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龙子湖区去眼角纹多少钱蚌埠市中医医院开双眼皮多少钱Victoria Beckham has managed to balance a successful fashion career with her family life – but not without some criticism ... from her children!维多利亚#86;贝克汉姆一直在设法平衡成功的时尚事业和她的家庭生活——但并不是没有一些批评……来自她的孩子!In the March issue of Elle UK, the 38-year-old mother of four says her cooking skills dont align with her design talents and her brood will attest to that.在英国《Elle3月刊上,这位38岁有四个孩子的母亲说她的烹饪技能不能与她的设计天赋齐平,她的孩子将实这一点;You know what they say to me, because Im not the best cook, although I try really hard? They always say to me: Mummy, we know that the main ingredient in what you make is love,; she says.“你知道他们对我说什么吗?因为我不是最好的厨师,但我真的很努力地尝试过了他们总是对我说:“妈妈,我们知道你做的食物中主要的成分是爱,”她说But when it comes to her clothing line, Beckham is the expert.但一旦谈到她的装系列,贝克汉姆夫人是专家As her family moves back to the U.K. after years in Los Angeles while her husband David played L.A. Galaxy, Victoria says she had to learn to rely on others more as she continues to articulate her vision in a growing fashion empire.在她丈夫大卫在洛杉矶队效力多年后她一家人将重返英国,而当她继续阐明她不断增长的时尚帝国的远见时维多利亚说她必须学着更多地依赖他人;Youve got to trust people,; she says. ;And because I am a control freak, that difficult me because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I cant hand over,; she said. ;But Im trying to do that more. It hard because I have such a specific vision.;“你必须信任别人,”她说“因为我是一个控制狂,对于我那是困难的,因为我几乎要事无巨细地管控每件事我不能交给别人,”她说“但我想更多地尝试这很难因为我有这样一个特定的愿景”Beckham credits her own work ethic – and that of her husband – catapulting her into the upper echelon of the design world, where the mer Spice Girl was a fashion plate in her own right bee earning global respect her clothing and product lines.贝克汉姆夫人夸了她自己以及她丈夫的职业道德———将她送入设计世界的顶端,在那里这位前“辣”在她的饰和产品线赢得全球尊重之前以她自己的选择成为一个时尚风向标;It was never my intention to prove anybody wrong,; she says of her success. ;I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I dont have to work. I need to work. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it.;“这绝对不是我的本意来明谁错了,”她谈及自己的成功“我想向自己明我可以做到我不用必须工作我需要工作如果你足够努力去做我相信你能成就任何事” 0376蚌埠中医院做丰胸手术多少钱 Here are the movies and TV shows that received the top awards. 以下是第73届金球奖电影类和电视类获奖名单Movie电影类:Best picture, drama: 最佳影片(剧情类):《荒野猎人Best picture, comedy or musical: “The Martian”最佳影片(音乐喜剧类):《火星救援Actress, drama: Brie Larson, “Room”最佳女主角(剧情类):布丽·拉尔森《房间Actor, drama: Leonardo DiCaprio, THE REVENANT最佳男主角(剧情类):莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥 《荒野猎人Actress, musical or comedy: Jennifer Lawrence, “Joy”最佳女主角(音乐喜剧类):詹妮弗·劳伦斯《奋斗的乔伊Actor, musical or comedy: Matt Damon, “The Martian”最佳男主角(音乐喜剧类):马特·达蒙《火星救援Supporting actress: Kate Winslet, “Steve Jobs”最佳女配角:凯特·温丝莱特《史蒂夫·乔布斯Supporting actor: Sylvester Stallone, “Creed”最佳男配角:西尔维斯特·史泰龙《奎迪Director: Alejandro G. Iárritu, “The Revenant”最佳导演:亚利桑德罗·冈萨雷斯·伊纳里多《荒野猎人Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, “Steve Jobs”最佳编剧:阿伦·索尔金《史蒂夫·乔布斯Animated film: “Inside Out”最佳动画长片:《头脑特工队eign language film: “Son of Saul,” Hungary最佳外语片:《索尔之子(匈牙利)Original score: Ennio Morricone, “The Hateful Eight”最佳配乐:《八恶人Original song: “Writing’s on the Wall,” “Spectre”最佳歌曲:“Writing’s On The Wall”- Sam Smith 《0:幽灵党Television电视类:Best