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大理市中心医院怎么样好吗大理市处女膜修复医院ty of navigation and communication at sea, search and rescue operation and combating transnational crime.87. 中菲曾就管控分歧、开展海上务实合作取得积极进展87. China and the Philippines have made some progress in managing their differences and conducting practical maritime cooperation.88. 1999年3月,中国和菲律宾举行关于在南海建立信任措施工作小组首次会议,双方发表的《中菲建立信任措施工作小组会议联合公报指出,“双方承诺根据广泛接受的国际法原则包括联合国海洋法公约,通过协商和平解决争议,……双方同意保持克制,不采取可能导致事态扩大化的行动”88. During the first China-Philippines Experts Group Meeting on Confidence-Building Measures held in March 1999, the two sides issued a joint statement, pointing out that, “the two sides agreed that the dispute should be peacefully settled through consultation in accordance with the generally-accepted principles of international law including the ed Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, [... and to] exercise self-restraint and not to take actions that might escalate the situation.”89. 01年月,中菲发表的《第三次建立信任措施专家组会议联合新闻声明指出,“双方认识到两国就探讨南海合作方式所建立的双边磋商机制是富有成效的,双方所达成的一系列谅解与共识对维护中菲关系的健康发展和南海地区的和平与稳定发挥了建设性作用”89. In the Joint Press Statement of the Third China-Philippines Experts Group Meeting on Confidence-Building Measures released in April 01, it is stated that, “the two sides noted that the bilateral consultation mechanism to explore ways of cooperation in the South China Sea has been effective. The series of understanding and consensus reached by the two sides have played a constructive role in the maintenance of the sound development of China-Philippines relations and peace and stability of the South China Sea area.”90. 年9月,在中国和菲律宾领导人的共同见下,中国海洋石油总公司和菲律宾国家石油公司签署《南中国海部分海域联合海洋地震工作协议经中菲双方同意,年3月,中国、菲律宾、越南三国国家石油公司签署《南中国海协议区三方联合海洋地震工作协议,商定三国的石油公司在三年协议期内,在约.3万平方千米海域的协议区内完成一定数量的二维和或三维地震测线的采集和处理工作,对一定数量现有的二维地震测线进行再处理,研究评估协议区的石油资源状况年《中华人民共和国和菲律宾共和国联合声明表示,“双方认为,南海三方联合海洋地震工作可以成为本地区合作的一个示范双方同意,可以探讨将下一阶段的三方合作提升到更高水平,以加强本地区建立互信的良好势头”90. In September , in the presence of the leaders of China and the Philippines, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) signed the Agreement Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking in Certain Areas in the South China Sea. In March , national oil companies from China, the Philippines and Vietnam signed, with the consent of both China and the Philippines, the Tripartite Agreement Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking in the Agreement Area in the South China Sea. It was agreed that during an agreement term of three year-period, these oil companies should collect and process certain amount of D andor 3D seismic lines in the agreement area covering about 3,000 square kilometers, re-process certain amount of existing D seismic lines, and study and assess the oil resources in the area. The Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of the Philippines states that, “both sides agree that the tripartite joint marine seismic undertaking in the South China Sea serves as a model cooperation in the region. They agreed that possible next steps cooperation among the three parties should be explored to bring collaboration to a higher level and increase the momentum of trust and confidence in the region.”91. 令人遗憾的是,由于菲律宾方面缺乏合作意愿,中菲信任措施工作小组会议陷于停滞,中菲越三方联合海洋地震考察工作也未能继续91. Regrettably, due to the lack of willingness cooperation from the Philippine side, the China-Philippines Experts Group Meeting on Confidence-Building Measures has stalled, and the China-Philippines-Vietnam tripartite marine seismic undertaking has failed to move ward.四、菲律宾一再采取导致争议复杂化的行动IV. The Philippines Has Repeatedly Taken Moves that Complicate the Relevant Disputes9. 自世纪80年代以来,菲律宾一再采取导致争议复杂化的行动9. Since the 1980s, the Philippines has repeatedly taken moves that complicate the relevant disputes.(一)菲律宾企图扩大对中国南沙群岛部分岛礁的侵占i. The Philippines attempts to entrench its illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao93. 自世纪80年代起,菲律宾就在非法侵占的中国南沙群岛有关岛礁上建设军事设施90年代,菲律宾继续在非法侵占的中国南沙群岛有关岛礁修建机场和海空军基地,以非法侵占的中国南沙群岛中业岛为重点,持续在相关岛礁建设和修整机场、兵营、码头等设施,以方便起降重型运输机、战斗机及容纳更多更大的舰船菲律宾还蓄意挑衅,频繁派出军舰、飞机侵入中国南沙群岛五方礁、仙娥礁、信义礁、半月礁和仁爱礁,肆意破坏中国设置的测量标志93. In China’s Nansha Qundao, the Philippines started in the 1980s to build military facilities on some islands and reefs it has invaded and illegally occupied. In the 1990s, the Philippines continued to build airfields and naval and air ce facilities on these illegally-occupied islands and reefs; centered on Zhongye Dao, the construction has extended to other islands and reefs, with runways, military barracks, docks and other facilities built and renovated, so as to accommodate heavy transport planes, fighter jets and more and larger vessels. Furthermore, the Philippines made deliberate provocations by frequently sending its military vessels and aircraft to intrude into Wufang Jiao, Xian’e Jiao, Xinyi Jiao, Banyue Jiao and Ren’ai Jiao of China’s Nansha Qundao, and destroyed survey markers set up by China.9. 更有甚者,1999年5月9日,菲律宾派出57号坦克登陆舰入侵中国仁爱礁,并以“技术故障搁浅”为借口,在该礁非法“坐滩”中国当即对菲律宾提出严正交涉,要求立即拖走该舰而菲律宾却称该舰“缺少零部件”无法拖走9. Still worse, on 9 May 1999, the Philippines sent BRP Sierra Madre (LT-57), a military vessel, to intrude into China’s Ren’ai Jiao and illegally ran it aground on the pretext of “technical difficulties”. China immediately made solemn representations to the Philippines, demanding the immediate removal of that vessel. But the Philippines claimed that the vessel could not be towed away “lack of parts”.95. 就此,中国持续对菲律宾进行交涉,再三要求菲方拖走该舰例如,1999年月,中国驻菲律宾大使约见菲律宾外长西亚松和总统办公室主任来妮海索斯,再次就该舰非法“坐滩”仁爱礁事进行交涉菲律宾虽然再三承诺将把该舰从仁爱礁撤走,但一直拖延不动95. Over this matter, China has repeatedly made representations to the Philippines and renewed the same demand. instance, in November 1999, the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines met with Secretary of eign Affairs Domingo Siazon and Chief of the Presidential Management Staff Leonora de Jesus to make another round of representations. Many times the Philippines promised to tow away the vessel, but it has taken no action.96. 年9月,得知菲律宾准备在仁爱礁非法“坐滩”的军舰周围修建设施后,中国当即提出严正交涉菲律宾代理外长埃卜达林表示,菲律宾无意在仁爱礁上修建设施,菲律宾是《宣言的签署者,不会也不愿成为第一个违反者96. In September , upon the news that the Philippines was preparing to build facilities around that military vessel illegally run aground at Ren’ai Jiao, China lodged immediate representations. The Philippine Acting Secretary of eign Affairs Franklin Ebdalin responded that the Philippines had no intention to construct facilities on Ren’ai Jiao and that, as a signatory to the DOC, the Philippines had no desire to and would not be the first to violate the Declaration.97. 但是菲律宾拒不履行拖走该舰的承诺,反而变本加厉,采取进一步挑衅行为菲律宾于年月在非法“坐滩”的该舰四周拉起固定缆绳,舰上人员频繁活动,准备建设固定设施在中国多次交涉下,菲律宾国防部长加斯明声称,菲律宾只是在对该舰进行补给和修补,承诺不会在仁爱礁上修建设施97. But the Philippines did not fulfill its undertaking to tow away that vessel. Instead, it made even worse provocations. In February , cables were lined up around that grounded vessel and people on board bustled around, making preparations the construction of permanent facilities. In response to China’s repeated representations, the Philippine Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin claimed that the Philippines was simply resupplying and repairing the vessel, and promised that no facilities would be built on Ren’ai Jiao.98. 