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蚌埠第一人民医院韩式三点多少钱安徽省蚌埠东方美莱坞医院去痘印多少钱When Alibaba raised billion in its blockbuster I.P.O. in September, U.S.-based e-commerce companies were curious to know when the Chinese giant planned to begin spending that money to compete against them.今年9月,当阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在声势浩大的首次公开募股中筹得250亿美元时,美国的电子商务公司都很想知道,这家中国电商巨头准备何时拿这笔钱与它们展开竞争。The answer is that no one really knows: Alibaba has been focused more on investing in the U.S. than in operating there. The China market, after all, is huge. Witness the -billion “Singles Day” shopping orgy the country celebrated on Tuesday.没有人真正知道。阿里巴巴目前更注重在美国投资,而不是在美国运营。毕竟,中国市场本身就十分巨大。在上周中国的“双十一”购物狂欢日当天,阿里巴巴的销售额高达93亿美元。Look more closely, though, and there are ways to discern Alibaba’s strategy. For instance, the only U.S. investment it discussed in its I.P.O. filing was the 39% stake it took in ShopRunner, an Amazon Prime-like service founded by the same team that started an Amazon competitor called GSI Commerce, now part of eBay . Alibaba invested about 0 million in ShopRunner last year. It also has invested in taxi-killer Lyft and game maker Kabam, but only ShopRunner earned the prospectus mention.不过仔细观察,我们还是能够找到一些探究阿里巴巴战略的方法。比如,阿里巴巴的招股说明书中唯一提到的美国投资,是收购了ShopRunner 公司39%的股权。该公司的务与亚马逊金牌会员务(AmazonPrime)非常类似,其创始人曾经创建过亚马逊的竞争对手GSI Commerce公司,后者如今已被易趣(eBay)收购。去年,阿里巴巴在ShopRunner上投资了约2亿美元。该公司还投资了私家车搭乘务应用Lyft和游戏制造商Kabam,不过招股说明书只提到了ShopRunner。To learn more about ShopRunner I recently visited its offices in San Mateo, Calif. and the company’s CEO, Scott Thompson. You might remember him as the one-time CEO of Yahoo who left after reports that his resume wasn’t altogether accurate. He left Yahoo in 2012 and before that had been a top PayPal executive at eBay.为了进一步了解ShopRunner,我最近参观了它在加利福尼亚州圣马特奥的办公室,并对该公司首席执行官斯科特o汤普森进行了采访。你也许记得他曾经担任过雅虎(Yahoo)首席执行官,后来因为履历有水分而被迫在2012年离职。加入雅虎之前,他曾担任易趣付平台贝宝公司(PayPal)总裁。ShopRunner, it turns out, has an interesting niche. Whereas Amazon Prime customers can get anything under the sun—and then some, including streaming s—delivered to them for a year, ShopRunner customers get a more select, slightly more curated collection of brands. They pay for free, two-day delivery. It’s a deal designed to attract consumers but also merchants, who see the value of not being glopped together with everyone else over at Amazon.事实明,ShopRunner拥有一个有趣的小众市场。亚马逊金牌务的顾客能够以每年99美元的价格,让买到的任何东西(后来还包括流媒体视频)送货上门。而ShopRunner顾客可选择的品牌经过了进一步筛选,也更系统一些。他们可以花79美元获得免费的两日内送货上门务。此举不仅是为了吸引顾客,还试图吸引那些不愿意和亚马逊其他商品捆绑在一起的商家。Thompson, the technology executive, is learning to talk like a merchant. “Retailers ask, ‘Who is my neighbor in the mall?’ There’s a lot of brand adjacency in retailing. Amazon has a lot of SKUs. So if you’re someone who is very thoughtful about your brand, you’re in the middle of a lot of stuff. Our attitude is, if it’s something you need, go with Amazon Prime. If it’s something you want and have an emotional connection to, that’s us.”科技高管汤普森正学着像一个店主那样说话。“零售商会问:‘我在购物中心里会与谁为邻?’在零售业中,大量品牌毗邻而居。亚马逊的库存量很大,所以如果你非常在意自己的品牌,你就会发现自己被太多东西包围了。我们的看法是:如果你要买必需品,那就去找亚马逊金牌务;如果你要真正喜欢的,对你有特殊感情的东西,那就来找我们。”