series, comedy or musical: “Mozart in the Jungle” (Amazon)音乐喜剧类最佳剧集:《丛林中的莫扎特Best television movie or mini-series: “Wolf Hall” (PBS)最佳电视电影迷你剧:《狼厅Actress, mini-series or television movie: Lady Gaga, “American Horror Story: Hotel”电视电影迷你剧最佳女主角:Lady Gaga《美国恐怖故事Actor, mini-series or television movie: Oscar Isaac, “Show Me a Hero”电视电影迷你剧最佳男主角:奥斯卡·伊萨克《黑色乌托邦Actor, drama: Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”剧情类最佳男主角:乔恩·哈姆《广告狂人Actress, comedy or musical: Rachel Bloom, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”音乐喜剧类最佳女主角:蕾切尔·布鲁姆《疯狂前女友Actor, comedy or musical: Gael García Bernal, “Mozart in the Jungle”音乐喜剧类最佳男主角:盖尔·加西亚·贝纳尔《丛林中的莫扎特Supporting actress, mini-series or television movie: Maura Tierney, “The Affair”剧情喜剧电视电影类最佳女配角:毛拉·蒂尔内《婚外情事 第二季Supporting actor, mini-series or television movie: Christian Slater, “Mr. Robot”剧情喜剧电视电影类最佳男配角:克里斯蒂安·史莱特《黑客军团 01939淮上区做眼角除皱手术多少钱

淮上区botox除皱多少钱一支(CNN)During the SuperBowl halftime show, Chinese Internet users were abuzz about a womancalled ;Fruit Sister.;超级碗中场表演期间,一个叫;水果;的女人成为了中国网民的热门话题Sounds mysterious, but you aly know who she is. ;Fruit Sister,; or ;shui guo jie,; is what people in China call Katy Perry -- referring to her tendency to wear fruit costumes and bringgiant fruit with her on stage.听上去很神秘,但其实你早就认识她;水果;or;shui guo jie;是中国人给Katy Perry起的外号,因为她总是穿水果样式的装,登台表演时也带着许多巨大的水果In the past, the pop star has permed in sparkly watermelon-cup bras, sung whileholding a large inflatable strawberry and even burst out of a giant banana.过去的表演中,Katy Perry穿过耀眼的西瓜胸衣,一边唱歌一边拿着巨大的充气草莓,甚至从一个大香蕉里一跃而出But;Fruit Sister; isnt the only Western celeb to get an interestingChinese alias. Here are a few others and the stories behind them:但水果不是唯一一个有好玩中国别名的外国明星,下面是其他好玩的名字和他们背后的故事Lord of Butt洛霸Jennifer Lopez is known as the ;Lord of Butt; in parts of Hong Kong and China.詹妮弗·洛佩兹在香港和中国内地被称为;洛霸;A popular nickname Jennifer Lopez in Hong Kong and China is ;luo ba,; whichtranslates to ;Lord of Butt.;詹妮弗洛佩兹在香港和中国内地比较流行的昵称是;洛霸;,翻译过来的意思是;美臀天后;Either way, it a fitting moniker the superstar who revealed her bare behind inthe music her song ;Booty.;无论怎样,这个绰号对于这位巨星来说都很名副其实,她曾在Booty这首歌的MV里一展自己的引以为傲的美臀Curly Blessing卷福What a Curly Blessing!多么卷的卷福!Benedict Cumberbatch is known as ;Curly Blessing,; or ;juan fu.;本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇被称作;卷福;In Mandarin, ;juan; means curly, referring to Cumberbatch curlyhairstyle in his role as Sherlock Holmes.在普通话里,juan就是卷曲的意思,指的是康伯巴奇在神探夏洛克里的一头卷发造型;Fu;means happiness, tune, or blessing -- and it the first part of the Chinesename Sherlock Holmes.Fu的意思是幸福、好运或祝福,也是;福尔斯;的第一个字Put those two together, and you get something like ;Curly Sherlock; or, morepoetically, ;Curly Blessing.;综合上面两点,就能得出一个类似;卷夏;或者更有诗意的;卷福;的名字Numbing-Spicy Chicken麻辣鸡NIcki Minaj, also known as Numbing-Spicy Chicken.尼基·米娜被叫做麻辣鸡Many Chinese dishes arent just spicy. Thanks to a special peppercorn, Sichuancuisine carries an extra kick and will actually numb your tongue.许多中国菜不仅仅是辣因为有了一种特殊的花椒,四川料理常常给吃的人带来特别的刺激感,真的会让你的舌头麻掉That why Chinese fans have nicknamed Nicki Minaj ;Numbing-Spicy Chicken,;or ;mala ji;: She spicy hot; shell stun your senses and leave you wanting more.