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1.Manpower planning 人力A: Who does manpower planning for our company?B: Human Resoursces will do it with the plants.A:我们公司的人力规划是谁来负责?B:人力资源部和工厂一起完成。 2.Potential programs 潜在项目A: Who is tracking the potential programs?B: The Commercial Department.A:谁在跟踪潜在项目?B:商务部。3.Production line planning 生产线规划A: Does Manufacturing also do production line planning?B: You are right.A:制造工程部还做生产线规划吗?B:你说对了。4.Profit forecast 利润预测A: What is our profit forecast for next month? B: About one million dollars.A:下个月的利润预测是多少?B:大概有一百万美元。5.Proposed plans 推荐计划A: Let's go through our proposed plans.B: Good.A:咱们来看一下推荐计划。B:好的。 /200808/46789

29.工作压力常用应急场景范例一:Feel exhaustedI have been very busy this year, working late, often taking work home and taking no vacation. I feel exhausted.You should ask for a holiday and relax yourself for a little bit. You worked so hard.You are right. For the past few weeks, I had no appetite and couldn’t sleep well. What’s worse my back started aching this Monday. It is time for me to take a vacation.范例二:Handle my stressDo you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your work?Of course! It is the No.1 stressor in my life. You know job stress has become a very common problem these days. So we must learn to cope with it.Totally agree. What is your solution?Well, there are two causes of job stress. One is employee characteristic and the other is company condition. So if we want to manage job stress, both we and the companies should do something. For me, I am trying to balance work and leisure time. You know, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.You seem to have a very relaxed outlook.It is necessary. Positive attitude helps to prevent stress.But I don’t think we can change our working condition. Anyway, we are not the bosses.I heard some companies are providing stress management training and making changes inside them, like avoiding unrealistic deadlines and organizing relaxation activities. Our boss is a smart person. He will be learning from that if he would like to an efficient and healthy team. /12/91882

Do you want to make a reservation for tonight?您是想预订今晚的餐位吗?What time would you like your table?请问您想订几点的餐位?For how many people, please?请问要订几个人的餐位?You need a table for six at 8:00, right?您八点钟需要一张供六人用餐的桌子,对吗?We can book you a private room for up to ten people.我们可以给您订一个供10人用餐的包间。Would you like smoking or nonsmoking?您想在吸烟区还是非吸烟区?There is no table by the window available.没有靠窗户的桌子了。Ill call you if there is a table.如果有桌子了,我就给您打电话。Im afraid we are fully booked for tonight.恐怕今晚的餐位已经订满了。We look forward to having you with us tonight.我们期待着您今晚大驾光临。Accepting a Reversation Over the Telephone接听订餐电话Good afternoon. Gingers Restaurant. May I help you?下午好。金吉餐厅。需要帮忙吗?Yes. Id like to book a table for Friday evening please.是的。我想预订一张周五晚上的餐桌。Certainly. For how many people?当然可以。要订几个人的餐位?Well be eight or nine people. Could we book a private room?有八九个人吧。可以订包间吗?Ill just check. At what time on Friday evening?我看看。周五晚上几点?About 7:30.大概七点半。OK. Thats fine. We can book you a private room for up to ten people at that time. Could I have your name please?好的。我们可以给您订一个供10人用餐的包间。请问您叫什么名字?My name is Jenny. My phone number is 75397382. Thats confirmed then. 7:30 on Friday.我叫珍妮。我的电话号码是75397382。那就确定了,周五晚上七点半。Yes. Do you intend to order a la carte or will you be having our seafood buffet?好的。您是点菜呢,还是选用我们的海鲜自助餐呢?Oh. wed like the buffet please. Weve heard its very good.哦,我们想要自助餐。听说这儿的自助餐很好吃。 /201405/294746

Establishing Business Relations建立业务关系A: Mr. Chen, another purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing long-term trade relations with your company.A:陈先生,我此行另一个目的是想探询与贵公司建立长期业务关系的可能性。B: Your desire to establish long-term business relations with us coincides with ours,but I dont know much about your company.B:你方想与我方建立长期业务关系的愿望与我方是一致的,但是我对贵公司并不是很了解。A: Concerning our financial position, credit standing and trade reputation, you may refer to New York Branch, the Bank of China, or to our local chamber of commerce.A:关于我们的财务状况、信用、声誉,可向中国纽约分行或当地商会进行了解。B: Thank you for your information. I think that establishing business relations between us will be benefit to both of us.B:感谢你方提供的信息。我想我们之间建立业务关系,将有益于我们双方。A: This is my first visit to your company. Id appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiations.A:这是我初次拜访贵公司,在日后的洽谈中请你多加关照。B: We are very happy to be of help. I can assure you of our close cooperation.B:我们十分乐意协助,并且保全力合作。 /201503/366661

(一):Could you pass the present to Mr. Green? 能帮我们把这份礼物转交给格林先生吗? A: Could you pass the present to Mr. Green?甲:能帮我们把这份礼物转交给格林先生吗?B: Of course.乙:当然可以。代为转交礼物: Please hand on the gift to Tom.请把这份礼物交给汤姆。 (二):I hope you like it.希望您能喜欢。A: I hope you like it.甲:希望您能喜欢。B: I surely will.乙:当然。 希望你喜欢: Hope you like / enjoy it. We hope youd love it. /201409/332979

Travel: Connecting Flights and Travel Problems旅行:飞行和旅行中遇到的难题In this Business English Podcast we’re going to look at the language used for more direct requests, when our traveler and a ticket agent discuss new travel plans due to a missed connecting flight in Paris. 在这节商务播客中,我们将要看下处理更直接的询问时应该如何用词,由于没赶上巴黎的转飞的班机,我们的旅行者和票务人员讨论新的旅行计划。It might be helpful to first listen to first episode in this series (BEP 25), to hear the language of polite, indirect requests, and then listen to this podcast, which uses more direct language for requests and suggestions. As you listen, also notice the more direct tone used in parts of their conversation, especially as Robert gets excited.听听这个系列的第一节课对你会有帮助,听下礼貌的,间接的要求是如何用词的。然后再听这节课,看下回答请求和意见的更直白的语言。当你听时,也要注意他们谈话中更直接的语调,尤其是罗伯特情绪激动时的语调。 /201012/122166

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