Focusing on signing up name-brand retailers—a few include American Eagle Outfitters, Diesel, and Neiman Marcus—is ShopRunner’s bet on relevancy in a world dominated by Amazon.ShopRunner将重点放在签约的名牌零售商上,比如美鹰傲飞(American Eagle Outfitters)、Diesel和内曼o马库斯(Neiman Marcus)。在亚马逊统治的这个全球市场,ShopRunner把赌注压在了顾客与品牌的关联性上。The strategy worked to the extent that it attracted another important brand, American Express. The financial services company cut a deal with ShopRunner to offer the two-day free delivery service to all of its cardholders, minus corporate card users. “Free shipping and shipping in general is critical to driving engagement online,” says Leslie Berland, executive vice-president for digital partnerships at Amex, who inked the deal with ShopRunner. Neither she nor Thompson says who pays whom in the Amex-ShopRunner relationship. But Amex is providing a free benefit to its customers that then enables ShopRunner to collect a commission on sales it facilitates for its customers. Amex, by the way, also invested in ShopRunner.这个战略发展得很顺利,甚至吸引另一个重要品牌美国运通(American Express)参与其中。这家金融务公司与ShopRunner达成协议,对所有运通卡持有人(不含公司卡用户)提供免费的两日内快递。与ShopRunner签约的美国券交易所(Amex)数字合作部执行副总裁莱斯利o伯兰表示:“要提高在线购物的吸引力,免费快递和普通的运送务都至关重要。”莱斯利和汤普森都没有透露这次合作究竟是哪方出钱。但美国券交易所正在为它的客户提供一项免费福利,这项福利能够使ShopRunner从该公司促成的交易中获得一笔佣金。顺带提一句,美国券交易所也投资了ShopRunner。ShopRunner is privately held and doesn’t disclose revenues. Janney Capital Markets analyst Shawn Milne, who follows e-commerce companies, guesses the company’s sales could be approaching 0 million on as many as 2 million subscribers. “One of the reasons they are showing value is that they are delivering new valuable customers to the network,” he says. Milne predicts ShopRunner could grow to as many as 10 million customers, not a mass-market business but a profitable one. It also could be valuable to an e-commerce giant looking to compete with Amazon.ShopRunner是私人公司,并未公开收入。Janney Capital Markets公司电子商务行业分析师肖恩o米尔恩猜测,该公司的销售额可能接近2亿美元,并有多达200万付费用户。他表示:“他们正在展现价值的原因之一在于,他们正在将一些有价值的新客户带到网上。”米尔恩预计,ShopRunner可以发展到1,000万用户的规模,不算是一个大众市场,但利润可观。对于一家寻求与亚马逊一较高低的电商巨头来说,它也是很有价值的。That’s where Alibaba comes in. So far the Chinese giant barely operates in the U.S. But it is the largest shareholder in ShopRunner, which recently signed a deal with Alibaba affiliate Alipay to connect its U.S. merchant customers with Chinese consumers. It’s also worth noting that Alibaba isn’t a retailer. It runs online marketplaces. That could change. “Alibaba doesn’t have a Prime-ShopRunner analogue,” Thompson notes. “It doesn’t sell anything on its own.” Not yet anyway.这就是阿里巴巴的切入点。到目前为止,这家中国巨头几乎没有在美国运营任何业务,但它是ShopRunner的最大股东。最近,ShopRunner与阿里巴巴旗下的付宝(Alipay)签订了协议,将美国商业客户与中国顾客联系了起来。还值得一提的是,阿里巴巴不是零售商,而是在线商城运营商。但这一点是可以改变的。汤普森表示:“阿里巴巴没有类似亚马逊金牌计划或ShopRunner的务,它不卖自己的东西。”至少,现在不卖。 /201411/343192蚌埠哪家医院激光去胎记好 When people talk about the skyrocketing metabolism of Silicon Valley, it’s a metaphor for profits, innovation, a surge in products or services. But now it’s happening literally. There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness has gripped the so-called brogrammer. Software developers who see the world as a series of systems in need of optimization have turned that instinct inward. Call it the six abs of highly effective techies—HGH bodies for PHP minds.人们总是说硅谷的新陈代谢正在火箭式上升,这当然是一个用来形象说明利润、创新、产品或务激增的比喻。但现在,这一幕就切切实实地发生在我们眼前。科技行业的文化正在转变:健身已经成为所谓brogrammer(意指善于社交,喜欢出外玩乐的程序员)的新嗜好。