这就是为什么中国粉丝给尼基·米娜起名叫;麻辣鸡;了,因为她实在太火辣了,她会令你晕头转向,意犹未尽Flirty Adam骚当Adam Levine and Keira Knightley in the film Begin Again.亚当·莱文和凯拉·奈特莉在年合作了电影《歌声改变一切Americans arent the only ones who swoon over Adam Levine; Chinese people call him;Flirty Adam,; or ;sao dang.;美国观众不是唯一被亚当·莱文电晕的观众们,喜爱他的中国观众叫他;骚当;;His voice is very unique and kind of arousing, and his fans always refer to his numerous half naked photo shoots, which gives him the name,; explains CNN Beijing intern Sherry Ju.他的嗓音非常独一无二,有几分振奋人心,因为他有很多半裸的照片,所以粉丝们才给他起了;骚当;这个外号一名CNN的北京实习生解释说But sao,the Chinese word ;flirty,; can also mean frivolous, silly or shallow.但是;骚;(挑逗的),也有轻佻的、愚蠢的、肤浅的意思Cow Sister牛Mariah Carey iscalled ;Cow Sister; in China.玛利亚·凯莉在中国被叫做;牛;Mariah Carey popular Chinese nickname is ;Cow Sister,; or ;niujie.; Here why:玛利亚·凯莉的中国外号是;牛;,以下是原因:There acrude but popular Chinese slang phrase, ;cow vagina; or;niubi,; that means ;f***ing awesome.; So ;Cow sister,; despite the sound of it, is really a compliment, a nod to Carey incredible singing talent.中国有一个略微粗俗但是很受欢迎的俗语;牛逼;,非常了不起的意思;牛;虽然听上去一般,但真真切切是赞美,是对凯莉不可思议唱功的肯定Another explanation is that it refers to a 199 episode of ;SesameStreet; that featured a singing cow namedMariah Cowey.另一种解释是《芝麻街的第199期里有一只会唱歌的奶牛叫;玛利亚·牛莉;Little Cow小牛In the shadow of Cow Sister is Little Cow. Or as we know her, Ariana Grande.在牛光环下的小牛——爱莉安娜·格兰德Chines epeople call Ariana Grande ;little cow; or ;xiao niu;because her voice reminds them of Mariah Carey (Cow Sister). As one Chinese Internet user says, watch Grande cover of Mariah Carey ;Emotions,; andyoull be tempted to agree.中国观众叫爱莉安娜·格兰德;小牛;,因为她的嗓音总是让人联想起玛利亚·凯莉(牛),一位中国网民说,听完格兰德翻唱的玛利亚·凯莉的《情绪,你肯定会忍不住同意Cousin大表Meet JenniferLawrence, or ;Cousin.;詹妮弗·劳伦斯,或者又叫;大表;To get why Jennifer Lawrence is nicknamed ;Cousin,; or ;biao jie,; youll have to get Chinesehumor.想要明白为什么詹妮弗·劳伦斯的外号是;表;,你必须要有中国人的幽默感In the run-up to the Oscars, hundreds of Chinese Internet users made joke announcements about the results, all claiming they heard them from a;cousin in the Academy.;在年奥斯卡的投票结果揭晓前,成百上千的中国网民开玩笑公布获奖名单,并且都声称是从奥斯卡内部的表哥或表那听说的It was a playful dig at how some Chinese people are desperate to show they have powerfulfamily members.这是一个幽默的讽刺,讽刺有些中国人多么不顾一切的展示他们有多么关系硬的家庭成员But oneChinese Internet user upped the ante, boldly declaring that Lawrence was his cousin and that she had won the Best Actress award.但是有一位中国网民下了大赌注,大胆地宣称劳伦斯是他的表,并且她获得了最佳女演员奖Well, she didnt, but the nickname stuck.事实上,她不是谁的表,但是这个外号就被人们记住了Boss贾老板Yep,Justin Timberlake is simply known as ;Boss,; or ;lao ban.;是的,贾斯汀·汀布莱克被直接叫做;老板;It an awed reference to the entertainer investments: From clothing companies to tech startups to golf courses to record labels, the Boss owns it all.这是对贾斯汀投资才能的敬畏之称:从装公司到科技创业,从高尔夫球场再到唱片公司,贾老板通通拥有Pikachu皮卡丘Taiwanese people have renamed DiCaprio after a famous Pokemon.台湾观众给迪卡普里奥改成了口袋妖怪的名字Leonardo DiCaprio is called ;Pikachu; in Taiwan.李奥纳多·迪卡普里奥在台湾被叫做皮卡丘The joke took off in after a Taiwanese news anchor struggled with DiCaprio name,calling him ;LeonardoPikachu; on TV.这个玩笑起源于年一个台湾新闻主持人因为口误在电视上把他的名字念成;李奥纳多·皮卡丘;Even today, tongue-in-cheek Taiwanese media and their counterparts in Hong Kong still refer to the actor Pokemon-inspired nickname.