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Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama said Monday they are y to work with each other and other relevant parties to make sure that the historic climate accord reached in Paris will be effectively implemented.中国国家主席习近平和美国总统奥巴马于星期一表示,他们已经准备好相互合作,确保在巴黎达成的有历史性意义的气候协议能有效实施。In a telephone conversation, Xi noted that the Paris deal, which resulted from concerted efforts of the international community, charts a clear course for global cooperation on fighting climate change from 2020.在习近平和奥巴马的电话会谈中,习近平指出,经过国际社会的共同努力才成功商定的巴黎协议,将会为2020年以后的全球合作应对气候变化问题指明了方向。China, the ed States and other relevant parties maintained close coordination and jointly contributed to the success of the UN climate conference in Paris, Xi said, adding that the Paris meeting marked a new starting point in global response to climate change.习近平表示,中美两国及有关各方保持密切沟通,共同为巴黎大会成功作出了积极贡献。他还补充道,巴黎大会是应对气候变化国际合作的新起点。China is willing to work with the ed States and other relevant parties to ensure the implementation of the Paris deal, and effectively expand pragmatic bilateral cooperation in tackling climate change so as to bring more benefits to the two peoples as well as people in other parts of the world, Xi said.中方愿同包括美方在内有关各方保持协调合作,确保巴黎气候变化协议的实施,有效拓展应对气候变化领域双边务实合作,更多更好地惠及中美两国人民和世界各国人民。Obama also applauded the Paris climate deal, saying the ed States and China as well as other relevant parties had strengthened coordination and cooperation in their efforts to secure the deal.奥巴马也祝贺巴黎气候协议的达成,称这是中美两国及有关各方加强协调、通力合作的结果。The US side stands y to work with China and other relevant parties to make sure that the deal will go into effect and be implemented, Obama said.奥巴马还表示,美方愿同中方及其它各方加强沟通共同努力,确保协定的生效和落实。来 /201512/416680

The chemicals warehouse explosions in the port city of Tianjin last month reached straight into Yan Hongmei’s apartment, fracturing her mother’s pelvis when a window frame crashed on to her bed. A few days later, rain sprinkled the city with foamy yellowish flecks. The day after that, thousands of dead fish turned riverbanks into a silvery-white mass.上月发生在中国港口城市天津的化学品仓库爆炸,直接波及颜红梅的公寓,窗框掉在她母亲的床上,砸折了母亲的盆骨。几天后,雨后的天津出现黄色泡沫斑点。次日,数千条死鱼将一大片河岸染成银白色。“They say there are no problems now, but what about the future? What if our children will be affected down the road?she said as she begged officials to buy her home. “We are afraid of the pollution posed by chemicals. Even though they say there is no pollution and it is safe, we still believe pollution exists.”“他们说目前没有问题,但是以后呢?如果我们的孩子将来受到影响怎么办?”在请求政府回购其住房时,颜红梅称,“我们担心化学品造成的污染。即使他们说现在没有污染、现在是安全的,我们仍然认为存在污染。”The fallout in Tianjin from air, to water, to soil is mirrored in industrial pollution across China. The thick smog that blocks the sun and causes hospital admissions to rise, often dubbed the “smog-ocalypse makes headlines worldwide. Rivers sometimes inexplicably turn red, plagues of dead fish can materialise overnight and algae blooms turn lakes bright green.天津事件产生的冲击波——从空气、水、到土壤——反映了整个中国的工业污染问题。遮天蔽日的浓雾造成入院就诊人数上升,并成为世界各地的新闻头条,常被冠以“末日之雾smog-ocalypse)的称号。有时河流会不明原因地泛红,死鱼疫情可能在一夜间出现,或者藻类将湖水变为翠绿色。But soil pollution invisible, its effects lingering long after the original polluter is gone may be the thorniest problem of them all.但是,土壤污染可能是最为棘手的污染。这种污染是看不见的,在初始污染源消失后,其影响还会持续很久。Faced with public discontent, Beijing has started to address air pollution by modernising factories and moving coal-consuming industries away from cities. By 2020, many major waterways are supposed to meet new drinking water standards. Some of these remedies may be counter-productive, since moving polluting factories to the hinterlands can have the perverse effect of fouling air, soil and water closer to river sources.面对公众不满,北京方面已开始通过对工厂进行现代化改造、并将燃煤工业迁至远离城市的地方来解决空气污染。按照规划,020年很多大型水道将达到新的饮用水标准。其中一些补救措施或许会适得其反,因为将污染工厂迁移至内陆地区可能在更接近江河源头的地方污染空气、土壤和水,产生反效果。Yet the government is only now beginning to grapple with soil pollution, after years in which experts struggled to bring attention to the issue.不过,中国政府刚刚开始应对土壤污染问题——在专家们多年呼吁关注这一问题之后。