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Selecting an Auspicious Wedding Date选择喜期Auspicious days are subject to interpretation by fortune tellers that perform the analysis based on one#39;s birth date (day and hour) after consultation with the Chinese almanac.吉日是由算命师根据黄历和生辰八字得出的。Almanacs containing predictions for the entire year are sold at the beginning of the Lunar New Year by street vendors and in book stores.黄历能对整年进行预测,农历新年的黄历在商贩和书店可售。These paperback books are approximately two inches thick with a wealth of information about Chinese beliefs.这本黄历大概有两寸厚,内容富含中国人的信仰。It is said to be the oldest continuous publication known.据说黄历是古传的有名的出版物。The 15 day period from the middle to the end of the seventh lunar month is considered inauspicious because that is time of the Hungry Ghost Festival when the gates of Hell are opened and the lost spirits are allowed to wonder the earth.农历七月中旬到下旬的15天被认为是不详的因为适逢饿鬼节。鬼节时地狱门会打开,孤魂野鬼可以到人间游荡。They should not be invited to your wedding!他们不该受邀到你的婚礼! /201606/445096

Punctuality is something many people struggle with - especially in an age where technology has made it easier than ever to let people know you might be late.守时是一件让许多人都感到困扰的事--尤其是在这样一个科技发达的时代,比以往任何时候都更加容易地让别人知道你可能会迟到。However tardy timekeepers may be glad to know over in Mexico, turning up half an hour late is entirely acceptable, and in Morocco you can be anything from an hour to a day late without anyone batting an eyelid.但是,在莫斯科行动缓慢的人可能会高兴,因为迟到半个小时是完全可以接受的,而在洛哥你可以任意迟到一个小时或者一天,其他人甚至连眼都不会眨一下。But those keen to adhere to scheduled times needn#39;t panic as Japan and Germany are sticklers for punctuality with the latter even requiring you to be early for meetings, a new infographic reveals.但是那些热衷于坚守时间表的人也不必恐慌,因为据一份新图表显示,日本和德国都坚持守时,德国甚至要求你在会议开始前提前到。Free online gaming website Mr Gamez has created a study to find how much and how little value different nations around the world place on punctuality - and the results differ enormously.免费在线游戏网站Mr Gamez发起了一项研究,从而指出守时对全世界不同国家的重要性有什么不同--而结果差异非常巨大。In South Korea people view being late as a sign of disrespect. But in Malaysia saying you will be five minutes late usually means an hour and being late is an accepted norm that does not require an apology.韩国人认为迟到是一种不尊重人的行为。但是在马来西亚,人们说迟到5分钟却往往意味着迟到1个小时,而且迟到是一种可以被接受的行为,不必要道歉。In China it is not considered late if you arrive within 10 minutes of the agreed time, but in Japan, if a train arrives more than one minute after it is scheduled to, it is considered late.在中国,如果你在约定时间过后10分钟之内到达就不算迟到。但是在日本,如果火车比预定时间晚一分钟到达,那么就会被认为是迟到了。On the other side of the Pacific it is not uncommon for people to turn up half an hour late for a scheduled meeting in Mexico在太平洋的另一边,墨西哥人经常在会议开始半个小时后才露面。Thanks to its industrial past, in Germany you are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes early for any scheduled meeting. But down in Nigeria if a meeting is scheduled at 1pm, that means the meeting will start any time between 1pm and 2pm.由于过去的工业习惯,在德国你应该比任何预定的会议时间提前10分钟到达。但是在尼日尼亚,如果一场会议预定在下午1点举行,那就意味着这场会议将在下午1点到2点之间的任意时间举行。Similarly in Saudi Arabia time is not such an important commodity, with people frequently turning up half an hour late to meetings. Looking at your watch during an event is also considered to be discourteous.同样在沙特 ,时间也不是很重要,人们经常在会议开始半个小时后才露面。在一场活动中看着你的手表也被认为是不礼貌的。When making a social appointment in Brazil, you are not required to be there on time unless the phrase ‘English time#39; is used, which means you have to be punctual.在巴西,你不需要对预约准时,但是如果使用了“英国时间”的字眼,那么你就必须要准时了。In Ghana most meeting times are considered to be flexible, even if an exact time is given. It can very often mean at any point during that day. Likewise punctuality is not seen as a virtue in India. People appreciate it but it may not be reciprocated.在加纳,大多数会议的时间都是很灵活的,即使给出了一个确切的时间。那经常意味着会议可以在那天任何时候举行。同样,印度也不将守时看作一种美德。人们欣赏守时,但是守时却可能不会得到回报。 /201608/458282

