣将会使你看上去棒极了,没必要在独立纪念日衣着搭配上花费太多精力和金钱。3. American flag pareo3.美国国旗图案的沙滩巾If you are going to hit the beach or attend a beach party on July 4th but have no patriotic swimsuit, no worries. Invest in American flag pareo (even if it is the cheapest one) and show you love your country without worrying about costumes. American flag beach towel can be an ideal option too.如果你打算在7月4号这天去海滩或者参加一个沙滩聚会但是没有一件印有爱国图案的泳装的话,不用担心。买一条美国国旗图案的沙滩巾(哪怕是最便宜的)展示你对祖国的热爱之情,不必担心你的装束。美国国旗图案的沙滩浴巾也是个理想的选择。 /201607/452882蚌埠东方美莱坞美容医院打溶脂针多少钱 These days, it seems like good old-fashioned monogamy is making a serious comeback -- and why not? It#39;s a beautiful thing to find a partner who you want to spend your life with!如今,旧式的一夫一妻制似乎又重新回归了,为什么不呢?找到一位可以共度一生的人是一件多么美好的事情!But you don#39;t have to take our word for it. Just ask the animal kingdom!也不是说你一定要相信我们的话,只要看看动物界的恩爱伴侣你就能懂!Though you may think most critters follow more unconventional family structures, plenty of adorable creatures are made even cuter by their dedication to their life partners.虽然你可能会认为大部分动物尊崇非传统的家庭结构,但还是有很多可爱的动物愿意将他们的一生奉献给他们的伴侣的。Scroll through the gallery below to see which animals choose to spend life with their one-and-only!来看看下面这些卡通图画里的痴情小动物吧,他们就是“只得一人心,便白首不分离”哦!1. French Angelfish法国天使鱼These brightly-colored tropical fish swim through life side-by-side.这些颜色鲜艳的热带鱼一生都伴游彼此左右。They hunt for food together, defend their territory from interlopers, and stay together until death.法国天使鱼一起寻找食物,一起反抗入侵者保卫他们的领土,一生形影不离直到死去。2. Shingleback Skinks糙背蜥蜴Monogamy is pretty rare among lizards, but these skinks are the exception.蜥蜴界的一夫一妻制很少见,但是这些糙背蜥蜴是例外。They move in with each other in the spring, then usually get pregnant around the end of summer.他们通常在春天的时候搬进洞穴,大概在夏末的时候就能怀。They#39;ll part for a bit, but get together again the same time next year.他们会分开一段时间,但是来年的同一个时间他们又会一起生活。3. Gibbons长臂猿While most of our primate relatives in the animal kingdom are a bit promiscuous, gibbons pick one partner for life.尽管大部分灵长类动物(人类的近亲)有点滥交,但是长臂猿一生只和一位伴侣生活。Together, they raise their offspring, and usually live as part of a big family group with other mated pairs.他们一起抚养后代,通常结成一对加入群居。4. Wolves 狼Wolves might be predators, but they still have a tender side!狼是凶狠的捕猎者,但他们也有柔情的一面!The alpha male and female of a pack are like the ;mom; and ;dad.; They stay together, raising their pups with help from the other adults in the pack, who stay single.一个狼群的狼王和狼后就像是“父亲”和“母亲”。他们会在其他单身成年狼的帮助下一起抚养后代。5. Swans天鹅Monogamy is surprisingly common for birds, but swans are one of the most famous examples.一夫一妻制对鸟类来说十分普遍,但最出名的要数天鹅了。In fact, one of their courtship rituals involves twining their necks together to form a perfect heart!事实上,他们有很多求偶仪式,其中一个就是弯曲他们的脖子形成一个完美的心形!6. Beavers海狸It makes a lot of sense that beavers stick together for the long haul!很好理解为什么海狸喜欢和一位伴侣生活,因为只有那样他们完成远距离搬运!After all, they do a lot of heavy lifting, and everyone knows that hard work is easier with a companion to help you out.总之,他们有很多繁重的搬运工作,我们都知道有个伴侣替我们分担这些工作就会容易得多。7. Prairie Voles草原田鼠Rodents aren#39;t really known for settling down, but prairie voles do just that!