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女士穿长裤违法 世界9大奇葩法律 -- :59: 来源:   Here is a collection of some of the eccentric laws in the world. We can laugh, we can gasp, we can only wonder…  今天小编给大家介绍世界上一些国家或地区的让人或可笑、或吃惊的奇葩法律法规  1. Think bee you chew  新加坡:嚼口香糖,你就违法了  In Singapore, chewing gum is prohibited. This rule was introduced because of the high cost and difficulty in removing stuck chewing gum from public premises. In particular, chewing gum stuck on the Mass Rapid Transit train doors stopped the trains from moving. It happened a few times and those were a few times too many.  在新加坡,嚼口香糖是被禁止的制定这项规定是因为公共场所的口香糖清理工作非常困难且花费太高另外,因口香糖黏在快速轨道运输车的车门上而阻停列车运行的事情时有发生,所以新加坡制定了此项规定  . Lighten up  丹麦:白天行车也得开大灯  Drivers in Denmark are supposed to drive vehicles with their headlights on. You’d think this law would apply to night driving but it doesn’t. It is considered essential during the day as well or they may face a fine of up to 湖南女教师霸气求婚学生,无惧围观穿婚纱当场热吻 -- ::1 来源: 最近,湖南文理学院的学生们可谓是一箭双雕,亲眼目睹了学院女老师向一男生高调大胆求婚的盛况 Have you ever seen a woman propose to a man? How about a professor propose to a student?你见过女士向男士求婚么?如果说一位女教师向男学生求婚,你又有何看法?Well, students at the Hunan University of Arts and Science killed those two birds with one stone recently, snapping pictures as a female professor in a wedding dress boldly proposed to a student who was dressed more casually.最近,湖南文理学院的学生们可谓是一箭双雕,亲眼目睹了学院女老师向一男生高调大胆求婚的盛况现场该位女老师身着婚纱,男生则穿的相对随便According to Sina, students at the university confirmed that the two have known each other quite a while and that it took a long time the professor to execute her proposal. Looks like it was a pretty big deal on campus.据新浪网报道,学校内的很多同学都实了此事,表示两人此前就认识这位女老师更是为此次的求婚准备了很长的时间该事件很快就风靡校园,成为人们津津乐道的话题Pictures of the proposal have gone viral on the Chinese internet, with most netizens expressing their envy:现场求婚的相关照片在网上迅速流传开来,大多数网友都表示羡慕嫉妒恨:"Where can I find such a good teacher?" wondered one.一位网友表示:“我上哪里找这样好的老师?”"The movie has become reality, brother I envy you a bit," wrote another.还有网友说道:“电影里的情节变成了现实,兄弟,我真是羡慕你”It seems like that she made out better than one woman who whipped out a ring and knelt in front of her boyfriend at a movie theater in Xiamen a couple of years ago. And while it wasn’t quite as creative as proposing in a panda suit, you got to give this professor credit being brave enough to show her love -- even if she didn’t want to show her face.相比多年前一位女士在厦门电影院突然手持婚戒并单膝下跪向男友求婚的故事,这位女老师似乎受到的反响更好尽管这种方式可能并没有穿着熊猫套装求婚来的有创意,但是你应该为这位老师大胆追爱的勇气点赞,虽然很可能她并不想让人们看到她的脸. Studies have shown that this has helped a lot to avoid road accidents in Denmark.  在丹麦开车,司机必须开着车前大灯你可能会以为这是针对夜间行车,但事实可不是这样的该国法律认为打开车前大灯在白天也是必须的,如果违反规定,司机将面临多达0美元的罚款研究显示这样的规定使丹麦的交通事故大幅减少  3. To fail > to jail  孟加拉:考试敢作弊?那就坐牢去吧  In Bangladesh, children and older can be put in jail cheating on their final examinations. Every year, Bangladeshi government takes strong measures to stop cheating and carries out a massive media campaign to ewarn students through print and television.  在孟加拉,岁及以上的儿童如果在期末考试中作弊则会被罚入狱每年,孟加拉都会制定严厉措施来防止考试作弊,并通过报纸、电视等媒体进行大量宣传以对学生提出预先警告  . Picky about chicks  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦:不准给小鸡染色   According to Akron- Ohio Act 95.6, No person, firm, or corporation shall dye or otherwise color any rabbit or baby poultry, including, but not limited to, chicks and ducklings. No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer sale, expose sale, raffle, or give away any rabbit or baby poultry which has been dyed or otherwise colored.  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦市规定,任何个人、公司或企业都不允许在小兔子、小鸡、小鸭及其他家禽幼崽身上染色而且任何个人、公司或企业都不允许买卖或遗弃已经被染色的兔子等其他家禽幼崽  5. Keep the change  加拿大:硬币留着容易花着难  In Canada, Currency Act of 1985 prohibits consumers from using unreasonable amounts of coins to pay purchases. This means you can’t pay an item in all coins (especially if it’s over $). Even the use of dollar-coins is limited. The shop owner has the right to choose whether or not he wants to take your coins but doesn’t have to.  在加拿大1985年的货币法案中规定,消费者禁止在购买东西时毫无原因地使用大量硬币这意味着你买东西不能全部用硬币付,即使是买价格不到美元的东西也不行美元的硬币也被禁止使用商店的卖家可以自行决定是否接受你的硬币,但并不强求   6. Sue them pants!  法国:女士禁止穿长裤  In France it is still against the law women to wear pants. The law reportedly has been on the books since 1800.It was amended several times: once in 189 to allow women to sport trousers while riding horses and again in 19 to permit the ladies to wear pants while on bicycles.  