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Industrial profit growth in China eased visibly in September as sales softened and the basis for comparison became less favourable.9月中国工业利润增速明显放缓,这是因为销售在减少,而且对比基数变得不太有利。Industrial profits at large firms in China grew 7.7 per cent year-on-year in September according to the National Bureau of Statistics, down from 19.5 per cent in August when they hit their highest level since September 2013. 中国国家统计局(NBS)数据显示,9月份规模以上工业企业利润同比增长7.7%,低于8月19.5%的增速——此为2013年9月以来的最高增速。The data put year-on-year industrial profit growth for the first nine months of the year at 8.4 per cent, holding steady from the previous month’s ing.1-9月份,规模以上工业企业利润同比增长8.4%,增速与1-8月份基本持平。The statistics bureau pointed to a decline of 0.8 per cent in existing stocks and a lowering by 0.6 per cent of leverage among companies as evidence of further improvement, 国家统计局指出,企业产成品存货同比下降0.8%,企业负债率下降6个百分点,表明形势进一步改善。though it noted as well that production and sales had grown more slowly than the month prior.不过,国家统计局也指出,生产和销售增长慢于前一个月。While the bureau maintained its position that recent growth bore the hallmarks of recovery, it also acknowledged that domestic demand remained weak and warned of a need to remain on guard against corporate debt risk.国家统计局虽然坚持认为,工业利润回归平稳增长态势,但也承认国内外市场需求总体仍然偏弱,并警告称,仍有必要防范企业债务风险。 /201610/474600

The quaint timbered houses of the German town of Celle recall the center of Britain’s most picturesque towns and villages. What is less obvious to the naked eye is that Celle is an ancestral home of Britain’s royal family, the House of Windsor.德国小城策勒(Celle)古香古色的木房子让人想起英国中部最优美的城镇和村庄。肉眼不那么容易看出的是,策勒是英国王室温莎家族(House of Windsor)的故乡。That connection has drawn unusual royal interest in this pretty place near Hanover. No other German town of its size — about 70,000 people — has seen anything like two visits from Queen Elizabeth II, as well as one in 1965 from her mother, known as the Queen Mum, and a walkabout by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who visited in 1987.这种联系让英国王室对汉诺威附近的这个美丽小城产生了不同寻常的兴趣。其他同样规模的德国小城(约有7万人)从未吸引伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)两次来访,她的妈妈王母太后(Queen Mum)也曾于1965年来访,此外,查尔斯王子(Prince Charles)和戴安娜王妃(Princess Diana)曾于1987年来到这里跟公众前面。What ostensibly drew the modern royals to Celle (pronounced TSELL-uh) was partly the presence of British troops during the Cold War. But Queen Elizabeth II, who first came to Celle in 1984, returned last year, at age 89, in conjunction with her visit to the nearby former Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen, liberated in 1945 by the British.将英国现代王室成员吸引到策勒的部分表面原因是冷战期间英国曾在这里驻军。不过,1984年首次访问这里的伊丽莎白二世去年在89岁高龄再次来到这里。她还访问了附近的贝尔根-贝尔森前纳粹集中营(Bergen-Belsen)——1945年英军解放了这里。She was also following in the footsteps of her ancestors. What became the House of Windsor, or Welfen in German, originated in this area more than 300 years ago, when Queen Anne died childless.她也在追随祖先的足迹。300多年前,温莎家族出现在这一地区,当时安妮女王(Queen Anne)驾崩无嗣。Her closer Stuart relations in Britain were barred from the throne by law because they were Roman Catholic, so Britain turned to Germany for a new Protestant monarch: George I, the Elector of Hanover and Anne’s second cousin. Celle was the hometown of George’s wife, Sophia Dorothea.她在英国的近亲斯图尔特家族(Stuart)因为信仰罗马天主教而不能依法继承王位,所以英国转向德国寻找一位新的新教君主:安妮的远房表兄弟、汉诺威选帝侯乔治一世(George I)。策勒是乔治妻子索菲娅#8226;多罗特娅(Sophia Dorothea)的故乡。