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蚌埠隆胸多少钱蚌埠人民医院割双眼皮手术多少钱A week and a half after China suddenly asserted authority over a busy patch of airspace in the East China Sea, concerns are rising that Asia#39;s territorial disputes could end up weighing on commercial air travel.在中国突然就东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称东海)一块繁忙的空域宣示权力一周半之后,围绕亚洲领土争端可能影响民航业务的担忧不断加剧。More than 1,000 flights a day, some 6% of air traffic in east Asia, likely pass through the area, according to data from O, a U.K.-based flight-information provider. On Nov. 23, China declared the area to be an air-defense identification zone, or ADIZ-an extra buffer beyond a country#39;s official air space, in which foreign planes may be asked to identify themselves and their flight plans.根据英国航班信息提供商O的数据,每天有逾1,000架次航班(约为东亚航空班次的6%),可能通过这一区域。11月23日中国宣布这块空域为中国的防空识别区,即正式领空之外的额外缓冲区,在这个区域内,外国飞机可能被要求通报身份以及飞行计划。China#39;s declaration has aly caused a split among the world#39;s carriers over how to respond, since the new ADIZ-which was created over a set of disputed islands-overlaps ADIZ that aly exist from Japan and Taiwan, which also claim the territory, as well as South Korea.由于这一新的防空识别区(设在一系列争议岛屿上空)与日本、台湾及韩国现有的防空识别区有重叠,中国此举已然令全球航空公司就如何应对产生了分歧。日本和台湾也对这些岛屿宣告主权。Chinese officials say that 55 airlines including those from the U.S. are obeying the new zone rules, which among other things require airlines passing through to file flight plans with China-and face possible military action if they#39;re recalcitrant. But Japanese and South Korean airlines, which operate a major portion of the traffic through the zone-around 500 flights a day-are ignoring the rules.中国官员称,包括美国公司在内的55家航空公司都遵守了新的防空识别区规定,根据规定,通过这一区域的飞机需要向中国提交飞行计划而且未遵守规定者可能面临军事行动。但是日本和韩国航空公司未予理会。经过这一区域的航班大多来自日本和韩国的航空公司――每天约500架次。#39;Politics is politics. But safety should be placed at the forefront,#39; said Yi Shin-Juang, deputy director of air-traffic services at Taiwan#39;s Civil Aeronautics Administration, explaining its decision to have its airlines obey China#39;s newly imposed rules even as the Taiwanese government raises concerns over the ADIZ.尽管台湾对中国防空识别区心存担忧,但是台湾民用航空局仍决定让其航空公司遵守中国新规定;该机构航管组副组长易心庄解释道,政治是政治,但是安全还是应该放在首位的。Adding to the uncertainties, South Korea is considering responding to China#39;s move by extending its own ADIZ to cover a submerged rock both countries claim. Some analysts are asking whether China might extend its ADIZ next into the South China Sea, where it is trying to assert sovereignty over islands that are also claimed by other nations like the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.令不确定性加剧的是,韩国正在考虑扩大防空识别区、覆盖两国均宣告主权的暗礁,以此回应中国的举动。一些分析人士现在猜测,中国下一步是否会将防空识别区拓展至南中国海上空;目前中国与菲律宾、越南和马来西亚对南中国海的一些岛屿存在主权争议。#39;If China opts to repeat the (air-defense zone) fiasco in the South China Sea, this will risk destabilizing the region further,#39; said Daniel Tsang, founder and chief analyst at Aspire Aviation, a Hong Kong-based consultancy. #39;The last thing airlines want to see at this stage, with the weak and anemic global economic recovery, would be a fray in bilateral ties that would harm business travel and leisure traffic,#39; he added.香港咨询公司Aspire Aviation创始人兼首席分析师Daniel Tsang称,如果中国选择在南中国海重演防空识别区闹剧,那么将有可能给该地区的稳定带来进一步威胁;在全球经济复苏疲软乏力之际,航空公司目前阶段最不愿意看到的是双边关系紧张,冲击全球商务和休闲旅行。