在法国女士穿长裤仍然是违法的这项规定始于1800年,之后几经修订:189年时允许女士在骑马的时候穿运动裤,19年时又允许女士在骑自行车的时候可以穿长裤  7. The law with a flaw  美国佐治亚州:关于自行车改装的奇怪规定  In Georgia no bicycle shall be equipped, modified, or altered in such a way as to cause the pedal in its lowermost position to be more than inches above the ground, nor shall any bicycle be operated if so equipped. The question is: Who would ride such a bike?  美国佐治亚州规定,任何自行车的脚蹬不得被加装、改装至最低高度在距离地面英寸以上,如果有类似改装行为,则该自行车不允许上路那么问题来了:谁会把自行车脚蹬改的那么高啊?  8. One Two Three GO!  美国马萨诸塞州:守丧期间吃三明治不能超过三个   In Massachusetts at a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches. It is one of those laws that was written in books and never removed since then. Bad manners, one might consider it, but in Massachusetts it is a criminal offense.  在美国马萨诸塞州,守丧期间的悼念者吃三明治不得超过三个这条法规自被写入法典后就从未被改变过你可能会觉得有点变态,不过在马萨诸塞州,如果违反那就是犯罪  9.ImPie-ous Christmas  英国:圣诞节当天不准买肉馅饼  In Britain, it is illegal to consume a mince pie on Christmas Day. It is one of the odd old laws on the statute book, although rarely enced by even the keenest police officer. It was brought to existence by Oliver Cromwell, self proclaimed Lord Protector of England. Festivals that promoted gluttony and drunkenness were against the righteous Christian ethics, including Christmas.  在英国,圣诞节那天不允许买肉馅饼这条奇怪的规定很早就被记录在是法典中了不过即使是最负责的警察也很少执行过该项规定它由自称为“英国护国公”的奥利弗·克伦威尔制定的任何会引起暴饮暴食的节日都是违背基督教的道德观的,包括圣诞节。

人行道上的礼仪:你是“让路党”吗? -- :0:37 来源:chinadaily Two people are walking towards each other along a narrow pavement – who gives way?两个人沿着一条狭窄的人行道相向而行,谁给谁让路?If it is you, you fall into the 5 percent of people who prefer to step aside.如果是你让路,你就归入了5%喜欢站到一边让路的人群Another 5 percent like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side.还有5%的人喜欢先通过,让对方站在一边让路The remaining 50 percent make up the third type of pedestrian and vary their strategy.其余50%归入第三种类型的行人,他们会改变策略The findings come from study in which researchers from the Technical University of Munich paired up strangers and asked them to walk towards each other without colliding and without speaking.这项研究结果来自慕尼黑工业大学,研究人员将个陌生人进行配对,要求他们在不发生碰撞也不说话的情况下向对方走去The volunteers also filled in personality questionnaires and were measured and weighed.研究志愿者还填写了性格问卷,并测量了身高和体重Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系Nor did traits such as extraversion or shyness, the Journal of Experimental Psychology reports.《实验心理学杂志报道称,这与外向或害羞等性格特点也没有关系In other words, some of us seem to be simply born to barge past.换言之,我们中的一些人似乎只是天生喜欢横冲直撞地先过去A second experiment revealed that the person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.另一项实验显示,先通过的人并不像他们最初表现的那样粗鲁It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision.他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞As a result, it is only when the second person moves out of the way that the problem is solved.,只有当另一个人让路时问题才能解决Etiquette expert William Hanson said that the custom of men walking on the outside of the pavement to protect women from traffic, splashes and other dangers has fallen by the wayside.礼仪专家威廉?汉森说,男人走在人行道外侧保护女性远离车辆、溅湿等危险的传统做法已经被抛到一边Mr Hanson said: ‘Traditionally, men let the woman they were accompanying walk closest to the building, away from the pavement edge.汉森先生说:“传统上,男性让同行的女性走靠近建筑的一边,远离人行道的边缘How to avoid that awkward 'pavement dance'如何避免“让路却让向同一侧”的尴尬?The German study doesn’t address what to do in the common but embarrassing situation, in which both pedestrians repeatedly dodge out of each other’s way in the same direction, giving the impression of dancing together on the pavement.两位行人互相让路,但反复让向同一侧,看上去就好像在人行道上一起跳舞,这种现象常见又尴尬这项德国研究并未提及这时应该怎么做But Mr Hanson said: ‘I tend to pick a side of the pavement, stick to it, and politely gesture to the empty space the stranger to use.’但汉森先生说:“我总是选定人行道的一边,不换方向,礼貌地作出手势,让对方从另一侧通行“THREE TYPES OF PEDESTRIAN三种行人类型Bumbler - Most people fall into this category. Scientists found 50 percent can't make up their mind, and vary their strategy when walking in crowds.跌跌撞撞者——大部分人属于这一类科学家们发现50%的人拿不定主意,在人群中行走时会改变策略Barger - Around 5 percent of people like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side. The person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.横冲直撞者—— 5%左右的人喜欢先过去,让其他人站到一边先走过去的人并不像他们最初看起来那么粗鲁It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision. 他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞Polite- Another 5 percent prefer to step aside. Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有礼貌——另外5%的人倾向于站到一边让路有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系Vocabularyfall by the wayside:半途而废,中途退出英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning。

