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196. 她受丈夫的影响,成了不吃肉,只消费蔬菜、蛋和奶的素食者。 [误] Influenced by her husband, she changed into a vegan having eggs and milk only. [正] Influenced by her husband, she changed into a vegetarian having eggs and milk only.注: vegan 是“严格的素食主义者”,他们不仅不吃肉,而且连动物的副产品也不吃。而并不忌讳蛋和牛奶的“素食者”应用 vegetarian。 /200809/48205Algeria - Star and crescent with one goal: Victory! 阿尔及利亚:星月结合只为一个目标:夺取胜利!Argentina - Last stop: Glory 阿根廷:一切只为最后的荣誉Australia— Dare to Dream, Advance Australia 澳大利亚:敢于梦想,澳大利亚前进。Brazil - The whole of Brazilis in here! 巴西:巴西全部的力量都在这里! /201006/105616英语日常口语 92:The cost of living生活费 本单元是关于生活费的对话Tim: So how are you settling in then Khalid? Khalid: There is going well Tim. You've all been really friendly, footy in the park and cups of teas in the afternoon. I can't believe I get all this for only 75 pounds a week. Tim: How much? Khalid: 75 pounds. I know it's less than what you're paying but us students need every discount we can get. Tim: Oh yeah, I, I knew you'd got a discount, I just didn't realise how much of one you'd wangled. Khalid: Did I put my foot in it? Tim: No, no Khalid but there's, there's an old saying "If you don't ask, you don't get" so maybe it's time for this jobless one to start negotiating a bit too.Vocabulary 字汇 footy (informal) 足球(非正式)short for 'football'wangle 巧妙地得到 get something by persuading someone or by doing something cleverput my foot in it (informal) 口无遮拦 (非正式)say something you didn't mean to say which upsets or embarrasses someone 本单元的语言点是关于 There 和 It 的用法,请看下面的解释和例句There and It副词 There We use there when we introduce an idea, talk about something for the first time or to say that something exists. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Tim says:"there's an old saying"to introduce what he's about to talk about.More examples:There's no time, I'm late as it is, bye!There might be a new cafe opening up on the High Street.He didn't like living here. He said there was too much traffic and too much pollution. There also means to, at or in a particular place.I need to get there as soon as possible.Have you seen that new cafe? Fancy going there for a coffee? He wanted to move to the countryside because it was quieter there.代名词 ItWe use it to talk about a specific place, thing, animal or situation. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Khalid should have said:"It's going well" (It's settling in to the flat)More examples:I was late yesterday. It was because my alarm didn't go off. (it my being late)I tried that new cafe yesterday. It was really packed. (it the cafe)He wants to move to the countryside. It'll be much quieter there. (it the countryside)We can also use it to talk about distance, weather and time:How far is it to your house?It's hot today.It was last June when I saw her.We can use it with adjectives in a to + infinitive expression like:It's great to live and work in New York. It was fascinating to see these ancient buildings.We usually begin these expressions with it, we don't usually put it towards the end of the sentence:'It's bad for you to smoke cigarettes' sounds more natural than 'To smoke cigarettes is bad for you'. 'It was great that he finally got married' sounds more natural than 'That he finally got married was great'.We can also use it to introduce a for + infinitive expression like:It's important for you to watch me, if you want to learn the dance steps. It will be good for her to have a break. She's been working too hard.Comparing There and It 比较 She grew up in a small village. There were a lot of farms near her house. It was a very peaceful place to live. He works in a huge hospital. It's a very stressful job. There are lots of emergencies he has to deal with there. /200708/16900

B地道英语口语:WS 太太和女朋友Jo: You're listening to Real English from B Learning English. I'm Jo.Helen: And I'm Helen. 地道英语中介绍的一些英语表达, 你可能在英语课堂上学不到,但是它们在生活中却会经常出现。那Jo, 今天的新表达是什么呢?Jo: Well today, we're talking about WS.Helen: 这不是一个动词吗?摇尾巴 – WS – like a dog 'WS' his tail?Jo: Well that is one explanation of 'WS' but today's WS is an abbreviation.Helen: 今天的词不一样,是个缩写?Jo: Wives and girlfriends.Helen: 谁的太太和女朋友啊?Jo: Footballers wives and girlfriends. Let me explain. These days certain footballers are famous and have quite glamorous lifestyles.Helen: 不错,有些顶级足球明星不光名气特别响,他们的生活也非常令人羡慕。Jo: And a lot of them have glamorous wives and girlfriends. When the players play the wives and girlfriends often sit and watch the players. Some of the wives and girlfriends are famous.Helen: 像 Victoria Beckham 曾经是辣之一,而英格兰国家队的 Ashley Cole 的太太 Cheryl 她是 'Girls Alound' 的领唱。 很多球星的女朋友都是模特儿。Jo: When England played in the World Cup in 2006 a lot of the newspapers in the UK reported on the wives and girlfriends of the players.Helen: 所以后来报纸就把足球明星们的太太和女朋友们缩写为 WS。Insert A: I'm really fed up of seeing WS on the TV – you see more of them than you do the footballers. A: I love Victoria Beckham – and she's so lucky to be married to David Beckham! B: I know, I'd love to be a W – all that money and oh to be that beautiful! Helen: So Jo would you like to be a W?Jo: Well I would like the money and I would love to be that pretty – but I'm not sure I'd want to be a W and be in the newspapers all the time.Anyway that's all from B Learning English for today. /200711/19940

部分内容改编自 《日常英语》 Monica: How many brothers and sisters do you have?Gary: I have three sisters and a brother.Monica:Wow!You come from a big family.Gary: Yeah, it gets pretty crowded at holiday time, especially with all the nieces and nephews,too. How about you?Monica: Oh, I don’t have any siblings. I’m an only child.Gary:You can have some of mine!Ha! Monica:Sure! /201009/113879

美国债务危机引发了全球关注和热议。周日,美国总统奥巴马宣布,国会两党领导人已就提高美国债务上限达成一致意见,美国政府的违约风险有望解除。请看相关报道:Obama, Congress reach a debt deal: President Barack Obama says Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have reached an agreement with him to raise the government's debt ceiling and avoid a default.白宫国会达成债务协议——美国总统奥巴马宣布,国会两院两党领导人已经达成协议,同意提高政府的债务上限以避免产生违约风险。文中的debt ceiling就是“债务上限”的意思。Ceiling本意是"天花板",还可表示价格、工资等的最高限度、最高产量、最大限额等等,如 ceiling price表示“最高价”,a farm production ceiling意思是“农业生产的最高产量”。在职场和政界中,有一种常见的现象叫做glass ceiling(玻璃天花板),通常专指女性所遭遇到的一种无形的障碍,使她们不能晋升到管理的高层。美国debt ceiling/debt limit(债务上限)早已于5月16日到顶,国会必须在8月2日前就提高债务上限达成一致,否则美国政府将面临default(违约)的风险。美国政府将通过cut deficit/deficit reduction(削减赤字),spending cuts(削减开)等措施解决此次debt crisis(债务危机)。国会两院将对这一艰苦谈判得来的package agreement(一揽子协议)进行投票。 /201108/146870

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