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蚌埠治疗驼峰鼻哪家医院好宿州市妇幼保健院玻尿酸多少钱You don’t have to marry a member of a royal family to have a royal wedding. Just crib their style.要举办皇家级别的婚礼,你不一定要和皇室成员结婚。模仿他们的风格就可以了。You Will Need你需要Invitations邀请函Horse-drawn carriage马车Venue with a balcony有阳台的婚礼举办地点Extra names额外的名字Etiquette instructions礼仪指导21-gun salute21响炮History books (optional)历史书(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Send the invitations1.发送邀请函Send invitations that begin: ;I am commanded by the Queen to invite you….; In the ed Kingdom, the ;I; being commanded is the Lord Chamberlain, the chief officer of the royal household. In your household, it could be anyone.发送邀请函,这样开头:“受女王命令,我邀请你……”在英国,其中的“我”指的是宫务大臣,皇室家族首席官员。在你的家庭中,可以是任何人。STEP 2 Pick out names2.选择名字Pick out extra names to use when exchanging vows. Only commoners have only one or two given names; the ruling classes have at least four.Just make sure they’re regal enough for a royal wedding.挑选额外的名字,交换誓词时使用。平民只有两个名字,而统治阶层至少有四个。确保你挑选的名字具有王者风范,适合皇室婚礼。Consult history books for names of past kings and queens.查看历史书,了解过去的国王和王后的名字。STEP 3 Book a carriage3.租用马车Hire a horse-drawn carriage to carry the bride and groom from ceremony to reception. Publicize the path your carriage will take so people who haven#39;t been invited can pay their respects. You can’t have a royal wedding without adoring subjects!租用马车,搭乘新郎和新娘从婚礼到招待场所。公布你们的马车要经过的路线。这样未被邀请的人可以表达敬意。没有尊重你们的观众又怎么称得上是皇室婚礼呢?STEP 4 Wave from a balcony4.在阳台上挥手Book a reception hall with a balcony from which you can wave to total strangers.预订一个有阳台的招待场所,这样你们可以向陌生人挥手致意。STEP 5 Lay down the rules5.制定规矩Instruct guests that they are not to touch the bride, the groom, or anyone in their immediate families without the person’s implied consent,such as an extended hand. Men should acknowledge a royal presence by bowing their head; ladies should curtsy.向宾客介绍规定,没有许可,他们不能触碰新郎,新娘,或者他们的家人,比如握手。皇室人员出现时,男士应该点头致意,女士们应该屈膝行礼。STEP 6 Arrange for a salute6.安排行礼Follow the tradition of Norway, Sweden, and Brunei and arrange for a 21-gun salute to announce that you are now husband and wife. Nothing like ending a royal wedding with a bang!遵循挪威,瑞典,文莱的传统,安排21响礼炮,宣布你们成为夫妇。没有什么比响礼炮来结束皇室婚礼更震撼的了。Prince William and Kate Middleton made royal history when they revealed details of their wedding on Twitter.威廉王子和凯特王妃在社交网站推特上宣布婚礼细节时,他们的婚礼创造了皇室历史。 Article/201501/355916蚌山区去蒙古斑价格 This is why, as the world gets warmer,这也就是为什么 全球不断变暖it makes sense to talk about the weather getting weirder.各种极端天气频现It affects different parts of the planet in different ways.这个现象以不同方式影响着全球许多地方But every extreme weather event但每一次的极端天气isn#39;t an example of global weirding.并不一定是全球怪象造成的Freak weather still happens.可怕的天气还是会出现The difference is, in the future,不同的是 在将来there#39;s likely to be more of it.应该会有更多的极端天气The dice are now being loaded.骰子已经转起来了Dice are a great way to picture骰子很适合用来描述what climate change is doing to our world.气候变化对我们的影响We always have a chance of rolling that six,我们总有机会摇到有六的那面whether it#39;s extreme heat六的那面就好像酷暑or record-setting rainfall, or the longest drought on record.或创纪录的降水 亦或极端的旱灾That could happen naturally.这些都可能自然发生What climate change is doing is though, one by one,气候变化的结果是 当我们摇骰子时taking those sixes, those weather extremes,不断摇出六的那面 也就是极端天气and adding a few more to the dice.好像给骰子多加了几个六的面So now our chances of a record-breaking heatwave因此 我们遇上破纪录酷暑的概率are twice what they used to be.是以往的两倍 Article/201411/340481固镇县祛痘多少钱

