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Tokyo and New Delhi have moved their burgeoning relationship to a new stage by signing a civil nuclear treaty as Narendra Modi rounded off a three-day visit to Japan.东京和新德里方面签署了一项民用核合作协议,从而将日印两国方兴未艾的友好关系推向一个新阶段。印度总理纳伦德拉.莫迪(Narendra Modi)刚结束对日本为期三天的访问。The Indian prime minister rode the shinkansen high-speed railway from Tokyo to Kobe on Saturday, along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, where they visited a plant making trains that Japan will provide to India.莫迪上周六在日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)陪同下,乘坐新干线高铁列车从东京到神户,两人在神户参观了一家工厂,该厂制造的火车将提供给印度。Mr Modi’s extended trip the third bilateral visit in as many years symbolises how two of Asia’s biggest democracies are drawing closer together as traditional partners in Europe and the US become less influential and reliable.莫迪持续多日的访日之行(这是近几年来第三次双边访问) 象征着,随着欧洲和美国的传统伙伴影响力下降、变得不那么可靠,亚洲两大民主国家正越走越近。The civil nuclear deal, which took six years to negotiate, is especially significant because India has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Japan is therefore compromising on a core foreign policy principle on preventing the sp of potential weapons technology for the first time.两国花了六年时间谈判达成的民用核合作协议意义特别重大,因为印度尚未签署《核不扩散条约Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)。这意味着日本首次在防止潜在武器技术扩散这一核心外交政策原则上做出妥协。Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi will now be able to sell nuclear power plants to India. These companies are desperate for new orders after the 2011 Fukushima disaster all but put the industry out of business at home.日本企业——如日立(Hitachi)、东Toshiba)和三Mitsubishi)——现在将能够向印度出售核电站。这些公司迫切需要新订单,此011年福Fukushima)发生的灾难使该行业在国内几乎得不到任何业务。Japan sees India both as an opportunity for economic growth and as a strategic partner to counterbalance China. Tokyo has promoted four-way ties between itself, India, Australia and the US.在日本看来,印度一方面是促进经济增长的机遇,另一方面也是抗衡中国的战略伙伴。东京方面已着手推动了日本、印度、澳大利亚和美国之间的四方关系。India values the investment and technology Japan is offering. However, it has been cautious of becoming embroiled in Tokyo’s tense relationship with Beijing.印度重视日本提供的投资和技术。然而,该国小心谨慎地避免卷入东京与北京方面的紧张关系。来 /201611/478054。

Hundreds of demonstrators defied a midnight curfew in Charlotte, North Carolina in the eastern ed States, marching peacefully in the early hours of Friday morning against the controversial police shooting of an African American man.在美国东部北卡罗来纳州最大的城市夏洛特市,数百名示威者无视午夜宵禁的命令,星期五凌晨举行和平游行,抗议警察开打死一名非洲裔美国人。Authorities say they have no plans to enforce the curfew as long as the protests remain peaceful. Major Gerald Smith of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said, ;The curfew is a tool that we will use to keep the peace. And right now we have a peaceful protest.;有关当局说,只要抗议者继续以和平方式游行,他们就不打算强制执行宵禁。夏洛特-麦克伦堡警察局的史密斯警长说:“宵禁是我们维护和平的一种手段。目前的抗议活动是和平的。”One woman told VOA she was ;extraordinarily; worried about the curfew. ;Were worried they (the police) are going to do something.;一位妇女对美国之音说她对宵禁“异常”担忧。她说:“我们担心警察会采取什么行动。”Television , however, showed some protesters shaking hands with smiling National Guard personnel early Friday.电视录像显示,星期五凌晨,一些抗议者微笑着和国民警卫队员握手。Thursday night, large crowds of demonstrators marched through the heart of Charlotte in the third night of protests. While generally peaceful, tear gas was used against demonstrators at one location.星期四,大批示威群众游行穿过夏洛特市中心,连续第三个晚上举行抗议活动。局势大体平静,只有一个地点向示威者使用了催泪瓦斯。Police in riot gear were dispersed throughout the city. The officers were armed with rubber bullets and tear gas.整个城市部署了身穿防爆的警察。他们装备了橡皮子弹和催泪瓦斯。Governor Pat McCrory, a former mayor of Charlotte, aly has declared a state of emergency, and he said police would arrest lawbreakers. ;We cannot tolerate any type of violence ... or destruction of property,; McCrory said.北卡罗来纳州州长、前夏洛特市市长麦克罗伊已经宣布该市进入紧急状态,并表示警察将逮捕违法分子。他说“我们不能容忍任何形式的暴力和破坏财产的行为。”The crowd was a mix of races -- African-Americans, whites and Hispanic people, some of whom carried signs saying ;Latinos say black lives matter.;人群中包括非洲裔美国人、白人和拉美裔人等不同种族。一些拉美裔抗议者手举标语牌,上面写着“拉美裔人说黑人的生命很重要。”Many clergy were present at the rallies, urging calm and peace for all present. But other protestors were seen arguing with preachers, claiming they didnt understand the pain Charlotte residents had suffered and that they could not be expected to stay calm.集会中出现了很多神职人员,他们敦促在场者保持冷静与和平。但是,有些抗议者与神职人员发生争吵,指责他们不懂夏洛特居民所承受的痛苦,因此不应该期望他们保持冷静。Before protestors began marching around 8 p.m., volunteers handed out masks to protect from tear gas, as well as water bottles and granola bars.抗议者星期四晚上8点钟左右开始游行,之前志愿者分发了以防催泪瓦斯的面具、瓶装水和燕麦棒。来 /201610/469087。

China on last Tuesday called on Japan to follow through with its intentions to advance relations and make concrete actions to improve bilateral relationship.上周二,中国政府呼吁日本应响应中方推进两国关系的提议,以具体行动来改善双边关系。Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida delivered a speech on Sino-Japanese relations on April 25, making positive comments about improving and developing the relations in the future. Issues like Chinas military growth and maritime activities also figured in the speech.45日,日本外相岸田文雄就中日关系发表了一场演说,对中日关系在未来的改善和发展表达了积极的态度。在演说中,岸田文雄还提及了中国的军力增长和海上事务等问题;We have noted the positive signals sent by Foreign Minister Kishida in his speech. It is hoped the Japanese side would walk the talk and make concrete efforts to improve and develop bilateral relationships,; Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular news briefing.在中国外交部例行新闻发布会上,外交部新闻发言人华春莹表示:“我们注意到了岸田文雄外相在演说中所表达的积极信号。我们希望日方能够履行承诺,以具体行动来改善中日双边关系。;However, it is regrettable that the Japanese side continues to point fingers at China on some issues,; Hua said.华春莹继续说道:“但是,令人遗憾的是,日方一直在某些事务上插手中国的内政。”She said China sticks to a path of peaceful development and pursues a defense policy that is defensive in nature, and that Chinas strategic intentions are transparent. Chinas activities in the East China Sea and South China Sea are justified and legitimate, and thus beyond reproach, Hua said, specifically telling Japan to not to meddle in the South China Sea issue.华春莹指出,中国坚持走和平发展的道路,奉行防御性的国防政策,并且中国的战略意图是透明的。她表示,中国在东海和南海的的活动是合理、合法的,因而是无可非议的,并明确告知日本不要插手中国南海事务;Japan, as a country outside the region, should place itself at a right position, stop finding fault with China and following certain country in destabilizing the region,; the spokesperson said.这位发言人强调称:“作为一局外人,日本应该摆正自己的位置,停止向中国的挑衅行为,不要跟着某些国家一起扰乱该地区的稳定。”来 /201605/441097。