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We surveyed Americans and a panel of nutrition experts about which foods they thought were good or bad for you.我们针对美国人和一组营养专家进行问卷调查,询问他们觉得哪些食物对身体好,哪些不好。Is popcorn good for you? What about pizza, orange juice or sushi? Or frozen yogurt, pork chops or quinoa?爆米花对身体好吗?披萨、橙汁或者寿司呢?冷冻酸奶、连骨猪排或藜麦怎么样?Which foods are healthy? In principle, it’s a simple enough question, and a person who wishes to eat more healthily should reasonably expect to know which foods to choose at the supermarket and which to avoid.哪些食物是健康的?原则上讲,这是个很简单的问题,希望吃得更健康的人应该会知道该在超市选什么食物,避开什么。Unfortunately, the answer is anything but simple.可惜绝没那么简单。The Food and Drug Administration recently agreed to review its standards for what foods can be called “healthy,” a move that highlights how much of our nutritional knowledge has changed in recent years – and how much remains unknown.美国食品与药品(The Food and Drug Administration)最近同意重新审视它有关何为“健康”食物的标准,这一举措凸显出我们的营养知识在最近几年发生了多大的变化——以及还有多少是未知的。With the Morning Consult, a media and polling firm, we surveyed hundreds of nutritionists – members of the American Society for Nutrition – asking them whether they thought certain food items (about 50) were healthy.我们和媒体与民调公司晨间顾问(Morning Consult)一起对数百名营养学家——美国营养学会(American Society for Nutrition)的成员——做问卷调查,询问他们是否认为某种食物(约50种)是健康的。The Morning Consult also surveyed a representative sample of the American electorate, asking the same thing.晨间顾问也在美国选民中选取有代表性的人群做问卷调查,向他们征询了同样的问题。The results suggest a surprising diversity of opinion, even among experts. Yes, some foods, like kale, apples and oatmeal, are considered “healthy” by nearly everyone. And some, like soda, french fries and chocolate chip cookies, are not. But in between, some foods appear to benefit from a positive public perception, while others befuddle the public and experts alike. (We’re looking at you, butter.)结果显示意见非常多样,令人意外,即便在专家群体内也是如此。没错,几乎所有人都认为羽衣甘蓝、苹果和燕麦等一些食物是“健康的”;汽水、炸薯条和巧克力曲奇则不是。但在介于二者之间的区域,一些食物似乎得益于正面的公众观念,而其他的则让公众和专家都感到困惑。(说的就是你,黄油。)“Twenty years ago, I think we knew about 10 percent of what we need to know” about nutrition, said Dariush Mozaffarian, the dean of the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. “And now we know about 40 or 50 percent.”有关营养,“20年前,我认为我们知道大约10%我们需要知道的东西,”塔夫茨大学弗里德曼营养科学与政策学院(Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University)院长达柳什·莫扎法里安(Dariush Mozaffarian)说。“现在我们知道40%或50%。”Here’s what we found.以下是我们的发现。Of the 52 common foods that we asked experts and the public to rate, none had a wider gap than granola bars. More than 70 percent of ordinary Americans we surveyed described it as healthy, but less than a third of nutritional experts did. A similar gap existed for granola, which less than half of nutritionists we surveyed described as healthy.在我们请求专家和公众评分的52种常见食物中,没有什么比燕麦棒获得的评价差异更大。在参与调查的普通美国人中,有超过70%认为它是健康的,但只有不到三分之一的营养专家也这么想。对麦片的看法同样存在这种巨大的差异,少于一半的受调查营养学家认为它是健康的。Several of the foods considered more healthful by everyday Americans than by experts, including frozen yogurt, a SlimFast shake andgranola bars, have something in common: They can contain a lot of added sugar. In May, the Food and Drug Administration announced a new template for nutrition labels, and one priority was to clearly distinguish between sugars that naturally occur in food and sugars that are added later to heighten flavors. (You’d be surprised how many foods contain added sugar.) It’s possible nutritionists know this, but the public still does not.相比于专家,普通美国人认为更健康的几种食物——冻酸奶、速瘦(SlimFast)奶昔、燕麦棒等——有一些共同特征:他们包含很多额外的糖分。今年5月,美国食品与药品宣布了营养标示的新样板,其中一项优先项是明确区分食物中自然产生的糖分和后来为了加强口味而加入的糖分。(你会惊讶于有那么多食物包含额外的糖。)有可能营养学家明白这一点,而公众还不知道。