In 2004, workers digging Beijing’s Songjiazhuang subway station were poisoned by gases leeching from an abandoned pesticide plant. That sparked China’s first regulations on decontaminating abandoned industrial sites. Recent incidents, including cyanide contamination after the Tianjin blasts, are raising public awareness.2004年,有工人在北京宋家庄地铁站施工时中毒,毒源为一家废弃农药厂里残留的气体。这导致中国首次对消除废弃工业遗址污染工作进行监管。近来的事故,包括天津爆炸之后的氰化物污染,提高了公众意识。“China has entered its Love Canal era,says Lan Hong, a professor at Renmin University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources, who is drafting a plan to finance China’s soil pollution clean-up. The 1970s discovery that the Love Canal neighbourhood near Niagara Falls was built on toxic waste led to the US “Superfundfor brownfield sites.“中国已进入了自己的拉夫运河(Love Canal)时代,”中国人民大学环境学院副教授蓝虹表示。她正在草拟一份为中国土壤污染清理工作融资的方案970年代,人们发现尼亚加拉大瀑布(Niagara Falls)附近的拉夫运河社区建在堆放了有毒废弃物的地块上,导致美国政府建立了迫使污染企业清理场地的“超级基金”制度。China needs Rmb7tn (.1tn) to clean up soil pollution, equivalent to one-third of its entire foreign exchange reserves, if it uses practices developed in the US and Japan, Ms Lan estimates. “China can’t afford it,she says.蓝虹估计,若采用美国和日本发展的方法,那么中国需要为清理土壤污染投入7万亿元人民币(约.1万亿美元),这个数字相当于中国外汇储备总量的三分之一。她说,“中国花不起这么多钱。”The Chinese central bank estimates that the environment ministry’s targets for cleaner air and water alone require Rmb2tn a year over the next five years, although the central bank wants “green financingto relieve government coffers. A soil pollution action plan in the works will also involve significant budget allocations during the next five-year plan from 2016-2020. Otherwise, Ms Lan says, at current spending of about Rmb40bn a year, sorting out soil pollution “will take us 1,000 years中国央行估计,单单是环境部的水和空气净化目标就需要在未来5年内每年投入2万亿元人民币,不过中国央行想要使用“绿色融资”来减轻国家财政压力。一份拟议中的土壤污染治理方案也要求016010年的下一个五年计划期间安排可观治污预算。蓝虹说,按照当前每年投入约400亿元人民币的水平,治理土壤污染“将需000年”。Redevelopment concerns重建担忧“Green financingonly goes so far. Investors can charge for treated wastewater, but there is little return on soil remediation. “The biggest challenge is financing. Where’s the money coming from?one businessman says.“绿色融资”能够解决的问题是有限的。投资者可以对废水处理收费,但是土壤修复没什么回报。“最大的问题是融资。钱从哪来?”一名商人称。One funding source is developers who, according to World Bank studies, should be willing to clean up contaminated urban sites to raise the value of their land. But that idea has yet to bear fruit. A special fund was created for one flagship site, the blackened former campus of Shougang Steel in Beijing, after Shougang balked at spending 0m to rehabilitate the land.世界(World Bank)的研究显示,其中一个资金来源是房地产开发商,他们应该乐于清理受污染的城市土地,以此抬高其土地的价值。但是,这个想法尚未结出果实。有一个特殊基金为一个标志性场地——受污染的首钢前北京厂区——创建,此前首钢拒绝出8亿美元来恢复土地。When housing has been built near reclaimed sites, there are scant profits for developers. China’s largest clean-up project to date, a former coking plant in Beijing, is ringed by low-income apartments housing Beijingers forced out of historic hutong neighbourhoods. Bitter residents spend three times their subsidised rent on bottled water.当改造过的场地附近建造住宅后,开发商的利润不足。中国迄今最大的清洁项目——北京一个前焦化厂的厂区——如今被低收入住宅区环绕,居民是被迫离开历史悠久的胡同社区的北京人。如今,这些不满的居民掏出三倍于房租补贴的钱购买桶装水。Yet even if urban industrial sites do begin to sprout luxury apartments, soil pollution will still blight rust belt towns and prime farmland. “The US and Europe have a lot of brownfield sites but China is different, because a lot of its agricultural land is polluted,says Chen Tongbin, director of the Center for Environmental Remediation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.然而,即使豪华公寓高楼开始在城市工厂原址拔地而起,土壤污染问题仍将困扰衰败的工业城镇和基本农田。“美国和欧洲有很多棕地(brownfield,待重新开发的城市用地——译者注),但是中国的国情不同,因为中国连很多农业用地都被污染了,”中科院(Chinese Academy of Sciences)环境修复中心(Center for Environmental Remediation)主任陈同斌称。Despite the challenges China faces in cleaning up its soil, some give it credit for doing far more than most other developing economies. The former Soviet Union is full of abandoned industrial sites while pollution from mining and factory waste is a growing problem in Africa and Asia.尽管中国在清理土壤的问题上面临挑战,但是一些人对于中国比其他多数发展中经济体做得更多给予肯定。前苏联满是废弃的工业厂址,而采矿业和钢厂废弃物造成的污染正成为非洲和亚洲日益严重的问题。