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Compliment恭维话;Larry! Come here!; said his furious mother, putting the telephone down, ; I’ve just had a call from Mrs. Harrison about your behavior to her Doris at the school dance last night. You wretched, rude boy!;“拉里,你过来!”妈妈放下电话后生气地说,“我刚才接到哈里森夫人地电话,她告诉我你在昨晚的学校舞会上对多丽丝行为不好,你可耻,粗鲁!”;I was nice to her, Mum, really I was!; protested the youth.;I even paid her a compliment when we had a dance.;“妈妈,我对她很好,真的!”小伙子不气地说。“当我和她跳舞时我还说了一句恭维她的话。”;Did you, indeed?; said his mother grimly, ;And what exactly did you say?;“你真的这么做的吗?”妈妈严厉地问。“你的原话是怎么说的?”;I said, Gosh, Doris, you sweat less than any fat girl I’ve ever danced with!;“我说,啊呀,多丽丝,你比我跳过舞的任何胖姑娘出汗都少!” /201302/224957。

Sagittarius射手座 (11月23日~12月21日)Sagittarius is Fire energy. This is a very active, extroverted sign.射手座是火相星座。射手非常主动、外向。TIPS: You definitely have talent. But you still have to concentrate more.学习相 你确有天赋,但是你应该更加专心。 /201210/205021。

One day a visitor from the city came to a small rural area to drive around the country roads, see how the farms looked, and perhaps to see how farmers earned their living. The city man saw a farmer in his yard, holding a pig up in his hands, and lifting it so that the pig could eat apples from an apple tree. 一天,有一个城市里的游客来到一个小乡村,在乡间路上开着车,想看看农庄是什么样子,也想看看农夫怎样种田过日子。这位城里人看见一位农夫在宅后的草地 上,手中抱着一头猪,并把它举得高高的,好让它能够吃到树上的苹果。The city man said to the farmer,” I see that your pig likes apples, but isn”t that quite a waste of time?” The farmer replied,” What‘s time to a pig?”城里人对农夫说,”我看你的猪挺喜欢吃苹果的,但是,这不是很浪费时间吗?”那位农夫 回答说,”时间对猪有什么意义?”。

The teacher told the class the story of a man who swam a river three times before breakfast.Johnny laughed.;Do you doubt that a good swimmer could do that?; asked the teacher.;No, sir,; answered Johnny, ;but I wonder why he did not swim it four times and get back to the side where his clothes were.;老师给同学们讲了一个小故事,说有一个人早饭前要在河里游泳,横渡三趟。约翰尼笑了。老师问道:“你不相信一个游泳很好的人可以做到么?”约翰尼回答说:“不是的,先生,我是不明白他为什么不游四次,好回到他放衣的那边。”。

Over the last few months, during the endurance-athletics offseason, something extraordinary happened: The line began to blur between the health effects of running marathons and eating cheeseburgers.过去几个月耐力赛事的淡季中,发生了一件很不寻常的事情:跑马拉松和吃芝士汉堡,这两件事对人体健康的影响的区别开始变得模糊起来。#39;I#39;m not worried, #39; says veteran running coach Mark Sullivan, who has run more than 150 marathons, joking that #39;there are guys who live to be 100 smoking cigarettes and eating cheeseburgers.#39;参加过150余场马拉松赛的资深跑步教练马克苏利凡(Mark Sullivan)说:“我一点儿也不担心。”他还开玩笑称:“有人又抽烟又吃芝士汉堡还能活到100岁呢。”Endurance athletes have long enjoyed a made-of-iron image. But amid mounting evidence that extraordinary doses of exercise may diminish the benefits of modest amounts, that image is being smudged. That extra six years of longevity running has been shown to confer? That benefit may disappear beyond 30 miles of running a week, suggests recent research.长期以来,耐力运动员在世人心目中都是铁人的形象。但随着越来越多的据表明,运动量过大的话,可能会减少适量运动所带来的益处。这给运动员的铁人形象蒙上了阴影。不是说跑步能让人多活六年吗?新近的研究表明,一周跑步超过30英里(约合48公里),这一好处可能就会消失殆尽。The improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and robust cardiac health that exercise has been proven to bestow? Among extreme exercisers, those blessings may be offset partially by an increased vulnerability to atrial fibrillation and coronary-artery plaque, suggests other recent studies.如果上述说法成立,那跑马拉松能改善人的血压、胆固醇水平,并让心脏变得更为强健,这些已被实的事又该作何解释?近来另一些研究表明,对于过度锻炼者而言,由于他们更易患上心房颤动和冠状动脉斑块的病症,所以跑马拉松带来的一部分好处可能会被抵消掉。