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Film Review: Red CliffBottom line: A formidable prelude to an epic battle with resplendent effects and action spectacles.July 11, 2008By Maggie LeeHONG KONG -- As the first film to re-create the 208 A.D. Battle of Chibi, the most famous military feat in Chinese history, John Woo's "Red Cliff" is a Pan-Asian project with the word "monumental" written all over it. The 140-minute first half that opened across major Asian territories is only a prelude that provides the beams and columns for the narrative framework, but with a few decisive and spot-on action spectacles, it sufficiently kindles expectations for the climactic clash in upcoming Part 2. The Western version will be a shorter, condensed one.Costing million and years in the making, "Red Cliff" is the most expensive Chinese-language picture ever mounted. Its investors likely are to recoup most of it from the Asian market, where the story has infiltrated school curriculum, computer games and manga.Although this is hailed as Woo's "homecoming" after his Hollywood tenure, hardcore disciples of his Hong Kong oeuvre will be straining hard to find the all-stops-out passion and sinewy machismo that ignited his bullet ballets such as "A Better Tomorrow" or "The Killer." Such signature themes as male bonding and David-and-Goliath face-offs still drive the action, but the functional script has dismantled much of the original story's dramatic intricacies and character complexities, then reassembled it into a easy-to-follow three-act structure.The epic opens with ambitious Prime Minister Cao Cao (Zhang Fengyi) browbeating the emperor of Han into authorizing a campaign to crush his enemies, Liu Bei and Sun Quan (Chang Chen) in their southern strongholds. In the first big action scene, most reminiscent of Woo's earlier SFX-free brute heroics, Gen. Zhao Yun (Hu Jun) single-handedly battles whole armies to save Liu's infant son.The middle act replaces action with character interaction, focusing on Liu's strategist Zhu-ge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) persuasion of Sun Qun to ally with Liu and his elaborately built-up meeting with Sun's viceroy, Zhou Yu (Tony Leung). The men's chemistry flickers but does not sparkle. Most of this section, notwithstanding a gratuitous sex scene plus some comic capers, lacks a gripping atmosphere. The modernized dialogue is accessible but lacks eloquence and gravity.A change of tone and tempo at 105 minutes into the film brings a welcome catharsis with a 20-minute extended battle sequence that has the speed and grandeur of Akira Kurosawa's samurai classics. As the troops of Liu and Sun unite in a strategic formation against Cao's 200,000 cavalry assault, masterfully varied cinematography captures an astounding array of military pageantry, martial arts sequences and ancient weaponry that could be a war game geek's wet dream.With an ensemble of key figures to introduce, the main roles physically look the part but still need to warm up to each other. The pivotal Zhu-ge and Zhou have been apocryphally depicted as rivals, but Woo's decision to follow history and turn them into potential soul mates weakens dramatic power. More of a romantic, melancholy heartthrob, Leung has the acting chops but not the physique or the commanding presence of a martial hero that would be the equivalent of Charlton Heston or Toshio Mifune.Eschewing the ornate Orientalism of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Curse of the Golden Flower," production and costume designer Tim Yip goes for historical accuracy and creates a period look that is imperious and dignified.影评:《赤壁》概要:一部令人敬畏的史诗般的战斗前奏曲。效果灿烂夺目,打斗场面壮观。2008年7月11日作者:Maggie LeeFrom The Hollywood Reporter摘自:《好莱坞报道》作为重现公元208年赤壁之战——中国历史上最有名的军事壮举——的首部力作,吴宇森拍摄的电影《赤壁》是一个泛亚工程项目,足以用“丰碑” 一词加以形容。在亚洲一些主要地区上映的《赤壁Ⅰ》,时间长达140分钟,只是为故事框架填梁加柱的前奏戏,但上集所展现出的一些重要的和精妙的壮观打斗场景,足以激起观众对即将袭来的《赤壁II》中的巅峰对决寄予厚望。不过,在西方国家上演的版本将会相对较短和简洁。耗资8000万美元和制作历经数年的《赤壁》是有史以来最为昂贵的华语电影。影片投资者可能将要从亚洲市场获取大部分票房收入。因为在亚洲,赤壁之战的故事早已被编写到学校课程、电脑游戏及连环漫画之中。尽管《赤壁》被誉为吴宇森在好莱坞发展后的“归家之作”后,但对其香港作品崇拜的坚定追随者正不遗余力地挖掘自身的热血豪情和盛气凌人的男子气概,诚如《英雄本色》或《喋血双雄》中的子弹芭蕾。吴宇森的招牌风格,诸如兄弟情意和以弱胜强的对抗仍在影片中占有主导地位,但为实用而编写的剧本对原故事大部分戏剧性的错综复杂的情节和人物角色多变难控的关系有所改动,重新改编成易于遵循的三幕剧结构。影片以野心勃勃的丞相曹操(张丰毅饰)挟天之以令诸侯,镇压割据南方的宿敌刘备和孙权(张震饰)为开始。在第一幕打斗现场,大将赵云(胡军饰)孤身百万军中夺阿斗。此幕最易令人想起吴宇森早期作品中不采用特技的豪壮行为。影片中场则是以个性的作用取代了动作打斗,侧重点放在刘备的军师诸葛亮(金城武饰)说孙权同刘结盟,及其同孙权的大都督周瑜(梁朝伟饰)精心设计的联盟会面。两人惺惺相惜,但却英雄气短。尽管无缘无故地增加些性爱片段和幽默的恶作剧,但本节大多情节缺乏一种吸引住人的气氛。适应现代需要的对白方便观众理解,但气吞山河的雄辩和浩然正气的严肃元素却荡然无存。在剧情上演到第105分钟时,出现一段具有黑泽明武士经典之作中速度和气魄的战争场景,时间持续长达20分钟。语调和节奏上的改变给观众带来一种颇受欢迎的宣泄。在孙刘形成战略结盟,对抗曹操全副武装的20万大军时,各式各样的摄影片段极为专业地捕捉到数副令人震撼的壮丽的战争场面,以及武术镜头和古代兵器,而这或许正是一个战争游戏迷所梦寐以求的。随着一系列关键人物出场,主角虽然短暂相互会见,但仍需一段磨合期。关键人物瑜亮曾被虚构为敌手,但吴宇森尊重历史令两位私下成为知音的编写削弱了戏剧性效果。颇为浪漫而又忧郁柔情的梁朝伟有打斗戏份,但其缺乏类似于查尔顿#8226;赫斯顿(Charlton Heston)或三船敏郎(Toshir Mifune)等武术英雄的体格或威严。制作兼装设计的叶锦添追求历史的精准性,成功避开了《卧虎藏龙》和《满城尽带黄金甲》所表现的装饰华丽的东方主义,并展现出一个专横跋扈和庄严文雅的时代面貌。 /200807/45059

