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2017年10月22日 14:05:14 | 作者:QQ网 | 来源:新华社
With Alibaba making waves in China’s staid financial sector, banks have every reason to be worried. But there are signs that Alibaba is also worried – about Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat messaging app that is now muscling into the financial space, writes Simon Rabinovitch.从阿里巴巴(Alibaba)给中国古板僵化的金融部门造成的冲击来看,中国业有充分的理由感到担忧。不过,有迹象表明,阿里巴巴自己也有担忧的对象,那就是腾讯(Tencent)——热门通信应用“微信”(WeChat)背后的这家公司目前正在强力挺进金融领域。The WeChat challenge is similar to the threat Instagram once posed to Facebook. While Alibaba has been the dominant ecommerce company on PCs, WeChat has made such big inroads on smartphones that it now has the ability to take a bite out of the mobile ecommerce market. “Alibaba’s dominance in the PC era cannot be fully carried over to the mobile era,” says Alex Wang, an analyst at internet consulting group iResearch.微信对阿里巴巴构成的挑战,与Instagram曾对Facebook构成的挑战如出一辙。虽然阿里巴巴在PC(个人电脑)电子商务市场占主导地位,但微信凭借在智能手机领域的建树,现在已经有能力在移动电子商务市场分一杯羹。互联网咨询集团“艾瑞咨询”(iResearch)分析师王亭亭(Alex Wang)说:“阿里巴巴在PC时代的霸主地位无法原封不动地延续到移动时代。”Tencent is waging a multi-front war against Alibaba. In August, it launched a payment tool on WeChat, taking aim at Alipay, Alibaba’s lucrative online payment service. It has also tied its Yixun online shopping site to WeChat, trying to create a mobile alternative to Alibaba’s ecommerce site Taobao.腾讯正在多条战线向阿里巴巴发起挑战。今年8月,腾讯针对付宝(Alipay,阿里巴巴旗下盈利颇丰的在线付务)发布了一个微信付工具。它还将旗下的购物网站易迅(Yixun)接入微信,努力在移动端打造一个类似淘宝(Taobao,阿里巴巴电子商务网站)的购物平台。Just this week Tencent invested in Howbuy, an online trading platform for mutual funds, in what could be a precursor to its launching an investment product like Alibaba’s Yu’E Bao.就在上周,腾讯注资好买基金网(Howbuy,一家共同基金在线交易平台),这或许是它将发布一款与阿里巴巴的余额宝类似的投资产品的先兆。Alibaba is fighting back. In August it announced that Taobao merchants would no longer be able to advertise QR codes, the digital bar codes, linked to external websites. Alibaba says this was done to prevent spam and fraud, but analysts believe the bigger concern was WeChat’s use of QR codes to power its payment platform, effectively taking transactions away from Taobao.阿里巴巴方面也展开了反击。今年8月,该公司发布公告称,淘宝商家不得再发含有外链二维码的图片。阿里巴巴称,此举是为了防范滥发广告信息乃至诈骗,但分析师认为,其更大的顾虑在于微信利用二维码强化自己的付平台,有效地蚕食了淘宝的交易量。Earlier this month Alibaba also started charging PC users for Alipay transactions, but kept its payment services free on phones. With this move, it is trying to encourage its customers to shift to mobile and so prevent WeChat from gaining more ground.本月早些时候,阿里巴巴开始向PC用户收取付宝交易费,但仍免收手机付务费。阿里巴巴希望借此举鼓励其用户转向移动付平台,以阻止微信掠夺更多市场份额。There has been mudslinging, too. Alibaba and Tencent have accused each other of writing negative reports about the other company to sully their rival’s reputation.当然,双方的大战也少不了互相中伤。阿里巴巴和腾讯互相指责对方撰写关于自己的负面报道,损害自己的声誉。Asked about the intensifying battle, both say they welcome it. “Competition will only serve to raise the bar in terms of user experience,” says Florence Shih at Alibaba.但在被问及如何看待这场愈演愈烈的商战时,两家公司都表示对其持欢迎态度。阿里巴巴发言人施致瑀(Florence Shih)说:“竞争只会提升用户体验的标准。” /201312/270222The US and EU have overcome resistance from Australia and Saudi Arabia at the G20 summit to commit the world’s biggest economies to backing a fund to tackle the effects of global warming in poor #173;countries.在上周末举行的20国集团(G20)峰会上,美国和欧盟(EU)成功克来自澳大利亚和沙特阿拉伯的阻力,让这些全球最大经济体承诺持一项基金,以解决全球变暖对贫穷国家的影响。