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宜春靖安县去除黑眼圈多少钱樟树市第三人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱Celeb baby pics get pricy 宝宝的隐私权 Exclusive pictures of the 'Brangelina' twins fetch million, making them the most expensive celebrity pictures ever taken. Hello magazine calls it the biggest exclusive of the year---photos of the Brangelina twins, Knox and Vivienne just 3 weeks after birth. Hello has the international rights. People magazine will publish the pictures in North America. Together they said to have paid a record of 14 million dollars."The babies don't look very impressed.Darryn Lyons calls himself Mr. Paparazzi. He's made millions selling unofficial photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He is not shocked by the cost of their latest family snaps."They are the No.1 celebrity couple in the world and the world wants to see those babies.”But it's not just Jolie and Pitt who command big money from magazines for access to their children. Jennifer Lopez reportedly received 6 million dollars from People for photos of her twins. For new dad Mathew McConaughey it was 3 million from OK magazine, "Proud Mum" Jessica Alba, one and a half million, and even Britney Spears' younger sister Jamie Lynn got a way with one million dollars for pictures of her child. Darryn Lyons calls it "the new celebrity baby boom"."Hollywood is manipulating their kids and you can't scream privacy, really, when you're throwing a new-born in front of lens, it doesn't even really know what's going on. But I'll tell you what, those babies are serious/ly/ new cash these days."Brad and Angelina have done this before with their other children. Once again they're giving all the magazine money to charity. But public relations experts say the couple still profits indirectly.What the publicity care, they only drive controlled images, controlled messages, but you're doing some good, and every celebrity at least knows that their brand has to be seen to be doing good."Tom Cruise and Katie Holms didn't take any cash for pictures of baby Suri in Vanity Fair, and Nicole Kidman recently declared she won't be doing any deal for photos of her daughter, Sunday Rose.But it's not a new moral challenge for famous parents. This little guy is Desi Arnaz junior, the son of entertainment legend, Lucille Ball. He was on the cover of the first edition of America's TV Guide back in 1953. More than half a century on the market in celebrity baby photos has become very big businessPhil Blacks, CNN, London.参考中文翻译:Angelina Jolie的双胞胎照片荣登杂志封面,索取高达1400万美元的报酬,成了有史以来最贵的明星照片。HELLO杂志称此为今年最独一无二的——Angelina Jolie的双胞胎,Knox和Vivienne出生三周后的照片。该杂志在全球范围内有刊登的版权。People杂志将在北美出版该照片。据两家杂志称,他们共付了高达1400万美元的报酬。“这对双胞胎宝宝并不是那么令人印象深刻。”Darryn Lyons 称呼他自己为 Mr. Paparazzi。他通过出售Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie的非官方照片已经赚取了数百万美元。他并不为这个家庭的最新照片如此高价感到震惊。“他们是世界上第一位的明星夫妇,人们都想看看他们的孩子。”但是并不只是Jolie 和 Pitt 为他们的孩子的照片索取高价。据报道,Jennifer Lopez 从她双胞胎照片的发布者手里或许600万美元。初为人父的Mathew McConaughey 从OK杂志获取了300万美元。"Proud Mum" Jessica Alba赚取150万美元,是指就连Britney Spears的Jamie Lynn 也由于孩子的照片得到100万美元。Darryn Lyons 称这种现象为“新的明星宝宝热”。“好莱坞现在在大肆炒作他们的孩子,你不能说这侵犯隐私。确实是,当你把一个新生儿暴露到镜头上,他根本就不知道怎么回事。但是我可以告诉你,现在那些孩子真的很赚钱。”Brad and Angelina 以前对他们的别的孩子也这样做过。不过他们再次把所有从杂志赚来的钱捐献给了慈善机构。但是公共关系专家说他们夫妇仍然间接的赚了钱。公众关注是控制形象和信息的唯一动力,但是如果你在做好事,每个明星至少都知道,公众能够看到他们好的一面。Tom Cruise and Katie Holms 没有为他们的宝宝baby Suri 在名利场杂志的照片收取任何费用。Nicole Kidman 最近宣布,她不会拿她的女儿Sunday Rose的照片做任何交易。但是这并不是对明星父母的新的道德挑战。这个小家伙叫Desi Arnaz junior,他是界的传奇人物 Lucille Ball的儿子。他的照片遭在1953年就刊登在美国电视导报第一版的封面上。半个多世纪以来,明星宝宝照片已经成了非常大的商业活动。