“The country that’s furthest along in all this is China. The steps they have taken are far beyond any other country outside of the west,says Rich Fuller, president of soil remediation specialists Pure Earth.“在所有这些问题当中,走得最远的就是中国。他们采取的措施远多于其它任何非西方的国家,”专业从事土壤修复的Pure Earth公司总裁里奇富勒(Rich Fuller)表示。Beginning in the 1950s, central planners built heavy industrial plants deep in the countryside. Winds and rain carried black smoke and dust into surrounding towns. Worse, irrigation canals distributed wastewater from mines and smelters into fields miles away. When economic reforms kicked off in the 1980, farmers over-applied pesticides and fertiliser to combat stunted yields from dead soil.自上世纪50年代开始,中央规划者便在遥远的农村建造重工业工厂。大风和雨水卷携着黑烟和灰尘进入附近的城镇。更糟糕的是,灌溉渠把来自矿区和冶炼厂的废水排入数英里外的田地中。当上世0年代经济改革拉开帷幕后,农民过度使用杀虫剂和化肥,以此提高贫瘠土地的收成。A growing recognition that soil pollution contaminates water, which in turn pollutes farmland, has forced Beijing to speed up its soil pollution plan, rather than tackling air, then water and leaving soil for last.随着有关方面日益认识到土壤污染会进入水中、进而污染农田,北京方面正加快土壤污染治理方案,而非先治理空气污染、之后对付水污染、把土壤污染留在最后处理。In 2011, Caixin magazine shocked the nation with its cover photo of a rice plant, the grain turned a silvery metallic colour. It revealed that rice from southern Hunan province, the top producer, was contaminated with cadmium.2011年,《财新》杂志以一张水稻的封面照片震撼了整个中囀?照片中的稻米带有银白金属色。这揭露了湖南省南部(大米产区)所产大米被镉污染的情况。The report hit a nerve with city dwellers aly anxious about food safety and persistent smog. “The effects of pollution and of the misuse of agricultural inputs like pesticides and fertiliser will become the next big stage in the food safety debate,says Xu Liqing, who researches food safety and environmental issues at Jiangnan University School of Business.该报道触动了城市居民的神经,他们已经为食品安全和持续雾霾而备感焦虑。“污染以及滥用杀虫剂和化肥等农业投入品的影响,将成为食品安全辩论的下一个重大议题,”江南大学商学院研究食品安全和环境问题的徐立青称。Worried about sales of rice and other crops, Hunan’s provincial government has been vague about where exactly the contamination lies. It is not alone.担心大米和其他农作物销售的湖南省政府,对具体的污染地点一直含糊其辞。这并非个案。In 2014, China finally published a 0m national soil pollution survey from 2006-2011 that had been classified as a “state secret Officials and experts were “really tensebefore the report’s release, one insider says, fearing it would harm agricultural trade. Hunan’s reputation for “cadmium ricehas hurt sales, many believe, even though official statistics show output has risen since the Caixin report.2014年,中国最终公布了斥资1.5亿美元、于2006-2011年所做的全国土壤污染调查,而该调查之前被列为“国家机密”。一名内部人士称,报告公布前,政府官员及专家“真的很紧张”,担心这会有损农业贸易。很多人认为,湖南的“镉大米”名声已经影响了销售,尽管官方统计数据表明,自《财新》发表那篇报道以来,湖南的大米产量有增无减。The findings were alarming: nearly one-fifth of arable land was contaminated. There was no indication of how the contamination was distributed, or where the hotspots are.结果令人震惊:近五分之一的可耕种土地受到了污染。公布内容并不包括污染的分布情况,或者哪里是问题最严重的热点。The fern gently sping its fronds at Mr Chen’s office at CAS represents another hope. Phytoremediation the use of plants to suck heavy metals from fields and paddies promises a cheap and effective solution. It also carries risks. The crop must be burnt and buried, or the heavy metals will re-enter the soil. Rice is particularly suited to absorbing heavy metals, but what if someone sells the tainted crop?在陈同斌的中科院办公室里,轻缓伸展叶子的蕨类植物提供了另一种希望。植物修phytoremediation)——使用植物从旱田和稻田里吸收重金属——有望成为一种廉价有效的解决方案。它也带有风险。作物必须被焚烧并掩埋,否则,重金属将重新进入土壤。水稻尤其适合用来吸收重金属,但有人出售被污染的大米怎么办?Some badly contaminated villages are switching to ornamental crops, like flowers or saplings, that cannot be eaten. That preserves agricultural income but does not address health risks. And it cannot be applied broadly without denting food production.有些污染严重的村庄转而种植不能食用的观赏性植物,比如花和树苗。那种做法保留了农业收入,但并未化解健康风险。这么做也不可能大规模推广,否则会严重影响粮食产量。Slower, cheaper options carry hidden costs. The longer it takes to treat a plot, the longer that land is idle. Even the generous cost estimates developed by Ms Lan of Renmin University do not include compensation for lost harvests.更慢、更便宜的选项附带隐藏的代价。处理一块土地所需时间越长,土地的闲置时间也越长。即便中国人民大学的蓝虹得出的慷慨的成本估算,也没有包括对耕地闲置的补偿。