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美国无人驾驶飞机发射的导弹在巴基斯坦西北部与阿富汗接壤的瓦济里斯坦地区导致至少24名叛乱分子嫌疑人丧生。巴基斯坦安全官员说,导弹袭击的目标是北瓦济里斯坦部落地区的达卡赫尔区。【英文译文】Two U.S. missile strikes Tuesday in Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal region of North Waziristan killed at least 24 suspected militants.Pakistani security officials say the targets of the missile strike were located in the Dattakhel district of the North Waziristan tribal region. More than a dozen missiles fired by a U.S drone struck a compound and nearby vehicles.The area borders Afghanistan and is considered a stronghold of Pakistani as well as al-Qaida fighters. The militants are blamed for cross-border attacks on U.S.-led coalition forces.Suspected U.S. drones have carried out scores of missile strikes in the Waziristan region in recent years, killing hundreds of alleged militants.The government has no control over most of the mountainous territory and it is not possible to seek an independent confirmation of the damages in drone attacks because journalists are not allowed to go there. There have been several drone missile strikes in North Waziristan since a failed attempt to detonate a car bomb May first in New YorkThe attempted terrorist act has refocused international attention on the tribal region because the Pakistan-born American citizen detained in connection with the incident has allegedly told U.S investigators he received training in the Waziristan region.American officials also believe the Pakistani Taliban were behind the bomb plot and have formally requested Islamabad to help investigate those links.Speaking to reporters, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi reiterated his country's support, saying the two countries are closely cooperating to defeat terrorism. But he would not discuss the status of the ongoing investigation."Pakistan has been cooperating, and the U.S authorities have recognized Pakistan's active cooperative role in finding out the truth behind this incident. But it is premature to make a value judgment at this stage because it is an evolving situation. Investigation are yet not complete," Qureshi said.U.S Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has warned of serious consequences if a successful terrorist attack on America is traced back to Pakistan. Foreign Minister Qureshi says such statements are unlikely to undermine his country's ties with Washington.  "There is no need for, in my opinion, emotional reaction to some of the statements that have been made. There is nothing to worry (about)," he adds. "Our relationship is smooth and it is moving towards a partnership."But opposition politicians and independent observers say when U.S leaders publicly criticize their close ally, while the New York incident is under investigation, it fuels anti-America sentiment in the country.Wasim Sajjad is the opposition leader in Senate, the upper house of Pakistani parliament."The people of Pakistan react adversely to such comments and it does have an impact on them. If it does not have an impact at the government level I would not know," said Sajjad. "But I can tell you that the parliament has reacted, the people have reacted and they have not liked this (U.S) reaction because there are terrorist incidents all over."Pakistan has conducted major anti-Taliban military operations particularly in its tribal regions near the Afghan border. The militants, in return, have carried out deadly attacks on security forces and civilian targets across the country.201005/103676Brown To Blame Says Whistleblower The HBOS whistleblower sacked after he warned about reckless lending has told Sky News he will release more than 30 documents that prove Gordon Brown is to blame for Britain's banking crisis. Alistair Bunkall reports on the furore.So who knew what, when and where do we point the finger of blame? The paper trail is working its way up Downing Street as allegations threatened to become corroborations. The charge is that Gordon Brown as chancellor knew that HBOS was taking risks and failed to do anything about it. Paul Moore the whistleblower says he has proof, the Prime Minister says there is nothing to prove. "The reason that HBOS failed was not because of these specific allegations and the result of them, the reason it failed was because of its business model, its whole business model was wrong." But not so, says Mr. Moore who claims to have 30 documents which showed responsibility lies firmly at the feet of Gordon Brown. In the statement to Sky News last night, he said that “I have detailed corroborative evidence that supports my allegations, and I maintain in the strongest possible way that the KPMG report that Gordon Brown, the FSA and Sir James Crosby rely on will not withstand truly independent public scrutiny.” It could very well be just the evidence that the opposition has so desperately wanted in order to link Gordon Brown to the financial crisis. "These papers, if they bear out what Mr. Moore says will certainly be valuable ammunition for the Tories(英国保守党), for what they have been trying to do is link Gordon Brown directly to the failure of the banks to say that this crisis happened on his watch, and that as chancellor he failed in the key job of monitoring and regulating the banks." And the dark cloud of nationalization still hangs ominously over the Lloyds Banking Group. It's today defended decision to award bonuses to retail and commercial staff. But the troubled tie between Lloyds and HBOS is being criticized as a shotgun marriage. The reason that Paul Morre's allegations are potentially so important, is because for the first time in this financial crisis, accountability is creeping up towards the door of No.10, But they said they are still just allegations and some might say, from a man who has an axe to grind against companies who sacked him. It also remains to be seen just what are in all those thirty documents that he intends to make available. Alistair Bunkall, Sky News, Downing Street. 02/62763