蚌埠美莱坞整形美容医院治疗粉刺怎么样It was now being used for whistle-blowing in the West,在西方国家它还用来揭秘内幕through WikiLeaks,通过由朱利安·阿桑奇创建的founded by Julian Assange.维基解密Assange has spent the last two years under过去的两年中 阿桑奇一直处在the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.厄瓜多尔驻伦敦使馆的保护之下He is fighting extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges,瑞典以性侵犯罪试图引渡阿桑奇charges he denies.但他否认这项指控I#39;d been involved in cryptography and anonymous communications自九十年代初我就涉猎密码学和匿名通讯了for almost 20 years, since the early 1990s.到现在已经过去将近二十年了Cryptographic anonymity didn#39;t come from nowhere.加密匿名并不是凭空出现的It was a long-standing quest which had a Holy Grail,而是像一个长期以来寻求的圣杯which is to be able to communicate它可以让人与人之间individual-to-individual freely and anonymously.进行自由且匿名的交流Tor was the first protocol,洋葱网络是首个实验方案first anonymous protocol,首个能实现这种平衡的that got the balance right.匿名实验方案From its early years, people who wanted to submit documents网站初期 人们可以通过洋葱网络anonymously to WikiLeaks could use Tor.匿名地向维基解密提交文件重点解释:1.involved in 包含在 ... 中例句:I don#39;t want to get involved in the matter.我不想卷入此事。2.be able to 会; 能例句:A good lawyer might be able to get you off.请位好律师有可能使你免受追究。3.be used for 用于例句:Cretonne can be used for furniture covers and curtains.印花棉布能被用来做家具套和窗帘。 Article/201702/494701蚌埠医学院第二附属医院去痘多少钱 蚌埠整形美容医院排名

蚌埠隆胸栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/389966 1972 was the year a great love affair ended.一段美丽的爱情在1972年走到终点The human race fell out of love with the moon.人类对月亮的爱意荡然无存It was a classic case of familiarity breeds contempt.这是因了解而分开的典型范例There#39;d been six moon landings, and we#39;d grown bored.六次登月任务后,我们开始心生厌烦To this day no-one has been back.此后再也没人去过月球The moon did turn out to be dull.月球的确很乏味It#39;s, what do you see,各位也看到了a barren colourless landscape那是一片散布着with fragmentary rock all over the place.碎石的荒芜大地Our eyes wandered to other more intriguing worlds.我们不安于世的目光转向其他更引人入胜的世界Throughout the solar system scientists found many more moons科学家在太阳系中发现许多卫星that seemed far more exciting than our own dull pile of grey rock.而它们看来比咱们灰色无聊的月球刺激得多For 35 years our own moon has been abandoned.我们自己的月亮被打入冷宫35年But now all that#39;s about to change.但这一切即将改变This is the story of our love affair with the moon.这是我们与月球间的爱情故事What inspired it, how it faded away,描述人类如何爱上月球,对它倦极生厌and how now we#39;re slowly but surely及现在又是如何falling in love all over again.重新爱上它Our love affair with the moon is an ancient one.我们对月亮的爱恋由来已久It is earth#39;s constant companion in the dark emptiness of space.在黑暗空虚的太空中,它忠实地陪伴地球The moon has looked down on the whole of human history.月亮默默地俯视着人类历史的上演And throughout history, we have looked up at it.而从古至今,我们也一直仰望着它It has inspired great myths and legends.月亮激发了伟大的神话与传说We#39;ve feared it, and we#39;ve worshipped it.我们对月亮是又敬又怕Five thousand years ago,五千年前in a remote corner of the Outer Hebrides,一个新石器时代的聚落a Neolithic community made its home.在外赫布立群岛的偏远角落安顿下来We know very little about these people,我们对这群人所知不多but they#39;ve left us an enduring symbol of their profound但他们与月亮刻骨铭心的关系relationship with the moon.却为后世留下了恒久的象征Islanders Margaret Curtis and her husband Ron住在岛上的玛格丽特寇提斯和她丈夫朗恩have devoted their lives to understanding that relationship.穷尽毕生精力研究这段关系I find a link with these people that our minds seem to be我觉得和这些人有志一同working along the same ideas.冥冥之中似乎有股默契This has been very much of a detective story sorting it all out.厘清这一切的头绪,有点像个推理故事They may not have had writing but they#39;ve set the stones up他们也许没有文字,但是竖立了这些石头in such a way that we can fathom out what they were after.好让我们理解他们的意念No-one knows for certain what没人能够确定the Standing Stones of Callanish represent.卡拉尼什立石阵究竟代表了什么But their positioning suggests但其配置暗示that they are a complex tribute to the moon,立石阵是对月亮的复杂礼赞part sacred site and part ancient observatory.既是圣地也是古代的观测站These stones at Callanish are a sort of lun,卡拉尼什立石阵有点像lunar computer, a lunar calendar and its a computer一部月球电脑,或是一套阴历that#39;s still working after 5,000 yrs,而这台电脑五千年后还能运作which is more than we can say for some of the computers光是这一点we#39;ve got round nowadays.就比现代电脑强了 Article/201504/370919蚌埠医学院第二附属医院祛眼袋手术多少钱安徽省蚌埠东方美莱坞医院祛眼袋多少钱



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