That means that Chinese farmers might oppose removing the pollutants that are slowly seeping into their own bones and blood. Even stunted crops can be sold, and many in the countryside have no other source of income.这意味着,中国农民或许会反对清除那些正慢慢渗入他们自己的骨骼与血液的污染物。即使长得不大的作物也可以卖出去,而许多农民没有其他收入来源。Relocation issues搬迁问题A decade ago, heavy metal concentrations in the Xiang river prompted Hunan’s government to relocate metals processors from two cities, Xiangtan and Zhuzhou, to protect drinking water in the capital, Changsha. Upstream cities like Hengyang enthusiastically welcomed the factories as a boost to growth.10年前,湘江重金属污染促使湖南省政府将金属加工厂迁离湘潭和株洲,以保护省会长沙的饮用水安全。衡阳等上游城市为推动经济增长,踊跃接纳了这些工厂。Last year, children living near one Hengyang plant tested for high levels of lead. The city pledged to move it again, to the other side of town.去年,居住在衡阳一家工厂附近的孩子们被检测出血铅含量超标。衡阳市政府承诺要再次搬迁这家工厂——迁到该市的另一头。Poisoning by lead, cadmium or other metals particularly harms the young. Riots by parents of poisoned children add social unrest to the long list of reasons for covering up the extent of soil pollution. “Access to information is currently limited for the bottom 40 per cent, who are known to be relatively more exposed to degraded or highly polluted areas than other population groups,the World Bank wrote when it provided a m grant this April to clean up former pesticide factories.铅、镉等金属中毒对青少年的危害尤其大。地方政府已经有许多理由掩盖土壤污染程度,如今又有了一条:防止中毒患儿家长闹事引起社会不安定。世界银World Bank)今年4月提50万美元清理原农药企业。世行表示:“目0%的底层民众获得信息有限,相较于其他人群,这部分人更易受到退化或污染严重地区的危害。”The “bottom 40 per centare the only people living in the village of Zhengjiang, tucked between an abandoned chemicals compound and the high levees of the Xiang river in Hunan. Crops used to die when heavy rains washed soot from the complex into the fields. Now they grow better, explains Mr Yang, a local scrap dealer, while his mentally handicapped teenage assistant grins behind him.正江村位于湖南省境内,它夹在一座废弃的化工厂和湘江高耸的堤坝之间,0%的底层民众”是该村的唯一居民。过去每逢天降暴雨,烟灰就随着雨水渗入田地,导致农作物死亡。当地一名废品收购商杨先生表示,现在它们长得好多了。他身后有一名十几岁的智障少女咧嘴笑着,她是杨先生的助理。Zhengjiang’s first plant opened in 1980. Soon 20 different processors spewed smoke into the air and fouled the river and fields. “Back then, no one cared if it was poison or not. They only wanted the money,Mr Yang says.1980年,正江村首家工厂开业,不久后又开0家加工厂,它们将滚滚浓烟排向空中,将工业废水排入河流和田地。杨先生说:“那时候没人关心它们是不是有毒。人们只想要钱。”Eight years ago, a provincial environmental team arrived to test the village well. They were so horrified that they cemented it up. Yellow bubbles used to appear in boiling water, says a shopkeeper whose wife, daughter and baby granddaughter have stuck with bottled water ever since.八年前,一个省级环保小组来村里检测水井。检测结果令他们大为震惊,以至将村里的水井用水泥封了起来。当地一个店主说,以前烧开水时能看见黄色的气泡,他妻子、女儿和外孙女一直坚持喝瓶装水。The chemical plants left Zhengjiang two years ago. “They went somewhere in the mountains, where people aren’t crowded up against them like here,Mr Yang says. Remediation plans posted online by the Xiangtan government include transforming the area into a “service industry hub One retired village cadre was vaguely aware of plans to relocate. No one else had been told.两年前这家化工厂搬离了正江村。杨先生说:“它们搬到山里去了,那儿的人不会像这儿的村民一样合伙反对它们。”在湘江政府网上公布的整治计划中,有一条是将该地区转变成“务业中心”。只有一名退休的村干部对搬迁计划有模糊印象,其他人都没听说过。A few months ago, the villagers noticed a team testing the ground. One said he was testing for soil pollution. Villagers have not heard anything since.几个月前,村民发现有一些人在检测土地,其中一人说他们是在检测土壤污染。村民们至今没听说任何下文。来 /201509/397095

Benjamin Netanyahu has won a landslide victory in Tuesday’s national election, defeating decisively a challenge from centre-left opposition leader Isaac Herzog and putting the rightwing Israeli leader on track to serve a fourth term, poll results gathered overnight show.初步民调结果显示,以色列右翼领导人本雅明#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)在当日大选中获得压倒性胜利,大败中左翼反对派领导人艾萨克#8226;赫尔佐格(Isaac Herzog),将第四次当选以色列总理。With 99.5 per cent of votes counted, Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party is on course to secure 30 seats a quarter of the Knesset with a commanding lead over the 24 garnered by Mr Herzog’s centre-left Zionist Union, a margin big enough to give him first crack at forming a new coalition.在统计了99.5%的选票后,结果显示,内塔尼亚胡领导的利库德集团(Likud Party)有望获得30个议会席位,占以色列议会总席位的四分之一,远高于赫尔佐格领导的中左翼政党犹太复国主义联盟(Zionist Union)获得4个席位,这一差距足以让他有资格组建新的联合政府。