直到今天,不爱严肃的台湾媒体甚至是香港媒体都爱用;皮卡丘;这个名字指代他 3631凤阳注射丰太阳穴多少钱 In his first trip to China, actor Johnny Depp said Monday hed be willing to consider a move to the Middle Kingdom, citing the overwhelmingly warm reception from his fans. 美国演员约翰尼#539;德普(Johhny Depp)首次访问中国他周一说,他愿意考虑移居这里,原因是粉丝极其热情Dozens of them swarmed a Beijing hotel Monday a glimpse of the star armed with We love you Johnny Depp signs as Mr. Depp arrived to drum up hype his upcoming sci-fi thriller Transcendence . 周一几十名粉丝涌入北京一家酒店,举着“约翰尼#539;德普我们爱你”的标牌,只为一瞥德普的风采德普来到北京是为了宣传他即将上映的科幻惊悚片《超验黑客(Transcendence)Among them were fans like Cai Kexin, 1, who traveled hours by train from eastern coastal Zhejiang province just to be in the same room with the star. I cried when I found out he was getting engaged; I had to be here, said Ms. Cai, adding that she skipped class to be in Beijing with Mr. Depp. She and many others were delighted when Mr. Depp showed off a tattoo on his arm inspired by the I Ching, a Chinese classical text. 其中不乏1岁的蔡可欣(音)这样的粉丝蔡可欣从华东的浙江省坐了个小时的火车来到北京,只为了能与偶像共处一室她说,我得知他要订婚时都哭了,我一定得来她还说,她逃了课,只为了来北京看德普德普展示了胳膊上根据中国经典《易经绘制的纹身,这让蔡可欣和其他许多粉丝开心不已Mr. Depp said that while Hollywood has much to share with China, including its special effects and sci-fi expertise, American films can take lessons from China as well. The level of art, the eons of culture...I most assuredly believe that we can learn a lot from China, Mr. Depp said in reply to a question from China Real Time about Hollywood attempts to appeal to the Chinese market. 德普说,好莱坞有很多东西可以与中国分享,包括特效和科幻技术,但美国电影也可以向中国学习针对《中国实时报提出的有关好莱坞试图吸引中国市场的问题,德普回答说,从艺术水平、文化传承上……我深信我们可以从中国学到很多东西I could live here easily, he said, adding, It a warm experience. 他说,我可能会来这儿生活,并补充说,这是非常热情的体验Mr. Depp China arrival comes as Hollywood is attempting to regain ground in the world second-largest film market, where it been losing market share. Up until , Hollywood had the stronghold on the market, with 51% of total box office receipts. But last year that changed, with China domestic films surging ahead to take in .7 billion yuan, or about 59% of total box-office receipts, according to consulting firm Artisan Gateway. 德普来到中国正值好莱坞试图夺回在这个世界第二大电影市场流失的份额直到年,好莱坞影片一直牢牢占据着中国市场,在总票房收入中占到51%但去年这种情况发生了变化,据咨询公司Artisan Gateway的数据,年中国本土影片遥遥领先,获得了人民币7亿元的票房收入,占总票房的59%The star of movies including the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Mr. Depp--who plays a terminally ill scientist in Transcendence--is just the latest of Hollywood stars to fly to China to promote their films in person. Chris Evans, the lead actor in the upcoming film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Andrew Garfield, the star of The Amazing Spider-Man , both stopped in Beijing last week on promotional tours. 曾主演《加勒比海盗(Pirates of the Caribbean)三部曲等大片的德普此次在《超验黑客中扮演一位病入膏肓的科学家他也是最新一位亲身上阵前往中国宣传影片的好莱坞明星《美国队长:冬日战士(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)的主演克里斯#539;埃文斯(Chris Evans)和《超凡蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man )的主演安德鲁#539;加菲尔德(Andrew Garfield)上周都在北京进行了宣传活动Like Mr. Depp, other Hollywood stars whove lately made appearances in Beijing have also been keen to stress their affection China. When Robert Downey Jr. visited last year the opening of Iron Man 3, he attempted to bond with Chinese audiences by noting that he practices Chinese traditional medicine and has his own Chinese doctor. 