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Eating healthier is a lot about consuming more fruits and vegetables. They add essential nutrients to diets, reduce the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, and help manage healthy body weight.吃的更健康很大程度上就是吃更多的水果和蔬菜。它们给饮食增添了必需的营养成分,降低了心脏病、中风、癌症的风险并且还能控制体重。The problem is that 87 percent of Americans don#39;t meet the recommendations for fruit consumption, and 91 percent don#39;t for vegetable consumption, according to a recent U.S. report.The recommended servings is two fruits and three vegetables daily, Rebecca Lewis, registered dietitian, says. “We should think beyond the typical salad bowl to incorporate more fresh produce into our diets,” she adds. Obviously, that approach doesn’t work.根据最近的一项美国报道所述:问题是87%的美国人并未达到建议的水果摄入量,且91%的人未达到建议的蔬菜摄入量。每天的建议量为两种水果和三份蔬菜,注册营养师丽贝卡#8226;刘易斯说道。“我们应该不仅仅考虑吃传统沙拉,还可以考虑在饮食中加入更多的新鲜食材,”她补充说道。显然,那个方法并没有什么效果。ROAST THEM烤着吃Nothing’s easier than chopping your favorite veggies, tossing them with olive oil and herbs, and simply letting them roast in the oven for 20 minutes for a flavorful dinner without the hassle. An added bonus is that your home will smell amazing, Lewis says. You can also use a slow cooker but for hardy vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes.把喜欢的蔬菜切碎,洒上橄榄油和香草,然后放在烤箱里烤20分钟,这样不用麻烦一顿美味的晚饭就做好了,没有什么比这更简单了。刘易斯说,额外的福利就是家里会充盈着这种香味。对于胡萝卜和山芋等硬一点的蔬菜,可以用锅慢慢炖。MIX IT UP混着吃It#39;s better to eat spinach, carrots or avocado when it#39;s blended with fruit. Try half a banana or a piece of mango, and a cup of plain yogurt or milk. This is perfect for after a sweat-inducing workout, green smoothies provide you with healthy carbs and loads of nutrients. It’s really important to remember; however, to always add veggies to your smoothies to balance all the sugar from the fruits, she adds. Keep the veggies to fruits ratio 1:1.菠菜、胡萝卜或牛油果与水果混着吃就好吃多了。试试看将一半香蕉或一块芒果与一杯原味酸奶或牛奶混着吃。锻炼出汗后这样吃再好不过了,绿色奶昔提供了健康的碳水化合物以及多重营养成分。然而,她补充到:一定要在奶昔里加入蔬菜,以平衡水果中的糖分,记住这点十分重要。将蔬菜和水果的比率调到1:1.。FREEZE THEM冻着吃Buy fruits and vegetables at their peak of freshness and freeze them for later. “They retain all their nutrients and save you money by buying in season,” Lewis says. Her favorite is blending frozen bananas with almond milk.买水果和蔬菜要买最新鲜的,然后把它们冷冻起来。“冷冻后保留了所有的营养成分,还能让你省钱(因为不必在旺季购买了),”刘易斯说道。她最喜欢将香蕉和杏仁牛奶混在一起冷冻。BAKE WITH THEM烘着吃“I know this sounds crazy but it’s very good for you,” Lewis says. While baking, swap a #189; tablespoon of avocado (unsaturated fat) for 1 tablespoon of butter (saturated fat), or swap apple sauce, mashed banana or pumpkin puree for oils to reduce the amount of fat. “No one will ever know and this is a great source of added fiber.”“我知道这听起来很疯狂,但对你是有益的,”刘易斯说道。烘焙时,将一勺黄油(饱和脂肪)换成半勺牛油果(不饱和脂肪),或者将食用油换成苹果酱、香蕉泥或南瓜泥以减少脂肪。“没人会知晓,这是补充纤维的极佳来源。”译文属 /201608/459903Ways to raise #39;good#39; kids, according to Harvard psychologists哈佛心理学家建议抚养“好”孩子的方法Here are the 2 parenting strategies they outlined that are proven to raise caring children.下面是哈佛心里学家概括的2个有效关爱教育孩子的方法1. Put Fun Time on the Calendar1.在日历上标注上时间Why: Kids learn about care and respect when they are treated with care and respect, psychologists say. The best time to give them care and respect—when you#39;re doing something fun together!原因:当孩子们受到了父母的关爱与尊重,他们也会学会关爱和尊重他人。当你们在一起做一些有意思的事情的时候,就是给予他们关爱和尊重最好的时间。How: It#39;s as simple as ing your child a bedtime story or playing tennis together. ;Build one-on-one time into their weekly schedules rather than leaving it to chance,; the findings suggest. That way you#39;ll treat it just as importantly as that work meeting, and it#39;s more likely to happen on a regular basis. Asking questions like ;what was the best part of your day?; and ;what did you accomplish today that makes you feel good?; can help them learn to think beyond the surface level of their actions and identify their feelings.做法:就譬如在床头给孩子讲故事或者一起打乒乓球那样简单。研究表明“在每周的计划中都安排一次时间,而不是顺其自然一起玩耍。”你需要像对待工作会议一样重视时间,而且最好是定期玩一次。问一些问题,例如“你今天感觉最好的是什么呢?”或者“你今天完成了什么任务让你感觉不错?”,这些问题能够帮助他们不止停留在行为表面进行思考,而是明确自己的感受。2. Be a Strong Role Model2.做最强大的榜样Why: The experts say your child learns ethical values and behaviors by watching you.原因:专家称你的孩子通过观察你学会道德观念和行为。How: Pay close attention to whether or not you#39;re practicing honesty, fairness, and caring for yourself. ;Nobody is perfect all the time,; the Harvard report points out. ;That is why it#39;s important for us, in fact, to model for children humility, self-awareness, and honesty by acknowledging and working on our mistakes and flaws.; Your kids know you#39;re not perfect—or they will when they get to their teenage years—so own it and use it as a chance to talk through your mistakes with your child.做法:要密切注意自己是否表现诚实、公正,关爱自己。哈佛报告中指出“没有人能时刻保持完美。实际上,这就是我们需要通过承认并改进自己的错误和缺点,成为孩子谦虚、自觉、诚实的榜样的重要原因。”你的孩子知道你并不完美——或者当他们长大成为青少年的时候就会明白这一点——所以要利用自己的不完美,借此机会与孩子讨论自己的错误。 /201607/454366

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