Wedding Reception in Chinese Society中式婚宴In Chinese society, the wedding reception is known as xi-jiu, (literally joyful wine),and is far more important than the wedding itself which tends to be a brief civil ceremony.在中国社会,中式婚宴即喜酒,(字面上说是高兴的酒),比婚礼本身更重要,因为这相当于小型的民间仪式。The timing and the characteristics of the reception vary strongly from local to local.婚宴的时间和特征在地域上有明显的不同。They are typically extremely elaborate and expensive,often costing several years salary of the groom’s family.典型的婚宴是精心布置而且非常昂贵的,通常需要花费新郎家几年的薪水。However, because cash in the form of red envelopes and jewelry (particulariy gold) are given as wedding presents, and because the wedding hosts keep very careful track of the cost of the gifts (jewelry is given wth a receipt which indicates the actual cost of the gift),the cost of the reception is effectively split among the wedding guests.然而,因为有红包和珠宝(特别是金子)作为婚礼礼物,还有因为婚礼主持会对礼物价值作记录(珠宝的收据即使礼物的实际花费),婚宴的成本就被有效地分摊到每个婚礼客人上。Wedding receptions also build local community solidarity.婚宴还能培养团体凝聚力。As each couple weds, their wedding reception is in effect financed with gifts from the other members of the community with the expectation that the new couple and their family will give gifts in future wedding receptions within the village.当每对夫妇结婚时,他们的婚宴实际上是由团体中的其他成员以礼物形式资助,而团体中的其他成员则希望这对新婚夫妇和他们的家族能在将来的(其他成员的)婚宴时也送礼。 /201605/445055


  BEIJING — Sunshine and playtime are not the hallmarks of Cao Wenxuan’s stories for children. Instead, there are mass starvation and displacement, flooding, plagues of locusts, and mental and physical disabilities.北京——阳光和游戏不是曹文轩儿童故事的标志。相反,他的故事里不乏饥荒、逃荒、洪水、蝗虫灾害,还有精神疾病和残疾。Yet Mr. Cao, 62, is among the most beloved writers in China. Last month, he became the first Chinese author to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Award, regarded as the most distinguished international honor for children’s literature. He shared the prize, handed out every other year, with the German illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner.不过,62岁的曹文轩是中国最受喜爱的作家之一。上个月,他成为首位获得国际安徒生奖(Hans Christian Andersen Award)的中国作家。他与德国插画家罗特劳特·苏珊·贝尔纳(Rotraut Susanne Berner)分享了这一奖项。该奖被认为是最著名的国际儿童文学奖,每两年颁发一次。“Cao Wenxuan’s books don’t lie about the human condition,” the International Board on Books for Young People said in announcing the award. “They acknowledge that life can often be tragic and that children can suffer.”“曹文轩的书没有掩饰人类的处境,”国际儿童读物联盟(International Board on Books for Young People)在公布这一奖项时说,“它们承认,生活可能时有悲剧,儿童可能遭受苦难。”At the core of Mr. Cao’s stories are his experiences growing up in the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu in the 1950s and ’60s, an era of social upheaval and political tumult throughout China.曹文轩的故事的核心是20世纪五六十年代他在东部沿海省份江苏长大的经历。当时整个中国正经历社会和政治动荡。One recent morning in his spacious, book-lined apartment in the Haidian district here, he said his memories of those experiences continued to be his greatest asset.前不久的一个上午,在他位于海淀区的摆满书籍的宽敞公寓里,曹文轩说,对那些经历的记忆仍是他最大的财富。“China has given us so many heartbreaking stories,” he said. “How can you avoid writing about them? I can’t sacrifice my life experience in order to make children happy.”“中国发生了那么多令人心碎的故事,”他说,“你怎么能避而不写呢?我不能为了让孩子们高兴而牺牲自己的人生经历。”In his own childhood, he said, there was not much homegrown children’s literature. In China then, the concept of literature for children was relatively new, dating to the early 20th century, when translated stories by foreign children’s authors began to appear along with vernacular children’s works like the fairy tale “The Scarecrow” by Ye Shengtao and “Letters to Young Readers” by Bingxin.