软件开发人员一向把世界视为一系列需要优化的系统。现在,他们开始用这种本能来观察自己的身体。让我们权且将它称为“高效技术人员的六块腹肌”——堪比健美运动员的身材,加上PHP思维的头脑。“I never really thought of that,” says Thomas Bailey, 40, director of experience technology at SapientNitro, a marketing company in Boston. “But, yeah, I’m looking out of my office at 25 programmers, and every one of them is fit: a bodybuilder, a ton of cyclists, all of that. It’s only when we hire guys older than 40 that we see that old stereotype, like the programmer from Jurassic Park: unfit, sloppy, all that. People used to point out on their résumé that they speak Spanish or Chinese. Now it’s that they run triathlons or are on a competitive local amateur sports team.”“我做梦也没有想到这一幕,” 40岁的托马斯o贝利说。他是波士顿麒灵广告营销公司(SapientNitro)的体验技术总监。“但我正在观察办公室外面那25位程序员,每个人都非常健康。其中有一位是健美运动员,还有一大群自行车运动健将。只有当我们雇用40岁以上的员工时,我们才能看到那种符合人们固有成见,仿佛是从《侏罗纪公园》(Jurassic Park)走出的程序员:身体不健康,非常邋遢。程序员过去爱在简历中注明,他们会说西班牙语或中文。如今的简历亮点则是,他们参加过铁人三项,或者是本地很有实力的某家业余运动队的成员。Bailey may sound surprised, but he’s one of them. After a spiel about “eking out efficiencies,” he reveals his hand: “I can’t stand the typical, average, normal gym experience of running on a tmill, staring at a TV for half an hour,” he gripes. He’s a CrossFit acolyte. His co-worker, Jon Grassis, 32, a manager of interactive development, bikes 18 miles a day. He always makes sure to stop and do 100 crunches, 100 push-ups, and 50 pull-ups. “I’m working on the pull-ups,” he concedes.这种现象似乎让贝利非常惊讶,但他其实也是其中一员。在一番关于“竭力维持效率”的高谈阔论之后,他露出了自己的底牌:“我无法忍受那种典型的健身房锻炼体验,在跑步机上一边跑步,一边盯着屏幕看上半个小时,实在让人受不了,”他抱怨说。他是一位“全面健身(CrossFit)”新手。他的同事,32岁的互动开发经理乔恩o格拉西斯每天骑自行车行驶18英里。他经常停下手头的工作,做100个仰卧起坐,100个俯卧撑和50个引体向上。“我正在练习引体向上,”他承认。“I’m a 100 percent stickler for efficiency,” Grassis says. “I can’t stand inefficiency in any part of my life at all, almost to a fault. Efficiency is tricky with fitness, though, because you want it to be hard. The moving target aspect is highly appealing to the techie mindset.”“我做事特别讲究效率,”格拉西斯说。“不管是生活的哪一方面,我都不能忍受效率低下,几乎到了过分的程度。但健身是很难追求效率的,因为你希望健身有一定难度。不断提升的目标对技术人员非常有吸引力。”It is admittedly difficult to find data that specifically backs the assertion that desk-bound programmers are moving toward a fitter existence, aside from the fact that the general market for wearable fitness devices has in recent years rapidly grown into a billion-dollar business. But there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence.据说伏案工作的程序员的健康状况正在迅速改善,尽管我们很难发现能够持这一论断的数据——除了可穿戴式健身设备最近几年迅速成长为一门数十亿美元的生意这一事实——但坊间充斥着大量轶事。Witness Paul Graham, a co-founder of the seed accelerator Y Combinator, imploring his staff to exercise. (And here is HarjTaggar, a Y Combinator partner, writing about his personal experiments with preventing heart disease.) Chew on the concept of Soylent, which aims to solve the “problem” of eating meals, or Google’s Baseline Study, which seeks to pinpoint what a healthy system—er, body—should look like. Look at the hordes of young tech workers navigating the Spring Break crowds at Burning Man and South by Southwest baring their toned physiques (including the literally Olympian torso of Tyler Winklevoss, the investor and cryptocurrency evangelist). Read efficiency mogul Timothy Ferriss’ 2010 book The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman or renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil’s 2009 book Transcend, a nine-step mnemonic for living well. “Tending to your body is essential to being a successful founder,” writes Seth Bannon, the social entrepreneur and Amicus CEO, who counts among his accomplishments that he is a vegetarian. “Remember: exercise makes you a better entrepreneur.” Or behold the editors of BuzzFeed lavishing praise on “the hottest abs in Silicon Valley,” a description that—with respect to tech’s founding mothers and fathers—would have been unthinkable in the region’s early, nerdier days.比如,创业孵化器Y Combinator联合创始人保罗o格雷厄姆恳请他的员工锻炼身体。(该公司合伙人哈吉o塔加曾经专门撰文谈论过他自己通过锻炼预防心脏病的经历。)仔细想想旨在解决吃饭“问题”的新型食品Soylent背后的理念,或者谷歌公司(Google)的基线研究(Baseline Study),这项研究试图找出健康的系统(呃,或者说身体)究竟应该是什么样子。再看看一大批正在火人节(Burning Man)欢度春假的人群中穿梭,或者在西南偏南音乐节 (South by Southwest)袒露健美体格的科技工作者(其中包括投资人、加密货币传道者泰勒o文克莱沃斯那犹如奥林匹斯山诸神的强健身躯)。读读效率大师蒂莫西o费里斯2010年出版的经典著作《4小时身体锻炼:如何通过迅速减肥和性爱成为超人》(The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman),或著名未来学家雷o库兹威尔2009年出版的著作《超越》(Transcend)——这是一套旨在打造健康生活的九步口诀。“锻炼好身体是成为一位成功创始人的关键一环,”社会企业家,法庭之友公司(Amicus)CEO塞思o班农写道。他认为自己的成就之一就是成为了一位素食主义者。“请牢记,锻炼可以助你成为一位更好的企业家。”或者看看BuzzFeed的编辑们对“硅谷最热辣腹肌”的不吝赞美。在该地区书呆子气更浓的早期岁月(笔者绝无半点不尊重高科技先驱的意思),这种描述是难以想象的。The zeitgeist presents an intriguing and novel paradox for data-driven laptop hermits who are still getting used to the concept of standing desks. Study after study demonstrates that fitter folks are more trusted, more respected, more welcomed, more everything—so how can optimized job performance not factor in fitness?这种时代潮流针对那些依然在适应“站立办公”理念,依靠数据驱动的笔记本电脑隐士,提出了一个有趣且新奇的悖论。多项研究表明,更健康的员工更值得信赖,更受尊重,更受欢迎,总之什么都好。那么,优化工作绩效怎么能够不考虑健身因素呢?“It’s a skill set,” says Nick Grosvenor, 32, founder and programmer at CineGrain in Los Angeles. Grosvenor says he’s a devotee to Barry’s Bootcamp, the high-intensity interval training regimen favored by get-ripped-quick celebrities and Wall Street alpha dogs. “It shows that they’ve got their act together. It shows commitment, intelligence, discipline; it’s a cue to efficiency, to a systemized life, everything we respect in the programming world. It’s almost a counterbalance, because working out is the antithesis to sitting down.”“这是一套技能,”32岁的尼克o格罗夫纳说。这位洛杉矶CineGrain公司创始人和程序员表示,他是巴里集训营(Barry’s Bootcamp)的忠实信徒。巴里集训营的高强度间歇训练方案深受那些希望迅速获得肌肉线条的名人和华尔街“阿尔法”的青睐。“这表明,他们已经开始有条有理地处理问题了。这体现了决心、智慧和纪律性;这是一个获得效率,一种系统化生活,以及我们在编程世界所尊重的一切的线索。这几乎是一种平衡力,因为锻炼是久坐的对立面。”Courtney Paul, 35, a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, which opened its San Francisco outpost in June, drives this mentality home with his #wearemachines Twitter hashtag. For example, he says, he knows that average walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour, and expects his clients to cool down at a pace of at least 3.5 miles per hour. “It’s not about self-esteem, or encouragement, or cheerleading, or any of that softer old-school stuff from the days when working out was a new science,” he says. “It’s just numbers now. That’s it. The numbers don’t lie. If you do this, and eat this, you will get these results. If you don’t get the results, you’re lying about something. Because the numbers aren’t doing the lying, I know that.”35岁的巴里集训营(该集训营已于6月份进驻旧金山)教练考特尼o保罗通过他的Twitter标签#wearemachines传播这种心态。