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Dutch voters headed to the polls on Wednesday after Mark Rutte, prime minister, and rivals clashed over refugees, immigration and the economy in the last televised debate following an extraordinarily tight race.荷兰选民周三前往投票站进行了投票,此前荷兰首相马吕特(Mark Rutte)在一场异常激烈的竞选接近终点之际与其他候选人在最后一场电视辩论中围绕难民、移民和经济问题展开激辩。After a campaign that was interrupted by a diplomatic spat with Turkey, fears of foreign interference and a row about security for Geert Wilders, the rightwing populist, the vote is expected to be extremely close.(据最新消息,荷兰首相马克?吕特的自由民主人民党在出口民调中领先——编者按)According to Ipsos turnout was on track to be significantly higher than in 2012, when almost 75 per cent of eligible voters cast their ballots. By 7.15pm local time, 69 per cent of people had voted, compared to 60 per cent at the same point five years ago. Ballot stations close at 9.00pm.预计得票率将极为接近。此次竞选受到几件事的打扰,包括与土耳其的外交争执、对外国干预的担忧,以及围绕右翼民粹主义者海尔特?维尔德斯(Geert Wilders)的保安安排的争吵。Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that in some cities, including Amsterdam and The Hague, extra ballots had to be printed to cope with the high turnout.益普Ipsos)表示,投票率将显著高012年,当时5%的合格选民进行了投票。截止当地时间晚5分,69%的选民进行了投票,年前同一时刻的选民投票比例0%。投票站在晚点关闭。The vote is the first of what could be a series of landmark elections in Europe, with France choosing its next president within two months and Germany going to the polls in September. The elections are seen as a test of populist sentiment in Europe, coming on the heels of the UK’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory in the US.荷兰广播机构NOS报道,在阿姆斯特丹和海牙等一些城市,由于投票率较高而不得不打印更多选票。Voting on Wednesday Mr Rutte said the elections were an opportunity to show that what he called the “wrong sort of populismcould be stopped.此次选举是欧洲一系列可能具有里程碑意义的选举的第一场,法国将在两个月内选举下任总统,而德国将月举行大选。继英国退欧公投和唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在美国胜选之后,这些选举被视为对欧洲民粹主义情绪的测试。“We have the upcoming French and German elections. And this is a chance for a big democracy like the Netherlands to make a point to stop this toppling over of the domino[es],Mr Rutte said at a school in The Hague.吕特在周三投票时表示,选举是一个机会,用来明他所称的“错误的民粹主义”可以被遏止。But Mr Wilders said as he cast his vote that “the genie will not go back into the bottlewhatever the outcome. “Despite what the elite wants, politicians are getting strong who have a totally different concept of what the people want them to do,he said.吕特在海牙一所学校表示:“我们即将迎来法国和德国选举。这是荷兰等大型民主国家表明态度的机会——阻止这种多米诺骨牌坍塌。”Mr Rutte’s centre-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) had a slim lead in most polls of 2 or 3 percentage points, leading most pollsters to caution that the result is too close to call. “I do not dare make big bets on the winner,Tom Louwerse, a Dutch pollster told broadcaster NOS.但维尔德斯在投票时表示,无论投票结果如何,“精灵不会回到瓶子里”。他说:“与精英们的愿望相反,那些对人民想要他们做什么有着截然不同看法的政治人士正变得越来越强大。”来 /201703/498407An extradited mining executive has been handed the longest sentence for insider trading in Australian history. 一名被引渡至澳大利亚的矿业高管,成为该国历史上因内幕交易获判最长刑期的人Hui Xiao, the former managing director of Hanlong Mining Investment who was extradited from Hong Kong to Australia in 2014, was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison on Friday. 周五,汉龙矿业投资公Hanlong Mining Investment)前总经理肖辉(英文名Steven Xiao)被判入狱八年零三个月。肖辉是2014年被从香港引渡至澳大利亚的Mr Xiao, who is also known as Steven Xiao, had faced over 100 charges relating to insider trading relating to two Australian miners formerly subject to takeover offers. The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission began investigating the case in 2011. 肖辉面临的指控有100多项,皆涉及关于两家澳大利亚矿商的内幕交易,这两家矿商曾是汉龙的收购对象011年,澳大利亚券和投资委员会(ASIC)启动了对此案的调查。来 /201603/431689




