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2018年01月18日 13:50:47

President Barack Obama has announced that the ed States is prepared to lift economic sanctions on Myanmar, following talks at the White House with the countrys de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.美国总统奥巴马宣布,美国准备取消对缅甸的经济制裁。此前,奥巴马与缅甸实际掌权的领导人昂山素季在白宫举行了会谈。After their meeting Wednesday, both leaders spoke to reporters in the Oval Office. Citing that country’s “remarkable social and political transformation,Obama said, ;The ed States is now prepared to lift sanctions that we have imposed on Burma for quite some time.”两位领导人星期三会谈后,在椭圆形办公室向媒体发表了讲话。奥巴马以缅甸出现的“卓越的社会和政治变革”为例说明,“美国现已准备好要取消长期以来对缅甸实施的制裁。”Earlier, he sent a letter to Congress saying the administration is moving to restore trade benefits to Myanmar that were suspended more than two decades ago because of human rights abuses.早些时候,奥巴马致函美国国会,称政府将采取行动恢复对缅甸的贸易优惠,对缅甸的贸易优惠因为人权问题在20多年前被中止。Speaking alongside Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi thanked him personally for being the first U.S. president to visit Myanmar. 昂山素季站在奥巴马身边,亲自对奥巴马作为第一位美国总统访问缅甸表示感谢。She also thanked the Congress for putting pressure on Myanmar to restore human rights, but said the time has now come for the U.S. to lift all sanctions, saying, ;But unity also needs prosperity, because people, when they have to fight over limited resources, forget that standing together is important.;她还感谢美国国会为恢复人权曾向缅甸政府施加压力。但是她说,现在是美国取消所有制裁的时候了。她说:“团结也需要繁荣,因为当人们不得不为有限资源而争斗时,他们就会忘记团结的重要性。”She pleaded for people to visit and invest in the country, saying, “I expect businessmen to come to our country to make profits.She said she expects Myanmar’s legislature to pass a new investment law she hopes will be very attractive to countries around the world.她呼吁人们到缅甸观光和投资。她说:“我期待商人们到我们国家来赚取利润。”她说,她预计并期望缅甸议会通过一项吸引世界各国的新的投资法。Aung San Suu Kyi acknowledged that while Myanmar has made progress in its transition to democracy, there is ;so much that has to be done.; She cited continuing tensions among its 135 ethnic groups, and said her administration is focused on the situation in Rakhine state, saying ;communal strife is not something we can ignore.;昂山素季承认,虽然缅甸在向民主过渡方面取得了进展,但是仍有“很多工作要做。”她以缅35个民族之间持续不断的紧张局势为例指出,她的政府目前关注的焦点是若开邦的局势,她说“族裔间的纷争不容忽视”。来 /201609/466460固镇县脂肪丰胸价格皖北煤电集团总医院去眼袋多少钱At least one group in Germany did not seem relieved when Friday’s deadly shooting in Munich turned out to be the work not of jihadi terrorists but of a lone German-Iranian gunman lacking an apparent political motive.上周五的慕尼黑击事件并非出自圣战恐怖分子之手,而是一名没有明显政治动机的伊朗裔德国手单独所为,对此德国至少有一个组织并没有感到松了一口气。The rightwing populist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) had tried to exploit the carnage. With an eye on forthcoming regional elections, the party held Chancellor Angela Merkel and her migration policy responsible for the “terror in Germany and Europe右翼民粹主义政党“德国新选项党AfD)曾尝试利用这次大屠杀。为了在即将到来的地区选举中争取持,德国新选项党称,德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)和她的移民政策要为“发生在德国和欧洲的恐怖行为”负责。