年3月日,菲律宾外交部发表声明,公然宣称菲律宾当年用57号坦克登陆舰在仁爱礁“坐滩”,就是为了“将该军舰作为菲律宾政府的永久设施部署在仁爱礁”,企图以此为借口,继续拒不履行拖走该舰的承诺,进而达到侵占仁爱礁的目的中国当即对此表示震惊,并重申绝不允许菲方以任何形式侵占仁爱礁98. On March , the Philippine Department of eign Affairs issued a statement openly declaring that the vessel it ran aground at Ren’ai Jiao was placed there as a permanent Philippine government installation. This was an apparent attempt to provide an excuse its continued refusal to fulfill its undertaking to tow away that vessel in order to illegally seize Ren’ai Jiao. China immediately responded that it was shocked by this statement and reiterated that it would never allow the Philippines to seize Ren’ai Jiao by any means.99. 年7月,菲律宾公开声明,菲方正对在仁爱礁“坐滩”的军舰进行内部整固99. In July , the Philippines stated publicly that the so-called maintenance repair was being done to tify the vessel.0. 菲律宾用军舰“坐滩”仁爱礁,承诺拖走却始终食言,直至采取加固措施,以自己的实际行动明菲律宾就是第一个公然违反《宣言的国家0. To sum up, by running aground its military vessel at Ren’ai Jiao, then promising repeatedly to tow it away but breaking that promise repeatedly and even tifying it, the Philippines has proven itself to be the first to openly violate the DOC.1. 长期以来,菲律宾非法侵占中国南沙群岛有关岛礁,并在岛礁上修筑各种军事设施,企图制造既成事实,长期霸占菲律宾的所作所为,严重侵犯中国对南沙群岛有关岛礁的主权,严重违反《宪章和国际法基本准则1. Over the years, the Philippines has invaded and illegally occupied some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao and constructed various military facilities thereupon in an attempt to establish a fait accompli of permanent occupation. These moves have grossly violated China’s sovereignty over the relevant islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao and violated the Charter of the ed Nations and basic norms of international law.(二)菲律宾一再扩大海上侵权ii. The Philippines has increasingly intensified its infringement of China’s maritime rights and interests1. 自世纪70年代起,菲律宾依据其单方面主张,先后侵入中国南沙群岛礼乐滩、忠孝滩等地进行非法油气钻探,包括就有关区块进行对外招标1. Since the 1970s, the Philippines, asserting its unilateral claims, has intruded into, among others, the maritime areas of Liyue Tan and Zhongxiao Tan of China’s Nansha Qundao to carry out illegal oil and gas exploratory drilling, including listing the relevant blocks bidding.1. 进入1世纪以来,菲律宾扩大对外招标范围,大面积侵入中国南沙群岛有关海域年,菲律宾将大片中国南沙群岛相关海域划为对外招标区块年5月,菲律宾进行了第5轮油气招标,其中个招标区块侵入中国南沙群岛相关海域1. Since 00, the Philippines has expanded the areas bidding, intruding into larger sea areas of China’s Nansha Qundao. A large span of sea areas of China’s Nansha Qundao was designated as bidding blocks by the Philippines in . During the fifth “Philippine Energy Contracting Round” launched in May , four of the bidding blocks on offer reached into relevant sea areas of China’s Nansha Qundao.1. 菲律宾还不断侵入中国南沙群岛有关海域,袭扰中国渔民和渔船正常生产作业据不完全统计,1989年至年,在上述海域共发生菲律宾非法侵犯中国渔民生命和财产安全事件97件,其中击8件,抢劫件,抓扣0件,追赶件;共涉及中国渔船近0艘,渔民上千人菲律宾还野蛮、粗暴对待中国渔民,施以非人道待遇1. The Philippines has repeatedly intruded into relevant waters of China’s Nansha Qundao, harassing and attacking Chinese fishermen and fishing boats conducting routine fishing operations. Currently available statistics show that from 1989 to , 97 incidents occurred in which the Philippines infringed upon the safety, life and property of Chinese fishermen: 8 involving shooting, assault and robbery, 0 capture and detention, and chasing. These incidents brought adverse consequences to close to 0 Chinese fishing vessels and over 1,000 Chinese fishermen. In addition, the Philippines treated Chinese fishermen in a violent, cruel and inhumane manner.1. 菲律宾武装人员经常无视中国渔民的生命安全,滥用武力例如,年月7日,菲律宾武装渔船侵入中国南沙群岛南方浅滩海域,袭击中国“琼琼海0”号渔船,菲方一艘武装小艇及名持人员向中国渔船靠近,并直接向渔船驾驶台连续开射击,造成陈奕超等名渔民当场死亡、人重伤、1人轻伤随后,名持人员强行登上渔船进行抢劫,劫走船上卫星导航、通讯设备、生产工具、渔获等1. Philippine armed personnel often use excessive ce against Chinese fishermen in utter disregard of the safety of their lives. example, on 7 April , one armed Philippine fishing vessel intruded into Nanfang Qiantan of China’s Nansha Qundao and attacked Chinese fishing boat Qiongqionghai 0. One Philippine armed motor boat carrying four gunmen approached that Chinese fishing boat. Immediately these gunmen fired several rounds of bullets at the driving panel, killing Chen Yichao and three other Chinese fishermen on the spot, severely wounding two others and causing minor injuries to another. Subsequently a total of gunmen ced their way onboard the Chinese fishing boat and seized satellite navigation and communication equipment, fishing equipment and harvests and other items.1. 菲律宾一再采取各种海上侵权行动,企图扩大其在南海的非法主张,严重侵犯中国在南海的主权及相关权益菲律宾的侵权行为严重违背了其在《宣言中关于保持自我克制,不采取使争议复杂化、扩大化行动的承诺菲律宾击、抢劫中国渔船和渔民,非法抓扣中国渔民并施以非人道待遇,严重侵犯中国渔民的人身和财产安全以及人格尊严,公然践踏基本人权1. The Philippines has repeatedly infringed China’s maritime rights and interests in an attempt to expand and entrench its illegal claims in the South China Sea. These actions have grossly violated China’s sovereignty and rights and interests in the South China Sea. By doing so, the Philippines has seriously violated its own commitment made under the DOC to exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities that would complicate or escalate disputes. By firing upon Chinese fishing boats and fishermen, illegally seizing and detaining Chinese fishermen, giving them inhumane treatment and robbing them of their property, the Philippines has gravely infringed upon the personal and property safety and the dignity of Chinese fishermen and blatantly trampled on their basic human rights.(三)菲律宾企图染指中国黄岩岛iii. The Philippines also has territorial pretensions on China’s Huangyan Dao1. 菲律宾还对中国黄岩岛提出领土要求并企图非法侵占1. The Philippines also has territorial pretensions on China’s Huangyan Dao and attempted to occupy it illegally.1. 黄岩岛是中国固有领土,中国持续、和平、有效地对黄岩岛行使着主权和管辖1. Huangyan Dao is China’s inherent territory, over which China has continuously, peacefully and effectively exercised sovereignty and jurisdiction.1. 1997年之前,菲律宾从未对黄岩岛属于中国提出异议,从未对黄岩岛提出领土要求1990年月5日,菲律宾驻德国大使比安弗尼多致函德国无线电爱好者迪特表示:“根据菲律宾国家地图和资源信息局,斯卡伯勒礁或黄岩岛不在菲律宾领土主权范围以内”1. Bee 1997, the Philippines had never challenged China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Dao, nor had it laid any territorial claim to it. On 5 February 1990, Philippine Ambassador to Germany Bienvenido A. Tan, Jr. stated in a letter to German HAM radio amateur Dieter L?ffler that, “According to the Philippine National Mapping and Resource Inmation Authority, the Scarborough Reef or Huangyan Dao does not fall within the territorial sovereignty of the Philippines.”1. 