After consulting with Likud and other parties, Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s president, will now ask the leader he considers best placed to form a coalition almost certainly Mr Netanyahu to begin building one.在与利库德以及其他党派协商后,以色列总统鲁文#8226;里夫Reuven Rivlin)现在将邀请他所认为的最佳人选(几乎肯定是内塔尼亚胡)开始组建联合政府。“Against all the odds, we’ve achieved a great victory for Likud,Mr Netanyahu told supporters cheering him in Tel Aviv early on Wednesday morning as news of the victory came in.在周三凌晨获胜消息传来时,内塔尼亚胡告诉向他欢呼的持者们:“我们排除万难取得了巨大胜利。”In a statement, Mr Netanyahu said he intended to form a government in weeks, and was aly negotiating with the far-right pro-settler Jewish Home party led by Naftali Bennett and Jewish Orthodox religious parties. Another likely partner is hardline nationalist Avigdor Lieberman, formerly foreign minister, who is eyeing the defence ministry, and whose Yisrael Beiteinu party survived a corruption probe to enter the Knesset with 6 seats.内塔尼亚胡在声明中称,他计划在几周后组建政府,同时他已在和由纳夫塔利#8226;贝内Naftali Bennett)领导的持扩建定居点的极右翼政党犹太家园Jewish Home Party)和犹太教正统党派协商。The results vindicates the high-stakes, divisive strategy pursued by Mr Netanyahu in the final days of campaigning, when he abandoned his commitment to peace talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state and made other statements described by critics as inflammatory.大选结果明,内塔尼亚胡在竞选最后几天实施的高风险、分裂性战略是成功的,当时他放弃了致力于旨在建立巴勒斯坦国的和平谈判的承诺,并发表了一些被批评者称为具有煽动性的言论。Mr Netanyahu’s victory comes at a time when its relations with US President Barack Obama’s administration are under serious strain and some European countries are contemplating a tougher stance towards Israel because of its failure to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians to create a state on lands Israel seized in the 1967 Six Day War.在内塔尼亚胡获胜之际,以色列与美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府的关系正处于严重紧张状态。一些欧洲国家也在考虑对以色列采取更强硬态度,因为以色列未能与巴勒斯坦拟定和平协议,让后者在以色列在1967年六日战Six Day War)期间夺取的土地上建立国家。来 /201503/365357




  The breakdown of North Koreas public distribution system during the famine years of the mid-1990s fostered the emergence of an underground market economy as the populace were forced to find ways to try and survive. 朝鲜公共分配制度在上世纪90年代中期大饥荒年间瓦解,劳苦平民被迫寻找谋生之道,于是催生了地下市场经济。The growth of that economy in subsequent years has been the subject of great interest to observers of the country, particularly the question of whether it might eventually lead to the collapse of the political power structure headed by the ruling Kim family. 随后数年这个地下经济的发展,尤其它是否会最终导致金家王朝领导的政治权力结构倾覆,一直是关注朝鲜的人士倍感兴趣的研究对象A new report helps to shed some light on how the underground economy has developed in one particularly worrying but potentially transformative way. 新发布的一项报告有助于外界了解朝鲜地下经济是如何以一种特别令人担忧、但或许能带来变革的方式不断发展的Illicit: North Koreas Evolving Operations to Earn Hard Currency, authored by Dr. Sheena Chestnut Greitens, Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, details how North Koreas illicit economic activities have fostered the emergence of a criminal market economy.布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)东亚政策研究中心(Center for East Asia Policy Studies)客座高级研究员格雷滕Sheena Chestnut Greitens)撰写了名为《朝鲜赚取硬通货非法运作历程Illicit: North Koreas Evolving Operations to Earn Hard Currency)的报告,细述了朝鲜非法经济活动如何培育了一个“罪恶”的市场经济。The report, largely based on interviews with North Korean defectors, tracks three stages of development of illicit economic activities in North Korea. It starts from the 1970s, when North Korean officials trafficked a range of products such as drugs and counterfeit cigarettes, manufactured by others, at locations where North Korea had diplomatic and trade ties. 报告主要基于对脱北者的访谈,并记录了朝鲜违法经济活动的三个发展阶段。第一阶段始自上世0年代,当时朝鲜官员在与该国建交和有贸易往来的地区倒卖毒品和假烟等各类别国生产的产品In the second phase from the mid-1990s, North Korea concentrated on the production of illicit goods including counterfeit currency and outsourced distribution to criminal syndicates. Since 2005, the regime has lost its monopoly over some illicit activities such as drug production and sales as a criminal market economy has sprung up, the report says. 