当少女遭遇意外怀……More teenage girls have been calling this Shanghai's only accidental pregnancy hotline since the summer vacation started."We have seen a 12 percent increase in phone calls, and a 23 percent increase in abortion procedures," Dr Zhang Zhengrong from the 411 Hospital told China Daily."Many girls use their summer vacations to deal with these problems."He added that accidental pregnancies are more likely to happen during the summer."Some people will come to us right before the new semester starts," Zhang said.The 411 Hospital set up its accidental pregnancy hotline for teenagers about two years ago. The hotline has since helped more than 20,000 people, nearly half of them students."We have also found an increase in the number of pregnancies involving people who meet through the Internet," Zhang said. "Young girls seem to find it more relaxing and more open talking with strangers on the Web. Men often ask to meet a girl in person."But after they have sex, and the girl becomes pregnant, the man often disappears. The girl, who once thought she was in love, often finds she barely knew the man."Only about 20 percent of the girls who have come to the hospital were accompanied by their parents, Zhang said. The others were reluctant to let their parents know about their troubles. Many ended up coming with their friends.Casual sex has also resulted in an increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. About half of the patients who have had abortions had gynecologic infections, Zhang said. "These youngsters showed an obvious lack of sex education."The sex education offered at schools has often been found to be lacking, and few youngsters feel free to discuss sex with their parents.Of the students who have had abortions, 10 percent were from junior middle schools, 20 percent were seniors and 25 percent were college students. Students from professional training schools accounted for a surprising 45 percent.Earlier this month, the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Committee held an education campaign, calling on parents and school administrators to speak with youngsters about sex. 暑期来临,上海市唯一的意外怀求助热线接到的少女咨询电话也随之增多。解放军411医院的张峥嵘医生在接受《中国日报》的采访时说:“我们接到的求助电话数量增长了12%,人流手术的数量也增加了23%。”“很多女孩都是利用暑期来解决这些问题。”他说,意外怀更容易发生在夏天。“有些人会在开学前来医院手术。”大约两年前,解放军411医院开通了少女意外怀求助热线。两年来,该热线共接到2万多人的求助电话,其中近一半是学生。张医生说:“我们还发现,网上交友所导致的意外怀数量增多。可能年轻女孩觉得在网上与陌生人聊天更放松、更自由。而与她们在网上聊天的男人经常会提出单独会面的要求。”“但在他们发生性行为、女孩意外怀后,这个男人通常就消失了。而一度觉得自己已爱上对方的女孩往往会发现其实自己根本不了解这个男人。”张医生说,来医院做人流手术的女孩中,仅有20%的人有家长陪伴。其余的人不愿让父母知道。很多人都是和朋友一起来的。他说,随意的性行为还导致了性传播疾病患病率的增加。在做过人流手术的病人中,有一半的人患上了妇科感染疾病。“这些青少年明显缺乏性教育。”学校性教育缺失的现象较为普遍,大多数青少年都不好意思与家长谈论性话题。在堕胎的学生中,有10%是初中生、20%是高中生、25%是大学生。专业培训学校的学生竟占到了45%。本月早些时候,上海人口与计划生育委员会举办了一个教育宣传活动,呼吁家长和学校管理者们与青少年谈论性问题。 /200803/32262