Caught in a marital tangle far crueler than the 20th-century woes of Charles and Diana, Sophia Dorothea was never able to see England, where her son would one day ascend the throne as George II.由于比20世纪的查尔斯和戴安娜的痛苦婚姻残酷得多的婚姻纠葛,索菲娅#8226;多罗特娅从未去过英国——她的儿子将在那里登基,成为乔治二世。Before George I became king there, he took a mistress. Sophia Dorothea, for her part, fell for a dashing Swedish count, Philipp von Konigsmarck. The two planned to elope, but their plan was betrayed; the Swedish count was killed, and Sophia Dorothea, at 28, was divorced by her philandering husband, found guilty of “malicious desertion,” deprived of her children and imprisoned in a castle in nearby Ahlden.在乔治一世成为英国国王之前,他有个情妇。而索菲娅#8226;多罗特娅也爱上了风度翩翩的瑞典伯爵菲利普#8226;冯#8226;克尼格斯马格(Philipp von Konigsmarck)。两人打算私奔,不过计划遭到泄露。瑞典伯爵被杀,28岁的索菲娅#8226;多罗特娅被淫乱的丈夫休掉,并被判“蓄意背弃罪”,剥夺探视孩子的权利,软禁在附近的阿尔登城堡(Ahlden)。She remained there, essentially in captivity, for more than 30 years, until her death on Nov. 13, 1726.她在那里被软禁了30多年,直到1726年11月13 日去世。Sophia Dorothea’s fate is being specially honored this year — 350 years after her birth — with a series of guided tours and special exhibits. A “birthday surprise” is promised for Sept. 10, when she was born.今年,在索菲娅#8226;多罗特娅去世350周年之际,人们为了纪念她的命运,组织了一系列有导游的游览项目和特别展览。在她的生日9月10日,还会有一个“生日惊喜”。 /201608/459596

Even as Volkswagen embarks on the task of fixing the emissions systems it disabled on almost 500,000 of its diesel vehicles in the ed States, the automaker faces another hurdle: persuading owners to make the repair at all.汽车制造商大众公司(Volkswagen)正着手修复美国近50万辆柴油车上被其关闭的排放系统,但即便在此时,他们也还要面临又一个障碍:说车主返修车辆。That’s because the software that allowed Volkswagen to fool federal emissions tests also lowered the car’s performance and fuel economy while the device was turned on. So for owners, the prospect of having a car’s emissions cleaned up, only to have the car perform worse — whatever the pollution — is not sitting well.这是因为,大众用来在联邦排放测试中作弊的软件开启时,柴油车的性能和节油性就会降低。所以,为了减少汽车的尾气排放,结果是使汽车性能下降(不管污染程度怎样),对车主来说,这可不是理想结果。“If we take a 10 percent hit in our gas mileage, I can live with that, but I won’t be happy,” said Patrick Downs, who lives in Port Angeles, Wash., and owns a 2013 Jetta TDI.“如果油耗增加了10%,我可以接受,但肯定是不高兴的,”帕特里克·当斯(Patrick Downs)说,他住在华盛顿安吉利斯港,是一辆2013年款捷达TDI车主。“If it is 25 percent or more and the performance is degraded to the point where the car has a lot less torque and pickup, that is going to make me very unhappy,” he added. “That is going to make me consider not getting the fix.”“如果是25%或更多,性能下降到了扭矩和加速能力都大幅降低的程度,我会很不高兴,”他说。 “那样我就会考虑不去返修了。”It was well known among owners of Volkswagen diesels that the cars’ advertised fuel economy — as shown on the window sticker — was almost always lower than their real-world performance.大众柴油车车主几乎都知道,车窗贴纸上宣传的节油性,几乎总是比现实使用中低。Michael Horn, head of Volkswagen’s American unit, told a congressional panel this month that the repairs he outlined — which will take years and require significant new equipment — might result in a slightly lower top speed in the cars. But he was careful to say that the cars’ fuel economy would not be lower than the rating on the window sticker.本月初,大众汽车公司美国区负责人迈克尔·霍恩(Michael Horn)告诉一个国会小组,他提出的维修方案将花费几年时间,并需要使用大量新设备,它可能会导致柴油车的最高速度稍有降低。但他谨慎地说,这些车的节油性不会比窗户贴纸上的数字低。That’s not satisfactory, said Jeff Hinton, the owner of a 2013 Passat diesel.这并不让人满意,2013款帕萨特柴油车车主杰夫·亨顿(Jeff Hinton)说。“Every TDI owner will tell you, ‘I get much better numbers, miles to the gallon, than any number that is on that Monroney sticker,’” Mr. Hinton, 36, said in a telephone interview from Morrisville, N.C., using a term for the window sticker.