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不要害怕开始一段新的感情-1 :50:9 A:Annie, what is troubling you? You look unhappy.安妮,你在烦恼什么呢?你看起来不太开心B:A man is pursuing me. He was my schoolmate in college, and he has been carrying a torch me three years.有个人在追求我他是我大学时的同学,已经单恋了我3年A:Do you like him?你喜欢他吗?B:Yes, I do like him.是的,我喜欢他A:Then why are you hesitating?那为什么还犹豫呢?B:You know that I have had a series of miserable relationships. Last summer, I fell in love with John. But the romance blossomed six or seven weeks, and then wilted.你知道,我经历了一次又一次的爱情波折去年夏天,我爱上了乔但这感情只维持了六七个星期就结束了A:One love drives out another. You shouldn't be afraid to start a new relationship.新的爱情来,旧的爱情去你不应该害怕开始一段新的感情B:Maybe you are right.也许你是对的Houston, inspired by soul singers in her New Jersey family, including mother Cissy Houston and cousins Dionne Warwick and the late Dee Dee Warwick, as well as her godmother Aretha Franklin, became one of the most celebrated female singers of all time, taking multiple Emmy, Grammy and Billboard Music awards.

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活后悔备忘录-追求一份更有意义的职业 Pursuing a more meaningful career追求一份更有意义的职业Many of us wish we had taken more career risks,opted meaning over money, pursued the career path we wanted instead of whatwe were expected to do or simply following the path that was laid out beeus. How much better to have explored our options and pursued meaningful work inour twenties than to have spent years doing something we dont love.大部分人都是听从别人的期待去工作或者照别人铺好的路去走,而不愿冒更多的职业风险和遵循我们的内心去工作挣钱比起多年一直从事自己不喜欢的工作,能在多岁时自己选择并去追求一份更有意义的工作是多么的好啊!Life is good; dont misunderstand. Few of us walk around every day pining our youth, at least I hope not, but we do occasionally look back with a wistful sigh and wish that we planned more, lived more, and stretched ourselves more when we had the freedom and energy to do so.毋庸置疑,生活是美好的很少有人每天四处走走缅怀我们的青春,但是我们确实会偶尔若有所思的边叹气边回忆:多么希望当我们身心自由和精力旺盛的时候,能有更多的计划、更多的活法去扩展自己 9

  Yes, I know Monday has traditionally been thought of as the most miserable day of the week. Wednesday is also considered as one of the most miserable days of the week. Which one do you think is the worst? 86


    From Hogwarts to Oxd: Emma Watson puts acting on hold as she joins prestigious university从魔法少女到牛津才女:艾玛·沃特森暂别演艺圈投身名校忙学习

  各位亲爱的可友们,飞往美国西雅图的航班就马上要起飞了,我是本次航班的乘务长Juliet在本次航程中,我将继续带您漫游美国,从美国人生活中学到各种各样的与;get on one case;这个美国街头语意思相近或者是想同的表述法祝您此次航程愉快!【课堂详说】Get on one case或者是be on one case的意思是对某人指手画脚,对某人唠唠叨叨,批评责备某人那么,我们还有很多的表述这样意思的习语或者是动词短语在今后的航程中,我们就逐一来学习第一、我们可以说order sb aboutIn English, it means;to keep telling sb what to do in a way that is annoying or unpleasant;. 中文意思是(不断地)使某人,命令某人,差遣某人,使唤某人,摆布某人(做某事)下面,我们来就通过几个例句来熟悉这个习语的意思例句1:I think you have got no right to order me about. 我想你没有权利使我干这干那的例句: If he thinks he can order me about as he likes, Ill tell him where to get off. 如果他认为他可以随意指使我,我就要教训他老实点第二,我们可以说come down on sbIn English, it means ;to criticize sb severely or punish sb;. 中文意思是斥责某人或者是惩罚某人下面,我们来就通过几个例句来熟悉这个习语的意思例句1:If you dont work diligently, the boss will come down hard on you. 如果你不努力工作,老板会找你算帐Some of them may feel that I come down on them too hard, but they know that this is helpful to them. 他们也许有人认为我对他们过于严厉,但他们知道这对他们是有益处的Come down on sb不但有责备,斥责,责骂的意思,还有惩罚的意思我们来看下面的例子例句1: If you dont behave well, Ill come down on you with heavy hand. 如果你不老实话,我定会对你不客气注解:Heavy hand字面上的意思是很重的手,引申为;是严厉的手段;;高压手段;;严酷的手腕;的意思例如:The king ruled with heavy hand. 国王用高压手段统治Several officers worried about the heavy hand of government. 一些官员对政府的强硬措施表示担忧例句:All his creditors came down on him prompt payment of his bills when they heard of his financial difficulties. 他的债主听到他发生经济困难,一齐向他提出立即付清欠账的要求注解1:Prompt payment是;立即付款;的意思例如:Prompt payment is requested.我们要求立即付款注解: Hear of 是;听说;的意思例如:Were sorry to hear of your father death. 我们获悉令尊去世,非常难过好,亲爱的朋友们,我们本次航班还未抵达目的地但是下面的时间是乘务员为您倒果汁,就餐的时候了我们待会儿再学习与get one case意思相近的表述法在就餐完后,不妨考虑一下用今天所讲的语言点如何翻译下面的5个句子祝您用餐愉快!See you later! (to be continued) 【考考你】1. 我不能让你替我还债--我不同意此事. 你母亲若知此事定会怒不可遏3. 如能迅速付款,将不胜感激. 我不是有意使你和妈妈的5. 一方面,政府从严管制网站和因特网务参考翻译如下:1. Your mother will be furious if she gets to hear of this. . I cant let you pay my debts ;;I wont hear of such a thing. 3. We would appreciate your prompt payment.. I didnt mean to order mother and you about.5. On the one hand, the government regulates websites and Internet services with heavy hand.若您对本堂课有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为6353 ,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com 77  在婚姻遭遇危机的同时,还有消息称,佩林的顾问告诉她政治前途也将毁于一旦,担心再次参选会成为“政治自杀”,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活讨厌的科技产品使用习惯 Abusing ;reply all; in emails发邮件时滥用“回复全部”功能We all have that one person in our offices who unnecessarily clicks ;Reply all; in response to mass emails. 办公室里总有这样的人,回复群发邮件时爱点击“回复全部”And that person is the living embodiment of evil. If you need to reply to the person who sent the original message, just click ;Reply.; 这种人简直是恶魔化身如果你要给发送原始邮件的人写回信,只需要点击“回复”就好了The other 500 people in the message chain dont need to know that youre going to miss the budget meeting a dentist appointment.群发中涉及到的其它五百人并不想知道你因为看牙医将缺席预算会议【知识点讲解】response to 对 ... 的反应例句:In response to your inquiry ...兹答覆您的询问 ...Millions of people gave freely in response to the famine appeal.千百万人响应救灾呼吁而慷慨解囊embodiment n.化身;体现例句:She the embodiment of kindness.她是慈祥的化身The new factory is the embodiment of the very latest ideas.这座新工厂是那些最新设想的体现更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 68

