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The World Bank Group is an extraordinary organization世界集团是一个非同寻常的机构founded in the 1940s成立于1940年代to rebuild Europe after World War II初衷是在二战之后重建欧洲Over the 66 years of its existence在其存在的66年里it has become the premier development institution in the world它已成为世界上最大的发展机构Just two weeks ago就在两周前The World Bank Group governing body endorsed a target世行理事会批准了一个目标to end extreme poverty by 2030 -- just 17 years from now即 到2030年 从现在起在短短17年时间里终结极度贫困Its the first time in history that weve been able to see the end of poverty我们将看到 贫穷在人类历史上第一次结束Our Governors我们的理事会who are made up of the Ministers of Finance and Development of 188 member countries由188个成员国的财政和发展部长组成also endorsed a goal to boost shared prosperity他们还通过一个目标 就是促进共享繁荣so that the bottom 40% of income earners in our member states使我们成员国里处于收入最底层的40%人口can share in economic growth可以分享经济增长的成果Our Governors also emphasized that prosperity must be shared with future generations我们的理事会还强调 必须让子孙后代共享繁荣which means that we will be leaders in tackling climate change这就意味着我们将在应对气候变化方面发挥领导作用Because we know that climate change has the potential to wipe out因为我们知道气候变化有可能使many of the development gains of the past decades and plunge people back into poverty过去数十年的发展成果毁于一旦 使人民重新陷入贫困201502/361357。

  • MRS. OBAMA: Well, hello everyone. How are you doing? AUDIENCE: Great. MRS. OBAMA: Okay. All right, we’re just going to break this up one moment and just say, is this not cool? (Laughter.) I mean, come on. You’re in the White House. There are some of the most impressive people in fashion here to teach you all, and to reach out and to mentor you. And there’s food. (Laughter.) What more could you ask for. Well, welcome to the White House. And let me start by thanking Anna for that very kind introduction and for her tremendous passion and leadership in making this day a reality. We started cooking this up a little while ago, and it’s just been a thrill to be able to bring this vision to reality. So, Anna, thank you so much. I also want to thank everyone from the -- Parsons The New School for Design for helping us today, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Pratt Institute of Technology, along with all of the incredible designers and entrepreneurs, the fashion journalists who have taken time out of their very busy days to be here with all of you. Let’s give them all a round of applause. (Applause.) And there are two groups that I want to give special recognition to. First, all of the students and faculty from Parsons who created the incredible décor that you see here on the tables in the East Room. Well done. (Applause.) Thank you, guys. Thank you so much. And second, I want to recognize the two winners of our design competition for this event. The dress that I am wearing today and the dress that you see here were designed by two students who are with us today. Chelsea Chen -- Chelsea, stand up, please. Chelsea designed this dress. (Applause.) Great job! (Laughter.) And Natalya Koval, please stand up. Natalya designed this dress. (Applause.) Well done. Oh, did it switch around? Natalya designed this dress, Chelsea designed that dress. Well done! (Laughter.) Good job! They’re both students at FIT. And Natalya and Chelsea, thank you. Thank you for your creativity, thank you for your passion. We’re very proud of you. I hope you had fun doing this. And I want to thank the designer mentors who helped them bring their ideas to life -- Phillip Lim and Lela Rose. Phillip and Lela, thank you both for working with Natalya and Chelsea today.201505/377395。
