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5. At the EDD Office 5.在EDD办公室A: Good morning. How can I help you?A:早上好。我如何帮助你?B: Good morning to you. Yes. Id like to file a claim.B:你也早上好。是的。我想提出索赔。A: Okay, I can help you with that.A:好吧,我可帮助你。B: All right. What do I need to do?B:好吧。我需要做什么?A: The easiest way to file a claim is online. You can use our computers for that.A:索赔的最简单方法是在网上。您可以使用我们的电脑。B: Thats wonderful. Do I need to log in?B:那太好了。我需要登录吗?A: No, you dont. Our computers are connected directly to the EDD.A:不,你不用。我们的电脑直接连接到EDD。B: But I dont know if Im eligible for benefits.B:但我不知道我是否有资格获得福利。A: The EDD will make that decision. Just fill in the forms as best you can.A:这是EDD所决定的。你尽可能的填好表单。B: Thank you. Ill use the computer here to file the claim right away.B:谢谢你!我会马上用这里的电脑来提出索赔。A: If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.A:如果你有任何问题,可以随时问。B: All right. I will. Thanks once again. B:好吧。我会的。再一次谢谢你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/418721unit 343 加大折扣dialogue 英语情景对话A:Well, to come straight to the point, could you tell us something about your new price?A:那好,开门见山地说吧,能讲讲你们的最新报价吗?B:Most willingly. Its 600 dollars per ton.B:很乐意。每吨售价600美元。A:Thats a high price.A:好贵啊!B:But you know, the price of this article has soared up since last year.B:但你知道,自去年开始这种商品的价格猛涨。A:I know. But I must say its still unacceptable. Couldnt you make a discount for me? You see, we have such a long-term cooperation. And our business could be mutually beneficial.A:我知道。但我还是不能接受这个价格。你难道不能给我打个折吗?你看啊,我们已经合作这么长时间了,而且我们的合作都是互利的。B:OK. I can make a special offer for you. This price is based on careful calculations. And it is the lowest price we can offer to you.B:好吧。我可以给您一个特殊优惠。这个价格是在精打细算的基础上得出来的。这是我们可以给您的最低价格了。 /201602/428104讲解文本: skip class 翘课I always skip my physics class because its boring.我总是逃物理课,因为特别无聊。cut class 翘课I never cut class during my four years in college.我在四年大学里没有逃过一次课。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/465588

Might I interest you in anything else? 您还想要点其他什么吗?例句:A:Excuse you,May I refill your glass?打扰一下,我能给您再倒一杯吗?B:Yes,please.好的,请倒吧。A:How is everything?饭菜怎么样?B:Its delicious.May I have some mustard,please?很好吃,请给我点芥末好吗?A:Oh,Im sorry.I didnt realize there was no mustard here.Ill get that for you in a minute.By the way,might I interest you in anything else?哦,对不起。我没有注意到这儿没有芥末了。我马上就给您拿来。顺便问一下,您还想要点其他东西吗?B:No,thank you.不了,谢谢。A:Here is your mustard.If youre not used to the chopsticks.We do have forks and knives.给您芥末。如果您不习惯用筷子。我们也有刀叉。B:Chopsticks are fine.筷子就好了。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201704/502398

unit 161 人际关系建议dialogue 英语情景对话A:How do you think should I handle this problem?A:你看我该怎么处理这个问题?B:Youd just let sleeping dogs lie.B:你应当少管闲事。A:But Im aly in a lot of trouble with my boss.A:可是我已受到了老板的训斥。B:Anything you say or do might make it worse. Just try to ride out the storm for a while.B:不管你说什么或做什么,都会使事情变得更糟,暂时避避风吧。A:Shes always bothering me. What should I do?A:她总是来烦我,我该怎么办?B:Youd better leave her alone.B:你最好不要惹她。A:But she always harps on me.A:但她总是对我唠叨个没完。B:Just tell her off.B:那就臭骂她一顿。A:Yes, great!A:对,太好了! /201508/391781

