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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries are enjoying tearful reunions with loved ones across the ed States and the state of Michigan. This after a federal judge ruled against President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban.Airlines around the world allowed people to board flights as usual to the ed States.Trump, who says the goal is to keep terrorists from slipping into the country, is lashing out on Twitter.Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!Chris Cavanaugh, resettlement program manager of Samaritas for West Michigan, joined Stateside to explain how refugees and their families are dealing with the ;rollercoaster ride; of uncertainty.We spoke with Cavanaugh last week regarding the executive orders that put the travel ban into place. Now, as we know, a judge has reversed it.;What were hearing as a result of this weekends actions by the courts is that the agencies overseas are working really, really hard to reschedule the people that were canceled, that were supposed to come this week and next week at the time the order was issued originally,; he said. ;I havent seen anything rebooked for travel yet for our refugee families, but were hopeful that it will be coming so that those that were canceled will be on their way here soon.;Listen to the full interview above.201702/490493蚌山区做韩式开眼角哪家好第一, 迷你对话A: I don’t know why you keep yourself to yourself and refuse to be in touch with anyone.我不知道你为什么老是独来独往,不跟别人联系。B: I don’t know. Once bitten, twice shy, maybe.我不知道,也许是一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳吧。A: People are different. I know you were so much hurt, but do cheer up. It’s not the end of the world.人和人是不一样的,我知道你伤得很深,但是振作起来,还是有希望的。B: I know. But my sixth tells me to keep myself to myself for the time being. I need to relax a little bit.我知道,但是我的第六感官告诉我应该暂时不与人接触,我需要放松一下。第二, 地道表达keep oneself to oneself1. 解词释义Keep oneself to oneself的意思是“独来独往”“不与人接触”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Magnus kept himself to himself, seeing no visitors, avoiding even his family.曼克奈斯独来独往,不见客人,连家里人也避尔不见。e.g. Nobody knows for certain what kind of man he is – he keeps himself to himself.谁也不知道他是什么样的一个人——他总爱独来独往。第三, 咬文嚼字in touch with:和……有联系,和……有接触e.g. Are you in touch with Smith nowadays ?目前你和史密斯有接触吗?e.g. He helped to keep us in touch with what was going on there.他帮助我们了解那儿的情况。e.g. I haven t been in touch with him since we left school five years ago.我和他从五年前中学毕业以来就没有联系过。e.g. I shall be in touch with you again shortly.我很快再和你联系。cheer up:高兴起来,振奋起来e.g. Cheer up ! Victory is just round the corner.加油!胜利就在眼前。e.g. Cheer up, man. Things are not as bad as you think.振作点,老兄。情况没你想的那么严重。e.g. Cheer up. The worst hasnt happened yet.别灰心,最坏的事还未发生。e.g. Cheer up! Our troubles will soon be over.振作起来!我们的困难很快就会过去。for the time being:暂时,目前e.g. Lets share the room for the time being.我们暂时合住一个房间吧!e.g. He had shelved thoughts of Jenny for the time being.他暂时把詹妮置之脑后了。 /201702/492829蚌埠附属医院整形美容生活是美好的,心情是灿烂的,英语学习是愉快的。大家好,欢迎再次回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。现在开始上课,上完课再听英语歌。Jonny最近总是心不在焉,心事重重的样子,想知道用英语如何表达,我有点心事重重吗?就是这个句子:Im a little preoccupied. 我有些心事重重。Be preoccupied在这里是指脑子里被一些事情占着,所以就会有些心事重重,心不在焉。下面,就主要介绍这个词:preoccupy:Preoccupy: vt. 占据;使对;;全神贯注,使专心于1.首先,我们可以用主动句式:something preoccupies somebodyHealth worries preoccupied him for the whole holiday. 整个假期里他一直为健康状况而担忧。Thoughts of failure preoccupied him. 失败的念头总萦绕在他的心头。2. 用被动句式:be/seem preoccupied: 有些心不在焉She seemed preoccupied all the time when I was talking to her. 我跟她讲话时她始终显得心事重重。I was too preoccupied to hear the bell. 当时我出神地想着心事,没有听见门铃响。3.Be preoccupied with something/doing something, be preoccupied by something: 全神贯注,专注地做某事I was so preoccupied with talking to you. 光顾着跟你说话了。Im preoccupied with this problem right now. 现在我正全神贯注地考虑这个问题呢。He was preoccupied by some troubles all day long. 他整天心事烦烦的样子。4. 另外,be preoccupied还有已被占据的意思The front seats have been preoccupied. 前排座位已给别人先占了。Im preoccupied tonight, can we go to the movie tomorrow night. 我今晚已有安排了,我们明晚去看电影好吗?Youre listening to my class in a rather preoccupied manner. 你们心不在焉地上我的课。这样可不行,you should be preoccupied with my class. /164308蚌埠腋下激光脱毛多少钱

蚌埠市立医院整形美容科淮上区妇幼保健人民中医院点痣多少钱正确发音小技巧/s/是一个清辅音,发这个音时,用舌头接触下齿齿龈,通过气息发出声音。/z/是由清辅音/s/生成的。其发音时的口型与/s/一样, 不同的是,这是一个浊辅音,声音是通过口腔发出来的。发这两个音的关键是:舌头轻轻抵住下齿根。/s/通过气流发声,/z/通过嗓音发声如图: /s/ place serve simple question dance /z/ please zoo zippy husband music唇舌训练: My husband and I often dance to the music in this place. /z/ /s/ /z/ /s/It's a simple question; please raise your hands if you know the answer. /s/ /s/ /z/ /z/ /s/There're many zippy animals in the zoo. /z/ /z/ /z/This is the place where simple food is served for my husband and other guests /s/ /z/ /s/ /s/ /s/ /z/My husband is too lazy to raise any questions. /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /s/ /z/ 单词中字母的发音规律一般发/s/的字母 s small, sleep, stupid, strong c lace, dance, ice sc scene, descend, muscle ss miss, less, class, grass一般发/z/的字母 s busy, husband, please z lazy, zest x anxiety ss possess, possession zz jazz, puzzle请注意:单词中并不是每个‘s’字母都会发/s/或/z/的音,有些单词末尾加了‘s’后,如果‘s’这前的字母是‘d’或‘t’,那么它会发成/dz/或/ts/的音,如单词: hands, friends, cats, hats等。这种情况我们会在第24课里作具体的讲解和训练。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Feel with Your Spirit 用心灵去感受 As you slowly open your eyes, /z/ /s/ /z/当你慢慢睁开眼睛的时候,look around,环顾四周,notice where the light comes into your room, /s/ /z/注意到阳光是从什么地方射到你的房间;listen carefully,/s/仔细听听,see if there are any new sounds you can recognize;/s/ /s/ /z/看看你是否能辨认出什么新的声音;feel with your body and spirit, /s/用你的身心去感觉,see if you can sense the freshness in the air./s/ /s/ /s/ /s/看看你是否能感受到空气中散发出的新鲜的气息。 /201110/156507by the book:following rules and instructions in a very strict way 循规蹈矩;严格遵守章法She always does everything by the book. 她总是照章行事. /11/88231禹会区去除腋毛多少钱淮上区妇幼保健人民中医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

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