他说,在自己的童年时期,没有很多本土儿童文学。在当时的中国,儿童文学还是个相对较新的概念,只能追溯到20世纪初,当时外国儿童文学作品的译本开始和本土儿童文学一起出现,后者包括叶圣陶的童话《稻草人》和冰心的《致小读者》。Through his father, an elementary school principal, Mr. Cao said, he some of those stories, as well as Soviet children’s literature and Chinese modern literature. He says Lu Xun, a leading writer and social critic, had the greatest influence on him.曹文轩说,多亏身为小学校长的父亲,他得以读到这样一些故事以及苏联儿童文学和中国现代文学。他说,鲁迅对他的影响最大。鲁迅是一位重要的作家和社会批评家。As Mr. Cao approached adolescence, political tensions in China were escalating, culminating in the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. Schools were closed for several years.曹文轩快要进入青春期时,中国的政治局势越来越紧张,在1966年至1976年的文化大革命时期达到混乱巅峰。学校停课好几年。The young Mr. Cao traveled the country as part of the dachuanlian, a movement in which young activists were encouraged to meet and sp the message of revolution. But as the student groups known as the Red Guards rampaged, wreaking havoc on the lives of intellectuals, officials and others, Mr. Cao said he was one of many students who held back.年幼的他参加大串联,在全国各地旅行。但他说,随着红卫兵肆意破坏知识分子、官员以及其他人的生活,他和很多其他学生都停止了参与。“I was only 12 or 13 at the time, so we didn’t do much,” he said. “We weren’t violent.”“那时我只有十二三岁,所以我们基本没干什么事,”他说,“我们并不暴力。”“All we did was wear red armbands and write dazibao,” he added, referring to the “big-character posters” that sp political messages during the period.“我们只是戴着红袖章,写大字报,”他补充道,在那个时期,“大字报”被用来传播政治信息。Before long, though, Mr. Cao returned to Jiangsu and resumed his classes. As part of the larger upheaval, some of the top Chinese language and literature teachers in nearby Suzhou and Wuxi had been sent to work at his rural school.不过,不久之后,曹文轩返回江苏,继续上课。作为更广泛的社会动乱的一部分,附近苏州和无锡的一些顶级中国语言文学教师被送往他所在的农村学校工作。As a result, he said, “The Cultural Revolution years were the best education I received.”结果,“在文革那些年,我受到了最好的教育”,他说。Later, as the movement was winding down, he enrolled at Peking University, where he is now a professor of Chinese language and literature. He published his first short story for children in the late 1970s and has not stopped writing since. By his own count, his publications number more than 100 works: novels, academic texts, short stories, essay collections and picture books.后来,文革渐渐平息,他被北京大学录取。现在,他是该校的中国语言文学教授。他在20世纪70年代末发表了自己的第一个短篇童话,之后从未停止写作。据他自己估算,他共出版了100多部作品,包括小说、学术文章、短篇故事、文集和图画书。The chaotic years of the Cultural Revolution form the backdrop for many of his stories. His 2005 book “Bronze and Sunflower,” for example, concerns the friendship of a girl, Sunflower, who follows her father from the city to the countryside, where he has been sent to do hard labor, and Bronze, a boy unable to speak whose parents are impoverished villagers.文革那个动乱的年代是他很多故事的背景。比如,他2005年的作品《青铜葵花》讲述了女孩葵花和男孩青铜之间的友谊。葵花跟随被劳教的父亲从城市来到农村,青铜不会说话,父母都是贫穷的村民。“The children went to school as usual, and their books as usual, but the beautiful rise and fall of their voices as they out loud got weaker and weaker until they were no longer capable of ing aloud,” s one passage in the English translation by Helen Wang. “People were worried. They were sweating with anxiety. When the hunger was at its worst, they thought about gnawing on stones.”书中有这样一段话:“孩子们照样上学,照样读书。但朗朗的、此起彼伏的、充满生机的读书声,已经大大减弱了。孩子们想将课文读响,但却就是读不响。瘦瘦的肚子,使不上劲,让人很着急,一着急,还出虚汗。饿到最厉害时,想啃石头。”Mr. Cao insists that the Cultural Revolution is “merely a setting, not the main subject” of his books. Still, some say his straightforward descriptions of life then are needed now more than ever. In schools today, children are taught only officially approved versions of what, for many of their parents and grandparents, was an intensely formative and frequently traumatic time.