  《舌尖上的中国第二季第二集 --19 1:5:3 来源: 《舌尖上的中国第二季第二集心传Heart's Message 舌尖上的中国第二季你今天的晨跑如何-31 ::31 A:How was your morning jog?你今天的晨跑如何?B:Very good. I feel quite refreshed now! You should come with me sometime - exercise is good you!非常好我现在觉得神清气爽你也应该什么时候和我一起去锻炼对身体是很有益的!A:To be honest, I’d rather watch television! Where did you go?老实说,我更愿意看电视!你都去哪里跑了?B:I just ran alongside the main road.我就是沿着主路跑A:Oh you ought to go to the park next time. They have a route joggers there.那你应该下次去公园跑那里有一条专供跑步的路线B:Oh ok, I’ll try that tomorrow. It’ll probably be better than fighting with the traffic! Go on, why don’t you come along?噢好啊,我明天就去起码比跟车辆交通在一起较量要好多了!来吧,你为何不也一起来跑呢?A:Oh ok then, I’ll come and watch you!那好吧,我会去看着你跑!

  你最喜欢哪个季节-7 :: A:Which season do you like best?你最喜欢哪个季节?B:I like spring best. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Freezing days make me lazy and stuffy days make me lazier. How about you?我最喜欢春天春天不冷也不热寒冷的日子使我变懒,闷热的日子使我变得更懒你呢?A:I prefer summer, especially the summer evenings. When the sun comes down, it is so nice to take a walk and breathe. After a rain shower, the smell of the air is refreshing. It is also a best reason ice-cream.我更喜欢夏天,特别是夏天的夜晚每当夕阳西下,散散步,呼吸一下是如此的美好阵雨过后,空气清新夏天也是吃冰淇淋的最好季节B:How do you get through the stuffy daytime?你是怎么度过闷热的白天?A:Well, I have to hide in the air-conditioned rooms. Anyway, it is all worth, just think about the cool evening time.额,我不得不躲在空调房里无论如何,所有的一起都是值得的,只要想想凉爽的夏天的夜晚就好了

  David Beckham England,soccer,middle fielder Los Angeles Galaxy。

  这个电脑游戏棒极了-31 :: A:Have you bought War Craft yet?你买了“战争二代”没有?B:Yeah!I bought it the day it was released.买了!它发行的当天我就买了A:How do you like it?你喜欢它吗?B:It's a great game. There are a lot of new characters.这个电脑游戏棒极了有很多新的人物A:Did it cost very much很贵吧?B:It cost about thirty. Most games cost about that much.大约30美元大部分电脑游戏差不多都是这个价儿A:Mechwarrior is such a good game. The graphics are awesome!电脑游戏“麦克战士”真好玩!画面可漂亮了!B:Oh,I know what you mean. I'm addicted to that game.哦,我明白你说的意思我已经迷上那个游戏啦!A:My roommate always wants to play it. But I told her to buy her own game.我的室友总想玩它,但我让她自己去买一个B:Yeah,my roommate likes to watch me play. He says it's like watching a movie.是吗!我的室友也喜欢看我玩他说就像是看电影一样A:I've never seen such good graphics.我从来没有看过这么好的画面B:And I've never heard such good sound in a game.我在电脑游戏里也从来没有听过这么好的音乐

  品牌英语口语00句(6):跑调了 --9 :55:0 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. You’re singing off-key.你跑调了#9658;off-key 走调的,不和谐的,不协调的;不恰当的;不正常的;不规则的. You don’t think in situations.紧急情况来不及考虑3. We don’t talk the same language.我们观念不同#9658;speaktalk the same language 有共同语言,有共同的观点和信仰;相处融洽e.g. Do you think they speak the same language? 你认为他们有共同语言吗?. He’s back in the groove.他恢复状态了#9658;in the groove 情绪好,开心的;得心应手,处于最佳状态;流行的,时髦的e.g. The band is really in the groove tonight. 乐队今晚演奏得精极了5. I was completely nonplussed by his reply.他的回答令我无所适从6. I said “Good morning” but he cut me dead.我向他打招呼可他没有理我#9658;cut sb dead 假装没看见某人,不和某人打招呼7. I’ll let you have it at cost.我成本价给你#9658;at cost 成本,照原价8. This is a thankless job.干这活费力不讨好9. We pay homage to you.我们对你深表敬意. She was just baiting you.她只不过想气气你 口语


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