200811/56937高安妇幼保健人民医院处女膜阴道阴道紧缩阴道缩紧哪家便宜价格 Discussion: Eating healthy at McDonald's?Two experts discuss on CN whether the Big Mac is really watching out for customers' waist size, or just making them feel better about fast foodA big night, for CN, too, at nine PM Eastern Time, a new documentary called Big Mac inside the McDonald’s empire is gonna make its long anticipated debut. If you remember when Carl was out for a while, we said on assignment, on assignment, on assignment. He was doing this. And it is good, Carl Kintunia, the CN team got an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the golden arches and you don’t wanna miss it. That’s tonight at 9 pm Eastern time. Mc Donald’s has got a great length to expand beyond burgers and fries, but has this fast food giant answered its critics when it comes to nutrition? Here now to weigh in, Jason Tre, no, Jason West, not Jason Trenner. You are not gonna talk about it /? No, did Carl gain any weight? He did, he was on assignment. We said weigh in for Jason. Jason, you are seeing, a restaurant analyst at Deutsche Bank, North America. And Margo Wootan. She is a nutrition policy director at the Center for Science and Public Interest. Um, Let me start with you, Jason. Is it nutritional now or are people going just because they like the taste?Um, I mean, I think they have increased the nutritional options on the , but I think overall what they've really changed is the quality of the food and people, I think more will go on because improvement in the quality and taste. And they have also increased, you know, the overall brand perception. It’s not just about the but they have also remodeled a good percentage of the restaurants which makes it a better customer experience overall.Phil Lebeau, I'm sorry, you are there as well today. I am. Joe. You do it all. You do Boeing, you do Mac Donald’s. What’s your take on this?I think that Mac Donald’s continues to get a bit of a bomb wrap when it comes to nutritional value. Listen, they have added a number of items to the that are healthier choices. And whenever they add these, and we have reported on these stories. The first thing I hear either hear from people, or I get an email from somebody is saying, yeah, but they still serve a bunch of junk food. They can’t, they can’t win here. They make more offerings that are nutritionally based or healthier and people beg on them. If they don’t make those offerings, people beg on them. But the bottom line is I do think that Mac Donald’s add offers more healthy choices than they did five, ten years ago. Alright, Margo, what do you think of what Phil just said?Well, I think Mac Donald’s is doing a much better job than say Burger King in adding more healthy items to the . Some fruits and vegetables. And working to reduce the amount of trans-fat. So they are making some progress. But they still have some work to do. I think one of the biggest problems with Mac Donald’s right now is that they have been fighting efforts at the state and local level to have calories listed right on the board so that people can make their own choices. So that people can see that their grilled chicken breast sandwich actually has as many calories as the quarter pounder, or that the Egg Mock-Muffin sandwich has half the calories of the pancakes. Right now it’s hard to make an informed choice because they mostly put the nutrition information on the tray liner or on the fast food packages which people don’t get until after they have ordered. Jason, this is Jason Trenner from Stratikers. I just have a quick question. I mean, you know, we all do respect Margo, you know, as an investor I would say who cares what the nutritional value that Mac Donald’s 's offering is. Are the margins better on this stuff, I mean some people might say that Mac Donald’s has too many things on the , maybe they should just focus on burgers and chicken sandwiches and shakes, and forget all those other stuff, toys and all the things that have been on the for so long.But it brings people into the restaurant. I know as a mom, I used to hate going to Mac Donald’s with my daughter coz there was nothing for me to order. Now at least there are some things that