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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Effective Prioritizing有效排列事物的优先次序This world is complicated. We are pulled in multiple directions every day, willingly, or not. 世界是错综复杂的无论我们愿不愿意, 我们每天都会受到到多种方向力量的影响Smart people have a strict list of priorities, with interpersonal relationships at the top. 聪明的人有精确的事情优先级列表,顶端是人际关系There is a difference between having a priority listand living one life according to the list.有优先级列表和照优先级列表生活是有区别的High-value people are excellent time, emotion, and energy managers who carefully allot their personal resources according to their priority list. 高价值的人能很好地管理时间、情感和能量,能根据优先级列表仔细分配个人资源If a time-consuming objective of low value arises,it is eliminated. The majority of time, emotional, and energy resources are given to nurture and sustain important relationships. 耗时而价值低的事情就会从中去掉大部分的时间、情感上和能量上的资源用来培养并维持重要的人际关系The high-value person understands that quality relationships with people are all uniquely temporary and thus invaluable高价值的人知道和人之间关系的好坏都是暂时性的,因而是无价的priority 优先权例句:Things should be taken up in order of priority.办事应有个先后次序interpersonal adj.人与人之间的; 人际的例句:A more telling criticism is that he reduces ethics to interpersonal relationships.一个更有力的批评是他把道德规范简化为人际关系allot 分配例句:The government is y to allot houses in that area.政府准备在那个地区分配住房eliminate 排除,消除例句:Can we ever eliminate poverty from the world?我们有朝一日能消除世上的贫困吗?[本节目属] 5571。

Dumplings, red packets of money, long noodles symbolizing long life, fireworks at midnight - all of these are traditional Chinese trappings of Asian Lunar New Year celebrations happening around the globe.This year, however, many Chinese tables will feature a new, unlikely addition to their traditional meals: lobsters from the US state of Maine.China hunger this storied slice of Americana has been growing over the past decade.B网站一篇报道称,今年许多中国餐桌上多了一种新的不太传统的菜:来自美国缅因州的龙虾How big is the market and how fast is it growing? 3669。

在首饰店为女友挑选礼物- :9:9 A:Good afternoon, sir, is there anything I can help you with today?下午好,先生,你想买什么?B:umm... yeah!I’m looking a nice gift to give my girlfriend. Our fifth anniversary’s next Friday.我正为女友朋友选择一件漂亮的礼物下周五是我们在一起5周年的日子A:Well, I would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect gift her. Is there anything particular that you have in mind?我很高兴能帮助你为她选件漂亮的礼物你想到什么特殊的礼物了吗?B:No, not really... I’m completely at a loss.没有,我完全不知道选什么A:Well, you can give her a set of pearl earrings, or this beautiful heart-shaped pendant. What is her favorite gemstone?你可以为她买一对珍珠耳环,或是这种漂亮的心形耳坠她最喜欢什么宝石?B:That purple one.I’m sorry...I’ve never bought jewelery anyone and I’m kind of nervous.紫色的宝石,我从未给别人买过首饰,我有点紧张A:Don’t worry, we specialize in providing our customers a relaxed, pressure-free shopping environment. That stone is an amethyst. We have a range of beautiful amethyst pieces. Take a look at this bracelet. It’s 18K rose-gold, studded with amethyst and blue topaz. It’s a great statement piece.别担心,我们致力于给顾客提供一种放松的,没有压力的购物环境那块宝石是紫水晶我们有很多漂亮的水晶看看这个手镯,是18K 玫瑰金的,镶有水晶和蓝水晶那是表达爱意的好礼物B:Oh...wow. That’s really pretty.Jess would love that. But... I was thinking of something a little more delicate, perhaps a necklace?哇!真的很漂亮Jess一定会喜欢的,但我想买点更复杂的东西,项链如何?A:We have this beautiful platinum pendant, or you could also get her a locket. You could also get her a timepiece—it’s both glamorous yet functional.If you tell me a little more about your girlfriend, maybe I can help you find something her.有漂亮的白金耳坠,也可以给她买个小金盒或是买块表——表既漂亮又实用,如果你能告诉我一些你女朋友的信息,也许我能帮你为她挑选件礼物B:Jess? Well, she’s very smart,and has a great sense of humor. She’s very feminine...她很聪明,也很幽默,很有女人味……A:Perhaps you could give her a ring?也许你可以给她买个戒指?B:Well...actually...I was thinking about asking Jess to marry me...I’ve just been so nervous.事实上,我正考虑向她求婚,我太紧张了A:Well sir, I believe your fifth anniversary is a great time to propose!我觉得相遇5周年正是求婚的好日子B:Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to pop the question!我已经决定了我会向她求婚A:Fabulous! We should look at engagement rings then! Now that’s a whole other section.真棒!我们应该看下订婚戒指现在进入了一个新阶段。

