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Alright, Alfonso. I got you, buddy.好的,Alfonso。我可逮到你了,兄弟。I got your money right here.你的钱在我这。But youre not gonna get it because youre a rat.但你拿不到的,因为你是个叛徒。You think I wouldnt know?你以为我不知道吗?You sold me out!你出卖了我!Youre a snitch!你这告密者!Lilly, take him out!Lilly,把他给干掉!I said, ;Take him out!;我说:“把他给干掉!”Are your kids watching the right movies? Go to CommonSense.org to find out.你的孩子正在看对的电影吗?到CommonSense.org找看看。201411/343317

A Y chromosome might make you a man, but it takes a more than genes to be manly.一条Y染色体决定了你是男性,但是有男子气概不仅仅是性别的问题。You Will Need你需要Tools工具Gym健身房Literature and films文学作品和电影Self-defense自卫Emotional stability情绪稳定Courage勇气Extreme conditions (optional)极端的环境(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Get the job done1.完成工作Identify tasks that need to get done. Use the appropriate tools for every job you take on.鉴别出需要完成的工作。每一项工作使用恰当的工具。Remember: a manly mans hands and brain are often his most effective tools.记住:对于一位有男子气概的男性,双手和大脑通常是最有效的工具。STEP 2 Build your body2.锻炼身体Hit the gym regularly -- a manly mans body should be fit for any task. Learn to play all major manly sports -- few things are as unmanly as a girly run, throw, or kick.经常去健身馆锻炼,有男子气概的男性的身体应该能够担负任何任务。学习所有有男子气概的体育项目。像女孩子一样跑,扔,踢打等动作最没有男子气概了。To make your workouts more manly, train in extreme conditions.为了让你的锻炼更加有男子气概,在极端的环境下锻炼。STEP 3 Study up3.仔细研究Study up -- classic manly literature and watch manly movies to find out how to master your desires, lead other people, and achieve your manly goals.仔细研究——阅读经典的男性文学读物,观看男性电影,看一下怎样掌控自己的渴望,领导其他人,达成更有男子气概的目标。STEP 4 Be a rock4.坚如磐石In an emotional situation? Be a source of stability for those around you. Push your feelings aside until youre alone and can display your emotions with manly dignity.处于非常动情的境况?成为周围的人淡定的源泉。把自己的感情放在一边,直到自己一个人的时候。有男性尊严地展示自己的情感。STEP 5 Have some respect5.尊重Show respect to people who treat you with honor and stand up to those who dont. Have the courage to fight for justice -- a manly man knows hes responsible for defending others, no matter the personal cost.尊重那些尊敬你的人,敢于面对那些不尊重你的人。有勇气为正义而战——有男子气概的男性知道自己有责任不计个人代价保卫他人。The motto on Marylands state seal, translated from Italian, is ;Manly deeds, womanly words.;马里兰州的箴言翻译自意大利语,意为“行为果敢,语言温和”。视频听力译文由。 /201404/285468

Prince Philip Progressing After Operation The Duke of Edinburgh has spent a second night in hospital after an operation on his abdomen under general anaesthetic 英国女王伊丽莎白二世丈夫,菲利普亲王已完成腹部“探查手术”,白金汉宫说,情况令人满意,医生将分析手术结果。菲利普王子与女王于1947年结婚,共有四个孩子。除了作为皇室成员并在军队任职,菲利普王子还是世界野生动物基金会和世界马术基金总长。这位英国历史上在位最长的王子近年来曾多次住院。他因膀胱感染而接受康复治疗,没有出席2012年8月残奥会开幕式,之后他的病情在6月泰晤士河盛会的第二天复发,接着错过了女王加冕60周年纪念的重要宴会上的一系列活动,包括圣保罗大教堂的感恩节务,威斯敏斯特大厅的侍从午餐,以及一个由白金汉宫资深王室成员组成的阳台景观。The Queen was supposed to be part of a double act when she arrived to open new B headquarters, but with the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital, she performed her duties as a soloist. There was never any possibilty of cancelling. This is the day job for the Queen, and the firm, as its known, doesnt close down just because a key executive is sick. It was hard to tell whether Princes health was playing on her mind as Her Majesty pressed the B flash. There was live performance by the script, didnt appear to do much to lighten her mood, if it was. The Queen passed up a chance to give an update on her husbands condition in her formal opening announcement, but instead only mentioned the Duke of Edinburghs B visit 60 years ago.-I came again with the Duke of Edinburgh just before the coronation in 1953. I was struck then as I am now by the sheer pace of change, which has transformed whole industry over the past 60 years.But veteran interrogator John Humphrys couldnt resist asking the question on everyones lips.-I wanted to ask you: hows the Duke? Do you know how he is?-I have no idea. I mean, hes just gone in.-He looked in awfully good form yesterday.-Yes, he did, I suppose.Tonight, we are told the Duke has had his exploratory opreation and the results will be analyzed. Hes said to be progressing satisfactorily, but it doesnt sound that the Prince Philipss 2-week stay in hospital is likely to be cut short. The man who for more than 60 years has been the Queens side as her consort wont be for some time yet, and that means hell miss a string of events.On Sunday the Duke was meant to attend a Lords Taveners cricket march in Windstor. Hell also spend his 92nd birthday in hospital on Monday. Next Thursday, hell miss a big military showpiece, Beating Retreat on Horse Guards Parade. The Queen will have to go on her own. Saturday the 15th, the Duke will miss all the pomp of Trooping the Colour to celebrate the Queens official birthday. But the royal author I* S* says for the Queen duty always comes before everything else, including bed-ridden husband.-One of their golden rules is if you can possibly avoid it, never cancel an engagement, and the Queen and Prince Philips do most of their engagements together nowadays, and if he cant be there because of ill health, there is no way that the Queen would dream of dropping out herself. She knows how important it is not to let people down.And that means for the next few weeks at least, as that the B, the crowds and the camera phones will all be focusing soly on the Queen.David B. Sky News. /201306/244121

An Oregon father learnt the hard way why children shouldnt play with smartphones when his 14-month-old daughter used his iPhone to buy a car listed on the online auction site.一位美国父亲有一个14个月大的女儿,某天这名14个月大的婴孩居然使用她爸爸的iPhone手机在某在线拍卖网站上购买了一辆汽车。而这位美国爸爸也总算是明白了为什么不能让孩子拿手机玩了!201307/247897

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