In the face of this research, long-standing skepticism about the possibility of #39;exercise overdose#39; is softening among many sports physicians. #39;The lesson I#39;ve learned from 40 years of cardiology is that when there#39;s this much smoke, there#39;s often some fire, #39; said Paul Thompson, a sports-medicine specialist and veteran marathoner who is chief of cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.许多体育运动医学家一直都对存在“运动过量”这种可能性的说法表示质疑,但面对上述研究,他们中的很多人态度都在软化。康涅狄格州哈特福德医院(Hartford Hospital)心脏病学负责人、运动医学专家及马拉松老将保罗汤普森(Paul Thompson)说:“四十年的心脏病学职业生涯教给我一点:无中不能生有,事出总是有因。”Anecdotal concerns about endurance athletics have been building for years. Cardiac conditions that required surgery have forced into retirement two winners of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. In 2011, Ironman winner Normann Stadler underwent emergency surgery to repair an enormous aortic aneurysm, a condition not caused but very possibly aggravated by endurance athletics. Research shows an association between endurance athletics and enlarged aortic roots.坊间关于耐力运动的担忧由来已久。铁人三项世界锦标赛(Ironman Triathlon World Championship)的两位冠军得主就因为心脏病需要动手术而被迫退役。2011年,该赛事冠军得主诺曼施泰德(Normann Stadler)就接受了一场治疗主动脉巨瘤的急诊手术。这种病虽然不是由耐力运动造成的,但后者很可能会加剧病情。研究表明,耐力运动和主动脉根部扩张二者之间存在着某种关联。Other recent studies suggest the significant mortality benefits of running may diminish or disappear at mileage exceeding 30 miles a week and other, very small studies have shown elevated levels of coronary plaque in serial marathoners─a problem that rigorous exercise theoretically could cause.近来另一些研究指出,虽然跑步显著地降低了死亡率,但如果一周跑步的总里程超过了30英里(约合48公里),这项运动带来的益处可能就会减少或消失。而其他一些小规模的研究已表明,长期跑马拉松的人其冠状动脉斑块含量升高──这一问题理论上说是有可能由于严格的训练造成的。#39;Heart disease comes from inflammation and if you#39;re constantly, chronically inflaming yourself, never letting your body heal, why wouldn#39;t there be a relationship between over exercise and heart disease?#39; said John Mandrola, a cardiac electrophysiologist and columnist for TheHeart.org.心脏电生理学家、TheHeart.org的专栏作者约翰曼德罗拉(John Mandrola)说:“心脏病源自炎症,如果你长期受慢性炎症困扰,从不让自己的身体痊愈,那么,过度锻炼和心脏病之间怎么可能会没有关系呢?”Yet sports-medicine specialists are sharply divided over whether any warning is warranted. For every American who exercises to extremes, after all, there are thousands who don#39;t exercise at all─and who might embrace any exercise-related warnings as cause for staying sedentary. Moreover, the evidence for extreme-exercise hazards is far from conclusive─and is contradicted by other studies suggesting the health benefits of exercise may accrue to infinity.然而,在是否有必要就此发出警告的问题上,运动医学专家们的分歧很大。毕竟,按美国的人口比例来算,与每一名运动强度直逼极限的人相对应的是成千上万名根本不运动的人──任何与运动相关的警告都有可能成为他们继续坐着不动的理由。此外,“过度锻炼是危险的”这一说法还缺少据,远未形成定论──而且与其他的研究结果也相矛盾,后者认为无止境的锻炼会有益于身体健康。#39;It#39;s true that the majority of cardiovascular protection comes from exercise at more moderate levels, but there is compelling evidence that there#39;s no upper limit, #39; said Benjamin Levine, director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas and professor of medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.达拉斯运动和环境医学研究所(Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine)负责人、得克萨斯大学西南医学中心(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)医学教授本杰明莱文(Benjamin Levine)说:“有一点是确凿可信的,那就是大多对心血管的保护源自更适度的锻炼。但也有令人信的据表明,锻炼并没有上限。”#39;I don#39;t want anyone to that exercise can be bad for you. added Mandrola, a passionate cyclist. #39;Some folks do tons of exercise and are protected. Some folks probably have some individual susceptibility to it. I#39;m a big believer in short intervals of high intensity.#39;爱好自行车运动的曼德罗拉补充说:“我不希望任何人将其解读为锻炼可能对人有害。