On the other end of the spectrum, several foods received a seal of approval from our expert panel but left nonexperts uncertain. Most surprising to us was the reaction to quinoa, a “superfood” grain so often praised as healthful that it has become the subject of satire. (At the moment, The New York Times cooking site offers 167 recipes for quinoa, roughly a third of which are explicitly tagged “healthy.”)另一方面,有好几种食物获得了专家群体的认可,但非专家群体却感觉未必。对我们来说最让人吃惊的是对藜麦的反应,这种“超级食品”谷物如此频繁地被赞扬为有益健康的,以致它变成了讽刺的对象。(此刻,《纽约时报》美食频道上提供了167种藜麦食谱,大约有三分之一都被明确标注为“健康”。)In addition, tofu, sushi, hummus, wine and shrimp were all rated as significantly more healthful by nutritionists than by the public. Why?除此以外,营养专家给予豆腐、寿司、鹰嘴豆泥、红酒、虾的健康评分也比公众的打分高出许多。为什么呢?One reason may be that many of them are new foods in the mainstream American diet. Our colleague Neil Irwin measured mentions of trendy foods in Times coverage over the years, and found that quinoa had only recently picked up steam. Others may reflect mixed messages in press coverage of the healthfulness of foods. Shrimp was long maligned for its high rate of dietary cholesterol, though recent guidelines have changed. And public messages about the healthfulness of alcohol are conflicting: While moderate drinking appears to have some health benefits, more consumption can obviously have real health costs.其中一个原因可能是它们中有许多是美国主流饮食中的新出现的食物。我们的同事尼尔·欧文(Neil Irwin)统计了《纽约时报》过去多年报道中提到流行食物的情况,发现藜麦的流行度是最近才开始上升。其他的可能反映了媒体在报道食品健康程度时传达的信息有些含混。因为膳食胆固醇含量高,虾长久以来一直被错误地看待,不过最近的饮食指南已经发生了变化。有关酒的健康程度的公众信息相互矛盾:尽管适度饮酒似乎在一定程度上有益健康,但更多的饮用显然会让人付出实实在在的健康代价。We weren’t surprised to find areas in which both ordinary Americans and experts disagreed.不出所料的是,我们发现在有些领域,普通美国人和专家的意见并不一致。We expect researchers to be better informed about current research, and everyday consumers to be more susceptible to the health claims of food marketers, even if the claims are somewhat dubious.我们预料研究人员对目前的研究状况会有更多了解,认为普通消费者更容易受到食品卖家健康说法的影响,哪怕那些说法有点可疑。But some of the foods in our survey split both the public and our panel of experts.但我们调查的一些食物令公众和专家群体内部都产生了分歧。Four of the foods listed above – steak, cheddar cheese, whole milkand pork chops – tend to have a lot of fat. And fat is a topic few experts can agree on. Years ago, the nutritional consensus was that fat, and particularly the saturated fat found in dairy and red meat, was bad for your heart. Newer studies are less clear, and many of the fights among nutritionists tend to be about the right amount of protein and fat in a healthy diet.调查表中列出的食物有四种——牛排、切达干酪、全脂奶和连骨猪排——似乎脂肪含量比较多。脂肪是一个很少能有专家意见一致的话题。多年前的营养共识是脂肪对心脏不好,尤其是奶制品和肉类中的饱和脂肪。更新一些的研究结论没那么清晰,营养学家之间的争执点似乎在于健康饮食中蛋白质和脂肪的正确含量上。The uncertainty about these foods, as expressed both by experts and ordinary Americans, reflects the haziness of the nutritional evidence about them. (If you’re a steak lover and you find this news discouraging, our colleague Aaron Carroll has written that red meat is probably fine in moderation.)专家和普通美国人在这些食物问题上表现出的不确定性,反映出有关它们的营养学据的模糊。(如果你是个牛排爱好者,你觉得这条消息令人沮丧,那我就告诉你,我们的同事阿伦·卡罗尔[Aaron Carroll]写过,适度食用红肉或许没有问题。)It’s clear that many shoppers do want to eat healthful foods but are unsure what to choose. To gain some perspective on this, we asked Google which foods were most commonly part of a simple search: “Is [blank] healthy?” We used these results to generate some of our survey questions. The food people were likeliest to ask about was also one nutritionists generally approve of: sushi.显然很多顾客的确想吃健康的食物,但他们不确定该选什么。为了在这方面获得一些认知,我求助于谷歌(Google),问该公司以下的简单搜索中最常见的部分是什么:“[空格]是健康的吗?”我们用这些搜索结果设计了问卷中的一些问题。这些关心饮食的人最有可能问到的,也是营养学家普遍认可的一种食物,那就是寿司。There are some areas of nutritional consensus. Nearly everyone agreed that oranges, apples, oatmeal and chicken could safely be described as healthy, and also agreed that chocolate chip cookies,bacon, white b and soda could not.有些领域存在营养方面的共识。几乎所有人都同意,橙子、苹果、燕麦和鸡肉可以比较安全地被列为健康食品,也同意巧克力曲奇、培根、白面包和汽水则不是。