The old man and the sea老人与海He loved to rock the boat他喜欢乘风破浪Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961. By Paul Hendrickson. Knopf.《海明威的船:他生命中所热爱的一切,失去的一切,1934-1961》; 作者:保罗#8226;亨德里克森、科诺夫。 PAUL HENDRICKSON’S bibliography lists 76 biographical works about Ernest Hemingway, nine of them by wives, siblings and children, followed by memoirists, respected biographers and hangers on, pretenders and doctoral students. “Scholarly forests have been clear-cut in the service of explaining his so-called fetishes,” he writes. That does not mean there is nothing new to say on the subject, but Mr Hendrickson, a former journalist and American author of non-fiction, intends to tell it differently: “I want it to be less of a biography than an interpretation, an evocation, with other lives streaming in.” Having picked his way through this thick undergrowth of biographical criticism and research, he believes that by focusing on Pilar, the 38-foot cabin cruiser Hemingway purchased in New York in 1934 for ,495, he has found a fresh way of telling a familiar story.保罗#8226;亨德里克森传记的参考目录中列举了76部关于海明威的传记作品,其中9部是由海明威个位妻子、兄弟及孩子所著。其他作品则是由回忆录写手、有威望的传记作家、逢迎拍马之辈、冒充顶替之徒及士学生所写。“在学术原野上,阐释对他盲目崇拜的果实已被收割殆尽。”保罗写道,但这并不意味再没东西可写了。亨德里克森曾是一位记者,也是美国纪实文学作家,他想以不同的角度书写海明威:“我想写的并不仅仅是一部传记,想用更多分析阐释,唤起人们的记忆,并为作品注入更多新鲜血液。”在传记批评与研究的茂密丛林中,他开辟出了自己的道路。他相信借助于“比拉号”----海明威于1934年从纽约以7,495美元买回来的38英尺渔船,新坛装老酒。Pilar was designed for catching big fish in the Caribbean. By describing Hemingway’s life on board, Mr Hendrickson can concentrate on fishing, friendship and fatherhood. Because he likes Hemingway more than many other recent biographers have done, Mr Hendrickson lavishes pages on cordial relationships that blossomed on the boat with otherwise anonymous characters: an American diplomat in Havana whose wife typed Hemingway’s letters; an aspiring writer who knocked on Hemingway’s door in Key West seeking advice and was co-opted as a crewman. Both tried to write about their experiences, but their memoirs went unpublished and unknown until Mr Hendrickson came along. Pilar was also the scene of time spent with wives and children, and those reflections do not sweeten Hemingway’s reputation. His youngest son, Gregory, a tortured transvestite who eventually changed sex, once called his father “a gin-soaked monster”.“比拉号”最初是为在加勒比海上捕获大鱼而设计。通过叙述海明威船上的生活,亨德里克森先生叙述了经历、船上友谊以及为父之道。他比近期的几位传记作家更热爱海明威,亨德里克森不惜花费大量笔墨描写海明威与船上无名小卒之间的真挚友谊:驻哈瓦那的美国外交官,其妻帮助海明威打印信件;在基#8226;韦斯特,一位踌躇满志的作家敲开海明威的门,寻求指点,却被海明威安排做船员。这两位都曾记录下他们的经历,但并未出版,所以无人知晓,直到亨德里克森发现了他们。“比拉号”也是海明威同妻儿们一起生活过的地方,但这段往事并未给海明威的声誉锦上添花。他的小儿子格雷戈里---饱受煎熬的异性模仿者,最终变性,曾说他的父亲是“泡在松子酒缸里的怪兽”。Hemingway’s fiction is sometimes said to express the anxiety of American men about their masculinity. Mr Hendrickson argues that behind the mask of hyper- masculinity lies “tuning-fork tremulousness”, which is why Hemingway’s writing survives, and also why there have been “years of innuendo and psychosexual speculation”. The idea that this he-man might actually have been gay is, he thinks, shallowly rooted—though Gregory did provide ammunition by calling his father “Ernestine, dear”. Mr Hendrickson, who regards Gregory as a tainted witness, concedes the possibility of a certain amount of sexual role-swapping between Hemingway and his wives. But this obsessive biographical speculation has managed to obscure Hemingway’s considerable literary achievement, especially in the years before he bought Pilar.有些人评价海明威的小说表达了美国男性对于自身男子气概的忧虑,亨德里克森辩解道,在硬汉的面具下,潜藏着“音叉般的颤抖”,这也是海明威作品长盛不衰的原因,也是为什么会有“长期含沙射影及性心理推断”存在。这个硬汉是同性恋?亨德里克森认为这种观念不靠谱-------------虽然格雷戈里也确实透漏过类似信息,如叫他的父亲“亲爱的欧内斯廷”。亨德里克森先生认为格雷戈里是承认海明威与其众多妻子之间可能会有性角色互换的污点人。但这种反常的传记推测不能磨灭海明威令人瞩目的文学成就,特别是在买到“比拉”号之前的辉煌。By the mid-1930s Hemingway found it easier to catch huge marlin than to write. In 1954, when he won the Nobel prize, his friend, John O’Hara, declared extravagantly that he was the most outstanding author since Shakespeare. But what Hemingway heard loudest in those years was criticism. While sailing on Pilar he a good deal of it, and he found it intolerable. “I am supposed to lay back and come in with ‘War and Peace’ or be considered a bum,” he said. Hemingway’s pain is part of the personality that Mr Hendrickson evokes; and his assiduous research among those friends who shared life on the boat humanises the later Hemingway’s image as a bullying old booby.十九世纪三十年代中期,海明威发现捕捉大金鱼比写作更容易。1954年,海明威获得了诺贝尔文学奖,他的朋友奥哈拉高调宣称海明威是继莎士比亚之后最杰出的作家。然而此时的海明威,听到的却多是批评斥责。乘“比拉号”航行期间,他读了大量批评,愈发忍无可忍,愤慨道:“都认为要么我穿越回去带着《战争与和平》再来,要么我就是不名一文的乞丐。”亨德里克森发现海明威的痛楚部分源于其性格,他孜孜不倦的研究与海明威同船生活的朋友,将海明威后来的形象更加人性化--------迟钝的倔老头子。Pilar is now a museum piece “like some old and gasping browned-out whale” in the garden of Hemingway’s house outside Havana. That image contributes to the strong feeling of melancholy that pervades this book. Mr Hendrickson says he sometimes feels we have lost all sense of who the man really was. By evoking and interpreting Hemingway’s smaller moments, the author has found an ingenious way of showing how this unhappy and vulnerable man was generally nicer outside his family than in it.在哈瓦那海明威故居展览馆,“比拉号”“像一只老得泛黄的鲸鱼”一般躺在花园里-----这样的画面渲染了书中弥漫着的强烈忧郁之感。亨德里克森先生感叹道,有时候我们并不真正了解海明威。通过挖掘和分析那么多细枝末节,作者从另一个角度展示另一个闷闷不乐而又内心脆弱、对待外人比对家人更友善的海明威。201110/157625