appeal to people who are more health conscious. And you know, Americans are trying harder to eat better these days.Jason. Yeah, go ahead Jason. I think that’s exactly right. I think that’s right. We actually did a consumer survey with Deutsche Bank. Looking at where consumers rank healthy choices when they go out to eat, healthy choices actually rank No.7 out of 12, you know, factors of importance so it ranked fairly low but among women, it actually ranked pretty high, actually much more important for women than men. And I think Mac Donald’s recognized this a long time ago, and they started selling more salads, they started adding more healthy options to the Happy Meals. What they've found is that the Happy Meal average ticket is actually up. They found that women are more likely to go there and so I think they are driving the traffic, they are driving the ticket up which is really what investors want to see. You know, investors are particularly worried about the, you know the nutritional value of the , they just want to see ticket traffic moving up.Alright,uh, thank you Margo, and Jason, I am sorry I said West, I don’t, I am looking at, yes, I didn’t say that anywhere, I just it wrong, Jason West. Very sorry, of Deutsche Bank North America.And our own Phil Lebeau, who, uh, I know I listen to you on Boeing, but I also think you probably know a lot about Mac Donald’s too. Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut.Alright. Thanks, thank you.Notes:Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut: or (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), means everyone has a bit of luck sometimes. 02/61794Obama Prepares for European Trip奥巴马总统为欧洲之行作准备  U.S. President Barack Obama will leave Washington early Tuesday morning on his first overseas trip since taking office. He will attend a global economic summit in London and a meeting of NATO leaders on the French-German border. 美国总统奥巴马星期二早上将离开华盛顿,开始他就任后的第一次海外之行。奥巴马将参加在伦敦举行的全球经济首脑会议以及在法国和德国边境举行的北约领导人会议。For the first time, Barack Obama will officially represent the ed States on the world stage. 奥巴马将第一次正式在世界舞台上代表美国。He will visit five countries in eight days, take part in three summits, hold numerous bilateral meetings, deliver a major speech on arms proliferation and open a dialogue with young people on the Internet. 在八天的行程中,他将访问五个国家,参加三个首脑会议,举行多个双边会谈。他将发表有关武器扩散问题的重要讲话,还将在互联网上与年轻人进行交流。His first stop is London for a summit on the international economic crisis held under the auspices of the G20 - a grouping of 20 of the biggest leading and emerging economies. 伦敦将是他出访的第一站。在那里,他将参加由20国集团主办的有关国际金融危机的首脑会议。20国集团由世界几个最大经济体和一些新兴经济体组成。All agree that action must be taken. But there are differences over the right mix of government stimulus spending and financial system reforms. 与会各国都同意必须采取行动,但是,各国在有关如何正确协调政府刺激开计划以及改革金融体系的关系上仍然存在分歧。President Obama was expected to push for more spending, similar to action he has aly taken to try to boost the U.S. economy. But White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says the president will not dictate specific spending targets. 预计,奥巴马总统会强调增加政府开,与他在美国采取的刺激经济的措施类似。但是,白宫发言人吉布斯说,总统不会强求各方提出具体的开数目。"The president and America are going to listen in London, as well as to lead," Gibbs said. “总统和美国在伦敦会议上担负领导责任的同时,也会倾听各方意见。”Reginald Dale is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. 华盛顿战略与国际问题研究中心的分析人士戴尔说,奥巴马曾承诺美国将采取全新的领导方法,伦敦是他展示新领导能力的好机会。He says the president, who has promised new U.S. leadership, will have an opportunity to deliver in London."This is the chance - if Obama wants to restore world leadership - here is the opportunity being handed to him on a silver plate," Dale said. "And if he wants to show he is a world leader, he has to grasp that opportunity and do so." “这是一次机会,如果奥巴马想恢复世界领导地位,这是一个绝好的机会。如果他希望展示他是世界领导人,他就得抓住这个机会,表现出来。”Mr. Obama will also meet privately in London with the leaders of Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. 