朝鲜内幕:金正恩大吃大喝,胖了0公斤 -- :39:9 来源: 朝鲜领导人金正恩自年前执政以来,大吃大喝,胖了0公斤 North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has piled on around 0 kilograms (90 pounds) since he took power four years ago, bingeing on food and drink, South Korea’s spy agency said Friday.韩国情报机构周五说:朝鲜领导人金正恩自年前执政以来,大吃大喝,胖了0公斤(90磅)The young leader is also suffering from insomnia and is paranoid about his personal safety, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) reported to a parliamentary committee behind closed doors.国家情报局关起门来向议员委员会报告说,这位年轻的领导人遭受失眠的痛苦,并担心自身安危,变得偏执When he took over after the death of his father, Kim’s weight was believed to be 90 kilograms.年他父亲去世接管朝鲜时,金正恩的体重大约90公斤He bulked up to 0 kilos in and then 0 kilos this year, a ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker Lee Cheol-Woo told journalists after the NIS briefing lawmakers.年,他胖到0公斤,而今年胖到0公斤,在国家情报局向国会议员做完简报后,执政的新国家党的议员Lee Cheol-Woo告诉记者说"(According to NIS), he is suffering from insomnia", Lee added.“(根据国家情报局),他正遭受着失眠”, Lee补充道"He keeps a close tab on any potential threats to his power, including the military, and he is obsessed with ensuring his personal safety".“他对他权利的任何潜在威胁都密切关注,包括军队,他痴迷于保自身安全”"Because of his habitual binge eating and drinking, he is likely to develop adult diseases", Lee said, citing the NIS report.“由于他经常暴饮暴食,很可能会得成人疾病”,Lee引用国家情报局的报告说道On top of being overweight, he is often seen with a cigarette in his hand as he inspects plants, construction sites and farms.比超重问题更严重的是,他在查视工厂、建筑工地和农场时手上总拿着烟Kim’s father Kim Jong-Il and grandfather Kim Il-Sung were also obese and heavy smokers. Both died of heart attacks.金正恩的父亲和祖父就有肥胖和吸烟问题:都死于心脏病发作The NIS also confirmed Kim’s once-powerful aunt Kim Kyong-Hui is still alive despite her prolonged absence from public view following the execution of her husband, Jang Song-Taek.国家情报局还确认金正恩曾经很有权势的姑姑金敬姬还活着,她自从丈夫Jang Song-Taek被处决后就淡出了公众的视线"She fell into alcoholism after the execution of her husband but she is now under special care in Pyongyang’s suburbs", Lee said.“她在丈夫被处决后就陷入酗酒,但现在她正在平壤的郊区得到特殊照顾”, Lee说Jang, once number two in the North, was executed in late on an array of charges, including treason and corruption.Jang,曾是朝鲜的属二的领导人,年因为一些列罪名被处决,包括叛国罪和腐败The couple were seen as instrumental in smoothing Kim’s transition to power, bee Jang fell from grace.在Jang失宠之前,这对夫妻曾一度是金正恩掌权过渡期的工具。

宝宝惊呆了:画家用火作画 -- :51:39 来源: 艺术家Pete Kephart 喜欢烧他的作品他用那些令人震惊的画作告诉我们,毁灭也是美丽的 Pete Kephart burns his art.艺术家Pete Kephart 喜欢烧他的作品My mom always said, ‘Don’t play with fire,’ and “I never learned.”妈妈说,别玩火但,我从来没学会这一点 the past years at his home in the mountains of West Virginia, Kephart has been a fire painter,using fire, water, earth, wind and paint to create abstract designs on paper.Kephart的家就在West Virginia山脉上,他作为一名火焰画家已经十二年了他用火,水,土壤,风和涂料,在纸上创造一些抽象作品He begins by building a huge bonfire. As it burns down to sizzling cinders, he begins fire painting on paper using water.首先,他堆起一个巨大的篝火当篝火烧成炙热的灰烬时,他开始用水在纸上作画If I paint a circle on a sheet of paper with just water, and I set it on fire, I’ll get a white circle on a brown sheet of paper.在纸上画出一个圆,然后点燃它随后我们会看到棕色的纸片上有一个白色的圆The paper is made from cotton, which is stronger and burns more slowly than paper made of wood pulp. The places where I’m not applying any water, or water-based materials, will begin to burn very, very quickly, while at the same time, all the water or much of the water will still be present in the surface of the paper, and that causes the amazing contrast.与其他普通的木浆纸片不同,他所用的纸片由棉花制成,更耐用抗烧火焰会很快燃烧那些没有用水或者以水为基料涂抹过的地方但是,全部或是大部分的水还是会留在纸片表面,这就是奇妙的反差原理It is supposed to look like a sunset or sunrise with clouds over water.只用水涂抹过的画作展现给我们大海之上伴着云朵的日出日落Kephart is pouring dried earth pigment onto this paper and letting the wind help create the design. The interaction of the elements that I’ve applied to the paper’s surface and the fire itself create entirely new effects.Kephart 将干土性颜料散落在纸上,随后让微风参与创作我在这张纸上使用的材料之间发生了反应,再加上火焰的参与,它们又创造除了一个全新的效果But the timing is crucial. And each paper needs to be removed within 30 seconds.时间把控至关重要每张纸都要在三十秒之内被取走One second can make a huge difference between a fantastic, beautiful painting, and something that just burns to nothing, and becomes ash.