  KAWUCHI, Japan Mahircan Yucel moved to Japan a dozen years ago as a teenager fleeing sectarian violence in Turkey. He learned Japanese, got married, had two children and grew to love his adopted homeland. But Japan has refused to accept him and could force him to leave.日本川口——十几年前,少年时期的马赫坎#8226;于杰Mahircan Yucel)为了逃离土耳其的宗派暴力冲突搬到了日本。他学习日语,结了婚,有了两个孩子,慢慢爱上了他的第二故乡。但是,日本拒绝接纳他,而且可能会迫使他离开。“The truth is I have lived in Japan for such a long time,he said on a recent evening in a small living room that doubles as his infant son’s bedroom. “All I want to do is work and carry out a decent life.”“实际上我在日本已经生活了这么长时间,”前不久的一个晚上,他在兼做儿子婴儿房的小客厅里说,“我想要的就是工作,过上体面的生活。”Yucel, 27, is one of about 1,300 ethnic Kurds who have settled in Kawaguchi, an industrial city north of Tokyo, and in the neighboring city of Warabi. They live in a perpetual limbo, seeking protection as refugees in a country that is among the most reluctant in the world to give it.在东京以北的工业城市川口及附近的蕨市,大约有1300名库尔德人定居,27岁的于杰尔是其中之一。他们始终过着不安定的生活,期望获得难民庇护,而日本是世界上最不愿意提供这种庇护的国家之一。Though the government has issued temporary permits allowing many to stay for years, no Turkish Kurd has ever been granted refugee status in Japan, which would allow them to settle here permanently. Their plight offers a stark illustration of this insular nation’s approach to refugees as it comes under pressure to admit more amid the world’s worst migration crisis since World War II.虽然政府发放了临时许可,允许很多人在这里居留多年,但还没有一名土耳其库尔德人在日本获得难民身份,这种身份将允许他们在这里永久居住。他们的困境鲜明地展现出这个海岛国家对待难民的方式,虽然此刻正值“二战”以来世界上最严重的移民危机之际,该国迫于压力,承诺接纳更多难民。Japan values ethnic homogeneity and has long guarded fiercely against outsiders. According to a ed Nations report, migrants represent less than 2 percent of the total population, compared with 14 percent in the ed States. Because of Japan’s shrinking, aging population, many have proposed allowing more immigration to jump-start its stagnant economy. But the government and the public have resisted.日本强调民族同质性,长期以来强烈抵制外来者。据联合国的一份报告,移民在日本总人口中所占的比例不到2%,而美国的这个比例4%。由于日本的人口缩减和老龄化,很多人提议接纳更多移民,以提振停滞的经济。不过,政府和民众都表示反对。At the same time, growing numbers have sought asylum in Japan, and almost all of them have been rejected or told to wait. More than 7,500 people applied for refugee status in 2015, up 52 percent from a year earlier. The government granted asylum to just 27 of them.与此同时,越来越多的人来日本寻求庇护,但是几乎所有人都遭到拒绝或被告知等待015年,7500多人申请难民身份,比前一年增长了52%。政府仅向其7人提供庇护。Oxfam, the human rights group, recently cited Japan in a report criticizing the world’s wealthiest countries for accepting so few refugees for resettlement, particularly those from Syria. According to the group’s analysis of each country’s relative wealth, Japan’s “fair sharewould be close to 48,000 refugees.前不久,人权组织乐施Oxfam)在一份批评世界上最富有的国家仅接收少量难民(尤其是叙利亚难民)定居的报告中提到了日本。据该组织对每个国家相对财富的分析,日本应该接收的难民的“合理份额”接.8万。In 2010, Japan began to accept refugees who had fled Myanmar to camps in Thailand. But it has taken in only 24 families since then, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This summer, the government also agreed to host up to 150 Syrian refugees as foreign exchange students.2010年,日本开始接收从缅甸逃到泰国难民营的难民。不过,据日本外务省称,从那时起,该国仅接收4个家庭。今年夏天,日本政府还同意接50名叙利亚难民做外国交流生。