奥巴马在伦敦时,还将私下会晤来自俄罗斯、中国、印度、沙特阿拉伯以及韩国的领导人。The president has talked about his desire to ease tensions between the ed States and Russia. And his initial one-on-one session with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev -- coming just days before the NATO summit -- will be watched closely. 奥巴马曾经表示,他希望缓解美国和俄罗斯之间的紧张关系。他提议与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫面对面的会谈。这发生在北约峰会几天前,因此双方的会晤将受到密切关注。NATO talks will focus on the war in Afghanistan. And at this summit, President Obama's public popularity in Europe could collide with the reality that few support sending more troops into combat. 北约峰会的主要议题是阿富汗战争。尽管奥巴马总统在欧洲民众中很受欢迎,但是,在峰会期间,他可能会碰到这样的现实,那就是,很少有人持派出更多的部队投入战争。John Glenn, Foreign Policy Director for the German Marshall Fund of the ed States, says the Obama administration will likely ask the Europeans for more military trainers and civilian personnel. 设在美国的德国马歇尔基金会外交政策主任格伦说,奥巴马政府很有可能要求欧洲提供更多的军事训练人员以及非军方人员。"They are reluctant to send more troops and put them in harms' way. However, there are signs they are willing to do those other non-combat missions. I think that is going to have to be the way forward for the Obama administration," Glenn said. “他们不太愿意派遣更多的部队,让部队身处险境。不过,有迹象显示,他们愿意承担一些非战斗的任务。我认为奥巴马政府可以就此迈进一步。”Mr. Obama will not make his speech on weapons proliferation at the NATO summit. Instead, he will deliver it the next day in the Czech Republic - a relatively new NATO ally and the nation that holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. 奥巴马不会在北约峰会上发表有关武器扩散的演讲,这个话题将留到第二天访问捷克共和国时进行。捷克是北约新成员,目前是欧盟轮值主席国。The president is invited to Prague for an EU summit with Czech leaders and European Union officials. While there, he is also expected to discuss American plans for a missile defense system in Europe. The Czech Republic and Poland would host components of the system, which is now under review by the Obama administration. 奥巴马受邀访问布拉格,出席在那里举行的一个欧盟首脑会议,他将与捷克和欧盟官员举行会谈。预计,他会谈到美国在欧洲部署导弹防御系统的问题。这一系统将分别部署在捷克共和国和波兰。目前,这个系统正在接受奥巴马政府的审议。Mr. Obama will end his trip on a symbolic note in Turkey - the first predominantly Muslim country to host the new U.S. president. While there, he will seek to open a dialogue with young people in the region. Aides say Mr. Obama will host a question and answer session that will be conducted, in part, on the Internet. 奥巴马访问的最后一站是土耳其,这是具有象征意义的一个举措。这是一个穆斯林人口占主导地位的国家第一次接待美国新总统。在那里,奥巴马将与该地区的年轻人展开对话。助手们说,这些对话一部分会通过互联网问答活动来进行。03/65909丰城新人民医院整形中心

宜春市立医院耳垂耳廓外耳招风耳多少钱U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a strong defense of Obama administration policy on North Korea and Iran during an extended interview Sunday on American television.Secretary of State Clinton is sending a joint message to Pyongyang and Tehran: give up your quest(追求,寻找) for nuclear weapons and return to negotiations.克林顿国务卿同时向平壤和德黑兰发出了信息,即放弃你们发展核武器的野心,返回谈判中来。Clinton - just back from talks in Asia - told N television's Meet the Press that North Korea is more isolated than ever before. She said the North Korean government must realize that the world is united, and there will be no reward for bad behavior.克林顿刚从亚洲回国,她对全国广播 公司的《面对媒体》电视节目说,北韩比过去任何时候都更为孤立。她说,北韩政府必须意识到,全世界是团结一致的,不端行为是没有任何好处的。"We still want North Korea to come back to the negotiating table, to be part of an international effort that will lead to denuclearization," said Hillary Clinton.克林顿说:“我们仍然希望北韩返回谈判桌来,成为全球无核化努力的成员。”She pointed to strong cooperation among the countries heavily involved in the North Korean issue. She made specific mention of China - which has hosted talks in Beijing. She said the Chinese have been extremely positive and productive.她指出,致力于北韩问题的国家齐心协力。她特别提到在北京主办会谈的中国。她说,中国方面的态度非常积极,并富有成效。"We have been extremely gratified by their forward-leaning commitment to sanctions(制裁), and their private messages that they have conveyed(传递,传达) to the North Koreans," she said.