曹文轩坚称,文革“只是”他的书的“背景”,不是“主题”。不过,有人说,他对生活的直白描述比以往任何时候都更有必要。如今在学校里,关于文革,孩子们只能听到官方批准的描述。但是对大部分父母和祖父母来说,那是重要的人生转折点,是一个充满创伤的年代。“So much history from that period has been distorted, which is why it’s important for children to know about the past,” said Wu Qing, a retired professor in Beijing who was a jury member selecting the Andersen award. “Cao writes about this period with humanity, and he doesn’t include any political slogans. He writes from his own experience.”“那个时期的很多历史被歪曲了,所以孩子们了解过去的真实情况很重要,”国际安徒生奖评委、北京退休教授吴青说,“曹文轩从人性角度描绘那个时期。他没有提到任何政治口号。他从自己的经历出发去创作。”Today, children’s literature is a large and extremely profitable industry in China. Mr. Cao and other prominent children’s authors, like Yang Hongying and Shen Shixi, have benefited from the rapid expansion of the middle class and a growing obsession with children’s education.如今在中国,儿童文学是一个非常有利可图的大产业。曹文轩和其他著名儿童文学作家,比如杨红樱和沈石溪,受益于中产阶级的迅速膨胀以及对儿童教育越来越强烈的痴迷。Mr. Cao’s novel “The Grass House,” for example, is estimated to have sold over 10 million copies in China. Four of the top 10 richest Chinese authors last year wrote literature for children or young people, according to the newspaper China Daily.比如,曹文轩的小说《草房子》估计在中国售出逾1000万册。据《中国日报》称,去年中国最富有的十位作家中有四位是儿童文学或青少年文学作家。Although Mr. Cao has won several important prizes at home, his work has not been without controversy. Among other things, he has been criticized for promoting outdated gender stereotypes: Boys in his stories are often bigger and stronger, and girls are weaker and more prone to tears.虽然在中国获得了几项重要奖项,但曹文轩的作品并不是没有引起争议。比如,有人批评他宣扬过时的模式化性别观念:在他的故事中,男孩往往更高、更强壮,女孩往往更柔弱,更爱哭。Mr. Cao was quick to dismiss the criticism. “It’s the same in Western children’s literature,” he said.他很快反驳了这种批评。“西方儿童文学也是这样,”他说。But as he has grown older and more experienced, he said, he has become firmer in his belief that, above all, children’s literature should provide “a good foundation for humanity and a correct and accurate moral outlook.”不过,随着年纪增长,阅历更丰富,他更加坚信,儿童文学首先应该“为人性和正确的道德观打好基础”。That is why, he said, he will continue to write about growing up in China during the Mao years, even if that time feels far away to many children.他说,所以他将继续讲述关于在毛泽东时代的中国长大的经历,尽管那个年代似乎离很多孩子非常遥远。“The world is always changing,” he said. “Fashion trends change from day to day, but the fact of people wearing clothes doesn’t change.”“世界永远在变,”他说,“时装潮流天天在变,但人要穿衣这个事实不会变。”“That’s what I’m interested in, the continuity,” he added. “It doesn’t matter what the setting is; universal values and humanity always show through.”“我所感兴趣的是那种持续性,”他还说,“背景不重要;普遍的价值观和人性永不过时。” /201605/441115。

  The world#39;s first hugging hoodies have been launched - and they#39;re promising to bring wearers closer together.世界上首款“拥抱连帽衫”出炉了——它承诺让两个人离得更近。The unusual invention, which is aimed at couples, brings together hugs and hoodies in a whole new way, as there are hidden pocket panels fitted in the back.这种专为情侣设计的不寻常发明以全新的方式将“拥抱”和“帽衫”结合在了一起——衣后背隐藏着两个口袋。It means that whether you#39;re on the ski slopes with your loved one or just walking down the street, you can slip your hands inside the panelled back of their jumper.也就是说,不管你是跟爱侣一起滑雪,抑或仅仅是沿街散步,你都可以将两只手伸到对方衣后面的口袋里。Clothing brand Chukcha launched a Kickstarter to raise cash for the garment, and raised £9,500, hitting their cash goal after just three days.“拥抱帽衫”的创意来自装品牌“Chukcha”,公司为这一创意发起众筹,结果仅用了3天时间就筹集到了所需资金——9500英镑。Artem Glebov, the founder of Chukcha said: ;Being in love, I realised how important it can be just hugging with my sweet.Chukcha公司创始人阿提姆·格列波夫表示:“恋爱的时候,我意识到能跟女朋友一直拥抱在一起有多么重要。”;That#39;s the main concept of Together Wear. It gives you the ability to share warmth with your sweetheart and feel like two parts of a whole one.;“这就是‘连体衫’的概念主题。它让你有机会把温暖传递给另一半,让你们感觉像不可分割的一个整体。”Anyone who wishes to get closer while clothed only has to wait until July to snap up their cosy top.想要跟爱侣在穿着衣时靠得更近吗?关注他们的温馨帽衫吧,今年7月份你就有机会买到了。There#39;s no word on what singletons can do with the extra pocket space.不过他们没说单身汪们能拿这样的口袋干什么用。 /201605/443214

