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宿州市去蒙古斑价格蚌埠市医学院附属医院打瘦脸针多少钱Jennife Aniston and Abraham Lincoln who is here with us today.今天Jennifer Aniston和Abraham Lincoln在这里All righ,So here we go,talking aobut what happened this morning.好 现在 让我们谈谈今天早上发生的事Hey,this is your call.We are gonna talk about if you really feel,I mean.嘿 这是你的决定 如果你真的觉得有必要我们可以谈谈What do you have to say about it?Lets just show them.Lets not talk about it.你对这个该怎么解释? 先给他们看 我们先不说Lets just show it.Jen?Hi.Hi.What are you doing here?Its 8 a.m. in the morning.先让他们看 詹妮弗? 你好 你好 你在这里干嘛?现在可是早上八点呐oh,Yeah.Here is your paper?Oh,thanks.对的 给 你的报纸 谢谢Listen.So Im co-hosting Ellen today And I know you did it.听着 是这样的 我今天要和艾伦一起主持 我知道你和她一起主持过And you were so good and I just,just need a lot of advice.Some advice?你做的那么棒 我来向你请教些经验 经验?Maybe you should show up at somebodys house at 8 oclock in the morning.如果你要早上八点出现在别人家门口And you should call first.W...What are you talking about?我想你应该先打电话通知一下的 什...你在说什么?We used to work into each others apartment all the time.I mean we are friends.我们以前经常相互串门啊 我们可是老友呐I know.That was just a TV show,you know.我知道 可那毕竟是个电视剧呀We havent actually seen each other in a pretty long time like 8 years.你知道我们大概有八年那么长的时间没见了吧What?No.David.Thats not true.Its Matthew Whatever,listen.不 不 大卫 这不是真的 我叫做马修 不管啦 嘿 听着I just dont know as many dumb jokes as you我不知道无聊低级的笑话Oh,you really?you thought those were dumb jokes?Sweetie...真的吗?你真的认为我说的那些是低级的笑话? 亲爱的Ellen is really nice.Shes really funny.Youre gonna do great.I know.I know.艾伦人很好 很幽默 你们会合作的很好的 这我知道I just wanna know it is scripted or is it improvised?我只想知道节目是有稿子的还是需要即兴发挥?Yes!Y..To what? Yes to what?Come on,you gotta give me something to go on.对呀 对?是哪个?那个对呀? 嘿 你总得把话说完Oh dont say GO ON.Oh Im sorry.Yeah Youre gonna be great.别跟我提生活向前冲 哦 不好意思 你会很出色的You are really smart.You are beautiful.You are sexy.你这么聪明 这么漂亮 又这么性感I konw.I know.But,it just Whats happening down here.我懂的 但是只是...发生什么事了? /201604/437309蚌埠东方美莱坞整形医院抽脂多少钱 Volkswagen has reportedly reached a settlement with the ed States government over charges that it gave its diesel vehicles software to cheat federal emissions tests. 据报道大众与美国政府达成一项协议,关于控告其在柴油车使用软件欺骗联邦的排放测试。According to The Associated Press, the company will spend just over billion to compensate U.S. owners of the vehicles and German media says that each owner of an affected diesel car will be paid ,000. 据美联社报道,大众将花费超过10亿美元来补偿美国车主,德国媒体表示每位受影响的柴油车主将获得5,000美元。The AP adds in its report that negotiations about fixing the cars are currently ongoing. 美联社在报道中补充道,关于修理汽车的谈判正在进行中。Earlier this week, lawyers for thousands of Volkswagen owners in the U.S. asked a federal judge in California to order a settlement if Volkswagen couldn’t agree to a fix by Thursday.本周早些时候,美国数千名大众车主的律师要求加利福尼亚的一名联邦法官安排方案,如果到周四大众不同意解决。译文属。201604/438505蚌埠去眼袋手术

蚌埠第一人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱French politics法国政治Rocards return罗卡尔强势回归The former prime ministers ideas are making a comeback前首相的理念卷土重来THE left wing of the French Socialist Party was still reeling this week after the shock eviction of Arnaud Montebourg, a populist industry minister, and his replacement by Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker. Fran?ois Hollande, after all, was elected Socialist president in 2012 declaring that his main “adversary” was “the world of finance”. Yet on August 31st, in a defiant speech to party members in the port of La Rochelle, Manuel Valls, his prime minister, made no apology, reasserting the governments more pro-business line.