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Usually How many bags do you have?1、 传授秘诀,口语入门 come in, relaxUsuallyI usually go to bed early.I often exercise in the morning.I often drive to work.I go to a movie once a week.I usually eat dinner early.2、 电话英语一点通 English telephone.Hello, may I speak to Bob Li please?This is he.Oh, hi Bob, this is Marry. I didn#39;t recognize your voice.Hi, is Marry there?Speaking.Marry this is Tom Smith from work.HelloHi Ann, this is John.Marry?Who is this?It#39;s John, didn#39;t you recognize my voice?No, you sound different today.It#39;s because I am excited. I got the job offer that I had be looking forward to.3、 旅行英语一点通 Tourist EnglishHow many bags do you have?How many bags do you have to check in?I have two suitcases and one carry-on bag.Make sure your name and address are all on your bags, and place your bags on the conveyor belt.Do you need my ticket?Yes, I also need to see your ID.Here is my passport as well as my driver#39;s license.Your flight is now boarding at Gate 11, you now go to the gate.Thank you for your help. /201311/266201重庆市大渡口区法院13日开庭审理长寿区三名公安民警涉刑讯逼供案,法院当庭宣判。被告人苟洪波、但波犯故意伤害罪,判处有期徒刑,缓刑;被告人郑小林犯刑讯逼供罪,免予刑事处罚。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:CHONGQING - Three former policemen in southwest China#39;s Chongqing Municipality were found guilty on Tuesday for torturing a suspect to extort confessions, a local court said.重庆消息,周二,据重庆当地法庭表示,三名原中国西南部重庆市警察犯刑讯逼供罪。【讲解】torture a suspect to extort confessions是刑讯逼供。三名被告原系重庆市长寿区公安局民警,2011年7月,长寿区公安局以吕某涉嫌犯罪对其立案侦查(investigate)。苟洪波负责审讯工作,其授意、指使但波、郑小林等民警采取刑讯手段逼取吕某口供(torture the suspect)。经鉴定,吕某损伤程度为重伤(serious injury)。案发后,但波主动到检察机关投案。苟洪波犯故意伤害罪(intentional injury),判处有期徒刑三年,缓刑(reprieve)三年;但波犯故意伤害罪,判处有期徒刑二年六个月(received a jail term of two and half years),缓刑二年六个月;郑小林犯(be convicted of)刑讯逼供罪(extorting confessions by torture),免予刑事处罚(exempted from criminal penalty)。法院审理后认为,检察机关指控的事实和罪名成立。三名被告人当庭均如实供述了自己的犯罪事实(confessed their crimes),取得被害人谅解(earned forgiveness from the victim);但波系自首;郑小林犯罪情节轻微。对三名被告人可分别依法予以从轻、减轻(commute)和免予处罚(exempted their penalties)。 /201405/297283Score!!!!!! 我们今天一起来看看美语口语里面score这个词儿的短句!score! 成功了!I got into NYU!我被纽约大学录取了!Score! That#39;s awesome!你成功了!太棒啦!I got a new job!我找到新工作了!Score! Congrats!你成功了!恭喜!I got a new espresso maker!我买了新的浓缩咖啡机!Score! Make me a latte!好啊!给我做一杯拿铁吧!scored something 得到/拿到某些东西I scored tickets to the Beyonce concert!我拿到了Beyonce演唱会的票!Score! Can I come?成功了!我可不可以跟你一起去啊?What#39;s the score? 比分多少?Are you watching the Louisville game?你正在看Louisville的篮球赛吗?No. I#39;m at dinner with my parents.没有啊。我在跟父母一起吃晚饭。Aw man this game is so exciting!哎哟!比赛太精了!What#39;s the score?比分多少?It#39;s Louisville 33 and Duke 34 right now!现在是 Louisville 33 比 Duke 34! /201304/235539Professor: That’s all for today’s class. We will continue our lecture on crime and punishment tomorrow. A: Do you think we should be tougher on crime? B: Well, it depends on what you mean. A:For example, we could bring back the death penalty for murder, give longer prison sentences for lesser offences and lock up juvenile offenders. B: Those really sound like Draconian measures. Firstly, what do you do about miscarriages of justice if you’ve aly put innocent people to death? A:You’d only use capital punishment if you were absolutely sure that you’d convicted the right person. B: But, there’ve been many cases of wrongful conviction where people have been imprisoned for many years. The authorities were sure at the time, but later it was shown that the evidence was unreliable. In some cases, it’d been fabricated by the police. A: Well, no system of justice can be perfect, but surely there’s a good case for longer prison sentences to deter serious crime. B:I doubt whether they could act as an effective deterrent while the detection rate is so low. The best way to prevent crime is to convince people who commit it that they’re going to be caught. It doesn’t make sense to divert all your resources into the prison system. A: But if you detect more crimes, you’ll still need prisons. In my reckoning, if we could lock up more juvenile criminals, they’d learn that they couldn’t get away with it. Soft sentences will merely encourage them to do it again. B: Yes, but remember that prisons are often schools for criminals. To remove crime from society, you really have to tackle its causes. A: Well, if I were president, I would impose tougher laws and punishment. I would have a peaceful society based on fear of punishment, not consciousness of doing the right thing. B: You sound like a dictator! A: Well if it works, why not? 【文章大意】对话围绕该如何对犯罪刑罚而进行。A认为应该用严厉的刑法来威慑犯罪的人,比如对谋杀罪判以死刑,延长监禁时间等。B认为,如果那样做,一旦有误判,将会造成难以挽回的后果。 /201010/116152