In talks described by one EU official as “trench warfare”, G20 leaders also agreed yesterday to urge countries to make promises on their plans to reduce emissions post-2020 as soon as possible.在被欧盟官员形容为“堑壕战”的谈判中,参加G20峰会的领导人昨日还同意敦促各国尽快就2020之后的减排计划做出承诺。“We support strong and effective action to address climate change,” said the communiqué, which urges nations to come forward with specific pledges to cut emissions by the first quarter of 2015 ahead of next November’s UN climate change summit in Paris.G20峰会公报称:“我们持应对气候变化的强力有效举措。”该公报督促各国,赶在明年11月在巴黎召开的联合国气候变化大会前,在2015年第一季度提出具体的减排承诺。Australia, which hosted the G20 meeting, had tried to keep a discussion of climate change off the summit agenda. However, Canberra’s efforts proved fruitless when US president Barack Obama pledged bn to the green climate fund – an initiative to #173;provide aid to poor countries to help them cope with the effects of climate change – and urged other countries to follow suit.本届G20峰会的主办国——澳大利亚,此前一直试图将有关气候变化的讨论踢出峰会议程。不过,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)承诺将向绿色气候基金(Green Climate Fund)捐资30亿美元,并敦促其他国家也加入其中,这让澳大利亚的努力付诸东流。绿色气候基金旨在向贫穷国家提供援助,帮助其应对气候变化所带来的影响。Japan pledged a further .5bn to the UN-backed green climate fund, which aims to help developing countries cope with the challenges posed by climate change. The UK offered bn more, bringing the total to .5bn and within sight of a bn target.日本承诺将为联合国持的绿色气候基金捐资15亿美元。设立该基金是为了帮助发展中国家应对气候变化带来的挑战。英国将出资10亿美元,使该基金目前募集的资金总额达到85亿美元,接近100亿美元的募资目标。In an embarrassing intervention for Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, on the sidelines of the summit, Mr Obama issued a direct call to Australia to combat global warming.在G20峰会期间,奥巴马直接向澳大利亚呼吁抗击全球变暖,对澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿特(Tony Abbott)来说,这是一次令人尴尬的干预。 /201411/342588When it comes to corn imports, the big worry for Chinese leaders lies in the history of another crop: soybeans.一谈到玉米进口,中国领导人难免会想起大豆的历史教训。The thinking is: #39;We cannot have a situation like it was with soybeans, where we now heavily rely on imports,#39; Huang Dafang, the director of the Biotechnology Research Institute of Beijing#39;s influential Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters Thursday.中国农业科学院(Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)生物技术研究所所长黄大昉周四对记者说,不能让玉米像大豆那样严重依赖进口,不能重蹈大豆的覆辙。Told from some quarters, the story of the Chinese soybean is a lesson in a strategic error.从某些方面讲,中国大豆政策是战略上的失误。Until the early years of the 21st century, China mostly grew its own soybeans. The oilseed -- a key ingredient for many of Asia#39;s most popular foods, including soy sauce -- was once counted among the crops that contributed to Beijing#39;s totemic goal of having domestic grains feed at least 95% of its people#39;s consumption. The government hasn#39;t abandoned this self-sufficiency target, but it has dropped soybeans from the count, Mr. Huang said.直到本世纪头几年,中国大豆基本上还是自给。作为一种油料作物,大豆是亚洲许多最受欢迎的食品和调味品(例如酱油)的重要原料。在中国划定的最低粮食自给率95%的目标中,大豆也曾被列入自给自足的计划,但黄大昉说,政府虽然没有放弃粮食自给率目标,但已经不再把大豆算入其中。That#39;s because Beijing bowed to rising demand and opened its gates to soybean imports as part of its accession to the World Trade Organization. By 2004, soybean imports overtook domestic output. Today, China is the world#39;s largest soybean importer, importing 63.4 million metric tons last year -- about a third came from the U.S. -- while producing just 13 million tons for itself.