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If you think your woman would never lie to you, guess again. From little white lies to the more serious variety, most women will curtail the truth at some point in a relationship. Her motivation for lying can stem from wanting to protect your feelings or, sure enough, to save her own butt.One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, ‘My dear child, why are you crying?’ The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family. The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with sapphires.‘Is this your thimble?’ the Lord asked The seamstress replied, ‘No.’The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a golden thimble studded with rubies.‘Is this your thimble?’ the Lord asked. Again, the seamstress replied, ‘No.’The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble.‘Is this your thimble ?’ the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, ‘Yes.’ The Lord was pleased with the woman’s honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy.Some years later, the seamstress was walking with her husband along the riverbank, and her husband fell into the river and disappeared under the water. When she cried out, the Lord again appeared and asked her, ‘Why are you crying?’ ‘Oh Lord, my husband has fallen into the river!’The Lord went down into the water and came up with George Clooney. ‘Is this your husband?’ the Lord asked.‘Yes,’ cried the seamstress. The Lord was furious. ‘You lied! That is an untruth!’ The seamstress replied, ‘Oh, forgive me, my Lord. It is a misunderstanding. You see, if I had said ‘no’ to George Clooney, you would have come up with Brad Pitt.Then if I said ‘no’ to him, you would have come up with my husband. Had I then said ‘yes,’ you would have given me all three. Lord, I’m not in the best of health and would not be able to take care of all three husbands, so THAT’S why I said ‘yes’ to George Clooney.And so the Lord let her keep him.The moral of this story is:Whenever a woman lies, it’s for a good and honorable reason, and in the best interest of others. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. 如果你认为你的女人从不会对你撒谎,请再仔细考虑一下。大部分女人,小到善意的谎言,大到更为严重的假话,都会在牵涉到某种关系的某一点时掩饰真相。她的撒谎动机也许是想要保护你的情感,或者是,可以相当肯定地说,维护她自身的利益。有一天,一个女裁缝坐在河边干活时,不小心把顶针掉进了河里。当她大声哭喊时,上帝出现了,问她:“我亲爱的孩子,你为什么哭啊?”女裁缝回答说,她的顶针掉进河里了,她很需要这个顶针,好用它来帮助丈夫为一家人谋生。上帝把手伸进河里,捞上来一个金灿灿的镶嵌着蓝宝石的顶针。“这是你的顶针吗?”上帝问道。女裁缝回答:“不是。”上帝又把手伸进河里。他这次手上拿着的是一个金灿灿的镶嵌着红宝石的顶针。“这是你的顶针吗?”上帝问道。女裁缝再次回答:“不是。”上帝再次把手伸进河里,这次他手上拿的是一枚皮制顶针。“这是你的顶针吗?”上帝问道。女裁缝回答:“是的。”上帝很为女人的诚实高兴,就把三个顶针都给了她,女裁缝高高兴兴地回了家。几年以后,女裁缝和丈夫沿着河岸走着,突然她的丈夫掉进了河里,消失在水下。女裁缝大哭的时候,上帝又出现了,问她:“你为什么哭啊?”“主啊,我的丈夫掉进河里了!”上帝到了河里,把乔治-克鲁尼救了上来。“这是你的丈夫吗?”上帝问道。“是的,”女裁缝喊道。上帝大怒。“你撒谎!那不是真话!”女裁缝回答道,“噢,我的主,请宽恕我。这是一个误会。你瞧,如果我对乔治说:‘不’,你会再救上来一个布莱德-皮特。那么如果我对他说‘不’,你又会把我丈夫救上来。如果我说‘是的’,你会把他们三个都给我。主啊,我身体不太好,不能把三个丈夫都照顾好啊,所以我就对乔治-克鲁尼说‘是’了。”而上帝因此就让女裁缝留着乔治做丈夫了。这个故事的寓意是:不管一个女人何时撒谎,那是为了一个善意的和高尚的理由,而且是对别人最有利的。这就是我们要讲的故事,而且我们对此坚信不疑。 /200804/36983

Thousands of British nurses think it is fine to have an affair with one of their patients, according to research.Almost one in 10 nurses think breaking the age-old taboo of starting a relationship with one of their patients is acceptable while one in six said they knew of a colleague who had a sexual relationship with a patient they were looking after.The findings, published by the Nursing Times, will add weight to the controversial remarks by Conservative peer Lord Mancroft that nurses are "promiscuous" and "unprofessional".Mancroft faced a backlash after he claimed he was ignored by nurses and forced to listen while they discussed their drunken antics and sexual encounters while being treated for gastroenteritis at the Royal ed hospital in Bath last summer.The survey's findings suggest many of the UK's 400,000 nurses are prepared to run the risk of being struck off for sleeping with patients and also that relationships between nurses and patients are not uncommon.In January the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) issued strict new rules reminding nurses that they face disciplinary action if they embark on a sexual relationship with a current patient.The rules also say that relationships with former patients will often be deemed unacceptable. The regulations have proved contentious with nurses who say many such relationships end in marriage.The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says the survey findings, of 3,600 nurses, are "very concerning". 一项调查显示,英国有数千名护士认为与病人发生暧昧关系可以接受。近十分之一的护士认为打破传统禁忌、与病人谈恋爱可以接受;六分之一的护士称,她们的同事与自己护理的病人发生过性关系。这项在《护理时代》上发表的调查结果将为英国上院议员、保守党人曼克劳弗特对护士的一番有争议的评价提供“据”,他认为护士“生活混乱”、“缺乏职业道德”。去年夏天,曼克劳弗特因患肠胃炎前往位于巴斯的皇家联合医院就治,他称在其住院期间,护士们对其不管不问,反而在那讨论她们喝醉后的滑稽动作和性话题。曼克劳弗特的这番言论遭到了强烈抨击。而这项调查结果表明,在英国的四万名护士中,有很多人会不顾被开除的风险,与自己的病人发生关系;此外,护士与病人谈恋爱已不是什么新鲜事。优质医疗健康护理委员会于今年1月发布了行业新规,根据新规定,如果护士与正在接受治疗的病人发生性关系,将会受到严厉的纪律处分。规定中还提到,即使病人出院后,这种行为也不可接受。但这些规定遭到了护士们的异议。她们称,很多这样的恋情最后都开花结果。该调查共有3600名护士参加。皇家护士学院称,调查结果“非常令人担忧” /200803/29699

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