菲律宾国家地图和资源信息局199年月日签发的《菲律宾共和国领土边界明书表示,“菲律宾共和国的领土边界和主权由1898年月日签署的《巴黎条约第3条确定”,并确认“菲律宾环境和自然资源部通过国家地图和资源信息局发布的第5号官方地图中显示的领土界限完全正确并体现了真实状态”如前所述,《巴黎条约和另外两个条约确定了菲律宾的领土界限,中国黄岩岛明显位于这一界限以外第5号官方地图反映了这一事实在199年月18日致美国无线电协会的信中,菲律宾无线电爱好者协会写道,“一个非常重要的事实是,(菲律宾)有关政府机构申明,基于1898年月日签署的《巴黎条约第3条,斯卡伯勒礁就是位于菲律宾领土边界之外”1. A “Certification of Territorial Boundary of the Republic of the Philippines”, issued by the Philippine National Mapping and Resource Inmation Authority on October 199, stated that “the territorial boundaries and sovereignty of the Republic of the Philippines are established in III of the Treaty of Paris signed on December , 1898”, and confirmed that the “Territorial Limits shown in the official Map No. 5 issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through the National Mapping and Resource Inmation Authority, are fully correct and show the actual status”. As described above, the Treaty of Paris and other two treaties define the territorial limits of the Philippines, and China’s Huangyan Dao clearly lies outside those limits. Philippine Official Map No. 5 reflects this. In a letter dated 18 November 199 to the American Radio Relay League, Inc., the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Inc. wrote that, “one very important fact remains, the national agency concerned had stated that based on III of the Treaty of Paris signed on December , 1898, Scarborough Reef lies just outside the territorial boundaries of the Philippines”.1. 1997年月,菲律宾一改其领土范围不包括黄岩岛的立场,对中国无线电运动协会组织的国际联合业余无线电探险队在黄岩岛的探险活动进行跟踪、监视和干扰,甚至不顾历史事实,声称黄岩岛在菲律宾主张的0海里专属经济区内,是菲律宾领土对此,中国曾多次向菲律宾提出交涉,明确指出,黄岩岛是中国固有领土,菲律宾的主张是无理、非法和无效的1. In April 1997, the Philippines turned its back on its previous position that Huangyan Dao is not part of the Philippine territory. The Philippines tracked, monitored and disrupted an international radio expedition on Huangyan Dao organized by the Chinese Radio Sports Association. In disregard of historical facts, the Philippines laid its territorial claim to Huangyan Dao on the grounds that it is located within the 0-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone claimed by the Philippines. In this regard, China made representations several times to the Philippines, pointing out explicitly that Huangyan Dao is China’s inherent territory and that the Philippines’ claim is groundless, illegal and void.1. 年月日,菲律宾国会通过95号共和国法案,非法将中国黄岩岛和南沙群岛部分岛礁划为菲律宾领土就此,中国即向菲律宾进行交涉并发表声明,重申中国对黄岩岛和南沙群岛及其附近海域的主权,任何其他国家对黄岩岛和南沙群岛的岛屿提出领土主权要求,都是非法的、无效的1. On February , the Philippine Congress passed Republic Act No. 95. That act illegally includes into the Philippines’ territory China’s Huangyan Dao and some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao. China immediately made representations to the Philippines and issued a statement, reiterating China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Dao, Nansha Qundao and the adjacent waters, and declaring in explicit terms that any territorial claim over them made by any other country is illegal and void.1. 年月日,菲律宾出动“德尔·皮拉尔”号军舰,闯入中国黄岩岛附近海域,对在该海域作业的中国渔民、渔船实施非法抓扣并施以严重非人道待遇,蓄意挑起黄岩岛事件中国即在北京和马尼拉多次对菲律宾提出严正交涉,对菲律宾侵犯中国领土主权和伤害中国渔民的行径表示强烈抗议,要求菲律宾立即撤出一切船只和人员与此同时,中国政府迅速派出海监和渔政执法船只前往黄岩岛,维护主权并对中国渔民进行救助年6月,经中国多次严正交涉,菲律宾从黄岩岛撤出相关船只和人员1. On April , the Philippines’ naval vessel BRP Gregorio del Pilar (PF-) intruded into the adjacent waters of China’s Huangyan Dao, illegally seized Chinese fishermen and fishing boats operating there and treated the fishermen in a grossly inhumane manner, thus deliberately causing the Huangyan Dao Incident. In response to the Philippines’ provocation, China immediately made multiple strong representations to Philippine officials in Beijing and Manila to protest the Philippines’ violation of China’s territorial sovereignty and harsh treatment of Chinese fishermen, and demanded that the Philippines immediately withdraw all its vessels and personnel. The Chinese government also promptly dispatched China Maritime Surveillance and China Fisheries Law Encement vessels to Huangyan Dao to protect China’s sovereignty and rescue the Chinese fishermen. In June , after firm representations repeatedly made by China, the Philippines withdrew relevant vessels and personnel from Huangyan Dao.1. 菲律宾对中国黄岩岛提出的非法领土要求没有任何国际法依据所谓黄岩岛在菲律宾0海里专属经济区内因而是菲律宾领土的主张,显然是对国际法蓄意和荒唐的歪曲菲律宾派军舰武装闯入黄岩岛附近海域,严重侵犯中国领土主权,严重违背《宪章和国际法基本原则菲律宾鼓动并怂恿菲方船只和人员大规模侵入中国黄岩岛海域,严重侵犯中国在黄岩岛海域的主权和主权权利菲律宾非法抓扣在黄岩岛海域正常作业的中国渔民并施以严重的非人道待遇,严重侵犯中国渔民的人格尊严,践踏人权1. The Philippines’ claim of sovereignty over China’s Huangyan Dao is completely baseless under international law. The illegal claim that “Huangyan Dao is within the Phlippines’ 0-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone so it is Philippine territory” is a preposterous and deliberate distortion of international law. By sending its naval vessel to intrude into Huangyan Dao’s adjacent waters, the Philippines grossly violated China’s territorial sovereignty, the Charter of the ed Nations and fundamental principles of international law. By instigating mass intrusion of its vessels and personnel into waters of Huangyan Dao, the Philippines blatantly violated China’s sovereignty and sovereign rights therein. The Philippines’ illegal seizure of Chinese fishermen engaged in normal operations in waters of Huangyan Dao and the subsequent inhumane treatment of them are gross violations of their dignity and human rights.(四)菲律宾单方面提起仲裁是恶意行为 iv. The Philippines’ unilateral initiation of arbitration is an act of bad faith1. 年1月日,菲律宾共和国时任政府违背中菲之间达成并多次确认的通过谈判解决南海有关争议的共识,违反其在《宣言中作出的庄严承诺,在明知领土争议不属于《公约调整范围,海洋划界争议已被中国年有关声明排除的情况下,蓄意将有关争议包装成单纯的《公约解释或适用问题,滥用《公约争端解决机制,单方面提起南海仲裁案菲律宾此举不是为了解决与中国的争议,而是企图借此否定中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益菲律宾的行为是恶意的1. On January , the then government of the Republic of the Philippines unilaterally initiated the South China Sea arbitration. In doing so, the Philippines has turned its back on the consensus reached and repeatedly reaffirmed by China and the Philippines to settle through negotiation the relevant disputes in the South China Sea and violated its own solemn commitment in the DOC. Deliberately packaging the relevant disputes as mere issues concerning the interpretation or application of UNCLOS while knowing full well that territorial disputes are not subject to UNCLOS and that maritime delimitation disputes have been excluded from the UNCLOS compulsory dispute settlement procedures by China’s declaration, the Philippines has wantonly abused the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures. This initiation of arbitration aims not to settle its disputes with China, but to deny China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea. This course of conduct is taken out of bad faith.6. 第一,菲律宾单方面提起仲裁,违反中菲通过双边谈判解决争议的协议中菲在有关双边文件中已就通过谈判解决南海有关争议达成协议并多次予以确认中国和菲律宾在《宣言中就通过谈判解决南海有关争议作出郑重承诺,并一再在双边文件中予以确认上述中菲两国各项双边文件以及《宣言的相关规定相辅相成,构成中菲两国之间的协议两国据此选择了以谈判方式解决有关争端,并排除了包括仲裁在内的第三方方式“约定必须遵守”这项国际法基础规范必须得到执行菲律宾违背自己的庄严承诺,是严重的背信弃义行为,不为菲律宾创设任何权利,也不为中国创设任何义务6. First, by unilaterally initiating arbitration, the Philippines has violated its standing agreement with China to settle the relevant disputes through bilateral negotiation. In relevant bilateral documents, China and the Philippines have agreed to settle through negotiation their disputes in the South China Sea and reaffirmed this agreement many times. China and the Philippines made solemn commitment in the DOC to settle through negotiation relevant disputes in the South China Sea, which has been repeatedly affirmed in bilateral documents. The above bilateral documents between China and the Philippines and relevant provisions in the DOC are mutually reincing and constitute an agreement in this regard between the two states. By this agreement, they have chosen to settle the relevant disputes through negotiation and to exclude any third party procedure, including arbitration. Pacta sunt servanda. This fundamental norm of international law must be observed. The Philippines’ breach of its own solemn commitment is a deliberate act of bad faith. Such an act does not generate any right the Philippines, nor does it impose any obligation on China.7. 