A cat is said to have nine lives because it is more tenacious of life than many animals. People always think that due to the speed, cleverness and flexibility of cats, they can stay alive in most difficult situations when other animals would have been killed, such as a dangerous fall. The cat's earliest ancestors probably hunted both on the ground and in the trees. To survive, they needed not only claws, but remarkable balance, an aptitude all cats retain to this day. In keeping with its reputation, the cat usually does land on all fours, and scientists have come to understand how. Slow-motion photography reveals that cats always right themselves in a precise order. The head rotates first based on messages from the eyes and inner ear. Then, the spine twists and the rear quarters align. At the same time, the cat arches its back to reduce the force of impact.Despite its agility, the cat faces particular dangers in today's modern cities. Here although hundreds of feet above the ground, the indoor cat is just as attracted by moving prey as is any other cat. If any thing, it may be a stir-crazy bundle of energy. So many cats actually careen through unscreened windows that the phenomenon now has a name, high-rise syndrome. At the Animal Medical Center in New York City, doctors were perplexed when they found that victims of higher falls often had less severe injuries than those that fell a shorter distance.It's been about a month since you were here, lad. We'd been puzzled by the high-rise syndrome for a long time, the name that we give for cats falling out of windows. A clinical impression is that cats that fall from medium-level stories are hurt much worse than cats that fell from even greater distances. That seemed to defy our logic that cats that would fall farther would be hurt less. So we undertook a study to examine the records on cats that had been admitted here for falling out of windows. And it actually confirmed that our clinical impression was correct. It seems that cats that fall from higher stories have enough time to reach free fall like a parachutist and are relaxed when you experience trauma when you are relaxed, you'll probably avoid injury; when you experience trauma when you are very rigid and very tight, you will attain a maximized injury.The cat may not have nine lives. But its uncanny abilities to sail through the air is almost certainly responsible for the myth.200810/53541

  Titanic Survivor Sinks In Debt Millvina McLean is the last living survivor of the Titanic and, at 96 years old, she has been forced to auction off her valuable Titanic souvenirs to pay for her nursing home. Mark Phillips reports. The ship was brand new and so was Millvina Dean, just 2 months old, the youngest passenger on the Titanic. "And this is your mother and you." "Yeah." But 96 years old Millvina, the last living Titanic survivor needs the luck now she had then. "I was too small, so I was put in a sack." "In a sack." "Yep, and put overboard into the lifeboat." Mother and daughter were saved, so was her brother. Her father perished. But now Millvina needs another rescue, like a lot of people, she's going broke. "I don't know have how much you think I have to pay here a month, have a guess." "I wouldn't aware, ur... 500 pounds." "3000." About 5000 dollars for her keep at this nursing home. Millvina is having to auction off her Titanic souvenirs, the suitcase given to her family in New York, the letter offering compensation from the Titanic victim’s fund, a few prints. But another rescue may be at hand. As her story sp, people decided to help. A printer in the // Virginia. "I really felt that this was a, this was something that could really pay lasting tribute to all the people who died on the Titanic." "I // materialistic, (right.) not the slightest bit, I'm I am now." Millvina Dean, a survivor then, a survivor now. Mark Phillips, CBS News, Southampton, England.200811/55823

  India Re-Submits Fugitives List to Pakistan in Wake of Mumbai Terror Attack印再要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉逃犯 In wake of the terror attack in Mumbai, India is renewing demands Pakistan hand over wanted fugitives. India's government says a list of alleged terrorists and others has been re-submitted in a formal diplomatic request. The move is seen as the latest effort to pressure Islamabad to take action to defuse the network on Pakistani soil that allegedly plans and carries out terrorist attacks against India. 印度孟买遭受恐怖袭击后,印度再次要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉的逃犯。印度政府说,已经通过外交渠道再次向巴基斯坦正式提交了一份恐怖分子嫌疑人和其他相关人员的名单。此举被认为是印度最新的努力,要求伊斯兰堡采取行动,破获巴基斯坦境内据称策划和实施对印度发动恐怖袭击的网络。India's external affairs minister, speaking to reporters Tuesday, has given some details of the formal diplomatic note - known as a " demarche" - handed to Pakistan's top envoy here.  印度外交部长慕克吉今天(星期二)和记者谈话时透露了递交给巴基斯坦驻印度首席外交官的外交照会的一些内容。Pranab Mukherjee says the document contains the names of about 20 individuals India has long wanted extradited from Pakistan.  慕克吉说,文件中包含印度长期以来要求从巴基斯坦引渡的大约20个人的名字。"The demarche asks the arrest and hand-over of those persons who are settled in Pakistan and who are fugitives of Indian law," Mukherjee said. 他说:“外交照会要求逮捕和移交那些在巴基斯坦定居、但被印度法律通缉的逃犯。”List includes India's most wanted manAlthough India's government did not release the names of those on the fugitive list, Indian media say they include the infamous Mumbai crime kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim, and Maulana Masood Azhar - a Pakistani Muslim cleric who, in 1999, was freed from an Indian prison, in exchange for passengers on a hijacked Indian airliner.  尽管印度政府没有透露被列在逃犯名单上的人的名字,但印度媒体说,其中包括臭名昭著的孟买犯罪集团主要人物达乌德.易卜拉欣和大毛拉马苏德.爱兹哈尔。马苏德.爱兹哈尔是巴基斯坦一名穆斯林神职人员,1999年从一座印度监狱获释,印度用他交换了一架被劫持的印度客机上的旅客。Ibrahim is considered India's most wanted man. His organization is suspected of involvement in a 1993 bombing in Mumbai that left 250 people dead. Indian media reports say there is also official suspicion some of his underlings may have provided support to the terrorists who struck last week.  达乌德.易卜拉欣据信是印度的头号通缉犯。他的组织被怀疑参与了1993年孟买发生的一次导致250人丧生的爆炸事件。印度媒体报导说,还有官员怀疑,达乌德.易卜拉欣的一些手下可能为上星期发动袭击的恐怖分子提供了持。Azhar leads the group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is believed to support Muslim separatists in the part of disputed Kashmir which is under Indian control.  马苏德.爱兹哈尔领导的组织叫做“穆罕默德军”,据信,这个组织持印度控制的克什米尔争议地区的穆斯林分离分子。India initially gave Pakistani officials the list six years ago and says it never received an adequate response.  印度最早是在6年前把这份名单交给巴基斯坦官员的,印度说一直没有得到巴方充分的回应。India blames Pakistani elements for Mumbai terror attackThe Mumbai terror attack, which India blames on elements in Pakistan, threatens to send relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors into their worst state since 2002.  