“每个TDI车主都会告诉你,‘实际数字,每加仑柴油跑的英里数,比窗户贴纸标注的数字要高得多,”36岁的亨顿在北卡罗来纳州莫里斯维尔通过电话表示。 “On recent trips, 500 miles plus, I’ve gotten 52 to 55 miles per gallon,” Mr. Hinton said. The Environmental Protection Agency rating on the window sticker of his Passat is 40 miles per gallon on the highway.“最近跑了500多英里,每加仑柴油跑52到55英里,”亨顿说。他的帕萨特窗户贴纸标注的美国环境保护局(Environment Protection Agency,简称EPA)评测是在高速公路上每加仑柴油行驶40英里。“I wouldn’t want my car recalled or reprogrammed or retrofitted in any way if it is going to hurt the performance, because that is not what I paid for,” he said.他说,“如果会影响车的性能的话,我不希望我的车被以任何方式召回或重新编程或改装,因为我花钱买的不是这样的车。”The E.P.A. cannot force owners to repair their vehicles, said Julia Ortiz, a spokeswoman for the agency.EPA女发言人茱莉亚·奥尔蒂斯(Julia Ortiz)表示 ,该机构无法迫使车主返修车辆。Automakers also cannot require owners to carry out the emissions recall, just as they cannot force owners to take their vehicles in to complete a safety recall.汽车制造商也无法要求车主实施排放召回举措,就像它们无法迫使车主让车接受彻底安全性召回一样。Some states require vehicles to pass emissions tests before they can be registered each year. But those tests are far less sophisticated than the E.P.A.’s, and the Volkswagens that are not repaired are sure to pass them, said John German, a senior fellow at the International Council on Clean Transportation, which played a crucial role in discovering the automaker’s deceit.国际清洁交通委员会(International Council on Clean Transportation)资深成员约翰·杰曼(John German)表示,一些州要求车辆在每年进行注册之前通过排放测试。但这些测试远不如EPA那么精密。没有经过修理的大众汽车肯定能通过这种测试。该委员会在发现该汽车制造商的欺骗行为的过程中发挥了重要作用。That loophole means the air pollution consequences of Volkswagen’s action — at least on a small scale — are irreparable if enough owners refuse to have their vehicles fixed.这个漏洞意味着,如果很多车主拒绝返修车辆,大众汽车的行为——至少在小范围内——造成的空气污染后果将是无法挽回的。 /201510/404667

Chinese football fans were delivered Boxing Day relief when cash-strapped tech group LeEco made a last-minute payment to ensure it could broadcast English Premier League games, but the future of its football broadcasts still hangs in the balance. 中国足球迷在节礼日得到了一些安慰:现金困难的科技集团乐视(LeEco)在最后时刻作了一笔付款,以确保它能够转播英格兰超级足球联赛(English Premier League),但其足球赛转播权的未来仍有很大变数。The current owner of EPL broadcasting rights in China, Beijing-based Super Sports Media Group, at the weekend said LeEco subsidiary LeSports had missed a payment of m due on December 20, and threatened to cut off its broadcasts of highly-anticipated Boxing Day matches.英超联赛目前在中国转播权的所有者、总部位于北京的新英体育(Super Sports Media)周末曾表示,乐视子公司乐视体育(LeSports)错过了12月20日应付的一笔3000万美元款项。新英体育威胁要切断乐视转播球迷们热切期盼的节礼日球赛。The standoff was temporarily resolved on Monday, when LeSports paid “a small portion” of the amount, a Super Sports spokeswoman who asked not to be named told the Financial Times.这场对峙在周一得到暂时解决。新英体育一位要求匿名的女发言人告诉英国《金融时报》,乐视体育付了“一小部分”应付金额。The two companies have agreed on a repayment plan which ends at the Lunar New Year on January 28 and guarantees LeSports broadcasts until next Tuesday, the spokeswoman said. “If LeSports cannot stick to its promise to pay within the agreed time, we can cut off their signal at any time,” she added.这位发言人表示,两家公司已经约定一个截至1月28日农历新年的还款计划,并保乐视体育截至下周二的转播权。“如果乐视体育不能兑现在约定时间内付款的承诺,我们随时可以切断他们的信号,”她补充说。An unnamed LeSports spokesperson told Shanghai-based media Yicai on Monday: “There will be no problems with our English Premier League broadcasts.”乐视体育一位姓名不详的发言人周一告诉上海媒体第一财经:“我们的英超联赛转播不会有问题。” /201612/485921

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