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  • 1.Landscaping services1.绿地养护The notion that a man enjoys mastering his domain by slaving away in the hot sun to cut grass, trim hedges and plant becomes less true as guys get older. But frugal dads who never like to ask for help may not be too keen on admitting they#39;d rather have someone else step in. Give your dad the gift of a prepaid landscaping service, and it will save his ego as well as his back.在炎炎烈日下甩开膀子修剪草坪、整理树栅、种植花草,男人这种享受我的地盘我作主的观念,随着年龄的增长而变得越来越不切合实际。但是从来不愿意 寻求帮助的节俭老爸可能不太乐意承认自己希望雇用帮手。为老爸预付绿地养护费用,不仅可以拯救他的自尊心,还可以让他直起腰板舒展一下筋骨。 /201206/187231
  • Going through a tricky divorce would be enough to put anyone off marriage for life.经历一场离婚的浩劫足以让人想从此远离婚姻。But a new study shows that men are much more likely to get over a stressful and complicated break-up than women.然而新研究显示,男性比女性更容易从压力重重而复杂的离婚伤害中恢复过来。Divorced men are much keener to re-marry than their former wives, researchers found, with 47 percent of men who had been through a divorce eager to wed again.研究人员发现,离婚男性相对于他们的前妻再婚意愿更高,47%的离婚男性很愿意再婚。That#39;s more than twice as many as women, who seem to fall into the ;once bitten, twice shy; category.有再婚意愿的男性比例是愿意再婚的女性的两倍,而离婚女性似乎是;一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳;。Just 20 percent of female divorcees say they want to tie the knot a second time.只有20%的离婚女性说自己愿意再婚。The study of 2,000 adults ; carried out to mark the DVD release of romantic comedy ;Crazy, Stupid, Love; ; suggests divorced men are also far more committed to finding love again.开展这一研究是为了纪念爱情喜剧片《疯狂愚蠢的爱》光碟的发行。这一涵盖了2000名成人的研究显示,努力重新寻找爱情的离婚男性比离婚女性多得多。A surprising 42 percent of divorced men who are looking to date again also said they would be prepared to pay for a professional pick up artist to them on a date ; a little like Steve Carrell does with Ryan Gosling in the film.这些想重新开始约会的离婚男性当中,有多达42%的人说他们将准备聘请一个把专家陪自己去约会,有点像电影中史蒂夫bull;卡瑞尔和瑞恩bull;高斯林所做的事。They hoped this expertise might help improve their chat-up technique.他们希望这种专家能帮忙改善自己攀谈的技巧。There are now more than 20 dedicated date coaching services in the UK but less than one in five women said they would ever consider such a thing.现在英国有20多个专门提供约会指导的务机构,但只有不到五分之一的女性说她们会考虑选择这一务。More divorced men admitted to putting their profile on a dating website, too.此外,更多的离婚男性坦言他们会把个人资料放在约会网站上。Thirty-one percent said they had tried online dating since their divorce ; compared to just 19 percent of divorced women.31%的离婚男性说,他们在离婚后曾尝试过网上约会,相比之下,只有19%的离婚女性尝试过。Mini Lane, a professional dating expert, said: ;Dating is a complicated game for men and more so for those that are starting all over again, having been off the dating scene for a number of years.;约会专家米妮bull;莲恩说:;约会对于男人而言是一种复杂的游戏,对于那些已经好多年不约会、现在要从头开始的男人更是如此。;She said that men turn to gurus to help them learn how to dress and flatter their physique, as well as to develop their body language.她说,男人找约会大师来帮助自己学习如何着装,让自己的身材显得好看,以及如何运用身体语言。The first step to finding a new partner, though is really wanting to find one ; which is where it appears that divorced men aly have an upper hand.不过,寻找新伴侣的第一步就是真心想去寻找,这一点似乎离婚男性已经占了上风。 /201202/169846
  • A winning million lottery ticket picked out of a gas station trash can has become the subject of a three-way legal battle in Arkansas.美国阿肯色州的一张百万美元巨奖票近日引发三方法律争夺战,这张票是一名女子在一家加油站的垃圾桶捡到的。Sharon Jones was at a Super One Stop in July 2011 in Bebee, Ark., when she went to a trash bin to pick up a handful of discarded lottery tickets, as she had done many times before, according to her attorneys.去年7月,莎伦bull;琼斯在阿肯色州毕比市的;超级第一站;外的垃圾桶里捡到了一把丢弃的票。据她的律师描述,之前她也经常这样做。;It was, in fact, not a losing lottery ticket and not only that, but it#39;s worth a million dollars,; Jones#39; attorney Winston Collier told ANews.com. ;Thus a controversy was born.;琼斯的律师云斯顿bull;柯里尔告诉ANews网站:;事实上,这张票不仅中了奖,而且中了100万美元。所以争论就产生了。Jones turned in the ticket and received a check for 0,000. After the check was issued, the lottery commission began the process of confirming all winning tickets and in the course of the investigation, surveillance footage showed Jones grabbing a handful of discarded tickets from the trash bin.琼斯兑换了这张票,收到了68万美元的票。票开出后,票委员会开始对所有获奖票进行核实,在调查中,监控录像显示琼斯从垃圾桶里抓出了一把丢弃票。After seeing the footage, the store manager, Lisa Petriches, claimed that customers were not allowed to take tickets from the bin and that she had a deal with the manager that those tickets belonged to her.看到这段录像后,店主丽莎bull;彼得里奇声称,顾客不能从垃圾桶里捡票,她和管理人员早就约定好这些票归她所有。A month after Jones collected her check, Petriches filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that the winning ticket was hers. Petriches also claimed that there was a ;Do Not Take; sign on the bin.琼斯领走票后一个月,彼得里奇起诉了她,声称这张巨奖票归自己所有。彼得里奇还表示,垃圾桶上有;不要带走;的标识。;Our theory is that it was abandoned property,; Collier said. ;Once someone has abandoned it, it becomes the property of the first possessor.;柯里尔说:;我们的理论是,这是被放弃的财产。一旦有人放弃了它,就会归第一位持有人。;One of Petriches#39; attorneys, Steven Underwood, refused to comment for the story.彼得里奇的一位律师、史蒂文bull;安德伍德对此未予置评。A third party entered the equation this week when Sharon Duncan claimed that she was the one who originally purchased the ticket and that the jackpot is rightfully hers. The attorneys are meeing with the lottery commission on Monday to determine if there is any way to confirm the ticket#39;s ownership.本周,又有一位女士加入了这场争夺战。莎伦bull;邓肯声称自己是票的买主,大奖当然应该归她所有。几位律师周一在票委员会碰面,决定是否有办法确定票的归属。The 0,000 winnings are frozen as the case makes its way to court, but Collier said that his distressed client aly spent some money in the month she had the winnings that she would not have otherwise spent, including buying a used car.由于这起案件交由法庭裁决,这笔68万美元的大奖被冻结起来,但柯里尔说他的经济拮据的委托人在当月已经花掉了一些本不该花的奖金,包括买了一辆二手车。 /201201/169519
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