比如,他说,他知道平均步行速度为每小时3.1英里,并期望自己的客户每小时至少能走3.5英里。“这跟自尊、鼓励、加油,或者任何出自锻炼还是一门新科学那段岁月的老派思想无关,”他说。“现在,这仅仅是数字。就是这样,这些数字不会说谎。如果你这样做,这样吃饭,你就将获得这些结果。如果你没有获得这些结果,那就说明你在某件事上撒谎了。因为这些数字不会说谎,我非常了解这一点。”“It’s reaching a point where physical prowess is merging with mental prowess,” says Zak Holdsworth, 32, founder of Hint Health, in San Francisco. Holdsworth is another CrossFit fan, as well as a kitesurfer (and, according to one website, New Zealand’s most eligible bachelor). He says he took blood, saliva, and urine samples to establish his own “personal systems biology baseline.”“体魄的强壮正在与精神的强壮相互交融,”32岁的旧金山Hint Health公司创始人扎克o霍尔兹沃思这样说道。他是另一位全面健身爱好者,一位风筝冲浪者(另据一家网站介绍,他还是新西兰最令人中意的单身汉)。霍尔兹沃思说,他采集了血液、唾液和尿液样本,用以构建他自己的“个人系统生物学基线”。Not that all the discipline and rigor is internal. Holdsworth’s office, for example, allows very select snacks—paleo jerky, or nutrition bars made of crickets, for example. “There will never be a candy bowl on a desk in this office,” he says. “It’s harder to make bad decisions when the options don’t allow it.”并非所有的严苛要求都是针对身体内部。比如,霍尔兹沃思的办公室允许吃一些精选小吃——牛肉干,或者用蟋蟀制作的营养棒。“在这间办公室的办公桌上,永远不会出现糖果碗,”他说。“如果没有其他选项,你就很难做出糟糕的决定。”As software engineers continue to hack and optimize their fitness, does it at some point become a walking résumé? If you want to know how good a programmer is, you can’t just ask him to lift his shirt, can you?随着软件工程师不断破解和优化他们的体能,身体在某个时点会不会成为一个行走的简历?如果你想知道一位程序员究竟有多么优秀,你不能仅仅要求他撩起自己的衬衫,是吧?“People almost don’t believe me when I tell them what I do,” says Vaughn Dabney, 30, a freelance app developer in Washington, D.C. who also founded Soundr, a kind of Vine for audio files (and audiophiles). “They don’t expect it, sometimes don’t accept it. Because I’m not [made from] the mold people think. I never find out what they think I should be, though. I tell them I’m the coolest nerd they’ll ever meet.”“当我告诉人们我正在从事的工作时,几乎没有人相信,”30岁的沃恩o达布尼说。他是一位居住在华盛顿特区的自由软件开发者,还针对音频文件(和发烧友)创建了类似于地理位置应用Vine的Soundr公司。“他们没有料想到,有时候也不接受这一事实。因为我跟人们对程序员的固有印象不一样。但我从来没有查明在他们的心目中,我应该长什么样子。我告诉他们,我是他们遇到的最酷的书呆子。”Dabney, who describes his body as “mesomorph,” says he engages in an hour of targeted workouts every work day. “Things are changing. It’s not just programmers behind the scene,” he says, “You have to be the face. Investors like stories, faces; your body is your brand in a lot of ways. Being in shape is a complement to being fit mentally. It’s getting all the property in Monopoly: the front-end and the back-end, the presentation and the programming—the body and the mind.”达布尼声称自己的身体是“运动型体格”。每个工作日,他都会从事一小时有针对性的锻炼。“事情正在发生变化。程序员不能只隐藏在幕后,”他说。“你必须得成为公司的脸面。投资者喜欢故事,希望看到活生生的面孔;就很多层面而言,你的身体就是你的品牌。身体健康是精神健康的补充。在《垄断大亨》游戏(Monopoly)中,拥有健康体魄的人正在获得所有属性:前端和后端,演示和编程——身体和心智。”Which means there’s only one place to go from here: the eight abs of highly effective techies. In time.这意味着,要想成为高绩效技术人员,只有一条出路,那就是,练就八块腹肌。时不我待,赶紧锻炼吧。 /201408/318932蚌埠第一人民医院祛疤手术多少钱