  A large bowl of porridge each day may protect against death from cancer, the biggest ever analysis of the benefits of whole grains has shown.迄今有关粗粮好处的最大规模分析显示,每天喝一大碗粥可预防癌症带来的死亡。Oats have long been considered a super-food, staving off illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.长期以来燕麦被认为是一种超级食品,可预防糖尿病和心脏疾病等疾病。But now a major review by Harvard University has found that whole grains also seem to prevent early death and lower the chance of dying from cancer.但是,现在由哈佛大学进行的一项重要研究发现,粗粮似乎也能防止人们早逝,还能降低死于癌症的几率。A meta-analysis of 12 studies involving nearly 800,000 people found that eating 70 grams of whole grains a day – the equivalent of a large bowl of porridge – lowers the risk of all-cause death by 22 percent and death from cancer by 20 percent.对涉及近80万人的12项研究进行综合分析后发现,每天食用70克粗粮——相当于一大碗粥#172;——可降低22%的全因死亡率以及20%的癌症死亡率。It also reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 20 percent.它还将死于心血管疾病的风险减少20%。Scientists believe that whole grains help lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar, as well as keeping people full for longer, meaning they don#39;t snack on unhealthy foods. The same effect could be gained eating bran, quinoa or a mix of grains.科学家们认为,粗粮有助于降低胆固醇,帮助调节血糖,以及维持更长时间的饱腹感。这意味着人们不会食用不健康的零食。食用米糠、藜麦或混合谷物可以达到相同的效果。Whole grains, where the bran and germ remain, contain 25 percent more protein than refined grains, such as those that make white flour, pasta and white rice.粗粮保有原来的麸皮和胚芽,与制作白面、意大利面食和白米饭的细粮相比,蛋白质含量高25%。Previous studies have shown that whole grains can boost bone mineral density, lower blood pressure, promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce the risk of diabetes.此前的研究显示粗粮能增加骨骼中的矿物密度,降低血压,增加健康的肠道细菌,以及降低患糖尿病的风险。One particular fibre found only in oats – called beta-glucan – has been found to lower cholesterol which can help to protect against heart disease. A bioactive compound called avenanthramide is also thought to stop fat forming in the arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes.一种只有燕麦才有的纤维素——称为β-葡聚糖——能降低胆固醇,从而预防心脏疾病。燕麦中的一种生物活性物质,被称为燕麦生物碱,能防止动脉中形成脂肪,减少心脏病和中风的威胁。Whole grains are also widely recommended in many dietary guidelines because they contain high levels of nutrients like zinc, copper, manganese, iron and thiamine. They are also believed to boost levels of antioxidants which combat free-radicals which are linked to cancer.很多饮食指南都极力推荐粗粮,因为其营养价值高,富含锌、铜、锰、铁和维生素B1。粗粮还可以增加身体内的抗氧化物质,来对抗可能引起癌症的自由基。The new research suggests that if more people switched to whole grains, thousands of lives could be saved each year. Cancer kills around 160,000 people a year while coronary heart disease is responsible for around 73,000 deaths in the UK each year.此次的新研究表明,如果更多的人选择食用粗粮,每年可能拯救成千上万的生命。英国每年有大约16万人死于癌症,大约7.3万人死于冠心病。Health experts said the study proved that whole grains were essential for good health.健康专家称研究明粗粮对健康非常重要。The researchers recommend that people choose foods that are high in whole grain ingredients—such as bran, oatmeal, and quinoa—that have at least 16 grams per serving, while reducing consumption of unhealthy refined carbohydrates. Each 16 gram serving lowered the risk of total death by seven percent, and cancer by 5 percent.研究人员建议人们选择粗粮成分含量高的食物,如米糠,燕麦片,藜麦——每份至少含有16克;同时减少食用不健康的细粮碳水化合物。每吃16克粗粮可降低7%的总死亡率,以及5%的癌症死亡率。 /201606/449941Conditions Required in a Feudal Marriage封建婚姻的条件In feudal society,a marriage would be decided not by a young couple#39;s love, but by their parents#39; desires. Only after o matchmaker#39;s introduction and when parents considered the two family conditions were similar and could be matched,would the marriage procedures go forward. Conditions that should be taken into consideration included wealth and social status. If a boy’s family was well-off or an official family,his parents would never permit him to marry a girl from a poor family. Essential to the marriage process were the commonly recognized ;three Letters and six etiquettes;. The three letters were the betrothal letter,the gift letter with a gifts list and the wedding letter used on the day the bridegroom met his bride at her home. Six etiquettes then led to the final wedding ceremony.在封建社会,婚姻不是由年轻夫妇的恋爱决定的,而是由他们的父母的愿望决定的。只有在媒人的介绍下,当父母认为两人家庭条件相似,并且可以匹配,结婚才会继续办理。应考虑的条件包括财富和社会地位。如果男方的家境殷实或是官员家庭,他的父母绝不会允许他娶一个家贫的女孩。婚姻过程中的普遍认可的必不可少的是“三书六礼”。三书是订婚信、礼单和新郎去他的新娘家迎娶那一天用的婚书。六礼仪则是通向最后的婚礼仪式。 /201605/442134

  What is this, Jebediah? What#39;s going on here?这是什么,Jebediah?这是怎么回事? /201608/460803

  Why Downtime Isn#39;t Lazy - It#39;s Actually GOOD For You短暂休息不是懒惰的理由--它确实对你有益We#39;ve deciphered four key reasons to take a legitimate break today, after speaking to Terence Fung, chief strategy officer of leading mobile gaming company Storm8. As a busy executive familiar with all the distractions of technology, he provided us with his expertise on the matter.通过知名的手机游戏公司Storm8的首席战略发展官特伦斯·冯的讲解,我们今天将说明人们需要做适当的休息的四个关键理由。作为一个非常了解技术的繁忙的高管,对此问题他将结合他的专业知识为我们进行讲解。1. Downtime gives you greater focus.1. 短暂休息使你更加集中精力Though it might sound counterintuitive to get off task in order to stay on task, mental breaks will assist you in returning to a project or starting a new one with renewed focus. ;There is only so much attention you can give a task before productivity diminishes,; Fung asserts. ;Taking time to divert your attention to something else, whether that#39;s playing a game on your phone or taking a walk, will help you tackle your to-dos with greater focus.;虽然可能听上去有些矛盾停工是为了继续工作,但是大脑得到了休息使得你注意力更加集中有助于你继续工作或者开始一项新的工作。;在工作效率降低之前你在工作中能投入的注意力是有限的,;冯说。;花点儿时间把你的注意力转移到其它事物上去,玩玩手机游戏也好或者出去散散步,这将会有助于你恢复注意力。;2. It solidifies your memories.2. 它能提升你的Fung recommends a quick power nap - no more than 20 minutes - or a brisk walk alone. If you do this, ;you#39;re able to clear out information picked up during the day, and the most important information gets filed into long-term memory. When you return to work, your mind is free to pick up new information, which can enhance memory performance.;冯建议小睡一会儿--不超过20分钟--或者独自去散散步。如果你这么做了,;一天里你都能把东西记得很清晰,最重要的信息将会被长期记住。当你继续工作时,你的大脑能够很轻松地接收新信息,因为短暂的休息能够提升你的。;3. It encourages creativity.3. 促进创造力If you never take a break from your work, your ability to be creative diminishes. ;Your tired brain can#39;t make the creative connections it could if it was more relaxed,; Fung says. ;When you take time to relax, your mind can relax as well, allowing creative thoughts to flow more freely.;如果你工作的时候中间不休息,你的创造力会降低。;你疲惫的大脑不能做一些原本在它很松弛的时候能做的一些创造性的工作,;冯说。;当你花时间休息的时候,你的大脑也能得到休息,有助于你的创造力的发挥。;4. It improves your physical health.4. 改善你的身体健康If you chain yourself to your cubicle every day, you may want to consider unlocking your shackles for a bit. ;We all know that sitting at your desk can wreak havoc on your posture and eyes, so remember to regularly take time to stretch and divert your attention away from your monitor,; Fung says. ;It#39;ll improve your stamina and energy level over the long haul.;如果每天你都待在你的小房间里,你肯定想出去活动一下。;我们都知道坐在办公桌前对你的身形和眼睛会造成严重的损坏,所以记得定期花点儿时间做一下伸展运动以及让你的注意力从显示屏上转移开,;冯说。;从长远看,它会使你精力更加充沛。;译文属 /201607/453721