In an appearance at the UN General Assembly last September, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the country needed to focus on its economy before considering whether to accept more refugees or immigrants.去年9月,日本首相安倍晋三在联合国大会上表示,该国在考虑是否接收更多难民或移民前,需要专注于经济发展。Nearly 14,000 people in Japan are in some stage of an asylum process that usually lasts more than three years and that some critics say is designed to deter new migrants from applying. Asylum seekers may work while they wait for an answer, but those denied refugee status can be given temporary permits that prohibit them from working while giving them no living stipends.日本有近1.4万人处于庇护程序的某个阶段,这一程序通常会超过三年。有些批评者称,这是故意遏制新的移民申请。寻求庇护者在等待结果期间可以工作,不过那些被拒绝给予难民身份的人只能获得临时许可,不能工作,也没有生活津贴。Yasuhiro Hishida, assistant to the director of Japan’s Refugee Status Recognition Office, said officials suspect widesp abuse of the refugee process. Most applicants come from countries that are not currently considered conflict zones, including Nepal, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, he said, suggesting they are economic migrants rather than refugees fleeing persecution.日本难民身份认可办公Refugee Status Recognition Office)的主管助理菱田康弘(Yasuhiro Hishida,音)说,官员们怀疑难民程序遭到普遍滥用。他说,大部分申请者来自目前不被认为是冲突地区的国家,包括尼泊尔、越南和斯里兰卡,这表明他们是经济移民,而非逃离迫害的难民。Immigrant advocates say the government exaggerates the number of unfounded refugee claims. “In reality, there are so many people who are waiting and are facing a life of danger,said Shiho Tanaka, spokeswoman for the Japanese Association for Refugees.移民持者称,政府夸大了无事实根据的难民申请的数量。“实际上,很多人在等待,面临生命危险,”日本难民援协Japanese Association for Refugees)的发言人田中志穗(Shiho Tanaka)说。Yucel said he and his family fled Turkey because they were afraid the government would brand them as terrorists and imprison them. Now, watching events in Turkey from afar, including a war between the government and Kurdish militants in the southeast and the recent failed military coup, Yucel says he could never go back.于杰尔说,他和家人逃离土耳其,是因为担心政府把他们定为恐怖分子并关进监狱。现在,于杰尔从远方关注土耳其发生的事件,包括政府和库尔德武装分子在东南部进行的战争以及前不久的未遂军事政变。他说他永远也不敢回去。“If you see my country, there is a lot of bullying and people being killed,he said, growing visibly agitated. “I can’t even speak anymore.”“如果你去我的祖国,你会看到很多欺压,很多人被杀害,”他越讲情绪越激动。“我都不敢说了。”Yucel married a Japanese-Brazilian woman with permanent residency, but that does not allow him to work in Japan legally. The authorities detained one of his elder brothers this spring after he overstayed a temporary permit, and Yucel fears he could be next.于杰尔娶了一名拥有永久居住权的日裔巴西女子,但他还是不能在日本合法工作。今年春天,当局因临时许可过期拘留了他的一个哥哥,于杰尔担心自己会是下一个。Kurds first began arriving from Turkey and seeking asylum in Japan in the early 1990s, as the Turkish government battled an insurgency by Kurdish militants. Japan was an easy destination as Turkish citizens do not need visas to travel here. As family and friends followed, they settled around Kawaguchi and Warabi. Local residents named the community “Warabistan.”从20世纪90年代初,库尔德人开始自土耳其来日本寻求庇护,当时土耳其政府正在镇压库尔德武装分子的叛乱。由于土耳其公民不需要签就能来日本旅行,所以它很自然地成为目的地。家人和朋友追随而来,他们在川口和蕨市附近定居下来。当地人称这个群体为“蕨斯坦Warabistan)。Over time, some married Japanese citizens, which conferred long-term visa rights, and some opened their own businesses. There are a few Kurdish-owned restaurants in Kawaguchi, and many of the immigrants work at Kurdish-owned demolition and construction firms.随着时间推移,一些人和日本公民结婚,因此获得长期签权,有些人开设了自己的公司。川口有几家库尔德人开的餐馆,很多移民在库尔德人的拆建公司工作。