一秒种的差距是巨大的,神奇、美丽的画作与一团灰烬只在这一秒之差Kephart says as far as he knows he is the only artist using this technique. Every painting is a surprise.Kephart说,他是他所知道的唯一一个在使用这种技艺的艺术家每一副画作都是一个惊喜He discovered the method by accident as he was getting rid of some used art paper, says Kephart in his studioThe raindrops fell on a sheet of paper, so when I set the paper on fire, the raindrops preserved these white, bright spots on this brown sheet of paper that had burned.这个技艺是他烧一张用过的艺术画作时偶然发现的Kephart在他的工作室说:“画纸上滴落了一些雨滴,所以当我点燃它后,雨滴在棕色画纸上变成了白色的亮点”He works on what he calls his unfinished paintings by drawing on them using pastels.他正在用用过的蜡笔填充他所称之为未完成的画作Some of them turn into nature scenes.其中一些作品展示的是自然景观I am seeing a sun with a mountain ridge in the distance, and a river or stream coming down through the center.我看到的是远处山脉伴着太阳,还有一条河流或小溪从图画中间流过来Here at the Zenith Gallery in Washington, his creation sells from ,000 to ,500.这些火焰画作在华盛顿的Zenith Gallery 出售价格在1,000美金或7,500美金Kephart’s striking paintings show that destruction can be beautiful.这些令人震惊的画作告诉我们,毁灭也是美丽的。

感人!警犬“旺财”的葬礼 -- 1:: 来源:   昨天,武汉公安局民警为警犬旺财举行了简短庄严的葬礼它是一条拉布拉多犬,参与北京奥运安保时曾搜出危险物品十余件;还曾在爆炸案中搜出千克爆炸物……获公安部通令嘉奖,被评为功勋犬它守护了我们的安全,现在它走了,最后,送送它……  Hero police dog buried in Wuhan   A police officer holds a portrait of Wangcai, a dog that died Wednesday after dedicating its -year life to police duty, at a funeral in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, Oct 9, .   Officers carry the portrait and casket containing the dog, to the burial site. Born in at a police dog training base, Wangcai took part in security work at the Beijing Olympic Games and helped solve a major criminal case.   A police officer places a bouquet on Wangcai's grave.   Medals Wangcai was awarded in perming its duties are buried along with the dog.   Police officers pay a final tribute to Wangcai.。

年内将变得非常富有的7个城市 -- :59:39 来源: 未来年内,哪些城市将变得非常富有?忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧,绝对不是这些地方 get New York, London or Hong Kong. Here are seven cities that are racing up the rankings of the world’s richest, and will be among the top by 5, according to researchers from McKinsey.忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧据麦肯锡发布的报告,以下这7个城市正在向全球最富有城市的头衔冲刺,到5年,他们将跻身全球十大最富有城市排行榜Doha, Qatar多哈,卡塔尔Qatar’s Doha is predicted to be one of the rising stars in terms of per capita GDP. The country is aly among the richest in the world, and huge investments ahead of the Soccer World Cup are set to give it extra boost.从人均国内生产总值来看,卡塔尔的首都多哈,被认为是一颗冉冉升起的新星这个城市曾经站在全球最富有的城市队伍中年世界杯前的巨大投资将会让这个城市变得愈加富有Bergen, Norway卑尔根,挪威Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway.卑尔根的人口规模在挪威城市排行中位列第二位It is aly at the efront of the country’s economy, but McKinsey’s researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. It serves as the hub Norway’s energy industry, shipping, and marine research.目前,这个城市已经站在了挪威经济的最前沿不过,麦肯锡的研讨人员预测,该市还将跃升为全球最富有城市之一卑尔根是挪威能源行业、船运和海运研讨的枢纽Trondheim, Norway特隆赫姆,挪威Another Norwegian city on the list, Trondheim is the birthplace of mobile tech. It is where the GSM standard was invented in the 1980s.挪威还有一个城市也上榜了:特隆赫姆是移动技术的诞生地创建于上个世纪八十年代的GSM标准,就是在这个城市Since then, the local tech scene has been booming, and now boasts over 550 startups with more than ,000 employees, according to officials.根据官方数据,自那时起,特隆赫姆本地技术行业蓬勃增长,现已有550家新兴企业,雇员规模高达1万人Hwaseong, South Korea华城,韩国Hwaseong, although not widely known outside South Korea, is a booming city south of Seoul. It’s home to the global research facilities of Hyundai (HYMTF) and Samsung (SSNLF), as well as flagship plants Kia and LG Electronics.虽然知道这个城市的人不是很多,不过它是首尔南部一个新兴城市该市是现代和三星旗下全球研讨中心的所在地,同时也是起亚和LG电子旗舰工程所在地The city is investing heavily in new residential real estate in the super modern Dongtan district.华城正在斥巨资投资新住宅房地产市场Asan, South Korea牙山,韩国Like its neighbor Hwaseong, Asan is home to several large industrial complexes.It also benefits from being near the port of Pyeongtaek, which is the closest port to east China, and a global shipping hub.和邻市华城一样,牙山是数家大型工业企业的故乡另外,该市距离平泽的港口很近,并受益平泽港口是距离中国东部最近的港口,也是全球船运枢纽Rhine Ruhr, Germany莱茵-鲁尔,德国Rhine-Ruhr is aly one of the most successful urban areas in Germany. It’s the third largest in Europe, trailing only Paris and London.莱茵-鲁尔,曾经是德国最成功的城市地区之一它是欧洲第三大城市,仅次于巴黎和伦敦Many powerhouses of German industry and finance are based in the region, including tune 500 companies.德国工业和金融业很多“大块头”都位于该市,其中包括《财富杂志世界500强中的家Macau, China,中国Macau is an example of how quickly things can change. Tipped to become one of the richest cities in the world by 5, Macau suffered a huge recession at the end of last year.是明事情能够飞速改变的范本就在其大步向5年全球十大最富有城市排行榜迈进的同时,该市年年底遭遇了大规模的衰退Its economy slumped % after an anti-corruption drive hurt Macau’s casinos, the main driver of the territory’s economy. Growth is expected to return next year, but experts sayMacau must find other sources of income to recover its momentum.受累于中国政府反腐力度的加大导致该市行业受重创,经济暴跌%,经济增长有望在来年回暖不过,专家指出,必须找到其他收入来源以重获增长动力。