之所以会这样,一方面是因为需求攀升,一方面也是因为开放大豆进口是中国加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的一项承诺。到2004年,中国大豆进口量已超过国内产量。中国目前是全球最大的大豆进口国,去年进口量达到6,340万吨(约三分之一进口自美国),国内产量仅为1,300万吨。What#39;s worrying people who think about China#39;s strategic independence: China#39;s corn market is showing signs of going the way of the soybean.关注中国战略独立性的人担心,中国的玉米市场有重蹈大豆覆辙的迹象。Until 2010, China was a net exporter of corn. It turned net importer that year, with growth rates rising explosively. The U.S. accounts for more than 90% of its supply.2010年,中国从过去的玉米净出口国变成净进口国,进口量呈爆炸式增长。在中国进口的玉米中90%以上来自美国。China is now at a juncture where the question is whether it will continue to embrace rising volumes of corn imports or aggressively grow its home turf. Last year, corn imports fell 37% --though the country stayed a net importer amid record-high monthly shipments.中国正处于十字路口,是继续大规模进口玉米还是努力增加国内产量,需要中国做出抉择。去年中国玉米进口量下降37%,但由于月度进口量创下纪录,中国仍是玉米净进口国。Part of the reduction was due to a strong domestic harvest. But China in December also made headlines by turning away 545,000 tons of U.S. corn, an unprecedented volume of rejections, because the shipments contained MIR-162, a genetically modified strain that China hasn#39;t approved.去年中国玉米进口量的下降一定程度上与国内玉米丰?有关。但去年12月份中国退回54.5万吨美国玉米事件引发了广泛关注,这次退回的玉米数量前所未有,退货理由是玉米中含有中国尚未批准的转基因成分MIR-162。On Thursday, Mr. Huang said the issue turned purely on compliance with the letter of the law, not on a question over the strain#39;s health standards. #39;Based on what I know, [the rejection] was not a safety issue, but a procedural matter of Chinese law and requirements,#39; he said.黄大昉周四说,退货完全是为遵守相关法规,与MIR-162健康标准无关。他说,据他所知,退货不是因为安全问题,而是程序问题。But the rejection drew the spotlight to China#39;s rising need for food, tempered by fear among wide sections of the populace over GMO food imports. Beijing allows GMO corn imports for processing as animal feed but not for human consumption.中国国内对进口转基因食品的安全性普遍存在质疑,拒收玉米事件将中国食品需求不断上升问题置于聚光灯下。中国政府允许进口转基因玉米用于动物饲料加工,但不允许用于人类食用。The government has so far held back from giving the green light for domestic GMO corn to be commercially grown and distributed for human consumption. There is still no sign that the agriculture ministry is prepared to quickly pave the way for high-yield homegrown GMO maize.中国尚未批准在国内进行转基因玉米的商业化种植和将转基因玉米用于人类食用。目前没有迹象表明农业部会在短期内出台政策为国内种植高产转基因玉米铺路。Xu Haibin, a director at the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, said Thursday the government is still mulling the move. Mr. Huang said corn will most likely be the next GMO crop approved for commercial distribution in China, after cotton and papaya, but #39;the timeline is still not very clear.#39;国家食品安全风险评估中心(China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment)的徐海斌周四表示,政府还在考虑这件事。黄大昉说,玉米很可能成为棉花和番木瓜之后下一个被批准商业化种植的转基因作物,但时间不是很明确。 /201402/275794

60% doctors verbally abused近六成医师遭语言暴力A white paper on the status quo of Chinese doctors was released Wednesday.《中国医师执业状况白皮书》27日发布。The findings in 2014 revealed a disturbing situation. In 2014, 52.72% of doctors worked 40 to 60 hours per week, and 32.69% worked more than 60 hours a week; 59.8% of doctors had been subjected to verbal violence, and 13.1% were victims of physical violence.2014年的调研结果揭露了令人堪忧的现状:52.72%的医师平均每周工作时间在40-60小时,32.69%的医师一周工作在60小时以上;59.8%的医务人员受到过语言暴力,13.1%的医务人员受到过身体上的伤害。 /201505/377755

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