上世0年代中期朝鲜非法经济活动进入第二阶段,专注于假币等非法产品的制造,并将分配环节“外包”给犯罪组织。报告称,随着非法市场经济的迅速发展,2005年起朝鲜政权已失去了对毒品生产和销售等一些非法活动的垄断地位The findings provide evidence that a market economy is developing in North Korea, in this case a criminal one that is feeding off the suffering and deprivation of the population, said Andrew Natsios, co-chair for the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, which released the report.报告由美国朝鲜人权委员会(Committee for Human Rights in North Korea)发布。该委员会联席主席纳齐奥Andrew Natsios)称,报告提供了表明朝鲜市场经济正在发展的据,但朝鲜的市场经济是罪恶的,因为它依靠的是对百姓的剥削和压迫No longer limited to elites, the drug trade and other illicit activities now encompass a broader swath of North Korean society than before, the report says. This means that a wider array of North Koreans, elite and ordinary, have opportunities for economic activity that is not dependent on the state and benefit economically from illicit trade. 报告称,如今毒品交易等非法活动不再仅限于朝鲜官员,更多社会阶层都参与了进来。报告说,这意味著有更多朝鲜人(包括精英和普通人)有机会参与到不依赖政府的经济活动中,且有机会从非法交易中受益。While the report notes one of the impacts of the growth of the drug trade in particular is increased threats to the overall health status of North Koreans, one upbeat way to look at the findings is that an expansion of the private sector increases destabilizing risks for the regime. North Korea has previously tried to limit market activity but with little success. 报告指出,毒品交易增长带来的影响之一是使朝鲜国民整体健康状况的风险加大,但从好的方面看,私营部门的扩张增加了朝鲜政权的不稳定因素。朝鲜曾试图限制市场活动,但收效甚微It remains unclear whether growth in markets--licit and illicit--will ultimately unseat the dictatorship, but some analysts and defectors believe the growth of private economic activity is the best hope for eventual change. 朝鲜合法及非法市场的发展最终是否会动摇该国独裁统治仍不得而知,但一些分析人士及脱北者认为,私营经济活动的发展是蕴育最终变革的最大希望。来 /201404/288628

  US Cites Growing N. Korea Long-Range Missile Threat朝鲜导弹威胁升级 美强调防御系统重要性President Obama’s National Intelligence Director recently told the U.S. Congress that North Korea has made advancements toward developing a long-range ballistic missile that could reach the U.S. At the same time, a possible deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea is being debated, but for officials in Seoul, these two issues are not necessarily related.美国国家情报总监詹姆斯·克拉珀最近对国会表示,朝鲜在发展可以到达美国领土的远程弹道导弹方面取得了显著进步。与此同时,在韩国部署美国导弹防御系统的计划正在受到激烈辩论,而首尔官员认为这两个问题之间不一定有关系。In written testimony to Congress, James Clapper, the U.S. National Intelligence Director, last week said that North Korea has taken steps to deploy a long range, inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) called the KN-08 that will be capable of reaching the U.S.美国国家情报总监詹姆斯·克拉珀上周在对国会的书面词中表示,朝鲜正在采取步骤部署名为KN-08的洲际弹道导弹,这种导弹的射程可以到达美囀?Around the same time David Stilwell, the Pentagon’s deputy director for Politico-Military Affairs for Asia, said the North Korean missile threat has created a “demandfor the THAAD missile defense system on the Korean Peninsula.五角大楼的亚洲政治军事事务副主任戴维·史迪威说,朝鲜导弹威胁凸显了在朝鲜半岛上部署终端高空区域防御系统的“必要性”。While North Korea’s growing long-range missile threat and South Korea’s missile defense needs may be overlapping U.S. security concerns, they are separate issues to Seoul.朝鲜发展远程弹道导弹和在韩国部署导弹系统是美国关注的同一个安全问题,但是对于首尔来说,这是两个截然不同的议题。Shin In-kyun, a security analyst with the Korea Defense Network said South Koreas concerns are short-range threats, not ICBMs.韩国防卫网络的安全分析师申寅均说,韩国担心的是短程导弹而不是洲际弹道导弹的威胁。He said ICBMs cannot attack South Korea due to their maximum firing range. So he thinks Clapper’s comments on ICBMs were made to express pre-emptive warning or worries about a possible cut in the defense budget, rather than the deployment of THAAD in South Korea.他说,洲际弹道导弹由于射程远而无法攻击韩囀?所以他认为,史迪威对于远程导弹的是基于对可能削减国防预算的担忧,而不是马上在韩国部署终端高空区域防御系统。The THAAD missile defense system, which is equipped with radar capable of tracking objects 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) away, is designed to intercept ballistic missiles at high altitude.终端高空区域防御系统能够使用雷达探测900公里以外的物体,其目的是拦截高空的弹道导弹。China and Russia oppose its deployment in Korea because THAAD could possibly be used to intercept their missiles and would enhance U.S. military capabilities in the region.