印度指责巴基斯坦境内的人发动了孟买恐怖袭击,这次事件很可能使这两个拥有核武器的邻国间的关系跌至2002年以来的最低谷。An intense international diplomatic effort is under way to try to prevent tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad from entering another crisis phase. The two nuclear-capable countries have gone to war against each other three times since their independence in 1947. 目前,国际社会正加紧外交努力,防止印巴紧张关系发展成又一次危机。这两个国家之间自1947年独立以来打了3次战争。现在两国都拥有核武器。Among those aly here or about to arrive in the Indian capital are the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  已经抵达或将要抵达印度首都的官员有阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨、美国国会参议员麦凯恩和美国国务卿赖斯。Indian Cabinet meeting discusses security strategyTuesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting of his security Cabinet to discuss strategies. Government officials say among those attending were the defense, foreign and home ministers as well as the chiefs of the armed forces and the national security advisor.In recent days, top Pakistani government officials have vowed to cooperate with India to determine responsibility for the attack on Mumbai. But Islamabad rejects any allegations of complicity, blaming non-state actors which Pakistan says it is also battling. 最近,巴基斯坦政府高级官员誓言要同印度方面合作,确认孟买袭击的责任人。但是伊斯兰堡驳斥了有关巴基斯坦与这次事件有牵连的说法,称袭击者是巴基斯坦也在打击的非国家人员。200812/57811。

  Barack Hussein Obama Becomes 44th US President美国新总统:承担责任果敢行动 Barack Obama has become the 44th President of the ed States, taking the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol before a crowd of more than one million people who had gathered in frigid temperatures to see the first African American become president. 巴拉克.奥巴马就任美国第44任总统。奥巴马在100多万美国民众面前于美国国会大厦的台阶上宣誓就职。这些人冒着寒冷的气温在国会前亲眼目睹第一位非洲裔美国总统宣誓就职。Immediately after President Obama took the oath of office, a military color guard fired off a 21-gun salute as an enormous and diverse crowd cheered, waved American flags and chanted the new president's name. 奥巴马总统宣誓就职仪式一结束,军方仪仗队就鸣礼炮21响。成千上万不同肤色、种族、信仰的人群高声欢呼雀跃。他们挥舞着美国国旗,呼喊着新总统奥巴马的名字。In his inaugural address, Mr. Obama said he is entering the White House at a time when the nation is in the midst of crisis.  在就职演说中,奥巴马说,他走进白宫之际,美国正处在危机之中。"Our nation is at war, against a far reaching network of violence and hatred," Mr. Obama said. "Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age."  “我们的国家正在作战,我们正在同广泛的暴力和仇恨的网络进行战争。我们的经济受到严重削弱,这是一些人的贪婪和不负责任造成的后果,但同是也是我们大家未能做出艰难的选择,为美国新时代做好准备的后果。”Mr. Obama says the state of the economy requires bold action to create new jobs and end the recession. 奥巴马说,美国的经济状况需要我们采取果敢的行动,创造新的就业机会,结束经济衰退。The 47-year-old president is the son of a black Kenyan father and a white American mother. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. 奥巴马现年47岁,他的父亲是一位肯尼亚黑人,母亲是一位美国白人。奥巴马在夏威夷和印度尼西亚长大。Mr. Obama held out a friendly hand to those watching his address from overseas.  奥巴马还对那些在海外观看他就职演说的人们表示致意。"And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born, know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity and we are y to lead once more," Mr. Obama said.  “希望现在在观看今天就职典礼的各国人民和政府都知道,无论他们来自雄伟的首都,还是来自我父亲出生的小村庄,美国是每个国家、每个男女、儿童的朋友。他们为未来实现和平与尊严而努力,我们则准备再次领先”。President Obama called on all Americans to accept personal responsibility for trying to solve the challenging tasks confronting the nation.  奥巴马总统呼吁所有的美国人在设法解决美国面临的具有挑战性质的任务时承担他们个人的责任。"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility, a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world," Mr. Obama said. "Duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task."  “我们现在需要一个勇于负责的新时代,每一个美国人都要认识到我们对自己、对国家、对世界负有责任,我们不是不情愿地接受这些责任,而是欣然接受,坚信没有什么比全力以赴完成艰难工作更能得到精神上的满足,更能展示我们的性格”。Many African American families attended the inauguration of the country's first black president. 很多非洲裔美国家庭参加了美国第一位黑人总统的就职典礼。One woman from Pennsylvania said she was overwhelmed to be taking part in the historic event.  一位来自宾州的妇女说,能参加这次历史盛会她激动不已。"I could not be happier or more proud. I am an 81-year-old black lady who has seen an awful lot in my lifetime," she said. "And never, in all my years, did I think that this day would come and one of us would be in the White House."  “我从来没有如此幸福,如此自豪。我是一名81岁的黑人老太太。我的一生目睹了许许多多的事情。但是在我毕生之年,我从来没有梦想过这一天能到来,我们黑人当中的一员将入主白宫。”Polls show many Americans are optimistic about the nation's future now that President Obama has been sworn in. Laverne Feaster, who traveled to the inauguration from Little Rock, Arkansas, says the opportunities with the new administration are endless.  民意调查显示,奥巴马总统已经宣誓就职,很多美国人对美国的未来表示乐观。费斯特来自阿肯色州的小石城。他说,新政府有无穷无尽的机会。"This country recognizes with the president we have that all of us can be anything we want to be. It is not just a few," Feaster said. "We do not have to have rich, poor. We can have everybody to be what they want to be."  “这个国家认识到,奥巴马成为总统这件事本身就表明,我们所有人只要心想就能事成。这决非是为数不多的几个人。我们不须富有,即使是穷人,每个人都能实现他们的理想愿望。”Presidential historian Allan Lichtman says President Obama will bring major changes, in both style and substance, to the White House.  总统历史学家利希特曼说,奥巴马总统将给白宫带来重大变革,无论在风格上,还是在实质内容上。"Barack Obama represents and celebrates not only the diversity of America, but the diversity of a knit-together global world," Lichtman said. "In addition, I think, so far Barack Obama has indicated that he is likely to take American foreign policy in new directions as part of this new political era."  “奥巴马代表并颂扬的不仅仅是美国的多元化,而是紧密结合的世界的多元化。另外,我认为,奥巴马已经表示,他可能要改变美国外交政策的方向,作为新政治时代的一部分。”President Obama, a Democrat, campaigned on a theme of change, inspiring millions of people both at home and abroad. 奥巴马总统是民主党人。他的竞选主题“变革”激励了数百万海内外的民众。Mr. Obama's inauguration brings to an end eight years of Republican rule under George Bush. 奥巴马的就职典礼标志着乔治.布什八年共和党执政的结束。01/61335