So far, their message has had little effect. In the aftermath of Munich where 10 people died, including the gunman moderate politicians and citizens alike showed calm and solidarity.到目前为止,这一观点没有引起多大反响。在慕尼黑事件——包括手在内,共有10人死亡——之后,立场温和的政治家和公民都表现出了冷静和团结。That incident, however, came in the wake of an axe attack by an Afghan refugee on a train in Würzburg on July 18, and it was followed by two incidents on Sunday that both involved Syrian asylum seekers: one who had pledged allegiance to Isis blew himself up outside a music festival in Ansbach, injuring 12 people; and another killed a woman with a machete in Reutlingen, in what police suggest was “a crime of passion然而,在这起事件发生前8日,一名阿富汗难民在维尔茨Würzburg)一列火车上持斧伤人。而在慕尼黑事件后的周日(4日)又发生了两起跟叙利亚难民有关的袭击事件:一名曾对“伊斯兰国Isis)宣誓效忠的男子在安斯巴赫(Ansbach)一场音乐节现场外炸死自己,造成12人受伤;还有一人在罗伊特林Reutlingen)持刀杀死一名女性,警方称之为“犯罪”。It appears that Germany is vulnerable, but the attempts of the AfD to use Munich for political advantage drew opprobrium. It was striking that while President Fran#231;ois Hollande of France condemned Friday night’s “act of terrorism few German politicians outside the AfD used the term.看起来德国很脆弱,但新选项党试图利用慕尼黑事件获取政治利益的举动遭到了抨击。引人注目的是,尽管法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)谴责了上周五晚间的“恐怖主义行径”,但在德国,除了新选项党之外几乎没有政治家使用这个措词。While, after Ansbach, Winfried Bausback, Bavaria’s justice minister, wrote that “Islamic terror has reached Germany so far there has been no talk of the kind of “war against terrorismthat Mr Hollande declared in France.尽管德国巴伐利亚州司法部长温弗里#8226;鲍斯巴克(Winfried Bausback)在安斯巴赫事件之后写下了“伊斯兰恐怖活动已扩散到德国”这样的话,但迄今为止,德国人并未谈论奥朗德在法国宣布的那种“反恐战争”。From a German perspective, military action against terrorists in a volatile global situation has to be part of a wider strategy. The country will, however, have to step up its engagement to help stabilise the Middle East, north Africa and the Sahel, where failing states, rampant Islamism and displacement of populations represent a significant risk to Europe.站在德国的角度来看,在当今动荡的国际局势下,打击恐怖分子的军事行动必须被纳入一项更宏大的战略之中。然而,德国将不得不更深地介入,以帮助稳定中东、北非和萨赫勒地the Sahel)的局势,在这些地区,走向失败的国家、伊斯兰主义的流行以及民众流离失所,对欧洲构成了重大风险。Despite the four incidents taking place in quick succession, there has been no groundswell of support for a crackdown by the secret services. For the time being, the debate in Germany on the appropriate domestic response is far removed from that in France, where the state of emergency is the “new normal尽管在短时间内相继发生四起袭击事件,德国并未出现持由特工机关实施镇压行动的强烈呼声。眼下,德国有关国内应如何恰当应对当前局面的辩论与法国大为不同,在法国,紧急状态已成为“新常态”。The tone may change if the attacks continue and more evidence appears linking refugees to terrorist organisations, and this could have implications for the country’s migration debate.如果继续发生袭击事件,并且有更多据表明难民与恐怖组织有联系,那么德国的舆论或许会发生变化,这可能对该国关于移民问题的辩论产生影响。While the federal government has increased spending on integration, the question of how to assimilate, in particular, unaccompanied minors has become especially pressing since the Würzburg attack, which was carried out by a 17-year-old. Moreover, Ms Merkel’s liberal stance on migration retains public support only because the numbers entering Germany fell so dramatically after a fragile deal with Turkey this year.