蚌埠祛痣去哪个医院比较好Facebook’s quarterly earnings, released last month, have surpassed most market expectations, sending its stock price to an all-time high. They have also confirmed the company’s Teflon credentials: no public criticism ever seems to stick.Facebook上月公布的季度业绩超出了市场中大多数人的预期,股价因此被推升至有史以来的最高点。这再次显示,它好像给自己的招牌涂了一层“特氟龙”,任何公众批评都没法“粘”在上面。Wall Street has aly forgiven Facebook’s experiment on its users, in which some had more negative posts removed from their feeds while another group had more positive ones removed. This revealed that those exposed to positive posts feel happier and write more positive posts as a result. This, in turn, results in more clicks, which result in more advertising revenue.华尔街也已原谅了Facebook对用户所做的一个实验。在那个实验里,在用户不知情的情况下,Facebook在其中一些用户的朋友动态中删除了较多消极帖子,而在另一些用户的朋友动态中删除了较多积极的帖子。结果显示,那些看到更多积极帖子的人感觉更快乐一些,于是他们会发出更多积极的帖子,这反过来增加了点击量,从而能带来更多广告收入。Troubling ethics notwithstanding, the experiment has revealed a deeper shift in Facebook’s business model: the company can make money even when it deigns to allow its users a modicum of privacy. It no longer needs to celebrate ubiquitous sharing – only ubiquitous clicking.这次实验带来的道德问题暂且不谈,它更揭示了Facebook商业模式的深层次变化:即便它屈尊赏赐用户一点隐私权,依然能确保滚滚财源。这家公司所推崇的,不再是“无所不在的分享”,而是“无所不在的点击”。At the earnings call, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company now aims to create “private spaces for people to share things and have interactions that they couldn’t have had elsewhere”. So Facebook has recently allowed users to see how they are being tracked, and even to fine tune such tracking in order to receive only those adverts they feel are relevant. The company, once a cheerleader for sharing, has even launched a nifty tool warning users against “oversharing”.在发布季报时的电话会议上,Facebook首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)承认,Facebook现在的目标是“为人们建立私人空间,让他们可以分享信息,实现他们在其它环境中无法实现的互动”。基于这个目标,Facebook最近已允许用户查看该网站如何跟踪他们的数据,甚至还允许用户对数据的使用方式进行微调,从而可以只收到他们感兴趣的广告。这家当初极力鼓励用户间分享的公司,甚至还推出了一种工具,能提醒用户防止“过度分享”。As usual with Facebook, this is not the whole story. For one, it has begun tracking users’ browsing history to identify their interests better. Its latest mobile app can identify songs and films playing nearby, nudging users to write about them. It has acquired the Moves app, which does something similar with physical activity, using sensors to recognise whether users are walking, driving or cycling.和Facebook所做的其它事情一样,这不是事情的全貌。首先,为了更准确地了解用户兴趣所在,Facebook早已开始跟踪用户的浏览历史。该公司最新推出的一款移动应用能分辨用户附近播放的歌曲和电影,并鼓励用户对它们做出评价。同时,该公司还收购了Moves应用,这款应用能利用手机内的传感器,跟踪用户的运动状态,分辨他们是在走路、开车还是在骑自行车。Still, if Facebook is so quick to embrace – and profit from – the language of privacy, should privacy advocates not fear they are the latest group to be “disrupted”? Yes, they should: as Facebook’s modus operandi mutates, their vocabulary ceases to match the magnitude of the task at hand. Fortunately, the “happiness” experiment also shows us where the true dangers lie.但是,Facebook既然在一开始就热情接受了“保护隐私”这种说法,并从中盈利,个人隐私的维护者们难道不该担心,他们可能成为又一个“被带歪了的”团体?没错,他们确实应该感到担心:随着Facebook不断改变做法,它所定义的“隐私”已与“保护隐私”这个真正目标相去甚远。所幸的是,那个有关“幸福感”的实验向我们展示了这其中真正的危险是什么。For example, many commentators have attacked Facebook’s experiment for making some users feel sadder; yet the company’s happiness fetish is just as troubling. Facebook’s “obligation to be happy” is the converse of the “right to be forgotten” that Google was accused of trampling over. Both rely on filters. But, while Google has begun to hide negative results because it has been told to do so by European authorities, Facebook hides negative results because it is good for business. Yet since unhappy people make the best dissidents in most dystopian novels, should we not also be concerned with all those happy, all too happy, users?