第二,菲律宾单方面提起仲裁,侵犯中国作为《公约缔约国自主选择争端解决方式的权利《公约第十五部分第0条规定,“本公约的任何规定均不损害任何缔约国于任何时候协议用自行选择的任何和平方法解决它们之间有关本公约的解释或适用的争端的权利”;第1条规定,“作为有关本公约的解释或适用的争端各方的缔约各国,如已协议用自行选择的和平方法来谋求解决争端,则只有在诉诸这种方法仍未得到解决以及争端各方间的协议并不排除任何其他程序的情形下,才适用本部分所规定的程序”由于中菲之间已就通过谈判解决争议作出明确选择,《公约规定的第三方强制争端解决程序不适用7. Second, by unilaterally initiating arbitration, the Philippines has violated China’s right to choose means of dispute settlement of its own will as a state party to UNCLOS. 0 of Part XV of UNCLOS stipulates: “Nothing in this Part impairs the right of any States Parties to agree at any time to settle a dispute between them concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention by any peaceful means of their own choice.” 1 of UNCLOS provides: “If the States Parties which are parties to a dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention have agreed to seek settlement of the dispute by a peaceful means of their own choice, the procedures provided in this Part apply only where no settlement has been reached by recourse to such means and the agreement between the parties does not exclude any further procedure”. Given that China and the Philippines have made an unequivocal choice to settle through negotiation the relevant disputes, the compulsory third-party dispute settlement procedures under UNCLOS do not apply.8. 第三,菲律宾单方面提起仲裁,滥用《公约争端解决程序菲律宾提起仲裁事项的实质是南沙群岛部分岛礁的领土主权问题,有关事项也构成中菲海洋划界不可分割的组成部分陆地领土问题不属于《公约的调整范围年,中国根据《公约第98条作出排除性声明,将涉及海洋划界、历史性海湾或所有权、军事和执法行动等方面的争端排除在《公约争端解决程序之外包括中国在内的约30个国家作出的排除性声明,构成《公约争端解决机制的组成部分菲律宾通过包装诉求,恶意规避中方有关排除性声明和陆地领土争议不属《公约调整事项的限制,单方面提起仲裁,构成对《公约争端解决程序的滥用8. Third, by unilaterally initiating arbitration, the Philippines has abused the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures. The essence of the subject-matter of the arbitration initiated by the Philippines is an issue of territorial sovereignty over some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao, and the resolution of the relevant matters also constitutes an integral part of maritime delimitation between China and the Philippines. Land territorial issues are not regulated by UNCLOS. In , pursuant to 98 of UNCLOS, China made an optional exceptions declaration excluding from the compulsory dispute settlement procedures of UNCLOS disputes concerning, among others, maritime delimitation, historic bays or titles, military and law encement activities. Such declarations made by about 30 states, including China, m an integral part of the UNCLOS dispute settlement mechanism. By camouflaging its submissions, the Philippines deliberately circumvented the optional exceptions declaration made by China and the limitation that land territorial disputes are not subject to UNCLOS, and unilaterally initiated the arbitration. This course of conduct constitutes an abuse of the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures.9. 第四,菲律宾为推动仲裁捏造事实,曲解法律,编造了一系列谎言:9. Fourth, in order to push ward the arbitral proceedings, the Philippines has distorted facts, misinterpreted laws and concocted a pack of lies:——菲律宾明知其仲裁诉求涉及中国在南海的领土主权,领土问题不属于《公约调整的事项,却故意将其曲解和包装成《公约解释或适用问题;— The Philippines, fully aware that its submissions concern China’s territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea, and that territorial issue is not subject to UNCLOS, deliberately mischaracterizes and packages the relevant issue as those concerning the interpretation or application of UNCLOS;——菲律宾明知其仲裁诉求涉及海洋划界问题,且中国已根据《公约第98条作出声明,将包括海洋划界在内的争端排除出《公约规定的第三方争端解决程序,却故意将海洋划界过程中需要考虑的各项因素抽离出来,孤立看待,企图规避中国有关排除性声明;— The Philippines, fully aware that its submissions concern maritime delimitation, and that China has made an declaration, pursuant to 98 of UNCLOS, excluding disputes concerning, among others, maritime delimitation from the UNCLOS third-party dispute settlement procedures, intentionally detaches the diverse factors that shall be taken into consideration in the process of a maritime delimitation and treat them in an isolated way, in order to circumvent China’s optional exceptions declaration;——菲律宾无视中菲从未就其仲裁事项进行任何谈判的事实,故意将其与中国就一般性海洋事务与合作进行的一些磋商曲解为就仲裁事项进行的谈判,并以此为借口声称已穷尽双边谈判手段;— The Philippines deliberately misrepresents certain consultations with China on maritime affairs and cooperation, all of a general nature, as negotiations over the subject-matters of the arbitration, and further claims that bilateral negotiations theree have been exhausted, despite the fact that the two states have never engaged in any negotiation on those subject-matters;——菲律宾声称其不寻求判定任何领土归属,或划定任何海洋边界,然而在仲裁进程中,特别是庭审中,却屡屡否定中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益;— The Philippines claims that it does not seek a determination of any territorial issue or a delimitation of any maritime boundary, and yet many times in the course of the arbitral proceedings, especially during the oral hearings, it denies China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea;——菲律宾无视中国在南海问题上的一贯立场和实践,子虚乌有地声称中国对整个南海主张排他性的海洋权益;— The Philippines turns a blind eye to China’s consistent position and practice on the South China Sea issue, and makes a completely false assertion that China lays an exclusive claim of maritime rights and interests to the entire South China Sea;——菲律宾刻意夸大西方殖民者历史上在南海的作用,否定中国长期开发、经营和管辖南海相关水域的史实及相应的法律效力;— The Philippines exaggerates Western colonialists’ role in the South China Sea in history and denies the historical facts and corresponding legal effect of China’s longstanding exploration, exploitation and administration in history of relevant waters of the South China Sea;——菲律宾牵强附会,拼凑关联性和明力不强的据,强撑其诉讼请求;— The Philippines puts together some remotely relevant and woefully weak pieces of evidence and makes far-fetched inferences to support its submissions;——菲律宾随意解释国际法规则,大量援引极具争议的司法案例和不具权威性的个人意见撑其诉求— The Philippines, in order to make out its claims, arbitrarily interprets rules of international law, and resorts to highly controversial legal cases and unauthoritative personal opinions in large quantity.0. 