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A 32-year-old man downed dozens of roaches and worms to win a python at a Florida reptile store, then collapsed and died outside minutes later.在弗罗里达州一个爬行动物商店举办的吃比赛中,一名32岁的男子吞下了数十只和虫子夺冠,赢得了一条巨蟒。但比赛结束几分钟后,他就突然瘫倒在商店门外,暴毙街头。Edward Archbold was among 20 to 30 contestants participating in Friday night#39;s ;Midnight Madness; event at Ben Siegel Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, authorities said. The participants#39; goal: consume as many insects and worms as they could to take home a 0 python.据称,周五晚,这位名叫爱德华·阿奇尔德的男子参加了当地一家爬虫宠物店举行的“午夜疯狂”比赛。比赛共吸引二三十人参加,生吃和虫子最多者夺冠,奖品是一条价值850美元的大蟒蛇。Archbold swallowed roach after roach, worm after worm. While the store didn#39;t say exactly how many Archbold consumed, the owner told CNN affiliate WPLG that he was ;the life of the party.; ;He really made our night more fun,; Ben Siegel told the station.在比赛中,阿奇尔德把和虫子一只接一只、一条接一条地往嘴里塞。店方并没有准确透露阿奇尔德究竟生吃了几只和虫子,但是店主本·西格尔告诉媒体,那天晚上阿奇尔德无疑成为了万众聚焦的焦点:“他真的让整个比赛都有趣多了。”Soon after the contest was over, Archbold fell ill and began to vomit, the Broward County Sheriff#39;s Office said Monday. A friend called for medical help. Then, Archbold himself dialed 911, the store said in a Facebook post. Eventually, he fell to the ground outside the store, the sheriff#39;s office said. An ambulance took him to North Broward Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.布鲁瓦德县治安官办公室周一表示,在比赛结束不到几分钟里,阿奇尔德开始感觉不适,并且不断地呕吐。据宠物店在Facebook上透露,有朋友建议阿奇尔德去看医生,随后阿奇尔德自己拨打了911求助。但很快,他倒在了宠物店外的大街上。救护车随后赶到把他送往布鲁瓦德医院治疗,在医院阿奇尔德被宣告不治身亡。The Broward Medical Examiner#39;s Office conducted an autopsy and are awaiting test results to determine the cause of his death.布鲁瓦德医院已经对阿奇尔德的尸体进行解剖检验,目前院方正等待最终的尸检报告,希望找到他的死因。No other contestant fell ill, the sheriff#39;s office said. ;Very saddened by this. I mean, it was a shock,; Siegel told WPLG. ;Eddie was a very nice guy. We just met him that night, but everybody that works here was very fond of him.;据悉,当晚参加比赛的其他人都安然无恙。店主西格尔说:“我感到非常难过。这太令人震惊。爱德华是个很友善的人,我们那天晚上刚刚认识他,但大家都很喜欢他。”Luke Lirot, who says he is legally representing the store, said in a post on the store#39;s Facebook page that all participants ;signed thorough waivers accepting responsibility for their participation in this unique and unorthodox contest.;宠物店法人代表卢克·利洛特上发表声明称,所有参赛者“在参加这个奇特诡异的比赛前,都已经签署了免责协议书。”;The consumption of insects is widely accepted throughout the world, and the insects presented as part of the contest were taken from an inventory of insects that are safely and domestically raised in a controlled environment as food for reptiles.; Lirot said.利洛特在声明中称:“在世界各地,吃昆虫是一种被广泛接受的行为。这次比赛中选手食用的和昆虫,都是在一个充分受监控的环境下人工繁殖的,本来用作饲养蛇,安全性有保障。”In the wild, cockroaches are scavengers that pick up various bacterial organisms such as salmonella while walking through spoiled food, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene explains on its website. Cockroaches themselves don#39;t transmit disease, though ;many disease-causing organisms can grow and multiply in their guts and can then be deposited ... during defecation.;纽约健康心理卫生部门在其网站上解释称,在野生环境中,是食腐动物,会携带各种细菌有机体,比如在爬过腐烂变质的食物时带上沙门氏菌。本身并不传播疾病,但是很多病原体可以在的肠道中生长繁殖,并在它们排泄时堆积起来。Pharaoh Gayles was one of those who took part in the contest. He explained his reasoning to CNN affiliate WPTV. ;Some of the snakes were pretty expensive,; he said. ;I thought if I could eat the bugs to get one, it#39;d be a good idea.;参加比赛的另一位选手帕拉·盖尔斯表示,他之所以参赛,是因为奖品太诱人。“他们店里一些蛇非常贵。我想,吃虫子就能得到一条蛇,这主意不错!” /201210/203332。