克林顿说:“我们一直非常感激他们对制裁行动抱有的正面倾向,以及他们私下向北韩传达的信息。”The secretary of state was then asked about the outlook(前景,展望) for a dialogue with Iran on its nuclear program.然后记者问这位国务卿如何展望与伊朗就核项目开展对话的前景。She said she saw no conflict of interest in seeking to negotiate with Iran's leaders despite the controversy(冲突,争端) that continues to surround the recent presidential election in that country.她说,她认为与伊朗领导人谈判并不存在利益冲突问题,尽管最近伊朗的总统选举所掀起的风波仍未平息。"You can go back in history - and not very long back - where we have negotiated with many governments who we did not believe represented the will of their people," said Hillary Clinton. "Look at all the negotiations that went on with the Soviet Union, look at the break-through in subsequent negotiations with communist China."Last week, Clinton talked in vague(含糊不清的,模棱两可的) terms about the creation of a nuclear umbrella to protect Mideast allies against a possible Iranian nuclear attack.上星期,克林顿曾隐约谈起为中东盟友设立核保护伞,以防备伊朗可能发动的核袭击。She refused to go into specifics(细节,详情) on Meet the Press. And she stressed that she did not mean to imply that a nuclear armed Iran is inevitable.她拒绝在《面对媒体》电视节目上谈论有关细节。她强调她讲的话并非指伊朗核武装是不可避免的。She said Iran's leaders must understand that the ed States will never let them develop nuclear weapons.她说,伊朗领导人必须明白,美国决不会让他们发展核武器。"First, we are going to do everything we can to prevent you from ever getting a nuclear weapon," she said. "But your pursuit is futile(徒劳无益的)!"克林顿说:“首先,我们将竭尽全力阻止你们获得核武器。而你们的核野心是徒劳无益的。”At the same time, Clinton urged Israel to give U.S. policy on Iran more time to work. Israel is seen as a primary target of Iran's nuclear-weapons program, and there are fears the Israelis might launch a pre-emptive strike.与此同时,克林顿敦促以色列耐心等待美国政策产生效力。以色列被认作是伊朗核武器项目的主要目标,而且人们担忧以色列可能会先发制人,对伊朗发动袭击。"The ed States believes that Israel has a right to security," she said. "We believe, however, that this approach we are taking holds out the promise of realizing our common objectives."克林顿说:“美国认为以色列有保障安全的权利。但是我们同时相信我们正在采取的方式有希望达到我们的共同目的。”Clinton noted top U.S. officials will be meeting with Israeli leaders in the coming days, and will listen to their concerns.克林顿指出,几天后美国高级官员将和以色列领导人会面,听取他们所关注的问题。07/79184宜春中医院去皱祛皱木偶纹眉间纹多少钱 EU Ministers Discuss Funding Environment Projects欧盟召开环境会议拟减少温室气体European environmental ministers met in Luxembourg to discuss ways to significantly cut greenhouse-gas emissions - without hurting economies struggling with the current financial crisis. 欧盟各国环境部长在卢森堡开会,商讨采取什么措施能大幅度减少温室气体,而同时又不伤害正在金融危机中挣扎的各国经济。The European Union members discussed goals agreed to last year by the 27-member bloc to slash greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent from 1990 levels by the year 2020.  欧盟成员国讨论了去年27个成员国一致同意的目标,也就是到2020年之前把温室气体排放量在1990年的水平上减少20%。But the European Union is facing another problematic climate as the world wrestles with the worst financial crisis in decades. Italy and several other eastern European countries worry they will not be able to afford making the proposed emissions cuts. 可是,随着全世界都在应对几十年来最严重的金融危机,欧盟正处于另一个困难的环境之中。意大利和几个东欧国家担心,他们无法达到计划中减少废气排放的目标。Italy and Poland have warned they may veto the final EU climate change agreement if it is not to their liking. During the meeting in Luxembourg, Italian Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo told reporters the agreement was unsuitable in its present form.  意大利和波兰警告说,如果他们对欧盟气候变化协议感到不满意,他们有可能否决最后达成的协议。在卢森堡召开的这次气候变化会议期间,意大利环境部长普雷斯蒂贾科莫对记者说,这项协议目前的形式是不合适的。But other ministers said they believed the final climate-change agreement would be largely unchanged. 不过其他部长认为,这项气候变化协议最后不会有什么变动。The Europeans are racing to finalize their package before a U.N. climate change meeting in December. A number of EU countries, including Britain, along with the U.N. climate-change panel, believe it is important the Europeans stick to their greenhouse cutting goals and show leadership in this area.  欧盟国家正在竭力争取在联合国12月召开气候变化会议之前最后确定它们的气候变化协议。