Measuring the potential impact is tough. Air travel demand between China and Japan has fallen significantly during the past year and a half, amid territorial friction between the two nations, hurting profits of their key airlines. Japan#39;s big airlines say they haven#39;t yet seen a significant impact from their decision to defy China#39;s new zone rules, although privately, an official from one carrier said the airline is concerned customers may become worried about safety.估算潜在影响是很困难的。过去一年半,受领土争端影响,中日之间的航空旅行需求已经大大下降,对双方主要航空公司的利润都有冲击。日本一些大型航空公司称,尚未发现反抗中国新防空识别区规定的决定产生了显著影响,不过某航空公司的一位管理人士私下表示,该公司担心客户可能担忧安全问题。The region#39;s airlines have had awkward run-ins with defense zones before. When Taiwan#39;s airlines began flying regularly into mainland China four years ago, routes to the northeastern cities of Qingdao and Dalian took jetliners briefly over Japan#39;s ADIZ, and more than a dozen of those initial flights received emergency radio commands by Japanese authorities to divert, or face the threat of military interception, according to the Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration.事实上,该地区的航空公司以前就曾在防空识别区有过尴尬遭遇。台湾民用航空局表示,四年前台湾航班开始定期飞往中国大陆时,飞往青岛和大连的航线需要短暂飞越日本的防空识别区,而最初的航班中有十多架飞机都收到了日本监管部门要求飞机改道的紧急无线电指令,如不听从则会面临日本军事拦截的威胁。Taiwan#39;s aviation regulator said the problem was that its airlines hadn#39;t filed flight plans with Japan, since the routes passed only through Japan#39;s defense zone and not official airspace. Japan asked Taiwan to file the plans, and it has complied ever since-similar to what#39;s happening now with China#39;s ADIZ-the regulator said.台湾航空监管部门称,问题是台湾的航空公司当时都未向日本提交飞行计划,因为这些航线只是穿越日本的防空识别区而不是领空;日本要求台湾方面提交飞行计划,台湾此后也遵守了这一规定。这与目前中国防空识别区所发生的情况颇为相似。Japan#39;s defense ministry said its air force had scrambled jets eight times during that period to respond to Taiwanese planes, but declined to elaborate. Japan#39;s foreign ministry said the country doesn#39;t scramble for planes that aren#39;t approaching Japan#39;s territorial airspace, and doesn#39;t ask for flight plans when the planes are only flying over Japan#39;s ADIZ, but declined to comment further.日本防卫省(Ministry of Defense)表示,在那段时期,日本航空自卫队曾八次出动飞机来应对台湾飞机。但防卫省没有透露详情。日本外务省(Ministry Of Foreign Affairs)表示,对于没有逼近日本领空的飞机,日本不会采取行动;如果飞机只是飞越日本防空识别区,日本也不会要求其提交飞行计划。但外务省拒绝发表更多。Airlines and analysts say that despite the proliferation of defense zones there is little risk to safety of commercial craft because jetliners are clearly identified and their flight paths easily accessed. The International Air Transport Association, which represents the bulk of the world#39;s carriers, said flight operations have been unaffected, and it hasn#39;t received any reports of problems from member airlines.航空公司和分析人士称,防空识别区的范围正在扩大,但并没有给商用飞机的安全带来太多风险,因为喷气式客机能够被清楚地识别,而且它们的飞行路线也很容易追踪。代表全球大部分航空公司的组织国际航空运输协会(International Air Transport Association)表示,航班运营并未受到影响,尚未收到任何来自航空公司会员的问题报告。Still, some industry watchers warned that tensions could rise, especially if Japan and China drastically increase military activity over the zone. Old-timers point to the 1983 downing of Korean Air 003490.SE 0.00% Flight 007, which drifted off course into Soviet airspace at the height of the Cold War, and was shot down by a Soviet jet fighter that mistook it for a hostile military craft, killing all 269 people aboard.不过,一些行业观察人士警告说,该地区的紧张局势可能升级,特别是如果日本和中国在该区域的军事活动显著增加。熟悉历史的人会想到1983年大韩航空公司(Korean Air Lines Co.) 007号航班被击落一事。当时正值冷战(Cold War)高潮,这架迷航的飞机误入苏联领空,被苏联战机当作敌方军机击落,导致机上269人全部遇难。