简言之,菲律宾单方面提起仲裁违反包括《公约争端解决机制在内的国际法应菲律宾单方面请求建立的南海仲裁案仲裁庭自始无管辖权,所作出的裁决是无效的,没有拘束力中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益在任何情况下不受仲裁裁决的影响中国不接受、不承认该裁决,反对且不接受任何以仲裁裁决为基础的主张和行动0. In short, the Philippines’ unilateral initiation of arbitration contravenes international law including the UNCLOS dispute settlement mechanism. The Arbitral Tribunal in the South China Sea arbitration established at the Philippines’ unilateral request has, ab initio, no jurisdiction, and awards rendered by it are null and void and have no binding ce. China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea shall under no circumstances be affected by those awards. China does not accept or recognize those awards. China opposes and will never accept any claim or action based on those awards.[!-empirenews.page--]五、中国处理南海问题的政策V. China’s Policy on the South China Sea Issue1. 中国是维护南海和平稳定的重要力量中国一贯遵守《宪章的宗旨和原则,坚定维护和促进国际法治,尊重和践行国际法,在坚定维护中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益的同时,坚持通过谈判协商解决争议,坚持通过规则机制管控分歧,坚持通过互利合作实现共赢,致力于把南海建设成和平之海、友谊之海和合作之海1. China is an important ce maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea. It abides by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the ed Nations and is committed to upholding and promoting international rule of law. It respects and acts in accordance with international law. While firmly safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, China adheres to the position of settling disputes through negotiation and consultation and managing differences through rules and mechanisms. China endeavors to achieve win-win outcomes through mutually beneficial cooperation, and is committed to making the South China Sea a sea of peace, cooperation and friendship.. 中国坚持与地区国家共同维护南海和平稳定,坚定维护各国依据国际法在南海享有的航行和飞越自由,积极倡导域外国家尊重地区国家的努力,在维护南海和平稳定问题上发挥建设性作用. China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea with other countries in the region and upholding the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea enjoyed by other countries under international law. China urges countries outside this region to respect the efts in this regard by countries in the region and to play a constructive role in maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea.(一)关于南沙群岛领土问题i. On the territorial issues concerning Nansha Qundao3. 中国坚定地维护对南海诸岛及其附近海域的主权部分国家对南沙群岛部分岛礁提出非法领土主张并实施武力侵占,严重违反《宪章和国际关系基本准则,是非法的、无效的对此,中国坚决反对,并要求有关国家停止对中国领土的侵犯3. China is firm in upholding its sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao and their surrounding waters. Some countries have made illegal territorial claims over and occupied by ce some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao. These illegal claims and occupation constitute gross violations of the Charter of the ed Nations and basic norms governing international relations. They are null and void. China consistently and resolutely opposes such actions and demands that relevant states stop their violation of China’s territory.. 中国始终致力于与包括菲律宾在内的直接有关的当事国在尊重历史事实的基础上,根据国际法,通过谈判解决有关争议. China has spared no efts to settle, on the basis of respecting historical facts, relevant disputes with the Philippines and other countries directly concerned, through negotiation in accordance with international law.5. 众所周知,陆地领土问题不属于《公约调整的事项,南沙群岛领土问题不适用《公约5. It is universally recognized that land territorial issues are not regulated by UNCLOS. Thus, the territorial issue in Nansha Qundao is not subject to UNCLOS.(二)关于南海海洋划界问题ii. On maritime delimitation in the South China Sea6. 中国主张,同直接有关的当事国依据包括《公约在内的国际法,通过谈判公平解决南海海洋划界问题在划界问题最终解决前,各方应保持自我克制,不采取使争议复杂化、扩大化和影响和平与稳定的行动6. China maintains that the issue of maritime delimitation in the South China Sea should be settled equitably through negotiation with countries directly concerned in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS. Pending the final settlement of this issue, all relevant parties must exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities that may complicate or escalate disputes and affect peace and stability.7. 1996年,中国在批准《公约时声明:“中华人民共和国将与海岸相向或相邻的国家,通过协商,在国际法基础上,照公平原则划定各自海洋管辖权界限”1998年,《中华人民共和国专属经济区和大陆架法进一步明确中国同海洋邻国之间解决海洋划界问题的原则立场,即“中华人民共和国与海岸相邻或者相向国家关于专属经济区和大陆架的主张重叠的,在国际法的基础上照公平原则以协议划定界限”,“本法的规定不影响中华人民共和国享有的历史性权利”7. When ratifying UNCLOS in 1996, China stated that, “The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of the boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the States with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the principle of equitability.” China’s positions in this regard are further elaborated in the 1998 Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf. This Law provides that, “The People’s Republic of China shall determine the delimitation of its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in respect of the overlapping claims by agreement with the states with opposite or adjacent coasts, in accordance with the principle of equitability and on the basis of international law”, and that, “The provisions in this law shall not affect the historical rights that the People’s Republic of China has been enjoying ever since the days of the past”.8. 中国不接受任何企图通过单方面行动把海洋管辖权强加于中国的做法,也不认可任何有损于中国在南海海洋权益的行动8. China does not accept any unilateral action attempting to ence maritime claims against China. Nor does China recognize any action that may jeopardize its maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea.(三)关于争端解决方式iii. On the ways and means大理第一人民医院妇科人流 点击3万监控实拍视频: 骑车老太神避让躲车祸 -- 3:57: 来源:   This is the incredible moment when a woman tuk tuk driver pulls an amazing U-turn to avoid a car crash.  这是一个不可思议的瞬间:一老太骑电动车过马路时靠神奇般的一个U型转弯避过一场车祸  The footage, which shows the lifesaving manoeuvre as two cars collide at a crossroad, has become an internet sensation in China with .3 million hits in just four days, The People's Daily reported.  这段十字路口处两车相撞瞬间骑车老太神避让的视频在短短四天时间里点击量已达到3万  Shi Xingying had been going over a zebra crossing and was about to go through a green light when she narrowly avoided being sandwiched between two vehicles, in the southern coastal city Wuxi last month.  事故发生在江苏省无锡市视频中的老太名叫施杏英,当时路口处是绿灯,她正骑着电动三轮车过马路,快要过完的时候神奇般地避开了两辆相撞的汽车  In the clip, a silver car crosses the intersection and was turning left when a yellow truck comes in from the opposite direction and the duo smash into to each other at high speed.  从视频中可以看到,一辆银色轿车驶过路口,左转弯的时候一辆黄色卡车从对面快速驶来,两车高速相撞  Somehow the tuk tukdriver, who was just metres from the impact, managed to dodgethe collision which would have likely killed her.  当时电动三轮车离事发地仅十米,却成功躲过一劫   'I was going across the street in front of green lights and I didn't expect that the two vehicles would whoosh towards me suddenly,' said Shi, who is in her 60s.  六十多岁的施杏英说:“当时我要穿过马路,而前面就是绿灯,没想到突然两辆车就冲了过来”  The cleaner, who works a service company, recalled that she had slowed down to observe traffic situation nearby when she approached the green light.  施杏英是一家劳务公司的保洁员,她回忆说,在经过十字路口时,虽然前方是绿灯,但她还是一边观察,一边减速通过  According to local traffic police, both vehicles should have slowed down as they approached the intersection though ultimately the silver car, which was turning, should have given way to the oncoming truck.  据当地警方称,相撞的两车在接近十字路口时都应该减速通过的,虽然双方都是绿灯通行,但是轿车转弯时应该让直行的卡车先行  Both vehicles swerved to avoid the tuk tuk while the three-wheeler permed a death-defying 180 degree turn to steer clear of the violent collision.  