中国和俄罗斯反对在韩国部署这个系统,因为这能够拦截他们的导弹,而且能够加强美国在亚太地区的军事实力。Officials in Seoul have so far avoided taking a stand on THAAD. When asked, they repeat the “three nos no official request has come from Washington, no official consultations have been conducted and no decision has yet been made on whether to station a THAAD battery on the Korean Peninsula.首尔官员目前没有就这个防御系统表态。当被问及这个问题时,他们的回答是“三个没有”:也就是目前没有来自华盛顿的官方要求,没有官员对此进行正式磋商,没有决定是否在朝鲜半岛部署终端高空区域防御导弹。As for North Korea’s long-range missile threat, Pyongyang has yet to test fire the KN-08, a step that is considered essential to its eventual development and deployment.而朝鲜方面,平壤目前还没有试射KN-8远程弹道导弹。而一旦试射,将意味着朝鲜能够最终发展和部署这种武器。Analysts associated with the U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Affairs say there is satellite imagery that shows rocket engine testing and construction underway at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in North Korea that supports Clapper’s assertion. They say the worst case scenario is that North Korea will deploy a functioning ICBM missile within the next three to five years, but ongoing sanctions and technical constraints could impede the development timeline by years or even decades.约翰·霍普金斯大学高级国际研究学院美韩研究所的分析师表示,卫星图像显示朝鲜西海卫星发射场有火箭弹引擎试验和建设的画面,这佐了克拉珀的说法。他们表示,最糟糕的情况将是朝鲜在未来3年到5年内部署一个洲际弹道导弹系统,然而目前的制裁和技术限制很可能把这个时间推迟数年或数十年。Shin In-kyun said North Korea must complete a number of tests before it can enter the ICBM deployment stage.申寅均说,在部署洲际弹道导弹前,朝鲜必须完成一系列测试。He said that in order to be recognized as a weapon, a missile must pass at least ten firing tests and score 70 percent, or succeed about 7 times in the firing tests.他说,一个导弹要通过至少十次试射,其中有7次成功,才能被认为是有效武器。Because the KN-08 has not been tested, he estimates it will take several more years for North Korea to build a working ICBM.但由于KN-08还没有经过试射,他预计朝鲜还要用几年时间来完成洲际弹道导弹。It is also not known how close North Korea is to developing a miniaturized nuclear warhead that could be used on a ballistic missile. Last year General Curtis Scaparrotti, the Commander of U.S. Forces Korea, said he believed North Korea has the expertise and capability to build a miniaturized nuclear device, and the South Korean Minister of Defense Han Min-koo also said Pyongyang has made progress in its miniaturization technology.目前还不清楚朝鲜弹道导弹的小型核弹头发展到何种程度。去年,驻韩美军司令官柯蒂斯·斯卡帕罗蒂上将表示,他相信朝鲜有能力制造小型核弹头。而韩国国防部长官韩民求也说,平壤在小型化技术上取得进展。来 /201503/367258

  Hackers took over Twitter accounts of the New York Post and ed Press International on Friday, writing bogus messages, including about hostilities breaking out between the ed States and China.黑客于本周五盗取了纽约邮报及合众国际社(UPI)的推特账号,并发布了包括中美开战在内的虚假信息。One tweet posted under the UPI account ed Pope Francis as saying, ;World War III has begun.;其中一条UPI的推特假装引用了教皇的说法:第三次世界大战开始了。Another message delivered on the Post account said the USS George Washington, an aircraft carrier, was ;engaged in active combat; against Chinese warships in the South China Sea.另一条邮报的推特则声称乔治华盛顿号航母在南中国海与中国发生了激烈的战斗The tweets were subsequently deleted.这些推特在随后被删除A tweet from the News Corp-owned Post later noted that ;Our Twitter account was briefly hacked and we are investigating.;邮报所属的新闻集团随后发表声明称“我们的推特账户刚刚被黑客盗取,我们正在进行调查”。The fake tweets were not just about war. One posted on UPI said ;Just in: Bank of America CEO calls for calm: Savings accounts will not be affected by federal reserve decision.;虚假的推特并不仅仅包含有关战争的内容,其中一条UPI的推特写到:“最新消息:美国CEO呼吁冷静:个人账户不会因美联储新决定受到影响”。UPI later acknowledged it was hacked, and said in a dispatch that ;six fake headlines were posted in about 10 minutes.;随后UPI承认了他们的账号被盗取,“它0分钟内发布了6条虚假头条”。On Twitter, UPI noted that ;World War III has not started, thankfully.;推特上,UPI补充到“谢天谢地!第三次世界大战没有发生”。Several media organizations have had their Twitter feeds hacked over the past two years including Agence France-Presse and the B. Also this week the Twitter feed for the Pentagons Central Command was taken over by a group supporting the Islamic State jihadists.在过去两年里,包括法新社及B在内的数家媒体推特账号都曾被黑客盗取。就在这周,五角大楼所属的中央司令部推特被IS圣战份子盗取。A Pentagon official said the tweet about hostilities with China was ;not true.;一位五角大楼的官员称,中美发生冲突的推特是“不真实的”。来 /201501/354909