比如,许多人士批评Facebook的实验加剧了部分用户的悲伤情绪。但是,Facebook对幸福感的过度推崇其实同样有问题。Facebook暗示人们“有快乐的义务”,它的反面即是人们“有被遗忘的权力”(谷歌此前就被批评无视人们这种权力)。这两者都依赖对信息的过滤。不过,虽然谷歌开始隐藏负面搜索结果,是出于欧盟当局的压力,Facebook隐藏负面帖子,却是因为这对它的业务有好处。不过,既然在多数反乌托邦小说中,最好的异见者都是那些不快乐的人,难道我们不该提防那些整天乐呵呵的,甚至太过快乐的用户?The happiness experiment confirms that Facebook does not hesitate to tinker with its algorithms if it suits its business or social agenda. Consider how on May 1 2012 it altered its settings to allow users to express their organ donor status, complete with a link to their state’s donor registry. A later study found this led to more than 13,000 registrations on the first day of the initiative alone. Whatever the public benefits, discoveries of this kind could clearly be useful both for companies and politicians. Alas, few nudging initiatives are as ethically unambiguous as organ donation.那个幸福感实验明,Facebook会毫不犹豫地修改算法,只要此举符合它的商业或社会利益。回想一下,2012年5月1日,Facebook曾更改其设定,允许用户表达对器官捐赠问题的立场,同时还附上了用户所在国器官捐献登记网站的链接。后来的一个研究发现,仅仅在倡议提出当天,这种做法就导致逾1.3万人登记捐献器官。不论公众从中获得了什么好处,这一发现显然对企业和政客都很有用。但是,很少有其他倡议像器官捐赠一样在道德上没有争议。The reason to fear Facebook and its ilk is not that they violate our privacy. It is that they define the parameters of the grey and mostly invisible technological infrastructure that shapes our identity. They do not yet have the power to make us happy or sad but they will ily make us happier or sadder if it helps their earnings.我们担心Facebook及其同类,原因不在于它们会侵犯我们的隐私,而在于它们是规则制定者——它们可以定义灰色地带的边界,也掌握着那些决定我们以怎样的面目示人的最隐秘的计算方法。他们虽然还没有力量让我们感到快乐或者悲伤,却很乐意加强我们的快乐感,或悲伤感,如果这样做能让他们更赚钱的话。The privacy debate, incapacitated by misplaced pragmatism, defines privacy as individual control over information flows. This treats users as if they exist in a world free of data-hungry insurance companies, banks, advertisers or government nudgers. Can we continue feigning such innocence?错位的实用主义对围绕隐私权的争论产生了有害影响,人们在争论中将隐私权定义为个人对于信息流的控制权。在这样的语境下,用户仿佛存在于这样一个世界:在这个世界里,那些渴望得到个人数据的保险公司、、广告商或政府引导人员仿佛都不存在。对此,我们还能继续掩耳盗铃么?A robust privacy debate should ask who needs our data and why, while proposing institutional arrangements for resisting the path offered by Silicon Valley. Instead of bickering over interpretations of Facebook’s privacy policy as if it were the US constitution, why not ask how our sense of who we are is shaped by algorithms, databases and apps, which extend political, commercial and state efforts to make us – as the dystopian Radiohead song has it – “fitter, happier, more productive”?如果要围绕隐私权展开更有益的辩论,就需要问一问:是谁需要我们的数据?为什么?与此同时,应该提出制度化的方案,而不是一味接受硅谷企业给出的方案。与其把Facebook的隐私政策推崇得像美国宪法一样,围绕如何解释它争吵不休,我们为什么不问一句:那些算法、数据库和应用是如何影响我们的自我认知的?事实上,这些程序正在做的,是让我们像那首Radiohead乐队的反乌托邦歌曲中唱的那样——“更健康、更快乐、更高效”,而这其实正是政界、商界及政府希望看到的。This question stands outside the privacy debate, which, in the hands of legal academics, is disconnected from broader political and economic issues. The intellectual ping pong over privacy between corporate counsels and legal academics moonlighting as radicals always avoids the most basic question: why build the “private spaces” celebrated by Mr Zuckerberg if our freedom to behave there as we wish – and not as companies or states nudge us to – is so limited?如今,这个真正的问题却游离于隐私权保护的争论之外。法学家们把持着这场争论,切断了隐私保护与更大范围的政治经济问题间的联系。