两车即将相撞时都猛打方向以避让电动三轮车,而电动三轮车也来了个180度大转弯成功与车祸擦肩而过英国新首相就是她了 一起来认识下~ -- :6:58 来源:chinadaily Theresa May expected to become Britain's prime minister on Wednesday evening. 特蕾莎;梅将于英国时间本周三晚间就任英国的新首相 In politics decades, she has strong stances on immigration, same-sex marriage. 在几十年的从政生涯中,她一直对移民问题和同性婚姻持强硬立场 Theresa May is not a mother -- her opponent made that clear, to her own demise -- but you may be wondering who exactly is this conservative politician tapped to lead post-Brexit Great Britain. 特蕾莎;梅并没有子女,她的对手以此作为攻击她的弹药,结果搬起石头砸了自己的脚那么,这位被推举来领导欧脱欧时代英国的保守党政客到底是个什么样的人呢? The 59-year-old May became the heir apparent after Andrea Leadsom, the final of four opponents in the bid to lead the Conservative Party, dropped out following backlash to her remarks that she was more qualified than May to lead Britain because she is a mother. 在保守党党魁的最终选举中,59的梅击败了安德莉亚;利德索姆,成为了党魁的法定继任者利德索姆是梅在党内终选中个对手中的最后一个,她此前声称身为母亲的自己比不是母亲的梅更有资格领带英国,此番言论回火伤及自身,而她最终也弃选 To be fair, the tea leaves were aly pointing toward May, who garnered 99 more Conservative Parliament members' votes than Leadsom in the first round of ballots, and 1 more in the second. 平心而论,英国政界其实早已偏向了梅她在第一轮不记名投票中得到的保守党国会议员选票比利德索姆多出99票,而在第二轮中则多出1票 Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement: ;It is clear Theresa May has the overwhelmingsupport of the Conservative parliamentary party, I'm also delighted that Theresa May will be the next prime minister. She is strong, she is competent, she's more than able to provide the leadership the country is going to need in the years ahead and she will have my full support.; 现任首相大卫;卡梅伦在一次声明中说道:“显而易见,特蕾莎;梅得到了议会党保守党压倒性的持我很高兴她将成为新一任的首相她坚强而且能干,她完全有能力为这个国家提供其未来所需的领导力而且,我会全力持她” Leadsom also pledged her support to May. 利德索姆也承诺会持梅 Who Is Theresa May? 特蕾莎;梅是谁 职位: 英国内政大臣(至今) 脱欧中的立场: 对欧盟持怀疑态度,但持留欧 语录: 这就是脱欧,它已经发生了我们不会再试图留在欧盟,也不会试图走后门再次加入;而且,不会再有第二次公投 Shortly after graduating, May began working at the Bank of England, where she remained until 1983. May went on to hold positions at what is now the UK Payments Administration, according to abiography on her party's website. 毕业后不久,梅进入英格兰供职并一直在那工作到1983年据她所在党派网站上的个人简介描述,她随后进入现在的英国付管理中心任职 Key Dates the New PM 新首相的日程表 18 July - Parliament due to vote on Trident renewal 7月18日– 国会将就更新三叉戟系统一事进行投票(三叉戟是一种潜射弹道导弹) 19 July - Possible date her first cabinet meeting 7月19日– 可能会召开她的第一次内阁会议 July - First PMQs as prime minister 7月日– 就任首相之后的首次首相问答(PMQs Prime Minister’s Questions) 5 September - Parliament returns from summer recess 9月5日– 国会从夏季休会中返回 -5 October - Conservative Party annual conference 月-5日– 保守党年会 October - Her first European Council meeting as prime minister 月日– 就任首相后第一次参加欧洲理事会会议 本世纪英国的历任首英国在这个世纪里已经换了任首相,他们中有一半并非通过大选产生大理白族自治州妇产科检查多少钱

大理哪家不孕不育医院好特朗普高颜值女儿花式炫父(附:跑步歌单) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 关注我们的小伙伴们肯定知道,特朗普已经正式成为美国共和党总统候选人 传送门→[国际] 高颜值大长腿: 新晋美国第一家庭?(双语) 周四,在共和党全国代表大会上,特朗普发表了演讲 看看现场这人山人海! 在一个多小时的演讲中,特朗普说了很多... Trump covered issues including law and order, national security, immigration, trade, tax-cutand the threat of terrorism. 他还表示他代表了美国人民的声音 He then proclaimed that ; I am your voice; to the American people. 但看完整场演讲的小编表示,他那高颜值闺女Ivanka Trump的演讲更有借鉴意义 她演讲的题目翻译过来就是《论如何花式夸奖自己的爸比从中学到的技巧,明年父亲节你们肯定用的上! BTW, Ivanka的出场音乐很好听,求歌名! 讲真,共和党大会上用的音乐简直就是运动必备歌单: 1.We are the Champions by Queen .Happy Together by Turtles 3.My Sharona by The Knack .Eight Days A Week by The Beatles 5.Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison 6.Roll with the Changes by Reo Speedwagon 7.Buy me a boat by Chris Janson 8.Limelight by Rush 看完歌单,也来看看Ivanka Trump 的“炫父”演讲吧! 演讲文稿: Good evening. Thank you. One year ago, I introduced my father when he declared his candidacy. In his own way, and through his own sheer ce of will, he sacrificed greatly to enter the political arena as an outsider. And he prevailed against a field of very talented competitors. (APPLAUSE) more than a year, Donald Trump has been the people’s champion, and tonight he’s the people’s nominee. (APPLAUSE) Like many of my fellow millenials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat. More than party affiliation, I vote on based on what I believe is right, my family and my country. Sometimes it’s a tough choice. That is not the case this time. As the proud daughter of your nominee, I am here to tell you that this is the moment and Donald Trump is the person to make America great again. (APPLAUSE) Real change, the kind we have not seen in decades is only going to come from outside the system. And it’s only going to come from a man who’s spent his entire life doing what others said could not be done. My father is a fighter. When the primaries got tough and they were tough, he did what any great leader does. He dug deeper, worked harder, got better and became stronger. (APPLAUSE) I have seen him fight his family. I have seen him fight his employees. I have seen him fight his company. And now, I am seeing him fight our country. It’s been the story of his life and more recently the spirit of his campaign. It’s also a prelude to reaching the goal that es us all. When this party and better still this country knows what it is like to win again. (APPLAUSE) If it’s possible to be famous and yet not really well done, that describes the father who raised me. In the same office in Trump Tower, where we now work together, I remember playing on the floor by my father’s desk, constructing miniature buildings with Legos and Erector sets, while he did the same with concrete steel and glass. My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass. He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive excellence in all that we do. He taught us that there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish, if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. (APPLAUSE) One of my father’s greatest talents is the ability to see potential in people, bee they see it in themselves. It was like that us to growing up. He taught us that potential vanishes into nothing without eft. And like him, we each had a responsibility to work, not just ourselves but the betterment of the world around us. Over the years, on too many occasions to count, I saw my father tear stories out of the newspaper about people whom he had never met, who were facing some injustice or hardship. He’d write a note to his assistant, in a signature black felt tip pen, and request that the person be found and invited to Trump Tower to meet with him. He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break. And they would leave his office, as people so often do after having been with Donald Trump, feeling that life could be great again. (APPLAUSE) Throughout my entire life, I have witnessed his empathy and generosity towards other, especially those who are suffering. It is just his way of being in your corner when you’re down. My father not only has the strength and ability necessary to be our next President, but also the kindness and compassion that will enable him to be the leader that this country needs. (APPLAUSE) My father has a sense of fairness that touches