世上最矮夫妻高调秀恩爱 -- 19:8: 来源: 这对夫妻身高不足0.9米,然而他们说面对真爱,身高从来不是问题 The world’s shortest couple - who both measure less then three feet tall - have proved that size doesn’t matter when it comes to love.作为世上最矮的夫妻,二人身高均不到3英尺(0.9米),但他们却用行动明真爱和身形无关Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino, from Brazil, both have ms of dwarfism and stand at .8in and 35.in respectively.Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros和KatyuciaHoshino来自巴西,他们都有着侏儒的身形,身高分别为.8英寸和35.英寸The pair, who hope to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, said they met on a social media website ten years ago and started chatting on MSN Messenger.这对夫妻十年前通过社交媒体网站相识,并开始在MSN上聊天他们希望能进入吉尼斯世界纪录Paulo, 30, who has a rare genetic condition called diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism, said it was love at first sight him.Paulo今年30岁,患有罕见的畸形发育不良侏儒症,他说他对Katyucia一见钟情I found her very beautiful from the first moment I saw her,’ he said.“见到她的第一眼我就觉得她非常漂亮”他说But the attraction wasn’t mutual. Katyucia, 6, who has achondroplasia dwarfism, which affects bone growth, initially blocked him on the instant messaging site.然而他们之间并非两情相悦Katyucia今年6岁,由于患有软骨发育不全侏儒症而影响了骨骼发育一开始,她在即时通讯网站上屏蔽了PauloShe said: ’The first time I started talking to Paulo, he was really annoying. He had cheap-pick up lines.’她说:“刚开始和Paulo聊天时他真的很讨厌他的搭讪很没水平”Paulo, who works as a legal secretary, said: ’She thought I was trying to flirt but I was just being nice. According to her I was a really boring guy.’Paulo是一名法律助理,他说:“她觉得我在撩她,但我只是想表现好一点据她说,我一开始是个十分无聊的家伙”That would have been the end of the matter, if Katyucia hadn’t suddenly decided to unblock him 18 months later.如果不是Katyucia在18个月以后突然决定解除屏蔽,也许就不会有下面的故事了Katyucia, who now owns her own beauty salon that has been specially adapted her size, said: ’One day something happened in my head and I went and unblocked him. By then he was aly more relatable.’Katyucia现在拥有一家根据她的身高改造过的美容沙龙,她说:“有一天我脑海中突然有个想法,然后我跑去解除了对他的屏蔽那时候他已经变得更靠谱了些”Paulo said: ’When she unblocked me, it didn’t take me more than a minute to say hello. we started speaking and she said I was more civilised.’Paulo说:“她对我解除屏蔽后,我在一分钟以内就和她打招呼了我们开始聊天,她说我变得更有礼貌了”Two months later, Paulo travelled more than 186 milies to Katyucia’s home city of Londrina to meet her.两个月后,Paulo跋涉了186英里来到了Katyucia位于隆德里纳市的家中与她见面He said he was bowled over by Katyucia’s beauty, but she was shy and unimpressed with his dress sense.他说他为Katyucia的美貌所倾倒,而她却有点害羞,他的着装品味也没能给她留下很深的印象Paulo said: ’What most attracted me to her, besides her beauty, was how sweet she was. It was her sweet personality.’Paulo说:“她最吸引我的除了美貌以外,还有她的甜美她甜美的性格吸引了我”The beautician said: ’He was wearing an orange shirt, jeans and sunglasses - thank God it has improved since then.’这位美容师说:“他当时穿着一件橙色衬衫和牛仔裤,戴着墨镜-谢天谢地,从那时起他的品味开始有所提升”Despite Katyucia’s concerns about the long distance between them, five days later the pair started dating and after four years they moved in together.尽管Katyucia担心他们之间的遥远距离,然而五天后两人即开始约会,四年后他们搬到了一起居住Katyucia said: ’I had never dated bee so Paulo is my first boyfriend, my first everything.’Katyucia说:“我之前从没谈过恋爱,所以Paulo是我的初恋,我所有的第一次都给了他”Now they say they’re are like any other couple. Paulo has a specially-adapted car to enable him to drive, while Katyucia’s beauty salon has been specially modified her height.现在他们和其他情侣一样Paulo有一辆专为他改造过的汽车,而Katyucia的美容沙龙也根据她的身高特意改造过Paulo, who has ambitions to run mayor in his home town of Itapeva, said: ’Basically, we are a normal couple but our height is a little smaller.Paulo有着雄心壮志,希望在他的家乡Itapeva竞选市长,他说:“总的来说我们是一对普通的情侣,只不过我们的身高矮了点The best thing about our relationship is our closeness, our companionship we have each other.“最美好的就是我们之间的亲密无间以及相互陪伴She supports me in everything, she’s my little warrior.’“她什么事都持我,就像我的小战士”Katyucia added: ’We fight like every couple. A couple that doesn’t fight isn’t a normal couple.Katyucia说:“我们也像所有夫妻一样,会吵架不吵架的夫妻是不正常的Our thoughts match, our ideas match, our feelings match and that’s really cool.