继本周主张民粹主义的经济部长阿尔诺·蒙特布尔下台之后,法国社会党左翼依旧处于深深的震惊之中无法自拔----前投资家马克龙接了蒙特布尔的班。毕竟2012年弗朗索瓦·奥朗德在竞选社会党领袖的时候曾声称他的主要“敌手”是“金融配的世界”。然而在8月11日,在拉罗谢尔,奥朗德的总理曼努埃尔·瓦尔斯发表了一篇极具挑衅性的讲话,并且毫不脸红地重复着政府要求企业履行责任契约的想法。The most important shift taking place within the government, however, may not be the appointment of a single new young minister. It is rather the closet takeover by social democrats linked to Michel Rocard, Frances prime minister from 1988 to 1991.然而这个被认为是法国政府最重要的转折并不单指对这名年轻部长的任命。这项举措意味着这位新部长继承承了米歇尔罗卡尔这位于1988年至1991年驰骋在法国政坛的社会民主党总理的衣钵Mr Valls himself is the spiritual son of Mr Rocard, and got his first government job serving as the former prime ministers parliamentary attaché. In his book “Pouvoir” (Power) Mr Valls writes admiringly of Mr Rocard, citing “the force of his intelligence and the frankness of his words”. These fired Mr Vallss political imagination as a teenager and secured his loyalty for the next 15 years, as Mr Rocard, then a rising star of the left, tried but failed to impose his centre-left thinking on the Socialist Party as an alternative to the socialism of Fran?ois Mitterrand.瓦尔斯视罗卡尔为精神偶像,并且瓦尔斯在政府中的第一份工作是作为前总理的议会专员。瓦尔斯在其著作“Pouvoir”一书中提到罗卡尔先生“智慧的力量与言语的坦率”令其满心钦佩。对罗卡尔先生钦佩激起了少年瓦尔斯的政治幻想,并在之后的十五年时间里巩固了瓦尔斯先生的忠诚。像罗卡尔先生一样,瓦尔斯成为了左翼阵营中冉冉升起的新星。他曾试图在社会党内部推行其中左思想以替代佛朗索瓦·密朗特的社会主义,不过以失败告终。Rocardiens have been installed in all corners. Mr Vallss current political adviser, Yves Colmou, is one, having also served on Mr Rocards political staff. So did Sylvie Hubac, who now runs Mr Hollandes staff at the Elysée Palace. Bernard Cazeneuve, Mr Vallss interior minister, got his first job as an adviser of a member of Mr Rocards government. Mr Macron is a close friend of Mr Rocard and invited him to his wedding.罗卡尔的死忠追随者们已经遍布各个角落。瓦尔斯先生的现任政治顾问Yves Colmou就是其中之一。并且这位顾问还曾为罗卡尔先生效过犬马之劳。现在为奥朗德先生搭理爱丽舍宫的Sylvie Hubac也是一样。瓦尔斯的内政部长 Bernard Cazeneuve,初入政坛时的第一份工作就是罗卡尔先生的政府成员顾问。Marcon先生是罗卡尔先生的密友,并且罗卡尔受邀参加过其的婚礼。At the same time, those on the partys left have been sidelined. Two other left-wing ministers were thrown out along with Mr Montebourg. Their departure was preceded by that of Aquilino Morelle, a confidant of Mr Montebourg and a presidential adviser, after a scandal involving the shining of lots of pairs of Mr Morelles posh leather shoes at the Elysée palace.与此同时,那些左翼党人已经被边缘化。另外还有两名左翼的部长和蒙特布尔先生一起被踢出了内阁。他们的离职是拜蒙特布尔先生的知己—位居总统顾问的Aquilino Morelle在爱丽舍宫爆出豪华皮鞋的丑闻所赐。“The Rocardiens have clearly won the day,” notes another ex-member of Mr Rocards prime-ministerial cabinet. Mr Valls, who insists that the left must make peace with business, is now partly unpicking a rent-control law passed by his predecessor. Mr Macron has hinted at loosening rules governing the 35-hour working week; Mr Cazeneuve has urged common-sense immigration control, echoing Mr Rocard in 1989. As if all this were not suggestive enough, there is a further link: one of the former prime ministers sons, Lo?c Rocard, now works in Mr Vallss cabinet.“现在是罗卡尔追随者的天下,”前罗卡尔内阁成员如是说。坚持认为左派必须与商界和平共处的瓦尔斯先生现在正在逐步瓦解其前任通过的房租管制法。MACRON先生曾经暗示会每周工作35小时的监管规则;CAZENEUVE议员为了呼应1989年罗卡尔先生的政策,现极力主张常识性移民的管制。即使这一切都不够说明什么,这里有另一层更为深远的关系:这位前总理的一个儿子鲁瓦克·罗卡尔,现在正在瓦尔斯的内阁任职。 /201409/327773蚌埠祛斑大概要多少钱 As you might expect, I spend a good deal of time talking to people about politics, at least if I can manage to get them not to run away.And Ive noticed something remarkable this year. If I can badly abuse William Butler Yeats, the worst may be filled with passionate intensity, but the best are largely frustrated and bored out of their skulls. Heres something to think about.When President Obama completes his term in office a year from January, well have had three presidents in a row who each served a full eight years in office. Do you know the last time in history that happened?The answer is that it never has. This has been the longest sustained period of political continuity in American history. Compare this to a few decades ago. President Kennedy was assassinated; Lyndon Johnson essentially driven from the White House; Richard Nixon quit to avoid being thrown out, and the next two men defeated when they ran for reelection.Things have been, if anything, even more boringly stable in Michigan. Governor Snyder, like his predecessor, will have served eight years in office. The three previous governors served 12 years, eight years, and 14 years. Were not in an era of rapid personnel change.Add to this the fact that our politics, both state and national, have come to resemble something like the static trench warfare of World War I. In Michigan, the legislature is so gerrymandered that theres no true two-party competition for more than eighty percent of the seats. The parties are so polarized meaningful collaboration has proven virtually impossible.When it comes to Presidential politics, eighty percent of the states are considered safely “red,” or Republican, or ;blue; Democratic. Those colors have no ideological meaning; they come from the colors the TV networks use on Election Night to designate which partys candidate has won a state. We live, of course, in a world where politics have been ruled by television.We also are living in an era where our leaders are far older than they used to be. I just finished writing a book with Former Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley. When he was appointed to that job in 1961, he had just turned 37 years old. The governor of Michigan was 36; the mayor of Detroit 33, and the President of the ed States 44.Today, the three leading candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination will be 69, 74 and 75 years old next year; the leading Republican candidate will be 70. Biological age, however, may be less important than fossilized thought. When the current political cycle began, we were told by the talking heads that we were headed for an election between two candidates who seemed like incumbents: Hillary Clinton, the wife of one former president, a woman who has been in prominent positions and continuously on the scene for a quarter of a century, and Jeb Bush, the son of one president and the brother of another.Instead, the voters are flocking to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Some are angry, some hopeful, but its pretty clear they are deeply frustrated and long for something different. It will be interesting to see when and if this carries over into state politics as well.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201509/397541蚌埠市中医医院整形美容科