every conviction he’s hold. I worked along side of him now more than a decade now at the Trump Organization and I’ve seen how he operates as a leader. Making important decisions that shape careers and that change lives. I’ve learned a lot about the world from walking construction jobs by his side. When run properly, construction sites are true meritocracies. Competence in the building trades is easy to spot and incompetence is impossible to hide. (APPLAUSE) These sites are also incredible melting pots, gathering people from all walks of life and ing them to work towards a single mission. There have always been men of all background and ethnicities on my father’s job sites. And long bee it was common place, you also saw women. (APPLAUSE) My father values talent. He recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. He is color blind and gender neutral. He hires the best person the job, period. (APPLAUSE) Words and promises, no matter visionary they sound will only get you so far. In our business, you’re not a builder, unless you’ve got a building to show it, or in my father’s case, city skylines. Most people strive their entire lives to achieve great success in a single industry. My father has succeeded in many on the highest level and on a global scale. One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. Billionaire executives don’t usually ask the people doing the work their opinion of the work. My father is an exception. TRUMP: On every one of his projects, you’ll see him talking to the super, the painter, the engineers, the electricians, he’ll ask them their feedback, if they think something should be done differently, or could be done better. When Donald Trump is in charge, all that counts is ability, eft and excellence. (APPLAUSE) This has long been the philosophy at the Trump Organization. At my father’s company, there are more female than male executives. Women are paid equally the work that we do and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out. (APPLAUSE) Women represent 6 percent of the total U.S. labor ce, and 0 percent of American households have female primary bwinners. In , women made 83 cents every dollar made by a man. Single women without children earn 9 cents each dollar earned by a man, whereas married mothers made only 77 cents. As researchers have noted, gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is. As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workce. And he will focus on making quality childcare afdable and accessible all. (APPLAUSE) As a mother myself, of three young children, I know how hard it is to work while raising a family. And I also know that I’m far more tunate than most. American families need relief. Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm. Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. (APPLAUSE) He will fight equal pay equal work, and I will fight this too, right along side of him. (APPLAUSE) Americans today need an economy that permits people to rise again. A Trump Presidency will turn the economy around and restore the great American tradition of giving each new generation hope brighter opporties than those of the generation that came bee. In Donald Trump, you have a candidate who knows the difference between wanting something done and making it happen. When my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. Floor by floor a soaring structure will appear, usually record setting in its height and iconic in its design. Real people are hired to do real work. Vision becomes reality. When my father says that he will make America great again, he will deliver. (APPLAUSE) We have a chance this year, to reclaim our heritage as a country that dreams big and makes the impossible happen. tunately, Donald Trump is incapable of thinking small. When I was a child, my father always told me, Ivanka if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. As President, my father will take on the bold and worthy fights. He will be unafraid to set lofty goals and he will be relentless in his determination to achieve them. To people all over America, I say, when you have my father in your corner, you will never again have to worry about being let down. He will fight you all the time, all the way, every time. (APPLAUSE) Maybe it’s the developer in him, but Donald Trump cannot stand to see empty main streets and boarded up factories. He can’t bear the injustice of college graduates who are crippled by student debt, and mothers who can’t afd of the childcare required to return to work to better the lives of their families. Other politicians see these hardships, see the unfairness of it all, and they say I feel you. Only my father will say, I’ll fight you. (APPLAUSE) The hard working men and women of this country identify with my father. He is tough and he is persevering. He is honest and he is real. He’s an optimist and he’s a relentless believer in America and all of her potential. He loves his family and he loves his country with his heart and his soul. Politicians ask to be judged by their promises, not their results. I ask you to judge my father by his results. Judge his values by those he’s instilled in his children. Judge his competency by the towers he’s built, the companies he’s founded, and the tens of thousands of jobs he’s created. He is the single most qualified serve as chief executive of an trillion economy. My father will call upon the best and brightest people from all spheres of industry and both side of the aisle. A new set of thinkers, to face our countries existing and future problems with fresh perspective and brave new solutions. Come January , all things will be possible again. We can hope and dream and think big again. No one has more faith in the American people than my father. He will be your greatest, your truest and your most loyal champion. (APPLAUSE) This is the fighter, the doer that you have chosen as your nominee, in ways no one expected, this moment in the life of our country has defined a mission and given it to an extraordinary man. He is y to see it all the way through, to speak to every man and every woman, of every background, in every part of this great country. To earn your trust and to earn your vote. He earned that and much more from me a long time ago. I’ve loved and respected him, my entire life. And I could not be more proud tonight, to present to you and to all of America, my father and our next President, Donald J. Trump. 演讲看完,留点感想吧!别忘了小编求歌名大理云南看女性输卵管粘连费用 卡梅伦宣布辞职,称不再适合担任掌舵人 -- ::1 来源: 公投结果表示英国选择退出欧盟英国首相卡梅伦表示将尊重民众选择,辞去首相职务既然英国人民已经明确选择了与他所持的道路完全不同的道路,他也不再适合担任“掌舵人” Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.英国公投脱欧派胜出后,首相戴维·卡梅伦宣布将于月份辞职Mr Cameron made the announcement in a statement outside Downing Street after the final result was announced.最终的投票结果出来之后,卡梅伦在唐宁街发表演讲,宣布了辞职的消息He said he would attempt to "steady the ship" over the coming weeks and months but that "fresh leadership" was needed.