But most Kurds here, like Yucel, are stuck on temporary permits that need to be renewed every six months. Those without permission to work cobble together off-the-books jobs, which puts them at risk of being detained for months or deported.但是这里的大部分库尔德人和于杰尔一样,受困于每六个月必须续签的临时许可。那些没有获得工作许可的人非法打工,若是抓到有可能遭到数月拘留或驱逐。“I want the Japanese government to understand that real refugees are in trouble,said Eyyup Kurt, 29, a Kurdish journalist who applied for asylum 18 months ago. He said he had been arrested five times in Turkey and had been shot at by a member of the Islamic State while investigating a training site.“我想让日本政府明白,真正的难民处于困境之中,9岁的库尔德记者伊阿普#8226;库尔Eyyup Kurt)说。他18个月前申请了庇护。他说,他在土耳其5次遭到逮捕,在调查一个训练基地时遭到伊斯兰国(Islamic State)一名成员的击。Some Japanese remain wary. City officials in Kawaguchi say they receive complaints about late-night gatherings and garbage in Kurdish neighborhoods. Young Kurdish men tend to congregate outside a convenience store near the train station in Warabi, and merchants say they frighten some customers.有些日本人依然有些担心。川口市的市政官员们说,他们收到过一些投诉,称库尔德社区深夜有聚会,有很多垃圾。年轻的库尔德男人喜欢在蕨市火车站附近的一个便利店外聚集,店主们说,他们令一些顾客害怕。“Sometimes I see that they get into fights, and the police have to come,said Hiroe Hokiyama, 21, a college junior. “It is a little bit scary.”“有时我看到他们打架,警察都来了,1岁的大三学生甫喜山广江(Hiroe Hokiyama,音)说,“有点吓人。”Others are more welcoming. Shori Nishizawa, 57, the owner of an appliance store a few blocks from Happy Kebab, a Kurdish-owned restaurant here, said he often watched young Kurdish mothers walking with their children on the street in front of his store.也有些人更欢迎他们7岁的西泽胜利(Shori Nishizawa,音)是一家电器行的老板。在他店铺的几个街区外,有一家库尔德人开的快乐烤串店(Happy Kebab)。他说,他经常看见年轻的库尔德母亲带着孩子从他店铺前的街上走过。“Japan is such a peaceful country,Nishizawa said. “We should not think about countries, but about the world. We are all citizens of the world, right?”“日本是一个爱好和平的国家,”西泽胜利说。“我们不应该想着国家,而应该想着世界。我们都是世界公民,对吧?”来 /201608/461321In his highly entertaining biography of Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson observes that “To some extent all politicians are gamblers with events. They try to anticipate what will happen, to put themselves on the right side of history.Mr Johnson even interprets his hero’s decision to campaign against Hitler, early in the 1930s, in this cynical light, explaining that Churchill “Put his shirt on a horse called anti-Nazism... his bet came off in spectacular fashion鲍里斯约翰Boris Johnson)在自己撰写的关于温斯顿丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)的极富趣味性的传记中指出:“从某种程度上讲,所有政客都是见风使舵的赌徒。他们设法预测将要发生什么事,并让自己站到历史正确的一边。”约翰逊甚至用一种嘲讽的语气解释丘吉尔在上世0年代反对希特Hitler)的决定,他说,丘吉尔“把全部家当押在一匹被称为反纳粹主义的马上……他的押注获得了辉煌的成功”。I thought of that passage when I heard that Mr Johnson has thrown in his lot with the Leave campaign ahead of Britain’s referendum on EU membership on June 23.当我听说约翰逊将自己的命运与英国退出欧盟运动紧密联系起来时(英国将3日对其欧盟成员身份进行公投),我想起了书中所写的这一段。Mr Johnson has put his shirt on a horse called Euroscepticism. He is clearly hoping that his bet will also “come off in spectacular fashionand carry him, like Churchill, all the way into 10 Downing Street preferably without the added bonus of a world war.约翰逊把自己的家当押在了一匹被称为“欧洲怀疑主义”的马上。显然,他希望自己的押注也能“获得辉煌的成功”,并将他(像丘吉尔那样)一路送入唐宁0号——最好是没有一场世界大战作为额外赠品。The mayor of London’s decision is certainly a significant moment in the referendum campaign. A Vote Leave group that was in danger of being led by cranks, nobodies and octogenarians will now be headed by one of the country’s most popular politicians.这位伦敦市长的决定无疑是本次公投运动中的重要事件。有被怪人、无名之辈及耄耋老人领导危险的持退欧群体,如今将由这个国家最有声望的政治家之一率领。