有些人运动量巨大却仍受其裨益,有些人易感不适可能是由于个人原因所致。我本人就坚信,应该进行短时间隔休息的高强度锻炼。”Sports medicine has a history of ignoring warning signs. Long after evidence emerged that over-hydrating could prove fatal to marathoners, experts continued encouraging runners to drink as much as possible─leading to utterly preventable tragedies such as the death of a 43-year-old mother of three in the 1998 Chicago Marathon. #39;Why did it take 20 years before the original evidence was accepted?#39; asked a 2006 article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.运动医学界有着对警告信号熟视无睹的历史。有据表明,补水过度可能会对马拉松选手造成致命伤害。这一发现提出很久以后,专家们还是继续鼓励跑步者尽可能多地喝水──这就导致了一些原本完全可以避免的悲剧的上演,比如1998年在芝加哥马拉松赛(Chicago Marathon)中丧生的那位选手,她当时43岁,是三个孩子的母亲。2006年,《英国运动医学杂志》(British Journal of Sports Medicine)发表的一篇文章提出了这样一个问题:“为什么这个原始据在二十年之后才被人接受?”Following the recent emergence of studies finding high levels of coronary plaque in marathon runners, sports medicine is debunking the myth that distance running confers near-absolute protection against heart disease. #39;The thinking used to be, if you#39;re a marathoner, you#39;re protected, #39; said Thompson. While taking seriously the growing evidence for potential risks of endurance exercise, Thompson said he isn#39;t advising his patients against it. #39;As a former marathoner, I have a sympathetic bent toward large amounts of exercise.#39;新近诸多研究发现马拉松选手的冠状动脉斑块水平偏高后,运动医学界正在打破这样一种误解:长跑会对心脏病起到一种近乎绝对的防护作用。汤普森说:“过去有这样一种看法:如果你是一名马拉松运动员,你就得到了保护。”然而,越来越多的据表明耐力运动存在潜在风险。尽管很看重这些据,但汤普森说他并不建议自己的患者放弃耐力运动,“作为一名曾经的马拉松选手,我也偏爱大量的锻炼”。Publicizing the potential dangers of endurance exercise could give recreational athletes an argument for resisting pressure to go longer and harder. Within the running and triathlon communities, glory is often reserved for those who go extreme distances. #39;The longer you go, the more attention people pay to you, #39; said Aaron Baggish, a triathlete, marathoner and Massachusetts General Hospital cardiologist.向公众宣传耐力运动的潜在危险可能会给业余运动员一个浅尝辄止的理由,在面临需要他们跑得更远、付出更多努力的压力时会产生抗拒。在跑步和铁人三项的圈子里,荣誉总是留给那些愿意挑战里程极限的人。波士顿麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)心脏病专家、铁人三项和马拉松选手亚伦巴吉胥(Aaron Baggish)说:“你跑得的路越长,得到的关注也就越多。”The loudest voice warning about the dangers of endurance exercise may be that of James O#39;Keefe, a sports cardiologist and former elite triathlete. In his late forties, O#39;Keefe started experiencing heart palpitations following heavy workouts. He now believes the culprit was unrelenting exercise. An article he co-wrote last year in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings said: #39;Long-term excessive endurance exercise may induce pathological structural remodeling of the heart and large arteries.#39;在关于耐力运动有危险的警告声中,最响亮的声音可能来自詹姆斯欧基夫(James O#39;Keefe)。身为运动心脏病专家的欧基夫曾是一名铁人三项精英赛选手,但临近50岁时,欧基夫在进行高强度锻炼后开始出现心悸。他现在认为无休止的运动是这一切的罪魁祸首。去年,《梅奥诊所学报》(Mayo Clinic Proceedings)发表了欧基夫与他人合着的一篇文章,其中写道:“长期过度的耐力运动可能会诱发心脏和大动脉产生病理结构性重建。”As director of a decades-long project called the National Runners#39; Health Study, Paul Williams has published dozens of scientific articles showing that running─the more the better─confers a variety of robust health benefits. But along with Hartford#39;s Thompson, Williams just completed a study of 2, 377 runners and walkers who had survived heart attacks. Over 10.4 years, 526 of them died, 71.5% of them from cardiovascular disease. What Williams found is that the more they ran or walked after a heart attack, the less likely they were to die of heart disease─until they exceeded 7.1 kilometers of running or 10.7 kilometers of walking daily.全美跑步者健康研究(National Runners#39; Health Study)是一个持续了数十年的项目,该项目负责人保罗威廉姆斯(Paul Williams)已发表了几十篇科学论文,文章均表明跑步──越多越好──给人的健康带来了种种好处。但威廉姆斯也与哈特福德医院的汤普森一起完成了针对2,377名在心脏病后存活了下来的跑步者和步行者的一项研究。在10.4年的时间里,共有526名参与者去世,其中71.5%的人死于心血管疾病。威廉姆斯发现,他们在心脏病发后跑得越多或走得越多,其死于心脏病的风险就越小,前提是他们的运动里程不能超过临界点──一天跑步超过7.1公里或走路超过10.7公里。 /201306/244605。