卡梅伦表示,在未来数周和数月内,他会继续努力为英国“掌舵”,但是英国需要“新任领导者”The PM had urged the country to vote Remain, warning of economic and security consequences of an exit, but the UK voted to Leave by 5% to 8%.卡梅伦首相劝导人们持英国留在欧盟,以避免脱欧带来的经济和安全后果,但英国公投脱欧派最终以5%比8%的投票比例胜出England and Wales voted strongly Brexit, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed staying in.英格兰和威尔人民强烈持离开欧盟,但伦敦、苏格兰和北爱尔兰的人们大多持留在欧盟UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK’s "independence day" but the Remain camp called it a "catastrophe".英国独立党领袖奈杰尔·法拉奇称6月3日是英国的“独立日”,但留欧派却认为英国脱欧是一场大灾难Flanked by wife Samantha, Mr Cameron said he had inmed the Queen of his decision to remain in place the short term and to then hand over to a new prime minister by the time of the Conservative conference in October.在妻子萨曼莎的陪同下,卡梅伦首相说他已经将自己的决定告诉女王:他将暂时继续担任首相,但会在月份保守党大会之后让位给新任首相It would be the new prime minister to carry out negotiations with the EU and invoke 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would give the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal, he said.卡梅伦表示,新任首相将引用《里斯本条约第50条,花两年时间与欧盟进行谈判"The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected," said Mr Cameron. "The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered."“英国人民已经选择了离开欧盟,我将尊重民众的选择,”卡梅伦说“英国人民的意愿是我们行动的指南”The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.受公投结果的影响,英镑跌至1985年以来最低水平Bank of England governor Mark Carney said UK banks’ "substantial capital and huge liquidity" allowed them to continue to lend to businesses and households.英格兰央行行长马克·卡尼表示,英国的“人力资本和大量流动性”能保继续向企业和家庭贷款The Bank of England is y to provide an extra ?50bn of support, he added.他还说,英格兰央行已经做好准备,额外提供500亿英镑资金大理做人流的医院哪个好

永平县痛经多少钱男神抖森赢得年“年度美臀”的称号 --30 18:: 来源: 作为英国演艺界最性感的男星之一,抖森近日又凭借该剧中的一个“壁咚”场景获评“年度美臀”,更加奠定了自己英伦“大众男神”的地位 Taylor Swift is a lucky lady! Tom Hiddleston now has the top male celebrity bottom of . The actor was recently named winner of the Rear of the Year award his racy sex scene in the AMC miniseries The Night Manager.不得不说“霉霉”真是个幸运的女人,男朋友“抖森”凭借在 AMC迷你剧《夜班经理中的火辣床戏,赢得年“年度美臀”的称号“The votes flooded in when Tom revealed his well-toned rear on our TV screens in an episode of The Night Manager,’ the award’s website says.评选网站的工作人员说:“看过抖森在剧中“半露酥臀”的场景,粉丝的投票热情简直如滔滔江水无法阻挡”The Thor actor, 35, dropped his trousers a steamy romp with costar Elizabeth Debicki. The scene was so sexy that his derrière got censored in the U.S. version of the show. Between his butt-baring scene and his revealing underwear photo shoot W magazine, his booty even garnered its own hashtag: #Hiddlesbum.这位《雷神男星今年35岁,在新剧中衣衫半退和女主(Elizabeth Debicki饰演)来了一出火辣的“壁咚”好戏该场景也因为太过火辣在美版中被删减因为电视剧中的火辣形象以及他为《W杂志拍摄的硬照太过性感,分分钟冲上社交媒体的热搜,甚至产生了一个新词““希德勒斯臀”(Hiddlebum)”“I was surprised to hear they cut my butt out,” he told W last month. “I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous. And there are many, many more things that people are happy to broadcast. I don’t know what that says about the world we live in, but it probably says something.”在《W杂志的采访中,抖森回应了自己在《夜班经理中的裸露镜头遭删减的话题,他表示:“我得知被删也很吃惊,我的臀部并不危险呐还有很多比我这个尺度更大的在播出,,我不知道这说明了什么但是确实代表我们的社会某些方面出了点问题”The Rear of the Year title is presented annually to both a male and female Brit with “prize-winning rear assets,” according to the site. The winners even get crystal trophies engraved with their title. British actress Jennifer Metcalfe joined Hiddleston as this year’s female winner.“年度美臀”每年会分别选出一名男性和女性,授予“年度最佳美臀”的称号美臀得主甚至还会得到印有自已名字的水晶奖杯今年肥皂剧女星Jennifer Metcalfe夺得了女子组美臀冠军The accolade adds to Hiddleston’s fantastic year, which includes an Emmy nomination The Night Manager, a spot among the top contenders to play the next James Bond and a whirlwind new relationship with Taylor Swift.今年抖森的媒体曝光度可谓杠杠的,先是因为出演《夜班经理提名艾美奖,之后关于其接任0的呼声不断,再者与泰勒·斯威夫特的恋情曝光也引发了不小的轰动Hiddleston attended San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to promote his film Kong: Skull Island after spending time with the “Wildest Dreams” singer in Australia. The actor has been filming the latest installment of the Thor series Down Under, and the couple enjoyed several date nights during his free time.上周,被拍到和霉霉(最疯狂的梦的演唱者)在澳大利亚共度二人世界的抖森现身圣迭戈的国际动漫展宣传新电影《 Kong: Skull Island抖森之前一直在拍摄最新一版《雷神,在休息间隙,忙里偷闲和霉霉约会The pair first went public with their relationship in June, and have since jetted to Nashville to spend time with Swift’s parents, England to meet Hiddleston’s mother.They even partied at the pop superstar’s Rhode Island home her annual Fourth of July bash.两人的恋情在六月被曝光,被拍到分别去纳什维尔和英国拜访了双方父母两人还在霉霉罗德岛的豪宅一起庆祝国庆大趴 凯特王妃的穿衣经,旧衣穿出新品味 --9 :31: 来源: 你五年前的衣是否还留着?凯特王妃身着五年前的礼参加高级晚宴 The Duchess of Cambridge rolled out an old favorite as she attended an exclusive country gala dinner.剑桥公爵夫人身着一件昔日最爱的礼参加一场高级乡村晚宴Accompanied by her husband, Prince William, Kate was attending a glitzy gala dinner together in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), of which she is patron, at opulent Houghton Hall. Prince William opted a traditional black tux and dickie bow.在丈夫威廉王子的陪伴下,凯特出席了这场作为赞助人为帮助东安格利亚儿童收容所(EACH)而举办的奢华晚宴晚宴地点是富丽堂皇的霍顿府,威廉王子特意穿上了传统的黑色礼,打着蝶形领结Kate stepped out in the same stunning blush pink Jenny Packham gown she wore on one of her first engagements as a member of the Royal Family, following her wedding. She first wore the dazzlinggown five years ago when she bought a touch of glamour to a charity dinner held in honour of the th annual Absolute Return Kids (Ark) at Kensington Palace.凯特王妃穿的依然是那条魅力四射的蜜桃粉色珍妮·帕克汉礼裙年婚礼后不久,她作为王室成员参加活动时,这条裙子在很早的一场活动中就出现过5年前她第一次穿这条光夺目的礼裙,是参加肯辛顿宫第届“完全为了孩子”(Ark)年度慈善晚宴,当时艳惊四座Two children and almost six years later, the designer gown still fitted her like a glove – the only difference being that tonight she wore her hair up in a lady-like chignon. She paired the sparkling gown that retailed at over ?3,000 with a pair of nude LK Bennet heels that she also wore in . Kateaccessorised with a simple silk Prada box clutch which she balanced as she enjoyed a glass of wine.近6年过去了,凯特已经生了两个孩子,但这件设计师礼依然非常合身——唯一的不同是她今晚挽了个女人味十足的发髻搭配凯特这件价值逾3000英镑的眩目礼裙的是一双曾在年穿过的裸色LK Benet高跟鞋,她还拿了一只简单的普拉达丝绸手包,其色调与美酒的颜色十分相称But an extra touch of high glamour came from the chandelier diamond earrings loaned to the Duchess by the Queen, which she wore to her first state banquet with the Chinese President and his wife last October.还有一件饰品让凯特韵味十足,那就是女王借给她的钻石耳坠去年月,在习大大和彭麻麻出访英国的国宴上,女王戴的就是这对耳坠A special five course meal was created and cooked by five top chefs. Kate and William chatted with the chefs bee a reception outside on the manicured lawns. Kate suggested her husband was looking ward to a break from her cooking at the event: ’William has to put up with my cooking most of the time, ’ she said. ’It’s the reason I’m so skinny, ’ the prince retorted.五位顶级大厨设计并烹饪了五道特别菜品凯特和威廉在修剪整齐的草坪上参加露天酒会时,还和这些大厨们聊了天凯特这时暗示说,她丈夫正在期待能有机会不吃她做的饭她说:“威廉大多数时候都不得不忍受我的厨艺”而王子回应道:“这就是我这么瘦的原因”It is rumored that guests paid up to ?,000 a ticket to rub shoulders with William and Kate. The charity has so far secured more than ?.5million towards the appeal total.据说客人们需要为每张票付1万英镑,才能与威廉和凯特并肩出席晚宴目前这场慈善活动一共已经募集到了超过50万英镑大理白族自治州中医医院做孕检多少钱大理孕前检查哪些项目



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