“我们想法一致,观念相同,感受相通,这种感觉非常棒His best quality is his simplicity. He is a person like any other. I think as a couple we are both different people, we aren’t the same person. We discuss our relationship, sit down and talk and get to a resolution.“他最好的一点就是他的天真,像所有其他人一样作为一对夫妻,我们每个人都是不同的个体,而不是同一个人我们会讨论我们之间的关系,坐下来交谈并最终找到解决办法I have a really difficult temper; dealing with me is not easy, but Paulo is so understanding and patient - that’s what I find most attractive about him.’“我脾气非常差,和我相处并不是件容易的事,但Paulo非常善解人意和有耐心-这是我觉得他最吸引我的地方”Together the couple enjoy travelling, going out, and eating ice cream and Japanese food.这对夫妻喜欢一起旅行和郊游,喜欢吃冰淇淋和日本菜Katyucia said: ’The things we most like to do are eating and sleeping. Those are the things we do best.’Katyucia说:“我们最喜欢做的就是吃吃睡睡,这也是我们做的最好的事”The couple say their small stature means they struggle to use cash machines, public bathrooms and reaching their beloved buffets.小夫妻说他们矮小的体形使得他们在使用取款机、公共厕所以及取爱吃的自助餐时非常困难Paulo said: ’The only difference that I see are things in public spaces. example, an ATM was made people with normal height. It’s a simple thing. A person with normal height has access but we, untunately, don’t have access.’Paulo说:“我觉得唯一的不同就是在面对公共场合的事物时比如,自动取款机是为正常身高的人设计的,对他们而言很简单,正常身高的人能够轻松使用,然而不幸的是,我们不能”Katyucia added: ’One of the difficulties I encounter is with the oven, the sink, the washing machine and opening a window and opening doors.’Katyucia补充说:“当我要用炉灶、水池、洗衣机以及开门开窗时,我觉得很困难”Both say they have faced discrimination their size and have been pointed and stared at in the street - with passers-by openly laughing at their stature.两人都遭遇过身高歧视,都曾在大街上被路人盯着指指点点,有些还公开嘲笑他们的体形Katyucia said: ’I’ve been through discrimination every day. Every day I go outside and you see people pointing at you, whispering about you, that’s normal. You can’t escape it.’Katyucia说:“我每天都经历着这些歧视每天出门你会发现有人指着你、小声讨论你,这很正常,你无法逃脱”But Paulo and Katyucia brush off the ignorance of others and after eight years together, the pair are considering getting married - though Paulo has yet to pop the question.但Paulo和Katyucia不顾他人的看法而坚定地一起走过了八年时光这对情侣目前正打算结婚-尽管Paulo还需要求婚Katyucia said: ’If it wasn’t his patience, we wouldn’t have been together eight years.Katyucia说:“如果不是他的耐心,我们也不会在一起八年之久I wouldn’t be who I am today. Paulo teaches me so much.’“我也不会是今天的我Paulo教会了我很多”The smitten couple are open to the possibility of children in the future - although it may be difficult Katyucia to carry a baby full-term because of her size.这对恩爱夫妻打算在未来要孩子-尽管Katyucia由于身形原因很难全程怀着孩子She said: ’We’ve discussed having kids. My pregnancy would be high risk because the size of my uterus wouldn’t support a baby.她说:“我们已经讨论过要孩子的问题我怀风险很高,因为我的子宫无法容下一个婴儿We’ve decided to let things happen at the right moment. In regards to the future we say: ’never say never’.’我们已决定顺其自然对于未来,我们坚信:“绝不要说绝不”She added: ’In terms of personal goals, I want to one day get married, I want us to have our own house and have our own dogs. Whether we have kids or not, I want to be happy, that’s what I want.’她还说:“谈到个人目标,我希望有天能够结婚,有座属于我们的房子和我们的不论是否有孩子,我只想要幸福,这就是我想要的”。

挣还是赔?优步在中国继续推行烧钱政策 -- ::51 来源: 近日,优步首席执行官卡拉尼克称自己的公司在许多城市其实是挣钱的,只不过挣来的钱又投入了中国继续进行与滴滴出行的市场份额争夺战 Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick says the company is profitable in its developed markets even beyond the US, but those profits are being immediately reinvested in winning the war in China.优步公司的首席执行官特拉维斯·卡拉尼克称公司在美国之外的发达国家市场是有利润的,可为了赢下与滴滴抢夺市场的战争,这部分挣来的钱马上又投入了中国In an interview with the Financial Times, Kalanick said the company is making money in North America, Australia, and its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. "Profitable" in this case means Uber is taking into all general and administrative costs, but excludes interest and tax.卡拉尼克在接受英国《金融时报的采访时表示,优步在北美、澳大利亚、欧洲、中东和非洲是挣钱的而优步所说的“挣钱”意味着优步统计的一般成本和管理成本中不包括上交的利税However, whatever "profits" Uber is generating is going right back into the unprofitable markets, notably, Asia.然而优步这部分“利润”却马上投入了赔钱的市场,其中尤以亚洲为甚"We have hundreds of cities that are profitable globally," Kalanick told the FT. "That allows us to invest in new places, and to sustainably invest in a very expensive place like China."“我们在全球上百个城市是挣钱的,”卡拉尼克这样告诉《金融时报“公司可以投资新的地区,也可保持对中国这样成本较高地区的投入”Currently, Uber is stuck in second place in China, competing against an opponent that just finished a .3 billion fundraising round that included a billion investment from Apple. While Uber is operating in 60 cities in China, Didi Chuxing (merly Didi Kuaidi) is in more than 00. Of those, the Chinese company claims it’s profitable in half.目前优步在中国的市场份额排在第二位,而排名第一的滴滴出行(原名滴滴快的)刚刚完成了一轮价值73亿美元的融资(这轮融资中苹果投资了亿美元)优步在全中国60座城市运营,而滴滴出行的这一数字则是00滴滴出行声称在一半的城市中公司是挣钱的Still, Uber is spending heavily, having recently raised a $ billion credit line and brought in .5 billion from an investment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Much of that money will go into China.优步仍在不断烧钱,除举债亿美元外还获得了沙特主权财富基金一笔35亿美元的投资,大部分资金将继续投向中国"We are number two in China, which means that we still have a ways to go," Kalanick said. "But we are putting everything on the field."“我们在中国只排在第二位,说明我们仍有很长的路要走,”卡拉尼克说“不过一切都在走入正轨”。