  A black-masked executioner belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant appears to murder an American aid worker in a that surfaced on Sunday, despite pleas for his release by Muslim scholars and a leader of another Syrian jihadi group.A man appearing to be Peter Kassig, a 26-year-old aid worker and former US soldier, is shown on the kneeling in an orange jumpsuit as a black-clad warrior for the group, also known as Isis, stood beside him. Minutes later, a severed head described as Mr Kassig’s is shown resting on the ground in an area described as northern Syria.在周日出现的一段视频中,一名戴着黑色面具的“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)行刑人员似乎杀害了一名美国救助人员——尽管此前曾有穆斯林学者和一名其他叙利亚圣战组织的首脑请求释放这名救助人员。视频中遇害的似乎是现年26岁的救助人员彼得#8226;卡西Peter Kassig),他曾经是一位美军士兵。在视频中,他身着橙色连身衣跪在地上,身旁站着一名身穿黑衣的ISIS士兵。几分钟后,据称是卡西格的头颅被放在了地上,视频中称这一事件发生在叙利亚北部地区。US officials verified the authenticity of the , making Mr Kassig the fifth western hostage executed by Isis.“This is Peter Edward Kassig, a US citizen of your country,says the Isis member, speaking English with a British accent. “Peter, who fought the Muslims in Iraq while serving as soldier in the American army, doesn’t have much to say. His previous cellmates have aly spoken on his behalf.”Muslim clergy and even a leader of the rival jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra had pleaded for mercy for Mr Kassig, who had converted to Islam during his 13-month captivity and renamed himself Abdul-Rahman.“Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity,said US President Barack Obama.David Cameron, UK prime minister, condemned the purported killing and offered condolences to Mr Kassig’s family. “These beheadings show once again what a depraved organisation this is,he said in a statement.美国官方确认了视频的真实性,卡西格成为第5名被ISIS处死的西方人质。视频中,那名ISIS成员操着英国口音说:“这就是彼得#8226;爱德#8226;卡西格,一名来自你们美国的公民。彼得曾作为美国陆军士兵,与伊拉克的穆斯林对抗。他现在没什么要说的,要说的话已经由之前的狱友说了。”此前曾有穆斯林神职人员为卡西格求情,为他求情的甚至还包括敌对的伊斯兰圣战组织Jabhat al-Nusra的一名领导人。在被关押的13个月内,卡西格已经皈依伊斯兰教,并将自己改名为阿卜杜拉赫Abdul-Rahman)。美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)表示:“阿卜杜拉赫曼被一个恐怖组织以纯粹的罪恶行径从我们中夺走了。世界对该组织‘残暴’的形容是恰如其分的。”The alleged execution of Mr Kassig is shown at the end of a bloody 16-minute propaganda that includes the beheading by knife of 16 men described as Syrian regime soldiers and pilots.The release comes amid a flood of high-profile media announcements by the jihadi group, including a rare statement Thursday by the group’s leader and the announcement it would launch a new currency.英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)谴责了这一传闻中的杀人行径,并向卡西格的家人表示慰问。他在声明中表示:“这些斩首行为再次表明了该组织的邪恶本质。”对卡西格的涉嫌斩首行为是在一段长6分钟的血腥宣传视频末尾出现的,该视频中还播出了对16名据称是叙利亚政府军士兵和飞行员的斩首行为。The media offensive is concurrent with Isis battlefield losses and stalemates in both Syria and Iraq. After making inroads in large parts of Iraq and Syria, Isis has been stymied in its efforts to take control of the Syrian city of Kobani. The jihadi group has also suffered setbacks in Iraq at the town of Jorf al Sakher, in the south of Baghdad, and in the northwestern oil refinery city of Baiji, where Iraqi troops backed by Shia militiamen and US-led warplanes have gained ground in recent days.Chairman of the US joint chiefs, Gen Martin Dempsey, arrived in Baghdad on Saturday in an unannounced visit meant to shore up Washington’s support for Iraqi forces. These are at the frontline of efforts to halt and reverse Isis advances that begin with their June 10 seizure of the country’s second-largest city, Mosul. In addition to daily air strikes, US President Barack Obama has authorised some 3,000 troops to deploy in Iraq to train and advise Iraqi forces. 卡西格曾007年作为美军士兵在伊拉克役,并在2012年重返中东。他在多家医院作为志愿者从事医疗救助方面的工作,帮助那些在叙利亚受伤的人们,并建立了自己的慈善组织——“应急响应与援助特别组织(Special Emergency Response and Assistance)”0130日,他在去叙利亚城市Dair Azzour的途中被一个圣战组织扣押。卡西格的父母艾Ed)和葆Paula)在社交媒体上发表了一份声明,请求媒体不要发布有关这一涉嫌杀人行径的视频或照片。声明表示:“我们宁愿人们用文字描述我们的儿子,并缅怀他的重要工作和与亲友间的深厚感情,而不是重复那种扣押人质者试图用来操纵美国人并推进其事业的方式。”来 /201411/343548


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