Lights out TV program。

我骑车撞到栏杆- :1:55 A:I ran it against that fence pole as I crashed. What do you think?Damn, it hurts!我骑车撞到栏杆,你说呢?该死,好痛!B:We'll have to get you to a hospital. I can ride you on the back of my bike.要送你去医院才行,我可以骑车载你去A:I'm lucky I wasn't killed.I must have been going around ty-five miles an hour.There was too much gravel on that corner. I slid out.很幸运我没死我一定是骑到时速 5 哩转角有太多碎石,我就滑倒了B:Yes, I almost slid too.Alright. This tourniquet is tight. How does it feel?我也几乎滑倒好了,止血带紧了,觉得怎样?A:Make it tighter. I want the blood stopped.Then wrap some bandages around the cut. Then we can go. Ouch! I hope I can walk.再紧一点,我要把血止住用绷带在伤口附近多绕几圈,然后就可以走了唉呦,希望我走得动B:Alright, I'm twisting it around. You tell me when to stop.好的,我在绷紧了你跟我说什么时候停A:There. Stop!好了,停。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活改变生活的真理Fear is a f---ing liar. 恐惧他X的就是个骗子The number one thing that stops most people from living a life of fulfillment and joy is fear.阻碍大部分人过上快乐美满生活的头号杀手就是恐惧Fear of failure, success and fear of the unknown,but the truth is fear is a f---ing liar. 惧怕失败,成功后又惧怕未知,恐惧实际上就他X的是个骗子It designed to keep you safe when in reality it just keeps you playing small. 恐惧是设计来保护你的,但在现实里,恐惧只会让你难成大事Dont let fear be the reason you dont take the leap ward and create a life you love. 不要让恐惧成为你不敢迈步向前的理由,不要让它阻止你创造自己喜欢的生活Feel the fear, make friends with it, and move ward anyway.感受恐惧,和它交朋友,然后勇往直前吧stop from 阻止某事发生例句:But I had to stop from the shock of what I found.但我不得不为我的发现而惊讶得停下脚步. leap 跳;冲动的行动 例句:The result has been a giant leap in productivity.其结果是生产力的大幅提高更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属]。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活学霸必备武器 Method方法It always good to have a plan. However big or complex your task may look at first sight, with a feasible plan you can always find a way to manage it有一个计划总是好的然而不管乍一看这任务有多庞大,或是有多复杂,如果有一个可行的计划,你总能找到一种管理方法When studying, break your biggest goal into smaller chunks or tasks. It best if each of these chunks consists of a single topic. Often, youll discover one or two key elements that stand out and get fixed in your mind. You can then use those as building blocks在学习的时候,将你最大的目标或任务分解成许多小块最好是每一小块都是一个单一主题通常,你会发现一个或两个明显的关键元素,并扎根在你的头脑里那么你就可以使用这些作为构建模块了Classic tricks used by memory professionals include ;the house of memory; where you place everything you want to remember in unique locations in the house. It also useful to use humor — play with your key-words and make them funny or outrageous. Youll be surprised at how much easier they are to memorize记忆大师使用的经典伎俩包括“房子记忆术”,你把所有你想记住的全部定位到房子里一处独特的位置使用幽默手法同样有用,赋予关键词有趣或惊奇的意义你会对这么容易就记住它们而感到惊讶chunk n.厚厚的一块; (某物)相当大的数量或部分; 强壮、结实的马例句:It a little chunk of history that theyve gotten to alter.这小块历史,他们忘了改掉啦trick n.戏法,把戏; 计谋,诀窍; 骗局; 恶作剧例句:We are playing a trick on a man who keeps bothering me.我们正在戏弄那个一直烦我的家伙outrageous adj.粗暴的; 无法容忍的; 反常的; 令人惊讶的例句:I felt as if I had made an outrageous howler.我觉得自己似乎犯了个不可容忍的低级错误[本节目属] 69666。