土耳其当局大规模清洗政变参与者 裁撤万公职人员 -- 18:: 来源: 土耳其政府对政变参与人员的大清洗行动扩大到警队、安全部门及更广泛的政府机构部门当中,辐射面涉及政治、经济和金融部门,已经波及近000公职人员 ISTANBUL — Turkish authorities have expanded a crackdown on military officials to include police, judges, governors and millions of civil servants in a massive purge of opponents following a failed coup attempt.伊斯坦布尔报道——在政变企图失败之后,土耳其当局已经扩大了政变参与者的镇压范围,对军官、警察、法官、州长以及数百万公务员进行大清洗The Interior Ministry’s move on Monday to suspend nearly 9,000 employees raised the number of bureaucrats fired or detained to nearly ,000. Also Monday, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim suspended annual leave more than 3 million civil servants. More than 7,500 people have been detained.内政部周一辞退了近9000名员工,这使得被解雇或拘留的官员数量达到了近000人同样在周一,总理比纳利·耶尔德勒姆废止了超过300万名公务员的年假超过7500人被拘留A mutinous faction of Turkey’s military staged the attempted overthrow Friday night, hijacking fighter jets and helicopters to strike key installations and security ces.土耳其军队的政变派周五晚上试图推翻现政府,劫持了战斗机和直升机,用来打击重要设施和安全部队President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his supporters now say that they face an unprecedented threat and that the campaign to root out traitors is necessary to restore the rule of law. But the sheer scale of the purge in the days since the thwarted coup has alarmed Turkey’s allies in the West and raised fears that the NATO member is on a slide toward ever more authoritarian rule.土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安和他的持者说他们现在面临着前所未有的威胁,根除叛徒的战斗对重新恢复法律秩序来说是很必要的但是由于政变失败后清洗的规模太大,惊动了土耳其的西方盟友,他们担心该北约成员国正在滑向更加专制的统治“We are seeing a movement towards more authoritarianism” in the wake of the coup, said Marc Pierini, a Turkey expert at the Brussels-based think tank Carnegie Europe.“我们正在见一场通向专制主义的运动”政变后,一名卡内基欧洲(布鲁塞尔)分部智库成员、土耳其专家马克·皮尔尼说Erdogan — who has ruled Turkey years, first as prime minister and now as president — had aly grown increasingly authoritarian in what critics say is a quest to consolidate power. He has jailed journalists and opponents, and even sidelined rivals within his own party.已经统治土耳其年的埃尔多安起初是总理,后来当了总统正如舆论所说,为了巩固权力,他已经逐渐成为了一名专制主义者他把记者和异见人士关进监狱,甚至在政党内部排挤政敌His latest push was Turkey to transm from a parliamentary to a presidential system, a move that would place even more power in the chief executive’s hands.他的最新举措是把土耳其从议会制转变为总统制,此举将使更多的权力掌握在行政长官的手中This, in particular, “is a dangerous moment Turkey,” Pierini said of the attempted coup’s aftermath. “There are quite a few disturbing things happening.”这一点尤其是“对土耳其危险的时刻”皮尔尼在政变失败之后说,“发生了很多令人不安的事情”Rights advocates warned on Monday that the swift roundup of so many bureaucrats indicated that the arrests were based on little to no evidence. Such a vast detention or expulsion of employees at key state institutions may encourage rather than prevent more instability, critics said.维权人士周一警告称,对如此多官员的迅猛打压,意味着逮捕几乎是没有据的人士称,如此大规模地对重要机构公务员实行拘留或裁撤,可能会导致政局更加不稳定Some law encement officers working at police stations in the capital, Ankara, spoke of the inhumane treatment of detainees in their custody. Many of those held were not documented nor were their identifies verified, the police officers said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity fear of reprisal from superiors.一些在首都安卡拉警察局工作的执法人员,谈到了其关押的被拘留者所受到的非人待遇警察们说,很多被关押的人没有记录,也没有验明他们的身份他们提供了这些信息,但是不愿透露姓名,因为害怕上级报复Amnesty International urged the Turkish government to respect human rights, amid reports “that detainees in Ankara and Istanbul have been subjected to a series of abuses,” the rights group said.“大赦国际”组织敦促土耳其政府尊重人权,期间有报导称“被拘留者在安卡拉和伊斯坦布尔已经经受了一系列的虐待”该人权组织说“A backslide on human rights is the last thing Turkey needs,” John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s director Europe and Central Asia, said in a statement.“土耳其最不需要的就是人权方面的倒退”“大赦国际”欧洲和中亚分部主任约翰·达尔惠森在一份声明中说New York-based Human Rights Watch said the government “has the complete right to hold to those involved in the coup.”