June could also be a particularly propitious time to be making the case against the EU. By then, the Greek debt crisis may well have flared up again. Europe’s migrant crisis is also likely to have intensified, as improved weather increases the numbers of would-be refugees crossing the Mediterranean. That will increase infighting among the members of the EU, making the organisation look ever more shambolic.6月或许还将是主张反对欧盟的特别有利的时机。届时,希腊债务危机很有可能已再次爆发。欧洲移民危机同样可能已进一步加剧——天气好转将使得穿越地中海的准难民人数增加。这将加剧欧盟成员国之间的明争暗斗,让该集团看起来显得愈发混乱。The vision of hundreds of thousands more desperate would-be migrants, not too far from the English Channel, will also play directly into the most emotive argument that the Leave campaign will deploy: the fear of mass migration from Europe and the demand that the free movement of people from the EU should be halted.数十万绝望的准移民(在离英吉利海峡不太远的地方)前景也将直接切合退欧运动可利用的最能激起民众情绪反应的理由:欧洲对大规模移民的恐惧,以及叫停欧盟境内人员自由流动的诉求。Seeing the potentially terminal difficulties that the EU is facing may have led Mr Johnson to try to “put himself on the right side of history by placing a bet against Europe.看到欧盟面临的这些潜在致命困难,可能已让约翰逊试图通过把宝押在反欧洲上,“让自己站到历史正确的一边”。But there is more than one way of being on the right side of history. The first is simply to anticipate the direction of events. The second, more important, way is to align yourself with the right causes and values those that the history books will ultimately vindicate. Churchill’s decision to oppose the appeasement of Hitler was right in both senses. He saw how events were unfolding and, yes, he ultimately benefited politically from his prescience. But he also stood up against evil.但站到历史的正确的一边的路不止一条。第一是要预测事态的发展方向。第二(更重要)是从事正义的事业,秉持正确的价值观——历史最终将明这一切。丘吉尔反对对希特勒实行绥靖政策的决定在这两个方面都是正确的。他看清了事态的发展方向——没错,他最终在政治上获益于自己的先见之明。但他同时也站起来反抗邪恶。Mr Johnson’s decision to campaign for Brexit might put him on the right side of history, but only in the first and narrowest sense of foreseeing the direction of events. The EU is certainly in a sorry mess at the moment. There is also a strong strand of anti-establishment, anti-immigration populism loose in both the US and Europe, which could easily translate into a British vote to leave the EU. So betting against the EU could allow the London mayor to pocket some political winnings.约翰逊持英国退欧的决定或许会让他站在历史正确的一边,但仅仅是在第一层也是最狭隘的意义上,即预测事态发展方向。当下的欧盟确处于一种令人遗憾的混乱之中。美国和欧洲都有一股强大的反政府、反移民的民粹主义松散力量,它们可以很容易地转化为持英国退欧的投票结果。因此,押注退欧可以让这位伦敦市长获得些许政治资本。But Mr Johnson is on the wrong side of history in the more important sense, because he is aligning himself with some of the most malign forces in Europe and Britain. Across Europe, it is the far-right and the far-left that are calling for the destruction of the EU and they will cheer loudest if Britain votes to leave. On the borders of the EU, Vladimir Putin sees Brussels as a bitter enemy and hugely resents the sanctions that the EU imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea. The Russian president will be delighted and emboldened at any sign of the disintegration of the EU.但在更重要的意义上,约翰逊站在了历史的错误一侧,因为他跟欧洲和英国最有害的势力站在了一起。在整个欧洲,正是极右翼和极左翼势力在呼吁摧毁欧盟——如果英国通过投票脱离欧盟,他们的欢呼声将是最响亮的。在欧盟的边界上,弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)把欧盟视为一个劲敌,而俄罗斯吞并克里米亚招致欧盟的制裁,也引起了俄罗斯的极大怨恨。欧盟解体的任何迹象,都将令这位俄罗斯总统感到欢欣鼓舞和信心大增。