“飞行医生”是澳大利亚医疗制度的一大特色。由于澳大利亚是一个面积广阔,人口稀少的国家,政府专门设立了远程医疗务体系,对住在边远地区的孤立居民点和家庭,借助高科技的通讯手段和先进的交通工具提供空中医疗务。然而由于肥胖症患者的日益增加,他们发现需要为“飞行医生”和患者准备更大的飞机了。Increasing obesity has prompted an Australian state to seek larger planes for the country's famous "Flying Doctor" service, ambulance and government officials said Saturday.New South Wales state has just put out a tender to assess the cost of obtaining two larger new planes for its air ambulance fleet, which is flown under contract by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to service remote and rural areas.Recent global surveys have repeatedly highlighted Australians as among the most obese people in the world, despite the country's association with an active, healthy lifestyle and love of sport.The two new planes would be able to carry patients up to 260 kg (573 lb), nearly twice the current limit of 140 kg (308 lb), a spokeswoman for the state's health ministry told Reuters."The ambulance service has obviously seen a need," the spokeswoman said.A New South Wales ambulance service spokeswoman said it followed similar moves by other parts of the service, including ground ambulances and helicopters, to accommodate larger patients.Asked if the move was prompted by increasing levels of obesity, she told the repoters: "Essentially, yes."Royal Flying Doctor Service: 皇家飞行医生务队。它是澳大利亚一个独特的组织。1928年,由澳大利亚基督教长老会的牧师约翰·弗林所创立。它在每天24小时和一年365天内都通过航空提供紧急医疗和保健务。务的对象是在澳大利亚偏僻内地居住、工作和旅行的人们。飞行医生务队平均一年接触183,000个病人,其中17000人被空运到其它医院去治疗。该务队共有17个医疗基地和38架飞机在它所管的715万平方公里的“领空”上飞行,平均每年约飞行1200万公里。飞行医生务队用飞机对病人进行急救的工作获得人们的普遍赞扬。务队在继续为偏远地区人民的基本保健发挥作用的同时,每年还在5000所保健卫生站工作,治疗患者约有117000人。此外,飞行医生务队的大夫和护士们还通过无线电和电话为居住在边远村落的人们提供咨询务,这在务队的工作中也占很大比重。飞行医生务队平均每年约需4300万澳元的开。它得到联邦、州和地方政府的经济持,同时也依靠工商界和公众的赞助。 /200901/60653

Leaving a job is often upsetting, whether you were fired or finally decided to quit. You may have trouble remembering to do the right thing. Here are five things you should avoid doing. 不管你是被炒掉的,还是自己决定辞职,离职的时候都会很伤心的。你可能不记得做正确的事情,但以下是五件是你应该避免发生的。 /201007/108640

卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)的由来,一直是欧美研究文字变迁的最佳体材。Cappuccino此字的历史,足以说明一个字常常会因为看来像某样东西,最后被引申成其它字义,远远超出造字者原先用意。创设于一五二五年以后的圣芳济教会(Capuchin)的修士都穿着褐色道袍,头戴一顶尖尖帽子,圣芳济教会传到意大利时,当地人觉得修士饰很特殊,就给他们取个Cappuccino的名字,此字的意大利文是指僧侣所穿宽鬆长袍和小尖帽,源自意大利文"头巾"即Cappuccio。然而,老意爱喝咖啡,发觉浓缩咖啡、牛奶和奶泡溷合后,颜色就像是修士所穿的深褐色道袍,于是灵机一动,就给牛奶加咖啡又有尖尖奶泡的饮料,取名为卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)。英文最早使用此字的时间在一九四八年,当时旧金山一篇报导率先介绍卡布奇诺饮料,一直到一九九0年以后,才成为世人耳熟能详的咖啡饮料。应该可以这麽说Cappuccino咖啡这个字,源自圣芳济教会(Capuchin)和意大利文头巾(Cappucio)。非洲有一种小猴子,头顶上有一撮黑色的锥状毛髮,很像圣芳济教会道袍上的小尖帽,这种小猴子也因此被取名为Capuchin,此一猴名最早被英国人使用的时间在一七八五年。Capuchin此字数百年后洐生成咖啡饮料名和猴子名称,一直是文字学者津津乐道的趣闻。 /201108/148043

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.成功的教学是四分之一的准备加上四分之三的表演。The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.普通的老师告诉你是什么,好的老师告诉你为什么。卓越的老师明给你看,伟大的老师激发你的潜能。 /201109/152168

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