  Batman vs. Superman. Captain America vs. Iron Man. This year, this year#39;s cinema is packed with several superhero showdowns.蝙蝠侠和超人,美国队长和钢铁侠。今年的影院充斥着好几位超级英雄的雌雄对决。Which superhero is the strongest? Study tries to answer heated debate.哪位超级英雄是最强的?研究试图回答这一大热辩题。Now, students at the University of Leicester have taken a more analytical approach to the whole discussion, performing a series of simple calculations to determine just how feasible the powers of our favorite heroes are. As they reported in a series of paper appearing in the Journal of Physics Special Topics and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics, the researchers have found that DC’s iconic Man of Steel, Superman, is the best-equipped superhero of all, followed closely by Marvel’s Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor, based on an evaluation of each individual’s set of special powers.现在,对于这场全球性的大讨论,莱斯特大学的学生用了比较分析法——他们执行了一系列的简单计算,来确定我们最喜欢的英雄所拥有的能力有多大的可行性。他们在《物理学特殊话题》期刊和《跨学科科学话题》期刊上发表了一系列的论文,研究者发现惊奇标志性的“钢铁超人”、超人是所有超级英雄中装备最好的;紧随其后的是漫威的金刚狼、魔形女、雷神托尔,评估是基于每个人的特殊能力而进行的。Fans of Batman may be distressed to learn that the Gotham Knight scored last, earning the title of the least well-equipped superhero. 蝙蝠侠的粉丝可能陷入绝望,他的得分是最低的,只得到了装备精良的超级英雄称号。As the authors explained, while his cape has proven to be a tremendous asset when gliding in the movies and in comic books, in reality, Batman would reach velocities of nearly 80km/h while doing so, which would likely prove fatal when he attempted to land – meaning that his efforts to save the day would probably end quite tragically.作者解释说,当在电影和漫画书中滑翔的时候,他的披风被明是一个巨大的优势,但在现实中,蝙蝠侠的速度将达到近80千米/小时,而这样做的后果很可能是致命的,当他试图着陆的时候—这意味着他努力拯救的一天很可能以悲剧收场。 /201606/450752

  If you haven#39;t seen it on the yet, chances are you soon will. 如果你还没有在菜单上看到过羊驼肉,那么你很快就会看到了。 Alpaca meat is rising in popularity, with the Gold Coast Bulletin reporting about 70 restaurants across Australia feature the meat in their dishes. 羊驼肉越来越流行。据《黄金海岸公报》报道,澳大利亚约有70家餐厅把羊驼肉纳入了菜单中。 Among them is Melbourne restaurant Pastuso, whose head chef appeared in a by the Australian Alpaca Association to discuss how diners have embraced the cuisine. 其中一家墨尔本餐厅叫做帕斯图索,其主厨在澳大利亚羊驼协会的视频中亮相,为我们讲述了食客是怎样喜欢上羊驼肉的。 Alejandro Saravia, who is a Peruvian chef at Pastuso, has cooked with alpaca meat for four years and described the taste as similar to beef or lamb. 帕斯图索的秘鲁厨师亚历桑德罗·萨拉维亚已经有四年做羊驼肉的经验了,他说羊驼肉的味道和牛羊肉的味道很像。 #39;Alpaca has been very well embraced from the Australian public,#39; he said in the . “澳洲民众都很喜欢羊驼肉,”他在视频中说。 #39;Flavour wise it#39;s very easy to understand, between beef and lamb, so it#39;s not so challenging, and also it#39;s very healthy meat. “羊驼肉的味道很好,介于牛肉和羊肉之间,所以做羊驼肉并没有很大的挑战性,并且这种肉也非常健康。” #39;The future of breeding alpaca for human consumption will be just going better and better.#39; “养殖羊驼供人类消费的前景只会越来越广阔。” The restaurant features dishes such as Tartare De Alpaca: 30 day dry aged alpaca loin tartare with black garlic and Peruvian caper berries. 这家餐厅的特色菜包括“鞑靼羊驼肉”:风干30天的鞑靼羊驼脊肉,配上黑蒜和秘鲁刺山柑。 Renowned chef Matt Moran, who owns some of Sydney#39;s leading restaurants, previously wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph to discuss his experience cooking alpaca meat. 著名厨师马特·莫兰在悉尼拥有几家高档餐厅,他之前给《每日电讯报》写过一篇文章,讲述他烹饪羊驼肉的经验。 Moran said he had never tried the meat until he visited an alpaca farm, and described the flavour as #39;very tasty#39;, especially the meat from the neck. 莫兰说,他有一次参观了一个羊驼养殖场,才第一次吃到羊驼肉,他形容羊驼肉味道“非常好”,特别是脖子上的肉。 Alpaca has also starred in dishes at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, with the The Age reporting in 2013 about 20 Australian restaurants served the meat, a number which has grown considerably since. 羊驼菜品也曾在2013年墨尔本美食美酒节上亮相。据《时代报》当时报道,澳大利亚约有20家餐厅供应羊驼肉。