Experts say such mistakes are unlikely, given advances in technology, but can#39;t be ruled out.专家们称,由于科技的发展,现在已不太可能出现这种失误,但也不能排除这种可能性。#39;It#39;s hard to predict the outcome if confrontations of military jets from both sides take place,#39; said Humphrey Sun, a commercial pilot for China Eastern Airlines Corp. 600115.SH -2.28% who regularly flies between mainland China and Taiwan. He added that he believes the governments would make flight safety a top priority.中国东方航空股份有限公司(China Eastern Airlines Co. 简称:东方航空)在中国大陆与台湾之间往来飞行的商用飞机飞行员孙慧(Humphrey Sun)表示,若中日双方军机对峙,则很难估计后果。他还表示,相信双方政府都会将飞行安全放在首位。Japan last week raised concerns about ADIZ to the ed Nation#39;s International Civil Aviation Organization, saying that if countries unilaterally imposed rules on commercial planes flying through such zones, that could cause confusion and extra paperwork--not to mention worries over possible military enforcement. Japan called for more discussion on ADIZ at the organization#39;s next meetings starting late February.日本上周向联合国(ed Nation)的国际民用航空组织(International Civil Aviation Organization)表达了对防空识别区的担忧。日本称,如果有国家单方面对飞越防空识别区的商用飞机制定规则,则可能引发混乱和额外的规则制定工作,更不要说对可能出现的军事干预的担忧。日本呼吁国际民用航空组织在明年2月末召开的下一次会议上就防空识别区展开更多讨论。 /201312/267770蚌埠副乳切除哪家医院好 You can’t take the Warner out of Time Warner TWX -2.94% , but apparently you can kick Time to the curb. And get paid in the process.你不能将“华纳”从“时代华纳”(Time Warner, TWX-2.94%)中剔除,但显然可以将“时代”扫地出门,而且还能从中赚一笔。Time Inc., the venerable magazine publisher whose titles include Fortune, this morning was spun out into an independent company by Time Warner and has begun trading on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TIME -0.77% . Not only do shareholders in the former parent get new Time Inc. stock, but Time Warner also received 0 million via a one-time dividend paid out of Time Inc.’s .3 billion in recently-issued debt.周一上午,时代公司(Time Inc.,旗下杂志包括《财富》)这家备受尊崇的杂志发行商从时代华纳分拆出来,开始在纽交所上市,交易代码为TIME(TIME-0.77%)。不仅原先母公司的股东获得了这家新公司的股票,而且时代华纳也到手6亿美元的一次性分红,资金从时代公司近期通过债务融资募集的13亿美元中付。Here’s the bull case for Time Inc: For years, the company had basically served as a piggy-bank for Time Warner, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profit that it rarely got to reinvest in its own business. Why rock the boat with new digital initiatives when the paper mags provided steady, if declining, treasure? Now Time Inc. gets to chart its own course with new management, and aly has begun bulking up its Web properties (including this site, which launched just last week with more than a dozen new staffers). In short, innovation will no longer be stifled. Time Inc. aly has plenty of brand equity, and now it actually gets to evolve the brands to meet the current market.看涨时代公司的观点是:多年来,这家公司基本上就是在充当时代华纳的摇钱树,催生数亿美元的利润,而又极少得以再投资于自身业务——印刷版杂志带来的财源虽然日益萎缩,但好歹也算稳定。既然如此,何苦大兴数字改革撼动现状?而如今,依靠新的管理层,时代得以规划自己的道路,而且已经开始壮大自己的网络财产(包括上周刚刚上线、聘请了十几名新员工的全新Fortune网站)。简言之,创新将不再受到遏制。时代业已拥有足够庞大的品牌资产,如今又得以发展品牌以满足当前的市场需求。Here’s the bear case: Time Inc. may not actually know how to innovate, or at least not how to do it at scale. After all, it’s pretty tough to flip the switch when those mental muscles have been atrophied after more than a decade of being told “No, don’t spend money on that.” The up-and-coming digital talent wants pre-IPO stock at places like Buzzfeed, not options in a maxed-out Time Inc. Plus, there is all that new debt. It’s not completely unwieldy, but certainly makes Time Inc. less nimble than a rival like News Corp., which received billion in cash and zero debt when it was spun off NWSA -0.17% last year.