In failing to appreciate the wider international context for his actions, Mr Johnson is following a distinctly un-Churchillian path. Churchill was the very opposite of a Little Englander. That is why he understood so quickly what the rise of Hitler meant for Britain, Europe and the world. It is also why he was one of the first politicians to understand the significance of Soviet actions in eastern Europe after 1945 leading him to coin the term “iron curtain约翰逊走上了一条不同于丘吉尔的道路,因为他未能从国际大形势的角度思考自己的做法。丘吉尔非常反对“小英格兰主义者Little Englander)。正因如此,他才那么快就明白了希特勒的崛起对英国、欧洲和世界意味着什么。也正因如此,他才成为最早理945年以后苏联在东欧行动的意义的政治家之一,他为此创造了“铁幕”一词。A modern Churchill, which is what Boris clearly aspires to be, would immediately understand that Britain’s decision about whether to stay in the EU has to be seen as part of a wider global picture. And that big picture is very worrying with Russia rediscovering its taste for war, the Middle East disintegrating, violent jihadism on the rise, China flexing its muscles in the Pacific and the US flirting with the lunacy of “Trumpism约翰逊明显希望成为现代丘吉尔。但丘吉尔如果活到现在,他立刻就会明白,必须在全球大形势下权衡英国是否留在欧盟的决定。目前的大形势非常令人担心——俄罗斯再次燃起了战争意愿,中东在分崩离析,残暴的圣战运动在兴起,中国在太平洋地区伸展肌肉,而美国似乎有实行愚蠢的特朗普主义(Trumpism)之势。Given all that, it is depressingly small-minded of Mr Johnson to justify campaigning for Brexit partly on the grounds that Britain might save a bit of money on its contributions to the EU budget. The fact is that Britain will pay a very heavy price directly and indirectly if the EU disintegrates. As David Cameron, prime minister, correctly pointed out, this is ultimately a question of national security.鉴于这一切,约翰逊以脱欧会节省一点对欧盟预算的摊派额作为持脱欧的部分理由,此举目光短浅得令人沮丧。事实上,如果欧盟解体的话,英国将付出非常昂贵的代价——包括直接和间接代价。英国首相戴David Cameron)说的有道理,这从根本上来说是一个关乎国家安全的问题。When Mr Johnson made his name as a journalist in the 1990s, campaigning against the follies of Brussels was fun. It was even possible to argue, back then, that the ambitions of the EU represented a serious threat to British self-government. But it would be absurd to look around today’s world and identify the EU as the biggest threat to British democracy or national security. The times have changed. Sadly, it seems that Mr Johnson has not changed with them.当上世纪90年代约翰逊以记者身份成名的时候,反对欧盟愚蠢之举是件趣事。在那时,甚至可以辩称,欧盟的雄心对英国自治构成严重威胁。但是,环顾当今世界之后,还把欧盟说成英国民主或国家安全的最大威胁,将是荒谬可笑的。时代变了。遗憾的是,约翰逊并未随着时代变迁而改变。来 /201602/428523


  A new Pentagon report concludes that North Korea ;is committed to developing a long-range, nuclear-armed missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the ed States.;五角大楼最新出炉的报告显示,朝鲜“正致力于研发远程核导弹,这会对美国造成直接威胁”。The report, required by law, updates Congress regularly on the status of and changes in North Koreas military capabilities.根据相关法律要求,这份报告需要定期向美国国会更新朝鲜军事能力的现状和改变。While the report, released Friday, was written prior to Pyongyangs recent nuclear test and satellite launch, it underscores the regimes devotion of large amounts of funding to modernizing its military forces and weapons arsenals.这份报告于周五发布,是在平壤最近的核试验和卫星发射之前写的。报告中写道,朝鲜当局动用大笔资金来使其军事力量和武器库进行现代化发展。The report also singles out North Koreas Special Operations forces. It calls them ;among the most highly trained, well-equipped, best fed and highly motivated; forces in North Korean leader Kim Jung Uns military.此外,这份报告还专门提到了朝鲜的特种部队。报告指出其是朝鲜领导人金正恩所拥有的“最训练有素,最装备精良,享用最好的资源并且士气高昂的”军事力量。North Koreas Special Operations forces ;operate in specialized units, including reconnaissance, airborne and seaborne insertion, commandos and other specialties,; the report finds.报告中指出,朝鲜特种部队是“专门针对特种作战设计的,包括侦查,空中和海上的插入作战,突击以及其他特种作战”。Defense Secretary Ash Carter discussed concerns about North Koreas military last week in Washington. ;Every single day we are watching that DMZ,; he said, referring to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. There are about 27,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.