这一数字自那以后大幅增长。 Melbourne restaurant San Telmo head chef Mike Patrick trailled an alpaca dish, and said the response from foodies was mixed. 墨尔本圣特尔莫餐厅主厨麦克·帕特里克跟踪调查了羊驼肉的消费情况,他表示,食客们对羊驼肉褒贬不一。 #39;It was 50/50, some people were ;oh wow - what are you cooking that for? No thank you; and others thought ;this is really cool and something different and I want to give it a shot;,#39; he said. 他说,“好坏评价对半吧,一些人会说‘哦天哪,你做那个干什么?不用了,谢谢’。而另外一些人会觉得‘这真得很酷,与众不同,我想尝试一下’。” #39;The people who tried it loved it. It#39;s a point of difference and people like that.#39; “尝过的人都说好吃,主要是这种肉有它的独特之处,人们都喜欢尝鲜。” In Australian alpacas are primarily farmed for their fleece, but the Australian Alpaca Association website said farming alpacas for meat is a growing industry. 在澳大利亚,人们养殖羊驼主要为了获取羊毛,但澳大利亚羊驼协会在网站上称,饲养羊驼供应肉类消费正逐渐成为一项新兴产业。 Alpaca meat is a good source of protein with little saturated fat and cholesterol, it is also environmentally sustainable to produce. 羊驼肉是蛋白质的良好来源,几乎不含饱和脂肪和胆固醇,而且养殖过程也生态环保。 Alpacas are able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, and their soft feet cause minimal damage to the soil and ecosystem. 羊驼比大多数牲畜耐旱时间更长,而且它们蹄子柔软,对土地和生态系统的破坏很小。 The Gold Coast Bulletin reported alpaca fillets are valued at a kilogram, and the industry was on it#39;s way to becoming commercialised with some farmers having up to 3,000 alpacas. 《黄金海岸公报》称,一公斤羊驼肉片价值65美元。这个产业正在向商业化发展,有些农场主养了三千多头羊驼。 /201604/439696

  Toxic air isn#39;t just bad for human lungs and the environment, it#39;s also terrible for the global economy, according a new report.一项最新报告显示,有毒的空气不仅对人类的肺部和环境有害,而且对全球经济也相当不利。Outdoor air pollution could cost the world a whopping .6 trillion a year, or 1% of global GDP, by 2060, says the study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The costs are a result of sick days, medical bills and reduced agricultural output.据经济合作与发展组织的研究显示,空气污染正在造成误工、医疗费用增加及农产量减少,到2060年,室外空气污染将使全球经济每年损失2.6万亿美元,占全球GDP的1%。Countries like China, Russia and India, which are aly wrestling with severe pollution, are expected to be hit especially hard.像中国、俄罗斯和印度这样正在遭受严重污染的国家,估计受到的损失更为惨重。Pollution could also lead to as many as 9 million premature deaths by 2060. Welfare costs associated with these deadly consequences are projected to rise to as much as trillion over the same period. The amount associated with paying for the pain and suffering from illness -- for example, hospital admissions -- is estimated to hit .2 trillion.到2060年,空气污染还可能导致多达900万人过早死亡,从而导致同期的福利出预计也将上升到25万亿美元。因为病痛导致的医疗出--比如住院费用,据估计将高达2.2万亿美元。;The potential economic consequences of both the market and non-market impacts of outdoor air pollution are very significant,; said the report, recommending policies to reduce polluting emissions.该报告指出,“户外空气污染的市场和非市场的潜在经济后果非常有意义。”此外,该报告还推荐了一些政策以减少污染物排放。The highest number of related premature deaths are in China and India, which are among the most polluted countries in the world. Last December, Beijing city officials issued its highest smog warning for the first time.污染引起的过早死亡人数最多的国家是中国和印度,它们是全球污染最严重的国家。去年12月,北京市政府首次启动了最高级别的雾霾警报。The OECD report calls for targeted, local policies to try to tackle the problem. ;There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for reducing the impacts of air pollution as there are large differences among countries in terms of prevalent pollutants and sources,; it said.经合组织在报告中呼吁有针对性的、结合当地的情况来解决这个问题。该报告指出:“不同的国家主要污染物的特点及起源不同,所以,降低空气污染没有万全之策。”The policies it suggests include incentives for cleaner technologies, and tougher standards for air quality, automobile emission and fuel quality standards.其建议的政策包括:鼓励发展清洁技术,更严格的空气质量标准、汽车尾气排放标准以及燃料质量标准。 /201606/450539

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