Where does this leave a well-meaning but occasionally confused shopper? Reassured, perhaps: Nutrition science is sometimes murky even to experts.对一个动机良好但偶尔会感到困惑的消费者来说,这会带来什么影响?或许是安心:营养学有时甚至对专家来说都是含糊不清的。Your overall diet probably matters a lot more than whether you follow rigid rules or eat just one “good” or “bad” food. Our colleague Aaron Carroll has published a list of common-sense rules for healthful eating, which represents a good start.相比于你是否严格遵守饮食法则,或是否吃一种“好的”或“不好的”食物,你的整体饮食可能要重要得多。我的同事阿伦·卡罗尔列过一系列常识性的健康饮食法则,这代表一个不错的开始。We also asked our experts whether they considered their own diet healthful, and how they described it. Ninety-nine percent of nutritionists said their diet was very or somewhat healthy. The most popular special diet type was “Mediteranean”; 25 percent of our nutritionists picked it. But the most common answer, even for experts, was “no special rules or restrictions.”我们也询问了专家,他们是否认为自己的饮食是健康的,以及他们会如何描述。99%的营养学家表示,自己的饮食非常或比较健康。最受欢迎的特殊饮食类型是“地中海式”;我们调查的营养学家有25%选了这种。但最常见的,哪怕对专家来说,也是“没有特别的规则或限制。” /201607/453316

The Chinese version of the eighth book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is going to come out in late October, according to its Chinese publisher People#39;s Literature Publishing House. The translator is still Ma Ainong, who completed the translation of the first seven books.《哈利·波特》系列丛书的中国出版方人民文学出版社称,该系列丛书第八部《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》的中文版将于10月下旬出版。翻译人员仍然是马爱农,她已经完成了之前七部书籍的翻译工作。The English version was released worldwide on July 31, the birthday of the hero Harry Potter and also his creator, J.K. Rowling herself.英文版已于7月31日在全球发行,这一天是书中男主角哈利·波特及其创作者J·K·罗琳的生日。The preorder has made the book a best-seller both in print and on e-book, according to the world#39;s two largest online bookshops Amazon and Barnes And Noble, the first time since the launch of the seventh book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.全球最大的两家在线书店亚马逊和巴诺称,该书的纸质版和电子书预订均在最畅销书籍之列,是自第七部《哈利·波特与死亡圣器》发行后首次出现这种情况。Cursed Child, co-authored by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, has been adapted into a play that premiered on July 30 in London.这部由罗琳、杰克·索恩和约翰·蒂法尼合著的作品已被改编为戏剧,于7月30日在伦敦进行了首演。The new book tells the story of a married Harry Potter, the father of three, who, as an employee at the Ministry of Magic overloaded with work, has been living a hard life.这本新书讲述了已婚、成为三个孩子的父亲的哈利·波特的一段故事。作为魔法部的一名员工,他的工作超负荷,并一直过着艰苦的生活。 /201608/459804

People from across China are flocking to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to bury themselves in the sand between June and August as Turpan#39;s hot desert sands contain minerals that are believed to provide a cure for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.由于吐鲁番炽热的沙漠沙子中据信含有能治疗风湿和类风湿性关节炎的矿物质,6-8月,全国各地的人们都争相涌入新疆维吾尔自治区将自己埋入沙土中。The term ;hot; cannot adequately describe the surface temperature in the Kumtag Desert near Turpan. It is one of the hottest places in China, with the sand temperature reaching 80℃, compared with an average summer temperature in the area of between 38℃ and 42℃.“热”这个词不能充分地描述在吐鲁番附近的库姆塔格沙漠的表面温度。这里是中国最热的地方,沙子的温度达到80摄氏度,该地区的夏季平均温度大约在38摄氏度到42摄氏度之间。Sand treatment is part of traditional Uygur medication. The sands are believed to work their magic between 2 pm and 5 pm, and Kahrimalar, a sand dune in the Kumtag desert, can attract up to 1,000 people during this period.沙疗是乌鲁木齐传统医疗的一部分。据信,下午2-5时沙子具有神奇的疗效,在这个时段库姆塔格沙漠的Kahrimalar沙丘能够吸引多达1000人。Gao Jialing, 48, from Hunan province, has suffered from rheumatism, which causes severe pain, for many years. She decided to try it in 2014.来自湖南省的高佳灵今年48岁,患有风湿,多年来一直饱受严重的疼痛。她在2014年决定尝试一下沙疗。;After about two weeks#39; of treatment, I suddenly felt that my arms and legs were not as weak as before,; Gao said.