Ginger: So, what about you? Youre still in the same place right?金格:你呢?你还住在原来那个地方吗?Nabeel: Yeah, Im still there.纳比尔:对,我还住在那里。Ginger: Good. Hows it going?金格:好。你的房子怎么样?Nabeel: Oh, its great. Im actually quite satisfied with it now.纳比尔:哦,非常好。我非常满意。Ginger: Oh, good because I though you wanted to move at one point.金格:这很好,我曾经以为你想搬家呢。Nabeel: Yeah, I thought about it for awhile but then I decided to stay there. Theres a lot of good points there. Its a quiet neighborhood. Its not too far from the train, so I can get to work easily. For awhile I thought it might be a little too expensive, just slightly above my budget, but Ive gotten used to it, and my cats love it. Theyre really comfortable there, so I think Im going to stay.纳比尔:对,我是有考虑过一段时间,不过后来我决定还是继续住在那里。住在那里有很多好处。那是个安静的社区。离火车站很近,上班很方便。有一段时间我认为房租太贵了,有点超出我的预算,不过我已经习惯住在那里了,我的猫也喜欢那个房子。它们在那里生活得很舒适,所以我决定继续住下去。Ginger: Oh, great. I love your cats. Do they have a lot of room to roam around?金格:哦,很好。我喜欢你的猫。你的房子里房间多吗,足够让它们四处玩耍吗?Nabeel: They have enough room. Of course, theyre better off in the house. I was living there last year but theyve adapted pretty well, so theres a roof there. I can take them up and roam around. Theres plenty of places for them to hide.纳比尔:有足够的房间。当然,它们在房子里过得很好。我去年刚搬到那里去,不过它们已经非常适应了,那座大楼有个天台。我可以带它们上去玩。它们有很多可以躲起来的地方。Ginger: Now, what about your neighbors. Are you still living near Matt and Laura.金格:你的邻居呢?你还住在马特和劳拉附近吗?Nabeel: Matt and Laura.纳比尔:对,马特和劳拉。Ginger: Right, right.金格:好,很好。Nabeel: Actually, its really funny. Theyd been there for about four months, and last weekend they invited some people over, about five or six of their colleagues. They had a little party. They played poker, had lots of booze around, but unfortunately, the neighbors complained to the landlord, and the landlords were just really angry.纳比尔:其实这很有意思。他们大约在那里生活了四个月,上周末他们邀请了一些朋友去他们家,他们邀请了五六个同事。办了个小型派对。他们在派对上玩扑克牌,还喝了很多酒,不幸的是,邻居向房主投诉他们,房主非常生气。Ginger: Oh, no.金格:不是吧。Nabeel: And sent them this really harsh e-mail and said they wanted them out by the end of the week, so yeah, Matt and Laura have been kicked out of the building.纳比尔:房主给他们发了一封措辞严厉的电邮,让他们在这周末之前搬走,所以马特和劳拉被赶出了那座大楼。Ginger: You are kidding.金格:你开玩笑的吧。Nabeel: No.纳比尔:没有。Ginger: Wow, and just five people over.金格:哇哦,只有五个人过去玩就弄成这样。Nabeel: Yeah, it was like five or six people and apparently it was loud enough. I think it is because the neighborhood is kind of family-oriented, so people arent used to people having parties.纳比尔:对,只有五六个人,显然那已经非常吵了。我认为是因为那个社区基本都是以家庭为重的人,所以人们不习惯有人开派对。Ginger: Mm, right. Maybe the voices carry a lot.金格:嗯,也许是声音太大了。Nabeel: Yeah, theres a lot of echo in the building actually for some reason.纳比尔:对,不知道是什么原因,大楼里回声非常大。Ginger: Well, thats too bad for them. Where did they move?金格:那对他们来说太糟糕了。那他们搬去哪里了?Nabeel: They just moved down the street to another apartment building. Its smaller so I dont think theyre happy about it. Oh, well.纳比尔:他们搬到那条街上另一栋公寓大楼去了。他们搬到那条街上另一栋公寓大楼去了。那里要小一些,所以我认为他们并不开心。嗯。Ginger: Well, tell them I said Hey when you see them.金格:你看到他们时转告他们我的问候。Nabeel: I will.纳比尔:我会的。 译文属 /201608/457673

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