  • Close encounter two: Brookline, Massachusetts, 1984.遭遇二: 1984年马萨诸塞的布鲁克林I went to see the movie ;Dune,;我去那里看电影;沙丘;and a girl talked to me. Now, on its face --一个女孩跟我搭讪,从表面上看 --this is impossible on its face, I realize --我意识到,这从表面上看是不可能的 --but it is absolutely true.但它确实是真的.It was opening night, naturally.当时是首场演出.自然地.I went with my friend Tim McGonigal, who sat on my left.我跟我的朋友Tim McGonigal一起去看的,他坐我左边.On my right was the girl in question.我右边是问我问题的女孩儿.She had long, curly black hair, a blue jean jacket.她有长长的,卷曲的头发,蓝色的工.I remember, she had some sort of injury to her ankle,我记得,她的脚有点受伤,an Ace bandage, and she had crutches.有绑带和拐杖.She was very tall, I would say.我认为她很高,I was starting high school at the time. I would say she was a junior,我那时是高年级学员.我觉得她应该是低年级的,but I had never seen her before. She didnt go to my school.但我从来没有见到过他.她也不去我们学校.I didnt know her name, and I never will.我不知道她的名字,知道也白搭.She was sitting with someone who I presume was her mother,她跟一个像她妈妈一样的人一起坐着,and they were talking about the novel, ;Dune.;她们正在讨论小说They were both big fans, mother and daughter --她们都是爱好者,妈妈和女儿 --very unusual.这不常见.They were talking about how their favorite characters她们正在讨论最喜欢的角色were the giant sandworms.是那个巨大的沙虫.And then it got stranger.这时,事情变的更怪了.Thats when she turned to me and said,那时,她转向我并问道,;Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?;;你期待看这部电影吗?;First of all, I was embarrassed刚开始,我很尴尬because I had not the novel ;Dune; at that time.因为我从来没读过小说.I was merely a connoisseur of movies我仅仅一个沙漠行星主演电影的featuring desert planets, as I still am.一个影片鉴赏家,现在也是.But it was also the tone of how she asked the question:但她还是问了很多的问题:apropos of nothing, like she didnt even care about the answer,没什么实质的东西,就像她根本不介意一样,as though she just wanted to talk to me.仿佛她只是想跟我聊天一样.I did not know what to say. I said, ;Yes.;我不知道要说什么.我只说;是的.;I did not even turn my head.我甚至都不转过头来.The movie began.电影开始了.I need not remind you that this was David Lynchs version of ;Dune,;我不需要提醒你那部电影是David Lynch版本,in which all of the characters在所有的角色里,were sexy and deformed at the same time.畸形和性感同时存在.There was a character called the Third-Stage Guild Navigator,有一个字符称为剧场版航海家,which was a kind of giant, floating fetus-creature这是一个巨大的池塘,她育着生命that lived in a giant tank with this orange mist这个巨大的池塘散发着香橙的of psychedelic spice迷幻味道swirling around him,环绕着他,allowing him to bend space and time.让他有能力扭曲时间与空间.He could never leave the tank并永远不能离开这个池塘or interact with the outside world.或者说与外界有任何联系.He had become, in his isolation,他认为,在他的世界,so deformed and so sexy,丑陋与性感是并存的,that he had to talk through a kind of old-timey radio他通过一种老式的电台to the outside world, and could never touch them.向外界传播,但是永远触及不到他们.I mean, I liked him a lot better than the sandworms.我是说,我喜欢他们胜过沙虫.The sandworms were fine, but your favorite character?沙虫固然好,但你认为它是我的菜?Please.不是吧.When the movie ended,当影片结束,everyone seemed very happy每个人洋溢着笑容to get up and get out of the theatre as soon as possible.都匆忙的走出了影院.Except for the girl.除了一个女孩.As I walked out, her pace slowed.当我走过她身边,她放缓步伐.Perhaps it was the crutches,也许她拄着拐杖,but it seemed --假装是这样--it seemed as though she might want to talk to me again.看来她还想和我搭讪.When I say it out loud, it sounds so ridiculous,当我说出来,听起来却很滑稽,but I can only come to the conclusion我只能得出这样的结论that it was what, in the alien abductee community,这是一个外星球社区they call a ;screen memory;:他们称之为;萤幕记忆.;a ridiculous false recollection designed by their brain大脑给他们一个可笑错误的记忆to cover up some trauma -- say, of being kidnapped去掩盖一些创伤--被外星人绑架后and flown off to a sex pyramid.飞往金字塔发生性关系.And so I sure am glad我当然很高兴I did not slow down to talk to her.所以我并没有慢下脚步跟她说话.I sure am glad I never saw her again.我很高兴从那时起我再没见过她.201506/381522。
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