高佳灵表示:“在大约两周的疗程之后,我突然觉得我的胳膊和腿不再像以前虚弱无力了。”Seeing the positive effects the treatment has, she now travels to Turpan from Hunan every year around July and says the pain caused by rheumatism has been greatly reduced.在看到这项治疗起到积极的作用之后,每年的7月她都会从湖南赶往吐鲁番并表示,由风湿引起的疼痛已经大大减轻了。Shatar Kurban, head of the Turpan Uygur Medicine Hospital, said: ;The sand grains in the Turpan desert, especially in Kahrimalar, are black and relatively large so they can absorb more heat, which helps the patients to detoxify. The heat and more than 20 trace elements in the sands can help people to get rid of the #39;chill#39; in their bodies.;吐鲁番市维吾尔医医院院长沙塔尔·库尔班称,在吐鲁番的沙漠区域,特别是Kahrimalar沙丘,沙子呈黑色且颗粒相对较大,因此它们能吸收更多热量帮助病人排毒。沙子中的热量和20多种微量元素能帮助人们祛除体内的寒气。 /201608/460606

A 19 year old newly wed bride, Khanzadi Lashari has been strangled to death on the night of her wedding by her husband during a wedding in the province of Jacobabad in Pakistan.近日,在巴基斯坦的雅各布阿巴德省,一名名叫堪萨迪·拉沙里的19岁新娘在新婚夜上被她的丈夫活活勒死。The murder of the woman, deemed an #39;honor killing#39; according to local reports comes after the husband discovered that his newly wedded bride was not a virgin.据当地媒体报道,在新婚夜上,当新郎发现自己的新婚妻子不是处女之后,遂将其谋杀,而这一行为竟然还被当成“荣誉谋杀”。Notes a report via Pakistan#39;s express tribune: Khanzadi, daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, married her cousin Qalandar Bux Khokhar the night before her lifeless body was found in her bedroom in ADC Colony. The suspect, her husband, remains on the run.据巴基斯坦的《论坛快报》报道,拉尔·默罕默德·拉沙里的女儿堪萨迪嫁给了她的表哥卡兰德,而第二天人们却在位于ADC Colony的卧室中发现了她的尸体。犯罪嫌疑人,也就是她的丈夫,目前仍然处于逃亡之中。News of the bride#39;s death, also known as Khanzadi Bux Khokhar upon her marriage came after Khanzadi Lashari#39;s mother notified police when her daughter failed to receive any response from their house the morning after the wedding.新娘的母亲告诉警方,在婚礼第二天早上,家人们发现不管怎么叫堪萨迪都没有反应时,他们才发现她已经死了。Policemen, with the help of the victim#39;s brother Ali Lashari, forced entry into the house, only to discover Khanzadi Lashari#39;s lifeless body on the bed. Her husband was missing.在被害人弟弟阿里·拉沙里的帮助下,警方破门而入,但只在床上发现了堪萨迪冰冷的尸体,她的丈夫卡兰德却不见踪影。Relatives of the deceased woman have since filed a complaint against Qalandar Bux and his four brothers, accusing them of strangulating the newly wedded Jacobadad bride.死者的家属已经对卡兰德和他的四个兄弟提起了刑事诉讼,控告他们残忍地杀死了这名来自雅各布阿巴德的新婚女子。The victim#39;s mother told that the groom and bride were cousins and the marriage took place with their consent.死者的母亲表示,新娘和新郎是一对表亲,而作为家长,他们原本对这场婚礼很赞同。A local report told of the furious groom telling his wife was #39;damaged goods#39; on their wedding night, prompting him to squeeze the life out of her and then sharing photos of her mangled corpse on social media.据当地一家媒体报道,新郎因在新婚夜发现妻子是“破烂货”而大发雷霆,随后暴怒的新郎将新娘掐死,之后还把尸体照片发布到了社交网站上。Next to images of the woman#39;s deceased body, the groom claimed that Khanzadi Lashari, the daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, was presented to him as an undefiled bride and had no choice but to kill her for dishonoring him.在死者的照片下面,愤怒的新郎发文说道,默罕默德的女儿堪萨迪原本应该作为一名纯洁的新娘许配给他,由于令他自己感觉很丢脸,所以只能选择杀掉新娘。News of the death has since led to local reports telling that Bilawal Bhutto, the Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party asking Sindh Home Minister to take immediate action against the #39;culprit#39; involved in the brutal murder.这起事件的报道在巴基斯坦引起了极大的影响,巴基斯坦人民党主席比拉瓦尔·布托要求信德省内政部长立即采取措施,严惩凶案犯人。PPP Chairman went on to tell that his Party refused to tolerate the murder of innocent and helpless women in the name of so-called honor killings along with imploring the Sindh government to come hard on honor-killings, with zero tolerance afforded to perpetrators.这位人民党主席还表示,该党绝不会容忍凶手冠“荣耀”之名,而行滥杀无辜妇女之事。他还要求信德省政府采取严厉措施制裁这类“荣誉谋杀”的行为,对犯罪者采取零容忍的态度。 /201604/437317

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