包括英国在内的几个欧盟成员国以及联合国气候变化委员会都认为,欧盟国家按计划执行其温室气体减排目标,在这方面显示领导作用是非常重要的。European environment commission Stavros Dimas also objected to watering down the EU's objectives, as he made clear during remarks to the press this month. 欧盟环境专员斯塔夫罗.迪马斯也反对欧盟降低废气减排目标,他这个月向新闻界表态时明确表示了这点。"I am confident that an agreement will be settled by the end of this year and keeping to this timing is important, since we need to give to the international community a clear signal the European Union is on target to meet its own climate commitments," he said. 迪马斯说:“我有信心,今年年底之前将达成协议,遵守这个时间表非常重要,因为我们需要给国际社会一个明确的信号,也就是欧盟在履行它对气候变化的承诺方面是按计划进行的。”The EU meeting coincided with a new report by the environmental group the World Wide Fund for Nature claiming that climate change was increasing faster than predicted, with serious consequences in Europe and elsewhere. 欧盟举行这次会议的同时,环保组织世界自然基金会公布了一份新的报告。报告称,气候变化的速度要比预期的越来越快,对欧洲和其他地区产生严重后果。200810/53448万载县做激光脱毛多少钱

宜春韩美医院鼻孔外露整形牙龈外露整形外扩胸哪家便宜价格知道了早期落基山脉下降的原因,会带给我们怎么样的启示?落基山脉经过了侵蚀后,接下来的火山作用又带给了这座山什么样的变化呢?经历了侵蚀和火山作用,落基山脉还会经历什么呢?值得期待!This fine-grained ash suggests huge volcanic eruptions nearby. They spewed out(喷射) thick clouds of hot air, ash and volcanic rock which settled on the ground. Radiocarbon( [核] 放射性碳)dating the rock revealed that it happened 25 million years ago.;Ash was deposited as it came out of the sky as plumes(羽毛). Most of it came from the West and was deposited in the basins across Wyoming.;After the lower Rockies were buried by their own rock, volcanic ash settled on top and covered the area with a thick white sheet.;At the time of the deepest basin filled with this volcanic material, all you would see in this area was the very tops of the peaks exposed, the rest would be large extensive lateral ash sheets.;Erosion and volcanism(n. [地质] 火山作用) completely transformed the terrain and buried the Rockies. But then, over millions of years, rivers flushed out the eroded rock.Most of it is thought to have ended up in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, from where it was transported into the sea. Whats left are the mountains we see today. This also confirmed the theory geologists had about the formation of Wind River Canyon, the incredible amount of infield (耕地)buried the Owl Creek Mountains. Wind River flowed on top and began carving into the mountains, creating the canyon we see today.The investigation into what happened to the early Rocky Mountains reveals two major clues. Granite, found on the Pumpkin Buttes, is evidence that the early Rockies dumped their eroded rock into the basins. Wind River Canyon, cutting straight through the Owl Creek Mountains is evidence that the Rockies were buried by their own debris. The once mighty Rockies had now been cut down to nearly half their original size, but the story was far from over. Before they became the mountains we know today, they would have to endure an even greater assault.小编有约:早期落基山脉的变迁史让人着迷,就如同一位沧桑的老人,它的故事给Daisy的感觉就是你不探索则以,如果开始听了,就会坚持听下去,然后悟出自己的道理,一切事物都有自己的衰荣史,最开始从海底升起来,到慢慢的经历毁灭性的打击,一直保存到我们现在看到的山,虽然高度已减少一半,但是它依然在这个世界存在着,好多人遭受到了打击,选择一条不归路。当然这只是小编的意见,欢迎大家各抒己见。课后题目:这次Daisy想要问问大家有仔细听吗?对于早期落基山脉历史变迁的调查,结果揭示出了两个主要线索。能告诉Daisy是哪两个主要线索吗? 可以用自己的话来表述,只要意思差不多就行哦。201111/161957 A gold medal is worth 0K 金牌的价值 Pablo Torre from Sports Illustrated breaks down how Olympic athletes bring home the bank along with glory.So you’re an Olympic athlete. You train practically your whole life, cause you get one chance maybe two to represent your country and compete. But how exactly do you make a paycheck at the same time? Let’s bring in Pablo Torre from Sports Illustrated. How exactly do they compete, spend all of their time training but still make money?Well, you know. Once you get that elusive gold medal, there is a payoff and it’s not just in the tangible thing you hold in your hand. You make about a hundred thousand dollars regardless of any sport of individual event, in