总部在纽约的“人权观察”组织称该国政府“拥有清算政变参与者的绝对权力”But “the speed and scale of the arrests, including of top judges, suggests a purge rather than a process based on evidence,” Hugh Williamson, the group’s Europe and Central Asia director, said in a statement.但是“逮捕的速度和规模,包括高级法官被逮捕,表明这次清洗根本就不需要据”该组织驻欧洲和中亚地区主管休·威廉姆森在一份声明中说Indeed, Turkish authorities have yet to make public evidence linking the thousands of people detained directly to the coup.事实上,土耳其当局至今尚未公布与数以千计直接参与政变的人相关的公开明The government has accused supporters of Erdogan’s arch?rival, Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, of orchestrating and carrying out the attempted coup. Gulen lives in self-imposed exile in the ed States, but Erdogan loyalists have long accused Gulen’s followers of infiltrating state institutions.政府一直指责埃尔多安的主要竞争对手,穆斯林传教士法图拉·葛兰策划并实行了这次未遂政变葛兰自我流放到美国,但埃尔多安的持者长期以来一直指责葛兰的持者渗透进了国家机构In an interview with CNN, Erdogan said he was with his family in the coastal resort of Marmaris when the fast-moving events began on Friday. Two of his bodyguards were killed in an operation against him, he said, adding that “if I had stayed or additional minutes there, I would have been killed or I would have been taken.”在接受美国有线电视网采访时,埃尔多安说,周五的政变发生时,他正与他的家人在马尔马里斯的海滨胜地度假时他的两名保镖在针对他的行动中被杀死,他补充说,“如果我当时多在那里待到分钟,我可能就被杀害或者被捕了”Erodgan and Yildirim, the prime minister, both called on the ed States to extradite Gulen to Turkey. But in frank statements to the news media, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said explicitly that the ed States wants evidence, not allegations, of the involvement of Gulen bee authorities approve an extradition. Turkey’s government has not completed a mal request to extradite the reclusive cleric.埃尔多安和总理耶尔德勒姆都呼吁对美国向土耳其引渡葛兰但是根据新闻媒体的确切消息,美国国务卿约翰·F·克里明确表示,批准引渡需要据,而不是指控葛兰的参与当局批准引渡之前土耳其政府还没有完成对正式引渡那位隐居的神职人员的请求Still, a senior Turkish official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that there had been “an ongoing inquiry into the Gulen movement’s penetration of law encement, the judiciary and the military.”不过,一位不愿透露姓名的土耳其高级官员说,曾有过“调查葛兰的势力渗透进执法、司法和军事部门的活动”Known members of the movement within the military “had been under investigation some time,” the official said. “There was a list of people who were suspected of conspiring to stage a coup.”军队内部的已知葛兰势力成员“已经被调查一段时间了”这位官员说,“我们有涉嫌密谋发动政变者的名单”Such comments have alarmed European leaders who have attempted to ge better relations with Turkey in the past year, as both sides deal with a mammoth refugee crisis stemming from Syria and Iraq.这些言论已经惊动了去年试图加强与土耳其的良好关系的欧洲领导人,因为双方应对来自伊拉克和叙利亚的庞大的难民危机“It looks at least as if something has been prepared” bee ordering the arrest of so many public officials, said Johannes Hahn, the European Union commissioner responsible handling Turkey’s membership bid. “The lists are available,” Hahn said, according to the Reuters news agency. “Which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage.”“至少看起来像是有预谋的”在下令逮捕如此多的公职人员之前,负责审查土耳其欧盟成员国资格的专员约翰内斯·哈恩说,“名单确实存在”据路透社报道,哈恩是这么说的,“这表明,名单是早就准备好的,只是等着在某一阶段拿出来用”Also speaking in Brussels, where the E.U. and NATO are based, Kerry said that the Western military alliance would scrutinize Turkey in the coming days to ensure that it adheres to the bloc’s criteria democracy and the rule of law.同样,克里在欧盟和北约的基地——布鲁塞尔说,西方军事联盟将在未来的日子里审查土耳其,以确保它符合欧盟的民主和法治标准The international commy, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, has made clear that it stands behind Turkey’s elected government.包括北约秘书长斯金斯·托尔滕贝格在内的国际社会已明确表示,力挺土耳其的民选政府But “the fact that an attempted coup has taken place has profoundly shaken the confidence of many in Turkey,” said Bulent Aliriza, director of the Turkey Project at the Center Strategic and International Studies.但是,“未遂政变是已经发生的事实,这件事已经深刻地动摇了许多人对土耳其的信心” 战略与国际研究中心土耳其项目主任比伦特·阿里瑞扎说The U.S. ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, said in a statement on Monday that speculation by some public figures that the ed States in some way supported the coup was “categorically untrue.”美国驻土耳其大使约翰·巴斯周一在一份声明中表示,一些公众人物猜测美国以某种方式持了政变的说法是“绝对不真实的”“Such speculation is harmful to the decades-long friendship between two great nations,” Bass said. “We have been clear that the ed States would be willing to provide assistance to Turkish authorities conducting their investigation into the coup attempt.”“这样的臆想对两个伟大国家之间长达数十年的友谊来说是有害的,”巴斯说,“我们一直明确表示,美国愿意帮助土耳其当局进行未遂政变的调查”。