鼠类很少安定,但是草原田鼠却喜欢那样!Scientists even think they might be genetically programmed to settle down once they find a partner.科学家认为草原田鼠是由于基因才会喜欢只和一位伴侣过安定的生活。8. Penguins企鹅These aquatic birds might just have the most famous courtship ritual of them all!这些水生鸟类也许拥有了一切最为出名的求婚仪式!Much like a human picking out a ring, male penguins search for ages to find the perfectpebble to present to their lady-love.和人类挑选戒指一样,雄性企鹅会花好几年来寻找最完美的鹅卵石,从而拿来向爱慕的雌性企鹅表达爱意。If she accepts the pebble, it#39;s a match, and they#39;ll stay together forever!如果雌性企鹅接受了那枚鹅卵石,那这就成了他们之间的定情信物,他们会一生都在一起! /201608/459825蚌埠脱毛哪个医院好

蚌埠蚌山区激光脱腋毛多少钱What we are going to do is pump information about the crisis in Ukraine, your lack of a pension plan, and the memory of your horrific prom ...我们所要做的是输入关于乌克兰危机的信息,你缺乏一个养老金计划和可怕的舞会的记忆……After a week of binge-watching everything on Netflix, Hank was desperately in need of a reality transfusion经过一个星期在网飞公司上看一切的狂欢,汉克迫切需要是输入现实 /201608/460807 One in three children in Europe between the ages of six and nine are either overweight or obese, according to a report commissioned by ed European Gastroenterology .近日,由欧洲肠胃病学联合组织委托进行的一份报告显示,在欧洲6岁至9岁的儿童中,1/3的孩子超重或肥胖。The report, which is based on data from 46 countries in the European region, warns that by 2025 the number of under-fives worldwide who are overweight will have risen from an estimated 41m now to 70m.该报告基于欧洲地区46个国家的数据。报告警告称,到2025年,全球5岁以下的超重儿童人数将从现在估算的4100万增至7000万。The researchers recorded a worrying trend in digestive health problems among children, noting that the onset of inflammatory bowel disease begins in childhood for 20-30 percent of all inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) cases.研究人员发现了一个关于儿童消化健康问题的令人担忧的趋势,他们指出。如今20%到30%的炎症性肠道疾病在儿童阶段就会发病。They also report that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is now the most common cause of chronic liver disease among children and adolescents in Western countries. Alarmingly, the disease has been diagnosed in children as young as three.研究人员还指出,非酒精性脂肪肝已成为西方国家儿童和青少年群体中单一最常见的慢性肝病诱因。曾有年仅3岁的孩子被诊断出患有该病。The report also warns of the financial burden of obesity and related disorders on public healthcare systems across Europe, given related treatments now represent 10 percent of total healthcare costs throughout the continent.该报告还警告称,肥胖和相关疾病已经给欧洲公共医疗保健系统带来了财政负担,治疗费用如今占到了全欧洲公共卫生总出的十分之一。President of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) Professor Berthold Koletzko says Europe#39;s priorities need to change quickly.欧洲儿童胃肠营养学协会负责人贝特霍尔德·科莱采科教授表示,欧洲的关注重点需要马上转变。;In spite of 20 percent of the European population being children and the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases increasing, it is extremely worrying that only one out of 58 topics currently receiving EU research funding is focused on paediatric health,; he commented.他说:“尽管欧洲人口的20%是儿童。而且胃肠道疾病的发病率正在增加,但是特别令人担忧的是,在目前接受欧盟研究基金资助的58个课题中,仅有一个专注于儿童健康。” /201606/449858蚌埠东方美莱坞医院疤痕多少钱蚌埠美莱坞整形减肥瘦身多少钱



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