  US Navy Captures More Pirates, May Take Them to Kenya美海军索马里海域抓获海盗嫌疑人  The U.S. Navy has captured nine more suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia, after they allegedly tried to board an Indian commercial ship. The same American ship took seven other men into custody Wednesday.美国海军在索马里海域抓获了九名海盗嫌疑人,此前这些海盗嫌疑人被控企图登上一艘印度商船。美国海军同一艘舰艇星期三还扣押了另外七人。Thursday's incident started when the USS Vella Gulf received a distress call from the Indian merchant ship, Premdivya. The ship said it had been fired on by men in a small boat, who were trying to board it. The crew of the Indian ship detached the ladders the attackers were using, stopping them temporarily. Meanwhile, the American warship dispatched a helicopter.星期四一艘遇险的印度商船来电向美国军舰“维拉湾”求援。这艘船说,一艘小船上的人向他们开火,并企图登上他们的商船。印度船员们切断了袭击者攀登的舷梯,暂时制止了他们的行动。与此同时,美国战舰派出了一架直升飞机。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the attackers fled, and ignored warnings to stop broadcast from the helicopter, so the crew fired two warning shots near the small boat. When it finally stopped, the Vella Gulf and another U.S. ship moved in and sent a boarding party to the pirates' boat, where they found weapons including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.五角大楼发言人怀特曼说,袭击者没有听从直升飞机要他们停止行动的广播警告,并开始逃离,因此机组人员向小船放了两,予以警告。小船最终停了下来,维拉湾号舰艇和其他美国军舰来到了现场,派人登上海盗船,在船上发现了武器,包括火箭推进手榴弹发射器。Whitman says the men were taken into custody and will be transferred to another ship, the USS Lewis and Clark, for detention while the incident is investigated.怀特曼说,这些人被收押并将被送往“路易斯和克拉克号”军舰,在对该事件进行调查时调查期间对他们进行拘留。"They are going to be remaining on Lewis and Clark until we have had an opportunity to collect the necessary evidence, evaluate it and make a decision regarding further transfer," he said.他说:“这些人将被拘留在路易斯和克拉克军舰上,直到我们有机会收集到了必要据、加以评估并就他们的进一步移交作出决定。”The ed States recently signed an agreement with Kenya for the prosecution of alleged pirates. That led U.S. Navy ships in the area to take a more aggressive approach, capturing and holding suspected pirates, rather than simply releasing them. Whitman says the 16 men now in U.S. custody will likely be the first to try the new system.美国最近和肯尼亚就海盗嫌疑人的起诉问题签署了协议,这导致美国海军舰艇在这个区域可以采取更为大胆的行动,捉拿并扣押海盗嫌疑人,而不是简单地释放他们。怀特曼说,这16名美国扣押的嫌疑人将可能是第一批对其试用新体制的人。"Once we have been able to satisfy our information needs, collect the necessary evidence that we have, we will be looking to turn these individuals over to appropriate legal authorities for them to address their activity," he said. 他说:“一旦我们的信息需求得到满足,收集到我们掌握的必要据,我们就会着手将这些人送给恰当的司法当局,让他们对自己的行动作出说明。”Whitman says this is also an opportunity to work out final details with Kenyan authorities for the transfer and detention of suspected pirates.怀特曼说,这也是一次机会让我们和肯尼亚当局就转交和拘留这些海盗嫌疑人作出最终的详细安排。Pirates are currently holding several ships in the Gulf of Aden area, following a sharp increase in such hijackings last year. 海盗目前在亚丁湾还劫持着几艘船只,这种船只劫持事件去年明显上升。Last week, after receiving a ransom, pirates released a Ukrainian-flagged ship loaded with tanks and other military equipment after holding it for 19 weeks. The ship, with its freed crewmembers, has arrived in the Kenyan port of Mombassa.上个星期,海盗得到了一笔赎金以后释放了一艘被扣押了19个星期的满载坦克和军用装备的乌克兰船只。这艘船上的船员得到自由,已经将船停靠在肯尼亚港口蒙巴萨。In keeping with a U.N. Security Council resolution, the U.S. Navy has recently increased its patrols in the region, in an effort to deter the pirates, who come out of chaotic and poverty-stricken Somalia. Warships from several other nations are also patrolling in the area.根据联合国安理会作出的决议案,美国海军最近已经增加了在该地区的巡逻,以便对海盗形成威慑力量,这些海匪都来自兵荒马乱又贫困交加的索马里。来自其他国家的一些战舰也在这个海域巡逻。02/62292Arab Summit in Kuwait Offers Funds to Rebuild Gaza阿拉伯峰会为重建加沙提供资金  Top Arab leaders are meeting in Kuwait to discuss rebuilding Gaza and what to do about a stalled 2002 Arab peace initiative with Israel. The meeting, however, takes place amid deep divisions. 阿拉伯国家领导人正在科威特举行会议,讨论重建加沙的问题以及如何处理处于停滞中的2002年阿拉伯与以色列的和平倡议。这次会议是在分歧重重的气氛下召开的。It was the third gathering of Arab leaders in less than a week, and Gaza was once again the focus of debate at the Kuwait summit despite its original billing as an economic forum. 这是阿拉伯国家领导人在不到一个星期的时间内举行的第三次会晤。尽管原来把这次峰会定为经济论坛,但是,加沙问题再次成为科威特峰会的焦点。Saudi King Abdallah told fellow Arab leaders that he was declaring an end to "the recent period of quarrels" and "opening the door of unity." He added that he was pledging billion to help rebuild war-torn Gaza. 沙特阿拉伯国王阿卜杜拉对其他阿拉伯国家领导人说,他要宣布“最近一个阶段的争吵”已经结束,现在“开启团结的大门”。 他还承诺为帮助重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带提供10亿美元。The monarch, however, addressed his most important words to Israel, warning Israeli leaders not to pass up the chance of peace that was offered to them by the 2002 Arab summit in Beirut because, as he put it, such offers may not last forever. 不过,在沙特国王的讲话中,最重要信息是对以色列讲的。他警告以色列领导人不要错过2002年阿拉伯贝鲁特峰会提供的和平机会,因为这样的提议不会永远存在。Israel must understand, he said, that the choice between war and peace will not be offered forever and that the Arab peace proposal that is being placed on the table today will not be on the table forever. 他说,以色列必须明白,在战争与和平之间的选择机会不会永远存在。阿拉伯国家现在摆放在这里的和平提议不会永远留在这里。Syrian President Bashar al Assad, however, did not offer an olive branch to Israel, instead calling it a "terrorist state."He said the most important thing the Arab leaders can do for Gaza is to support its right to self-defense and resistance against Israeli aggression. That aggression, he added, may resume at any moment. Mr. Assad said that since he believes Israel will not change its policies, Arabs must defend the Palestinian cause. 他说,阿拉伯领导人现在能为加沙做的最重要的事情就是持他们自卫的权利以及对以色列侵略的抵抗。他说,这种侵略随时都可能再次发生。阿萨德说,他相信以色列不会改变它的政策, 因此阿拉伯国家必须捍卫巴勒斯坦人的事业。Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also used strong language to criticize Israel, condemning what he called its "arrogant use of force." But he also went on to urge Israeli leaders to accept the 2002 peace initiative. 埃及总统穆巴拉克也用严厉的措辞批评以色列。他谴责以色列“傲慢地使用武力”,但是他同时也敦促以色列领导人接受2002年的和平倡议。I tell Israel, he said, that the arrogance of power will not subdue the Palestinian people and will not bring peace...not all the tanks and planes in the world will bring security to the Israeli people. He also warned the world's great powers that the peace process, neglected for years, must be tackled responsibly. Peace in the Middle East, he insisted, is an urgent matter and cannot wait.  “我告诉以色列,傲慢地使用武力并不能使巴勒斯坦人民屈,也不会带来和平。不是所有的坦克和飞机都能给以色列人民带来安全。”他还告诫世界大国,和平进程被忽略了很多年,必须采取紧急和负责任的措施来处理这个问题。他坚决表示,中东地区的和平非常紧迫,刻不容缓。