看跌时代公司的观点是:时代也许并不知道该如何创新,或者至少不知道如何大规模创新。毕竟,听了十多年“别在这上面花钱”的忠告,这方面的思维肌肉都已经萎缩,再要扳上开关就颇为困难。那些崭露头角的数字人才要的是像Buzzfeed等公司首次公开募股前的股份,而不是几近被榨干油水的时代公司的一笔期权。况且还有那笔新债务。虽算不上负债累累,但时代的确已在灵活性上不及新闻集团(News Corp., NWSA -0.17%)这样的对手,后者在去年分拆时不但没有债务,而且还到手20亿美元现金。Here’s the pragmatic case: There have been concerns that Time Inc. shares would sink like a stone in the early days. After all, Time Warner shareholders have been told for years that Time Inc. is a drag on earnings, so wouldn’t they want to dump fast when given the new shares? Short-seller paradise. But Time Inc. stock actually climbed in pre-market trading, suggesting two factors in play: (1) Shorts may be holding off, out of fear that they’d get squeezed if Time Inc. manages to sell off a crown jewel or two. (2) Time Inc. still does have much better financials than its reputation indicates, and even skeptics may be a bit curious to see a quarter or two of independent performance.比较务实的观点是:一些人担忧时代股价会在上市初期一落千丈。毕竟多年以来,时代华纳股东都被告知,时代拖了集团盈利的后腿。一旦新股票到手,他们难道不会立刻抛售?这样,它就成了做空者的天堂。但时代股票在盘前交易中不跌反涨,意味着有两个因素在起作用:(1)空方暂且按兵不动,害怕假如时代成功抛售掉旗下一两个最有价值资产,他们就会惨遭轧空。(2)时代公司的财务状况仍然比传说中好得多,就连抱着怀疑态度的人也想先观察它独立后前一两个季度的业绩,然后再说。This is where it’s worth emphasizing that I don’t come to this as an unbiased reporter. Instead, I’m on the inside looking out. My colleagues and I seem to share a sense of time-constrained optimism. It’s a sprint for the privilege of running the longer race. Consider Time Inc. a startup of sorts, or at least a leveraged reboot with an extraordinary amount of brand equity. Like most startups, there is a high probability of failure. But it is hardly predetermined.写到这里有必要强调一下,在这个话题上,笔者的视角不能算客观。这些都是内部观察的结果。我和我的同事们似乎都只在一定时间内持乐观态度。这是一场为争夺长跑竞赛资格而展开的短跑冲刺。不妨将时代视为某种类型的初创企业,或至少是一场携巨额品牌资产进行的杠杆重启。跟大多数初创企业一样,失败的几率很高,但并非一定如此。 /201406/305475蚌埠美莱坞医院治疗鲜红斑痣效果怎样

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蚌埠哪个美容医院最好 Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Dick Costolo is in Shanghai for a few days, but that doesn#39;t mean Twitter will follow.推特(Twitter)首席执行长科斯特罗(Dick Costolo)人在上海,他将在这里小住几日,但这不意味这推特也会跟随他的脚步进入中国。The U.S. social media network confirmed Monday that Mr. Costolo was in China to #39;learn more about Chinese culture and the country#39;s thriving technology sector.#39;推特周一确认,科斯特罗人在上海,他到中国来是为了更多地了解中国文化和中国正在蓬勃发展的科技业。Mr. Costolo will be meeting with professors and students from Shanghai#39;s famed Fudan University as well as government officials and business leaders, according to a person familiar with the visit.据了解科斯特罗这次访问的人说,他将与上海复旦大学的一些教授和学生见面,同时参加的还包括政府官员和商界领袖。Though it might be tempting to assume Mr. Costolo is in fact feeling out the possibility getting Twitter into China, it#39;s unlikely that#39;s the case. In its statement, Twitter also said that it has #39;no plans to change anything about our service in order to enter the market.#39;尽管有人或许会推论,科斯特罗来中国实际上是为推特进入中国的可能性做一番探查,但实际情况可能并非如此。推特在声明中还说,没有计划为了进入这一市场对我们的务做出任何改变。In China, most Internet companies are tasked with monitoring and censoring their social networks. Were Twitter to set up in China, it would almost certainly have to cooperate with the Chinese government#39;s censorship demands -- something it is signaling it will not do.