蚌埠医学院第二附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱Leaders Satellites Space: the next startup frontier社论精粹 卫星 太空:下一个Where nanosats boldly go, new businesses will follow—unless they are smothered with excessive regulations微型卫星大胆地去哪儿,新的商业就会跟去哪儿—除非他们受到过度监管的阻碍AROUND 1,000 operational satellites are circling the Earth, some of them the size and weight of a large car. In the past year they have been joined by junior offspring: 100 or so small satellites, some of them made up of one or more 10cm (4-inch) cubes. They may be tiny, but each is vastly more capable than Sputnik, the first man-made satellite launched by Russia in 1957. And many more are coming.大约1000颗运转着的卫星正围绕着地球旋转,其中有些卫星的体积和重量和汽车差不多。去年,初级后代加入了他们的队伍:100颗左右的小卫星,他们中有些是由一个或多个10厘米(4英尺)的立方体组成。他们可能很小,但是他们每个都比1957年前苏联发射的首颗人造卫星Sputnik功能性强得多。而且还有更多这样的卫星即将面世。Space hardware used to cost so much that it was available only to generals, multinationals and the most privileged scientists. No more. Many of these nanosats, as small satellites weighing no more than a few kilograms are called, have been launched for small companies, startups and university departments, sometimes with finance raised on crowdfunding websites. Their construction costs can be down in the tens of thousands of dollars, which makes them thousands of times cheaper than todays big satellites. Admittedly, there is much they cannot do, but with that sort of price differential, and some ingenious use of the abilities they do have, they could be surprisingly competitive players on a number of fronts. In the next five years another 1,000 nanosats are expected to be launched.过去,太空硬件太贵了,只有将军,跨国公司和最享有特权的科学家才能有权使用。没有其他人有权使用。许多这种微型卫星——由于小卫星质量不超过几千克而得此名——已经提供给小公司、新创办的公司和大学一些系发射,有时在集体融资网站集资。他们的制造成本可以降低好几万美元,这使得他们比目前的大卫星便宜成千上万倍。不可否认的,这些卫星有许多办不了的事儿,但是在那种价格差下,加以巧妙使用他们已有的功能,他们可以在许多方面出乎意料地成为有竞争力的选手。在接下来的五年,还有1000颗微型卫星有望被发射出去。Two trends are setting up nanosats for further success. Like people working on everything from robots to 3D printers, nanosat builders are harvesting the benefits of ever better, ever cheaper components built for smartphones and other consumer electronics. Some nanosats even contain complete smartphones, making use of the clever operating systems, radios and cameras which phones now contain. For as long as phones go on getting cheaper and more capable, so will nanosats. The cheapest so far—a tiny chipsat—was assembled for just , though it has yet to be successfully launched.两个趋势为微型卫星进一步的成功奠定了基础。就像从研究机器人到3D打印的人们一样,微型卫星的制造者从智能手机和其他家用电子产品中获得了更廉价更好的元件。有些微型卫星甚至装有整个手机装置,利用手机目前现有的智能的操作系统、电台和照相机功能。只要手机在一直降价并且越来越智能化,微型卫星也会同样变便宜并且更智能。目前最便宜的——微型芯片卫星——只花了25美元进行配置,尽管它暂时还没有被成功发射出去。The launch systems too are getting much cheaper. SpaceX, the innovative rocket-maker founded by Elon Musk, has aly brought down the costs of getting into space; it and its competitors could reduce them a lot further. The biggest beneficiaries will at first be people who make big satellites. But more big satellites will mean more opportunities for small satellites to piggy-back on their launches. And some companies are looking at cheap little launch systems tailored specifically to the needs of the nanosatellite. One reason space engineers are notoriously conservative is that the costs of failure are high. As making and launching satellites gets cheaper, it will be ever easier for innovative, risk-taking nanosat-makers to orbit around the lumbering incumbents.发射系统也越来越便宜了。伊隆?马斯克创办的创新火箭制造公司太空探索技术公司已经降低了发射卫星到太空的成本了,该公司及其竞争对手可以进一步降低发射成本。最大的受益人首先就是制造大型卫星的人。但是越多大型卫星发射就意味着越多的机会给小卫星。一些公司在研究廉价小型发射系统专用于满足微型卫星的需求。太空工程师出了名的保守一个原因是失败的代价太高。随着制造和发射卫星越来越便宜,微型卫星制造者就越容易进行创新和冒险环绕XX运行。