Israel initially rejected the Arab initiative in 2002, but in the past year has said it could be a starting point for discussion.Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose people were the subject and focus of the summit, called for Palestinian unity. 巴勒斯坦人是这次峰会的主要议题和焦点,巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯呼吁巴勒斯坦人团结起来。Abbas insisted that what must be agreed to now is a national unity government to cope with the humanitarian catastrophe, lift the blockade, reopen border crossings, and begin rebuilding. Then, he continued, parliamentary and presidential elections should be held, preferably at the same time. 他说:“我们现在必须要达成的一个共识就是,建立统一的政府,处理人道灾难,拆除封锁,重新开设过境点,开始重建......然后,同时举行议会和总统选举。”Arab leaders later held a closed-door session and al-Jazeera TV reported King Abdallah invited the leaders of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Qatar to his private quarters to discuss their differences. 晚些时候,阿拉伯领导人还举行了一个不公开的会议。半岛电视台报导说,沙特国王阿卜杜拉邀请埃及、叙利亚、约旦以及卡塔尔领导人到他的私人住处,讨论他们之间的分歧。01/61330Eruption Changing Galapagos 加拉帕戈斯群岛火山爆发A volcano that started erupting on one of the Galapagos Islands last week may be changing the landscape of the island. According to the Associated Press, rangers and tour guides spotted lava flowing down the northeastern flank of the Cerro Azul Volcano on the Island of Isabela late on Wednesday. The volcano had erupted last Thursday through Sunday as well. "What we saw during the flight was a rather big fissure, approximately 437 yards long, that was spewing magma approximately 66 yards into the air." Scientists feel the volcano may be changing the geography. "We saw that, for example, the blue lagoon that was in the crater before is no longer there, the green lagoon is somewhat dry, and we also detected a volcanic vent." Cerro Azul, one of five active volcanos on the island, last eruputed in September 1998, causing minor damage to plant life. The volcano is located on the unpopulated southwestern corner of the island. The Galapagos Islands are known for unique plant and animal life, and it's part of the inspiration for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Notes:The Galápagos Islands (Official name: Archipiélago de Colón; other Spanish names: Islas de Colón or Islas Galápagos, from galápago, "saddle"—after the shells of saddlebacked Galápagos tortoises) are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator, 525 nautical miles (972 km/604 mi) west of continental Ecuador in the Pacific OceanCoordinates: 0°40′S, 90°33′W. Cerro Azul ("blue hill" in Spanish) is an active stratovolcano located in central Chile, immediately south of Descabezado Grande volcano. The volcano is capped by a 0.5 kilometres (0.3 mi) wide summit crater that is open to the north. Numerous scoria cones and flank vents are found on the lower slopes.Vocabulary Mix:magma: n molten rock found beneath the earth's crust lagoon: a small lake which is not very deep, near a larger lake or river200811/56044

  South Korea, EU Enter 'Final' Trade Deal Negotiations韩国欧盟进入自贸谈判最后阶段 South Korea and the European Union have started what they call their final round of talks in efforts to agree on a trade liberalization deal. The deal still faces serious opposition from South Korean farmers, and may require fine tuning on opening up the Korean auto market. 韩国和欧盟开始就自由贸易协议达成一致举行他们所谓的最后一轮谈判。这项协议仍然遇到韩国农民的强烈反对,而且可能在开放韩国汽车市场问题上也需要做很多工作。South Korean Chief Trade Negotiator Lee Hye-min says he and his European Union counterpart Ignacio Garcia Bercero hope to conclude negotiations on a free trade deal this week. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表李惠民表示,他跟欧盟首席贸易谈判代表伯塞罗都希望这个星期能结束有关自由贸易协议的谈判。"As a result of these efforts, now we are about to finishing our long journey ... Our deal has far reached many fields for the whole economy. Both Korean and European manufactures will benefit," he said. 李惠民说:“由于这些努力,我们现在即将结束我们的漫长旅途。我们的协议涉及到整个经济的许多领域。韩国和欧盟的制造业都会受益。”The two sides have held seven previous rounds of talks that began nearly two years ago. Signing and implementing a deal would remove tariffs and make it much easier to buy and sell goods and services to each other. By at least one estimate the deal stands to add about billion to South Korea's economy. 韩国跟欧盟两年前开始举行自由贸易协议谈判,到现在为止已经 举行了七轮谈判。签署并实施贸易协议就会取消关税,使得双方之间的商品和劳务进出口更加便利。至少有一项估计认为,这项自由贸易协议将使韩国经济增加大约110亿美元。Opening the automotive and agricultural markets have been sticking points in previous sessions. Both sides view those markets as sensitive and politically difficult to stop protecting. 开放汽车市场和农业市场一直成为以往几轮谈判的症结所在。韩国和欧盟都认为上述两个市场非常敏感,要想停止保护,从政治角度很难做到。South Korean farmers held protests in Seoul to condemn the deal, shouting that the FTA negotiations are killing Korean farmers. Agriculture, especially rice farming, is seen in South Korea as a matter of both food security and cultural heritage. Deals to allow foreign agriculture products in to the country have sparked emotional and occasionally violent demonstrations in the past. 韩国农民在首尔举行抗议,谴责自由贸易协议,并大声说,自由贸易协议谈判正在毁灭韩国农民。农业,特别是耕种稻米,在韩国被看作是食品安全和传统文化的问题。有关允许外国农产品进入韩国的协议曾经在这个国家引发了情绪激昂的抗议。有时甚至发生暴力示威。If this week's negotiations are successful, South Korean officials say they hope to publicly declare the deal at next month's summit of advanced industrial nations in London.  韩国官员表示,假如这个星期的谈判取得成功,他们准备下个月在伦敦举行的发达工业国家首脑会议上宣布这项协议。South Korea signed a free trade deal with the ed States in June of 2007. But serious doubts remain as to whether it will be ratified. Left-leaning South Korean politicians have used sit-ins and civil disobedience to block the National Assembly in Seoul from advancing the vote process on the deal.  韩国和美国在2007年6月签署了自由贸易协议。不过,这项协议是否会得到批准还值得怀疑。韩国左翼政界人士使用静坐和反抗等方式阻止国会推动这一协议的表决程序。In the ed States, senior Democratic party leaders have expressed reservations about the deal's terms on automobile trade. Earlier this month, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in a confirmation he thought the U.S.-South Korea deal "just is not fair." 在美国,资深民主党领导人对美韩自由贸易协议中有关汽车贸易的条款持保留态度。