在中国,大多数互联网公司都会承担监督和审查其社交网络的任务。如果推特进入中国,几乎可以肯定,它也要配合中国政府的审查要求,而推特发出的信号则表明它不会这么做。Even if Twitter were to try to cooperate with the Chinese government, it would be unlikely to get a stamp of approval.即便推特是要试图与中国政府合作,也不大可能得到批准。The service has been blocked in China since 2009, due to government concerns it could be used to organize protests like those that were helping topple regimes in the Middle East at the time, according to analysts. Fears that social media could be used to coordinate protests against the government are alive and well in China, which is in the midst of a sustained government crackdown on online discourse.分析人士说,自从2009年开始,推特在中国的务就被封了,原因是政府担心它可能被用来组织抗议(当时,类似的抗议在推翻一些中东国家政府方面发挥了作用)。在中国,有关社交媒体可以被用来协调反对政府的抗议者的担忧大有市场,正因如此,政府才对互联网言论进行持续不断的打击。Instead of trying to get Twitter into China, Mr. Costolo may simply be seeking to understand the world#39;s largest and most isolated Internet market. Though many products on China#39;s Internet remain copies of products coming out in the U.S., intense local competition and specific demands of local users are slowly leading Chinese companies to push in directions not anticipated by Silicon Valley.科斯特罗并非试图让推特进入中国,他可能只是希望了解中国这个全球最大、但也最封闭的互联网市场。尽管中国互联网上的许多产品仍是美国产品的复制,但本地竞争的加剧和本地用户的特殊需求正逐渐促使中国企业在硅谷预料之外的道路上推进。Beijing Momo Technology Co., a dating app that had about 35 million monthly active users at the end of 2013, pre-dated its U.S. equivalent, Tinder. Another example that likely hits closer to home for Mr. Costolo is Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo, which popularized a number of features that would eventually make it into Twitter. Though Weibo still looks and feels very complicated to a U.S. Internet user, it pre-dated Twitter in allowing embedded comments and replies to a post and also to giving photos a prominent presence in a users#39; stream.北京陌陌科技有限公司(Beijing Momo Technology Co.)旗下有一款约会应用,2013年年底的月度活跃用户数约为3,500万。早在美国市场推出同类产品Tinder之前,这款应用就已经推出了。对于科斯特罗,另外一个例子可能更有参考价值,这就是新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下的微(Weibo)。新浪微推广了一些功能,而这些功能将最终使它媲美推特。尽管对于美国互联网用户来说,新浪微在外观和感觉上都还非常复杂,但新浪微早在推特之前就允许用户对发布的内容进行嵌入式和回复,同时还在用户数据流中给照片提供了一个重要地位。For years now, China#39;s start-ups have been studying how Silicon Valley works. Valley executives give talks at a proliferating number of start-up accelerators and cafes where entrepreneurs hang out. Some companies, like app search engine Wandoujia, even send employees on yearly trips to northern California to learn more about the culture, and visit the headquarters of the most iconic U.S. Internet firms.多年来,中国初创企业一直在学习硅谷模式。在数量不断增多的创业加速器以及企业家喜欢去的咖啡厅内,硅谷高管们会发表演讲。应用搜索引擎豌豆荚(Wandoujia)等公司甚至每年都会派员工前往加州北部,以便更深入地学习硅谷文化并访问最有代表性的美国互联网公司的总部。Mr. Costolo may well be the first wave of Americans doing the reverse, coming to China to look for new features, business models and even products that could do well if brought back to the U.S. Even if the trip isn#39;t as pointed as that, it still shows that China#39;s Internet market, though isolated from much of the world, has a gravity all its own that has an increasing pull to those thousands of miles away in the U.S.科斯特罗很可能是第一批反其道而行的美国人,到中国来寻找新的特色和商业模式,甚至寻找那些带回美国就可能有良好表现的产品。即便这种访问并不那么有目的性,但这仍表明,尽管中国互联网市场与世界大部分地区相对孤立,但这一市场本身就是非常重要的,对那些远在千里之外的美国人产生了越来越大的吸引力。 /201403/280480蚌埠那家医院脱毛好蚌埠美莱坞整形激光去斑多少钱



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