speaking engagements and advertising, in sponsorships that will last you about through the year. But after that it's sort of up in the air once again.Michael Phelps, he seems to be transcending the Olympics one year rule. He’s gonna be having sponsors for how long? 10 years?You know, for a very long time. I’m not gonna put a number on that ,but the guy will be with us as one of those historic all time great athletes regardless of the event he swam, or even ran, or anything, he is up there with the Tiger Woodses at this point right now. So,you know he will be there for a very long time and he will be raking in money . He’s making about 5million dollars right now. After he gets the 8 gold medal, fingers crossed, you know, he will be doing even better than that.If, something else said that's interesting is, if you wanna be an Olympic athlete, I’m pretty sure neither of us are quite there yet.Women’s team handball shooting for…I think you have a shot .I think, if back in high school I’m pretty good at Ping-Pong. And actually I raced one of our co-workers /a/ hundred yard dash, but two weeks ago, /that/ I’m still exhausted.I’m sure that’s roughly comparable to what Olympic athletes do.It’s pretty much exactly the same.But for the people that are actually trying to play in the Olympics to compete, they really do give up everything, their risks are associated with this. But they’re not making money until they win so what’s their life like when you’re at home practicing waking up everyday not knowing if you’re gonna get a sponsorship.Yeah, it’s a true labor of love. And you’re not doing it for the money. And if you are, you’re sort of a bit are too big for your bridges, I think, unless you are character like Michael Phelps who started in the Olympics at the age of 15. You don’t know whether the money is gonna come in. You’re doing it because you love the sport. And often times, even if you get that hundred thousand dollars, no one’s gonna recognize you beyond that, that niche community that you have in your own events. So you really doing it with little lights turned down and with no one else watching you in order to actually succeed.So, really it’s a risk. It’s all like a start-up company. Think about it.It is. You know, you are a young guy putting in time when no one else really has faith in you often. The fact that is you need to do it when the lights are turned down and no one else is watching you. You need to wear with all to really, you know, encourage yourself and not doing it for money but for the love of the game. Pablo Torre, he is from Sports Illustrated. My name is Lan Orefice, /and/ I’m from CNNMoney.com. Thanks for being with us.体育画报Sports Illustrated 的记者Pablo Torre 称,奥运会运动员带回国的不只是荣耀,还有“”。假设你是一个奥运会运动员。你一辈子都在勤奋的训练,因为你有些许机会代表你的祖国去参加比赛。但是同时,你那什么来开票呢?我们请来了来自体育画报Sports Illustrated的Pablo Torre 。“运动员所有时间都花在比赛和训练的同时是怎样赚钱的呢?”“你知道,一旦你获得至高无上的金牌,会有很丰厚的回报,而不只是你手里所触摸到的那个东西。在接下去的一年里,即使你不参加任何形式的比赛,仅仅是参加演讲,拍广告,还有赞助商给的费用,你就可以赚几十万美元。但是以后,你的生计似乎又悬而未决了。”但是菲尔普斯似乎会超越奥运会这个所谓的一年的规律。他在多长的时间里都会有赞助商?10年?你知道,肯定会是非常长的时间。我不想设定一个具体的数字。但是,那个小伙子是有史以来最伟大的运动员,即使他以后不参加游泳比赛,或赛跑,或者其他任何比赛,他都会和我们在一起。他现在拥有Tiger Woodses 一样的地位。所以,你知道,将会有很长一段时间他会和我们在一起,而且他会赚很多钱。他现在已经赚了大约500万美圆。而他获得了8枚金牌之后,上帝呀!你知道,他会赚的更多!另外一件可以称之为有趣的事情是,如果你要成员为一个奥林匹克运动员,我很肯定我们中没有一个现在够得了格。女子手球队射门………………我认为你射中了一次。我想,如果重回高中,我非常擅长乒乓球。事实上,两个星期之前,我还在100米的比赛中赢了我的同事,但是直到现在我仍然筋疲力尽。我确定那绝对可以和奥运会运动员们所做的训练相提并论。那是完全相同的。但是对于那些真正想要参加奥运会比赛的人来说,他们真的放弃了一切,风险也相伴而生。但是直到他们赢得了比赛他们才能赚到钱,所以,他们的生活就像你每天早上醒来,不知道你会不会获得资助一样。是的,或许这是你真心喜欢做的事情。你做这些不是为了钱。否则,你也太冒险了,除非你有像菲尔普斯那样的资质,可以从15岁开始就参加奥运会。你不知道什么时候会赚钱。你参加比赛是因为你真心喜爱这项运动。即使你赚了几十万美圆,在日常生活中,除了你参加比赛的那个小圈子,没人认识你。所以,如果为了真正赢得比赛,你关掉灯光,没有任何观众观看你的比赛,你才是真心的喜欢这项运动。所以,这确实是一个风险。这就像一个刚刚起步的公司。你可以仔细考虑一下。是的。你知道,你是一个即使没人为你衷心的疯狂的时候也要花费时间练习的年轻人。事实是,当灯光关掉和没人关注你的时候,你仍然需要训练。你需要这样做来鼓励你自己,不是为了钱,而是因为真心爱这项比赛。 200811/56461宜春腋臭治疗医院宜春奉新县腋窝脱毛多少钱



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