这个月早些时候,美国贸易代表柯克在确认他提名的听会上表示,他认为美韩自由贸易协议“根本就是不公平的”。03/65328在上一期的节目中,咱们大致了解了板块构造说。这个学说能够说咱们对于落基山的来源吗?嗯,好像仍有很多的谜团解不开,那么还是得借助于考古的发现,考古中最重要的就是化石。除了菊石化石,还有什么其他化石吗?看看啰! ...remained. How did the collision of two tectonic plates at the western edge of North America cause the rise of the Rockies 500 to 1,000 miles inland? Mountain ranges that formed on the margins of continents are pretty easy to explain, or where continents have collided. When India slams into Asia, we get the Himalayas. Where Oceanic crust dives beneath the continental margin in the northwest, the Cascades or in South America the Andes Mountains, but these mountains here, in the middle of the continent, are much harder to explain. And they've been / an enigma for decades. Only recently, geologists have come up with a plausible theory. They suspect the Rockies formed along a line where the crust is very fragile. What happens when the continent gets compressed, especially if there is a weak zone, or a zone that's prone to buckling? It rises. That's what's brought this granite to the surface. Geologists now understood how the Rockies rose. And they had a date for when it happened. But what were these early mountains like? How did they compare to the mountains of today? On a site in the Rockies 70 miles northwest of Denver, geologists find a clue. Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. Miller sets out to estimate the height of the early mountains. But how can you measure something that is no longer there? Once more, fossils provide the evidence he is looking for. What's amazing about collecting fossils is that you are really the first person to see this when you crack open a rock. It's first time it sees light again after 16 million years. Miller has uncovered a 16-million-year-old fossilized leaf. It's from a tree that grew here just 10 million years after the Rockies began to form. And intriguingly, this leaf holds a clue to the height of these early mountains, or more precisely, it's the edges of the leaf, known as leaf margins. Botanists know that in colder temperatures the margins tend to have more teeth than leaves that grow in warmer areas. 小编有约:今天小编考考大家的发散性思维,"Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. " 你喜欢山吗?你有时间在山里走一走,呼吸山里的空气吗?对于最后两句你是怎样理解的? 对这段话Daisy有特殊的体会。从小生活在山边的我,对于山的变化是很敏感的。山也是有呼吸的。走在山里,那种静谧与安详的环境,人在不知不觉中就感到安定。偶尔的鸟叫,和蝴蝶的飞舞,会让人感到各种各样的生物都绚烂地活在这个世界,大自然的一切都那样的美好。所以请爱护大自然吧。这是Daisy的感想,你的呢?201110/158847

  A short visit to India by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has allowed New Delhi and Moscow to strengthen their strategic partnership, which has had its ups and downs since the end of the Cold War era.Indian and Russian officials say the two prime ministers held wide-ranging discussions. 印度和俄罗斯官员说,两国总理就广泛议题进行了磋商。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says his talks with Mr. Putin went beyond the 22 agreements they signed. "There is much that India and Russia can do together to advance global peace and stability and the process of global economic revival. We've agreed to intensify our consultations on Afghanistan and the challenges posed by terrorism and extremism in our region," he said.印度总理辛格说,他与普京谈话的内容并不止两国签署的22项协议。他说:“印度和俄罗斯能够在很多方面共同合作,推动世界和平与稳定,促进全球经济复苏。我们同意在阿富汗问题,以及恐怖主义与极端主义给我们地区带来的挑战等问题上加强磋商。”But most of the attention focused on the billions of dollars worth of deals they signed. 但最引人注目的还是双方签署的价值数十亿美元的协议。To help India meet a shortage of electricity for its booming economy, Russia is to build between 12 and 16 nuclear power plants here, six of them by 2017. Russia is aly constructing two units in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.为帮助印度解决其蓬勃发展的经济带来的电力短缺问题,俄罗斯将在印度修建12至16个核电站,其中6个将在2017年之前完成。俄罗斯已经在南部的泰米尔纳德邦开始了两个核电站的建设工程。Earlier in the day, during a conference with Indian business leaders gathered in several cities, Mr. Putin said Russia would also supply India with fuel for the reactors and cooperate on disposal of nuclear waste from the new plants. He called Russia's nuclear technology among the safest in the world. 当天早些时候,普京在与聚集在印度几个城市的商界领袖们举行视频会议时说,俄罗斯也将为印度的反应堆提供燃料,并将合作处理新核电站的核废料问题。他说俄罗斯的核技术属于世界上最安全的。One of the most significant agreements is intended to settle a protracted dispute over the sale and refurbishing of a Russian aircraft carrier that is to be delivered to India's Navy by the end of 2012. The two countries originally agreed on a price of about 0 million for the Admiral Gorshkov. Now it is believed to be .3 billion. 印俄签署的重要协议之一,是为了解决有关出售和翻新俄罗斯一艘航空母舰的一个迟迟没有解决的争议。这艘名为“戈尔什科夫海军上将号”的航空母舰计划于2012年底前交付给印度海军。两国原本达成9.5亿美元的价格协议,但据信价格将达到23亿美元。201003/98660

  Intellectual property知识产权Inventive warfare发明之战Battles over patents are becoming fiercer and more expensive专利之战,愈演愈烈,愈烈价更高THIS deal is all about patents. That was the near universal view of Google’s announcement this week that it was taking over Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other devices, for a colossal .5 billion. Indeed, the purchase will provide Google with an awful lot of patents: around 17,000 of them issued and another 7,500 pending. They should help Google in its efforts to get more smartphones and other mobile devices running on its Android operating system (see article). But it could also make the battles over patents nastier and more costly.这笔交易归根结蒂就是谋求专利。这是多数人对谷歌本周宣布以125亿美元天价收购手机及其他电子产品制造商托罗拉这一消息的普遍看法。实际上,此项交易为谷歌带来数量极其庞大的专利:约1.7万项已审批,另外7500项待审批。这些专利有助于歌获得更多运行安卓操作系统的智能手机以及其他移动设备 (见 文)。但是这也会使对专利的争夺愈演愈烈,代价更高。A scramble for patents had aly begun. In December four companies, including Microsoft and Apple, paid 0m for around 880 patents and applications owned by Novell, an ailing software firm. In July those two and four others, including Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, spent .5 billion on 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a bankrupt Canadian telecoms-equipment maker. Before its latest deal, Google bought 1,000 patents from IBM. Firms are also suing each other. Apple claims its technology has been copied by Samsung and Motorola in their Android phones. Oracle is suing Google for up to billion, claiming that Android infringes its patents. Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android too. Nokia recently settled a similar quarrel with Apple.专利争夺战早已打响。早在12月,包括微软及苹果在内的四间公司就付境况不佳的Novell4.5亿美元以购买约880项专利和应用程序。今年七月,其中的两间公司及包括黑莓厂商动态研究公司在内的另外四家公司购买加拿大倒闭的电信设备厂商Nortel的6000项专利。此前,谷歌就从IBM公司购买了1000项专利。同时,各公司也在互相倾轧。苹果声称其技术已被三星及托罗拉在其安卓系统中盗用。甲骨文公司起诉谷歌公司,称安卓系统侵权,要求索赔60亿美元。微软公司也起诉托罗拉的安卓系统。诺基亚公司最近刚刚与苹果公司解决一个类似冲突。What is going on? Some say companies are attaching more value to intellectual property. Indeed, the Google deal seems to have been priced on a cost-per-patent basis, causing the share prices of other firms with lots of patents to rise. Others, however, think the battles reflect deficiencies in the patent system forcing firms to pay vast sums to protect technologies they have developed. The answer is a bit of both.这到底是怎么回事?有些人说这是各公司跟看重知识产权。实际上,谷歌交易似乎就是通过每项专利的成本而进行估价,这就致使拥有专利众多的公司的股价攀升。但是,也有人认为此类争夺正反映了专利认体系的缺陷——迫使公司大笔投入保护其开发技术。二者兼有。201108/151081。

  More than meets the eyeMore 4 News discovers that when you turn the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce on its side you might just see something else.Now the government spends 142,000,000 pounds a year on advertising and branding, on things like this, which is the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce. But is it money well spent? Some people have been seeing things in the design that the designers may not have intended. As Rags Martel reports.Introducing the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce, but turn it on its side, and you just might see why this isn't the best thoughtout rebranding exercise, particularly considering it will be this way up when displayed on pens. I must say the first time I saw it, I laughed out loud. It's very funny. I think the logo should probably be scrapped almost immediately, and I think that's probably what the OGC are doing. I mean it's a bit of embarrassment, it's a funny episode. But that logo can never be taken seriously. If this is the corporate thought,the OGC, they are in trouble.14000 pounds was spent on the logo, expensive, especially for a government agency which aims to improve value for money to the tax payer.They are a bit embarrassed because when I turn it like that, what could you see?Oh, not very good. That's not very good at all.Cost 14 grandIs this a joke?No, it's not a joke.I think that's a bit of a joke.I think it is in color. It's just a logo.Or, what if I turn it like this.That looks like ha ha ha.Almost obscene.Now some people could say that they have dirty minds, because they are just seeing the naughty side of a logo. In fact, there's something in the brain which is called the amidol that gives you an interpretation of something from your points of view, rather what it actually is. The fact is, in this case, you know, it is what it is. And what it looks like, what it rather sticks out like a sour farm and that being generous.The OGC refused to comment on the logo, saying only that it had refocused its priorities for delivering high quality public services. But it can take some comfort that this isn't the first logo cock-up. And even in the controversial London Olympic logo, apparently some people see Lisa Simpson doing something unspeakable with Bart. The moral of the logo story yet seems always look at it both ways.Now, we do enjoy ourselves here. And if you didn't quite get that you can see it again on our website at the address on the screen around now, more4news.200811/55058

  US House, Senate Health Care Bills Contain Similarities, Differences美参众两院医疗改革法案版本分歧大When lawmakers in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives return to work in January, they will face the task of working out differences between major health care reform legislation. Informal talks were expected to get underway even earlier, and President Barack Obama has pledged to remain fully engaged in the process of achieving his major domestic priority.当美国参众两院的议员们明年1月返回国会开始工作的时候,他们将面临着消除两院重要的医疗改革法案版本之间差别的重任。估计非正式的商谈可能甚至更早就要进行,奥巴马总统已经承诺将全力介入完成他这一首要国内问题的进程。Legislation the Senate passed and the version the House of Representatives approved earlier have both been estimated by the independent Congressional Budget Office to cost in the upper 0 billion range.美国参议院通过的医改立法版本和众议院早些时候批准的医改立法版本都经过独立的国会预算办公室的估算,耗资在8千亿美元以上。Democrats and Republicans continue to argue what the true longer-term costs will be, with 10-year costs of the House measure put at more than trillion.民主党和共和党人继续就更长期的花费将在哪些地方产生而进行争论,众议院版本10年的花费投入超过1万亿美元。Lawmakers who will negotiate the differences for the Senate and House will have to ensure that a final bill is below the 0 billion the president set as a maximum figure.就弥合参议院和众议院医改法案版本之间不同进行磋商的国会议员们,将必须确保最终的法案耗资在9千亿美元这一总统确定的最高限额之下。Senate Democrats were forced to make concessions to some of their members and to Independents, the most significant being the elimination of a government-run insurance option to compete with private companies whose practices have been the focus of sharp criticism for decades.参议院的民主党人被迫为了本党的一些议员和独立参议员做出让步,其中最主要的让步是取消了一个由政府管理的、和私人公司进行竞争的保险机构的选项。私人保险公司的运作几十年来一直是人们严厉抨击的焦点。12/93396

  Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!But that ain't an insult and that is the biggest compliment you can pay for a woman. Respect.No, but seriously, does you take it up the butt?No, of course I don't.Beckham, you telling me you ain't never been caught offside?No.But me heard you was well good at getting round the back and swinging your balls in, yeah?They do say it's the way he bends it, I have to say.Yes.Respect, respect, little bit of a different via from Parkinson, well, eh? Now Beckham...Do you reckon the better the footballer you is, the fitter the girl you go out with?Obviously.So you is the best at football, you know, so you gets Posh. So does Sporty Spice go out with someone from Scunthorpe ed?That's my friend and she's lovely.02/62240

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