那些企业法律顾问和“兼职”激进分子的法学家们在围绕隐私权你来我往地开展争论之际,总是回避一个最基本的问题:既然我们按照自己的意愿行动(而不是被企业和国家推动着行动)的自由如此有限,我们为何还需要扎克伯格推崇的那种“私人空间”? /201408/320694蚌埠妇幼保健医院美容整形科 About one in 10 mobile phone subscribers in the ed States are now using an Apple iPhone, said a new survey released on Friday.周五的一个调查显示,美国手机用户中有10%现在使用苹果iPhone。Latest survey results from research firm comScore showed that for the three-month period ending in October, Apple remained the No. 4 handset maker in the U.S. with its share of mobile subscribers rising to 10.8 percent from 9.5 percent in the previous three months.根据市场研究机构comScore最新发布的数据显示,在过去的三个月中,苹果仍是美国第四大手机制造商,它的手机用户的份额从前三个月的9.5%增长到10.8%。Among the top five mobile phone brands in the U.S. market, Apple is the only one that saw its market share increase in the quarter, according to the survey.根据调查,在美国市场的五大手机品牌中,苹果是唯一一个在本季度市场份额有增长的品牌。Except Apple, market shares of the other four brands remained unchanged or dropped from the previous quarter.除了苹果,其它四个品牌的市场份额较上一季度要不就是零增长,要不是负增长。Apple’s gain in the quarter might be driven by the introduction of new model iPhone 4S, some analysts said.一些分析家表示,本季度苹果产品的利润有可能受新苹果4S机的介绍而增加。 /201211/210979蚌埠祛除咖啡牛奶斑大概需要哪家医院好

淮上区激光祛痣多少钱Geminid meteor shower peaks December 14. 双子座流星雨昨夜大爆发。While the Gemini meteor shower is scheduled to happen between December 12th and the 16th, tonight the cosmic event will peak allowing viewers to watch shooting stars throughout the night sky. 双子座流星雨的预计出现时间为12月13日至16日,今夜这一宇宙盛事将迎来大爆发,观测者们今夜可以大饱眼福,看到流星陨落的美景。Bill Cooke of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office said, ;Observers with clear skies could see as many as 40 Geminids per hour. Our all-sky network of meteor cameras has captured several early Geminid fireballs. They were so bright, we could see them despite the moonlight.;来自NASA流星体环境研究所的Bill Cooke表示:;如果天气晴好,观测者每小时能看到40颗双子座流星。我们的全天候流星照相机捕捉到一些早到的双子座流星,它们非常明亮,就算是在月光下也可以看清。;People who want to see it should look up between 9pm and sunrise tomorrow morning. The Gemini meteor shower is an annual event that happens when ;earth runs through a trail of dusty debris that litters the orbit of 3200 Phaethon.; Although, this meteor shower and the reason behind it remains a bit of an enigma. NASA reports, ;Comets vaporizing in hot sunlight naturally produce such debris trails, but rocky asteroids like 3200 Phaethon do not. At least they#39;re not supposed to. The incongruity has baffled researchers since 1983 when 3200 Phaethon was discovered by NASA#39;s IRAS satellite.;等待双子座流星雨的观测者可以从今晚的9点到明天凌晨持续关注。双子座流星雨是每年都会出现的三大流星雨之一(另外分别是象限仪座流星雨和英仙座流星雨)。当地球遇到小行星3200法厄同的星尘;尾巴;时,就形成了双子座流星雨(双子座也是唯一母体非彗星的流星雨)。不过双子座形成的原因至今还有一些谜团未解开。根据美国宇航局NASA的报道:;彗星在炽热的太阳光线的照射下会自然蒸发出一些星尘轨迹,但如3200法厄同这样的岩石小行星却不会,所以情况本不该如此。自1983年这种IRAS卫星发现3200法厄同行星以来,这种不协调的现象让科学家们大惑不解。; It#39;s a good thing the science doesn#39;t have to totally make sense to appreciate the beauty in the sky tonight. So, have a cup of coffee with dinner, and stretch your neck for some perfect star gazing tonight. 科学无法解释这种美景也许是件好事,就让我们今晚在夜空中静静欣赏吧。所以就在今夜,泡杯咖啡,伸长脖子,凝望夜空中的完美流星表演吧。词汇点津: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)美国国家航空和宇宙航行局 /201112/164533 蚌埠去疤痕价格蚌埠市第一人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱



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