美国国防部长艾什·卡特上周在华盛顿就朝鲜的军事方面的顾虑进行了讨论。“我们每一天都在盯着非军事区。”他说。他指的非军事区是朝鲜和韩国之间的地带。在韩国领域驻扎了大7000名美军。In recent testimony to Congress, CIA Director John Brennan referred to Kims interested in demonstrating his nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile capacity to the world. ;He wants to showcase (this capacity) as a way to demonstrate his strength, but also as a way to help to market some of his proliferation capabilities,; he said.在最近的国会听会上,中情局局长约翰·布伦南专门提到了金正恩非常乐于展示他的核武器以及能打到世界各地的洲际弹道导弹。“他想要通过展示(这种军事能力)来显示他的强大,同时对推销他影响力的扩散大有帮助。”他说。来 /201602/426402

  Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is promising to rebuild parts of central Italy after Sundays 6.6 magnitude earthquake, Italys most powerful quake in 36 years.意大利中部星期天发生6.6级地震后,总理伦齐承诺重建。这是意大利36年来最强烈的一次地震;We will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. Everything that needs to be done to rebuild these areas will be done,; Renzi said.伦齐说:“我们要进行全面重建,住宅,教堂和企业。我们要尽全力重建。”No one was killed Sunday, but at least 20 minor injuries were reported.星期天的地震没有人员丧生,不过有至少20人受轻伤。Large boulders and rockslides blocked several highways, completely cutting off some villages from the outside. A nearly non-stop series of small aftershocks were making conditions difficult for emergency workers.大石块和滚石阻塞了当地的好几条高速公路,彻底切断了一些村庄跟外界的联系,余震也给救灾工作带来了困难。The U.S. National Geological Survey says Sundays quake was centered near Norcia and was relatively shallow, at a depth of 10 kilometers, making it felt over a widesp area, and as far south as Rome, 90 kilometers to the south.美国地质调查局说,这次地震震中在诺尔恰附近,是一次深度为10公里的浅层地震,所以影响地区广泛,90公里以南的首都罗马也有震感。Schools will be closed in Rome Monday so buildings can be inspected for structural damage, according to the Rome municipality website.罗马市政府网站宣布,星期一学校停课,便于检查建筑物是否受损。来 /201611/475472。

  In his first speech Thursday night as the official Republican nominee for U.S. president, Donald Trump struck a tone of urgency regarding recent violent events in the U.S. and billed himself as a truth-teller in saying that under a Trump presidency the country would be one of “law and order.”在正式获得共和党总统候选人提名的首次演讲中,川普表示,美国最近发生的暴力事件亟待解决,他说自己实事求是,他领导下的美国将成为一个“法治”的国家。“Our Convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country,he said.他说:“我们这次代表大会恰逢国家危机。对警察的袭击,我们城市里的恐怖主义,威胁到我们的生活方式。任何不了解这一威胁的政治人物,就不配领导我们的国家。”Trump listed a number of statistics showing an uptick in crime in several major cities, including Washington and Baltimore, which Trump said have seen a rise in murders of 50 percent and 60 percent, respectively, over the last year.川普列举一系列数据说明,包括华盛顿和巴尔的在内的几个主要城市的犯罪活动增加。川普说,过去一年,这两个城市的谋杀率分别上升了百分0和百分之60”。“In the president’s hometown of Chicago, more than 2,000 have been the victims of shootings this year alone. And more than 3,600 have been killed in the Chicago area since he took office,he said.他说:“在总统的家乡芝加哥,仅今年一年,就有2千多人成为击事件的受害人。自从他就任总统以来,芝加哥地区600多人被打死。”With regards to the recent targeted shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dallas, Texas, Trump called them “an attack on all Americans,and blamed President Barack Obama for using “the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color.”川普把最近在路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日市和德克萨斯州达拉斯市针对警察的袭击事件称为“对所有美国人的攻击”。他指责奥巴马总统利用“总统职权以种族和肤色之别分裂我们。”来 /201607/456231



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