Size does impose limits. Nanosats cannot peer as closely at the Earth or carry out as many experiments as big satellites. But for some jobs that does not matter. The plans that companies aly have include using nanosats for monitoring crops, studying the sun and tracking ships and aircraft. Such a system might have been able to track Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which went missing in March.体积确实会产生限制。微型卫星不能像大型卫星一样把地球看得那么仔细,也不能像大型卫星一样进行那么多实验。但是对有些工作来说,体积并不重要。公司现有的计划包括用微型卫星监控农作物,研究太阳和追踪船只和飞机。这种系统可能可以追踪三月份失踪的马航MH370。Nano can do微型卫星可以做到Yet not everyone is thrilled. One worry is that constellations of nanosats will mean a big increase in space junk; but, operating in low-Earth orbit, they burn up on re-entry after a year or so. And being cheap, they can soon be replaced with newer models. A more serious concern is that they are a “dual-use” technology: they could be used for military purposes. In America this has led to onerous restrictions.但是没有人很兴奋。其中一个担忧是一群微型卫星就意味着太空垃圾大量增加,但是,如果在近地轨道运行,这些卫星就会烧掉或者一年后重新进入轨道。因为便宜,这些卫星可以很快被更新的型号取代。更应该关注的是他们是“军民两用”的技术:这些卫星也可以用于军事用途。在美国,这个引发了麻烦的限制。Barack Obamas administration has sensibly repealed a law of 1999 that required all satellites to be licensed by the State Department as munitions under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This could mean that most commercial satellites will be removed from ITAR by the end of the year and their export administered by the Commerce Department. But some satellite systems and spacecraft—including anything that can carry people into space—will remain under ITAR.巴拉克?奥巴马的政府明智地撤销了1999年的一项法规,这项法规规定所有的卫星都要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》,作为军需品通过国务院授权。这可能意味着嘴商业化的卫星将于今年年底从国际武器贸易条例中去除,并且他们的出口受商务部管理。但是一些卫星系统和飞机——包括一切可以载人进入太空的东西—还是要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》。Care needs to be taken with military kit, but Americas regulations still seem excessive. A regular review to distinguish between systems that pose a real threat and ones that dont would be a help, as would better intelligence. Tight restrictions on new technologies will not work, and will damage Americas interests: exciting new ventures like nanosats will simply move to countries from which they can be launched with greater ease.军用装备需要小心,但是美国的条例看起来还是过分了。定期检查区分形成真正威胁的系统和没有形成威胁的系统会有效,还会更明智。对新技术的严格限制不会有用,还会损害美国的利益:像微型卫星那样令人兴奋的新冒险只会转移到发射更容易的国家去。译者:王丹培 译文属译生译世 /201506/379880 The second type of vaccine contains an attenuated virus. 第二种类型的疫苗包含一种减毒病毒。This virus is alive, but has been grown in the lab for several generations, so it isnt able to multiply very well in humans. 这种病毒本身是活的,但在实验室中已成长了几代,所以无法在人体中很好繁殖。With the attenuated virus multiplying very slowly,your body is able to produce the correct antibodies before you get sick. 由于减毒病毒繁殖慢,因此你的身体在患病前就能够产生正确的抗体。Measles and mumps vaccines are both made with attenuated viruses. 麻疹,腮腺炎疫苗都是用减毒病毒疫苗。When most people in a community have become resistant to the virus, either through a vaccination or by having the virus and recovering, the community develops what is called “herd immunity”. 经过接种疫苗或感染病毒恢复,一个社区的大多数人已对病毒变得具有抵抗力,社区就会发展成为“群体免疫”。The nice thing about herd immunity is that it becomes statistically less likely for the germ to find a person without immunity. 群体免疫的好处是,从统计角度病菌不太可能找到一个没有免疫力的人。This protects members of the community who havent been vaccinated, or had the disease, by reducing their chances of encountering an infected person.这样通过减少接触感染者,社区未接种疫苗或有疾病史的人就会得到保护。201501/354540蚌埠第一人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱淮南市第一人民医院祛疤手术多少钱



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