Don#39;t spill the beans. It#39;s supposed to be a secret. 别说漏了嘴,这可是个秘密哦!spill the beans 泄漏秘密

【每日一句】Be a good sport. 做个有风度的人。【用法透视】 这个句子引申自"有运动家风度"。用来劝人要有雅量。【持范例】1. Be a good sport and help me with this problem. 做个有风度的人,来帮我解决这个问题。 2. Come on. Be a good sport. You just lost a race. 算了。做个有风度的人。你不过输了场比赛。 3. You've been a good sport to laugh at the trick we played on you. 你真是个有雅量的人,对我们的恶作剧一笑置之。【会话记忆】A: You are not being a good sport about this. 你在这件事上没有风度。 B: That's because you cheated. 那是因为你作弊。 A: I never cheat. 我从来不作弊。 B: Yes, you do. 有的,你有

今天的每日一句是:Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal , there is no secure direction ; without direction , there is no life.理想是指路明灯。没有理想,就没有坚定的方向;没有方向,就没有生活。 词汇讲解:1.beaconn.灯塔,信号浮标;烽火;指路明灯;警标,界标vt.照亮,指引;为……设置信标;用灯指引vi.像灯塔般照耀eg:Chile has also been a beacon of monetary sophistication.智利也一直是货币政策成熟的灯塔。2.secuj.安全的;牢固的;有把握的;安心的vt.保护;(使)获得;使安全;担保vi.获得安全,变得安全;安全,保险;承保,担保;[航海学]停止工作eg:Generate highly secure password and store them encrypted.生成高度安全的密码和存储加密。3.direction n.方向,指南;指挥,指导,管理;用法说明,指示,命令,吩咐;导演,(乐队)指挥eg:They were firing in every direction.他们从不同的方向射击。 /201212/212562

Host: Hello everyone, and welcome to open mic night! You’re in for a real treat as we’ve got a lot of great comics here with us tonight. First up, we have a very funny man coming straight from the state of Montana, Robert Hicks! A: Thank you, everyone! Well, what a lovely crowd. You know, there’s nothing I love better than stand-up comedy! You know, I’ve been working on my routine for months now, and I’ve got some real zingers for you tonight. Let’s start out with some short jokes, how bout that? Where do you find a one legged dog?…… Where you left it. A: Get it? Mmm Anyways... What do you call a sheep with no legs? …… A cloud ! A: Tough crowd... Alright, now you’re going to love this joke. It’s hilarious! What do cows do for entertainment? ……They rent moooovies ! moooovies A:Okay, Okay, we’ve got a few hecklers in the audience, but this one is good! What does a fish say when it runs into a wall? ……DAM! A:Okay, Last one! Why do gorillas have big nostrils? ……Because they got big fingers!!!!!!!!! Audience: You suck! Get off the stage!A:Thanks, everyone !That was my time. /201009/114190

You must come around sometime.你一定要找个时间过来。When is good for you?你什么时候方便?Can you make it?你可以吗?Any time after six.六点以后都可以。Any day next week.下星期任何一天都可以。That would be fine.可以。Any time after six would be fine.六点以后都可以。It#39;s a date.就这么约定了。 /201502/351543

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