1. A Mistress1.情妇To anyone familiar with China’s seamier side, the concept of high-powered men taking mistresses will come as no surprise. When a guy’s material needs have been satisfied, an extramarital affair serves to fulfil his carnal requirements as well. Rather than simply meeting up for trysts with his ernai, a man must provide his mistress with an apartment, car and designer wardrobe. Like it or not, sleaze is here to stay, and even high-ranking officials are in on the act. Disgraced railway minister Liu Zhijun was discovered to have 18 mistresses, and ex-vice mayor of Hangzhou, “Plenty” Xu, had a similar harem when he was executed for embezzlement in July.对于任何熟悉中国丑陋一面的人来说,有权势的人包养情妇观念不足为奇。男人的物质需求得到满足后,就通过婚外情来满足他的性欲。他们不只是与“二奶”幽会,而是必须为情妇提供公寓、汽车和名贵饰。不管你是否愿意,腐败扎根于这些人中,甚至高级别的官员也在其列。无耻的铁道部部长刘志军被发现有18个情妇,杭州市前副市长“许三多”在7月份因贪污公款而被“双规”时,被发现他有一群类似“后宫”的女人。2. A Luxury Car2.豪车Every wealthy Chinese person worth his or her salt counts fancy wheels among the trappings of their material success. German cars are among the most popular when it comes to sedans, with Audi and BMW occupying the top spots in the market. Before a middle class guy can even consider wooing a lady, he must first ensure that he has a decent vehicle. And if he wants to take a mistress? Well, that’s another car he needs to budget for.每个称得上是有钱的中国富人在炫耀他们的物质财富时都要考虑到名车。德国车在轿车中最受青睐,其中奥迪和宝马在市场拔得头筹。一位中产阶层的男士在考虑追求一位女士之前,他必须先要确保有一辆体面的轿车。那么如果他想要包养一个情妇呢?那就要预算另一辆车了。3. A Pilot License3.飞行驾照A car is one thing, but the highest rollers like to go even higher. There are now 1,600 official pilot license holders in China (and doubtlessly plenty more that are unofficial…), and low altitude air spaces have been opened in Hainan, Guangdong and Heilongjiang for them to take their jets for a spin. Getting a license doesn’t come cheap, with courses costing as much as 80,000 RMB. Ownership of private jets is still limited in China, with just 100 registered, but the trend is growing. Celebs like Fan Bing Bing and Chen Daoming have gotten in on the action, each buying a jet of their own.有车是一回事,而更高的玩家有更高层次的追求。目前中国有1600人持有正式的飞行驾照(毫无疑问还有更多的人持有非正式的飞行许可……),海南、广东和黑龙江为这些飞机开设了低空飞行。获取飞行驾照并不便宜,课程费高达8万人民币。拥有私人飞机在中国还是有限的,目前仅注册了100架,不过有增长的势头。像范冰冰和陈道明这样的名人已经采取了行动,他们每人都购置了飞机。4. A Tibetan Mastiff4.藏獒Among pedigree dogs, the Tibetan Mastiff is neither the friendliest nor the most attractive, but it is currently the most prized canine in China. Dogs of this breed fetch ridiculous sums; in 2009 a Xi’an couple shelled out over 300,000 RMB for theirs, and show dogs at the annual China Tibetan Mastiff Expo boast names like God, Prince and Warren Buffet (seriously). Pets were banned under Mao for promoting bourgeois attitudes, but ownership of small animals like crickets and birds never really went away. Having the money and space to keep a big dog like a Tibetan Mastiff is a clear sign that you’re doing well for yourself financially.在纯种中,藏獒既不是最友好的,也不是最漂亮的,但它却是目前中国最贵的犬。这个品种的犬价格贵得荒唐,2009年西安的一对夫妇为他们的花了30万元人民币。而且一年一度的中国藏獒览会展示并炫耀它们的名字,如上帝、王子和沃伦·巴菲特(很当真)。宠物在毛泽东时代被作为宣传资产阶级思想而遭禁止,但养一些诸如蟋蟀和鸟之类的小动物却从不被禁止。花钱豢养一条像藏獒之类的大并为它们安置居处可以清楚地表明一个人的经济状况非常好。5. Apple Products5.