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:以牙还牙,还是以德报怨,用针尖对麦芒的结果,自己往往也陷入其中……!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/239316。

A little old lady goes to the doctor ... and says, ;Doctor, I have this problem with gas, but it doesn#39;t really bother me too much. They never smell and are always silent. As a matter of fact, I#39;ve farted(放屁) at least 20 times since I#39;ve been here in your office. You didn#39;t know I was farting because they don#39;t smell and are silent.;有位小老太太去看医生:“医生,我有爱放屁的毛病。其实也不是大问题,只是我放屁不臭而且没声音。事实上,我在这里已经放了20多个屁,但是你并不知道对吧,因为我的屁不臭,而且还没声音。”The doctor says, ;I see. Here#39;s a prescription. Take these pills 3 times a day for seven days and come back to see me next week.;The next week the lady goes back. 医生说:“好的,我明白了。吃这个药片,一天三次连续吃七天,下星期你再来。”;Doctor,; she says, ;I don#39;t know what the hell you gave me, but now my farts ... although still silent... stink terribly.;The doctor says, ;Good! Now that we#39;ve cleared up your sinuses(鼻窦) , let#39;s start working on your hearing.;一星期后老太太来了,“医生,你到底给的我什么药,现在我放屁还是没声音,但是怎么这么臭!”医生说:“太好了!你的嗅觉正常了,现在开始治听觉。” /201307/247063。

Age: As old as idiocy itself.时代:和愚昧本身一样久远。Appearance: Back-garden bunkers, tinned food and, eventually, embarrassment.表现:后花园地堡,罐头食品,最终,尴尬。Is this about Friday? It is indeed. Specifically, the moment on Friday when the whole world comes to a fiery, watery or in some other way unpleasant and cataclysmic end.大概是在星期五吗?确实是的。具体来说,周五的时候当整个世界进入水深火热或其他方式的不舒和灾难性的末日之中。As predicted by the Mayans? Actually, as predicted by absolutely no Mayan prophecies ever, but by quite a few very silly people who aren#39;t aware that when a calendar comes to an end – even an ancient Mayan one – you just need to pop out and buy a new calendar.正如玛雅人预言的那样?实际上,正如玛雅绝对从未预言过的那样,但不少非常愚蠢的人并不清楚当一个日历结束——即使是古老的玛雅日历——你只需要跳出来再买一个新日历。And they#39;ve gone feverish in anticipation? You could say that. In fact, you could say a mile-high tidal wave of apocalypse fever is sweeping across the planet as we speak.他们已经在预感中乱了阵脚了吗?你可以这样说。事实上,你可以说末日热的一英里潮汐波正横扫地球如我们所说的那样。Could you really? Of course. But it would be a massive over exaggeration.你真的能?当然。但这将太过夸张。So what is apocalypse fever, then? Just a few bulging pockets of apocalyptic stupidity.那什么是末日热,然后呢?只是几口袋鼓囊囊的末日愚昧。Such as? Such as in Chechnya and various other parts of Russia, where politicians are calling for calm after superstitious citizens started panic-buying candles, torches, salt and matches.比如?比如在车臣和俄罗斯各地区,在迷信公民开始恐慌性抢购蜡烛、手电筒、食盐和火柴之后那里的政客们正在呼吁冷静。Because the apocalypse will be dark and need a bit of seasoning? Presumably.因为世界末日将黑暗和需要一点调味料吗?大概是的。 /201212/215537。