与德普一样,最近在北京露面的其他好莱坞明星也热情地展示了他们对中国的喜爱之情小罗伯特#539;唐尼(Robert Downey Jr.)去年来到中国出席《钢铁侠3(Iron Man 3)的首映式时,他说自己吃中药,还有自己的中国医生,以此与中国观众拉近关系During the press briefing, the 51 year-old Mr. Depp entertained a gamut of questions from the Chinese media, ranging from How do you maintain your acting skills? to Would you consider designing underwear? (Mr. Depp said he hadnt previously considered underwear design, but that he thought he could do a good job. He said he thought hed be particularly skilled at designing women shoes.) 在媒体见面会上,51岁的德普热情回答了中国媒体提出的各种问题,从“你是如何保持演技的?”到“你是否会考虑设计内衣?”(德普说他以前没考虑过设计内衣,但是他觉得自己“能行”他觉得自己尤其擅长设计女鞋)Producers of Transcendence are hoping the film futuristic storyline, in which a scientist tries to create a machine with human emotions and intelligence, will resonate with Chinese audiences. It totally conceivable that the next breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will come from China, so the story has a strong appeal and pull Chinese audiences, said Dan Mintz, chief executive of Beijing-based DMG Entertainment, which financed and produced the film with Alcon Entertainment in Los Angeles. 《超验黑客讲述了一位科学家试图制造一部拥有人类情感和智慧的机器,制片方希望故事中的未来元素能够引起中国观众共鸣中国DMG印记传媒集团(DMG Entertainment)的首席执行长明茨(Dan Mintz)说,完全可以想像在人工智能研究方面取得下一步突破的将是中国,《超验黑客将强烈吸引并得中国观众的喜爱DMG与美国艾肯(Alcon Entertainment)共同出资制作了这部影片The company is hoping to surpass their previous success with Iron Man 3, a co-production with Walt Disney Co. that became China second highest-grossing film last year, with 755. million yuan (.6 million) in box-office sales. To target the Chinese market, theyre planning a 3-D version of Transcendence to be exclusively released in China, as well as a synced debut with the U.S. on April 18--a rare move , given high levels of concern about piracy among studios. DVDs made from in-theater s frequently circulate the Chinese market and result in ticket losses. DMG希望《超验黑客能够超越此前它与华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co., DIS)联合出品的《钢铁侠3《钢铁侠3大获成功,以人民币7.55亿元(合1.亿美元)的票房收入成为去年中国票房第二高的影片为了吸引中国观众,DMG准备在中国市场特别推出3D版《超验黑客,而且月18日影片会在美国和中国院线同步首映,这是罕见之举,因为电影制片商对盗版问题通常存在很深忧虑往往新片一上映,中国市场就会出现在影院偷拍后翻录的版DVD,给影片票房造成损失A spokesman DMG said the company was well aware of Mr. Depp popularity in China, where Pirates of the Caribbean was an audience favorite and where Disney Co. plans to open a Pirates of the Caribbean ride at its new Disneyland in Shanghai. Mr. Depp said hed be more than willing to return the opening of the Pirates attraction. DMG的一位发言人说,公司很清楚德普在中国的受欢迎度,他主演的《加勒比海盗深受中国观众喜爱,华特-迪士尼已计划在上海新建的迪士尼乐园开设一个专门以加勒比海盗为主题的园区德普说,他十分乐意到时候再来中国,出席该主题园区的开园仪式While Chinese fans like Ms. Cai have seen all of Mr. Depp works, Mr. Depp said he avoids watching any of his movies and ing anything about himself. I stopped that a long time ago, he said, noting that he also steers clear of other most cinema. I prefer to remain ignorant, he said. 蔡可欣这样的中国影迷看过德普的所有作品,但德普却说他不看自己出演的任何电影或与自己有关的任何新闻他说,我很早以前就不看这些了,而且远离影院,我更愿意什么都不知道 3663蚌医附属医院激光除皱手术多少钱

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