苹果产品To gauge China’s love of iPhones, iPads and Macbooks, you only have to look at the queues outside Apple stores whenever a new device is launched. Desperate consumers were crushed in the fever to get their hands on the iPad two in Beijing in May this year, and a boy even sold his kidney to afford one. Apple products appeal to the wealthy urban youth thanks to their sleek design, cult following, and reassuringly high prices. The fact that they are made on production lines in Guangdong does little to tarnish their appeal.要衡量中国人对iPhone、iPad和Macbook有多么喜爱,你只需看一看每当苹果有新产品推出时专卖店外排队的长龙了。今年5月在北京,不顾一切的消费者拥挤着以求买到iPad 2,甚至有个男孩子为了买到一个而卖掉自己的肾。苹果产品时尚的设计、狂热的追捧和令人安心的高价吸引着富有的城市青年,而这些实际上在广东生产出来的苹果产品丝毫没有降低它们的吸引力。6. Pale Skin6.白肤Contrary to Western women’s fondness for suntanned skin (presumably to imply that they are wealthy enough to take expensive holidays to warmer climes), Chinese ladies prefer the pale and interesting look (presumably to prove that they don’t work outside in a manual job). Beauty products tend to contain “whitening” ingredients, and Western brands operating in China almost always add a special line to their product range, like L’Oreal’s White Perfect. Women hide from the summer sun under decorative parasols, and the pastiest of complexions are prized as the most attractive.西方女性喜欢古铜色皮肤(大概是暗示她们有足够的财富去休假以享受温暖的气候),与此相反,中国女性喜欢白色和引人注目的外表(大概是表明她们不从事体力劳动)。美容产品往往含有“美白”的成分,而且在中国经营的西方品牌几乎总是在其产品中加入一种特殊系列,比如欧莱雅的白色完美。夏日里女性打着阳伞躲避日晒,苍白色的肤色最受青睐。7. Fine Wine7.美酒China’s domestic wine industry might not be up to much yet, but it is expected to flourish. Until then, wealthy Chinese feed their grape habit with expensive imported wines. These days it’s common to see wine bars with a clientele of mainly locals, as the Chinese palate develops a taste for Cab Sav and Chardonnay. Wine’s growing popularity is partly due to its associations with the sophistication of France and Italy, and partly due to the fact that imported stuff is so darn expensive.中国的国产葡萄酒行业还不是很发达,不过预计会蓬勃发展。而在此之前,中国富人用昂贵的进口酒来满足他们饮用葡萄酒的嗜好。近来葡萄酒吧里常常可以看到中国人,他们品尝着“解百纳”和“霞多丽”。葡萄酒的日益普及,部分原因是由于法国和意大利精湛的酿酒工艺,还有一层原因是因为这些进口酒惊人的昂贵。8. Luxury Furniture8.豪华家具Recently, luxury furniture company Da Vinci was found to be peddling goods that were Made in China instead of Made in Italy. However, the scandal has done little to douse China’s wealthy from lusting after plush sofas from the likes of Versace Home, Fendi Casa and Kenzo Maison. Having the y cash to kit out your home like Donatella’s boudoir is a sign of great fortune and profligacy.近来,豪华家具公司达·芬奇被曝出售的家具为中国制造而非意大利生产。然而,这桩丑闻丝毫不影响中国的有钱人追求豪华沙发的欲望,从范思哲家居系列、芬奇家居到Kenzo Maison品牌皆是他们的喜爱。用现钱像多娜泰拉·范思哲的闺房那般装备你的家表明你很富有和奢华。9. Golf9.高尔夫China is catching up with the West when it comes to golf, the sport of the idle rich, or middle class dudes trying to up their guanxi with colleagues and clients. There are now around 600 golf courses in China, up from just a hundred or so at the turn of the millennium. A round on the fairway is seen as proof of your mettle.中国在高尔夫上正在迎头赶上西方,高尔夫是有钱人的一项休闲运动,中产阶层人士用它来与同事及客户拉关系。中国有大约有600个高尔夫球场,而在2000年前后仅有100个左右。打一场高尔夫球被视为明你的勇气和耐力。10. A Designer “Murse”10.名牌钱包Finally, the one thing no rich Chinese guy should be without: a man purse (a.k.a. “murse”) from a recognized brand. Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton all fit the bill, with slightly less kudos for mid-range names like Coach. A guy needs somewhere to stash his cash and his iPhone, and the murse is the ideal accessory. Aspirational and functional.最后,有钱的中国男性必备的一个物件:知名品牌的钱包。古琦、柏利和路易威登受到青睐,中等品牌的蔻驰稍逊之。钱包是男人存放现金和iPhone的理想物件。它既实用又时尚。 /201212/217616。