尽管德国联邦政府已增加了在移民融入方面的开,但如何同化移民——尤其是孤身无伴的未成年人——的问题在维尔茨堡事件后已变得特别紧迫。维尔茨堡袭击是由一名年7岁的人发起的。此外,默克尔在移民问题上的自由立场之所以仍获得公众持,是因为今年与土耳其签订了一份脆弱的协议之后,进入德国的移民数量显著下降。Up to now, the government has managed to convey a sense of control. A poll conducted in the three days following Würzburg showed sustained support for the parties in the governing coalition, while the AfD’s rating dropped to 11 per cent. So far, the AfD and other anti-immigration movements have failed to sow distrust and fear, as populists in other countries have done.到目前为止,德国政府成功地传递了一种掌控着局面的感觉。在维尔茨堡事件发生后三天内进行的一份调查显示,执政联盟中的政党依然受到民众持,而新选项党的持率下降至11%。迄今为止,新选项党等反移民组织没能像其他国家的民粹主义者那样成功地散布猜忌和恐惧情绪。After the Munich shooting, Germans stood together in a remarkable way. The city was in lockdown within minutes, with all public transport closing.在慕尼黑击事件之后,德国人令人惊讶地团结在一起。事件发生不久全城封锁,所有公共交通停运。Meanwhile, the hashtag “offenetuer(open door) trended on Twitter as citizens gave shelter to strangers.同时,“打开大门”标#offenetuer)在推Twitter)上流行起来,市民们为陌生人提供栖身之所。This reaction is a hopeful sign in a society that, like others in the west, will have to get used to being targeted, from within and without. That resilience will be put to the test if the attacks continue.在这个将不得不与其他西方国家一样习惯被当作攻击目标——包括来自内部和外部的攻击——的社会,这种反应是一种让人充满希望的迹象。如果继续发生袭击事件,那么这种韧性将面临考验。来 /201607/456955淮南美白针多少钱

蚌埠市医学院附属医院纹眉毛多少钱蚌埠固镇县绣眉多少钱A British man has been sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison over his attempt to grab a gun in a bid to kill Donald Trump.一名企图抢杀掉唐纳德·特朗普的英国男子于日前被判处监禁一年零一天。Michael Sandford, 20, pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.今年20岁的迈克尔·桑福德月认罪,罪名包括携带非法入境以及抢夺警。He was accused of grabbing a policemans gun at a rally in Las Vegas in order to shoot at the candidate. His mother says ;he is remorseful over what he did;.他被指控在的竞选集会上抢夺警并意图杀总统候选人特朗普。桑福德的母亲表示:“他对自己的所作所为非常后悔”。The defence team said their client is autistic and suffers seizures and obsession-compulsion anxiety.辩护律师团表示,他们的委托人是自闭症患者,还患有癫痫症和强迫症。Michael Sandford appeared in court in orange prison garb, looking pale and slight, his ankles shackled.审判当天,迈克尔·桑福德出现在法庭上时穿着橘色的囚,面色苍白,身形瘦削,脚踝上戴着脚镣。He smiled as members of his family waved to him and mouthed: ;I love you.;当他的家人向他挥手并说出“我爱你”的时候,他笑了。Sandford then broke down in tears as he apologised for what he had done and for taking up time and costing the taxpayer money. ;I just feel terrible about it,; he said.随后,在为自己的行为道歉并为占用了大家的时间以及浪费了纳税人的钱而道歉的时候,桑福德崩溃大哭。他说:“我就是觉得非常非常不好。”The judge James Mahan appeared sympathetic, telling Sandford: ;I dont think you harboured malice in your heart.;法官詹姆斯·马汉对他表示同情,他告诉桑福德:“我觉得你的内心里不是满怀恶意的。”Sandfords mother said that she had lost contact with her son after he left home to travel around the US in 2015. He had previously shown no interest in politics, and she was unable to explain why he would want to shoot Mr Trump.桑福德的母亲表示,自从儿015年离开家去环游美国之后就和他失去了联系。他之前从未对政治表现出兴趣,她也不能解释为什么儿子会想要杀特朗普。来 /201612/485015蚌埠自体脂肪隆鼻多少钱宿州市立医院修眉多少钱

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